Stana Katic Ponders Her Castle Future: 'For Me It's About Art Over Finance'

Castle Stana Katic Season 8Castle‘s seventh season already has proven to be a landmark one, in that Rick and Kate finally (finally) tied the knot. But this cycle could also make its mark in other ways, as leads Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic will have to make a decision about their future with the trusty ABC procedural.

Here in Part 2 of my sit-down with Katic, she previews the ersatz Caskett honeymoon to come (airing tonight at 10/9c), sings the praises of a showcase for a fellow cast member and ponders the possibility of Season 8 (and beyond).

TVLINE | In lieu of a proper honeymoon, Kate and Rick will find themselves undercover at an Old West-style resort. Corsets notwithstanding, was shooting that episode a blast?
Yeah, that was fun. I got to learn a little bit of gun slinging; in fact, I sat there at the end of it and said, “Oh, I think I could do this, like for a living. Gun slinging. For sure.” I worked with a guy who taught the guys for 3:10 to Yuma and a bunch of other wonderful gun slinging scenes in film history, so it was fun to be able to go and play in that world.DALE MIDKIFF, STANA KATIC, NATHAN FILLION We shot in the Universal back lot and there were a lot of reenactors, too, doing the background work. We were riding around in a wagon…. It was just fun.

TVLINE | I asked [showrunner] David Amann if there was a “badass Beckett” moment coming up — because I always get readers asking if there’s a badass Beckett moment coming up — and he said there’s one at the end of the Old West episode. At least one of my readers assumed he was talking about Kate lassoing Rick, or is it something else?
No. He’s talking about something else.

TVLINE | Oh, really?
[Smiles] Yeah…..

TVLINE | Between the Old West episode, “The Taking of Espo 1-2-3” as David calls it (aka the subway hostage episode “Kill Switch,” airing Nov. 24), the action-movie star episode (Dec. 1) and the Christmas episode (Dec. 8), do you have a favorite out of the upcoming four?
Well, I like the Espo one because I like the fact that one of my coworkers gets to shine like that, because those guys are super-talented, Jon [Huertas] and Seamus [Dever]. All of the cast is incredible, but those guys, when they get a chance to kind of get down and dirty, they love it, and they’re so creative.

TVLINE | I’m excited to see the subway episode because I get a Die Hard feeling from the logline, Espo almost as a lone wolf.
Yeah. He’s funny, too, because Jon does a Denzel [Washington] imitation sometimes. Sometimes we’ll be like, “OK, do this take as Denzel,” and he’ll throw in a little touch, and that’s what that episode kind of reminded me of, a Denzel movie. I don’t know if he went “full Denzel” in any point, but it was fun.

TVLINE | David Amann also said that the Christmas episode ends with some sort of a cliffhanger…?
Oh yeah. Yeah. Do you know what it is?

TVLINE | No. But can you give a flavor for it without spoiling it?
It’s going to change the shape of the show for a few episodes, that much I can promise you.

TVLINE | Interesting. I saw you cover the “baby topic” on Good Morning America, so I assume that’s not the cliffhanger. It’s not an EPT test or anything.
No. No.

TVLINE | Your and Nathan’s contracts are up at the end of this season. When does this decision-making process begin? Is it now? Is it not now? Is it spring…?
I don’t know. I really don’t know.

TVLINE | Is it not something that occupies your brain space right away, but your representatives’? How does that work?
I feel like there are a lot of things that other people have to decide before I really have to decide — do you know what I mean? So, I’m not first in line for having to worry about that. I think that there are conversations probably on some other level, but I don’t know exactly what yet, because I haven’t had any conversations personally.

TVLINE | When the ball is put in your court, what sort of considerations does Stana Katic have about Castle Season 8 and beyond?
Well, I think it really depends on…. I don’t think that a show should overstay its welcome.

TVLINE | Castle has told a pretty complete story at this point, one could argue.
If the character is complete, if there is nowhere else to go creatively, then I think it’s better to stop when you’re on top, because I admire the way that they did that with The Wire, you know? Tell a great story and then go home and move onto something else. Don’t milk it “just because.” So for me it’s about art over finance, and as long as we’re creating something that is compelling and that has somewhere to go, then we’re good to go. And when we find that we’re not, when we don’t have anywhere else to go, then it’s time for everyone to pack up and move onto the next thing. But I don’t know where it’s going to end.

TVLINE | I know that Beckett would be a hard character to say goodbye to, but what’s the saying – “Don’t be sad that it’s over, be happy that it happened”?
I’m lucky that I got to play this character. I’m lucky that I got to experience this. So I’m happy with whatever happens in the end. I’m just happy that I got to be one of the cogs in the machine that created this show and was a part of its success in some small way. So that makes me happy, whatever happens.

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  1. Lizo says:

    The Rick-memory loss story is definitely in that ‘shark’ territory, but i still think the show has life left in it yet. If both Nathan and Stana decide that this is the end (or even just one more season), I’ll respect that and follow them both to their next projects. ….but I do hope we get a few more seasons.

    • Patrick says:

      ABC is getting ready to cancel all of its new shows that don’t follow MF. Maybe Forever gets a second season, buts numbers have been trending down. Castle is sold into syndication already.
      Stana, and Nathan, are posturing for huge deals. They are the heart of the show. If they play their cards right, they can move into the half million per ep range. Its too much to walk away from.

      • Audrey says:

        That’s the most ridiculous thing to hear. If you’re going to spread rumor, at least make the figures more believable and reasonable. Not even Grey’s Anatomy cast with its rating gold (during its rating highs) can negotiate that number. Laughable.

        • Patrick says:

          Stana and Fillion are Castle, which is a small cast. Only 4 characters are in every episode. Grey’s is cast that is in the double digits as far as regulars. When they wrote out characters in early seasons, the show survived. This drove down the negotiating power of remaining actors.

          If Castle or Becket leave, Castle dies, and ABC loses a huge money maker (one that does better in syndication than Grey’s). No, you can’t give 6-8 people 500,000 per eps, like in Grey’s. You can give it to only 2 actors. Plus, they don’t deserve it, because of the huge cast. The large cast lets each actor have more down time, because they aren’t on set every day. Fillion and/or Stana are in 90+% of each episode. They work, a lot. So maybe they should get paid for I.

          • lkh says:

            I agree. I don’t think that is an outrageous number. Remember friends. How about Mark Harmon on NCIS and Two and a Half Men, etc. It’s not out of the range that could be–guess it depends more on viewership and thus the desire to keep the show on so ABC can get more cash :]

          • Squeegee Beckinheim says:

            I’m calling 2 more seasons. Both Fillion and Katic getting paid in the $400-500k per episode range. Both will get a producer credit and Fillion will get his four day work week. This prediction is based off of nothing except seeing what the stars of similar shows have historically gotten when it was contract time. The only actor that I can think of that turned down the payday and actually left is Steve Carell and that is because he had a fairly healthy movie career when he left. He was getting $12-15 million per movie at the time. Nothing against either Katic or Fillion, I think that they are both really good actors (In fact I just watched Katic do a great job in CBGB this weekend) but, neither of them really has the career that they would likely turn away money like $400-500K per if it was offered.

