DWTS Week 9 Results: Did the Right Couple Go Home?

With the prospect of one last, all-but-certain elimination looming — after Michael Waltrip’s merciful exit last week, perpetually low-scoring charmer Tommy Chong was sure to be next, right? — Week 9 of Dancing With the Stars saw the final six couples performing both “America’s Choice” and trio dances. Meanwhile, visions of the Mirrorball Trophy — and more immediately, a spot in next week’s semifinals — danced in the remaining stars’ heads.

But while tonight’s live show tipped its hat to loyal DWTS fans (whose social-media votes throughout the past week dictated each celeb’s song, dance styles, wardrobe and hair), the prospect of ballroom threesomes (each couple chose an eliminated pro or troupe member to join the festivities) also helped raise pulses in the ballroom.

Let’s high-kick right to the highlights:

DANCE OF THE NIGHT: Janel Parrish and pro Val Chmerkovskiy | Despite Val’s apparent misstep due to some sticky patent leather shoes, this quickstep was darn near perfection. “That is what a quickstep is,” praised Julianne Hough, before calling it the “dance of the night.” (See, she agrees with us!) “It was almost flawless,” said Bruno Tonioli, while Len Goodman reminded us that hold, posture and movement are essential to a good quickstep, and “you had ‘em all, sweetheart!” This dazzler earned a pair of 9s and perfect 10s from Len and Julianne. HONORABLE MENTIONS: Alfonso and Witney’s perfect paso doble trio (with pro — and Witney’s So You Think You Can Dance comrade Lindsay Arnold) and Sadie and Mark’s (with pro Emma Slater) fabulous foxtrot brought the ballroom and the judges to their feet and earned nothing but 10s from the judges.

RUNNER-UP DANCE OF THE NIGHT: Alfonso Ribeiro and pro Witney Carson | Looking dashing and resplendent in his tux, Alfonso’s foxtrot launched the show in exceedingly high style. Len gushed, “what a way to start the night, fantastic!” while Julianne dismissed her former concerns about his ‘squatty’ ballroom style with this high praise: “You were elegant … tall … vibrant … you nailed it!” A highly enthusiastic Bruno said he “channeled the sophistication of a gone-by era,” before gushing over his surprising “Justin Timberlake touches.” The dance earned trio and 9s and a perfect 10 (from Bruno).

MOST CRIMINALLY UNDERSCORED | Everyone got the paddles they deserved tonight, don’t you think?

WORST OF THE NIGHT: Tommy Chong and pro Peta Meurgatroyd | After a passable start and one lamentable, big stumble at the end, Tommy’s creaky Viennese waltz was ultimately the worst scorer of the night. Julianne lamented the “little trip up” while Bruno mentioned “a few creaky moments” but Carrie Ann Inaba best summed up Tommy’s continued – and baffling — success: “You truly teach us that less is more … staying within what is possible for you, and making everyone else believe in that.” Len affectionately praised Tommy’s spirit, noting, “from one old geezer to another … you are my hero.” The dance earned three generous 7s and a surprising 8 from Len.

And now, for the results…

Sadie Robertson and pro Mark Ballas
Lea Thompson and pro Artem Chigvintsev
Janel Parrish and pro Val Chmerkovskiy


Sadie Robertson and pro Mark Ballas
Lea Thompson and pro Artem Chigvintsev

Lea Thompson and pro Artem Chigvintsev

“I just feel really great … I feel strong, and I’m anxious to get back to my day job [on ABC Family’s Switched a Birth],” said a gracious Lea of her DWTS experience, before this shout out to Artem: “I love this man… I think he did a great job with me.”

And with that, it’s your turn. Did the right couple really go home? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Dj says:

    Either Lea or Tommy should have left so I’m ok with Lea leaving. But if Tommy is safe again then there is something really wrong.

  2. Alfonso’s trio forgot to include his dancing skills,all he did was act like a Bull Fighter while the girls danced around him. The girls earned the points from the judge because Alfonso was just a prop. I also thought Tommy should have went home before Lea,these pity votes is killing me and Tommy LOL ;)

  3. Joyce says:

    Ridiculous! Tommy Chung is very charming but it’s time for him to leave. Lea is a fantastic dancer and could easily have taken the trophy.

  4. gene says:

    Absolutely not. What a farce in not sending Tommy and Peta hone!

