The Simpsons Meet Futurama: 10 Best Moments from the Crossover Episode

The employees of Futurama‘s Planet Express were temporarily revived Sunday and brought to present-day Springfield for their most important mission yet: killing Homer Simpson.

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While shorter — and certainly less publicized — than The Simpsons‘ previous crossover with Family Guy, “Simpsorama” seamlessly wove together Matt Groenings’ two greatest creations into a 30-minute smörgåsbord of classic callbacks, meta references… and Zoidberg!

Read on for the top 10 moments, quotes and general questions from “Simpsorama”:

* No judgment, but is anyone else wondering what Homer and Hedonismbot did offscreen to merit that enthusiastic “woo-hoo!” during the couch gag?

* Homer: “What’s the robot version of bromance?” / Bender: “Romance.” / Homer: “You future guys have a word for everything!”

Simpsons Futurama Crossover* The realization that Bender is, essentially, just a robot version of Homer. #MindBlown

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* As someone who stopped counting how much he’s spent on The Simpsons‘ mobile game Tapped Out, I enjoyed Homer’s heavy-handed explanation of “freemium games.” (Side note: Is it merely a coincidence that South Park made the same joke just days ago?)

* As always, Marge remains the queen of awkward observations. Her exchange with Leela (“Eye am so pleased to meet you” / “Nice to be hair“) was just the best.

* Leela: “In our time, Epcot Center is a work farm for the weak.” / Farnsworth: “But it’s not as crowded as the slave labor camps at Universal Studios.”

* Scruffy’s suicide was one of the darkest jokes I’ve seen on The Simpsons in a long time. I mean, I laughed, but it was still super dark.

* Farnsworth: “Ah, motherly love… Why did we outlaw that?”

* The award for most brilliant joke of the night goes to Lisa (I know, I can’t believe it either) for her solution to New New York’s infestation problem: “Attention, goblins! Madison Cube Garden is filled with Butterfinger bars — and people are laying fingers all over them!”

* Lisa playing a saxophone version of Futurama‘s holophonor was also a nice touch.

What was your favorite moment from “Simpsorama”? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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  1. Is February 23 Bart’s birthday or not because it sure sounded like it tonight?!?

  2. Steven says:

    Excuse me while I go cry in a corner over Fry’s dog waiting for him.

  3. JayBone says:

    The reference to Fry`s dog.

  4. David F. says:

    The atheist prayer was hilarious. “Jesus was just a man.”

  5. JeffDJ says:

    Loved all the references, especially Fry’s patiently-waiting pooch. Would have been nice for Fry to remark how nice it was to essentially be back in his own time.

  6. Hypnotoad. Enough said. All glory to the hypnotoad!

    It was classic, I miss that amphibian. And the beer had the same effect on Homer like hypnotoad did on Bart.

  7. Joey Padron says:

    Great episode. It was good to see Futurama characters on TV again. Easter eggs in episode was good.

  8. Khalid Ross says:

    I thought it would be impossible to weave the two worlds together because of the garbage planet episode when Frye found boxes of Bart Simpson dolls and said, “I used to watch this show back in the year 2000!”

  9. ohyeahitsamy says:

    The whole episode was awesome! The part that really got me is that, even in the future, Bart is still causing havoc and getting himself or other people in trouble. Also, the little Bart goblins reminded me of the Gremaliens in Simpsons: Tapped Out who also infest everything and are hard to get rid of because they always come back.

  10. Ari says:

    Bring back FUTURAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    As if I wasn’t already wishing for Futurama’s 4th revival, this renewed my fire
    If I had to choose: Futurama>Simpsons

  11. Something so small but the part I laughed the hardest at was when the professor used the DNA machine and showed a picture of marge and Homer calmly says “who is that?” hahahah.

  12. The ‘Life in Hell’ reference was also pretty funny.

  13. sd says:

    not enough zoidberg

  14. Ram510 says:

    Can Fox please bring Futurama back? It’s not like Fox has anything better to do, they already are bringing back Smarter than a 5th Grader

  15. One of the funniest moments was Bender and Homer napping on the sofa: “Kill all humans”/”Start with Flanders”. LOL

  16. Jesus Reyna says:

    I don’t know why but for whatever reason I lost it when Bart clears his nose in the sandwich and then it cuts to Marge in her kitchen and she says “Ohhh my sandwich” lol. I loved the whole thing but that was hilarious.

  17. Luigi says:

    Bender and Maggie (she is always so cool!) at the track and then splitting the winnings stuffed in her diaper. Maggie’s share should somehow be written into a future episode how she saves the family from being bankrupt r parlays the money into a fortune.

  18. james says:

    After watching the Simpson’s Futurama Crossover last nite – is it a common known fact that the Springfield Heights Institute of Technology (where Professor Frink works) is a particular four letter word when spelled as an acronym ” S.H.I.%. ” ? Ive actually seen this word used many many years ago in an episode as it was the school that Apu also went to.

  19. Terrence & Philip says:

    Anyone else notice “THE eBOOK OF MORMON” billboard?? A reference to the South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Could a South Park mash up be coming soon?

  20. CalBear says:

    When Homer comes back to give beer to Bender at the end of the episode. A very nice gesture! Ohh and when Nibbler eats “Alien” Bart and poops him out haha

  21. The Planet Express ship knocks the FXXX satellite out of the way.