The Blacklist Fall Finale Recap: Berlin's Walls Come Down

The Blacklist Season 2 Fall Finale

Thus far in the show’s sophomore season, each name on The Blacklist has been more intrinsically linked to Liz and Red than the name that preceded it.

And on Monday’s fall finale, that pattern came to a head as Red and the FBI task force hunted down No. 12 on the list — “The Decembrist” — who also happened to be the man responsible for Red’s longstanding conflict with Berlin.

The NBC drama’s latest installment — its last until Super Bowl Sunday — answered a whole slew of questions that have remained open-ended since May. But what would The Blacklist be without a few new cliffhangers? Before we get your thoughts on the episode, let’s briefly recap the queries that were solved throughout Monday’s pivotal hour.

WHO’S RESPONSIBLE FOR BERLIN’S VENDETTA AGAINST RED? | That would be Alan Fitch, Red’s superior and assistant director of national intelligence (whose portrayer, Alan Alda, seems contractually obligated to appear in only these anxiety-inducing finale episodes). At the start of the episode — which picks up with last week’s Red/Berlin/Zoe standoff — Red learns that Berlin’s life was threatened during a bombing in Kursk, Russia, many years ago. A bombing that killed 15 of Berlin’s associates, no less. The man who ordered the explosion — known as The Decembrist — was also responsible for faking the death of Berlin’s daughter, a feat that Berlin has attributed to Red for all these years.

Red and Berlin initially track down Russia’s finance minister, believing him to be The Decembrist, but the man quickly informs them (before suffering a fatal gunshot wound) that it was an American who ordered the bombing in Kursk. That American? None other than Fitch, who Berlin vows to track down and kill. And that he does! Berlin’s men kidnap Fitch and fashion a high-tech collar around his neck that’s housing a sensitive bomb. And although the task force is able to locate Fitch — more on that in a minute — and attempt to deactivate the bomb around his neck, Fitch realizes it’s a lost cause and requests that all attempts to save his life are ceased. Even Red is unable to get the deactivation method out of Berlin. So, just as Fitch begins telling Red of an important safe he’s got in Saint Petersburg, the bomb detonates and Fitch’s cranium goes ka-boom! as Red somberly watches.

WHAT BECOMES OF BERLIN? | Though Red and Berlin flip-flop between being allies and enemies all night, it seems Red’s use for Berlin expires following Fitch’s death. Not only does Red ensure Zoe a one-way ticket out of town, but Red ultimately decides to off Berlin altogether. The two conclude their day with vodka shot after vodka shot, and just as Berlin gets sentimental about his childhood, Red takes out his pistol and puts four fatal bullet holes in his adversary’s chest. And that’s the end of that.

WHO IS THE GIRL IN BERLIN’S LOCKET? | Ever since the FBI took down the Stewmaker last season, we’ve been left wondering about the correlation between his photo of a young girl, and the same photo placed in a locket in Berlin’s possession. As Red describes to Fitch midway through the episode, the girl came to the Stewmaker many years prior, saying she was in trouble and needed to “disappear.” The Stewmaker took her photo, placed it in a locket and sent the memento to Berlin, who went on for years believing his daughter — the girl in the photograph — was dead. Mystery: solved! (Well, as much as mysteries can be on this show.)

WHAT HAPPENS TO TOM? | In a series of flashbacks at the start of the episode, we see that Liz was unable to go through with killing Tom four months ago, instead choosing to get him off-the-record medical help and shackle him onto the boat. But the associate guarding Liz’s boat is becoming increasingly wary of the prisoner on board — even moreso after the port’s harbormaster finds Tom chained to the wall and complicates an already-messy situation. Ultimately, Liz decides to let Tom go if he clues her in to Fitch’s whereabouts. He does, and walks off a free man — but not before he and Ressler can exchange threatening words that not-so-subtly hint at a mutual affection for Liz. “What are you, her boyfriend?” Tom spits at the agent, which earns him a half-hearted shove from Ressler. Shall we move this to the wrestling ring and advertise it on Pay-Per-View, gentlemen?

Unfortunately, there’s no time for that. Tom walks out of Liz’s life for good after offering up that last bit of intel — but we see him once more, at the end of the episode, sitting across a table from none other than Red. Tom eagerly accepts a thick envelope full of cash and before he exits, Red reinforces, “You are never to see her again.” (Which, as a TV viewer, I translate to mean, “You won’t see Ryan Eggold for a while after this episode, audience members.” Say it ain’t so!) And just before he leaves, Tom looks Red squarely in the eye and says, “For what it’s worth, I was tied up for four months on that ship, and I never told her about us. Not one word.”

So… how many days until Super Bowl Sunday?! (NFL fans, I’m counting on you for the answer to this one.)

Parting thoughts:

* Despite his sliminess, did you not feel a twinge of sympathy for Berlin as he confessed to Zoe, “I don’t know how to talk to someone like you. I know you have your life, but I just want you to stay a little longer”?