        • GREGO366 says:

          A little over 2 years ago Nathan’s agent got him a $475,000 +- 2 year contract plus an increase in the syndication money. This was reported in several trade papers. The cast of FRIENDS GOT $750,000 EACH for each episode in the last 2 years. Stana’s Agent got her a ‘Me Too’ contract that gets her whatever Nathan makes. They work 6 months a year on CASTLE. They can afford to be very picky about movie roles. I hope this helps in understanding some of the workings of the money processes.

          • Livus48 says:

            Good to hear some sense finally. All the weird rumors,is just crazy. When they work 6 months pr year.they also work 14-16 hrs pr day. So they deserve every cent they get.
            Now can we vote for them….and hope for a season 8…pls.

          • Phyllis Cook says:

            i want a season 8 and 9 and 10 keep castle on the air so much more story for castle stana and nathan have a lot more story to share to the world.just cause they got married does not means the show ends.keep it going (always) will follow stana katic and nathan where ever they go hope it is on castle   phyllis

          • phyllis cook says:

            i just hope castle returns with stana and nathan.there is so much more of castle to do and its not castle without stana and nathan.this show must go on and stay on

          • femmefan1946 says:

            Stana Katic’s imdb profile shows a fairly limited amount of experience, but Nathan Fillion has been employed steadily since 1994 when he left Canada.
            He’s done a movie every year since 1999 (four as lead), and television since 1994 with long gigs on One Life to Live, Two Guys and a Girl, and Firefly, which was shortlived but immortal. And he does a lot of voice work, some for games and some for the TV and movies above.
            Check out Firefly/ Serenity, Slither, and Waitress to see him in other lead roles.
            He’s shown himself to have a wide range and also has an extensive network of friends and colleagues. If Castle ended, he would have a lot of options.
            Still, I hope we do see at least three more seasons. Or a movie. Or specials.
            Since Castle appeals to an older demographic which still watches broadcast TV, the specials/ made for TV movies could work out profitably.

          • Phyllis Cook says:

            i see at least 3 more seasons of castle.andi hope it stay on ABC.there is so many storys to be brought out.and the fans wants castle back.stana and nathan.and the rest of the crew i love castle.with det beckett and rick.come on keep castle on.   phyllis

          • Just one thing says:

            Ahem… Talking about salaries is borderline crass, but I will say this:
            There’s no way Fillion (or Katic) has made or will make $475,000 per Castle episode. Please look at the top TV salaries lists. These guys aren’t on there. Ever. And no, it’s not some journalistic oversight.
            Look at the drama actors who ARE making that cash, and compare shows. Either they’re like Mariska Hargitay on a show in its 16TH SEASON, or they’re Mark Harmon on one of the most consistently high-rated series of the last decade. That’s it.
            Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion have done well with this show, and it’ll be interesting to see what they one day tackle next. But we have to remember that this is a business, not fantasy football.

      • The ratings to not warrant big deals, At a 1.6 in the demo they are on the bubble. Actors on bubble shows to not get big raises

        • Moshai says:

          Castle is not on the bubble at all. Compared to other ABC dramas, a 1.6 actually puts them in the top half of ABC dramas. Unless Castle’s ratings start tanking into the 1.1-1.0 range, the only thing that will derail a season 8 is contract negotiations.

        • tariencole says:

          Not on the bubble in any way, shape, or form. Seeing as it’s also in a later time slot. Also, the tie-ins for Castle make it a huge cash cow. It’s watched on Syndication and DVR more than it is in its regular slot, and the books also are pure money makers.

          Castle is ABCs cash cow, and Fillion and Stana know this. Don’t blame them for wanting to make sure the show is still fun for them before they stay on it. And yes, they’re compensated like it’s the cash cow.

      • JLarah says:

        Forever is certain to be canceled in May based on its ratings. TheCancellationBear from Tvbythenumbers, who is pretty accurate most times, also thinks so. So, as of now, HTGAWM is the only successful drama of the season. There are still new shows to premiere in the Spring though.

        Regardless, although Castle’s ratings have been slowly declining since episode 703, they seem to have stabilized around 1.6 which still gives it pretty good odds for renewal, from ABC POV. So, I do think this comes down to whether Nathan and Stana want to continue, and if yes, how much ABC would have to increase their salaries vs. how profitable the show would still be to justify that big raise.

        I enjoyed reading what Stana had to say. She really comes across as the type of actor who really cares more about the art than everything else, so I really do believe that at the end of the day it will come down to whether she wants to take on new challenges or continue with a character that she has played for 7 years and already had an amazing progression.

        I’m glad someone finally asked her about this, because even if Nathan plays the character in the title, we all know the show could not continue without either of them, so I was looking forward to hearing Stana’s POV on this (even if obviously they cannot say everything that’s on their mind. She could have already made her decision, for all we know).

        I do feel that there is more story to tell and that a wedding is not the end, but that would obviously depend on the writing. But this feeling might also have to do with the fact that I think there have been a lot of missed opportunities in the past, which should have been explored more. The Alexis and Beckett relationship, for example, is one of the most unexplored relationships on the show, which feels like a waste and it is just odd, since Beckett just married her father and they all live together (we still don’t have confirmation on that ..but I’m assuming that Beckett moved in? Although I shouldn’t have to assume, and this is something the show should address). I still feel confused about how Alexis really feels about Beckett, because it’s been such a badly handled relationship with very little consistency.

        Regardless, I can’t say that the story would feel incomplete if the show were to end this season, and I would obviously be thankful that we got closure. However, it does make me a sad to think of the show ending since it has been a big part of my life and there are still so many things I’d like to see. Also, the chances of us ever seeing the actors in other shows are so slim. It’s so hard to be on a successful tv show, much less in two! Even if they do get other roles (which they obviously will), the show would still have to be picked up by a network and survive cancellation, which is so very hard since most rookie shows are cancelled. It’s just very hard to strike lightning in a bottle twice.

        • Allie says:

          Great comments. Agree with everything.

          • maria says:

            I hope that they stay at least two more season, but will see…? About Kate moving with castle since 7.02 she kind of move to castle loft,also ABC does not promote castle, I watch the morning shows and they always talking about the other shows but never about castle, y g e only time was last week and it was because about the wedding, and when stana went on the view they only gave her like two minute so hope they promote the show more……

        • lame says:

          The residual effects of the disastrous 6.23, might cause ABC to rethink the extension of the contracts and the continuation of the series, Those fans that were incensed by that episode and swore they’ed never watch again apparently were true to their word, 2 million viewers never returned for season 7. After the sloppy roll out of the new mythology an additional 1.5 mil viewers left. That directly affects what ABC can charge for commercials and whether it’s financially wise to continue/

          • JLarah says:

            Networks don’t care about the amount of viewers. They care about the 18-49 demographic rating, because that’s what the advertisers care about. So, whether Castle lost millions of viewers is irrelevant, provided their 18-49 rating remains good and stable. Castle is currently scoring a 1.6 rating, which is definitely not their best, but a few episodes at the end of last season also had that rating, and it still puts Castle as one of the top performers at ABC. Now, their 0.6 rating slip since the premiere should obviously not be ignored, since it was such a big fall and so early in the season. But as of now, their ratings aren’t really problematic and ABC would have no reason to cancel it. So, I really think it comes down to contracts (that, of course, if their ratings don’t fall).

