The Millers Cancelled by CBS

The Millers

There will be no more laughs in The Millers‘ household; the CBS sitcom has been cancelled.

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The sophomore series starred Will Arnett as local Virginia news reporter Nathan Miller, and followed the exploits of his family, which also included Margo Martindale (JustifiedThe American).

One more episode will be shot, and the series is still scheduled to air a new episode this Monday (8:30/7:30c), but it’s unclear how many episodes will air beyond that.

TVLine’s renewal scorecard has thusly been updated.

Are you bummed about The Millers‘ cancellation, or did you see this coming? Drop a comment with your reaction(s) below.

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  1. thisismenow says:

    This sort of shocks me. But Sean Hayes is a death sentence for shows.

    • Kenbud says:

      Yeah he really killed that show Will & Grace. Just awful … it was off the air, in what? … eight years? And then Grimm … man, it’s doing horrible with him as co-executive producer.

      • thisismenow says:

        Seriously. Yes, he is a fine producer. But name one successful show post Will & Grace. Now, take a seat.

      • JG says:

        It was off the air as soon as I picked up my remote.

      • Mary Ann says:

        I used to love Will & Grace, and then it became the Jack & Karen show.

      • Norita Moss says:

        That Sean hayes is not funny they threw him in there then moved it to Monday nights. It was good the way it was did not need that Sean Hayes !!!

        • j says:

          Agree. Sean Hayes did not fit in this show. I did like him on Will and Grace. But he was not very good in SMASH too!

        • NR says:

          Totally agree – Sean Hayes ruined that show. Before that, it was maybe the funniest show on TV. Can’t believe – another good show gone!

      • S. says:

        Will and Grace WAS an awful, awful show. Sean Hayes is an awful actor. As soon as his guest stint was announced, I stopped watching The Millers. His entire routine is spastic, sarcastic gay dude. Boring.

        • TV Gord says:

          I’m shocked! Shocked, I say! Someone actually agrees with me about Will & Grace! Political correctness kept it on way too long!

          • Brian says:

            I disagree with you. It was the first mainstream television series to feature gay actors in leading roles and the cast won several Emmys. Also, the ratings (while never reached the heights of shows like Friends and Seinfeld) were good enough to keep it on. Political correctness had nothing to do with it.

            That being said, I am inclined to agree that Sean Hayes is a one-trick pony and his appearances on The Millers made an already mediocre show fairly terrible.

          • Patrick says:

            Will and Grace was good. Not great, but it was pretty good. The ratings fell off a cliff once it was apparent that the show wasn’t going to magically “make” Will straight and have him end up with Grace. Once he actually began acting like a homosexual man, and a genuine, well adjusted, gay man, viewers turned out. They didn’t mind the negative stereotype that was Jack, especially since he was the butt of a lot of jokes. But once Will was portrayed in a positive light, it was over.

      • Jooshua says:

        I didn’t know he was a producer on Grimm! How strange…

    • RC says:

      As opposed to Will Arnett? Please.

      • thisismenow says:

        Well, no one was tooting the horn of Will Arnett were they? Sean is added, show dies.

      • The Beach says:

        This show had major problems before Sean Hayes came onboard (not that he helped). I blame the writers and director for making such accomplished actors as Beau Bridges and Margot Martingale look bad. That’s hard to do.

    • Tony Martino says:

      3 truths:

      1)For most of it’s run, “Will & Grace” was MOST funny as “The Jack & Karen Show”.- Sean Hayes WAS hysterical as “Jack” on W&G. ( I LOVE Debra Messing, but you all know that Jack and Karen were the humor of “Will & Grace MOST of the time)

      2) Sean Hayes KILLS OTHER shows!

      3) Sean Hayes “murdered” “Smash” on NBC (Ok, I know that last one is subjective, but it had to be said! Lol)

      Moral: Catching lighning in a bottle more than once, is NOT easy!!! When Sean is in a supporting role, he shines. We saw this for 8 years on Will & Grace.

      BUT, when Sean Hayes is the lead, as in Sean Saves The World and even Smash, he definitely hurts the chances of a long-run. (I have no clue why this happens)

      Smash was a brillant show, and “The Milers was very funny “fluff” I am sad to see it go.

