The Walking Dead Recap: Road Warrior

The Walking Dead Season 5 Recap

In this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, we hit the road to D.C. with Abraham, Eugene, Rosita, Maggie, Glenn and Tara. And, although not one of them asked even once, “Are we there yet?” the going was still hella tough. Besides the constant threat of walkers, the travelers were beset by heartbreaking memories, guilty consciences and, worst of all, a speed bump that seemed likely to change their direction for good. Read on, and I’ll tell you all about it…

BUS STOP | As “Self Help” opened, the sextet were having a pretty good time on the church bus. Maggie and Glenn were hoping that, by then, Daryl and Carol had returned to Rick and Co., and were right behind them on the path. Abraham responded to Rosita’s teasing about his increasingly shaggy hair by offering to let her shave him “dolphin smooth” all over. And Tara did her best to engage Eugene in conversation. (A thankless task if ever there was one!)

Eventually, Glenn asked Billy Ray Genius how soon after he implemented the cure normalcy would be restored to the world. But he went the “That’s classified” route so fast that neither Glenn nor we really learned anything. Since that topic was off limits, Glenn went for the elephant in the room: “Why the hair?” Eugene’s simple response: “Because I like it.” Aaand right about then, the bus went kerflooey and overturned!

MISSION UNSTOPPABLE | When Abraham awoke from a nightmare/flashback — the first of several in which we found out that his violent protection caused his family to leave him — he discovered that the noisy accident had drawn walkers (but really, what DOESN’T draw walkers?!?). So he and the others had to fight their way out of the bus before it blew up. “It’s time to be brave,” Tara told Eugene. And miraculously, he sorta was, helping Tara take down a walker.

Once the immediate threat had been neutralized, Eugene suggested that they make tracks back to the church. (Hmm… ) But Abraham insisted that the mission hadn’t changed. Besides, he added, “retreat means we lose.” And he was so intense about it that Glenn became concerned about his state of mind. “I’m fit as a damn fiddle,” the ginger hulk swore, so long as they were continuing forward (which they were).

NONFICTION | Seeking refuge for the night in a library, Abraham thanked Glenn for not bailing on the operation, and we saw for an instant how important the mission actually was to Glenn. “World’s gonna change, right?” he asked. Damn right, Abraham replied. Later, Maggie admitted to Glenn that she felt guilty about the friends that they left behind, and Tara caught Eugene watching from the self-help section as Abraham and Rosita got it on. Rather than make a big deal of it, Tara simply made him stop and thanked him for saving her back at the bus. She even encouraged him to think more of himself and his post-apocalyptic survival skills. “You have this,” she insisted.

Finally, the guilt got to be too much for Eugene, and he blurted out that he’d put crushed glass in the bus’ fuel line in hopes of delaying their progress to D.C. Why?!? Tara naturally asked. “If I don’t save the world,” he noted, “I have no value.” She assured him that (a) that wasn’t true, (b) they were all friends now, and (c) she wouldn’t reveal his secret. Alas, Eugene hadn’t told her quite everything… yet.

ZOMBIE SOUP | The following day, Abraham refused to listen to anyone’s suggestion that they rest a while and pick up supplies before taking off again. Instead, he got a fire engine started just long enough to — oops — release the building full of walkers that it had been blocking indoors. After Eugene sprayed the undead with the fire hose — hey, why didn’t the wet walkers just get back up and continue their attack? — Abraham had everyone on the move again so quickly that Maggie scarcely had time to use her Sampson anecdote to try and bond with their resident brainiac.

Mind you, they didn’t get far. This time, it was a sprawling field overrun by walkers that brought the group’s progress to a screeching moaning halt. But, like a broken record, Abraham said that they had to fight through it. There was no turning back and no taking a detour. “We’re not playing that game anymore,” he decreed. So, when even Rosita sided with Team We-Can’t-Go-Right-Through-This-Mess, the big guy flew into a rage and began dragging Eugene away. When everyone intervened on the mullethead’s behalf, he at last admitted, “I’m not a scientist! I lied!”

THE AWFUL TRUTH | At first, Rosita couldn’t believe that Eugene wasn’t a scientist. Regardless, he isn’t. “I just know things,” he said. For instance, he knew that he wasn’t strong enough to make it on his own, but if he convinced people that he could cure the zombie outbreak and restore order, they would protect him all the way to D.C., which he felt presented the best possibility for survival. Trouble was, “I lost my nerve as we grew closer,” he said, “for I’m a coward.”