          • lkh says:

            really? what about the Mysteries of Laura? how that stays on the air is the real mystery.

          • S. says:

            You guys know they’re on against football in some markets and follow an even older DWTS with more nobodies than usual so it’s not nothing to do with ep 6.23 right (an ep which was just fine btw unless you weren’t really watching the show they were making, only the fanfic one in your head)? The day after you posted this comment, they go up .4 in the demo and it’s still against football with adjustments to come. The DVR numbers would have to go up. Not everybody has a way to watch Castle after the game ends because it doesn’t get aired & they gotta wait. They also might pirate it (it airs slightly earlier in part of Canada.) Look at the patterns for how Castle’s ratings rise and fall over the course of a season and realize this is completely normal. Stop acting like how you saw the finale is in any way fact or has been proven out in the ratings. It hasn’t. This is still one of ABC’s top dramas. They aren’t gonna let it go this year. If the actors felt they weren’t up for another year, they could’ve called it and spent the season promoting that, telling future potential employers that they are available after this season. They haven’t because they wanna come back and wanna get the most for it. I don’t blame them for negotiating.

          • Maryann says:

            What on earth incensed some fans so much they would drop the show? I watched the episode, but I just don’t get it.

          • phyllis cook says:

            there is enough people that watch castle so cause some viewers stoppped watching castle the rest of us has to pay and lose castle show i am a die hard stana katic fan (always) keep the castle show on there is so much more to castle story lines to bring out you get a good show on then you want to take it of what is wrong with the writters and the people behind castle you should be proud to have a show that is as good as castle and your actors stana and nathan let the show go on for more seasons.just cause they are married does not mean there is no more castle that means there would be big and better story for castle

        • Lizo says:

          I completely agree. And I would love to see more of the relationship between Kate and Alexis & Martha. Kate’s been a figure in their lives for so long, I would have loved to see more of that over the seasons. And see Kate’s feelings on being a step mother to Alexis all these years (and certainly so once her and Rick got serious). Maybe they can explore that more in the next seasons.

        • Castle girl 101 says:

          My thoughts are similar and I agree with everything you’ve written.

        • I agree! Just because the characters are married, doesn’t mean that there is no story- telling left and the fun has to stop. I’m hoping for a few more seasons as well. It will break my heart for this show to end. I’d like to see them explore the other characters, too. I’d love to see some Lanie background and they haven’t even touched on that, yet, where we’ve had a little background on the boys, still no Lanie. And I’d like to see them explore the Kate and Alexis, too. That would be vital, I would think. So I think there’s a lot of room for more story telling. Castle is the only reason I watch tv on Monday and it’s been a huge part of my life since day one and I cannot imagine Monday without Castle. I don’t understand about how the demos operate, but Castle is the only show on tv that I’ve ever been this drawn to. Not to be disrespectful, but I hope Forever does get cancelled. I watched 4 or 5 times really trying to like the show, but every time they try to emulate Castle just disgusts me. Okay, now someone is going to argue with me about there are similarities but… Bit nothing! I could deal with “similarities”, but copying Castle is just beyond me. If they didn’t have writers that were so lazy they couldn’t write their own story, they should never have been on tv. It’s an insult to our team of great writers. And it’s a shame because I really hoped the show would work, but not if it meant they had to copy cat Castle. I stopped watching for that very reason and will never watch it again. Please, excuse my rant. Castle is in a class all of it’s own and it doesn’t need help from Forever. Hands Down! Castle has always had my heart and always will, no matter what.

          • KCC says:

            It’s funny, you sound just like the Bones fans that say Castle is a poor imitation of that show. Most things on TV are retreads of something that came before. Castle did not invent the crime fighting romantic duo and neither did Bones for that matter. I don’t get your hating Forever. I enjoy both shows. They’re not in direct competition.

          • Maryann says:

            I have watched Castle off and on since the beginning, but IMO Forever is a far, far better show. The chemistry between the leads resonates better and is more organic, and moment to moment, the show is more engaging. I did not watch full seasons of Castle until the most recent ones, because, quite frankly, I found the early seasons of Castle to be a bit boring. In any case, crime solving, romantic duos have been around for a long, long time. We had the Nick and Nora movies in the forties, MacMillan and Wife (the sixties or seventies) and of course Bones. I think it is safe to call it a genre at this point, and we all have our favorites, based on where we see chemistry and where we don’t, as well as other factors of the show.

      • Greg says:

        You think this is the last season and that they will not renew there contracts I hope to God no I djbt want the show to go

      • KCC says:

        If you take Stana at her word above, it’s more of an artist decision than a financial one for her. If they don’t make a compelling artistic reason for her to continue it won’t matter what kind of money they throw at her.

        • Dhindu says:

          I agree with Stana’s view completely.

          It doesn’t make sense to drag the show just for financial reason if it cant have an artistic side to it in the upcoming seasons and particularly Castle is an awesome serial and I personally don’t want to see it go down the drain for financial reason.

      • phyllis cook says:

        stana and nathan are the show they work so good together and there chemeristy is strong i want castle to last a long time i love them both

      • phyllis cook says:

        stana and nathan has got the 3xk there has got to be more story on that and they have got to keep the show going luv stana and nathan on castle

    • LenSessions says:

      After that season finale I thought I saw a shark in the water but it turned out to be a false alarm. I think.

      • lkh says:

        Was it a dolphin?

      • BetiSA says:

        @LenSessions LMAO.
        If I were one of the writers of this show I would be worried about what Stana said. I hope they can read between the lines.
        How can anyone watch Castle and don’t understand the scenario? There are still people who think that the amnesia took place when Castle was 11? :O
        I hope some of my favorite writers who left the show after S4 come back. :(

    • Elaine Giglio says:

      Nathan and Stana showed the world that even when things around you seem to fall , love and respect are there and bring a smile to so many people. I hope they stay another season. I have there whole six season collection and look at my favorites when I need a smile.

    • Buster says:

      I couldn’t agree more! At the end of the day, although the storylines are still incredibly entertaining, I’m far more invested in the chemistry between the characters than I am just the weekly plots! I think that Castle and Beckett have such colourful pasts (prior to meeting) and have so many interesting nemeses who have, potentially, incalculable connections and directions, that I REALLY believe that the writers and cast could keep this fresh for quite a long time… In my opinion.

    • phyllis cook says:

      there is more to rick and kate keep them going on castle you dont end them cause they got married that is when it begins there is a lot more for castle and beckett keep them on the show i love them two

    • phyllis cook says:

      castle and beckett just got married there is more seasons they got to have children come on castle has more books to write beckett is a det there is killers out there and familys to help there is at least 4 more seasons for stana and nathan keep castle on

    • phyllis cook says:

      i hope we get a lot of seasons with nathan and stana they have so much chemeristy i know there can be another 3 more seasons i love them both

    • Anna says:

      I agree! Even 1 more season and I would be happy. But a few more would be nice

  2. Fran says:

    Thanks for the interview Matt! I’m bummed I won’t get to see tonight’s ep b/c of football. As far as another season after this one, I’d be sad to see it go but it really had a great run. I know a lot of people talk about how the quality of the show is lacking now, but I still truly enjoy it. So of course I hope we get one more season.

