Sons of Anarchy's Katey Sagal Teases 'Satisfying' Series Finale, Ponders Fatal Outcome for Gemma

Sons of Anarchy Gemma

Quite a few loose ends need tying up in Sons of Anarchy‘s final three episodes, but one question arguably towers over them all: What will become of Gemma?

Ask Katey Sagal, and even she can’t say which outcome she’d prefer for the fierce matriarch she portrays. Should Gemma suffer a fatal comeuppance? Or should she be forced to live with the knowledge that her lies destroyed the family she was trying to protect?

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“That’s a really tough call, given where she’s at now,” Sagal hedged during a conference call with reporters on Monday. “This is what’s interesting about denial. You wonder what the psychology is of somebody who’s done heinous things. How far can we hide that from ourselves? And would Gemma actually be able to? I don’t know. It’s gone so far that, to me, either way is horrible. But people do do heinous things and continue to have lives.”

Regardless of Gemma’s ultimate fate, all eyes are on Mama Teller now that Jax has gotten wind of Tara’s true killer (from Abel, no less). What can Sagal say about the biker drama’s grand finale? Read on and find out…

CRY ME A RIVER | That showdown between Jax and Gemma that we’ve been waiting for all season? It’s on its way, and it’s highly emotional. “Lots of tears were shed” while filming the tense mother-son scenes, Sagal offers, adding that she’s enjoyed the slow burn of Season 7. “This season, overall, has been so strong in the character department. It’s not that there’s not action, but there’s also a lot of character-to-character conversation and slower beats. All the characters have been serviced really well.”

THE MARK OF ABEL | Despite Gemma’s grandson spilling the murderous beans to Jax, Sagal says Gemma will have difficulty blaming Abel for the mess that’s been made. “How can she do anything but forgive him?” she says. “I sometimes wonder if Gemma really thought she could get away with all of this. I don’t think she has any animosity toward her grandson whatsoever [even when] the walls start closing in.”

WE CAN GET SOME SATISFACTION | As Sons fans anxiously await Gemma’s endgame, Sagal is sure of one thing: Viewers will be very satisfied with the show’s conclusion. “Kurt [Sutter] was trying to approach it like any other episode, where the story keeps going,” Sagal says of the series ender. “It was very satisfying filming it, and I will say that for Charlie [Hunnam] and myself. And it’ll be really great for fans. I don’t think they’ll be disappointed at all.”

Sons of Anarchy fans, what fate do you think awaits Gemma? Sound off in the comments section below!

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  1. disonba3 says:

    I think that Gemma and Jax will die, Nero and Wendy will retire to his farm and raise the kids together, as friends!

    • Cas says:

      I like this. However, I think Wendy and Nero should just get together either way. They have good chemistry I think.

    • peggy says:

      I think Jax will give the boys to Nero and Wendy. They will move to the ranch in Mexico. Jax will no longer be president of the club. He will become a nomad.
      Jax will not kill Gemma, he loves her. I think he will ride off on his Fathers bike.
      Leave Charming and Gemma forever

    • Kim says:

      I don’t let think Jax or Gemma will die. Don’t forget, Sutter told us all that only 2 club members would die, and it’s pretty obvious that Juice has used up his last chance. I think that after a tearful meeting Jax will banish her and tell her if she comes around the club, him, or his boys again, he WILL kill her.I have a feeling that the last scene with Gemma will be her talking to Tara from inside a mental institution because she breaks down completely under the weight of all she has done. I can see Jax telling Wendy and Nero to take his boys to the farm to keep them far away from the legacy of the club, and going Nomad.

  2. Stormie says:

    I’m torn on Gemma. Would I be mad if she was brutally murdered like she did to Tara hell no. I would be ok with her serving life in prison no contact from Tara’s kids. She shouldn’t get pictures,letters,phone calls nothing. Jax shouldn’t get to ride off into the sunset either. I wish a relative of Tara’s or Margret gets custody of Thomas. Abel shares DNA with Wendy but Thomas has no connection to her. Let him be raised by someone who knew and loved his mom.