* Do you feel weirdly empty now that Berlin’s arc is essentially finished?

* Do you prefer hipster-bearded Tom or lightly stubbled Tom?

* Where was Samar Navabi this whole time?

OK, your turn. What did you think of the fall finale? Grade the episode via our poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice!

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  1. Tran says:

    I give it an A. Talk about a Fall finale that was 100% mind blowing. Can’t wait until February 1st when The Blacklist returns for its post Super Bowl episode which should give a big boost after the big game and then the series moves to its new night Thursdays @ 9 p.m. beginning February 5th going up against Scandal (ABC) which should do just fine.

  2. RedReddington says:

    No mention of the Red/Liz scene at the end? So good. Made the entire episode worth it. #Lizzington

  3. Patrick says:

    Great ep. I prefer stubbly Eggold. Whom I hope we see again. Ressler does nothing for me, and his “chemistry” with Liz is non existent. Given that Liz said she still loved Eggs, and he hinted at similar feelings for her, I think he’ll be back at some point.
    Hopefully in Feb, earlier rather than later. The writers are trying to make Ressler and Liz happen, and I don’t feel it.
    Regardless, this was a great episode, and I can’t wait for it to come back. I really hope the long hiatus, and the (supposed) move to Thursday doesn’t hurt it. Its no problem for me, cause my Thursdays at 10 are open, but other good shows have been doomed by similar long breaks.

  4. Deion says:

    Sooooo…are we thinking that when Red captured Tom and returned him to Liz in the first season that Tom and Red made some sort of deal? Red depending on Liz to not have the guts to kill Tom not just once, but twice and for several months thereafter? Did they come clean with wach other after meeting in the hospital after Liz’s father’s death? When did they start colluding! I must know! And to what end!

    • Katherine215 says:

      I think Red planted him with Liz from the very beginning. Didn’t Tom say once she didn’t know his true intentions or that he was protecting her or something?
      Am I the only one disappointed with this “big reveal”? I think I always thought there was more to Red/Tom than they had shown. They hinted at it often enough.

      • Amanda says:

        If Red planted him from the beginning, why did it seem they didn’t know each other at the hospital in season one. When Red sat down with Tom outside while Lizzie’s dad was in the hospital. I may need to go rewatch that scene.

        • Anne says:

          I agree, they were not colluding at that time (though they both certainly knew who the other was). They would have had no reason to pretend they didn’t know each other if Red was the one that put him on Liz in the first place.

          • Roxanne Brown says:

            Of course they needed to pretend not knowing each other… they knew that they were being watched/filmed, so they had to play to the cameras, right? It was all to throw Liz off the track and continue to believe in Tom, whos at this point was being the school teacher, loving husband.

          • Zivia says:

            Oh, the scene of Red and Tom meeting up at the hospital makes so much more sense now!! (BTW, It’s never a coincidence that Red sits down next to someone.) It’s obvious to me now that Red had contracted Tom to get close to Keen and keep an eye on her to make sure she was safe! In the conversation Red has with Tom at the hospital, Red reminds Tom what his job is – keep her safe, watch over her, keep track of the people who get close to her. Red was probably worried that some bad people would find out his connection with Keen and hurt her. Red just didn’t know then that Tom was also working for Berlin!

          • KCC says:

            Zivia: we have 2 different takes of the scene outside the hospital. I took Red’s comments to be veiled threats to Tom. Even after re-watching it and with what we know now. It was more along the lines that Red is watching and protecting Liz and Tom better be careful not to hurt her. We don’t really know what the treat to Liz is at this point. If Tom was there to protect her, what’s the threat? I thought it was Tom and who he worked for, but maybe not. We know Tom worked for Berlin, we’re only assuming Red was employing Tom too. We don’t know it was money in the envelope Red gave to Tom. He just asked Red if he had “it” and Red gave him the envelope that Tom looked in but we never saw what was in it. It could be money, or it could be something else that Red was using to get Tom to double cross Berlin. If that’s the case, it changes the whole Tom/Red dynamic. Tom will be back, of that I’m certain. I’m looking forward to February.

        • Len says:

          I’m with you on that Amanda!! After watching the show last night, all kinds of alarm bells went off in my head, and after re-watching the scene that spunjbath so kindly posted for us below, I’m even more convinced that there’s a huge plot hole here somehow…big enough to drive a semi through! Contrary to Zlvia’s explanation below, Red (to my knowledge) has never been so cryptic with anyone he contacts: they meet, he says his piece, and one or the other leaves. That scene seemed far to implausible that it was a “stage play”…that’s just not Red’s style.

          Therefore, no Tom did not know who Red was (but Red certainly knew that Tom was Liz’ husband). If any collusion went on after this it wasn’t shown on camera, but in summation that entire ending scene left me feeling a bit off kilter…not in anticipation of more facts to be revealed eventually but that there was a big mistake made at one point.