      • If you want to deal in actual truths, not… whatever the garbage above me is, then you shoulder know:
        1) Will and Grace was terrible. It survived because people felt obligated to like it.
        2) Sean Hayes was the least of The Millers’ problems. He didn’t help, but he was not the one that killed it.
        3) Same as above. Smash had an infinite amount of problems ahead of it having Sean Hayes.

        • BP says:

          Congratulations on the dumbest thing I’ve read all day. “Will and Grace was terrible. It survived because people felt obligated to like it.” Yeah, Matthew, people watch TV because they’re obligated. Go back to troll land.

          • Wendy Stodder says:

            Will and Grace was fantastic and so was Sean Hayes on it. He just didn’t add anything to The Millers and I think he detracted from it. I’d still watch it for the other characters!

    • Alyson says:

      Wow I was just thinking the same thing…but I loved Sean as Jack

    • kisaac says:

      I think Sean is a comedic genius….you are so very wrong in your opinion!

  2. Trish says:

    That’s a real shame – I was totally enjoying that show. Smart, unique, with a female who dominated.

  3. andrew says:

    was not funny
    Sean saves the…..oh wait

  4. Kenneth Byrd says:

    I just discovered the show after Meta World Peace did a guest appearance. Was it low ratings? Could they have at least let it wrap up the season?

  5. Eric7740 says:

    Vindication for The Crazy Ones!!!

  6. s says:


  7. With all due respect to the people who worked hard on this show..and a very talented cast… was HORRIBLE, UNFUNNY and I’m glad it’s gone!

    • lechatnoir says:

      i found it terribly unfunny and cliched as hell . I remember stopping at episode 3 and thinking to hell with this nonsense. I am unsurprised they cancelled it. Many more sitcoms need to be cancelled . The genre is past its due date and you can’t use decade old tropes with contemporary panache and think its going to work . Selfie is another dud that needs to be put to bed.

    • engrtam says:


  8. judyb says:

    I enjoy the show. So sorry it has been cancelled. Don’t care for Sean Hayes though.

    • I said when I heard he’d been cast this season that I thought it was a bad idea. Loved him on Will & Grace, but didn’t like him in this. It was already a great ensemble cast. Why they needed to add him, I don’t know. Ah well. I really enjoyed the show, so I hate that it was cancelled, but… *shrug* :(

    • JG says:

      Just imagine how useful Cancellation Man aka Sean Hayes would be to rid us of numerous uninteresting tv shows on all the networks. For starters put him on Two Broke Dogs and Agents of SHIELD.

      • Steve F. says:

        Not Agents of SHIELD! It’s gotten better! Now The Mysteries of Laura, on the other hand…

      • Riana says:

        Have him on NCIS and every other body show.

      • Tom says:

        Um……..No. There’s nothing wrong with Agents of SHIELD and the only thing wrong with 2 Broke Girls is Sophie.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        OMG, yes! Cast him first on Big Bang Theory. Then all the Kardashian shows. Then Ray Donovan.

      • LJ Bissonnette says:

        I really enjoyed The Millers. Too bad they brought in the new guy. When the show focused on the Miller family it was hilarious. Both Margo Martindale and Beau Bridges have developed a great sense of timing, style and delivery that elicited laughs–even when their lines weren’t that funny. The rest of the family is quirky funny too. CBS could have pulled it off because the entire cast really made it work. Right down to the little girl.
        When someone behind the scenes decided the show needed to become PC more than statistically correct the show went right down the toilet. Once Sean Hayes became the focus, I realized the show isn’t going to be about The Millers anymore, therefore, it isn’t going to be worth bothering with anymore. Instead of getting rid of the Miller family why not just get rid of the new neighbor? But keep the cameraman–he’s funny too.

        • Shirley booth says:

          I totally agree. It will probably now be replaced by yet ANOTHER music awards show…or football.

        • Tom says:

          nope, disliked the second mikayla

        • Linda says:

          I totally agree with everything you said except the cameraman being funny. I did not like him at all and thought that he tried too hard to be funny. He was loud and obnoxious. As soon as I saw Sean Hayes was being added as a gay next door neighbor that was it for me. I haven’t watched it once this season. Too bad, as I really enjoyed the show otherwise. I feel bad for Will Arnett and the rest of the cast. Now maybe Margo Martindale can come back as a regular on The Americans!!

        • Dana Gauna says:

          You could not of said this any better. I totally agree.