    • rr says:

      Tara has no family. That’s why she wanted to make Wendy the boys legal guardian in her will. (Season 5).

      • stormie says:

        Margret should take Thomas then. She and her family can move far from Charming.

        • LifeLivedTruthsco says:

          The woman who helped convince Tara to have an abortion with Thomas to begin with? Margaret is a coward too and doubtful she has the best interest of the children. Tara shared no DNA with Abel but was a mother figure to him. The same can be for Wendy and Thomas. She has not discriminated and has shown just as much affection and care (and more so) with the baby than with her own son, Abel. How sad would it be if the brothers got split up. They already lost their mom/one of their moms and probably their dad and almost everyone else.

        • Kim says:

          Margaret is too old to raise such a young child. It would be unfair to both of them for a woman alone who is pushing 60 to try and keep up with a toddler.Thomas needs to stay with his brother. Tara was able to live Abel as her own, and Wendy can and will do the same. Margaret’s time in this story is done.

    • Cheryl says:

      I’m very torn when it comes to Gemma. It’s so awful what she did to Tara, and I loved Tara. I stood by her when she decided to leave and even stood by her during all the stuff she did to get out. I understand her reasons and hoped for the best outcome for her. Gemma really took all that away, from Jax and Tara. However, Gemma had her reasons and I understand that in a moment of rage, she did what she did.

      I would love to see Gemma pay for her sins but in another way, if Jax kills his own mother, it would ruin him for me for good. Regardless of what she did. I’d like to see Unser take her away in handcuffs before seeing Jax kill her. If Jax wants to honor Tara, give her the peace and normalcy she desired.

      I would love to see Wendy get the kids. It’s what Tara wanted due to not having family. It would be honoring her wishes. I really hope Wendy takes off with them.

      • LifeLivedTruthsco says:

        It’s all very complex situation and I am objective enough to see the different sides as well so a little torn. I agree with all this. Great comment.

      • mattie says:

        how about there auntie she is there blood,let her get the boys and they will be out of charmmen.

  3. vdofan says:

    What about “Diva. Clown. Killer”? Is this show still going to be made??

  4. Sadie says:

    Man, I miss Tara so much. Even if Jax kills his mother (which frankly, he should)… it doesn’t bring Tara back. Tara is gone. Forever. And, it’s all because of Jax. He was a terrible husband and father. He was inattentive when he should have been more focused on his wife and children and not being a career criminal. When he proposed to Tara, did he think that meant he could continue down a dangerous and violent path and still keep his family? Did he not realize he was marrying a very smart, educated and independent woman? This wasn’t some random crow eater or a junkie like Wendy. He loved Tara since he was 16, yet only chose love over his own selfishness at the very end (Season 6 finale), and by then it was too late.

    • Tonya says:

      I still think it is super chilling when he tells Tara in the Season 5 finale – “are you trying to teach me a lesson?” — It was the first time I really thought Jax had morphed into a monster. Yes, even after he shot up his ex wife with drugs. I’ve never been a Wendy fan and I hated what he did to her but for whatever reason, I always felt like he would throw himself in the face of death for Tara. And while that did end up being true – I do think he would do anything and everything for Tara – he was a complete asshat in that conversation towards the end of Season 5. He just stood there in both anger and disbelief while his WIFE was arrested… for trying to help HIM.

    • Suzette says:

      You are so right Sadie

    • Stormie says:

      I think Jax loves Tara and his kids. The problem is he’s never really loved them more than the club. Tara has only ever loved 3 people Jax and their sons she would do anything for them. Jax knew that his mother has an obsessive love and need to control him it’s been evident to him since he was a teen. She has always hated Tara and she didn’t even bother hiding it. Tara unlike the rest of the women of the club was smart and wanted a good life for herself. She didn’t just live to serve a man’s needs like the rest of the old ladies and crow eaters. Tara was never some weak little puppet like a Wendy. Jax at times I feel resented that Tara didn’t need him. She was a college educated neo natal surgeon who had already proved she could thrive without him. Tara never really needed Jax but she wanted him. Her only flaw to me was loving and trusting him too much. It sucks that Thomas was robbed of a mother’s love and I hate Jax for that just as much as Gemma.

