Will Chicago Fire/P.D./SVU Crossover Bring Romance for the Detectives?

Chicago Fire/Chicago PD/SVU Crossover

One unexpected consequence of NBC’s big Chicago Fire/Chicago P.D./Law & Order: SVU crossover event this week: a whole lot of exes and would-be flames are mixing.

For starters, P.D. detectives Lindsay and Halstead, who have been simmering since the series premiered, are headed to SVU together on Wednesday at 9/8c. Could New York City bring some long-awaited love for the pair? Executive producer Matt Olmstead warns of “further slow burning,” since both characters value their job and do not want to risk the wrath of  Voight, who has a “no dating” policy among his squad members.

“It’s tested a little bit, as you might imagine, because they’re out of town,” Olmstead adds. “But there’s no crossing the line — yet — for those two.”

If someone’s feeling a little lonely, there’s always Severide, whom Lindsay runs into at the end of the Chicago Fire hour (Tuesday, 10/9c). Despite their recent break-up, the encounter is an “amicable” one.

“It’s not like when Severide crosses with her, he’s rolling his eyes like, ‘Oh crap, I’ve got to deal with my ex-girlfriend,'” the EP says. “She’s perfectly agreeable — ‘Good seeing you’ — and she’s got her own thing going on. So it’s an interesting cross, but it’s not one that’s fraught with disappointment and betrayal, because who knows down the line if they’re going to pick it back up again?”

But the most dynamic duo may be P.D.‘s Hank Voight and SVU‘s Olivia Benson, who have a clash-of-the-titans moment on the former’s show (Wednesday, 10/9c).

Chicago P.D. - Season 2“It was fine when they were in New York,” SVU executive producer Warren Leight says with a laugh. “They have two very different approaches to interrogations. The two shows have different approaches to police procedure. I think we all know Voight can be a little more physical, and Olivia is, in general, a more empathetic detective. Those kind of fireworks take place in both episodes,” he says, leading to some of “the most fun scenes” in the installments.

Although Voight and Benson butt heads, they also come at each other from a place of high regard. “There’s not a lot of people who can go toe-to-toe with [Voight],” Olmstead explains. “So here comes this equal, who he respects [and] is formidable. He knows he can’t run a game on her. Even though they have different policing styles, there’s a mutual respect. They’re both coming from the same place. They both want to protect their city though they may have different tactics going about it. They do lock horns, and they do so equally. But then when it’s over, it’s over.”

The connection between the two carries over when Benson arrives on P.D. in the middle of a grim investigation. “When Voight sees her, there’s a smile on his face,” Olmstead previews. “He’s happy to see her. Because there’s this immediate chemistry, immediate tug [and] shared affection between two very similar characters, ironically, though they may have different backgrounds and different approaches.”

Could that attachment lead to something more than just professional admiration? When Olmstead told star Jason Beghe there was a private moment coming up between Voight and Benson, the actor replied, “‘Don’t say another word! I know exactly how to play it!'” the EP recalls. “So who knows what else… he feels about the Benson character? But there’s a real bond right away between those two characters.”

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  1. Butter says:

    Can someone tell me when Severide and Lindsay broke up? What episode on what show did they show that?

  2. Sartell says:

    Thy broke up when he left her sitting in the restaurant alone an she walks down the street and sees him she hugs him but their love end there they dont stay it in the story line but this about when it happened.

    Lindsey and Halstead tho they should just fightfirw with fire and hook up already we all know they should they know they should I know why they can’t but really I mean after this case or in the middle of it Erin will need a shoulder an Jay should be right there just saying. But it does “YET” so that means it could happen I’m waiting for that day

  3. Laura C says:

    I don’t watch CPD because I don’t like the lead guy. I will watch this week’s only because it is part of the arc. I do like Olivia on SVU though, and LOVE Chicago Fire.

  4. jaelyn96 says:

    Erin and Jay need to be together.
    This slow burning is killing me. They have so much chemistry. And Severide ain’t lonely, he has Vegas girl. I hope Erin and Kelly never get
    Together again. They were nothing but a hookup. Olmstead needs to let it go. It aint working. I don’t watch Chicago Fire anymore, I only saw little of first ep when Shay died and just 302 just to see Lindsay dump Severide. Never did care for Fire, can’t stand the crossovers. Love when they crossover with SVU

    • TVDiva says:

      All about Kelly and Lindsay never dating again. I think they were hoping to use both as crossovers for both shows. It takes too much time and effort to have them pop up on each show and say four to eight lines.