  5. jeane says:

    We all know who should have gone home. I enjoy Chong like every good Boomer, but there has to be a limit to the ridiculousness. Either judges veto silly public shananigans or the show covertly sets it right. These amateurs give their all and should not be used as publicity pawns.

  6. Carrie Corral says:

    Yes, Lea or Tommy needed to leave this week. Tommy next week—I loved watching Chong. Lea, thought better dancer than Tommy, uncomfortable to watch–never straight posture. I danced with Derek on his tour, but he has enough MBalls. Mark has two, and I want to dance with him next on some tour. Both of them have equally shy and good dancers who have blossomed. Val must win this year–has no trophy and has become an amazing choreographer and dancer–love to watchi him dance and especially with Janel!!! Amazing performer, dancer…. Alfonso #4—he has plenty of dancing experience, don’t enjoy watching him as much as the other 3, but he IS funny, and I hope he gets a TV sitcom–I will watch that!! Great season!!!

  7. Tran says:

    This week the “wrong” couple went home. My money’s still on Tommy to be the next to go.

  8. Suzanne says:

    This is not a dance contest its a popularity contest. Chong shoukd of been gone not Lea.

  9. Carolee Lokeno says:

    Keeping Tommy on when competative dancers are going home compromises the integrity of the show- I have been a dedicated fan but now I am wondering….

  10. Joyce T says:

    The only reason that I am glad Lea is gone is that we won’t have to hear about her being 53 anymore!!!!

    • sue says:

      AMEN TO THAT JOYCE!!!! I had to put my sound on Mute cause I just couldn’t stand hearing her talk about how great she looks at 53!!! and in my opinion, she hasn’t got any class either! That was so evident by the way she was gyrating before and after her dancing – YUK! I’m soooo glad she’s gone. It’s true that Tommy is not a good dancer, but he has that something that makes you want to watch, and vote for, him.

    • Jan says:

      Why is it so bothersome that Lea’s age is mentioned? I’ll admit I may not have been paying close enough attention throughout the season, but I don’t recall hearing “53” mentioned as often as Tommy’s “76.” I knew poor Lea was a goner as soon as they said Tommy was safe. And, folks … DWTS has ALWAYS been a popularity contest. This can be quite annoying to fans of dance, but it’s no surprise.

  11. Maryann says:

    I really like Tommy, but it should have been him going home instead of Lea. She was by far the better dancer.

  12. The Poemster says:

    Tommy was charming but Lea really and truly danced. If Tommy could end up winning no one will ever tune in again.

  13. El says:

    Even Petra looked upset that Lea wast sent packing. Tommy hardly got off the chair! There was *NO* dancing involved in his performance….she should have left weeks ago. Polular? Yes. Dancer? NO!

  14. sm says:

    When there is a 13 point difference in the judges’ scores, the wrong person definitely went home. Who in the heck is still voting for Tommy?

  15. Ken says:

    The matter is not how good / bad Tommy is, rather it is how good the Judges are at doing their job. Is their job to judge correctly or cave-into promoting station ratings? When they give 7’s to Tommy’s (dance?) instead of 5’s and 4’s – is that judging fairing considering how hard the other dancers work to get their routines down as perfect as possible? Judge fairly or get some trained monkeys to do the job instead.

  16. Kay says:

    Why did Sadie get in jeopardy? And how was Bethany Mota’s dance?

  17. Kim R says:

    I do think the wrong person was eliminated this week but, in my opinion, Lea & Tommy were the bottom 2 so hopefully it will be Tommy’s farewell next week. He seems like a lovely man but sitting in a chair doth not a dance make. :) I will not miss Artem, however. I feel like his choreography went over the line from sexy to raunchy on many occasions. It wasn’t pretty. It would not hurt my feelings if he was one and done.

  18. Sheila Beeman says:

    Yes, I believe the right couple left. I think Leah was way too into herself, therefore, I believe that after awhile that kind of self absorption, got a little tiring with the fans. I think that Tommy Chong will be next, however, I believe that one of the judges said it correctly last night…”sometimes less is more”. So good for you Tommy for being here this long at your age. I believe that he knows in his heart though, that it is time for him to step aside. He cannot no longer compete, with the remaining couples

  19. Sandy says:

    This will be my last season if Tommy wins. They are sending home great dancers while he is staying. He barely moved his feet on his last dance and then fell into his chair. Hmm can’t imagine what caused that! They need to take the voting away from the people at home and leave it up to the judges in the studio.