          • caine0001 says:

            So are you saying that the creators and writers made a mistake early on when they had Tom knowing so much about Red’s past that he warned Liz about him? I do not think it was a mistake, but that they worked together some time before Berlin hired him. That is why I think that Berlin hired Tom was because he had been so close to Red to begin with and it was because o intel from Tom that Berlin knew about Lizzie and that Red would come for her. Just my opinion.

      • NobodyYouKnow says:

        By that scene alone it’s a valid theory, HOWEVER later on Tom mentions (to Jolene I think) that he COULD have killed Red right then, but Jolene responds “that isn’t your mission” or “that wasn’t your mission” or whatever.

        • caine0001 says:

          I think that what makes The Blacklist so magical and able to keep us interested beyond what other shows do is not only the perfection of Spader’s performance, although I could watch him act all day long. Nobody in the entire world could bring the character of Raymond Reddington to life in such an interesting manner as he can. It is mystifying to watch him. But I also believe that another key to the success of this newborn show and to its continued success in the future is that it has been created in such a way that there can be numerous mini-cliffhangars throughout the season and they can be dealt with soon enough that we do not have to wait forever to get our answers. It keeps doing this with its “reveals” that seem to come each week. At the same time that we get our answers to one or more things, we also get introduced to new cliffhangers. But luckily we do not have to wait forever for answers to them. Now that is not to say that there will not be major cliffhangers at the official end of a season that we will have to wait through the summer to get answered, but there are so many smaller ones all through the season, who could watch this show just once? It is like eating a Lay’s potato chip. You can’t watch just one show because you get drawn in by the character of Red and the questions that seem to arise during each show. You just have to get the answer. There are a number of things right now that we want and need answers to, some of which we won’t see answers to this season, But we can be assured that we will get the answers to several questions before the summer break. I for one, cannot wait for more revelations about the Tom/Red storyline as well as finding out the real story about Red’s interest in Lizzie. I know it is more than just a promise to an old friend to watch out for her. He could have done that without entering her life and without all of the attention he gives her or the work he gives to her to do. There is something really big behind all of what Red is doing and I want to know what it is…..

  5. Annelies says:

    Exactly how old is Zoe supposed to be?? Scottie Thompson is 33. Wouldn’t Zoe have to be at LEAST in her 40s for this timeline to work out?

    Blacklist has SUCH continuity problems. Also, they never answer enough questions to make up for all the new ones they introduce every. single. week. It’s getting tiresome.

    • Jeff Wisher says:

      Yeah, the age is a bit of a concern. It’s hard to imagine a separatist being … younger than college, but let’s be nice and say she was 18 in 1991. That would make her around 41. It’s not that Scottie Thompson can’t “pass” for 41, just seems odd they picked such a young gal who didn’t really portray the battle-hardened anger that she was supposed to have (Berlin supposedly killed her friends, which also seems to suggest, since he was a key part of the government, that she might’ve been a separatist).

      That said, I can live with age issues. Happens all the time in TV shows.

    • Kittychemist says:

      Season one was awesome. Season two is way into gore and horror ( think Saw 1 and 2) and less into content. We stopped watching it. I love James Spader and Imam and the Agent Keen, Cooper and the team. Some humorous moments. We don’t like the ” dark conflicted, can’t shoot the bad guy” Agent Keen. The pneumonic plague episode.. Note writers: if he dropped the bag, DNA inside of bone marrow wouldn’t become ” activated.” I’m a biochemist. so dumb she didn’t shoot him) and of course Tom. Every time Lizzie points a gun at a bad guy she hesitates. I wouldn’t want to look at my ex husband one more day let alone 4 months lol.although chained up in a boathouse getting him to speak the truth is tempting, lol. It’s so sad Hollywood continues to deliver gore and horror instead of consistent, thoughtful dialogue and intelligent writing. Season two writing in a word..unoriginal. Or in laymans words ” season two sucks.”

  6. Jeff Wisher says:

    Is it just me, or did this reviewer get some key aspects wrong/gloss over key things.

    First off, Fitch isn’t Red’s superior. Fitch was portrayed as a key member of a group against Reddington, but Fitch had held them off. I suspect said group will now become a key focus of the show.

    2nd, the bombing in Kursk didn’t kill 15 of Berlin’s men. It killed 15 men of Soviet leadership, with Berlin amongst them.

    Then, there’s the locket. Unless I’m mistaken, they imply that the locket was a picture of Berlin’s daughter. Essentially, the implication seemed to be that Fitch had sent her to the Stewmaker for help to getting her away, and they took a picture and sent it to Berlin, ostensibly sending someone else’s bones along the way. Sometime down the line the locket was left near as associate of Reddington’s, who traced it to the Stewmaker. Of course, I don’t recall any explanation of why the locket was left with the associate, so maybe that’s a loose strand.

    Finally, the last part on Tom – It was a harbor master (granted, not the biggest deal), and it probably was important to know that Tom killed the harbor master, and Keen left the body there for a long time. There seemed to be an implication at the end that Red’s people were holding the guard (who was supposedly Meera’s CI who cared about her deep enough to do this).

