Showtime Renews Homeland for Season 5, The Affair for Season 2

Homeland Renewed Season 5

Showtime is staying in the secrets and lies business, ordering new seasons of both its fall dramas, Homeland and The Affair.

Homeland will return next year for a 12-episode Season 5, the pay cabler announced on Monday, while The Affair will continue for another 10 episodes.

“In its fourth season, Homeland has brilliantly reinvented itself. It continues to capture the attention of a devoted fan base, and has provided an enviable platform for the successful launch of The Affair,” Showtime president David Nevins said in a statement. “With thought-provoking, relevant and addictive storylines, both series have been embraced, dissected and much debated week after week. We’re excited to see more from these complex shows in 2015.”

TVLine’s hand-crafted Cable Renewal Scorecard has thusly been updated.

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  1. trainwreck says:

    I am a Pakistani and I am happy that Homeland is renewed, as it is a brilliant FICTIONAL story! that said, I wish they would have been a little more accurate in their portrayal of Pakistan as a nation as well as the culture.
    Still it’s of the best shows on air and Claire Danes is amazing at what she does! Congrats to the entire team.

  2. M3rc Nate says:

    Honestly? I used to get so excited to watch Homeland, i would wait till it popped up on a torrent site and DL it right away, couldn’t wait for more D-Lewis as Nicholas Brody. Wow have things changed, i couldn’t care less about the show being lead by the bipolar always crying (the ugliest cry face i’ve ever seen) overly emotional most unrealistic CIA agent ever Carrie. Unless i hear RAVE reviews i wont even try to watch the season 4 premier let alone a season 5 or beyond. Carrie was just not created to be the shoulders carrying a show. Pass.

    • Johnhelvete says:

      The “always crying” is not true especially this season. Also the show is a work of fiction I doubt the writers believe that Carrie would really be a station chief in the CIA the show is a heightened for dramatic effect to have a somewhat unreliable main character

      • Annie says:

        Thank you. Stunning how many people apparently need to have this obvious truth pointed out to them. Homeland hasn’t come close to achieving its season 1 greatness, but it’s certainly a FAR cry better than anything (save the last two episodes) from last season. And last night’s episode was really quite good.

      • Mary Garrett says:

        Like you would know. If this fictional series, is just that, why complain. Carries character can be whomever the writers need her to be.

    • A says:

      The show is much better this season than last year.. they ran the Brody stuff into the ground… fresh start this year and its a big improvement.

    • drhenning says:

      Gee… isn’t it wonderful that you couldn’t wait to steal a copy of the show from the network??? I’m sure Showtime really cares what you think.. Those of us who actually subscribe have given it good feedback and that’s what matters…

      • LABete says:


      • M3rc Nate says:

        I have never been a paying customer, and probably never will be, so i dont effect their bottom line, therefore how is it stealing? They didnt lose money, they didnt lose a object (a digital download from a torrent doesnt cost them a penny)…explain to me your outrage? And this opinion about how the only opinions that matter are the ones from customers? Do Movie reviewers not see the Movies for free? Do TV reviewers not get advanced copies to watch to review for free?
        If I had gone over to my friends house and watched “Homeland” on his Showtime channel (for free) would my opinion not matter? Would i be stealing?

        • Frank says:

          Writers, actors, artists, producers, and distributors of TV shows and movies invest their resources- be it goodwill, time, money, or physical assets to create something viewers will find enjoyable or informative to watch. Value that would not otherwise exist. The money that people pay to watch the show pays for the investment.

          Like anything else that is produced and sold, there is a break even point where enough value for money exchanges i.e, sales made to first cover production expenses and show a profit. Either a lot of people must each pay a small amount of money or a few people each pay a lot of money, or somewhere in-between toward the show or movie in order to make producing TV shows a viable business. When bootleggers enter the scene they are effectively enjoying the fruits of someone else’s labor at the expense of the people who pay for that labor. That, is stealing.

          When reviewers apparently watch a movie for free, it actually is not free. They must invest their time and effort to produce a critique of the movie. This critique provide value to both viewers and producers. It is a value trade.

          Now you might argue that the TV industry overcharges for what it delivers. But, just as you wouldn’t expect car prices to go down if more people stole their cars, you can’t expect movies and TV show prices to drop because of bootlegging. Rather, people will tend to stop investing their goodwill, time, money, and physical assets to create TV shows and the cost to paying customers would rise.

          One final note- there may be legal risk in you having created a bootlegged copy of the show on you computer. Though it my never go any farther than your computer, it puts you in a position of being able to illegally sell the copy. No different in principle to creating meth in your basement and claiming that you have no intention of using or selling it.

          p.s. you really should bring some snacks or something to your friend’s to show appreciation for their having paid for the programming.

    • Frank says:

      Actually, Carrie’s bipolar persona is quite accurate. And, it’s no very feasible that a CIA agent would be bipolar. Consider that Winston Churchill and Abe Lincoln actually were. Both those people carried (no pun unintended) the shows so to speak during the Civil War and WW II. (Not quite sure how relevant it is to know that you waited till it popped up on a torrent site to DL it.)

  3. Carm says:

    Will the Affair be like True Detective with new characters and a new story?

    • jordan says:

      No. They have said from the very beginning that this is a regular series. The story continues with these characters next season. This is not an anthology series like True Detective or AHS. The writer said she has at least three seasons planned out already for the story.

      • JB says:

        I saw Showtime promoting it as a “Limited Series”?
        So we can assume that we won’t get to the bottom of the murder this year.

