Vampire Diaries Recap: The Ex Factor

Damon Elena Vampire Diaries

It’s always awkward when your new boyfriend meets your ex-boyfriend… especially after you’ve told him your ex-boyfriend died. Ladies and gentlemen, we call these “Vampire Diaries problems.”

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Liam and Damon came face-to-handsome-face for the first time on Thursday’s episode, triggering a flood of weirdness that took the “fun” right out of “fundraiser.” (Or did it make the evening more fun? I guess it depends on how much you enjoy cripplingly uncomfortable social situations.)

And thus began Damon and Elena’s (literal) dance down Memory Lane, but believe it or not, it wasn’t Damon’s artful retelling of their Ms. Mystic Falls encounter that hit Elena hardest; it was this incredible statement: “I would rather spend every moment in agony than erase the memory of you.” Seriously, how does a girl say no to that?

From there, it was smooth sailing — ‘shipping lingo intended — until, well, it wasn’t. Despite hearing about their car crash, their motel hookup and their memorable graduation night, Elena told Damon, “I feel like I’m looking at a stranger.” She attempted to jog her memory by crossing the Mystic Falls border and undoing the compulsion, but Damon simply couldn’t stand to see her in pain.

Ultimately, Damon decided it would be best — for who, I’m not sure — to let Elena continue her life without him. And just to twist the knife into our hearts a little deeper, he remembered the epic #DelenaKissInTheRain. (Come on, did you expect me not to hashtag that?)

Caroline Stefan Vampire DiariesTHERE’S A THIN (STERO)LINE BETWEEN LOVE & HATE | Speaking of uncomfortable situations, Enzo (bless his heart) totally blew up Caroline’s spot in front of Stefan with only seven little words: “She’s got a thing for you, mate.” Of course, he quickly made up for that social blunder by putting the “R.I.P.” in “Tripp.” (I have to admit, turning that jerk into a vampire before he crossed the Mystic Falls border was a stroke of genius.)

Team Steroline got a brief reprieve at the end of episode, though, as Stefan apologized for hurting Caroline and she accepted. And while their conversation ended with Caroline walking away — and saying that she hates him — it was definitely a step in the right direction. A very small, newborn-baby step.

BEAR WITH ME | Meanwhile in 1994, which is a segue you can only use while discussing this show, Bonnie and Kai struggled to reassemble the Ascendant before the next eclipse. But if you expected them to work together, you obviously don’t know Miz Bennett very well; after screwing with her hell-mate’s head, the crafty little witch sent a message to Damon (via the world’s luckiest bear) to let him know she’s A-OKai.

Other things we learned this week:

* Jo “relinquished” her magic in order to separate herself from a “dysfunctional family.” She also lost her spleen after being “gutted” by her brother, who is apparently Kai!

* Unlike Kim Kardashian, Tyler is incapable of pouring champagne without spilling it (and he didn’t even have to balance a glass on his shapely butt).

OK, TVD-ers, let’s hash out some feelings: Do you think this is really it for Damon and Elena? Were you hoping this would finally be it for Caroline and Stefan? And, seriously, how does Tyler not know how to pour a glass of champagne? (He’s a Lockwood, damnit!) Drop a comment with your review of tonight’s episode below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Emmy says:

    Ok, so I’m not completely sold on Steroline (they are my favorite friendship though) but I thought there scenes were oddly adorable…it all seemed very natural to me. I think what worked for me is that what Caroline is feeling is very relatable to most people. I am also loving Bonnie this season. This episode for the most part seemed like filler but this season is really good…somehow the writers have been able to breathe magic back into the show (no pun intended)

    • Andy Swift says:

      I’m glad we’re all feeling punny tonight. :)

    • EJ386 says:

      Not feeling Steroline either, but mostly because I agree with Caroline deserves so much better than what Stephan has to offer her. He seems to see her as a friend when he has nothing else going on.

      • Emmy says:

        oh I absoultely adore their friendship and I hope they repair that quickly, with Stefan doing a little groveling preferably. To me they are a lot like Stefan and Lexie, they are each other’s support system.