Naturally, this massive revelation, this colossal betrayal, this total bombshell, left the group dumbstruck. Which is where Eugene should have left them. Instead, he began saying, “Again, I am smarter than you… ” and Abraham punched his lights out. As he walked off a ways, fighting back tears, we got one final flashback that revealed why he was so very dedicated to the mission. After his wife and kids had run away from him, he found their remains and was about to kill himself. But at that very moment, Eugene came stumbling up, walkers only a step behind him. Abraham saved Eugene, and, in hopes of keeping his bodyguard around, the nerd “revealed” that he was on a very important mission. So, in short, the mission saved Abraham’s life. Which means that total BS saved his life. Doesn’t get much colder than that, does it?

OK, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you surprised to learn that Eugene was a big, fat liar? Or did you assume that, as in the comics, his pants would be on fire? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. hopetheyalldie says:

    What a ridiculously bad episode. For all those who complained about the “beth” episode. This one was a zillion times worse.

    • Dr. Opossum says:

      It wasn’t that bad, though it won’t go down as among the show’s best. The actors who play Abraham and Eugene are a lot stronger than the actress who plays Beth and the set-up wasn’t so ridiculous. On another note, are these the most flashbacks to a character’s past that we have ever gotten on the show?

    • spartan says:

      Yeah … significant developments in the lives of characters we don’t really care about.

      • Jack says:

        “we”- Not sure who you are referring to with that.

      • DidntWork says:

        You need to own your opinion. It’s yours, be proud of it. Trying to boster it by using phrases like “we” makes you look weak and not confident in your thoughts.

        I liked this episode. I liked the story it told. I think it will be interesting to see the fall out and ramifications. I liked the kick-ass water demo of the zombies. I liked the fleeting bits of Glenn’s humor. I liked that Rosita was totally willing to take down Abraham when he was out of control. I liked the phrase, “dolphin smooth”.

    • Guest says:

      Yes, yes, Beth is the best we all get it now. Don’t worry. Now, back to the actual episode, this means: there is no cure. So Abraham is going back to Gabriel’s church with Glenn are are they going to go their separate ways?

      • hopetheyalldie says:

        Calm down. Please point out in my post where it was said that “beth is the best”.

        Now that we have that clear, you can untwist your panties and next time you find a post you strongly disagree with, maybe not grossly overreact to a simple matter of fact comment.

        And I’m sorry you needed an actual episode to spell it out for you that there is no cure. Most of us, even those who don’t read the comics, were pretty aware that was going to be the case. Every time mulletboy was asked about it, his BS was easily seen thru (for the viewers at least but the actors wanted/needed to have hope so they believed. Personally I think Rick saw right thru him but he wanted the others to have hope). Not only that but remember the first season when an actual doctor/scientist said the same about a possible cure? That kinda lets you know that mulletboy wasn’t the savior of humanity.

        • relaxxx says:

          Pound it.

        • Guest says:

          Actually, the wikipedia excerpt on Eugene character did. Now, back to the actual episode, Rick didn’t spend enough time to figute out the guy, if Bob didn’t tell Garreth about the cure after they were taken from the train car, Rick wouldn’t have even known Eugene had one. Since Glenn’s people are only a day and a half from Gabriel’s church theyh, may get back the next morning after Daryl shows up in front of Michonne. That is if they don’t have to bury Eugene after what Abraham did

        • You did not make a “matter of fact” statement, your statement was:

          “What a ridiculously bad episode. For all those who complained about the “beth” episode. This one was a zillion times worse.”

          This is not a matter of fact. It is a subjective opinion. AND you were not even factual in accurately expressing your own opinion. You claims it was a “zillion” time worse. Since a “zillion” is an utterly inconceivable non-existent number it cannot be used to make accurate or “factual” claims about anything.

      • Gotta disagree, I thought the character stuff in this was a lot better. Of course, no characters whose personality begin and ends at, “Rapist,” is always a plus.

        • Yanez says:

          Sorry, I’m a little confused by your comment. Who raped somebody?

          • Mike says:

            Gorman (the cop that Beth clocked over the head and left for Walker Joan to eat) and the other male officers at the hospital where Beth is being held extract sexual “favors” from the women in exchange for the security they offer. Dawn, the female officer running the place, looks the other way in order to maintain order and keep the sanctuary they have.

        • Guest says:

          Rapists are as common as rats in this world, its the cannibals, the goons, the torturers and the volatiles I’m worrying about.

          Especially when those are one of them (Rick, Lizzie, Abraham Clara, Morgan, Michonne, etc.)

    • J. says:

      Honestly, I hated both episodes.

    • i liked ghis episode i think people just cmplain because they want 1 main group no branch of arcs

    • Lynn says:

      Worse then Beth?! She can’t carry a whole episode alone. Boring!

    • Kate Young says:

      I enjoyed it. As always.

  2. shaw says:

    Is Eugene dead?

    • relaxxx says:

      I think he’s alive. Rosita unstrapped her gun to stop Abe from finishing him off. I believe the group will go back towards the church to Rick n co.

