Covert Affairs' Chris Gorham on Auggie and McQuaid's 'Complicated' Face-Off

Covert Affairs Season 5 Spoilers

Ex-boyfriend, meet the new beau.

The men in Annie Walker’s life finally cross paths on this Thursday’s Covert Affairs (USA Network, 10/9c), and the episode’s helmer, star Chris Gorham, took full advantage of his position as boss when it was time for the characters to come face-to-face.

“I was really happy that I got to be the director for when Auggie and McQuaid meet,” the actor tells TVLine during a press call. “I had a lot of fun teasing Nic [Bishop] about how I was just not going to shoot his coverage.”

In all seriousness, Gorham says, the relationship between the spies is a “complicated” one because of one very important thing that they have in common.

“You have the two men who, at this point in our story, care the most about Annie in the world,” Gorham explains. “These are her two rocks. This is her ex-lover and her love right now, and they’re trying to navigate it, and they’re trying to be grownups.”

So can viewers expect Auggie and McQuaid to keep things friendly as they work together?

“They’re trying not to be competitive. But some of that bleeds through, and you just can’t help it,” Gorham admits. “So it’s complicated, which makes it really fun to watch and fun to direct.”

That element of amusement will be needed, especially since the hour kicks off what Gorham calls a “tough” journey for Auggie.

“He’s got a hard road the rest of this season,” the actor previews. “He’s been losing some friends this year… And that takes its toll mentally. He has a high physical price to pay, as well, in these remaining episodes, which leaves him in a new place by the end of the season.”

But before he can even reach that place of uncertainty, Auggie needs to deal with a more imminent, “shocking” cliffhanger.

“At the end of this episode, he’s left without the ability to control much of his fate,” Gorham teases. “He is kind of at the mercy of others and is in real trouble. That being said, [he] is as equipped as anyone could be to handle it. But it’s tough. He gets put in a really tough spot.”

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  1. A says:

    When is Eyal getting his spin off?

    • Kimberly says:

      That would be awesome it that would happen!

    • tackandcover says:

      Maybe they can team Eyal up with Cote dePablo. “Ziva” will be back and the people who cannot imagine NCIS without her can finally get a life.

      • Bella says:

        It’s funny that the ones who talk about Ziva the most are the ones who didn’t like her. Those of us who did like have gotten over it long ago. Give the hate a rest.

      • Lisa says:

        Obviously you are just trying to stir the pot, if you had actually watched NCIS you’d know that Oded Fehr (aka Eyal) had a recurring role and was actually responsible for the death of Ziva’s father

    • Bashful says:

      Eyal is FAR too good a character to be sitting on the sidelines, popping up here and thereto help Annie. He absolutely deserves a spinoff. Fans have been asking for an Eyap spinoff for years. I hope it happens!

  2. Guest says:

    Going to be a great episode! Can’t wait to see how the Auggie and McQuaid dynamic play out and how Annie referees, the interesting thing is Ryan comes into Annie’s life at a point where she’s not the same person Auggie met. They are in a sense in love with different versions of Annie. Though Annie is in a darker more real place of a seasoned spy who had had to make tough choices Auggie remembers the bubbly, optimistic and idealistic operative. Interestingly, Ryan fell for the tougher Annie v. 2.0 whereas Auggie has clashed with that Annie.

    • ndixit says:

      That’s not really true. Because this season isn’t even Annie at her darkest and toughest. Last two seasons she’s witnessed a friend getting blown up, she’s been accused of being a spy, gotten betrayed by a mentor and nearly killed as a result, then assassinated that same mentor. Tortured and interrogated by the Russians. And then got into the Henry Wilcox extravaganza. So she was plenty tough when she and Auggie fell in love and started dating. The bubbly Annie hasn’t been around for a few seasons now.

      • Guest says:

        That’s true that many more personal challenges were front and center for Annie the previous seasons. Where she is now holds the weight of the previous two seasons and she’s living with all that has happened to her and all that she has done(mostly alone) and how all the events have impacted her life and relationships and career. Coming home is bittersweet and getting saddled with an illness that can take away the career/job that she made those sacrifices for seems to be the cruelest fact of all. Anyway, Auggie knew her during sunnier days and for McQuaid, he’s been lucky to see some of the light shine through during his interactions with Annie. I think he loves that he’s met his match and he knows people, he sees that there’s light underneath her tough/i can handle anything, i don’t need anyone exterior. I can’t wait to see how it all plays out because it won’t be all rosy that’s for sure. Have fun watching!

  3. Tvgeek says:

    I can’t help it. I love mcquid and Annie. I just think this makes sense. Annie is such good friends with auggie… Sometimes friends aren’t meant to be lovers.

  4. Priscillia says:

    I hate Annie and McQuaid as lovers

  5. Tracy says:

    Wonder if we will ever see Ben Mercer again?

  6. macchief says:

    If it were me if I wanted to show a change in Auggie and that he maybe setting off on a dark road, I’d show him seeming to start not caring for Annie and what may happen to her and not caring about McQuaid and what goes on between him and Annie. Though again, that’s just me.

  7. sarah j says:

    I bet Auggie does something illegal and the CIA finds out and he gets fired too! Then he goes to Annie and McQuaid for help!

  8. HAP says:

    What are the odds for renewal? Only a few episodes left this season.

  9. Bashful says:

    I’m really disappointed in the direction this show has gone. I really thought it was getting back on track this year, with Annie returning to the field again, but it clearly hasn’t. This McQuaid storyline is very distracting, and I don’t think he’s a good match for Annie. There’s no chemistry between them and it feels very forced. I thought the writers and producers would have seen that last year – you can’t force chemistry and when you do, it ruins things. I’m also tired of this “who will Annie choose” nonsense. She’s already chosen Auggie once, and she’s with McQuaid now. Please, drop the soap opera stuff and get back to the espionage. That’s what brought life to this show!

  10. Anne Keating says:

    Sorry, I hate the McQuaid/Annie relationship. Absolutely no chemistry there, at all! Auggie should just remain her friend, as all the chemistry between them was used up once already. I’d love to see McQuaid turn out to be bad Annie has to bring him down. Would love to see a story line where Rivka gets hers as well for forcing Eyal to betray Annie. Want more of Eyal and would love to see Eyal/Annie as the endgame.