    As a side note, I do not think this is the end of Ryan Eggold. I suspect that he’ll work his way back slowly, and it was probably a key point to note that at the beginning, when they did the gloss over of his last few months on the ship (as a side point, I could’ve sworn that in a previous episode, they made it seem like he hadn’t been on the ship for that long, but memory could be fading on that), he made a point to note that Keen never asked if he loved her, and that she would be surprised with the answer.

    Oh, it sure feels like that both Scottie Thompson and Ryan Eggold seemed to get packages with new identification and money. Can’t say for certain. And I would certainly argue that the last scene was meant for us to question if Tom was with Red the whole time, or if there was some other dynamic at play, as that’s arguably the key cliffhanger.

    My guess is that the two main arcs for the near future will be:

    1. Fitch’s group coming after Red, whether or not moderates like Mitchum and Hobbs will support Red, and the Fulcrum. What does this group want, what is it’s endgame? Why 2017?

    2, Tom vs. Red in some fashion – both clearly have feelings for Keen, in two distinct ways – Red, a more fatherly, overprotective kind (particularly when he notes how she had to be in the “filth” (the ship) with Tom). Tom seems more to care about … her and what she wants in some respects. The only thing that seems true is that she’s being played, every which way possible, even if unintentionally.

    • herman1959 says:

      DITTO to everything Jeff said, plus, how in the world does Tom get to walk without telling Liz what he knows about her father being alive? Ryan Eggold better come back.

    • Dan Cummings says:

      I believe you’re right on all the details you raise. Except I don’t believe Tom is as kindly as you suggest. I want him offed for what he did to her, even if it was on Red’s orders.

      I’ll answer ‘why 2017’? It’s 100th anniversary of Russian Revolution and Fitch had a safe in Saint Petersburg. So I believe they’re connected.

    • Carla Krae says:

      Yep. We’ll see Tom again if for no other event than Liz finally discovering that he and Red have a secret. They wouldn’t have told us that hint if she wasn’t meant to learn the truth down the road.

    • Jean Alica says:

      Love what you have written Jeff. I think there is some other dynamic in play concerning Tom/Red. The Fitch group situation is where I would hang my hat (unintended pun). Elizabeth Keen is a really good agent and there are plenty of people at the task force who care about her and would help her if push came to shove. Red knows that. So I think this another thing we are suppose to believe. It is about time Liz got some answer from Red. Evan a baby pic would be something. “I will be your answer at the end of the day.” I guess so.

    • KCC says:

      I agree that the recap was not of the same show I watched. The entire show seemed to be taken at face value. Also, the writer seems to make a lot of assumptions. Like that the envelope Red gave Tom was full of money. We never saw what was in the envelope and Tom just asked Red if he had “it” not “the money.” I could be wrong but I’m guessing Red was blackmailing Tom with something. That changes the dynamic between the two completely.

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  8. TheBigCat says:

    So Red gave Tom some money and told him he could never see Liz again…and you actually think that means we won’t see Tom again in the series? Is this the first tv show you’ve ever watched?

  9. guide says:

    Spot on with this write-up, I absolutely believe this amazing site needs far more attention. I’ll probably be
    returning to read more, thanks for the advice!

  10. donholley77 says:

    Still enjoying The show, but I’m still a little confused. It’s also getting predictable. I knew Tom & Red had some sort of secret relationship! Was Tom a double agent, working for Red to spy on Liz too? I think so! Shocked that Fitch was killed off. Love Alan Alda & the twist that he was a blacklister! I always figured it was in their mutual interest to have Red go after the blacklister! Otherwise why didn’t Fitch have Red killed for stealing those documents years ago? Anybody else think Tom will be back? That Liz IS Red’s daughter? Is it Feb. 1 yet?

    • caine0001 says:

      Tom will be back. Did you notice that when he was warned to stay away by Red, Tom never really agreed. He just stared at Red and then walked away with his envelope. So yes, he will be back. I think he still loves Lizzie and will try to help her. When Red sees him back he will try to kill him because I think Red is jealous of Lizzie giving any attention to any other man. He wants her undivided attention, whether he is her father and wanting to be close to his daughter, or he is just using her. But we can’t forget that he made a promise to look after her too. The fact that it works well as part of his larger plan is just his dumb luck.

  11. I thought it was a great episode, however I feel like they killed Berlin too soon. I think after everything his death needed to be more spectacular or for many more reasons than mentioned already…
    I do like the fact that it was Red who did it because Lizzie has enough to deal with.
    I wonder who the next villain will be?

    • caine0001 says:

      I disagree. I think the Berlin story ran its course. It was time for him to go. I do like the fact that Red is not afraid to get his hands dirty. He has no problem saving the money for a hitman an just doing the killing himself. But I think he respected Berlin and that is why he got him drunk. It was a sign of respect and I believe to numb Berlin to what Red was going to do to him.