        • EJ386 says:

          Yeah and before Stephan should even dream of her like more than a friend he must prove that he can be a good and reliable friend.

          • Emmy says:

            Agreed 100%!

          • M3rc Nate says:

            Shes dead, drinks blood, and has killed people and banged a guy that makes Hitler look like Mister Rodgers….(Klaus)….tell me again what greatness she “deserves” because shes pretty and is sweet and adorable?

    • murley says:

      This is what I have always like about the Stefan and Caroline relationship. How easy and natural it feels at it’s core. It is what lasting relationships are made of. Even in the angst it feels honest and natural. The overwrought melodrama of other pairings is harder for me to invest it. I know that a lot of people watch the show for that kind of stuff but it isn’t really my thing. In my dream scenario the show would build toward Stefan and Caroline and Bonnie and Damon whose dynamic I find the most interesting right now. Not sure what I would do with Elena…

      • Emmy says:

        The whole Caroline/Stefan thing right now is totally relatable. And I hope they continue the slow build, because like you said, it feels natural. It’s probably one of the most realistic relationships on the show (but I will only be in favor of a romantic relationship if they continue to build it that way)

  2. Anna says:

    I’m sure this isn’t over between Damon and Elena. Over time, it’s sort of become the “epic love” story of the show, and with Stefan being paired with Caroline now, they’re sure to find their way back together. It was nice to be reminded of all the moments that made me fall in love with them, especially since the romances have started to feel a little dragged out lately.

  3. Jen says:

    I felt like the end of the episode (Delena in the rain; Steroline declarations) was a set-up for what will happen by the end of the season. And return from Bonnie, of course. It seems like an end-game setup, either for this season or potentially the series.

  4. Alice says:

    I KNEW Miss Cuddles was going to be used as The Sign. Very happy about that. Bonnie Bennett is made of awesome.

    • Ian says:

      She really is. What a badsss genius thing she pulled there at the end.

      • Rook says:

        It was very smart, I’m really liking Bonnie this season. But did she put her magic in the bear? How is she gonna get out now. gaaawwww!

        • Ian says:

          Im sure we’ll find out. She sent her magic to Damon for safekeeping so Kai couldnt use it, and she probably isnt expecting she can be saved at all anymore, but Damon will discover a way. Maybe because her magic is connected to her, another witch on the living side can still use it to pull her through.

    • Guest says:

      I just hope Damon actually does remember the damn bear, he didn’t seem too concerned about all things Bennet as of late.

  5. Emily says:

    For the millionth time, the writers used one of their own characters as a mouthpiece, telling us how much we should be shipping Steroline. That pairing is so dead in the water, I don’t understand why they keep forcing it. I’m waiting for Caroline to finally finally finally get a plot of her own that does not revolve around romance. She deserves some family history or darkness of her own.

    • Netty says:

      Shame on the writers trying to shove Steroline down our throats!

    • Emmy says:

      I actually think this episode undid a little of the damage that was done in regards to Stefan and Caroline. I feel like everything that is happening to them is stuff that happens to normal people…it’s the ups and downs and friendship. Most people can relate liking someone more than they like you. I would be open to Stefan and Caroline if it is a slow build and continues to feel natural.

  6. Riana says:

    I think we saw the Kai thing coming

  7. Dmac says:

    I am not sure what is worse, Plec and Dries forcing Stetoline on us or the Obscene Delena shipping recap after recap. Not everyone is a fan of the toxic duo and the fact that people gloss over the kill a pregnant women and her party guests because Stefan wouldn’t go on a road trip with him and than years later kills his uncle because he felt guilty. I don’t care how many rain kisses there are…people aren’t watching because the pairing is becoming a joke.

    • Guest says:

      Enough already with your Delena Hate, go back to EW, this is a hate free zone. If you cant handle TVD anymore stop watching it, simple! If you are not watching the show then why are you on TVD platforms! We all know what Damon has done and he is still a beloved character, if you don’t like him, tough!