    • Mary says:

      What?! Preemption again?! Good Lord, this season Castle is preempted almost week yes, week too:(

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Fran is referring to a local MNF preemption. CASTLE is new tonight, and also for the next three weeks after that, leading into winter break.

        • Fran says:

          Yep, sorry for any confusion! Im just bummed because this is the 2nd time in Pittsburgh this year Castle gets bumped. I’ll get to watch, just not until Wednesday AM.

        • Mary says:

          Thanks, but that´s what I was talking about, Castle being preempted at some city almost on a weekly basis this year:)

        • lkh says:

          I not sure whether this would help or not…but there is Watch ABC Live Stream, but I don’t know what they stream, ie, whether it would be football or Castle or whatever. And, it has to be available in ‘your’ area. I’m in San Diego–it’s not available here.

        • RBA says:

          Yeap. Castle will not be seen tonight on Nashville and Pitsburgh

    • Rich Abey says:

      Luckily I’m in NY and didn’t have any trouble with yesterday’s episode. I agree with you on the quality of the show: Castle is still pretty awesome, maybe not as consistently awesome as it was in the first 5 seasons. Last week’s alt-reality & the social-media killer episodes were both proof that Castle still rocks!
      P.S. Simple solution to making every episode stand out: Have at least one badass-Beckett scene every week. The more the merrier. Or to notch the game up more, have her throwing tables & chairs in the interrogation room (taking inspiration from her reality-show mimicking scene in Season 5’s Valentine ep)

  3. Jim says:

    I can’t fathom a world without Stana on my TV once a week.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the great interview. I love Stana!

  5. Thanks for clarifying which Denzel.

  6. Tran says:

    Is Stana Katic just flirting with poor Matt? I’m speechless.

    • Moshai says:

      lol what on earth are you talking about? Pretty standard interview from Stana. Humble, gracious, and always willing to deflect praise from herself.

      • Tran says:

        What on earth are you talking about Moshal? Try not to get mad at me for some strange reason. That interview was nothing but priceless. BTW, is Stana Katic still single in “real life?”.

  7. Leanne says:

    I can’t say that I’m looking forward to the Esposito episode. I am looking forward to tonight’s episode though and now my interest is peaked about the winter finale!
    Definitely sounds like Ms Katic is looking beyond Castle at this point. I get that feeling from reading her co-stars and the creators too. I do feel season seven will be the finale of the series. That saddens me but I think both Stana and Nathan are ready to move to pastures new.

    • abz says:

      Agreed, when I read it was Espo-centric I just groaned. What a waste. Would much rather have an episode that provides more clues for Castle’s memory loss thing.

      • KCC says:

        How about we actually see the episode before calling it a “waste.” After it airs is the time to comment on it’s quailty. I liked the Ryan-centric “Red Rover” episode.

        • lkh says:

          me too. and not really an Alexis fan, but did enjoy her episode with the innocents’ project.

        • abz says:

          Sorry just not a fan of the Ryan or Espo characters. They were fine at the start of the show, but I’ve come to really dislike the both of them over time.

    • Allie says:

      I like she thinks it’s great for the costars to get their moments, but I agree, it’s not something I look forward to and the fact it’s on the week of a US holiday does not bode well for ratings.

    • Patrick says:

      From a negotiating standpoint, it makes sense to make noise about being ready to move on. This drive up the price. Heck, Stana may want to move on. But, there is almost always a number that gets people to re-up.

    • Patsy Shepherd says:

      I have said that from the beginning of this year. They need their old writers back. I have always loved this show but this year is really a let down. I know of a few who have quit watching it because it has lost a lot.

  8. Linda says:

    Based on ratings, Castle could continue for several more seasons. The key is mostly Nathan, since he is the title character, although the show’s continued success hinges on the Caskett dynamic and the chemistry. The story potential is endless if the writers are willing to truly explore the aspects of a modern marriage. It will ultimately come down to economics.

    • Leanne says:

      I think if either Stana or Nathan say no more, the show can’t go on. It’s not just Nathan. They’re both as important for the show to continue. If Nathan says yes and Stana says no it’s just as over. Considering the above interview it sounds to me like Stana is laying the foundations for this year being the end.

    • Ratings are down 20% this season, a 1.6 in the demo is borderline for being canceled. Castle’s ratings are below ABC’s overall average (Castle is at 90% of average) Look at The Millers, they got canceled mid season with 1.5 last week and a 1.6 the week before. ABC has 8 shows that get better ratings than Castle. What might get Castle renewed is the fact it is produced by ABC, if it was produced by someone else like most of their shows it would most likely be a goner. I would expect season 8 to be the final season and maybe a shortened season at that. Funny thing is Nathan said 7 years ago that if they ever got married it would mean the end was close. He even used the Moonlighting analogy at the time.

      • Mary says:

        Only The Millers are not at ABC, don´t air in the same timeslot, are not in season 7…I don´t think there is any point to compare the shows:)

  9. Audrey says:

    While there have been more chatters regarding Fillion’s contract, it’s also as interesting to hear Katic’s takes. There won’t be a show if we lose any of the duo. Period.

    • Kristine says:


    • Just one thing says:

      It’s never been a question that the series is dead if Fillion decides to pass.
      However, under the right circumstances, I think ABC might just take their chances on a show without Katic. In my opinion, they’ve failed abysmally at publicly demonstrating a value for her contribution. Regardless of whether the producers do value her (and we know they do), if the network needed one more year of a series they didn’t have to launch from scratch and they weren’t willing to pay her accordingly/fairly, I could easily see them parting ways.
      I’ve said this before, but I do think significantly reducing Castle’s episode count and re-tooling the series to be more of a “special event,” like in the summer, would allow for ABC to keep a reliable, recognizable series on their slate, while also giving the leads a chance to do other projects throughout the rest of the year.
      We’ll see. Earlier this season I thought maybe a 8th season was possible after all. Now I’m not so sure.

      • lkh says:

        I like the idea of fewer episodes–lots of successful series have done that. How few are there with Suits and Covert Affairs! I know SK wants to do lots of other things–not just acting and this would certainly ‘free her up’. I’m not as informed about NF other goals. Such a plan would certainly give the writers a breather.

        • Just one thing says:

          I don’t know Fillion’s goals either, but his name often comes up in Marvel movie questions, and I think the issue has always been scheduling. Not sure if that’s a realistic situation for Fillion, but regardless of who’s producing the feature, having 8-12 weeks free is nearly impossible for a broadcast TV actor, let alone #1 on the call sheet. (I truly don’t know how Kerry Washington, James Spader, Emily Vancamp and others did it. Phew.)
          The cable model – which is actually more an Americanized BBC model – has so many benefits.

