Revenge Recap: Daughter to Father

Revenge 406

Ladies and gentlemen, Revenge‘s proverbial cat is finally out of the bag. Actually, that’s a bit of an understatement. More accurately, the cat emerged from the bag, ripped it to shreds and peed all over it. Meow.

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That was my roundabout way of saying that Emily finally revealed her true identity to David in the final moments of Sunday’s episode, though it wasn’t exactly the warm-and-fuzzy reunion we’d all been hoping for. Upon discovering that David had been monitoring Amanda’s activities in the Hamptons, Emily lashed out at her crazy bearded father for not coming to her aid sooner. Needless to say, he was a little too stunned to explain himself.

So how does Victoria plan to avoid being exposed for the double-crossing, impeccably dressed villainess that she is? Well, it turns out Vicky always has a Plan B — even when she doesn’t realize she has one. A brewing storm struck down a power line outside Emily’s old place, knocking Victoria unconscious as she attempted to flee the scene of the Clarke Family Reunion 2014.

(Only on Revenge is getting electrocuted considered a stroke of luck.)

GOING DOWN? | Of course, Victoria wasn’t the only Grayson who had a shocking encounter with Emily this week. Daniel — who finally knows Emily’s secret, thanks to Charlotte’s pre-exit confession — attempted to intimidate her during an unfortunate elevator run-in, but in typical Daniel fashion, Emily shut his ass down almost immediately. It’s often said that God doesn’t give with both hands, and I’m pretty sure Daniel Grayson is living proof of that.

HOT IN HURR | I’ve said it once, but it begs repeating: The crazier Louise gets, the more I love her — and this week, we finally learned the source of her insanity. She’s been having visions of her mother, played to absolute perfection by Carolyn Hennesy, who doesn’t seem to think Louise is good enough, no matter how hard she tries. This week’s wacky action (“wacktion”?) involved Louise locking Margaux in the steam room at their health club, nearly killing her. But neither attempted murder, nor a glass of wine in the face — courtesy of a steaming mad Margaux — was enough to convince Daniel to drop Louise as a client. He sure does like ’em crazy!

NOLAN: UNPLUGGED | Have Nolan’s days of Liberace-esque excess finally come to an end? Tired of the media hounding him night and day — he’s even managed to predict the arrivals of news helicopters to the second — the former party boy bought himself a new, off-the-grid Batcave this week, and from Mr. Sheffield, no less! I have no idea what Nolan’s next move is, but should he decide to adopt a trio of golden-haired children, I’m sure the house’s former owner could recommend some good help.

BEN IS STILL HERE | Show of hands: Do we think Ben was born with that enormous stick up his butt, or did it come with the badge? When he told Jack he wasn’t allowed to make a personal call to Emily during his shift, I became one of those nut jobs — no offense, Louise — who talks to people that aren’t there, though I’d rather not repeat what I yelled at TV-Ben in the event that children are reading this. Anyhoo, Ben continued his investigation into Conrad’s murder, and at this point, I have to ask: Does anyone else think the former Grayson patriarch might still be alive?

All right, Revenge-rs, let’s talk: Was Emily and David’s reunion everything you hoped it would be? What would you like to see Louise do next? And am I alone in my Conrad theory? Drop a comment with your review of this week’s episode below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. metekaan2013 says:

    Conrad is probably dead and Ben will probably be put to the sidelines as another detective takes the reigns in his investigation. It’s just a matter of time.

    Jack is a cop–I just can’t believe it…Just no.

    Louise is still amazing and getting crazier by the minute. It’s Tyler 2.0.

    • Andy Swift says:

      She IS Tyler 2.0! I miss him…

    • Conrad Ridgestone says:

      OMG she is SO the female Tyler! Totally forgot him

    • Angie says:

      OMG! You are so right! Totally forgot about Tyler! I do love Louise the crazier she gets. That photoshopping she was doing on her iPad was priceless. 😂😂😂.

    • Cory says:

      Could Louise be a long lost sister of Tyler’s, he would have given anything to be a Grayson so maybe she is taking up his cause?!

    • A says:

      Dont care for Louise… her storyline is so unconnected to the rest of whats going on that its easy to fast forward through her stuff

    • Mk says:

      It’s always been about Daniel and Emily.
      I agree with the poster it’s about these children growing up. Of course Emily, now revealed as Amanda, is for him. Her traits are familiar yet she is stronger than his mother-who he’s needed to wean from his entire life. He had to leave and grow to build that back up.
      And Em/Amanda has always been for him. He has the inner strength to break the curse of his wretched father/family and that is what attracts her to him. However, she was disgusted when he chose to give in to the weak character crutches he learned from Conrad. Now that he’s rejected that family-there is hope.