    • John says:

      I think he’s dead or soon will be. The way he hit the ground seemed to finish him off. The director seemed to really make a point of how lifeless he was when he hit the ground full force. And, in reality, people can die from punches.

      • Jade says:

        I agree. Did you hear the gnarly crack his head made as he hit the ground? Seemed pretty lifeless to me. His color was just off as well. If he happens not to have died, I do agree that he soon will be.
        Unfortunately, we may not find out until later. The next episode (Episode 6) revolves around Daryl and Carol, I assume that Episode 7 will revolve around Beth again or Rick and his group back at the church. And episode 8 is the mid season finale.
        Really curious as to what happens to Eugene.

      • thexfiles123 says:

        He’s alive and will stay that way, I still like him even after all he’s done, my kinda character.

  3. Kat says:

    i had a feeling about Eugene being full of crap early on in his introduction to the show. glad to see i wasn’t overly suspicious. that said, i didn’t feel like i gained much from tonight’s episode. next week’s looks much better…hopefully we’ll find out what happened to carol and who darryl was with when he rejoined the group at the church.

  4. relaxxx says:

    This episode was way better than Slabtown. The only thing that saved that episode was Noah. I care way more about him than Beth n Carol combined. I enjoyed this episode. So did AMC drop their no thrusting policy because Abe n Rosita were going at it n I think that was the best sex scene so far. This gives me hope that when Rick n Michonne or Daryl n Michonne get it on it will be freaking awesome. U couldn’t pay me to watch Daryl n Carol bumping uglies. Do disrespect but no just no…..shudders.

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      I’m hoping and praying that Daryl and Carol WON’T get to that point,That would just make me lose my sight and go ahhhh!! They should leave their friendship AS IT IS!

      • Guest says:

        Judging only by that deeply emotional hug Daryl gave Carol on the season premiere, they are way past the going-at-it stage in which Rosita and Abraham are stuck at. I don’t think Daryl is ready to make love to her just yet, but he can’t just have sex with Carol anymore.

    • Spence says:

      So glad you’re taking a show about survival and humanity and making it into a soft-core porno for you! Remind me, when did you start middle school? Yesterday?

    • J says:

      Nah, they need to kill off Noah, totally useless character, even worse than Beth.

      • kenny says:

        Noah is apart of the alexandrai safe zone he even says it in slabtown

        • Abby says:

          There’s still a possibility it’s not the Alexandria Safe-Zone (though I personally doubt it) because what Noah actually says is that he is from Richmond, Virginia, not Alexandria. Probably a red heron to throw comic fans, and it would definitely be weird if it was the Richmond Safe-Zone instead, since the other name is iconic to the comic series…but Noah didn’t come right out and say he was from the Alexandria Safe-Zone, and if he is from Richmond, VA then the safe-zone, if that’s his home, won’t be in Alexandria.

      • Jade says:

        He’s only been on one episode… You kind of have to give the character time… They only introduced him. Did you think Hershel was useless in the first episode he appeared in? Or Rick? Because it turns out that they were detrimental. So give Noah a chance, he’s only shown up once.

    • madskilz48 says:

      Did you catch the sneak preview of Darryl and Beth burning a smaller body on the roof of the hospital…..

      • madskilz48 says:

        Darryl and Carol burning a small body….

        • Lilly says:

          Three things about that smaller body: (1) It really was TOO small for Beth, unless they gruesomely let her get eaten before her end. (2) Why would Carol have to say “thank you” to Darryl for burning the body? He would have been crying and doing it himself. (3) Why would they have to cover up the body (unless the sent Beth to a mostly-eaten gruesome death as mentioned above)? This was a misdirect, of course–though who knows who that is. Maybe Dawn? Maybe someone Carol came to care about some but Darryl didn’t?
          Just thinkin out loud here….
          I personally hope Darryl and Carol make it back to the church with Beth and Noah in tow (and then we find out he is Tyrese’s nephew)!

          • relaxxx says:

            I don’t think it was Beth. The body was way too small n Carol sort of had like a small smile or smirk on her face. It was hard to tell plus why would she thank Daryl if it was someone they both were mourning. I think its a cathartic moment for them for the whole Sophia Beth Lizzie etc. Death. Only time will tell. I still don’t think a whole bottle episode is needed on those two. Missing Rick Michonne n co

    • mspumpum says:

      I know that’s right. carol and daryl getting it on YUK… I miss the shane and laurie sex scenes.

    • Lynn says:

      Carol and Daryl are special. They have a story. I also don’t believe that Daryl is gay, but maybe he is a virgin? He and Carol would be special. He and Beth would make me very upset. (Maybe Beth should be a lesbian?)