          • lkh says:

            yes, but so confusing as to what ‘season’ we are in. When shows will be shown used to be so much more predictable. Truth is I have solved this problem with my handy Roku box. Many of the Brit, Australian shows I watch have fewer episodes but each will be 60-90 minutes (some longer). Example: Sherlock-which is great, some of the other mysteries on BBC, and Miss Fischer’s Murder Mysteries (Australian) which only has 13 episodes (or there about). And we’re seeing this on Netflix too with their well received series. (exactly what is the plural form of series? :[ )

            So I agree. I think this is the future. SK seemed to think that the writing and stories on TV have made great strides. I think she’s right, but we still get some nonsense. But the changes you talk about, I believe, are on the way.

      • Audrey says:

        On paper, yes, the show cannot go on without its titular character; everyone else can disappear and it will still be called “Castle.” Let’s be real here, Beckett has been the heart of the show. Viewers have been brought along with her in her journey, through Rick’s eyes. It were those episodes that focus on her that advanced the relationship, which is essentially the core of the show.

        But yes, I agree, ABC may be desperate enough to try to keep Castle just to launch the Derrick Storm show even if it means there won’t be a Beckett. (And totally agree how they have been underplaying her importance in her contribution.)

        • Just one thing says:

          As a Beckett fan who likes Castle and has wanted to see more of his layers over the last few seasons, I agree that Beckett’s been a major driving force in the series. And judging by the comments here and elsewhere, I think there’s a general consensus among those who know and care about Castle.
          Unfortunately, that camp has never really included ABC. And the reason may be pretty simple: Castle came before Paul Lee’s tenure began, and it’s not a ratings tentpole like Grey’s Anatomy (or Modern Family?), which is the only other existing show that preceded his arrival. Lee didn’t have a hand in Castle’s initial development, and it’s not a cash cow, so perhaps he – and his team by association – are ambivalent. There’s no other way to explain how they’ve handled a steady, unassuming show like Castle over the last several years, even when other series they’ve touted and thrown money at have underperformed or have flat-out crashed and burned.
          That petty behavior has been referenced in regards to leadership change-ups at NBC and FOX, too, and it makes sense… even if it’s incredibly small-minded.

      • Allie says:

        I can’t imagine any situation where Castle has a life if there is no Stana Katic. I think, more than money, it’s going to take the Castle team developing a strong story for the back half of the season and proving to her there is more tell. I think everyone associated with the show wants to go out at it’s best and developing a final season without one of it’s main characters is not the way to do that.

        • Just one thing says:

          “I can’t imagine any situation where Castle has a life if there is no Stana Katic.”
          We know that. Castle’s producers, directors, writers and cast know that. Their grips and PAs know that. Hell, people from other ABC series probably know that.
          But does ABC really know that? I’m not so sure. But we’ll see.

        • femmefan1946 says:

          I can.
          The show would become much more serious– but if Beckett were killed by 3xyz and Castle put his mind, his resources and his not inconsiderable fortune into finding the slippery serial killer, there could be at least one season of the hunt, perhaps more. Castle would become more Mal Reynolds than Rick Castle of course. But the writers have been turning Rick into a Johnny Donnelly. Which is going too far backwards.

          Add in a beefed up Martha sub-story mostly for comic relief and have Espo and Lanie for the romance. Eventually introduce a new female lead for Castle.

          So you’ve got Fillion for the Browncoats, Sullivan for the older watchers (we like to see ourselves on TV too, and we have money to spend, advertisers), and an attractive pairing for the romantic (and for the other 25% of the population who don’t see ourselves on screen). Bring in the ex-wives from time to time to allow Castle some lighter moments.

          • TacoB says:

            I was right when I said some of his fans were out of their minds

          • phyllis says:

            why would someone write and say that stana should get killed by 3xk.that is so crazy stana makes castle as well as nathan and the show should go at least 3 more seasons so much more left to do on castle luv stana katic

          • femmefan1946 says:

            Well, that was me and I was just responding completely off the top of my head about how the show could continue without Beckett.
            Other possibilities are that she takes a federal job and the transfer is too much for the relationship, Castle takes over the Bond franchise and the move to Britain, without any of the current cast except perhaps Martha who takes the West End by storm breaking up the marriage, Beckett is killed completely be accident on the job, or Bracken exonerates himself and takes her down in revenge.
            Any of these could start a ‘new mythology’.
            But then I write fanfic as a hobby and my Castle AU has him marrying Kyra and Alexis never being born. It’s fun to think of how that would have changed his character, and not for the better.

          • lkh says:

            ff1946–what are you smokin’?

          • phyllis says:

            what are you smokin there is no way the show will be better if brckett was killed of the show.stana is the queen of castle.they need stana and nathan on castle.so much more story lines to do.on castle the writers and producers are nuts for taking castle of.i hope stana gets on another TV show i will (always)follow her

          • femmefan1946 says:

            Okay- then how about if 3xyz kills off Castle? We don’t have to change the name of the show since Beckett is also Mrs. Castle.
            And the ‘mythology’ becomes a damaged woman who has lost two of her most important people , her mother and her husband to murder.
            We lose Martha unfortunately, except for occasional guest spots, and Alexis, which many would cheer (not me, I like quasi-adult Alexis, reminds me of when my DD was 20-something).
            But we gain Jim Beckett, who is an interesting but neglected character.
            And the police station continues and could even expand. I’d like to see more of that young policewoman/superhero. The one with the sword?

            It’s called imagination. That scenario was imagined as I was typing. Where do you think the show could go if either lead actor left?

          • phyllis says:

            why do you think castle would go farther.without kate beckett it wouldnt they need beckett and castle .there is so much more to castle with them being married beckett could find out why castle was missing for two months.and they need to find the 3xk killer beckett and castle.and they need to start a family get some of the other dets involved and lannie .let beckett bond with her in laws there is so much left for seasons on castle for stana and nathan luv stana and nathan stana is a goddess.and queen of castle.keep castle goin for at least 3 more seasons

          • lkh says:

            ff1946 Reruns

          • That would be Revenge, not Castle…

            Like bones is mainly about Brennan and Booth relationship, and the stories behind those two characters, Castle is about Beckett and Castle, and if Beckett dies or leaves, than ratings will drop for sure. although being a crime show, there is a light in Castle, if Kate dies the light is gone. I can imagine Rick being Rick without Kate

          • Anna says:

            I hate that idea, It still want be the Castle we fans fell in love with. what you talking about will be just another drama series. Not “Castle”.

          • phyllis says:

            I am Happy that castle has another season.and i look for more seasons of castle that is how good castle is.the fans wants to see a caskett baby.and we want to see more romance in season 8.castle and beckett are the best ever always forever.castle got many more years left.

          • Anna says:

            I do not agree with this idea. Then the show will not be the Castle that we the fans from the beginning came to love. It will be just another TV drama. Not “Castle”.

  10. Livus48 says:

    Wow I am totality bummed so we might not get another season of Castle.Just so so sad.
    I do however understand what Stana is saying,if the story get bad and the challenge of playing is disepearing ,but the writers has been so great.I do hope we will get at least 1 season more.
    We will X our fingers.