      • LJ Bissonnette says:

        Never heard of Sean Hayes before, but if what everyone here is saying about him is true, it sounds like he’s this generations Robbie Rist. (However, in all fairness, Robbie Rist had found great success being the voice for TMT Michelangelo.) Why not just cast Hayes on some of those more idiotic “reality” shows? Don’t know about anyone else, but 20 years of having my intelligence insulted is way more than enough for me.

    • Cece says:

      I really liked the show last season…..Did’t like the new cast addition. This changed the shows dynamic. I liked Wil’s chemistry with JB Smooth.

      Oh well.

  9. Justin says:

    When they moved it and added Sean Hayes, it was doomed! and putting it behind 2 broke girls was an added ax!

  10. Stephanie says:

    i loved it the first season, but was not happy with them bringing Sean Hayes on.

  11. Maya says:

    Bummed as I loved the show last year. However, Sean Hayes’ character was not that great and actually hurt the show. :(

  12. BCsDave says:

    Will Arnett must of wanted out of the show. Either that or maybe his Arrested Development schedule might of conflicted.

  13. Nicole says:

    I’m disappointed. I really liked the show.

  14. kmayne says:

    It had Big Bang Theory as lead in which really helped the show, But it had 2 Broke Girls as lead in and I still can not believe that show is still on the air. Supporting cast funnier than leads.

    • Lizo says:

      I friggen love 2 Broke Girls. Look forward to it every week. Is it the funniest thing on tv? No, but it does make me laugh and Max and Caroline are absolutely charming. I care about them. So…

    • Kim R says:

      I do agree about 2 Broke Girls. The jokes, the voice, it is just one note constantly throughout. I have tried it a few times but it is just horrible. Then again, I was always surprised 2 and a Half Men was so popular. :)
      I liked The Millers all right. And I guess I’m in the minority because I also like Sean Hayes.

  15. Rebecca Parker says:

    Hey Andy Swift, heads up: you link to the 2014 Renewal Scorecard, not 2015. :)

  16. Diz says:

    I watched season 1 & thought it was ok. I haven’t seen a single episode though this season since its on Mon. Too much other good programming on & I never bothered to try & catch up w. it online.

  17. Missy Kelly says:

    Couldn’t figure out why this show was still on. It lacked the heart that Raising Hope had and that show lost its heart when Garcia left to do this sad one. Just wish CBS had cancelled it last year and kept the Robin Williams show on for a second season.

  18. Kevin says:

    @Andy Swift, does this mean mom stays behind big bang? Hopefully! it’s a better and funnier show than this one and it’s been doing better numbers too

  19. Moody says:

    Sean Hayes is a show killer

  20. more millers says:

    This was my second favorite behind big ban. Sean Hayes killed it.

  21. Mare says:

    That’s a bummer. No, it was nothing great but I Liked the actors and they gave me a few chuckles each week. I’ll miss it.

  22. Ari says:

    Wow, that’s not something you see every day. How often do series that are not in their first year cancelled in the middle of the season like that??

  23. Josh says:

    Terrific. Now Martindale can return to The Americans, where she belongs.

    • Laura says:

      My thoughts exactly! “The Americans” should make a move on her immediately and lock her up as a series regular.

    • spartan says:

      Hope you are right, Josh! Felt terrible that she was wasted on this show that (I felt) was lame and stupid. So impressed with her amazing performance as Mags Bennett on “Justified” and then as a vastly different character on “The Americans.”

  24. Jan Wilson says:

    Stopped watching last year after 2or3 episodes because if was so bad. What a waste of talent especially Margo Martindale. Will Arnett needs to pick better scripts. Loved him on Up All Night.

    • sam says:

      I completely agree with you. I tried watching it a few times and it was absolutely horrible. I’m actually suprised it was canceled sooner.

  25. TV God says:

    Sean Hayes did not kill this show. They brought him in to try and save it. Sean and Will are best friends, and they wanted to be on the show together. I’m sad that its canceled, but happy because Sean deserves better.

    • S. says:

      Yes, yes he did. He showed up and the show died. No one wants to see him in anything at all. He hasn’t had a steady job since Will and Grace, which ended in 2006. When he does show up, he does guest stints that he’s never asked back for. He’s annoying and unfunny. And considering how fast this how was axed after he showed up he did kill it.

  26. every time I like a program it gets cancelled.

  27. Robin says:

    I’m slightly disappointed but then not as much as I thought I would be. I really liked it last season. But thus far I’ve only watched 1 episode this season. I missed the second one, and the third is still on the dvr.