  12. I think of course Tom will be back, just because Red says stay away, Tom/Liz/Red story is too good not to use. I am looking forward to it. I love Tom/Liz together they work so well together. The chemistry between the two is great. I believe Tom is not going away for good, I believe Liz will try to find him and Tom will not be able to resist check on Liz.

  13. Sean says:

    Good episode but I’m little confused about Tom working for Red. Maybe it will be explained in season 2B. Excited for what they are planing for the Super Bowl.

  14. Many thanks for discussing your emotions on % meta_keyword %.

  15. Betty Jean Mitchell says:

    The whole scene with Red and Fitch at the end was mind-blowing Question: What is the Fulcom that Fitch was speaking to Red about? There is no doubt that Liz is Red’s daughter and he loves her very, very, much…It was an excellent show!!

  16. TAL says:

    Reblogged this on Cerulean Chronicle and commented:
    Attention Blacklisters! The following is a recap of ‘The Blacklist’ 2.08 – “The Decembrist” courtesy of TV|Line:

  17. Gordon says:

    Yeah where was Samar, they asked her a question but it was only to the back on an extras head. I like her, really was hoping Liz would die and Samar would be the new leading lady as she can actually act. And on that note Megan Boone is the worst actress I’ve ever had to watch.

  18. bj says:

    I’m very curious about what this fulcrum is, and how it’s related to this group. Is it some Indiana Jones type key to something? red has been told he has to give this group proof that he has it or he’s a dead man.

  19. Ron says:

    I’m not sure if the intent of the writers is for us to dislike Tom and sympathize with Liz, but for me it’s the other way around. I kinda sorta dislike Liz and sympathize with Tom. Granted, Tom has done some messed up stuff, but what Liz did to Tom isn’t any better. Over the course of this 3 month break, I’m gonna need the writers to make a point of bringing Ryan Eggold back, because, for me, this show needs Tom–well, maybe not *needs*, but benefits highly from. Also, maybe I’m crazy, but I kinda want Tom and Liz back together. There’s actually chemistry there, I think both have deeply hidden emotions for each other still, and they’re both just the right amount of crazy to make for a hot relationship. I never got into the Liz/Ressler thing. I just don’t see the spark between the two.

  20. JEN says:

    Can’t wait till the new episodes. “Blacklist” is one the all-time series. James Spader is so deliciously evil and good at the same time. I still can’t figure out if he’s Lizzie’s father, or just the man who saved her from the fire. But whatever he is, he cares a great deal for her.

  21. Ellinas1978 says:

    “you are never to see her again” means you will see her with about two or three episodes left in the season.

  22. Heidi says:

    I initially thought Red would have lined Berlin’s shot glass with poison and then as they drank, it would slowly kill him rather than outright shooting the man. I was sorry to see Peter Stormare’s time come to an end as he really is a brilliant actor. Liz really is out of her depth when she attempts to emulate Red and even sometimes as an FBI agent.

  23. Just Passing Through says:

    BTW They just let the Bomb Squad into the Blacksite just like that. Isn’t a Blacksite supposed to be as secretive as possible. No wonder it got attacked last time [Even if a mole (who was it again) was blamed].

    • Jean Alica says:

      I am one of the people who cannot stand Tom. Why? Because he can be bought by assorted masters and I have always thought he will try to kill Red. I like Liz as she is now but I would like to see her get a base like a studio apartment or something and give the dog to a new owner(Mr Vagas). Sometime in the future she is just going to have to except that Reddington will always try to protect her but maybe not this season. That girl has been so hurt that sure she will want hit out and we know who has to field those blows. Red never ceases to surprise but this time he hit the jackpot. I love this guy.

  24. I don’t want to wait until February to watch the next episode. Darn it!

  25. Steve says:

    The only thing that doesn’t make sense on the time continuum is that Red first met Tom when Keane’s “father”‘ was in the hospital. Now this episode suggest that Red & Tom were in cahoots the entire time. Either the writers screwed up on that one, or they have more writing to do to explain that one.

    • Hayes says:

      Maybe they struck a deal somewhere along the way? Maybe when Red brought him to Liz? I’m all confused, but I wanna know what’s going on with these two.

  26. zivia says:

    Why didn’t Red just kill Tom? That way he wouldn’t have to worry about tom coming back to see Keen or spilling his secret. Red doesn’t seem to have a problem killing people. Plus Tom knew who Berlin was so if he was working for Red the whole time why didn’t he tell Red who Berlin was? Maybe Tom was working for Red and Berlin but his loyalties were with Berlin. Maybe it took Red awhile to figure out that Tom was working for Berlin and before he did he had recruited Tom to romance Keen so he could keep an eye on her.