    • Guest says:

      I also found out that the Delenarainkiss was a twitter campaign, good on Julie and Caroline for giving the people what they want. You don’t like it, move on. No shortage of shows to watch.

      • Fran says:

        See, that actually bothers me. I’d like the writers to create a good story, not listen to a twitter campaign from some vocal fans. But that’s just me.

      • Yolandah says:

        Julie even twitted about #delenarainkiss earlier in the year. It was a bit cheesy for me lol. Yes all this hate for Damon and these shipping wars are getting really old. We know Damon has done horrible things, you either like him or you don’t. Every character brings something to the show. I’m really enjoying this season so far.

    • Karen Werner says:

      Kill Damon and Elena relationship already. Chemistry is gone and it shows in the forced scenes. Damon would be so much more interesting with Bonnie.

      • zed says:

        Damon and Bonnie actually are the real thing. Him hugging the bear- poetic! Hope he now understands the message! He can get her out of there!!! I think that Damon will fall in love for real first time in his life- with Bonnie! (the writers have a chance now to do a great epic thing- I dare them! LOL) I always maintained the thing that Damon transferred his love for Katherine onto Elena-
        I love Steroline as friends- there is no other chemistry there, in my opinion!

    • Guest says:

      The self-implemented amnesia and the long lost sibling/niece are probably the worst, objectively

  8. Josh says:

    Maybe Elena will have a long line of episodes where she’s single and happy. Yes, Elena will be happy and independent it will be like she can exist without a man, have her own storyline.


    • five_by_five says:

      lol Elena will probably meet someone called “the immortal” and the Salvatore Bros end up eunuchs like the Winchester Brothers,

  9. Fran says:

    In all honesty, I think it would be better for Elena to live a life without Damon. I hated the person she became after they were a couple. But I wouldn’t want it to be because she doesn’t have her memories- I was really hoping she would realize it all on her own. I love Damon and Elena separately, but together they were a big mess. Maybe this will fix it in time, I don’t know.

    • Darla says:

      The 4th season is when Damon/Elena finally happened – and coincidentally where the series started to become difficult for me to watch and truly be excited about. I’ve stuck with it because I realize that all series tend to have their off seasons – but I think it’s very telling that this season which has featured a big break from the Damon/Elena story has renewed my interest in the show again. I loved the idea of Delena in season 3, but the reality of the pairing has really hindered the show creatively. Elena has been far more interesting this season, and Damon needs to get back to the Original Recipe/Season 1 Damon. And for the love of all things Gilbert/Donovan – someone give Jeremy and Matt real story lines, or just write them out all ready.

  10. Rook says:

    Why doesn’t Elena just compel Liam to stop digging into that girl who didn’t die. He’s not on vervain it would be a fairly simple solution.

    • Jianni says:

      Exactly. omg it’s bothering me that she hasn’t already. Like what’s stopping you? And I will be pretty upset if she ended up telling him about vampires this early in their relationship.

  11. Nero says:

    Damon + Bonnie. Do it.

    • bluegossip says:

      please dont her and bon are amazing and delena has too much history, besides if steroline is happening then another elena friend being with her ex will just creepy. They already have a weird obsession with keeping the girl alive now to go for her leftovers will just…

  12. bluegossip says:

    the originals ruined the show not delena, the problem with delena is that once you get the endgame mid series there is nothing to look forward to at the end. Cant with people blaming season 4 and 5 on delena when they only truly happened at the end of 4.
    Did people forget the cure, silas, doppleganger after doppleganger, the travellers? That ruined the show and those were all because of the originals.

    • Help me out here. I don’t follow. How exactly are the originals connected to Silas and doppleganger overload?

    • Mint says:

      Agreed! Damon is a better person when he is with Bonnie, and did you see that smile on his face when he had Miss Cuddles and Realized Bonnie was alive? It was freaking priceless! Damon has had actual character growth with Bonnie whereas he Tends to regress whenever he is around Elena. I want to see where Bamon could go.