      • Thrace says:

        Tara needed Jax to protect and kill for her in the beginning. She needed him for the dirty jobs that is. And Thomas will have a (“second”) mommy: probably Wendy. Comes full circle in reverse circumstances with Tara. Very fitting for the series in how everyone is ending up. Shame some were killed along the way but so the series goes. I miss Opie and Bobby.

    • days says:

      Tara knew what she was getting into when she got with Jax. She made her choices and she got what was expected from that kind of lifestyle. She did not deserve to die the way she did but it went along with the territory.

  5. IMHO says:

    I think in the end Wendy will get the kids (hopefully) and that’s what Tara wanted all along.
    That’s what she put in the will and part of the reason for Gemma’s rage and the eventual killing.

    I’m not sure if Jax will kill Gemma or turn her over to the police but Tara’s wishes being honored and Wendy raising the kids is definitely some kind of cosmic justice for Gemma. Nero taking a walk after hearing the truth maybe some more karma leaving Gemma alone.

    I can’t even imagine what Jax will do when he finds out he tortured and killed an innocent man for Tara’s death and then kept going. Ugh. Gemma has caused a lot of damage and death but Jax carried it out.

  6. Bwhit says:

    I was all for Gemma getting hers even until the middle of this season, but now, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, the best punishment is to live without any family at all. That is her biggest fear and it was evident during the time when she went to the cabin to help that lady and originally thought Jax knew. She accepted death but was terrified to be alone. I want the dramatic conflict with Jax but killing her lets Gemma off easy. Driving her to the middle of no where and leaving her there without even a picture of Jax and the boys is the ultimate justice for Tara. I don’t want Jax to die but if he did I think Wendy is capable of taking care of Thomas and Abel. She proved it when she was around those drugs but wiped them away when Abel came in. I can’t believe the show is almost done!

    • Vi Vi says:

      I agree with you comment. The best punishment for her is to be banished from everyone, even Nero. She will turn to drugs and die on her own

  7. abz says:

    Love Katey no matter how much I have come to hate Gemma. Enjoyed her on 8 Simple Rules, MWC, and now SOA and will hopefully enjoy her next work. I have to disagree though with what she said about “All the characters have been serviced really well.” I just don’t think that’s entirely true. Many characters have been further destroyed this season. Jax is just a despicable person. His grieving was understandable, but he’s just a murdering criminal who this season lost most of his redeeming qualities and just become unhinged.. Aside from Gemma’s lie which may have triggered everything, Jax is the one who created so much death of many innocent lives as well as just plain unnecessary deaths all around.
    Then there’s the club members and loyalty be damned, they’re all idiots without minds of their own. None of them speak up when things get out of control. None of them even say anything when their friend and club member of years dies. Maybe its because I’m not an outlaw criminal but I don’t understand the whole dying for your brother thing while he’s on a misguided, grief-filled revenge spree. They’re all following someone who is mentally and emotionally compromised and they know it.

  8. Marie says:

    I don’t think Jax will kill his mom,i think he will let her leave with Nero.But never see the boys or himself again.And let her continue to live with what she did to her family.

    • ryan says:

      haha are you kidding me did you not see the look of discust on nero’s face? He is done with her he even told her to GO she was not worth protecting anymore.

