Ratings: Mom Hits High, Scandal Rises, P'hood Hits Low, Elementary Slips

Mom Season 2 Ratings

With NFL preemptions now subtratced out, CBS’ Mom this Thursday night drew 11.1 million total viewers and a 2.6 demo rating (per finals), netting its second-largest audience ever and a series-high rating.

Opening the Eye’s night, Big Bang Theory (17 mil/4.5) ticked up, Two and a Half Men (9.5 mil/2.2) was flat and The McCarthys (6.4 mil/1.4), dipped a tenth. Elementary (6.5 mil/1.0) was down 8 and 17 percent.


ABC | Grey’s Anatomy (8.3 mil/2.4) was steady, Scandal (10 mil/3.2) rose 10 percent in the demo to a six-week high and How to Get Away With Murder (9.2 mil/2.9) ticked up a tenth.

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THE CW | Vampire Diaries (1.5 mil/0.7) dipped a tenth to tie its series low, while Reign (1.2 mil/0.4) shed a few eyeballs but was steady in the demo.

FOX | Bones (5.5 mil/1.3) was steady, while Gracepoint (3.4 mil/0.8) rose 14 percent and a tenth.

NBC | Biggest Loser (4.5 mil/1.2) and Bad Judge (3.7 mil/0.9) were flat, A to Z (2.4 mil/0.6) slipped 10 and 25 percent and Parenthood (3.6 mil/1.0) fell 10 and 23 percent, hitting a series low.

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  1. Tran says:

    Season Two of Mom is at its best so far but I thought The McCarthys would’ve gone down. Kudos to TBBT in honor of the late Carol Ann Susi.

  2. Eric7740 says:

    I’m sorry, but I understand the Parenthood dip, last nights episode was Parenthoods worst episode of its entire 6-year run!!! (Just IMHO) I hate that there wasting our last episodes on that worthless Hank and his dumb family!!!

    • Desiree says:

      It was definitely a bad one. I skipped through most of the Max stuff because I’m tired of him just being allowed to do whatever he wants with absolutely zero repercussions. I understand a mother wanting to comfort her child when he is hurt. But the way Max treated Aaron and Dylan was completely unacceptable and should have been addressed. But just like Sydney bullying her classmate and Ruby actively deceiving her parents, everything just seems to get glossed over…that being said, I love this show and will miss it when it’s gone.

      • Sammi r says:

        I agree. There was an episode awhile bck where Sarah said no to Max and Kristina got mad her…that got me so mad. He totally would have gotten in trouble!
        I thinks next week rating will up cuz LG is bck and the dad is ill

        • Abby says:

          But that dynamic was because Sarah and Cristina aren’t friends. Cristina always looks at Sarah as a bad mom, or at least not the kind of mom she wants to be…if seek had disciplined Max, Cristina wouldn’t likely have been so upset about it.

  3. zack williams says:

    parenthood is becoming uneven again like season 5 was.

  4. Spoiler Junkie says:

    Mom has been exceptional. Happy to see it rise in the ratings.

  5. Moment says:

    A 1.2 already for Elementary? Ouch, not looking forward to the finals for this. Double ouch for Bones, it’s in its tenth season, it needs to be doing a bit better than this.

    • Lyn says:

      The problem with Elementary is that no one on the show is lovable. JLM is creepy weird, LL is icy standoffish, etc. It’s too quirky without any warm fuzzes to balance it.

      • Moment says:

        I don’t mind JLM, its the Watson thing that is bringing the show down. Arguably when Mycroft appeared and the division between the two characters occurred. It just doesn’t work when Holmes and Watson aren’t on friendly less hostile terms.

    • I’m getting really sick of Kitty, and can’t wait for her arc to be over.

      • Moment says:

        You’ll probably get what you want. Given the ratings, the EPs would need to rethink things just a bit. It’s safe for another season due to syndication sure, but these numbers are just embarrassing.

      • Sasha says:

        I dont mind Kitty.

        I dont see what everyone else is seeing. Maybe I’m the only one but I’m liking the new season! I dont want CBS to have to cancel it.

        • Radha says:

          You don’t see what everyone else is seeing? The reason the ratings are dropping is because they split up the ICONIC duo of Sherlock and Watson. All of a sudden, there’s all this influx that Watson needs a life outside Sherlock etc. That’s not what people signed onto this show to watch. We signed on to watch it iconic duo of Sherlock and Watson solve crimes TOGETHER. As friends. I think because some fans want the two together romantically and the writers said it won’t happen ever, that the writers decided to mess with the working formula and now the ratings are dropping.

