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Big Bang Boss Talks Sheldon and Amy's Huge Breakthrough, Reveals Why He'll Be 'Sweating' Their Next Milestone

The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Sheldon Amy

At the end of last week’s prom-themed Big Bang Theory, Sheldon sent an orgasmic shiver down Amy’s spine when he took the L-word right out of her mouth.

Now, nearly one week later, executive producer/showrunner Steve Molaro is dishing and telling about the making of the momentous episode, while also offering intel on the couple’s next major milestone (hint: it may not involve a three-letter word that starts with “s” and ends with “x”). Plus: The EP reveals what Amy did after Sheldon’s profession of love that viewers did not see.

TVLINE | What came first — the idea to do a prom episode, or the idea to do an episode where Sheldon tells Amy he loves her?
The idea for the prom came first. Melissa Rauch and I were trading our sad prom stories and it seemed believable to me that most of the characters in the show probably didn’t have a good prom experience.

TVLINE | Is there a special energy on the set when you shoot these pivotal moments in Amy and Sheldon’s relationship?
Definitely. I think there is always a certain amount of nervous tension in the best possible way when we do scenes like this. The writers and actors take these moments very seriously and we all want to make sure we honor the characters and nail these moments in a way they deserve.

TVLINE | Amy never got around to telling Sheldon that she loves him back — at least not that we saw. Will that be a bone of contention between them moving forward?
I think it’s safe to say she said it back after her panic attack subsided. Several times. Made it her Facebook status and then proceeded to tell everyone and anyone who would listen.

TVLINE | What is the next Amy-Sheldon milestone on your check list?
That’s tough to say. These characters are living, breathing people to me, so I try not to think of them in terms of a check list. To be honest, we didn’t even know the “I love you” was going to happen until we were in the middle of figuring out the prom story.  So I’d like to think there are even more milestones, beyond the bigger more obvious ones, that haven’t even occurred to us yet.

TVLINE | Would it be reasonable to assume there will be some movement this season with regard to their sexual relationship? Also, are you nervous about breaking that story, knowing how much attention it will get?
I have no idea when that will be broached, but I have learned that if we’re sweating and scared of a scene, that’s usually a good sign to do it.

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  1. Tran says:

    Wonder if TBBT is planning a tribute episode for the late Carol Ann Susi.

    • I am sure they are shocked at the horrible news. They might actually have the character pass away and have a funeral like they did on How I Met Your Mother when Marshall’s father died, even though the actor didn’t. It’s very sad and my condolences go out to Carol’s family and the entire cast. May she RIP.

  2. anitarezz says:

    Dying to hear what happened after Amy told Penny & Raj. My favorite part of the article – “At the end of last week’s prom-themed Big Bang Theory, Sheldon sent an orgasmic shiver down Amy’s spine when he took the L-word right out of her mouth.” May we quote you on that Steve Molaro, lol?

  3. Anna says:

    See, what bothers me about this whole will-they-won’t-they-thing on this show is that I’ve always considered Sheldon to be asexual. Because that really is a thing and there are people who don’t have sex because they don’t desire it. Looking back at Sheldon’s actions and what he said about the topic before, thinking he’s asexual is not too far-fetched. So the obvious answer to the question would then be: they won’t ,so stop trying to force it.
    But that’s obviously just my understanding of the character, after 8 years of knowing the character. So I could be wrong. It still bothers me though, because asexuals are real and underrepresented as it is and tbh it feels like Amy is pressuring Sheldon to do something he’s not willing to do (okay, she doesn’t do this as forcefully as she used to anymore). Love doesn’t equal sex, is all I’m saying.

    • DL says:

      While I do think Sheldon is relatively asexual, he might be willing to engage in “coitus” so that his genius gene pool would continue on. ;-)

    • I can see what you mean. He is not affectionate or sexually demonstrative in ANY way. My concern is the relationship in general. Sheldon treats her terribly and she keeps coming back for more. Amy is his doormat, for the most part, and he doesn’t supply her the majority of things that she wants out of a relationship. I realize that time and circumstance has created a very needy woman who will probably settle with whatever she can get out of a relationship, but at the end of the day I find her to be a little sad.

      • Bella says:

        I agree that Sheldon treats Amy terribly. But I’ve often thought that about Leonard and Penny’s relationship on occasion, given some of the things they’ve said to and about each other. He has agreed to a lot of things, date night, etc., that is progress for him, I think. As far as Sheldon being asexual goes, I thought of him that way, too. However, when he had that hissy fit on the train and kissed her in anger, then leaned forward into it, he must have liked it and been as surprised by that as the rest of us. I like the slow pace of their relationship.

      • ninamags says:

        She’s pathetic and needy and wildly inappropriate with Penny. Really, really dislike this character.

        • Lyn says:

          100% with you. I despise Amy. No one with enough brains to get a PHD can be too stupid to learn manners and proper behavior even if they don’t get the reasoning behind it. IMO Amy has always been written inconsistently. At times she chastises Sheldon for lacking sensitivity, then turns around and makes some crass and inappropriate remark to Penny. Unless someone is a savant, they can learn social mores.

          • You don’t know some of the PhDs I know… (just sayin’) …. and I’m a scientist (chemist), as well. Most PhDs (that I know) understand manners, but plenty don’t. I wouldn’t say they are too stupid to know manners; they just don’t care. (Or at least, they don’t think that manners are important).

    • Babybop says:

      Yeah, I agree with you.