  11. tahina says:

    I remember when it was time for The X-Files good bye, I felt like part of me was leaving, and was going to die, lol! But I survived, and Alas! here came other great shows and ships! Same with Castle, will survive, but it’s going to be heartbreaking when it does happen! (Still feel Mulder and Scully ship was the best, Caskett close second, followed by Huddy! ). :)

  12. Beckstle says:

    I love her interviews. She’s always thoughtful and honest in her replies. Her stance makes perfect sense. I can think of a few series that were really great up to a point and kept going. It taints the memories of what was special in the first place. She and the cast are so talented, so as much as I love Castle, I know I’ll love them in other projects whenever the show ends its run.

  13. AnnieC says:

    I’m a little concerned about the Christmas episode surprise. I hate to say it but, as a devoted viewer, I’ve been burned by comments from tptb about what fans will love. Stana is different, hasn’t been misleading in her comments, but I’ve gotten to the point that I expect disappointment in the Caskett storytelling since 6×23.

  14. a says:

    Sounds like she’s laying the groundwork for walking away. Good for her. She deserves to be in projects where her talent can truly shine and she’s not constantly being shunted aside for her overhyped and past his prime co-star. Let this season be the end of it so everyone can get out with even some small shred of dignity intact. I really don’t want to see Castle turn into Bones.

    • LGC says:

      Was that dig at Nathan really necessary? He’s been doing some wonderful work this season as the script has given more for him to work with. Would be nice if he gets the credit he deserves for making the show what it is from fairer-minded fans. Beckett gets plenty of attention from the writer so I don’t see anyone shunted aside. They are both good separately and even better together. The endlessly silly N vs S competition, perpetuated by fans never the actors, has been one of the more tiresome things about this fandom.

    • Brigid says:

      That’s so ridiculous I can’t stop laughing. Shunted talent because of her over-hyped past his prime co-star. LOL You mean the star of the show? The truly talented Nathan Fillion who has taken a backseat for the wonderful talents of Stana and her character’s back story that has filled the arc of this show for the last 6 years? You are very funny!!!

      • Noémie says:

        “Bridgid”, your answer is just as ridiculous, why do people of this fandom always has to praise Stana/Nathan by bashing the other ??

    • cl woodal; says:

      Are you nutso? Nathan Fillion is a terrific dramatic actor, and a comedian with impeccable comic timing! He IS Castle. He is also a total hottie with a great personality.

      Beckett/Stana is great, and they play off each other perfectly. The chemistry is amazing – it would be a sad show if she left, but no mistake about it – the name of the show is “Castle”! It is ridiculous to pit these two amazing people against each other.

      • TacoB says:

        There’s no show without Katic, as much as Fillion’s fans want to believe there is. If either one of them wants out, this is the end.

        • carbono says:

          I’ve never seen any of Nathan Fillion’s fans say there could be a show without Stana. Are you just pulling that out of your a**?? Nathan Fillion is a very talented actor but it’s the relationship/chemistry of both of them that has always been the reason people watch. Anyone who thinks that this show could have survived without that chemistry is just plain dumb!

          • TacoB says:

            I wished I hadn’t seen it either but he has some plain dumb fans for sure

          • Phyllis Cook says:

            i never said there could be a show without stana.stana and nathan is the show i love castle.and they are great together   phyllis

          • Anna says:

            I truly agree. I love the show because of all the cast. But most of all because of chemistry between NF and SK. Therefore, in S8 I would like to see more of that.

  15. Lena says:

    I love Stana but Esposito ? Seriously ?

  16. M. says:

    I was going into the season with the thought, that it’s going to be the last one and even if this interview just manifests this theory it saddens me deeply.

    I just hope TPTB will know about a cancellation beforehand & will be able to write & shoot a proper & satisfying ending.

  17. alieh86 says:

    I’m guessing we’ll get a S8, at least a half season, but no more. As much as I want all of them to succeed post-Castle I’m not sure if Nathan or Stana have made the best decisions b/t seasons. Nathan might have aged out of possible movies, spending most of his summer on the con-circuit. Stana doesn’t seem to be choosing projects that catch on beyond film festivals. They’re either way off the radar or bomb.

    • Lizo says:

      Stana will probably shop around for a new tv series once Castle is over – which is smart. Any show will be lucky to pick her up. Nathan too probably – but his cult status gives him the freedom to do whatever he wants. I wouldn’t be surprised if he started producing online content that taps into his fan base.

      • lkh says:

        I dunno. I heard him interviewed once where he said writing and producing just weren’t for him. Maybe when he’s not working so much.

  18. noémie says:

    She seems more ready to end it than before, even if I think she will continue if Nathan does. Anyway, if one of them want to stop, Castle is over

  19. Asta says:

    do not screw up this relationship. just make them Hart-to-Hart, but the younger version, which was an enormous success. If she goes, cancel the show.

  20. Liz says:

    It doesn’t matter if Nathan is the main actor, without Beckett, there’s no Castle. Then if she leaves ABC should start looking for a replacement for the show.

  21. CASTLE is my only Splendored Thing because of STANA….. And I will MISS IT terribly
    When it’s over. And I want STANA to know that I’m her fan for ALWAYS!!!

  22. Sophia says:

    I’m voting for Stana for 2 hours now for the PCA, amazing actress !

  23. lame says:

    Episode 7.02 went against everything we’ve learned about Richard Castle. The fact that he returned from Montreal after meeting with fake Jenkins without any answers , made no sense; Sophia Turner stated who Castle is, “you don’t give up, you don’t quit, you just keep on digging”. That’s not what we saw in 7.02, he would never have returned till he had learned everthing there was to know about fake Jenkins. The new mythology roll out was botched on may levels.

    • Alex says:

      Agree, this new mythology was so not necessary and we can see by the way it was (is) poorly done that they hadn’t really planned this. Something terrible happened in his childhood, he goes to Montreal twice without Beckett after what happened, he had asked to have his memory erased etc … Seriously ? Who is this character ?

      • Katherine215 says:

        Actually, “we” can’t see that at all. I like the new mythology and I don’t think it was out of character for Castle to drop it when he got a warning like that. Sorry if you don’t like it, but you don’t speak for everyone watching the show.

        • Liz says:

          Castle is not probably OOC but Bekett this season is hella of OOC , the Beckett I have seen since season 1 would never give a step back in this case and just be mute about it, the Kate that I know through all these years, would investigate what happened when he was 11 years old and would solve this mystery.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Rick’s vanishing has nothing to do with what happened when he was 11, to be clear: http://tvline.com/2014/11/04/castle-season-7-wedding-spoilers-rick-vanishing-mystery/

          • lkh says:

            hmmm–ok, my innocently asking–what does it have to do with? :]

          • Alex says:

            No I know it has nothing to do with it, I was just pointing the fact that we just discovered something apparently terrible happened to him when he was a child. It came out of nowhere after 7 seasons, and he’s one of the two main character. I just find this ridiculous.

          • KCC says:

            Beckett had stopped investigating her mother’s murder when Castle met her. She was very angry at him when he started investigating it. She also stopped investigating her mother’s murder whenever she hit a dead end. She would only start again when something seemingly unrelated fell in her lap that led back to her mother’s murder. It’s totally in character for them both to drop the investigation for awhile. It’s going to move forward but at the typical Castle rate, not weekly.