          If Watson were a man like it is originally in the books, there would literally be NO ONE griping about “She needs a life away from Sherlock!” and “Sherlock doesn’t respect her boundaries.” In the books, the two were so close that people speculate that there was something more to their relationship. In the recent films with RDJ and Jude Law, Watson’s wife almost take a backseat to their bond and friendship. Not that Mary isn’t important, but it’s almost as if Watson is in TWO relationships with two very different people.

          That is how it has almost always been canonically written in other media forms, yet on Elementary it becomes problematic somehow b/c Watson is now a woman. Why is there a double standard? Everyone loves the bromance when it’s two men, but make Watson female and now Sherlock is crossing lines and boundaries etc. etc.

          If they wanted Watson to set boundaries and move out of the brownstone, they could have done so without creating a rift of gigantic irreparable proportions between Sherlock and she. They didn’t need to have her hook up with Mycroft. Watson could have just said, “It’s time for me to have my own space and I need you to respect that.” and then she could just visit the brownstone everyday if they have to brainstorm a case or Sherlock could go to her place if need be. But no. They had to bring in dynamics of Joan dating and all this other crap. We don’t see Sherlock dating–just engaging in casual sex. If the writers feel that Joan needs to date, that’s fine. But that’s not what I’m interested in. On another show, maybe. But on Elementary, I don’t give a flip who Joan is dating. I don’t need to see it. I need to see her, Sherlock, Gregson and Bell solve CRIMES. That’s what made the show interesting.

          Now, to further tear Sherlock and Watson apart, they’ve brought on this new character where I guess the writers feel that a THIRD person will bring new dynamics and excitement to the plot. Not so much.

          So far this season I watched the first episode and didn’t care to watch the second or third ones. They’re on the DVR and I guess I’ll get around to them when I feel like it. And that never used to be the case. I used to watch this show LIVE. Right now, that is not the same show I fell in love with.

          So yeah. Enjoy Kitty. But she’s not bringing in the ratings. Joan and Sherlock at odds aren’t either. And until the writers get that? The ratings will continue to drop.

  6. Sammi rossnagel says:

    Totally understand parenthood drop…because nobody likes it focusing on hank,Ruby and ex wife without sarah….we knew lauren wasn’t going to be on it and neither was Peter. ..thus deterring pro

  7. Laura says:

    Parenthood is competing with How to get away with murder & next week’s the mid-season finale where they teased if you don’t watch you will be spoiled. Poor parenthood doesn’t stand a chance! Love both just hard to compete with Viola Davis and Shandaland

  8. Mika says:

    TGIT! Loving getting my Thursday Shina fix every week.

  9. July Lark says:

    Bones ratings are just sad even with the competition, it hurts to see it, but the writers can no longer deny that killing off Sweets and lack of B&B as partners is not killing the show. B&B’s work partnership does not need a third wheel, dial Aubrey back before its too late.

    • Sarah says:

      @July Lark

      I blame it more on TBBT. Because up until it moved back to Thursday, Bones was doing just fine. But hey, that’s just me.

  10. Sarah says:

    I really hope TPTB at Fox move Bones come January…and I don’t even care if it’s to Friday. TBBT is killing it. :( JMO. I say that because up until Oct. 30th (when TBBT moved back to Thursday) it was doing fine and was still one of the highest-rated shows on Fox.

  11. KC says:

    Bones keeps sinking. Time to end it!

  12. DJR says:

    I know A-to-Z has been cancelled, but each episode keeps getting better and better. It’s too bad the networks need “instant gratification” (i.e., instant hit status) to keep a show around.

  13. Hopeful says:

    Scandal was sooo good last night!

  14. kmw says:

    Given that TBBT was going to have honor their castmate it is no surprise Bones went down. They did not slip that much from last week. It was a much better episode than last week. I know they will continue to get hurt by TBBT and it will not surprise me at all if they move them again. I am surprised so many are not watching because they killed Sweets. He is not the reason anybody should stop watching. Yes I would like more of Booth and Brennan as partners, but Emily and David probably have scheduling issues on different shooting days I am really looking forward to their 200th episode. Keep on going BONES.