    • The loverat says:

      Carly and Beth will get it on

  5. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    This episode def. belongs to both Abraham and Eugene! They better go back to the church no ifs ands or buts……they have no choice at this point. I don’t think Eugene is dead but the way Abraham beat the SH*T out of him and landing flat on his face, he looked pretty dazed. With that said when they do or decide to back who’s gonna TELL Rick about Eugene not being a scientist?

    • Guest says:

      To be fair, Rick didn’t care much what Eugene was so long as he could wait for Carol. Since he was able to wait her, I don’t think he’ll mind as long as she comes back safe.

    • Joe Gannon says:

      Oh definitely Eugene should tell Rick. And he can once again end his confession with the incredibly stupid (like a HIT ME sign), “but I’m still smarter than you” statement. ;-)

    • relaxxx says:

      Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler…. So GAH confirmed that Eugene has Asperger Syndrome n when Abe beat him up I felt so bad for him. I know he lied etc but with Eugene I got a soft spot for him. I hope no one else in the group will hurt him.

  6. darlene carr says:

    Worse then the Beth episode. Two wasted episodes.

  7. darlene carr says:

    Worse two episodes ever. Total wast of two hours. Who cares about these people. Beth is useless.

    • Jack says:

      Plenty care. Sounds like you would be happier if you just record it so you can fast forward to the characters that you care about.

  8. J. says:

    Two flop episodes in a row. Looks like that will change next week though. Can’t wait for Carol and Daryl adventues.

  9. Christy says:

    Very disappointing episode. I was bored.

  10. AskGary says:

    I thought the episode was good. It sucks that they break up the group and focus one group at a time now. Waiting weeks on end to check in on my favorite characters is sad. Overall the quality of story telling and production continues to go up with the series, it will suck less to binge watch again later.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Yup, i agree. So much of what makes people hate/dislike a episode has to do with the fact they were waiting with anticipation for a entire week before the episode airs. So when a episode like this (solid, giving great character background and laying a bomb on the group, great acting, impactful to this group and potentially the other) airs, they are left feeling so disappointed because it didnt have the “exciting” characters (Rick etc), that nothing “badass” or “awesome” or “exciting” happened because it was mainly a character evolving/revealing episode.
      However when you go back and watch the entire series at once (Netflix, Bluray, w/e) and you dont have that “i just waited a week for this weak episode?!” reaction? The episodes are much more enjoyable and make a lot more sense (why the writers/showrunner decided to create those episodes).

      Sometimes you lose something by having never seen a show and watching it all at once (on say Netflix). For example “Lost” was more than just the show that aired, it was about those 6 days between its airings that we all water cooler discussed WTF just happened in the latest episode and talk about our theories. Watching Lost as a society (kinda like TWD in terms of viewership and impact, how many people talk about what happened in the latest ep? The morality? What they would have done in the situation?) was a event every Monday….so watching it alone over the course of a 4 day weekend on Netflix? You lose something.

      Sometimes however you gain something…episodes people thought were slow or lame or boring…they go by much faster when you are watching episodes one right after the other. This weeks episode would be done in 42 minutes then you’d be right into the next episode (next week) which might be badass and awesome…so you dont get that depressed “well i guess i gotta wait another week for a good Walking Dead episode…damnit!” mindset.
      Also a lot of episodes that are character developing so they are kinda “slow” and “lame”, end up having huge ramifications later on in the season(s). We are getting to know Abraham and Rosita and Eugene’s characters better, specifically Abraham and his back story and how his mind works….we will love what this episode gave us 2 seasons down the road when Abraham is our favorite character (aka still alive) and we feel so connected to him. If they didnt do episodes like these the show would be all action and when the characters die/get killed it wouldn’t impact us as much.

      • Lilly says:

        Bravo! Totally agree. I started watching with a season two TWD marathon. I’ve loved the show (except the Governor flash-backs), though not every ep is my favorite. I think we need to learn to get attached to characters other than the original 5-6. That’s just a fact. The 2- or 3-episode “tangents” (I call them) can be frustrating – because waiting 7 days between episodes is bad enough, but when we know we’re gonna wait 14 or 21 days, it just makes it hard NOT to start out annoyed.

  11. Jade says:

    ‘ Tara caught Eugene watching from the self help section as Abraham and Tara got it on ‘ You mean Abraham and Rosita got it on…
    ‘ hey, why didn’t the wet walkers just get back up and continue their attack? ‘ The pressure from the water was strong enough to tear off some of their limbs and crush their skulls. Some of the heads went flying right off… lol.
    Good review overall. :) Thanks!

  12. plsfix says:

    Rosita was the one “getting it on” with Abraham, not Tara.

  13. Okay episode in my book. Not great (leaving us hanging on a reveal for two episodes, really?) but was nice to see the Eugene reveal (I did read the source material so I figured this was coming though I will admit at one point I wondered if they weren’t actually going to go that way and have something else be up with him) and I genuinely liked the stuff with Abraham. Glenn and Maggie felt fairly useless, and Darryl seeming to care more about Beth than her will do that.