  24. LGC says:

    I like Stana and always enjoy her interviews, but frankly, I think the show has been “milking in” for quite a while. There are occasional excellent episodes, but the show never quite recaptured the sharp writing quality of the first 2 seasons. The show milks it by writing at least a couple of filler, instantly forgettable episodes for the past few seasons. There’s hardly much movement in storylines between the premiere, the midseason finale and then the season finale. They put off Caskett getting together by stretching out a “season of secrets” in S4. They put off Caskett getting married with one whole season of wedding planning last season, and put off the wedding for another half dozen episodes till the last episode. Storylines keep getting delayed because the writers are running out of story (not great at coming up with new, interesting places for the characters to go, especially after getting them together). Castle’s never been high art so I believe it’ll ultimately come down to security and finance for the actors when they decide whether or not to do more seasons. They’ve got to be bored of doing unchallenging procedural work for 7 years, but it’s done well for them financially. Do they take a risk and try to find more challenging work elsewhere is the question?

    • lame says:

      As I’ve stated further up thread, the loss of 3.5 mil viewers per episode might take it out of the hands of the actors, Those numbers directly affects what ABC can charge for commercials and consequently if the studio thinks it’s worth contract renewals or continuation of the series.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        (To be clear, the demo number dictates what a network can charge for commercials, not total viewership.) And yes, CASTLE is down year-over-year in that measure.

  25. Alex says:

    “was a part of its success in some small way” small way ??

  26. Mary says:

    I think the cliffhanger on the Christmas episode may be related to the 3xK…if I´m not wrong they are filming 7×11 now and I read somewhere someone (David Amann?) saying 3xK would be revisited again and they were filming it at the moment…

    • Allie says:

      I think it will be work related. Stana says it is going to change the shape of the show for a few episodes and I’ve heard it called a ‘game changer’. Since pregnancy is ruled out, what shapes the show the most? Castle partnering with Kate. Maybe the press is giving them a hard time now they are married and he is still ‘following her around’ for case info or maybe they have close call and decide they can’t work together anymore. Maybe Castle will go back to his day job of writing, get started on that serious literature.

  27. Stewart says:

    i don’t we all understand the ratings for TV whole your all are right Castle has about 1.6 rating bet 18-49 for live tv you have to look at the entire picture the 7 days after for DVR and On Demand they are all taken into a account as I like many never watch live tv show I always DVR them.

  28. tam says:

    It’s completely understandable if the actors want to move on. 7 years is a long time. As a huge fan, I’ll be immensely sad but I’ll understand. It’ll be bitter sweet. Even if this is the last season I hope the writers have enough time to create a beautiful ending for the show it deserves. Whatever the decision, I hope they announce soon so fans know for sure instead of just going crazy worrying. I’ve sort of accepted the end realistically, but it hasn’t hit me yet lol I’ll be a mess when that happens.
    Thanks for the great well informed interview Matt!

  29. John NYC says:

    Didn’t read nearly the amount of doom and gloom some others have. I read a person being cautious while her professional life is negotiated, as it always is, behind the scenes by her staff.

    I do agree that as a “chemistry” show above and beyond it’s procedural aspects should either lead leave the show is over. I’m less certain of that possibility than a lot of naysayers.

    Looking forward to the subway episode, it is an ensemble after all so why not change things up for some small fraction of the season? I bet there’ll still be plenty of the leads, TPTB know the show’s title after all…

  30. lkh says:

    What a nice interview. Excellent! Stana Katic must be a pleasure to interview. She is so respectful to the interviewer that she takes the time to be thoughtful and responsive. I think she is a very intelligent woman who brings the same energy to interviews, acting, fans and film. She does appear to be interested in the art of her profession, I often think of her photography as an example and the Indie movies. I think she(her production company) is working on Elephant Winter right now and she is so involved with ATP too. Clearly, I’m a fan. This season of Castle seems to have more energy that the last two seasons so I’m hopeful that that will continue. In the first two seasons, the writing was so great in regard to dialogue, quips, banter and we lost that some. It appears to be coming back now. It’s what I enjoy and it’s part of what works in their relationship. I’m not as pleased with the outright silly.

    A very cynical comment: I heard Meryl Streep say once when asked how she had such a great career over time, she said you had to be willing to change the roles, ‘you can’t be cute forever’ (I think it was “cute”-but you get the idea.) Stana is beautiful but she is in her mid 30’s (I know, that’s sexist and ageist), and she may need to start thinking about that evolution (no, I don’t see a need for that now!)–maybe never. I’ve just seen a lot of actresses who began their careers with those kind of roles in their 20’s and 30’s and have try to continue that in their 40’s and close to 50’s.

    I know everyone works so hard and with such long hours that it must be very difficult to attend to all the other things they would like to do.

    By the way, there was actually an ad for Castle last night. At least I hadn’t seen it before. NF and the star of Forever (Ione ?…) were in a ‘group’ meeting as members of the 10 Men, ie men who have programs at 10 pm on ABC–it was cute.

    • Just one thing says:

      Hi, lkh! I agree that she seems very consistent in the level of care and consideration she gives projects, interviews and other people. That can’t be easy to do all the time.
      I must admit that this season has gotten a bit of an energy boost, despite the rather forgettable storylines and the continued under-use of half the main cast. Last season I thought they would be more intentional with pulling back on the leads’ workload, but it looks like that won’t really happen until the Esposito episode.
      As far as women and aging goes, we’re actually in an era of TV and film where that’s not quite the issue it once was. So she probably doesn’t have to re-assess any more than her male counterparts in the same age range. :-)

      • lkh says:

        Hi JOT–I have a bridge I’d like to sell you. And you know what else? woman make the same money as men…:D :D :D

        I think it is just part of her real personality. She’s just polite and considerate in RL. I note she also always gives the writers and directors credit too.

        There have been some episodes that are cheaper to make and give the cast a break that have become some of my favorites. Like the tiger episode sort of, but for sure, ‘Still’ is one of my favorites that I re watch all the time. Maybe ’cause it goes back to the earlier times of the series.

        The season does have more energy–but the word ‘energy’ could verge on ‘silly’ and this may not be able to be sustained for long. Some fans enjoy that much more than I do. Dunno, we’ll see.

        • Just one thing says:

          I’m not saying the situation is perfectly fair for men and women. :P But the sheer volume of series being developed for the last couple years has opened up doors for more diversity, and certainly for more women of varying ages. I could see her thriving on a cable or Netflix show, which are statistically more diverse and women-focused than non-ABC broadcast networks.
          And you and I are absolutely on the same page when it comes to silly content on Castle. Sooooo not my thing. If tonight’s episode wasn’t so well-received by critics, I’d be more apprehensive about it.

          • lkh says:

            I’ll concede that it’s a little better and that women are getting more screen time(% still way less) and women are the leads more frequently. All progress! albeit slow. I do think she’d be happy on cable or an internet show. So far some of her Indie choices haven’t been great–but they are different and it is experimenting with different devices (right word, need your help here). Even though not everyone enjoyed For Lovers Only, it was different in the way it was shot and how it was released. I admire that ‘risk taking’. Don’t think there was much cash involved up front. We all need to make a living, not sure how much she is motivated by money.