      • Kim says:

        Absolutely! No way will Nero want Gemma after hearing the truth. When he said “You should go,” you could tell that he couldn’t stomach even looking at her then

  9. Robbie says:

    Jemma got people killed because she had to cover her lie!! Jax killed the wrong person because of her lies and then other people got killed because of her lies !!! Jax won’t take that to well at all !! He really loved Tara and she killed her so I think if he don’t kill her he will hate her for ever and she will never b able to see jax and her grandkids EVER AGAIN

  10. Leighann Benson says:

    I think everyone should die except for Jax, Gemma,and the 2 little boys. Now i dont wanna see our beloved Chibs or Tig, even Nero have that fate, so hear me out. If everyone bites the dust Gemma won’t know how to live that would be her own personal hell. Wayne & Wendy need to croak as well. So Jackson, he fakes his own death along with the Abel and Thomas. He takes off and leads a normal life like the ghost of Tara always wanted. He finds peace and some normalcy as he should. Gemma having as an anarchist since she was 19 yrs thats her hell. Living in normal society ALONE and thinking all her boys are dead because of her.
    I would also like Jax to find out the truth on JT.

  11. Stormie says:

    Gemma’s murder of Tara and cover up also started the war that got Bobby killed. Whose to say one of the other guys won’t put a bullet in her for that.

  12. Stef says:

    Perhaps Gemma will kill Jax in the showdown. It would be only fitting as she has killed almost all the men in her life.

    • Kim says:

      I think you’re the first person to bring that up! As hard as it is to fathom because Gemma loves Jax so much, we have seen what she is capable of when her back is to the wall. The only reason I think that couldn’t happen is because Katey said in her interview that the viewers would be satisfied with the finale, and I don’t think many would find that scenario too satisfying. But your idea is food for thought!

  13. Donna says:

    I hope Jax and the boys are sitting at the table with lyla and her three kids because Jax loved opie !!!

  14. I love this show it’s the best ever but I guess everything has to come to an end I am 54 mother of 5 grandmother to 5 and I love it Gemma is a geat actor she can do anything love her and to all samcro you guys are great love ya charlie

  15. Eva says:

    I miss the past seasons when Gemma and Tara were like a family and had a grudging love and respect for each other. In season two and 3, many scenes with the two women as they worked together, Gemma took Tara under her wing. Gemma protected Tara against Clay and got a beat down because of it, Gemma protected Tara against Margaret in season 3 I think it was, Gemma included Tara into the family, Gemma let Tara start to help with Abel in earlier seasons, Gemma got Tara back together with Jax, Gemma was practically a Jax/Tara cheerleader for a while. And most of season six, Gemma was playing peacekeeper. hey had a great dynamic in between seasons as shown in the webisode during time Jax was in prison as well as mentioned, Gemma was there for Tara the whole time Jax was gone. So I am conflicted, because both women had a good side and I preferred when they were a family and had been through a lot together. They were a lot alike though down to their at times irrationally possessive and unstable personalities over their family as well as acting out in fits of violence. Gemma and Tara’s relationship began to change the very minute Tara got proposed to by Jax. Gemma didn’t change, but Tara had a very visible cocky, arrogant, abrasive change and that began her downfall, because Tara worked so hard to be the brutal attempted badass in training queen (trying to upstage Gemma) and refused to leave with the kids when she had wonderful and peaceful opportunities to do so. It’s hard to feel further sympathy for someone (in this case Tara) who chose instead to slash and burn everyone’s lives in a largely selfish 11th hour decision. You know it’s not lilke Tara was an unflawed angel or anything. No one is. She wasn’t an innocent by any stretch. I wish she had taken the kids when she had the chance and even Wendy was encouraging her to do so in season four. But Tara refused, because she still wanted to be the new criminal “queen in training”. Like a true tragedy, these characters are making their own beds leading to all their own downfalls along with a few casualties of innocents along the way like Donna, etc which wasn’t her fault at all. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed watching Katey’s very complicated character Gemma. I also enjoyed Tara at certain points. The situation with either of them or anyone hasn’t been simplistic. It’s been an interesting ride.