    • EJ386 says:

      Glenn and Maggie don’t actually know about Beth surviving and Darryl having a lead on where she was.

    • Abby says:

      The way they have overlooked any Maggie/Beth story this year (with the exception of one apparently meaningless line from the opening episode of the season) – I can’t believe she didn’t even mention Beth’s NAME last night when talking about guilt over ‘the others’ – it just gives me the impression it’s because the writers have nothing to lead up to. This translates to the notion that one of them will die before a reunion can take place, so it’s wasted script space to have either one of them longing for the other. I gave the show a million benefits of the doubt for Maggie seemingly not caring about Beth, but after Maggie’s conversation with Glenn in last night’s episode I can see where the complaints are coming from. I really, really can.

  14. Paul Counelis says:

    Fantastic episode. I actually understand Abraham now…I had viewed him as almost satirical before.

  15. Stefan says:

    Most boring episode EVER. I can’t believe people actually prefer it to last week’s one. Abraham and Eugene are the worst characters in my opinion.

    • UpToThisPoint... says:

      I have just finished watching S5E5 and have to begrudgingly admit that this may be the first sub-par episode of the season. Crucially, there’s just too much game time spent ”a whisperin’ in the shadows”, coupled with some wonky pacing that should not be present in an episode only dealing with one group of characters (albeit with two timelines). It just feels like a stilted, small step backwards (to the farm) given the bold pace set by the first four adventures. When you add in the lickety-spit (don’t bother to tip your hat to realism) dispatching of a horde of walkers – um with a WATER hose – with no thought to depict anyone even briefly finishing them off as they floundered armless – you have to wonder if this was just ever so slightly patched together or rushed in post production cf. previous episodes, And then, the big giveaway of Eugene coming clean? Yes it was handled and certainly acted extremely well once it was revealed, but it really left the immediate impression of being clumsily introduced,. And unfortunately this jars a little.. Maybe I am the shock value for those who had steered clear of spoilers thus far.
      Looking back, the preceding episodes just seemed a little more intuitively constructed and focussed in their intent, minute by minute.
      Overall the episode was a comparitive struggle compared to the fluid and dynamic previous four episodes. But on a positive note, this is still a kick ass season and there is no reason why it will not pick up again next time. Of this we can be sure.

      • Lilly says:

        Another big difference between these last two episodes and the ones previous this season is that the earlier episodes were a satisfying CONCLUSION to multiple things (the escape from Terminus, the dispatching of the Termites, and the reunion of our friends). These last two were delving INTO new territory. It is simply human nature that the first is more satisfying than the last.

        Why people seem to think that a slower episode has to have a reason (like for some head-scratching reason the writers were just too busy to come up with something good) other than to slow things down and INTRODUCE us to new information is surprising to me. Although your argument is well-thought out, you don’t HONESTLY think this last episode was slower and had unusual elements because the amazing creative minds behind TWD just needed a break, do you? I mean, no one is ALWAYS on their game, admittedly, but I doubt seriously they just didn’t care. I think fast-paced vs. slow-paced, gory vs. thoughtful, and fan favs vs. newbies are deliberate choices. I may not like them all, but I think they have a purpose.

        • UpToThisPoint... says:

          Lilly – yes you make a fair point and I agree in part. You can’t have a kick ass chous without a decent verse or bridge. Slower episodes, or ones which are required to spend most of their running time either dealing with major expostion or plot resolution are undeniably essential to a show that wants to survive for more than two seasons. However I just got the gut feeling that this episode (vs. the many that have preceded it in similar theme or context) was just not as well laid out as it could have been, And that’s a pity.
          But it was still a very good 42 mins of TV, though not what I wish it could have been when compared to what had come before.

      • Lilly says:

        Although you don’t need affirmation from me, I do admit that humming or singing annoyed me, too. And what was with the dark night scenes? I get that it’s dark outside, but I turned up the brightness on my tv as high as possible and STILL couldn’t see that last scene when I think Abraham was on watch.

      • jgaz says:

        Its a water cannon, several thousand gallons per minute, enough to knock down walls and cause severe damage living beings, crushing bones, collapsing chests, etc. These walkers were “ripe” and mushy, so the water litterally blew their heads / limbs off. Very unlikely that any walker would survive.
        Police water cannons, which are much weaker than fire truck deck guns can fire water at over 220 pounds per sq inch, enough to drop the burliest protester flat on his rear and cause bruising or concussions. A fire truck deck gun can toss out 2000 gallons per minute in a concentrated stream. Killing strenght. Its like dropping the walkers in a blender.