      • Guest says:

        Why are people always hell bend on pairing every couple who have a great friendship. Yes Bonnie and Damon now have a bond formed because of their experience together but its not romantic. On one end we have Steroline being shoved down our throats even with their zero chemistry, ruining a perfectly good friendship btwn the 2

        • Guest says:

          Maybe it’s the soulmates spark at purgatory maybe its the friends-with-benefits angle, I just don’t think there’s any story left with Elena, both brothers have achieved everything they could’ve had out of the relationship. Yet Stefan still has some growth to do with Caroline, Damon is full of first times with Bonnie.

          I just don’t see how even more of the same could compete with it

  13. ian says:

    I think we can get ready for a Damon and Elena break and make way for a possible Damon and Bonnie unification. Your thoughts!!!

    • Guest says:

      The way I see it, Elena and Damon was a seduction story and the failure was to continue it beyond consummation, if only because there’s nothing left to continue with. Erasing her memories is not going to change that much, giving him a new love interest is not going to change that either: once the characters consummated the relationship, they were done.

      Damon and Bonnie, on the other hand, is not a seduction, it’s not a friendship and it’s not a traditional love story – they are not even soulmates in a traditional sense – so their journey is a continuing discovery which doesn’t end until they have tested every limit they have, either apart or together.

    • Jianni says:

      Nah. Bonnie would never do that to her bestfriend she grew up with. And I like Bonnie and Damon as close friends, but never would I ever want to see them lock lips. BLEH

      • Johanna araujo says:

        Estoy de acuerdo contigo… Bonny soló puede ser amiga de Damon… Es bonito verlos pelear y quererse… Solo puede haber es un Delena… Amo esta pareja.. Tienen tanto fuego.. Que me da lástima q en na vida real no tengan nada… :(

        • Sasha Finley says:

          Estoy de acuerdo con usted, ya que son épicas y que ha estado en ese universo alternativo a la espera de ella y yo no creo que él o ella le daría unas sobre otras que rápida . You are so right!!

      • Guest says:

        Bonnie and Damon can’t be friends, they are way too intense for it: either they remain passionatelly antagonistic or go all the way to intimately passionate. There’s no middle ground for them.

    • Nicole says:

      I’ve always been a Damon and Bonnie shipper.

  14. Chantall says:

    Ok still totally shipping bamon and yeah stefan and caroline dont work maybe carenzo yes…

  15. Omar says:

    Caroline: what took you so long to answer your phone?
    Enzo: My fingers were covered in blood, and the touchscreen wouldn’t work.

  16. Drew says:

    I don’t know why I am putting thought into this show, but Elena drowning seems a lot easier for a doctor (or qualified lifeguard) to fix than whatever Alaric’s injury was. She practically spit up all of the water that could be in her lungs already. So, why is she still a vampire?

    I know that I shouldn’t think too much about this show. I’ve just been having fun trying to figure out how many scenes Nina and Ian really worked together on and how many were photo doubles so they wouldn’t have to be in the same room.

    • Sasha Finley says:

      I know right, they know they belong together in real life. He clearly is trying to get her attention and she is not realizing that he spent a good year after they broke up trying to get back with her. Then all of a sudden he starts dating one of her friends. He’s trying to get her attention. They are both beautiful and kind people who need each other in real life. Isn’t that ironic that their love in real life is kinda like theirs in vampire diaries.

  17. Olive says:

    I have no interest in Caroline and Stefan being together romantically so I hope it stays one sided. Platonic friendships are very real things and I liked that they had that. I also can’t feel the intended emotions for Damon and Elena’s “forever” moment when I know full well that Stefan was drowning over and over right then.