  20. Paul Sauve says:

    Wrong person went home-a 76 year old who can’t dance is still there. Bad reflection on contest. If you want a popularity contest take out the word DANCING.

  21. mary says:

    Of course Tommy should have gone home weeks ago. I am hoping for a showdown of Sadie and Alfonso. But I do like Bethany and Janel as well.

  22. Debbie says:

    I am no longer watching dwts. Tommy stays…Ridiculous. I’m gone.

  23. I appreciate Tommy’s enthusiasm, however, once again DWTS has become a popularity contest Lea should still be on the dance floor.

  24. Ally_D says:

    In my opinion the wrong couple went home last night; it should have been Tommy & Peta. While Lea probably wasn’t going to win – she hasn’t progressed as much as the others and is still very ‘up’ when she dances – she is the better dancer.
    I wonder if it’s ever been considered to introduce a bottom two with judges save like we have here in the UK? After the bottom two are announced, both couples dance again and then the judges choose which of the couples goes home.
    I think that would stop any large miscarriages of voting and better dancers going home simply because they don’t have such large fan-bases. It still honors America’s wishes by landing two people in a dance-off, and if anyone ends up there more then once then the judges can take that into account when voting. It also gives the couple that leaves the chance to dance together once more and correct any little mistakes they made the first time around thus going out on a high. It need not take too much extra time if they keep the waffle and filler in other parts of the show to a minimum.

    • Ally_D says:

      I’m very torn over who should win. I like how much Bethany has come out of her shell since the beginning, she’s made lots of progress and dances well. Sadie is still occasionally a bit Bambi-on-ice for me not always having all her limbs under control and in co-ordination. Tommy isn’t good enough to take the title. I have a hard time liking Janel; I don’t find her warm although I concede that she is a good dancer. I love Alfonso but I’d prefer the winner to have had a bigger journey than him; he started good and has got better but his trajectory is more shallow compared to others.

  25. jinx2014 says:

    I think they need to change he judging. How do we know what the final count was or does management decided?

  26. No, Lea Thompson should still be there~Tommy Chong should have been gone before Michael Waltripp! I thought this was a dancing contest, but same as every other year, it’s just a popularity contest~~

  27. No, Lea Thompson should still be there~Tommy Chong should have been gone before Michael Waltripp! I thought this was a dancing contest, but same as every other year, it’s just a popularity contest~~this is my first & only response.

  28. iamjsm says:

    Although I’m sad to see Lea go, I am happy that we are seeing so many paso dobles this season compared to only one last season.

  29. I think this show is about “good dancers” and not about who has a good personality and who makes the judges laugh and be entertained. They lose a lot of really potentially winners of the mirror ball trophy by keeping dancers that are really are not capable of competing and that isn’t fair. VERY BIG downfall for DWTS..

  30. Julia R Baldwin says:

    I think Lea should not have been eliminated. She was very good. I am simply amazed at the fact Tommy chong is still there. He is fun to watch but he should not still be there and lra gone.

  31. I love dancing with the stars. BUT, the stars work soooo hard and to get voted off, before someone who s just dragging along is not fair. New rules need to be made, people need to remember its a dance contest not a personality contest, This has happened throughout the contest and I find it very annoying!! D,W.T.S. Do something a bout this….

  32. Jazzietoo says:

    I was good with Leah going home. Her legs got annoying. Had a wobbly, sluggish step. At least Tommy is OLD and stick kicking it pretty good. Entertaining! Though the Airline skit needed a little more style.

  33. Donna Nolf says:

    Glad Lea is off! She was praised and over rated! She wasn’t even close to her fellow females! The judges puzzled me! She had enough praise on her own, like, I’m 53, I’m a tomato sandwich, look at my sexy? faces, Really! Stop letting the public speak and keep it a real “Dance” competition!

  34. rorydog1 says:

    DWTS is just a popularity contest…too many votes per person. Come on ice cream!

    – C. Marin

  35. Lisa says:

    I would have been fine with Timmy or Lea going home. Tommy has good natural rhythm. Lea often looks like she is counting steps. Even though Tommy is less precise he is more entertaining to watch in my opinion. I didn’t like Tommy’s trio. It looked like a stripper routine.