        That” the problem with TV, producers and networks get greedy and instead of wrapping up story and making it a novel, they go on…and on…and on…and dilute the story.

      • Carm says:

        Thanks. Although I would rather have the story conclude this year, I will keep watching.

  4. redjane12 says:

    I love Homeland… I know the show’s has been wobbly at times but I guess I am part of that ‘devoted fanbase’ Nevins talks about and I can’t wait to see what Season 5 brings

  5. DanielleZ says:

    This is excellent news. Homeland has been very good this season and I’m enjoying The Affair.

  6. Tran says:

    In my opinion, this season of Homeland really bounce back after a disappointing third season (RIP Brody) but I’m happy to see the series returning for Season Five. Not so sure if Homeland is going to end after six or seven seasons depending on its storylines and hope Saul survives when Season Four is done.

  7. Jared says:

    I’m happy about The Affair. It has really gotten better and better.

  8. I am glad to read some happy news for a change. I can’t wait until the new season started.

  9. James says:

    “In its fourth season, Homeland has brilliantly reinvented itself. It continues to capture the attention of a devoted fan base, and has provided an enviable platform for the successful launch of The Affair,”

    In other words ratings are reasonably= a quality show
    by the looks of it homelands ratings have dropped a bit since season 3 and as a viewer i can’t say it’s really reinvented itself enough for it to be considered a better show.

  10. A says:

    Glad to hear about Homeland… its having a terrific season… “The Affair” however is moving a bit too slowly for me… the repeating each scene from the other perspective gimmick means that we dont get much story advancement each episode.. I want to like it but its hard..

  11. D. says:

    Happy about this, Homeland has been great this season.

  12. BrightLight says:

    I’m so happy about The Affair getting renewed. When I first saw the ratings for the show, I’d assume it would be a goner. BTW, I love how in that photo it looks like Dominic West is shocked the show got renewed.

  13. LABete says:

    This is great news! I love both shows.

  14. Sabrina says:

    This is great news for Homeland. I’m really enjoying the show this season.

  15. Alia says:

    Homeland is not the same without Brody.

  16. Mary Garrett says:

    Nothing on, so call “entertainment tv” can compare to HomeLand. I am only a lowly view, however , I pay for this great writing, acting and direction. Those other knock offs, and you know who they are, will never match to quality of Homeland.

  17. albertj15 says:


  18. Game says:

    Really need more romantic scene for Carrie and Quinn in Homeland. Pls.

  19. aroyo says:

    Homeland is amazing. I’m happy that it’s renewed.

  20. Victor says:

    Lovin the show keep it up, Brody is gone but Carrie/Saul/Quinn are awesome! One of the best shows on tv

  21. Roccocco says:

    Absolutely love “Homeland”. Thanks for renewing the show – it’s brilliant! I’ve enjoyed all “Homeland” seasons. So much better than all the other crap on TV. The cast, producers, writers, the entire crew are fabulous! Can’t wait for the new season.

  22. Fred says:

    @trainwreck Pakistan is exactly how its shown in the series. Backstabbing terrorist nation trying to portray a picture of a victim. ISI ist at the helm of propogating terrorism all over the world. Beggers

  23. jason says:

    Can’t wait for season 5 of homeland

  24. Chris from Holland says:

    Great series cant wait to watch the next season 5
    great actors also to.i am adicted

  25. This is absolutely the best show on television. Clare Danes is fantastic. What a fabulous actress. I can’t move once this show starts. Her and Quinn and the head guy of the Pakistan army are superb , no wonder she has won so many awards. All you have to do is watch the ridiculous show about a CIA agent Katherine Heigle is in . That show is a typical bad made for television show. Homeland is so suspenseful and riveting, I can’t wait to see it week after week.

  26. kevin says:

    Homeland is Fictional?

  27. kevin says:

    M3rc: regarding your “always crying” comment. Maybe so..her unstable Ness wouldn’t be tolerated in the CIA. Why don’t you stop pirating software and actually pay attention to what’s happening on the show.

  28. Tracy says:

    When will season 2 of The Affair air?

  29. Tracy says:

    When does season 2 of The Affair air?

  30. Long may this programme continue BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!

  31. Sara says:

    Amazing!!! I m Waiting for The Season 5 !! :)))))

  32. kel says:

    Love homeland can’t wait for season 5 to start, hope I don’t have to wait long.

  33. valerie calevro says:

    I am glad there will be another season love this show

  34. NORMA JEAN says:

    Pleased The Affair has been re-newed

  35. shawnna says:

    I was upset that they killed Brody off! He was what made the show and now I don’t have much interest in watching the show.

    • Johanna says:

      Don’t fret. The magic of TV can bring Brody back. But don’t you like Quinn? What about the guy with the black hair and the brown uniform? I forget his name. He’s a hot prospect. I’m hanging in for season 5, you should too, you know you want to. 😀

      • AC says:

        Season 4 was real and amazing.The guy in the brown uniform was Col Aasar Khan.I just loved him.The chemistry btw Carrie and Aasar was so good.I really wish their relation is explored in season5

  36. Dee Cooper-Weyand says:

    When does Season 5 begin?

  37. Amalia says:

    When, exactly, will the new season of The Affair start? Got hooked & ran out of episodes on demand :'(.

  38. Bernadette Thomas says:

    Don’t wait too long for HOMELAND…people will loose interest. “THE AFFAIR”…can any man be that stupid? I guess “YES”…people love to see a dope get burned.

  39. Valgene Traylor says:

    I can’t wait for HOMELAND season 5 it is one of the best shows on tv clair danes amazing actress I hope it will be a season 10 that how good it is