  18. JayJay says:

    Why cant a male & a female just remain friends & not have one develope feelings for the other? Caroline & Stefan should be just friends. They have a beautiful friendship. I believe Caroline has a crush on Stefan cause when she had no one he was there and being a vampire heightens emotions and she feels it is more then that but it isnt.
    Bonnie is an amazing character and she needs to and will return. Making Damon find Mrs Snuggles, which Bonnies genius move btw, was very sentimental. They both have a change in their relationship with one and another while being stuck in never-ending 1994 paralle world. They both are different yet similar, they work for the same goals but in different manner and Im soo glad the show is exploring their friendship! Big finally!
    And Delena we all know it is not the end. Elena did remember certain pieces of her memory and she knows Damon lied about the meteor+rain memory and that will constantly be in her mind and she wouldnt be able to let it go cause her subconsious knows what or should I say who her heart truely desires!;) During Delena dance scene, even without her memories she did enjoy herself though she didnt want to show it, reminded me of the dance they had in 2×18!:))
    Enzo is just an amazing add to the cast! Smart move!^^

  19. Geek24 says:

    What if Kai isn’t the “Big Bad” of the season but that teddy bear is?!? And if you think of it, the bear now has Bonnie’s magic and is in the real world where it can wreak havoc on Mistic Falls and then the world!!!
    Best. Twist. Ever.

    • Geek24 says:

      Ohh!! and Elena will fall in love with the evil teddy bear and a new ship will be born. The question now is what will they be called? Bearlena? Tedlena?

      • Letti says:

        No way Elena will always love Damon even without memories. How can you think of any other pairing, you mustn’t be a true fan. I guess this would be the writers’ reaction.

  20. KJ says:

    The biggest shocker was the realization that Jo and Kai are related. Even though Kai is evil to a degree to a certain extent I definitely love what he brings to show. He kind of reminds me of Klaus to an extent. I hope he somehow finds a way to get back into the real world as I feel like that will really make it interesting on how to handle him. Other then that I wish Stefan had feelings for Caroline or shown it earlier, if they end up together then it wouldn’t be as meaningful. Simply because he knows that she had a thing for him. I don’t know where the plot will really go with Tripp dying, but it’ll definitely be interesting to see. Definitely enjoying the season so far and hope they keep it up! Oh, and they should bring Klaus back for an episode again for he is the greatest of all time!

  21. mindy says:

    so she was in love with stefan whilst being with matt and tyler OKEY THEN SHOW and julie p you´ll never bee caroline so stop trying to insert your lame rejected ass into the show sheesus the show gets worse by the minute and that rain kiss was the lamest thing i´ve ever seen the final nail in the coffin that once was TVD

  22. Rachie says:

    I would love for the writers to give Damon & Elena an actual chance. Let them be together & have their characters support some awesome story lines for Matt, Caroline, Stefan & Tyler.

  23. Chantall says:

    This season bonnie has to be my favourite kick ass girl..i cant wait until kai comes back and come face to face with his sis Jo..and sarah unites with the salvator brothers im totaly shipping bamon and carenzo

  24. Netty says:

    Caroline and Stefan clearly don’t work and its not because Stefan is a jerk!! Is it a crime that he does not see her that way. Caroline has become such an annoying, lovesick spoiled brat. Only a 2 year old would throw the kind of tantrums Caroline is throwing because she does not get what/who she wants. Poor Stefan always having to deal with all that craziness and drama.

    For some twisted reason, when Kai was pouring his heart out to Bonnie about wanting to be a better person, I really felt sorry for him and I hope Bonnie redeems him somehow.
    Where is Jeremy?

  25. Netty says:

    I don’t get all these obstacles in Elena & Damon’s way..why cant they have a normal healthy relationship and have a storyline that is not centered around ‘will they/won’t they’.

    • C. says:

      Cause it’s a thing called TV. And better yet. It’s the CW.

    • Kirsten says:

      Well let’s see…it is kinda hard to have a healthy relationship with someone who killed your brother, almost killed two of your best friends, wanted you to die, and was still killing people all while claiming to have been having the summer of their lives and being a changed person! It’s hard to have healthy when one partner is a lying, murderous psychopath

      • Sasha Finley says:

        You are clearly a stefan lover and stefan isn’t that great a person but I still love him for who he is so and it doesn’t bother me because him and Damon both have their issues and it makes them more interesting and clearly Damon has been working on his anger he has even lashed out on anyone except Kai, who deserved it. But I understand why you are talking like this.