    • caine0001 says:

      I don’t thinks so because Tom kept telling Lizzie about how bad Red was and I do not think even Tom would take that chance. I do not think he was working for Red at this time. I believe there is a possibility that he worked for him before hooking up with Berlin or somehow they found a moment to talk after Tom was found out. But I am thinking that what he knew about Red was personal stuff from the way he hinted about him to Lizzie. He seems to know why Red is interested in her and he knew about Lizzie’s father being killed by Red. When he was leaving and told Red that he didn’t tell Lizzie about their relationship while held captive, he did not specify when it took place. So I am thinking that Tom had his dealings with Red before he started working for Berlin. I also look for Tom to be back in the picture in the future. Maybe not too far off. Love has this way of making a person do stupid things, like crossing Red and coming back to be with Lizzie. Lizzie is still in love with Tom too, and that may be the only thing that keeps Red from killing him if he does come back. I think that is why he did not just simply kill him in this fall finale, but let him go. But regardless of any of this, I think Tom will be back at an appropriate time to save Lizzie from something or someone. I believe he will remain in the shadows keeping an eye out for her and watching over her. But all of this is conjecture. We will just have to wait and see. This is just one idea. But a second one is that Red sees how he could use Tom’s talents and puts him on the crew of employees. Plus, Red seems to really be concerned for Lizzie so maybe he brings Tom back because she is a mess without him. But then again, his concern for Lizzie may be all show and part of his bigger plan. But I can’t imagine how he could use someone as weak and confused as Lizzie to carry out any big plan. Unless he wants her vulnerable in order to get her to depend on him and trust him so that he can use her for gaining FBI information. But then again, he already has people planted on the team. So who knows what his plan for Lizzie is, but I am hoping that in the spring they start to drop stronger hints as to what Red is really up to for the long haul. You know he is only helping the FBI to eliminate major criminals in order to eliminate any threats to himself and to the finishing of his plan.

    • caine0001 says:

      Tom was with Lizzie at the behest of Berlin. We know that because remember last season when that other female agent was sent in (I forget her name, maybe Gina or something) to check with Tom. She was sent by Berlin and after his cover was blown with Lizzie with the help of Red by the way, Berlin was the one that Tom called to for an extraction. So it doesn’t make sense that Tom was with Lizzie at Red’s orders, because Red is the one that outted him to Lizzie and Tom arranged an extraction by calling Berlin. Remember before he killed his fellow spy, the female spy, they both talked about Berlin? So it is obvious that Tom was with Lizzie on Berlin’s orders so that he could get to Red who Berlin knew would be contacting Lizzie. It was a long con Tom was running, but it was Berlin who he was working for and not Red. It is possible that Tom worked for Red sometime before beginning to work for Berlin. Even at the hospital he could have been working for Red and they were just talking in code to not arouse suspicion. But, it is more likely that at that moment Tom was tracking Red for Berlin and knew he would be there for Lizzie’s dad. After that, it was a short leap of logic to expect him to contact Lizzie so Tom was sent in to await that happening.

      • Zivia says:

        I forgot about the other agent Tom knew and that he was working for Berlin. So the hospital scene where Red is telling Tom that his wife will be okay because he (Tom) will watch over her, make sure she is safe, will watch who approaches her, etc., etc. was Red’s code of telling Tom that he (Red) knew that Berlin had sent Tom to watch over Lizzie. The question is, when did Red and Tom work together? And why didn’t Tom tell Lizzie when she had him captive? I just remember a season where Tom once told Lizzie to watch out for Red because he (Red) is not who he says he is.

        • caine0001 says:

          I completely agree. As for when Tom and Red had their relationship or worked together or whatever, in my mind there is really only one possibility. It was not while Tom was with Liz or he would not have been warning her so much about Red. BTW, I believe that when Tom told Liz that there were bad things she did not know about Red, I think he was referring to what Berlin thought Red did to Berlin’s daughter and of course to what Red did to Lizzie’s father. That is horrendous enough, to say something like that to Lizzie. Back to when Tom and Red had their time together. My first inclination is that it was after the hospital but before Berlin, Some how or some way, they hooked up for something over a period of time, but once Berlin approached Tom and told him what he thought Red had done, Tom shifted loyalties. It was not after Lizzie trapped Tom or else Red would have gotten the information about Berlin himself. And from their hospital conversation I do not believe they worked together before that. Just my opinion. I also think Tom is in love with Lizzy and I do not know how, but he will be back. I see the possibility of Lizzie about to be killed and being rescued by an someone they do not show to us. It will be Tom in the shadows keeping an eye on her. But that too is just a guess. And as for the envelope that Red gave Tom, the “it” that was in it had to be some kind of paperwork or money because Tom seemed to rifle through it like it was money or a passport and money. But the fact is, we don’t know what it was and I think that was by design. So everyone keeps saying Red bought Tom off or gave him money, but all that is just speculation. I do not think that Tom is afraid of Red, just from how he acts. But he knows his enemy and will bide his time if he is planning anything. But one thing is for sure. We will be seeing Tom again and he will be there to help Lizzie somehow. Before I go, I just want to say, I am very curious what is in that safe in St. Petersburg. Plus, I do not think that Red is bluffing. I think he has something on Fitch’s group. He is just playing it close to the vest. If they come after him, I am interested to see how the show’s writers combine Red trying to protect himself from what seems to be the only people he fears and his continuing to work with Liz and company to chase down Blackllst criminals.