      Jack. Jack actually built strength when he dated Margeaux and had a chance for character development. Both of them did-they were good for each other.
      Unfortunately, Margeaux dating Daniel has always been lifeless–he’s never loved her and now she’s lifeless and shallow. I haven’t given up her entirely. She’s shown her strength before.

      David has always had a plan. I don’t know enough about him yet, but I do not believe his reconciliation with Victoria is valid in the slightest.

  2. Alichat says:

    THANK GOD! I was becoming so frustrated with this show. I was wondering when she was finally going to confront him about why he didn’t come to get her…..where he has been….why he doesn’t know who she is. My god, Jack knew….and David doesn’t even suspect. I’m seriously disappointed that Victoria isn’t dead. That conversation with Daniel in the elevator was odd. Dude still loves her… Ben just needs to take himself elsewhere. And what in the blazes does this Louise chick want? I can’t get a bead on her crazy.

    • Andy Swift says:

      I’m thinking she wants Victoria… though in what capacity, I’m not sure.

      • Lucie Loing says:

        I think she views Victoria as the mother she never had but I don’t know why. Louise is the one storyline I just don’t grt. I even like Margaux more than Louise.

      • Lucie Loing says:

        I think she views Victoria as the mother she never had but I don’t know why. Louise is the one storyline I just don’t grt. I even like Margaux more than Louise.

      • Alichat says:

        Exactly! And based upon her comments, she seemed to be leaning toward wanting Victoria as a mother or mother-in-law. But what kind of bat sh*t crazy wants Victoria as a mother??

    • Ben says:

      You are seriously disappointed Victoria doesn’t die? She makes the show. If she dies, the show would be over. Plus Madeline Stowe is the best actress they have. Pitch perfection in this role.

    • Yasmine says:

      He doesn’t still love her, up until that moment they talked he actually hated her. But that was the first time he saw the real her and it fascinated him.

      • Alichat says:

        I can see that. Perhaps it was fascination. But I think he still loves her. Otherwise, why would he care whether or not any of it was real? Why did he want her to confirm it was real when he proposed? Why would he care?

        • E.C. says:

          I agree. I think Daniel hated Emily so much as a defense mechanism because he was so incredibly hurt and confused by all of her lies and seemingly shallow reasons for being with him. Now that he knows the truth, his true feelings are surfacing and a part of him still loves her or the idea of their old relationship.

          • samiha says:

            i loved the encounter between Daniel and Emily. And was i the only one that felt a little bit of sorry for Daniel(i know he is a douche, but he was so sweet in the beggining(know that i spelt that wrong)). i just loved how he was looking throgh there wedding pic like he was trying to grasp if everthing between them was all a lie, and i was kind of hoping that emily would say that it wasnt all act in the beggining and that she truly loved him.

          • April says:

            I enjoyed seeing these 2 alone in a scene after awhile but we have to remind ourselves he shot her! She could never be with him after all this fully unfolds.

          • Sharon says:

            Excuse me, shooting your wife when you find out she wasn’t pregnant is not love especially when it prevents her from having children even if it didn’t kill her.

          • Dil says:

            I ADORED that scene! I totally something happening between them again…especially now that Margaux has broken up with Daniel!

          • Netty says:

            If someone had inserted themselves into my life, made me fall in love with them beyond words and made me do everything in my power to protect and love them, then realize that same person’s plan was to destroy my life, my family and drag me & my family through the mud until we were penniless then he/she should count themselves lucky if they get away with just a gunshot wound. My point is, from Daniel’s point of view Emily was a crazy con woman who was out to destroy his family and deserved nothing less than death. But now he understands why Emily did all she did.

    • dude says:

      I’m not sure if Daniel actually does love her. I think that was more Josh Bowman’s love for Emily Van Camp bleeding through.

    • Izzy says:

      Maybe the reason why David didn’t come to get her sooner is because someone else who took those photos of Amanda was blackmailing David and they were threatening to take her out and reveal he was still alive and hiding..and once he saw those photos of his daughter with Jack and the baby, it was enough for him to stay away to protect them

      • Kristal says:

        i’m a little confused myself here because when he went to visit Jacks baby- he saw the wedding pic of Amanda – and said “oh yea he does have her eyes”– yet he said nothing about Amanda -I thought he kinda just handed the pic back because he didn’t recognize her – but maybe he already knew what she looked like. Ok and that prison guard who let conrad go is definitely involved. (He won a bunch of money in Atlantic City then quit his job and died of a heart attack) Nope- he had David living in his Garage- the money came from Conrad (the money he paid to get out of jail)

  3. Chris says:

    I got to hand it to them. I was expecting a total cop out for that reunion (like he was only going to ask for a cup of sugar and leave then we’d get the reunion in episode 21 or worse).