  26. 221bsam says:

    I didn’t expect to see Damon & Elena reunite so quickly & I had assumed him letting go was what was going to happen. Elena is a vampire, that is going to be a problem, looks like very soon, I do not say Liam or any other human going “oh ok..” their relationship broke down in season 5, they couldn’t make it work, I’d like to see them work back towards each other, maybe that will make Delena more solid. I’d like to see them get together & then she gets her memories back, I don’t mind the slow boil, Damon for all his faults has rescued her & watched out for her time & time again, he is her (anti) hero she just needs to realise that. I’m pretty sure Damon could kiss her & show her the memories (remember Sage) but they’re obviously avoiding that. Damon & Alaric in the hospital FTW! Aww! that kiss was a beautiful scene, as long as she doesn’t get put back with Stefan, I’ll wait.

  27. Kate Sullivan says:

    So my money is on Damon convinces Jo to help get Bonnie out (there likely being an Ascendant in the real world) but doesn’t explain everything and Jo being inexperienced and a Gemini witch using Bennett magic pulls them both out.

  28. who cares anymore says:

    omg, this season was pretty good but I do not want to have to relive the Damon and Elena love story AGAIN.. Seriously, I’m fine they are together, but if the rest of this season is about walking down memory lane, or making new memories so they can fall in love all over again, I just may be done with it. As it was, I muted their conversations last night. If the show can only survive on keeping Delena shippers happy perhaps it’s time to wind it down. 6 seasons, 3-4 really good ones, so a good run if you can’t get fresh storylines for everyone.

    And I did think before that maybe Steroline, but not anymore, she’s smarter to walk away, and again, I liked their friendship and it was the better parts of the eps when we saw it, but now,let’s not drag this out painfully like Delena. Maybe, both girls should be single and on their own, what a novel idea, no one needs a man to survive – just saying.

    So, yes, to all those who are going to say, stop watching then, thank you, I just might, but non creative response – just like the storylines : )

  29. Liza says:

    Please give Matt, Jeremy, Tyler, and Enzo more screen time! And please get rid of Liam. He is awful!!!

  30. Donna MaMa says:

    terrible recap – so many details left out, no mention of Damon and Rick in the hospital room, less being taken as a hostage, etc – – left out a lot of the details

  31. Kirsten says:

    A girl says no to that by remembering that the man saying it killed her brother, almost killed her two best friends, wanted her to die, was still killing innocent ppl all while having the summer of his life and claiming to be a changed man b/c of being with her. It’s called common sense, which this show doesn’t have and which most ppl who watch it done have either.

  32. Liza says:

    love steroline’s friendship but not them in a relationship please don’t make it happen!
    As for delena in the rain, god can’t believe that the writers keep saying that they don’t do fanservice.. it is more then clear now. Hope bamon gets an EPIC reunion, and now that they did the rainkiss think it would be very nice that they would do a klaroline reunion now, they made that possible so caroline to new orleans shouldn’t be that hard now!!!

  33. Basit says:

    Oh boy! I’m so sure that Jodi Lyn O’Keefe who is portraying Jo (the witch teacher/Doctor)is next going to be revealed as TaliaThe great witch, sister of Esther!!!!

    • Chantall says:

      Lol! Good one although im not sure since Jo has no accent..i loved delena since season1 until now..ive never really noticed bonnie until now and thinking back bonnie is the real genuis character on the show and she is the reason why half of these people are alive and always puts everything at risk..i would like more bamon scenes i like their love/hate relationship and give carenzo more screen time and more BROMANCES!

  34. Chantall says:

    Lol! Good one although im not sure since Jo has no accent..i loved delena since season1 until now..ive never really noticed bonnie until now and thinking back bonnie is the real genuis character on the show and she is the reason why half of these people are alive and always puts everything at risk..i would like more bamon scenes i like their love/hate relationship and give carenzo more screen time and more BROMANCES!