  36. Slm says:

    Only honesty in last nights show was Sadie when she omitted she forgot the routine and still got 4 tens from the judges. Shows producers have determined who they want in the finals whiich include Chong, judges are now told what paddles to fly. Time to sunset DWTS, pitty it used to be good.

    • Ken says:

      I think the problem is the judge’s scoring. With a great couple – they drop a point or two for a simple infraction. Yet with a popular (but poor dancer) they hardly deduct any points (Tommy get’s 7’s for a few mistimed steps??). That is not fair to superior dancers who endure tremendous hardships to perfect their craft. Judge fair and equal to all no mater the age or the ability. This way there is much less chance for a popular, but poor dancer, to drag down better and more skilled dancers. This show is usually about superior dancing completion, so why do the producers keep hijacking the judging to promote popular but poor dancers?? Do the producers think so little of their contestants and viewers… that they are willing to degrade the quality of this show?

      • sonia downey says:

        judges should decide who stays until the last two standing and then let viewers decide – this way the right person will win

  37. SJ Sands says:

    Tommy is doing what he can and that is admirable but there is no way he should still be there. Lea did not deserve to go home. Tommy did. How in the world does he stay there?

  38. Cyd Armbruster says:

    This was wrong! Lea and Artim should be going to the semifinals. Nothing against Tommy but dancing is not his thing. He has some rhythm but engough to keep him in the ballroom. Now if next week he is saved again I think something is wrong because he is no where near the talent of the other competitors!

  39. taya Rob says:

    Lea should be at least in the finals Tommy should have bin the first one kicked off Lea is the best if the people have to vote why do they have juges?popularity contest.

  40. Ann says:

    Tommy or Lea could have gone home. Either way is fine. Tommy is rhythmic and entertaining. Lea could do some dances well. Others not so well. And Michael should have been gone. This comes down to Alfonso, Janel, and Bethany. Sadie has improved but she doesn’t compare to the others. Fans of her families show are keeping her there. Reminds me of Bristol a few years back. Many great dancers went home because her families supporters kept her on.

    Didn’t they try the bottom 2 dance off thing one season? I did like that. Was kind of a judges save.

  41. jazzie2 says:

    It is still dance competition, but personality is definitely a part of it–as it should be. That is why many of these contestants are signed on. For what they will bring to the show, in terms of personality, not for their dance moves. Male contestants have it more difficult to pull off, since they are the lead. Alfonso really does have it, though he’s not my favorite. I rather like this final group. Maybe it was the heels that made Lea’s legs look so unpleasantly weird. Tommy has been such a delight! But he will be next. Then Sadie! Something about her annoys me.

  42. Mary says:

    I think Lea should have stayed. As kind as it is to keep Tommy Chong around it’s just not right.

  43. m paige says:

    i hope lea learned the lesson that a tiny bit if humility could have taken her a longer way. enough of the yelling of “53”

  44. Sharon says:

    Tommy should have gone home, but it is a popularity contest, after all, and he comes off more likeable than Lea. This type of issue occurs each season.

  45. Rene says:

    I have been an avid fan … The past two seasons I have found great frustration with thi believable teenage like giggles and over acting of Kari Ann, I lost respect for Juliann and her talent … This season was extremely difficult to watch .. Listen to and be a fan off … First time the DVR event wast cancelled I can no longer watch one sides harshness for effort and lavish praise for fumbles .. Trips missteps and just bad dancing the judges all … Call them as you see them… Hardly

  46. No Tommy needs to be eliminated he can’t dance. During the trio all he did was sit on his butt. Pets does all the work. If that’s all it takes to win dwts than I could win.

  47. Kim says:

    Ok is no one else kind of annoyed about how well Janel and Vals tribal salsa scored? I think it was a great dance and they deserved high scores but the dance reminded me A LOT of Derek and Shawns tribal samba. It was very similar. However when Derek and Shawn did a great dance with not a lot of samba content they were berated. Len said “It was very self-indulgent. There was very little Samba content.” and gave them a 7. Now Len says theres very little salsa but great dance and gives them a 9??

  48. jeff f. says:

    While Tommy is clearly the worst of what is left….it didn’t break my heart to see Lea go home. Getting a little tired of her trampy 53 year old “I’m so sexy” act. Quite obnoxious really.

  49. Shirley Critchlow says:

    Tommy should have gone home after the first dance, it is a disgrace to dancing with the stars.

  50. I think Tommy should’ve went home a long time ago!