    • Andy Swift says:

      I was afraid their scene at the beginning of the episode was going to be the “reunion,” so imagine my surprise (and delight!) in those final moments.

      • The reunion scene was amazing, really touching. I saw it a few times later. And it was about time for them to meet. It was painful to watch all of those Victoria moves and see David Not So Innocent Clarke fall for every different version of the Amanda Story he heard! As for Daniel and Emily: I always thought he was a jerk (and he still is), but that scene was also great. He was amazed by “the real Amanda”. Things might get interesting. And Ben desperately needs to get that thing out of his butt. Now. It kinda makes me feel unconfortable for him.

  4. iMember says:

    Absolutely in love with this season. It’s been pretty stellar and it won’t stop, can’t stop.

    Louise is my favorite new character. Love her more and more every time.

    The scene with Daniel and Emily was so great! Was really happy Emily mentioned the time she actually did love him until he side with his father.

    Final minute. PERFECT!!!! I knew Emily’s emotions would have gotten the better of her when it came to telling David the truth. After last week’s (awesome) episode, I knew my hat secret couldn’t be kept in the bag any longer. Cat had to come out!

    Next week is going to kill me. I’m ready for this emotional roller coaster ride.

    • Summer says:

      I absolutely agree!! I loved Daniel and Emily in the elevator! I love when they show that little piece of who Daniel was at the beginning of Season 1.

      • Whatevah says:

        That was the most chemistry I’ve seen between those two through out the whole show. don’t forget he shot her….I really can’t see Emily and Daniel getting back together.

    • Netty says:

      Daniel and Emily elevator moment was better that the father daughter reunion IMO. Its clear that Daniel was hurt by the deception but he seems like he still has an ounce of affection for Emily..he was very vulnerable. Seeing as Jake and Emily are not getting together anytime soon they might as well bring back Emily and Daniel.

      • jo says:

        would love that.

      • E.C. says:

        Yes! Out of all of the crazy things that have happened on this show, bringing Emily and Daniel back together would actually be one of the best things the writers can do to breathe life back into the series. Their relationship from Season 1 was very interesting to watch…it was an unexpected surprise that Emily would fall in love and have that much chemistry with her enemy’s offspring.

      • meg says:

        I never cared much for Daniel and Emily as a couple until that elevator scene happened. Now it seems like it could be really interesting should they go down that road.

        I don’t think he loves her still or anything, at least not yet, but his hatred of her has tempered because now he knows the real reason behind it all – it wasn’t that Emily was just some con artist social climber taking his life down for money – which was the real insult of it all, for Daniel anyway, that he was just a mark to some random nobody for money – she had a reason that he actually can understand quite well, being a Greyson and all. Now he gets why Emily would have gone to such lengths to insert herself in his life.

        • Netty says:

          Esp when he was looking at the wedding pictures and not really paying attention to Margaux talk; he just came to a realization that Emily was not just some crazy bored quack after his money. I think their interactions from now on wards are going to be interesting

      • samiha says:

        ooooohhhhh i hope it happen!!

    • Deion says:

      Yes! Daniel and Emily’s scene was what I loved most about this episode. Despite all the attempts to cover it up, Emily did care deeply for Daniel until he found out about what the Graysons had done and stood by them. That little moment of realization that he destroyed them long before Emily’s lies and his family’s insanity did in his face was worth the ep. It could have been done better, but I’m glad they didn’t gloss over it. Both Grayson children given the takedown they’ve long needed in just 2 weeks!

  5. Lp says:

    I am actually eager to see Conrad return bc Connie adds A LOT to the show in my opinion. I think the only way this show continues on for more seasons is to really see Conrad and Victoria both get what they have coming to them. Am I wrong? It would add some serious tension and forge some great alliances long term. I love revenge and wan it to continue on rather than be a bubble show or cancelled.

  6. nikki says:

    nothing will make me happier than Conrad being alive. Okay, Conrad stabbing David through his heart will make me happier.