  35. Brigid says:

    Why is it bad that Tripp killed vampires? They murdered his wife and glamoured him into thinking he was responsible. He had every right to think what he was doing was good. Killing murderous irredeemable monsters to save mankind isn’t a bad thing. I now hate Enzo more than I already did. He is a poor mans Klaus, who adds nothing but death and mayhem to a show that doesn’t need him for that when they have big bads every year. Please, for the love of God, kill him off. Damon FINALLY did something selfless. I actually respected him when he said he would let Elena go. That put’s him on the road to redemption and he can then have a healthy relationship with someone (ahem Bonnie? ahem). I wasn’t sure about Stefan and Caroline having a romantic relationship but I think I like the idea. These are 2 decent people who try everything to surpress their vampirism and deserve someone good in their life. Caroline already had the bad boys, which I’ll never understand, let’s try someone who is more than worthy of her, such as Stefan. Bonnie really has become the heart of this show. I’ve loved her character from day 1 because she tells it how it is and constantly saves her dumb friends lives while always risking her own. She is going to destroy Kai. I loved the fact that she didn’t believe his sob story about wanting to change, it was so phony and she saw right through it. Go Bonnie Bennet!!! Overall, a very good episode.

  36. Liz says:

    Please don’t keep Elena and Damon apart for too long. I want her to keep going to the border and getting more memories back. Something! They are just too perfect for each other.

  37. Cas says:

    What I enjoy about these comments is all the hypocrisy. You have people saying Damon can’t be with Elena because he did this, this and this. But it’s perfectly okay for those people to then ship Bonnie and Damon. Bonnie has always hated him, Elena never did. So the pairing of Bonnie and Damon would make little sense. Then you have the Caroline and Stefan haters who are like “why can’t a guy and a girl just be friends?” Yet, when it comes to people shipping Bonnie and Damon who have also developed what is a friendship, it’s okay. Either way, I was unsure of Stefan and Caroline yet found there scenes cute and enjoyed them together. I did enjoy the nice reminder of Damon and Elena before all this. I also enjoyed that he was strong enough to give her up in the end for now. I think that when they do get back together Elena might even take his advice and thrive still.

    • Guest says:

      I do not ship Steroline or Bamon, they need to stay friends…esp Steroline is so awkward and I cringe everytime they have a scene together. Poor Stefan

    • Guest says:

      Bonnie hasn’t hated Damon any more than he did her, hence why they make sense. Where Elena justifies the actions of whichever brother is her boyfriend at the time. Caroline & Bonnie actually condemn the action whenever the sitation calls for it, hence what makes each brother a better person when they are with them.

      Problem is not “why can’t a guy and a girl just be friends?”: no guy has ever been friends with Elena. Problem is Stefan and Damon can’t be friends so long as they are involved with Elena.

  38. kate says:

    if it was up to me, I’d get rid of Elena all together and focus on Damon and Bonnie – that will be interesting to watch

  39. sunce says:

    Of course i can’t stand Delena. Afwul from the begining. The way he forced himself on her while she was dating his brother, the way they hooked up only a day after she broke up with Stefan and only few days after she told him she’ll love him forever and finally the way she told him how she had the summer of her dreams while he was drowning. Writers of thos show are pleasing one, may i say pretty superficial, part of the fandom while disrespecting the other. Let’s just all pretend Stefan and Elenas relationship never existed and Elena fell in love with Damon while he was still a crow. Shame on you Julie Plec.

  40. Chantall says:

    What i like about bonnie is that she is not afraid to tell damon exactly what he has done wrong she doesnt condone or make excuses for what he has done…i liked the fact that she brought out the domestic side to him(lol! Smiley face pancakes and all):D

    • Cas says:

      Makes sense but she would never date him. That does not make sense. People in relationships tend to forgive and move on. That’s how they work.

  41. Emmy says:

    Ok, so this is probably going to be a really unpopular opinion but I hope that endgame for this show is Elena ending up with neither brother…She is much more enjoyable and watchable when she is happy and carefree (something she could never be with Stefan or Damon). Part of the reason I am enjoying this season so much is because she isn’t involved with either of them.

  42. allie says:

    Damon and Elena belong together. Raw. Passionate. Real.