    • Kendall says:

      It’s not so much his asexual qualities that has this ridiculous push to get him to have sex completely turning me off, it’s that he exhibits the maturity of an eight year-old boy most of the time and Amy comes off like a quasi-pedophile as a result.

    • E.K. says:

      As an asexual, so far Sheldon actually representing it on something people watch has been almost empowering to me. Then they started all this stuff with Amy and it’s starting to turn me away from the show. Some asexuals will have sex from what I’ve heard, even just to please a partner, but I absolutely agree that Sheldon doesn’t seem like he even WANTS to much less have any attraction to anyone.

      Plus there’s the overwhelming attitude that being asexual means there’s something wrong with you and that all this will gradually “fix” Sheldon. It’s highly offensive and a big reason why I’m not overly open about being asexual because I get that attitude way too often. I already feel invisible enough as it is, if they choose to represent asexuality as a “correctable problem” Sheldon has, it’s going to be incredibly disrespectful to those of us that are asexual.

    • Ben Fuller says:

      Can I just point out that in one episode which name escapes me Sheldon does reveal to Leonard that he has thought about a sexual relationship with Amy for at least one night

  4. amiblu says:

    I thought he was gay. Oh wait a minute, that’s a future episode.

  5. DL says:

    I feel like their first sexual encounter would involve either hazmat suits or Starfleet uniforms. Possibly both.

  6. jinx2014 says:

    I had watched this show from the beginning and it was funny. Since they brought in the women other than Penny, it just isn’t the same for me and I watch it now and then. Just not as funny as it used to be. I

  7. Valerie T says:

    Love them!

  8. Judy Dunston says:

    I like the progression of Shamy’s relationship. I don’t think Amy is a dormat. She’s smart, just socially off balance. She manages quite well to get her point accross to Sheldon and to get the responses from him that keep their relationship going forward. She’s also experiencing best friend relationships that she’s never had before, some of which may seem to cross the line of sexual experimentation that many are uncomfortable with seeing. I think the writers do a great job with their baby steps, steps neither took as teenagers. The idea is that they are now adults taking the steps and this is certainly an immature relationship for them both. I’m not in any rush to see them consummate their relationship, the fun is in watching the game. So different from what social media exposes young people to so early in their lives these days. Quite a few thirteen year olds can teach Shamy lessons on sex.

  9. You know…Sheldon has a lot of moral sensibilities that have been instilled into him by his mother that he is completely unaware of. I can actually see Sheldon waiting until he can marry Amy before they go down that path.

  10. Joan gipson says:

    I would like Mrs Wolowitz to come back in a dream to tell Howard that Bernadette is pregnant.

  11. Jameson says:

    Love the show and Amy’s role. Just saw a rerun- Flag show/ Sheldon made a joke about Fort Sumter ie still there- It was For Henry during War of 1812 When the Flag was still there- Fort Sumnter was where the first Civil War Battle. Probobly old news- but I didn’t catch it the original airing.

  12. Ben Fuller says:

    I find it weird people have assumed Sheldon is asexual. We’re talking about a guy brought up in a very religious home. A father who clearly didn’t value women highly as evident when he tells his assistant his father said something about women being like an eggplant sandwich. He is also very underdeveloped when it comes to relationships and doesn’t understand things he can and cannot say to people. He was brought up knowing sex before marriage is a sin and while he is not religious it’s clear he understands it from the episode where he sees his mother sleeping with someone and tells her about the hypocrisy in it with what she taught him.

    He has revealed in one episode when talking to Leonard he could see himself sleeping with Amy.

    Sheldon has very slowly been developing and improving character telling Amy he loves her, when she was ill he walks away but then accepts he made rule in the relationship agreement and went back and took care of her.

    He has even improved the way he talks to penny Leonard raj and Howard on occasion and appears to value them more as friends.

    In many ways Sheldon is still a young teen in mind and is not yet grown up in a sence but slowly he is maturing and gaining new insight on things he previously didn’t understand.

    For me Sheldon is the most interesting character because he is the only one other than penny (who was already sexually active) before the others have gone from science focused to being alot more about relationship importance.

    Leonard is most annoying then Amy. Amy while I think her character is like a typical bullied kid who was a social recluse with no friends she has changed very quickly and Dispite knowing Sheldon does not want a sexual relationship or physical one she constantly tries to force the issue. Makes very inappropriate comments to penny and really still doesn’t understand boundaries.

  13. Big Bang Theory fan says:

    What I don’t get is that when Sheldon and Amy first meet at the coffee place, she says that she does not want to have a physical relationship, but later she becomes very needy.

  14. Jennifer says:

    What if they make an episode where Sheldon has too much to drink again and Amy is alone with him?

  15. Kristina Siders says:

    I think alot of you are wrong. Yes Amy is kind of needy but she also kind of understands Sheldon. I love all of these characters they are all amazing in there own way. I love how slow their relationship is, I love that they put some teasers in there about Sheldon and Amy having coidous, I love love these train kissing scene when I saw them kiss it made me so so so happy it gives me hope. I love this show I thin y’all should continue how y’all are going because it is amazing. Sheldon and Amy’s relationship is amazing and adorable. But Amy is so much prettier than she looks on this show her eyes are amazing and I think she should be able to show it off a little more on the show. But other than that they are all fabulous.

  16. Marcia Kinsway says:

    Are you kidding me the Amy character is awesome she is a perfect fit for Sheldon! He treats her fine just in his “Sheldon” way. Think maybe some people may be over analizing this COMEDY a bit chill out .. May they move forward in this most excellent relationship and may sex rock Sheldon’s world :-)