    • LJ Bissonnette says:

      Hasn’t Conrad done enough to David already? Whatever happened to David during his 1st decade of incarceration couldn’t have been pretty. Especially since Conrad’s power to control every situation and event exactly as he wanted doesn’t seem to have stopped at the prison gates! He still controlled every aspect of David’s life even in prison. It seems to me that David has a whole lot of healing to do, and am hoping being reunited with the people who truly love him actually helps to facilitate his healing. Exacting a little revenge of his own probably wouldn’t hurt either!

  7. Tricia says:

    Good episode. So good. Can’t want to see how David explains himself. I’m somewhat expecting him to say those photos were actually threats against “Amanda” by some unknown force a la Leanne Mars.

    • Tricia says:

      Also, that scene between Nolan and Louise made me nervous – please don’t fall for another crazy person, Noles.

      • April says:

        Seriously. Nolan should know to always be suspicious. I didn’t like that he dropped his phone in the ice bucket.

      • jerrired says:

        I know I’m weird for this, but when Nolan and Louise had their little scene…I was like another crazy one for Nolan? I kind of ship it. The dynamic would be so fun, guys. Just think about it and then ignore the bad possibilities.

        • LJ Bissonnette says:

          I also think it might be fun to watch the dynamics between the two of them. I don’t think Nolan is being naive. If he hasn’t already, he’ll quickly catch onto Louise. maybe even before his cell phone dries out. Nolan could have a whole lot of fun orchestrating some kind of “demonship” between Victoria and Louise. Just imagine. I’d love to see all that Victoria experiences trying to extricate herself from the clutches of someone who might prove to be her equal! I like that the writers also brought Louise’s hateful mother into the story. Real or imagined, domineering mama is what could help turn Louise into the more frightening of Victoria’s many nemeses.

          I see Victoria as being a very needy person who needs to be in control. She needs to reign supreme… at any cost. Louise is also very needy; she needs to control the reins… at any cost. The suspense filled drama of two desperately needy women clashing? The possibilities are endless. However, I see myself growing tired of this scenario after about a season.

  8. S says:

    It’s PATRIARCH not matriarch……since Conrad is a man!

  9. Melanie says:

    Wow at those final minutes. So awesome. That was the reunion I was expecting. A pissed out, depressed girl that doesn’t get why her father didn’t come to her sooner. Glad V. got electrocuted so she won’t just be able to run away after being exposed. That scene was epic. Watch it 3-4 times already.
    I also loved the elevator scene with Daniel.
    Those are the 5 minutes the show was good. Other than that, Nolan buying the club, bof. Margaux well, ya know. Louise is crazy. We knew that. I just want her out. And BEN! Seriously when he took Jack’s phone I would have done as Emily and just hung up. I saw it as one more way for him to make a move on her. Isn’t he annoying keep questioning Jack about her. Clearly you’re not up to the competition. Go away.

  10. Megan says:

    Not to nit pick, but did anyone else notice that when they showed David seeing Emily/Amanda’s tattoo that it was totally smudged? Just sayin’

  11. April says:

    If David was keeping track of Amanda (or who he thought was Amanda) in the Hamptons, how could he be so clueless about Amanda?

    Some of the scene plots are so crazy unbelievable…Nolan’s ability to hack anything or find locks for random keys, Victoria setting up that stripper with a fake story to feed David etc etc!

    • ngirl says:

      Hey man, that’s Nolan. Don’t question it, just embrace it.

    • LJ Bissonnette says:

      I wondered the same thing about David. I also wondered why he didn’t recognize SOMETHING about Emily/Amanda. Like maybe she had her mother’s {insert whatever here} or maybe even recognizes something of himself in her. Wouldn’t it be some kind of twist to learn that Victoria had had David’s wife killed so she could have him (almost) all to herself?

      As for Nolan’s “superpowers”, I LOVE them. Makes the show more interesting. Also, I love Gabriel Mann. He’s a very nice distraction even though he’s waist deep in all the drama.

  12. Jimmy says:

    The final few minutes were stellar. Emily Van Kamp was great. I have to say i wasn’t all that thrilled with David resurfaced, but I’m interested to see how this unfolds and what David was up to the years he was in hiding.

  13. ngirl says:

    OMG, I freaking loved that ending. Dude, I was screaming at the screen “Finally. Fu**ing Finally! ” David and Emily are finally reunited. Now, she needs break her foot off in his a** for allowing for himself to become Victoria’s b**** again. Get him, Emily. Takeda-style.

  14. Juan says:

    Best episode of the season. I knew Emily wouldn’t be able to contain all her disappointment and anger she was feeling. Why didn’t he go for her? It’s true when she said that she was the one who had to survive all that while he was who knows where and when she said what we had all been thinking of how she did all these things to honor his memory for not reason it really made me sad for her.