          • caine0001 says:

            This just hit me, so I welcome evidence to support either viewpoint on this. But what a surprising twist it would be if Tom ended up being the estranged son or brother of Red. That would explain Tom’s comment about not saying anything about him and Red to Lizzie (he didn’t say “I didn’t tell her we worked together”, he said “I didn’t tell her about us”), their awkward discussion outside the hospital, Tom knowing so much about Red’s past, and Tom going to work for Red’s enemy. It would also explain how Red knew so much about Tom that he could warn Lizzie about and it would also explain the way Red talked to Tom at the very end. It was like a father looking his son in the eye and telling him he better not do this or else in a very stern manner. It is also how a big brother would talk to his little brother. It would also make sense that Red would not kill him, but instead, let him go when a few months ago he was trying to kill him. But that was only because he had to since Tom was working for Berlin to help get Red killed. After that was over, he and Tom are talking again and not trying to kill each other. I know all of this is a big leap. But what a very interesting twist to the show if true.

  27. Kitty Kossman says:

    Loved every twisted moment‼️‼️‼️

  28. caine0001 says:

    I was very happy with the fall 2014 finale of The Blacklist. I was very happy to see the whole Berlin direction come to its end. They did not try to drag it out until we were so frustrated or bored that we quit watching. I am looking forward to the answer for a few questions in the spring and in coming seasons. For instance, how is Red going to deal with everyone that Fitch was holding back? They are extremely powerful and I am not convinced that Red has the leverage against them that he claims to have. So I think that story arc is going to hold a lot of potential. I hope that they get back to eliminating a master criminal a week too. That seemed to be the running theme and it was the only reason that the FBI tolerated Red’s presence. So we need to continue that theme. But, Red is not doing this out of the kindness of his heart. There is an ulterior motive behind what Red is doing and it has been hinted at, at times that he has a major interest he is developing. I also look forward to some kind of hint as to Red’s total fixation on Lizzie. What is the story there? I know her father was his friend, but what is his true motive. He could not have picked a more incompetent FBI agent, but maybe it is her weakness that he needed to exploit and it is all part of his plan and she was the best candidate. But he seems genuinely caring and interested in her and her well-being. So what is the story. Also, what exactly is Red and Tom’s relationship? When did they even hook up? From the early episodes we know for a fact that Tom and Red were not interacting and when Red helped Lizzie to discover who Tom was it was obvious that they were not working together even then. So when did they get together in such a way as to cause Tom to tell Red that he didn’t tell Lizzie anything about their relationship. Why didn’t Red kill Tom? He was going to kill him at the time that Lizzie kidnapped him. So we also know from that point four months ago until now Tom has been Lizzie’s prisoner, so him and Red did not team up during that time. So when? I hope that question gets answered. I think it will at some point, or why bring it up to begin with? But the biggest thing is that question about what Red is really up to in the long play. He is not one to make moves without reason. So why did he enlist Lizzie and what is his ultimate goal? World domination? Becoming the greatest criminal mind ever known? Who knows. But I hope the show will answer that soon, or at least keep dropping clues so that our curiosity is kept at a high level and we can see the big picture start to come together. Also, why did Red bring his ex and Lizzie together? What was supposed to come from that? And then she is gone after helping Red out. Is there anybody that can say ‘no’ to this man?
    But back to Red’s new problem with the wolves that Fitch was keeping at bay. It is a certainty that they will be coming after Red. Personally, it seemed to me that it was a potentiality that really bothered Red. So I am interested in how he will keep working with the FBI when the higher-ups are going to be gunning for him. I would love it if Tom and Liz could be together too, but I guess that is too much to ask, even though all of their cards are on the table now and there are no secrets anymore (except Tom’s new relationship with Red). And we know they still love each other. But Red says no, so I do not see it happening yet. It seems as if Red is working to get Lizzie to fully believe in him and to be under his total control. I would say she is close. But anyway, I do not expect everything to be answered at once. But I would like to see us making progress in knowing what Red is really up to, why he has a thing for Lizzie only, and how he is going to handle being hunted by some of the world’s most powerful individuals. I guess we just have to wait and see. I just hope that the shows creators will answer enough each week to keep us interested and I hope that all gets answered before the show is taken off the air. It would be nice to see the show stay on the air long enough to be able to tie up all storylines as they have envisioned them.
    That is all I have to say at this moment. I know it is a lot, but I love the show and had a lot on my mind after the fall finale.

  29. caine0001 says:

    I almost forgot. The things that Fitch revealed to Red about the safe in, I think, St. Petersburg or somewhere like that, were interesting. I am looking forward to Red pursuit of that safe and its contents. I really want to know what is in there. Is it information that Red can use to protect himself from Fitch’s associates? Is it a plan to overthrow governments, or maybe a list of criminal masterminds that Red will use to maintain his relationship with the FBI. Who knows? But I hope they do not keep us in suspense about it throughout the entire spring season. Whatever it is, Fitch felt Red needed it for some reason.