  43. sosa says:

    Season 6 is pretty obvious whats gonna happen next Bonnie brought back the bear with her powers and ky is related to the doctor and the doctor is gonna get the powers of the bear and bring back bonnie from the dead

    • Cleo says:

      I respect you for caring about Kai and the stupid Bonnie storyline. I think the fact that Bonnie is sacrificing herself is beyond annoying so the rest is just a joke to me.

      • Cleo says:

        I mean sacrificing herself for what, for the 10000th time? Its rediculous.

        • Love CW says:

          I agree, I mean I like Bonnie but they need to add more new characters or find another character to always have to make the sacrifice. She really was supposed to be dead so I understand why they did it, she was the anchor, but either let her have a life already or end her character!

  44. Ozma says:

    Something that confuses me… all the Bamon and Delena fans out there ( and I’m not pro or or anti)…
    No one has addressed what would happen between Bonnie and Jeremy shopuld Bonnie return. Weren’t they really trying to let us think they loved each other? He’s turned into a mess without her, maybe they plan to reunite them if (when) she comes back.
    As well, Ian and Nina are apparently not bitter about their breakup, but I’m sure playing a couple is slightly awkward now. And since there isn’t not a way around it (by pairing either of them with someone else the fans are responsive to – or not pairing them with anyone), why would they force the 2 back to that storyline when it might make things uncomfortable for everyone filming?
    I mean, if there was no other way, i would dismiss this thought. But there is.
    So there are those 2 things to think about whether or not Damon or Delena would be what down the road for Damon.
    (Personally, I think pairing Bonnie with Damon would mean they have to write more of a story for her… and they only seem to like to use her when someone needs saving, Which is usually by sacrificing her happiness. I doubt they would pair Bonnie with Damon for that reason – but would be thrilled if they did if it meant they’d use her more.)

    • Guest says:

      Jeremy has always been more fond of Anna and Vicky anyway, and certainly more of a mess without them. Since the show itself established Bonnie as a rebound thing for him, I don’t see the problem with Jeremy figuring out how it feels, whether the actual Anna for Bonnie’s Jeremy is Damon or not.

      • Cas says:

        Untrue. In the beginning when he first got with Bonnie yes he still had feelings for his exes who died. I think that would happen to anyone. But I think now it’s different with Jeremy and Bonnie. He feelings for her are deeper. I mean they have been together way longer and her dying messed him up way more than Vicky or Anna did.

  45. How about t positive turn but with the usual evilness going on. Have Elena and Damon find each other again as a couple along with the usual love and lust but with the agreement that Elena stay at the hospital with studies and Damon finding a spot to do some good and as usual still fighting other evil creatures and maybe finding a way of helping folks in their town or where ever they land. To maybe a little jealousy and stalking towards Elena while dealing with the resident female evil at the hospital…..While there in the hospital allowing Damon to investigate Elena’s stalker and then finding other things he can deal with as Elena continues to work and study at the hospital and also getting involved in keeping things evil free at the hospital while remaking a life with Damon and still having their friends and making new ones or meeting some who wish them dead.”BUT” Keep Damon and Elena together.. Stefan is on a road which should have him on a new type of journey with in the town as he does his thing with love and lives !You need continuity there with Elena and Damon, don’t try to fix what really isn’t or shouldn’t be broken. Seriously folks. Is anyone hearing me ? I just love this show and there is always something new you can add or take away but keep the family in tack. A true Fan Speaking here. Smiles !

  46. Love CW says:

    I just want to see Stefan and Caroline get together after he has paid for being such an intolerable, uncaring jerk towards her! Not sure I want Elena and Damon back together, they have seemed to lose some their spark. Maybe Bonnie, but Jeremy and her are in love so that wouldn’t be good. I think they made Elena look like a really selfish “bad word” by getting rid of her memories of Damon to start with!

  47. adriana says:

    DELENA, they should end together,i only see the serie because of damon, THEY ARE A PERFECT COUPLE… i just feel that kind of love that consumes you… is just unique how delena show it to the public…. PLEASE PLEASE show them in a romantic wayyyyy, we are waiting for more delena scenes

  48. madre says:

    This program is adictave please why can’t you show this program every day!!!! PLEASE!!!! I love this!!!!