  15. Tamara says:

    I watched the final scene muted, and if you squint your eyes a bit, I’m pretty sure Emily’s dialogue actually went something like, “Why can’t you afford a razor? Maybe you could have shoplifted a Mach 3 blade instead. Seriously dad, Tom Hanks was stranded on a deserted island and spent his days talking to a VOLLEYBALL and even he looked more sane than you.”

    I’m digging this season. My only fear is that in the winter finale, we’re going to find out this has all been a terrible hallucination or dream of Victoria’s and that she’s still locked up and that Conrad is alive. I just don’t see where the season will go after this as much as I loved tonight’s reveal. Obviously David can pass off his absence as not being able to come out until his name was clear, wanting to protect his daughter and give her a chance at a normal life, yeah, yeah, yeah. I hope they can keep things as compelling and interesting as they have so far.

  16. queerbec says:

    For a while there I thought that David wasn’t really THE real David Clarke. He didn’t recognize Amanda and he only appeared after Amanda died so that the only person who could reveal him had died. He could have picked up all the background by reading all the books and news articles about David. He only recognized Amanda because of her outburst and the tattoo, although there was a flashback. Also did Emily plant the knife she stole from the beach house into the apartment of the man Charlotte killed? Just to take suspicion away from her father?

  17. i do believe conrad is alive! i thought it was just me hahahahaha

  18. tigersmurfette says:

    conrad is dead. ben is his son.

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  20. N says:

    Loved this episode! The last few minutes were great! V’s not dead

  21. Matt says:

    My sneaking supicion that Conrad is alive has been growing each week. I’ve been thinking he might make his re-appearance mid-season to throw a wrench into things. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s been feeling this.

  22. Lore says:

    As i much i want Conrad back, this will be crazy, but damn, how i miss Victoria and Conrad dialogues

  23. Will says:

    What a tease…just when I thought Margeaux was actually going to die. Same with Victoria getting electrocuted. But hey…yeah, I know…she IS the first actress in the credits. Odd…I actually like the dynamic now between Daniel and Emily now that Daniel knows. I feel for Emily…I’d be super pissed at my father too. Oh…and c’mon…David believes the stripper over Emily? Maybe David has selective amnesia…LOL. Oh, and while I’m at it…what is the deal with the overuse of the locker room/shower scenes with Ben and Jack? Useless characters: Margeaux, Ben, & Louise.

    • Maryann says:

      Absolutely ridiculous that Victoria would be first in the credits. This is EMILY’s story, not Victoria’s, and any attempt to make it otherwise is just more bad writing from a showrunner who jumped the shark when he delivered Emily’s revenge before the end of the series, brought back David Clarke from the dead, and gave a narrative voiceover to Victoria to put things from her point of view.

  24. Yasmine says:

    And there goes Victoria making everything about her…… that was supposed to be a father-daughter moment

  25. Alyssa says:

    This is the best season ever I love it everything that I wished had happen happened except Daniel grabbing Emily and saying I still love you no matter what your name is. Love the two of them.

  26. OK why is everyone not seeing that final scene as I did? It was awesome for about a minute until Victoria’s fall. David ran FROM HIS DAUGHTER, to Victoria, to kneel beside her and try to help. The look on Emilys face showed it all. A man gone for years who is finally reunited and realizes his daughter is alive… leaves her side to go be by Victoria. He chose Victoria.

    • the Ricker says:

      I did! It was so annoying that he left her side in a matter of seconds to run to that wench!

    • the girl says:

      Which is why I don’t believe that was an accident. Victoria staged the electrocution somehow. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that she led Emily to that safe deposit box. Emily has not been in control at ALL this season. Why else would Victoria choose to go outside instead of just upstairs or in the other room? She wanted to pull David from his daughter.

    • Beda says:

      I noticed that too. The look on Emily’s face said it all.

    • Lalz says:

      girl I did! And it pissed me off. I can’t wait for her to tell her father off. It’s official! David Clarke is the worst father in the world! And an idiot!