    Also, I am interested in what condition Lizzie will be in come spring. Will she be any stronger? Or will everything that has happened make her just want to give up? I hope the show’s creators do not make the mistake of having her just return to her old self as if nothing has happened. Her world is upside down. This will have to be addressed. I believe Ressler is falling in love with her and will be there to help her. Red will be too, but he has some ulterior motives. I am really hoping that Red will bring her closer and reveal more about what he is up to and what his interest is in her. At least give us a little something on these matters. Please.

  30. marylou says:

    Still love tom! Love ressler too. He got the girl in homeland, but maybe not in blacklist. tom’s not going anywhere. Remember his car commercial.

  31. Tiziana says:

    this is an amazing show…James Spader is an amazing actor and so wonderfully cast. Love Love Love it and can’t wait for season 3

    • Jean Alica says:

      We need season 2B first Tiziana, but yes season three will be incredible. I think James Spader’s portrayal of Raymond Reddington is almost hypnotic. You have to love him regardless of what you think he has. Think being the operative word here.

  32. val says:


  33. Chris Gatch says:

    Admittedly, I missed a few episodes over time,but who had Liz & Tom’s house wired and bugged and was watching them? Neither seemed to know this was happening. I do love this show and it reminds me of Twin Peaks, a series on TV quite awhile ago where things kept changing, and the story kept getting more and more weird. It was impossible to figure out because nothing was what it seemed to be. I feel this is the case now with The Blacklist.

  34. Tanny says:

    Two words. Mind-BLOWING. This other review site was giving it a lot of hate. Here i was looking forward to reading how brilliant the episode was.. I couldn’t believe what i was reading. Some people look into things just too much. -.-

  35. Dawn says:


  36. Dawn says:

    Blacklist is right with my favorite for 10 year now which has been Supernatural. For me to say that, BLACKLIST IS AWESOME!!

  37. Coworker's sister-in-law says:

    Alan Alda is gone, so is Berlin. Unless Reddington has a TARDIS, these two awesome dudes are gone for good. What a shame.

    I sincerely doubt Tom is gone for good. He states that he didn’t betray Reddington, so I think that will pay off near the end of the series. Reddington will be the best man at Tom and Liz’s real wedding in another season or two.

  38. Rand p says:

    So in the last episode when Alan Fitch (Alda) is secured in Red’s holding cell because it’s 100% RF(radio frequency) spectectrum isolated. Yet at one point the bomb expert who is trying to diffuse the bomb is communicating with his boss over a walke-talke. Must have been some ‘special’ frequency’….not. A real continuity goof.

  39. Mick Castillo says:

    James Spader. One of the finest actors around. If Boston Legal didn’t demonstrate that, this series surely does.

  40. Big Al says:

    Absolute joke that there is a three month gap between S2 E08 and S2 E09. It’s not enough that there is an obvious break between seasons but to put such a break near the end of a season is a shocking error of judgement. Most normal people won’t be waiting tapping the tv remote waiting for the next episode.. they’ll have moved on to something else.

    • Jean Alica says:

      Not according to the people above Big Al. Besides there are two holidays between that time and my guess a repeat around then to. Do not forget the promotions either. Everyone likes a show that is different. The Blacklist is that.

  41. Spring says:

    One very interesting show, out of the cliche. I just love James Spader’s playing!
    Do not end it soon, please. There is a strong enough basis for a continuation of the television series.

  42. Tracey says:

    When is The Blacklist coming back on? Why does it keep ending after just a few shows???

    • Jean Alica says:

      Tracey I think you better asked Mr James Spader about that. He was in London in November. Can you believe it. We were visiting my family and shopping in London to. So near and yet so far. I miss the show. When it is on it is the highlight of the week. My niece is driving me crazy about the Blacklist to. There were nine people in my house on finale night! Usually there are only four.

  43. I like the of the best their is..the only thing I don’t like is, she has questions about red being her father…but she is up there in the fbi, and she can’t take his soda can and get his should of dealt with this from the get go… ( he could of got wind of it, and had it altered..) but it makes me think she isent to bright..not to do this…

  44. Aggie says:

    Catching up on the fall finale before it starts again on Super Bowl Sunday. I love this show, I hope it stays on TV for a longgggg time. I’m also a Mentalist fan and sad that there are 4 episodes left before the shows finale. I’m glad I have the Blacklist to take it’s place.

  45. donna says:

    how can I caught the episode I miss. Please send me a text

  46. Audrey says:

    I love Blacklist, but was so disappointed because I just couldn’t make out one of Liz’s last words to Red, as they sat on the park bench at the end of the episode. I played that scene over and over, but it just sounded like she said ” So you are my senator?” Senator cant be the correct word. It doesn’t fit. Could you or someone please help me out, The episode was awsome, but I’m so disappointed with the ending, because I couldn’t understand her last words to Red. Thanks