  16. EricVogler says:

    I don’t think Jax will be able to kill his mom, but I think the law will take justice upon her, n she will be convicted of murder. Cuz Wade n the Sheriff’s have already cracked the case, n wades tired of saving the Son’s ass, even Gemmas…

  17. Carrie Pierce says:

    i was never a real fan of Tara. She was no saint. However, we was no olady either. She

  18. martha says:

    She needs to die for everything she’s done.

  19. brittney says:

    She took away what Jax loved most in this world and then caused hell trying to cover her ass. Jax should take away what she loves most: Thomas and Abel. Nero will probably leave her and everyone she wants to be around should turn their back on her. Leave her by herself.

    For a woman who lives for her family, not having her family around would be a fate worse than death.

  20. barbandtom627 says:

    “All the characters have been serviced really well.” << judging by the beginning of last week's episode, this is absolutely 100% correct! lol. Hate to see the show end

  21. Rhonda says:

    I love Gemma. I hope you come to Portland Oregon so I can hear you doing. I also want to find your sons for karaoke.

  22. reba says:

    i think jax will kill himself, he has had so much loss and grief and everything will overcome himself and he will shoot himself, leaving gemma to forever live with all the death she has caused and know that all the death in this season was because of her lies and those boys will grow up hating her because she caused both deaths of there parents… with how much she is all about family… this is great punishment for her… death is too easy

  23. Darren says:

    Just a guess.

    Jaxs will make it right with all the other gangs and take care of the dirty cop. The finale will be Jax getting ready to meet Mr Mayhem with the club and Gemma will come back to save her son and beg them to take her life instead so she can make everything right. Jax and Gemma will have one last moment together before her end. She will tell him that she was envolved with his fathers death as well. Jaxs will have to leave the club and he, the boys and Wendy will go with Nero to the farm.

    The final performance that Charlie and Katy will have should win one of these characters an Emmy.

  24. Ky says:

    Kill Gemma. Jax and Wendy ride off into the sunset with the kids. Nothing else matters.

  25. mel says:

    Maybe Gemma will be the new homeless lady of Charming. Even after all she’s done wrong, I still don’t want her to die. Maybe she’s been the homeless lady all along and the last 7 episodes are flashbacks.

  26. Sigma says:

    I never really liked Tara, and I always really liked Gemma. I found Tara unbelievable as that biker chick Jax fell in love with. I think him and Wendy have real chemistry. I think at this point, Chibs or Tiggy will die, unfortunately. I hope Jax dies in front of Gemma, right before she gets taken away to jail. She would sit in jail, knowing that her lying took away her son. It would destroy her. Then maybe Gemma could be a new in,ate on OitNB

    • abz says:

      I don’t think you’ve been understanding her character. Tara was never meant to be a biker chick. She was an educated doctor who happened to be in a relationship WITH a biker and tried to adjust to the life that came with being part of that type of relationship. She was a deviation from the stereotypical “old lady”/

  27. Bonita Yarboro says:

    I think Gemma should live with the knowledge that she will never see her son, grandsons or the club again. She should go crazy, but not so crazy that she does not hurt from the loss of the people she hurt.

  28. Jennifer says:

    I think they’ll both walk away. Jax will let Gemma go and she’ll never see him or her Grandkids again.

  29. PShobert says:

    The last scene will be a pull back from the SON ring Gemma gave to Abel, to show father and son sitting at visitation. Abel will share the news that “Gramma died of a heart attack,” and proclaim that he is happy she is dead. Jax will cry.

  30. peggy says:

    I think Jax will be stripped of being President of club.He will say his goodbyes to Gemma. Decide to become a nomad. Ride off on his father’s bike. Jax will let Wendy and Nero take custody of his boys and move to Mexico. That will be destroy Gemma.
    With no family. She would probably wish she were dead.
    I don’t think Jax will seek revenge on his mother.

  31. liz says:

    Jax cannot kill his mother, but she has to die. That is the club rule, or he would have spared Juice. Chibs or Tig will kill Gemma and Jax will give the boys to Wendy and tell her to go live with Nero. Then, like his father, Jax will run him and his bike into an 18 wheeler.