  27. joy1013 says:

    This show is the best show on television! I watched about 3 to 5 episodes at a time from season 1 until now when I saw the show on Netflix. I was obsessed after the 2nd episode on season 1. I even got my husband to love it, and we watch it every sunday together and im watching it from season 1 again with him. I was so disappointed that the reunion was when David showed up at Emily’s house, so what a surprise in the end when he found out she was Amanda! I am so glad she told him sooner than later! I’m curious to see how things will play out from here. Will they revenge against Victoria together, will they ever become close like in the past, what is crazy Louise planning with Nolan and what her motives for Victoria, etc. I thought conrad was for sure dead. This show sure loves bringing people back from the dead lol Lydia, david, conrad. Ben is so annoying. I hope jack and emily/amanda have a happy ending together. I’ve been rooting for them since day one. He had his brother, fake amanda, his dad taken away from him and he has always loved her and she would have been with him the first season if she didn’t care about her revenge…but then we wouldn’t have had a show. I can’t wait to see what happens! I hope David takes down Victoria for what she did to him and how she took his daughter away from him. I wonder if this is the last season since they had their reunion. It will be sad to see this show go, but after 4 amazing seasons, I think this would be a good one to end on after her and her dad work things out and hopefully she has a happy ending, including with Jack. With the show’s unexpected twists and turns though, you never know, and I love it that way!

    • Gail says:

      Joy finally someone who wants to see Emily/Amanda and Jack reunite. Like you I have been rooting for them to be together from the beginning. Most people want her with Daniel, but I have always liked Jack. I really hope that her father doesn’t let her down and does go after Victoria after all that Victoria has done to her. Great show tonight and I just don’t want it to end.

      • Kat says:

        I used to like Jack in first and even second season but he annoys me now. I used to want him with Emily then, Even though I loved Daniel and Emily from the beginning. At this point I hope they will end up together.

      • joy1013 says:

        Im glad you have been rooting for jack and emily/amanda too! They are perfect for each other! Jack went through a ton with her lies/revenge and he only spent time away from her in season 3 to heal. Daniel actually shot emily and walked back into the party like nothing happened and cheated on her with his ex before the wedding. Yes she cheated with Aiden, but he didn’t know that, and she may have loved him, but she said tonight that he changed her mind when she saw how he was a Grayson and chose that side. Jack is such a good guy and if it wasn’t for her revenge, she would have ended up with him from the beginning. Remember in season 1 how she cried after she told Jack she was with Daniel after he spilled his heart? She acted like she didn’t have feelings for him until he left and then she cried and you could see how much she cared for him. Even in the beginning when she first saw him with sammy, when sammy died, how he named his boat after her…I just think the show lead it up for so long so they end up together in the end. Emily said on an interview thay if she could have her way, being with Jack would be her idea of amanda happy ending. However, with all the twists and turns, she might end up with Daniel. I hope she doesn’t and saves that for real life and not for her character. I would be much happier with an ending that i have waited for since season 1:)

        • Tess says:

          I think Jack is soooo boring. Fod God’s sake! He has nothing to do with Emily, unless happy memories from their early childhood.
          They have grown since then, and their ways have become so different. Yes, it is tru that Jack lost Declan, his father and Amanda… But think about what he has done… Nothing!
          Ems was like Aiden (i loved to see tem), but I understand his murderer. He was noy directly connected to the story.
          I only makes sense if ems ends with Daniel. That’s the only way they could put their revenges behind back,,, If you know the story, daniel, emiy, victoria and david were supposed to be together since the 1st of september… In that night, david was arrested and things changed forever. it was not supposed to be an EMs / Jack relationship… Ems belongs to Daniel. She made him become a man, and he was the first one to get in her her (even when she was alreeady having her revenge)… she is the only one who said him that things were true until he did the pact with his father…
          And, if you remember, takoda told emily more than once that she was mixing feelings…
          then they have separated, and now they now the true… Finally!
          I hope they could stay together!

        • Tess says:

          I think Jack is soooo boring. Fod God’s sake! He has nothing to do with Emily, unless some happy memories from their early childhood.
          They have grown since then, and their ways have become so different. Yes, it is true that Jack had lost Declan, his father and Amanda… But think about what he has done… Nothing! He is nothing like Emily!
          Ems is like Aiden was (i loved to see them), but I understand his murderer. He was noy directly connected to the story.
          It only makes sense if ems ends up the show with Daniel. That’s the only way they could put their revenges behind back,,, If you know the story, daniel, emiy, victoria and david were supposed to be together since the 1st of september… In that night, david was arrested and things changed forever. it was not supposed to be an EMs / Jack relationship… Ems belongs to Daniel. She made him become a man, and he was the first one to get in her heart (even when she was alreeady having her revenge)… she reveals to him that things were true until he did the pact with his father…
          And, if you remember, takoda told emily more than once that she was mixing feelings and that would compromise her revenge plans…SO there was love between them!
          then they have separated, they have hated each other and now they now the true… Finally!
          I hope they could stay together!