  16. relaxxx says:

    Spence ……I thought sex, laughing,crying was all a part of being human. Even MC on talking dead last night said they needed more sex scene on the show because it is unrealistic for people not to have sex. Now here’s a seat u can have cuz I could care less about your shyt comment.

    • hud says:

      Zombie blood, sweat, dirt,no flossing! Same clothing daily. Get’s my motor running.Nasty.

      • relaxxx says:

        I guess bears n wolves will take over the Earth since us humans will be preoccupied with trying to find floss n a clean shirt rather than repopulating the earth.

  17. Bark Star says:

    It was obvious from day one that Eugene did not have a cure. The show has always been about the “Zombie apocalypse that doesnt end”. So they cant have a cure for it. Wich is a shame because it would have made the show actually more itneresting.

  18. Kat says:

    the worst episode of the series for me. I almost fell asleep. That was an hour I won’t ever get back!!! Definitely worst than Beth episode because I actually wanted to find what happened to her.

  19. The Carpooler says:

    So many haters and how quickly they jump onto the negativity bandwagon when the show doesn’t please them individually. To tell a proper story is a combination of broad picture with advancements in plot as well as taking moments to fill in details.
    Relax people. It’s a TV show designed as entertainment. It’s not real. If you don’t like the episode oh well. Showrunners aren’t going to change their season strategy for you.

    • Lilly says:

      I agree. Were these last two eps my favorite? Nope. But it’s because we’ve spent the last 4 years going through hell with the core group. We care about them. They need to give us the opportunity to grow attached to more people or we’ll quit watching when they die … or they won’t be able to kill any of them for fear of the series dying.

      That said, I think our defenses raise when we see them going on tangents like this. Whole episodes with nothing from those we care most about. They leave us hanging with Darryl and Michonne for THREE weeks – when most of us can barely hang on for the one week between episodes as it is!

      Still, it is good story telling. At least we’re spending time with “good” folks. Unlike that 3-week tangent with the repulsive Governor last season!!

  20. SueNYC says:

    There was a rumor they were going to make Daryl gay but now they are going to have a love triangle. I don’t think it will be Daryl-Carol-Beth. I think Beth will not be with us much longer from the extra clip on The Talking Dead. If I recall, Carol was involved on a love triangle in the comic books that fid not end well.

    • relaxxx says:

      I think u are very correct. I think Daryl will be Tyreese n we can guess who the two ladies will be but it won’t be Beth. I think she’s a goner.

  21. CountryQueen says:

    I liked the symetry of Abraham being on his knees when Eugene first saw him, and he had the gun in his mouth, to him falling to his knees after almost killing Eugene. I really expected him to kill himself at that moment. Pretty good that I could go from despising Eugene, to actually worrying about him. Glass in the gas tank? Really?! Beat to a pulp, head bashes the fire truck, then flat on his face with a loud crunch. Not sure how he can be alive after all that, but he might be. Very realistic to have him fall like that. And horrible. No wonder he didn’t want to leave Rick’s group. I think Abe cracked, in part, ‘cuz he had to know deep down that Eugene was full of it. Totally expected him to hit Eugene, even if he would have shut his trap. Did not expect him to almost kill him, and that he would have finished it if Rosita hadn’t stepped

    • John says:

      Just my take but I think Eugene is dead, or very close to it after those punches. The director made a point to show how lifeless Eugene’s body was when he hit the ground. It just didn’t look or sound good when that happened. I think he’s done with.

  22. CountryQueen says:

    I would also like to thank all the comics readers for not spoiling Eugene’s story. I had no idea for sure that he was faking (totally thought so, but wasn’t sure). And that’s on you. THANKS!!!

  23. Sally says:

    I liked last night’s episode and the episode from the previous week. It was a nice change seeing a different set of characters from the usual Rick, Darryl, etc. And Eugene is a freakshow!! What a useless coward he is in a world overrun by zombies!! They need to leave him there and head back to the church!!

    • Lilly says:

      Unlike some, I agree that getting to know the other characters is important to a fuller show. I’m a Beth fan and liked last week better than this one. I just wish they wouldn’t go off on tangents for 2-3 weeks at a time!

  24. Jack says:

    Every week, someone is claiming its the “worst episode ever”.

    Two things-

    A. I am guessing that “ever” does not mean what most people think it means.

    2. It kinda loses the power of saying it was the worst episode ever, if every week is the worst episode ever.

    • Brigid says:

      Thank you! People just don’t appreciate good story telling. They want kill em up shoot outs and zombie attacks every week. I want character development and quite honestly I care about them all. I have favorites but I am slowly caring what happens to all of the group. Glenn and Maggie were with this group, I care about them and I want to know what is happening with them. Not everyone feels the same and the writers understand that.

    • Abby says:

      You forgot point D. Just because Home Alone.