  32. KaneKillsAble says:

    I think Jax will try to kill Gemma, but Niro will stop him and in the fight that pursues Niro and Jax kill each other. And Gemma runs away. Wendy raises the kids. The show fast forwards to Able as a young adult member of the MC and the show ends. Making for a spin-off show about Able.

  33. michele says:

    Make it look like she is going to drive off the clif, but she just drove off thinking about Jax,

  34. Jennifer Marcum says:

    I really believe Jax will not kill Gemma but will tell her he loves her but she’ll never see the boys again. Jax Abel and Thomas will go live on Nero’s farm. The Club will die.

  35. Ken says:

    I believe that the series is Jax recounting to Abel (who is now SAMCRO president)about his time in the club until he was forced to retire because Gemma struck a deal with the other chapter presidents to not introduce him to Mr. Mayhem. Gemma however had to pay a price for the crimes she committed, so she is given a choice, either forced overdose or suicide. After the tale is told Jax gets on his dads bike and rides back to Neros ranch where he has been living with Wendy, Thomas, and Nero and his son.

  36. Leigh says:

    I think some how Abel finds one of his Dads guns and HE is the one who will kill him Grandma!

  37. rex6 says:

    I am wondering if Jax will find out Gemma’s part in his father’s death which is an important secret which Tara held. Nero knows secret and letters are in storage. I think it is important for this to come out

  38. a0288tigger says:

    I do not feel sorry that Tara died, she knew what she was getting into when she got back with Jax. She lied and deceived him more than once. Lied about being pregnant and blammed Gemma for a miscarriage she never had, she was going to put Jax in prison she was just as bad as Gemma and Gemma was just protecting her son just like Tara was . I dont think Jax will kill his mom but i do think he will make her leave or he will leave with the boys.

  39. mssilver22 says:

    What a lot of people seem to overlook is that Gemma committed murder. No matter shat Jax does, Gemma is probably at least going to jail.

  40. Terry says:

    I would like to see Jax go straight and raise his sons . He is a good person and Tara would be happy.
    Gemma should go to jail and stay there!

  41. Ryver says:

    Gemma and Jax both live. Gemma is xiled and banished from the club, if ever to return she will be killed. ..twist…final scene…Gemma is on the farm with Nero! (she steps from behind the shadows; Nero stares a moment as if he surprised. Then both smile/laugh, then hug/kiss). Scene ends leaving it open to the viewers imagination, for a sequel to the series a few years down the road. ..

  42. Just because Tara was educated does not excuse her manipulative ways and also she was guilty of murder and outlaw behavior as well throughout SOA, Her interests in protecting her sons are no different than Gemma’s interest in protecting hers! Absolutely love Gemma and hoping to see her overcome this with Jax.

  43. aim_up01 says:

    Nero said to Jax “Maybe it’s time to honor Taras wish” Jax said yea. I know she wanted Wendy to take both boys out of Charming and keep them away from Gemma. The ultimate price is for Gemma to never see those two boys again. Death is to kind, and prison would be a place for her. Yet never to see Able or Thomas again. That to Gemma is a fate worse than death.

  44. Tammy Bailey says:

    I don’t think Jax will kill Gemma. But after seeing him tell Abel that Wendy was his first mommy, maybe it would be good for them to rekindle their love and it would be perfect for the boys. Wendy could love Thomas the way Tara loved Abel.

    • Kingsy says:

      They can’t rekindle a love that was never there. In the end, Jax did tell Wendy he loved her but in the same way he told Lyla that he loved her. He respected her. And was happy that she was finally the mother she had worked so hard to be. The show made it very clear from day one that Jax has only truly loved one woman – Tara. In a way, it’s a love that has consumed him — he can’t actually love another person because I think he put all of his heart into loving Tara. And he failed her, over and over again. Which in the end, broke his heart and his ability to love anyone.