            (Just between you and me, shhh, I don’t think NF is acting. I think that’s really him and why we see his energy this season. Evidently, and I’ve noted, that in rl he is just a really nice man, with a great sense of humor, silly, child like and the first choice for a dinner party.)

            I believe we’re agreeing with each other JOT!

  31. Kourt says:

    To sum it up Stana doesn’t know anything right now. It is a wait and see game. No decisions will be legit until May.

  32. T says:

    I appreciate Stana’s candor. It would be interesting to know where Castle lies on her “art” scale. Her broken thought, “…Well, I think it really depends on…. I don’t think that a show should overstay its welcome…”, hints that she has to make the decision for herself as to whether or not the show has overstayed its welcome. I think that the show has run off into the weeds a few times, and not very artfully. The show runner did a very good job of telling stories that let the characters get together but has struggled since then. Even the Castle – Beckett wedding was “Heavenly” but not stellar. I have been a fan since the beginning but I think they should end it with this season. Let the show go out on top, or at least not on the bottom. One final comment: The cast is all excellent. I would like to see them do new things. Together, they have made this show interesting. However, to Stana’s comment about being happy to have been a “…part of its success in some small way…”; great humility on her part but extremely understated for her contribution to the success of the show.

    • Bing says:

      I think it was even too much modesty here. She must know that she’s one of the main reason of Castle’s sucess, just like Nathan, Marlowe etc. I know it would maybe be pretentious to say it but at least, do not say you’re a small part of the success when you know it’s clearly more.

      • lkh says:

        That’s her personality–probably ingrained and would not be easy for her to change. She is self deprecating and, I understand, very shy.

  33. Amy says:

    Is there a link to the Part 1 of the sit down?

  34. Lyn says:

    I watched Seamus on The Chase [Game Show Network] the other night and he is wicked smart!

  35. anonymous says:

    Ppl need to chill out and wait and see what actually happens with the show and the actors because speculation is only going to drive everyone crazy and and since no one actually knows what the actors are thinking or what the network execs are thinking everyone should stop being narcissistic jerks and if you want the show to keep going then keep watching and keep supporting it I love Castle and I hope it continues for a long time

  36. molly says:

    didn’t Alan Tudyk already spill the beans at a Nerd HQ conversation about season 7 being the last season? i think it’s pretty obvious that NF wants to move on, and i think after reading this article that SK would be okay with it, too. i love Castle, but i agree Stana when she said that a show shouldn’t overstay its welcome.

  37. dman6015 says:

    It’s time to retire this show.

  38. Iakovos says:

    Not sure CASTLE should go on without Stana. The pairing is the root of the show, in my opinion. I know it is a winner for ABC and cable (in syndication) but if it limps to an end, or stays on too long (BONES, are you there?), the sizzle and spice and enjoyment are diminished.

    • Deborah says:

      Why don’t you Castle fans concentrate on your own failings given your wedding episode was one of your lowest rated, as opposed to having a go at a show that has just shot its 200th episode? No? okay then, carry on…..

      • JLarah says:

        Are you really scanning the comment section of an article about a show that you obviously don’t watch or care about so you can pick up on any small and insignificant criticism about another show, and then go into an obsessive and ignorant defensive mode about it?

        Hm, grow up.

        • anonymoso says:

          Yes. We’re always everywhere, lurking. By we I mean me. mwahaha! It wasn’t us who started it. You guys are the ones who mentions Bones. We just hit back because we gotta protect our show. And we lurk and check out your comments cos we know somehow Bones will be brought into the conversation for whatever reason.

  39. Mike says:

    I think since both shows are in NYC they should do a cross over with “Forever”. It’s a lot like castle but the doctor is immortal.

  40. Melody Brown says:

    This was very well written and tastefully relayed to the readers. I enjoyed it and hope to read more articles!! I am a huge #Castle fan!!! TYVM!!!!

  41. Kris Chance says:

    Is there any hope for Castle and Beckett r going to have a baby?

  42. TacoB says:

    Matt, I was hoping you would ask her if there was a storyline for Beckett this season

  43. Jenny says:

    I hope there will be another season of Castle soon!

  44. Matthew Weber says:

    I really want more Castle, I’d love to see them go on for several more years. But if they don’t I can live with it. What I can’t live with is a false series finale. If they aren’t going to continue, they need to know before the end of this season so that last episode can be a great one. The show deserves a proper send off, not some regular old season finale turned series finale.

  45. JoyAnne says:

    Sounds as if the Caskett lovers are going through the same stuff they did to The Mentalist/Jibson lovers. I watch both shows. They leave all the fans getting fed up with the will they won’t they get renewed stuff. They left The Mentalist renewal so late that I read in one post they let their long time writers go as it wasn’t fair to keep them hanging around. At least we got it back but for a 13 episode run. Better than nothing. Hope it works out for all you Caskett fans.

  46. lkh says:

    you might be misunderstanding the comments-maybe. I think that folks are saying that more money might not be what would keep her in the series. That if she had something else outside Castle that coincides with her goals, she might go. Everyone needs to make a living–agree Castle is just for fun–not really high level ‘art’.

  47. anonymous says:

    Bones is on its tenth season and ppl have been saying the same thing about it being gone and the actors not wanting to do it anymore but again it’s only just speculation so let’s leave it to the experts ok?

  48. Ryan says:

    Out of curiosity, when asking about whether or not an actor will keep going, how often do they give the artistic reason and leave out the money? Do actors admit it in interviews that salary would be the reason? I’m not saying that she isn’t be honest, though. It just seems like saying it depends on the possible story lines is the default answer.

    • Gus T.T. Showbiz says:

      Every time. No actor comes out and says “Show me the money!”. It’s always about the “art”. I love Castle but, it ain’t Twin Peaks or Breaking Bad. Those shows are art. Castle is more along the lines of the Mad Magazine Fold-In on the back page. It’s still an impressive drawing but, you wouldn’t exactly call it art.

    • carbono says:

      Agreed. I love Stana but EVERY actor always says the same thing. “It’s about the art not the money.”

      • phyllis cook says:

        i love castle show.and i just cant see them taking it of.there is so much more left of the story.you why rick was missing for 2 months.and the 3xk they got to find him and the woman that is working with him.and you got to have beckett to bond with her new family and alexis.and rick to get close with becketts dad.they need to bring becketts dad in there more get him involved.and find out about ricks childhood.what happen to him.there is a lot there is a lot of castle die hard fans and i am one of them.and i love stana and nathan they play such great parts and hey they need to start a family the show must go on.come on give us a few more seasons of castle.the best show i have seen in a long time.

      • Anna says:

        There is a different with Ms. Katic, though. For me she speaks from her heart.

  49. Teri says:

    Thanks for this interview. I sincerely believe that all those on Castle deserve hefty raises due to quality work. Stana is a very underrated actress and pours her heart and soul into her character as does Nathan. Castle still has stories to tell. Best show I have ever watched. Hoping for 2 more seasons.

  50. Kicks says:

    I love this show.