  25. Kate says:

    Great. Wonderful. They could had Eugene telling the truth about the cure. But did they? No. Now what is this season going to be about? Is it going to be about Rick and company setting up camp in another place that is doomed to blow up in their faces? Maybe a long, stretched out rescue attempt for Beth and Carol? I can’t wait. (Note the sarcasm.) I get that the comics are supposed to be “endless” and to have no ending. I really do get that, but the TV show has got to be different. They have to be going SOMEWHERE with the show and the characters. There has to be an end game because let’s face it: this show isn’t going to be on forever.

    Oh, and making us wait on finding out what happens to Beth and Carol? Really? By the time they get to that, I might just not care anymore. (I had actually forgotten about Beth until last week’s episode. Isn’t that sad?)

    At least we got some character development in this episode. I understand Abraham more and actually care about his character. The truth about Eugene was a shocker (thanks to all the comic book readers for not spoiling that one) and it was something that I hadn’t seen coming. Did I doubt him? Yes, but I thought maybe it wasn’t going to be easy as he portrayed or something along those lines.

    Was this a boring episode? Oh, yeah. I was more interested in finding out what happened to a character that I had FORGOTTEN rather than the DC group. I know some of the viewers liked this episode, but it didn’t keep my attention. Well, until the end. Eugene’s confession caught my attention.

    . . . Still wish something more happened in this episode.

    • Lilly says:

      Although I get the frustration I “hear” coming from your rant (though I like Beth, I groaned when I saw at least two weeks of “tangent” after the Darryl-Michonne cliffhanger, too) – I can’t help but ask why people like you WATCH this show? I mean, man, turn the channel if you hate it THAT much. What do you want them to do, keep following Rick, Carl, Michonne et al. to see how bloody they can get and who dies next and how?

      Yes, I’d like there to be some sort of end-game or goal or something for our characters than just survival. But this show has always been for me the daily moral (and other) issues these characters face. On some level, I’m rooting for good to triumph over evil, even if that means the apocalypse doesn’t turn these decent people into complete evil survivalists – and not that I get a lovely zombie cure.

      Heck, at this point, they could make a show out of how these people will go BACK to being civilized after coming this far in an apocalypse!

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Yup. There is SOOOOOOOOOOOO much more content in this show (from the comics and TV show writers) to get to before someone finds the cure (if they even ever do that). You realize odds are this show will go for 10-15 seasons right? Really? Finding a cure in season 5? Lol. Ya not gonna happen.

        This show has a LOT of legs left on it (just like the comics) before it starts to prep its end game. First off, there are still a TON of new people to meet, a bunch of people in our old group and new group to die, tons of new places to go and things to experience, then this show can start to widen out (like the comics have) to seeing how little pocket communities are surviving and what that means and eventually finding someone with the resources that is working on a cure and finds it or something (in season 13).

      • Kate says:

        Yeah, they would be able to do that. I watch the show because my mom watches this show and she sucked me in. -_- I care enough about the characters to keep watching. I don’t hate the show (I actually find it kind of cool). I just see potential for it to be better. They fell into a pattern of getting a place, it blowing up in their faces and finding a new place. Now that the cure was a lie, I don’t have a clue where they’ll go next and that scares me. Will Rick and company find another place and have history repeat itself? (I certainly hope not.) I didn’t mind that they’re jumping back and forth between two groups (or three if you count Beth and Carol). I just wanted for the Beth problem to resolved or at least show what happens after Carol is pulled in. It’s frustrating me because I want to know what will happen.

    • Abby says:

      So what you’re really saying is, because you don’t like the storyline the way it’s playing out, it has to be different. Nope.

  26. Will says:

    I liked this episode – better than Slab Town. We got to see the back story of Abraham and Eugene. Liking Abraham’s character even more. #dolphinsmooth LOL

  27. best episode i don’t think so but both this episode and the beth eisode were good

  28. Abby says:

    Violent protection…? I have to say, I think the bruises on his wife’s face in those flashback scenes were evident that Abraham was more violent than protective.

    • Abby says:

      I mean, why else would he freeze up and get all nostalgic when he pummels someone, if he’s not remembering the man he doesn’t want to be?

    • Lilly says:

      Michael Cudlitz (Abraham) explained on Talking Dead that he returned from a supply run to find his wife/family had been raped/attacked by people they were with, so he killed the thug people. His brutish murder of them scared his family. Doesn’t mean HE lifted a hand to his family.

    • Jade says:

      The bruises on his wife’s face were clearly NOT from Abraham. His wife, daughter and son were attacked, beat and raped (implied rape due to ripped clothes) and that’s what happens in the comic books, including the fact that the man who plays Abraham says that they went for a more vague approach in the television series (i.e: not to be graphic) but it was implied by himself, and Robert Kirkman that Abraham’s family were beat and raped.
      Abraham was never abusive towards his family, he beat and killed the group of men that brutally tortured his family.
      The bruises on her face weren’t from Abraham, those were from the men that attacked his family while he was out on a run.