  28. Nancy Jacobs says:

    I love the show, this really upsets me that they are taking it off. I can think of other shows that should be canceled before the Millers!

  29. matty says:

    I thought that show was doing well. oh well, I never watch it anyway.

  30. Sarah Betar says:

    like so many shows on cbs this year, this show was not good…and they are pushing The Mentalist out after this brains

  31. Dane V says:

    Heard several good things about this show. The network KILLs good show when they change days. Will they ever learn????

    • TV Gord says:

      If you “heard” it was a good show, why didn’t you watch? Plenty of good shows are cancelled when people don’t watch.

      P.S. what you heard was wrong. It was a painfully unfunny show with a good cast. I can’t believe Greg Garcia, who has made some great television (My Name Is Earl, Raising Hope), could churn out such dreck!

  32. Adam says:

    Surprising news, didn’t watch every episode but there are worse shows still going. Hopefully this will open the door for Jayma Mays to feature in some of the last 6-7 episodes of Glee’s final season that are still be filmed

    • Henry says:

      Yes more awful shows still on. But many not on CBS so if we can get all these awful shows off then we’d be more happier.

  33. I was surprised that CBS renewal the show for the second season. I hope that the producer will release the second season on DVD.

  34. Aidan Williams says:

    Well this came out of nowhere this show was doing so well last year why cancel it. So sad

  35. JeffDJ says:

    I really enjoyed the show last season, though wasn’t feeling quite the same vibe. Like many others, I didn’t really like the addition of Sean Hayes.

  36. Superhero says:


    Now get Margo Martindale back on The Americans and Beau Bridges back on Masters of Sex, stat.

  37. Netty says:

    Thank goodness..the whole ensemble did not work!

  38. johnhelvete says:

    Total shocker due to the show being in it’s second season and CBS owned. Only watched it last year because it was what was on after BBT, but it did have a few laughs.

  39. zoey says:

    I love the Miller’s.. everyone except the daughter lol.. don’t cancel it..

  40. MM says:

    I really enjoyed this show :(

  41. Kristina says:

    Aww man :(

  42. Steve F. says:

    Wow. Sean Hayes really IS the kiss of death…

  43. Zenobia Jackson says:

    Hopefully Margo Martindale will find something more worthy of her talents. Can she go back to The Americans full time?

    The addition of Sean Hayes added nothing to this show, I couldn’t understand a word JB Smooth said, Will Arnett is not likeable and Jemma Mays and her TV husband and child were dullsville.

    Well, come to think of it, Margo Martindale was the only good thing about it.

  44. Bernadette says:

    Really enjoyed The Millers. Hate to see it cancelled.

    • Sue Carlson says:

      I too enjoyed the Millers, hate to see it go:(. I was not thrilled with the addition of Sean Hayes even though I do like him. I did like his show Sean saves the world. I felt the show dealt with real family type issues and made it very funny. I will miss it!

  45. Tran says:

    Guess the casting of Sean Hayes was the reason why The Millers got canceled. CBS made a very bad move to renew The Millers for a second season and it looks like Will Arnett has been the king of failed TV sitcoms with the expectation of Arrested Development. Still no word on when the upcoming season of Mike & Molly will premiere but it should fill the void either on Mondays or Thursdays.

  46. Margo says:

    Sean Hayes is the new Ted McGinley. He is added to a show and off it goes.

  47. Robert Zinkerman says:

    I am so upset. I though this was very good show. Very funny. They did have a bad episode, once, but so does every show. They moved it to Monday, opposite stupid football and such. Take two gross girls off.

    • Tran says:

      What’s your problem? I hope CBS keeps 2 Broke Girls (NOT 2 Gross Girls or whatever you want to called it) for the time being and I hope that The McCarthys should soon get canceled and bring back Mike & Molly.

  48. HELEN says:

    what is wrong with u people love this show

    • Tran says:

      It’s all because of Sean Hayes. Dumb idea for CBS if The Millers and Mom did not swap time slots despite the fact that the network have to do Thursday Night Football and for some reason, The Millers should have stay on Thursdays after Big Bang Theory and Mom should have stay on Mondays after 2 Broke Girls.

    • Carl Turner says:

      WHY? This was the worst show on CBS. I say they cancelled it one year too late!

  49. NP says:

    Saw it coming with the idiotic addition of Sean Hayes – wrecked it!