  5. Cy says:

    I like Chicago PD and usually like romance plot lines, but not really interested in Erin and .jay, just doesn’t work for me.

    • summer says:

      I agree. There really is nothing too interesting about Jay and Erin. Yeah they have good chemistry but their “storyline” bores me.

  6. Emily says:

    Erin and Jay need to be together!!!

  7. Laurie Emerson says:

    Could someone tell me if I will have trouble following these episodes? I watch Chicago PD and Law and Order but do not want Chicago Fire.

    • jaelyn96 says:

      I do not think you will, the storyline will be introduced on fire. Probably at ending of show. the solving will all be done on SVU and CPD. Plus you watch SVU and CPD you will be familiar with the characters appearing on SVU and CPD.

  8. Heather says:

    Does anyone know what order we should be watching these episodes? I know that Chicago Fire would be first (since it is tonight), but here in Canada L&O:SVU & Chicago PD are on at the same time?? Any advice would be appricated!!! Thank you!

    • jaelyn96 says:

      Watch Chicago Fire first, the storyline will be introduced. Then watch SVU and then Chicago pD

    • Jan says:

      I don’t know where in Canada you are. I live in Canada and they’re never on at the same time. Every week S.V.U. is on first with C.P.D. following right after on same channel. If it’s on at the same time wherever it is that you live, can’t you DVR one of them???

  9. Angelina N Blake says:

    Loved watching the crossover shows tonight, it was the night for tv.like to see this more offten
    thanks for a great night

    • Evan says:

      Sorry, but what order should I be watching them in? I watched the last crossover out of order by accident. :(

      • Jan says:

        You watch them in their televised order. Like Chicago Fire first on Tues 11th that’s where it all starts. It sounds like you missed that, so you’re watching them out of order again. Pay attention next time.

  10. who died? who was the funeral for? PLEASE ANSWER ASAP IM GOING INSANE TRYING TO FIGURE THIS OUT

  11. julia says:

    I am a dedicated fan of Chicago Fire and Chicago PD I DVR both show’s, and for this Cross Over Event, not thinking to make sure it was gonna record, thinking it was gonna say” Chicago Fire” It did not record because of the Title of the show and I MISSED THE WHOLE DARN SHOW!! I am so upset, so will it be on again as a rerun anytime soon?? UGHHHH

  12. Anri says:

    Does anyone know when this will be showing in South Africa?

  13. summer says:

    I really prefer Linseride to Linstead. Plus we know that Severides wife is temporary. How many more episodes does she have? 3? I like Lindsay and Severide and it so will happen! …Though I already know that Linstead will also be a thing sometime in the future. As long as it ends Linseride I’m all good.

  14. Jan says:

    I absolutely loved loved, loved, the 3 way crossover shows, Loved the interaction between Olivia and Hank, differences in their interrogation process, personalities. I have watched L&O S.V.U. since Day 1and love Mariska. I think she always does an excellent acting job, but especially with Chicago P.D. Surprise ending with the 2 of them in Molly’s having a beer. Hope you do more of these crossovers. I’m not the least bit surprised you got 10 + million viewers last week. I DVR’D it and just finished watching. So had to say how much I enjoyed it. My eyes were glued to it every minute. A c t I o n plus. Way to go Dick Wolf !!!

  15. Mary Ann says:

    I watched all of the crossover Chicago fire, svu, and Chicago pd. the last 10 minutes went blank the 3 times that I watched it. What happened. I missed it on live TV and was watching on NBC.com Help

  16. Kristoffer says:

    Can someone tell me which episodes are crossover from Chicago Fire? I saw the one episode of SVU, but where do I find the rest of that crossover?

  17. Karen says:

    What happened to Kelly’s new wife in this Weeks episode? I am so confused and lost. What did I miss?

  18. johnny says:

    I’m wished law order was still playing