      • Lilly says:

        Michael Cudlitz (the actor who plays Abraham) explained that on Talking Dead. If he hadn’t – for those of us unfamiliar with the comics – I was left scratching my head. The family was clearly scared of him (Cudlitz explained it was because they’d seen his military persona come out when killed those men – something they’d not seen before) – enough to make them leave him in the night. So it was confusing. They didn’t have to get all gruesome and vulgar with the molestation of a family, but a little more explanation (on the show) would have helped.

  29. marcvelitrae says:

    I hope Eugene is gone. He has got to be the worst, boorish, uninteresting character in five seasons. Who gives a crap about his mullet? I realize the importance of filling back story but it is just wrong to go two episodes without Rick and Michonne.

    • Lilly says:

      C’mon, man, develop some depth!! I’m a HUGE Rick and Michonne fan, but if this show’s gonna last more than another year or two, we’re gonna have to develop attachments to more than just those two (and Daryl, of course). Eugene is fairly one-dimensional at this point, but have we not learned anything yet about how people can evolve and bring new elements of interest to the group? Take Carol, for example. I’ll be honest and admit she isn’t my favorite character (I argued here last year strongly that she should NOT have killed those two in the prison), but she’s grown into a strong, much more interesting character than when we met her. Sure was glad she was around to rescue my buds in Terminus! Would we be interested in a wimpy woman who was abused by her husband NOW in the show? No. Walker meat! But Eugene holds the potential of a different kind of intelligence that could add interest to the normal strategizing of our group.

  30. rew-ken says:

    See lots of loser has nothing to do but only fight for TV show? This is called walking dead.

  31. Walker fan says:

    Pretty sure Eugene would have done more damage with a squirt gun than a hose from a fire truck that doesn’t have it’s engine running. Cool scene and idea though.

  32. Walker fan says:

    Also, why no worries about getting zombie blood in the open wound on Abe’s hand. Didn’t see any discussion on that?

  33. So what happened to the crazy guy with the mask seen following rick and team to the church..he saved rick in the first episode? Bet after all that yelling and fighting they turn around and the thousands of walkers are heading to their Eugene snack.

  34. Keri bobbins says:

    Am I the only one who noticed the scene in the episode where they were celebrating at the church? Eugene glances at a plaque on the wall which says something about being stupid. It was a very short scene, but I knew in that moment that he was nothing more than a nerd, not a scientist.

  35. Jb says:

    Who directed this episode, it seemed so radically different than any in the past?

  36. Danny says:

    I am a diehard walking dead fan, have been since it started but have to agree with most the episode was a bit of a bore compared to some of the brilliant episodes in season 3 when the governor was around, he was twisted and was as evil as the come, every episode was a rollercoaster ride since no one knew what he was going to do next, yes he killed Hershel which was a huge blow to the walking dead but no season has come close to topping season 3, don’t get me wrong there have been some excellent episodes but the governor was badass and kept the suspense ramped up from start to finish, best villain ever until the arrival or negan whenever that maybe, but somehow I don’t think he will have the same impact as Philip Blake ( aka the governor) and now without a cure, no bad guys apart from the hospital people which I don’t think will last very long the story could go anywhere and I look forward to seeing what happens with Morgan, lets just hope they surprise us with something epic like they usually do

  37. I still want to know why the walkers did not get up after Eugene sprayed them with water unless a fire retardant was mixed in with the water and somehow caused a chemical reaction in the walkers and shut them down, maybe he will save the world not because he is a scientist or smarter but just blind luck

  38. jimmy says:

    I am finding the entire season extremely boring and there’s too many commercials. I just watch out of habit now.

  39. Joseph, Agent Of Chaos says:

    This episode was not bad at all. I think finding about other characters and what makes them who they are in their world is a good thing to do for both a comic series and a tv series. I would like to know if Abe possibly killed Eugene. We’ll just have to find out in the near future.

  40. penny1973 says:

    I was not a beth fan but found myself happy she stepped up in this final episode! I was also sadden to see her die because of maggie who was hopeful to see her lil sister. Eugene was a joke and it was obvious from the start. I still like all the awekward intense going on because it makes it at times has its dull moments which it gave a chance for each character to have their story told. Love walking dead.

  41. Lacy says:

    They need to kill off Rosita, Abraham, and other guy. They showed up all of a sudden based on a lie, I see no point aservice to the three useless wheels lugging around. They were literally out of gas at one point, they should have all been eaten by the hoard of zombies. So useless to see them still this far in the game. Kill them off it is loosing my interest, why were they added to begin with nobody will miss them guaranteed.