  28. joy1013 says:

    I mean “if” conrad was alive since they keep bringing back people. Gosh the suspense for the next episode os already killing me! Lol

  29. shboogies says:

    oh jebus guys, conrad is not alive. his son however is – and he’s a cop.

    • kiwirevengefan says:

      Ha ha, Jack is the son of Conrad’s first wife! You are saying Ben is Conrad’s son. That would be interesting, but somehow I don’t think it is true.

  30. gkydde says:

    Ugh… Just kill Victoria already!

  31. Guest says:

    There was so much tension in that scene between Nolan and Mr Sheffield in that scene, I was expecting (and hoping) for them to get down and dirty.

  32. mischalay says:

    I think Conrad is still alive and David has him locked up some where like he de

  33. Carrie says:

    Surprised no one has mentioned the questions I have (unless I missed something?)

    1 – The final scene. It just seemed pretty conspicuous when they showed the live wire on Victoria’s car. Anyone else wonder if maybe Emily was so mad she planted it there before going into the house – and telling Victoria to Leave?
    Which btw. When has Victoria EVER done what Emily tells her to do?

    2 – the “crime scene” – just to clarify? Was that the guy Charlotte Killed? Did Emily plant the knife there after she found it at Davids ??

    Not sure where they are going with Louise .. still feels random to me. But will take her over Margo anyday ..

    Anyone else think Daniel was just a little turned on seeing the Real Emily climb out of the elevator?

    • johnhelvete says:

      2) Yes he was. Looks like Emily took advantage of having of the situation and planted the knife to frame the guy for Conrad’s murder.

    • Marlene says:

      1) Yes, i thought maybe Emily had something to do with the wire too! The way she looked at the end… But i find it also strange that Victoria just left like that…

    • leon says:

      As far as the wire is concerned, it would be very very tough for someone to bring down a high voltage wire like that in a few minutes time. You would need a bucket truck and the proper equipment to do it. It’s not gonna happen with a ladder and a pair of pliers. But this is Revenge and anything can happen.

  34. Pam says:

    Love the elevator scene with Emily and Daniel. I couldn’t help but laugh. I almost felt sorry for Daniel as he ranted on questioning if anything was real.

  35. Netty says:

    Best episode of the season. My fav moment was Daniel and Emily elevator scene. There’s still something there – Daniel still has feelings for Emily, you could see his vulnerability and soft side. He was like a wounded puppy. I have not seen him look at any other other woman the way he does Emily. I do love Jack but hope they bring back Daniel and Emily for just a little while before Emily settles with Jack.

    I hope Conrad is still alive, he is a much better villain than Victoria. Last season I hoped Conrad would die, but now that he is, I feel the show has lost a great villain.
    Is it me or is Jack more pissed off than ever this season.
    Thank goodness they send Charlotte away.

  36. kn1231 says:

    This episode was everything! Best episode they have had in years! I couldn’t get to sleep last night after watching it because I was so excited about how good it was. Next week looks even better. Hope Emily takes all these idiots down.

  37. roya says:

    I lovveeeeeee otttttt the moment I have been waiting for since the first episode (Emily reuniting with her dad). Victoria better not be dead I want to watch David and Emily take down Victoria together. I’m assuming this is the last season :(((((((

  38. Zoe says:

    Speaking of bringing dead people back, I wish they’ll bring Aiden back too. I hope that he’s just hiding somewhere. Lol. But seriously i like him and Emily together.

    But I agree with everyone. they should bring Daniel and Emily love angle back

  39. lisa says:

    Loved this review! I was yelling things at Ben as well. When is he leaving? Ugh. I gotta say, i was liking the Daniel/Emily interaction in the elevator and i havent liked anything about Daniel in a looong time. I loved how they had Emily hostile at David In the end. It finally woke me up and think maybe this could be very interesting ;)

  40. Lauren says:

    Anyone else think Victoria is suddenly going to have amnesia when she awakes from being shocked? …

  41. Ella says:

    I was super excited about the ending scene and then it felt like it was completely cut short with an interrupting Victoria getting electrocuted… I think they should have had the “big” reunion last even 15 seconds longer. And I don’t know what’s up with David but I was expecting a little bit more from him. Oh well, I guess there’s always next week.

  42. Liza says:

    I don’t think Conrad is alive as much as I enjoyed his character! Even though they didn’t show his funeral, I am assuming since he was a high profile man that it was verified that he was dead and was buried, etc. I do agree with the folks that think Ben might be his son though. I remember reading several times about Conrad having another child so this might fit.

    • joy1013 says:

      I agree…I think Ben is Conrad’s son.

    • Bob F. says:

      Remember, everyone said David was dead and then magically, he was alive. We only saw Conrad shot, we never saw if he dies.We never saw a dead body. David may have take Conrad away somewhere, we know it can happen on thsi show. It looks like everyone in this show took kidnapping 101 in high school.

  43. Command says:

    Conrad is so alive. No body, no flashbacks nothing, unlike Aiden. He is so coming back.

    • kiwirevengefan says:

      If there was no body then how do the police know that Conrad was killed? All they knew was that he escaped from prison. Unless they found his body on the road they would have no idea at all that he was dead.

  44. Talia says:

    That elevator scene made me almost want Emily and Daniel to be together again for real. I should hate his guts but I don’t, ugh

  45. Jan says:

    I enjoyed the elevator scene with Daniel and Emily too. They definitely had chemistry. I felt that Daniel’s bitterness towards her was gone. I think he finally understood her actions. I was disappointed when David did not recognize his daughter when he came to her house.. It was lame that they would expect us to believe that he could recognize Charlotte by her eyes but not Emily. The last scene made up for it. It will be emotional next week. He loves his daughter but also is in love with Victoria. She does evil things but IMO, circumstance have made her this way. I also think she loves him.

    • LJ Bissonnette says:

      I don’t think Victoria has ever really loved anyone except Pascal LeMarchal. Of all the people who have been killed off the only two she showed any real emotion for are her firstborn son, Patrick and Pascal. She played those two grief scenes to the max. It seems as though those two had been her ONLY true loves. I don’t think she loves either Daniel or Charlotte as deeply as she loved Patrick.

      • kiwirevengefan says:

        I dont think she loves anyone more than herself. She will lie to anyone to preserve herself . She tries to pretend that she does things to protect her family but it is really about protecting herself.

  46. E.C. says:

    It’s clear that Daniel still has feelings for Emily, especially now that he knows the truth. Is it wrong that I want them to be back together? Why does Jack have to be end game?

    • Ella says:

      I had the same feeling of wanting Emily and Daniel together and I just kept thinking “NO, this is not what I’m suposed to want.” But I really like Daniel in the first season and that one scene made me like a little bit again.

    • Netty says:

      Me too, i have not liked Daniel at all since he shot Emily and has become a jerk since then but after last night’s episode, I’m thinking he may be redeemable. I also like Jack and Emily so yeah this could be interesting. Plus Daniel and Emily together again will send Victoria back to the mental institution again, this time for real. Hope they explore that and stop boring us with Ben.

    • kiwirevengefan says:

      There are three reasons why Jack WILL NOT be end game:
      1. he’s too short
      2. he’s too short
      3. he’s too short!

      Also the fact that Ben is so tall just makes Jack look shorter than ever!

  47. Beda says:

    I really hope Conrad is still alive. He is the best villain I have ever seen. Queen V won’t be dead but probably has amnesia and dumb David will “lovingly” take care of her. I liked the elevator scene with Daniel and Emily. I actually liked him a little bit again. Margaux and Louise can both go and take Ben and Jack with them. I loved Aiden with Emily. He was perfect for her. Who looks after Carl since Jack never seems to be with him? Jack as a cop is laughable. Does anyone else besides me wonder who on earth does Margaux’s hair? She has the worst hair on television.

    Here’s my synopsis of the final Revenge show. (Tongue in cheek). Not really dead Conrad will come back and marry Lydia who is hiding him and nursing him back to health. Jack and Ben will fall in love with each other and move away. Boring Margaux will go back to France. Louise will lose all her money have to work on a cotton plantation. Her not really dead mother will hire her. Nolan and Emily will get together and be truly in love with each other. Daniel will move far away with not really dead faux Amanda and get married. Charlotte will come back with a not really dead Declan and shoot Victoria and Miss V will truly be dead. David’s returning will be someone’s dream. And they all (at least some of them) will live happily ever after. The End.

  48. Garrett says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that the new beach club everyone keeps talking about (ie, which Nolan finally bought) is THE EXACT SAME SETTING as the burnt Stowaway? Oh yeah, ABC, I actually noticed.

  49. FF says:

    Best line of the show: “Get the hell out Victoria”

    • kiwirevengefan says:

      Agreed, but I don’t understand why she did what she was told. Admittedly David told her to leave them alone but still. It is not like Victoria to go like a lamb!

  50. jay says:

    The Davis stuff is like the Alias cloning stuff, no fun and more than a bit bonkers.