Once Upon a Time: No Gloves, No Love

Once Upon a Time Ingrid Kills Helga

This Sunday on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, the Snow Queen plotted to make Emma let it go-o-o-o, while in flashback we learned the tragic story behind how three Arendelle sisters became one.

IN ARENDELLE THAT WAS…. | It was as a young lass, frolicking with her sisters Helga and Gerda, that Ingrid first unleashed her ice magic, in the name of protecting them from a creeper. Then and there, the girls make a pact to always be there for each other, as symbolized by the ribbons on their wrists. But as a young woman — after eavesdropping on their father’s 7oth birthday gala and seeing Helga courted by the Duke of Weaselton Weselton — Ingrid decides it is best for all if she leaves. Gerda counters that they should at least seek the help of a mighty sorcerer in Mist Haven aka you-know-who. Rumplestiltskin offers as a first line of defense gloves for Ingrid to wear. But as a fail safe, he supplies an urn to trap her in. In trade, he asks for the sisters’ ribbons, which symbolize their vow to one another.

Back home, the Duke stumbles upon the mysterious third sister Ingrid, and makes a ham-handed pass at her. Ingrid fights back, unleashing a  burst of magic on him. When Helga arrives, the Duke vows to warn all the realm of Ingrid’s wickedness; Ingrid goes to zap him again but hits and fatally freezes Helga instead. An aghast Gerda then arrives on the scene and — despite a devastated Ingrid’s pleas to “take my hand, you’re all I have” — labels her sister a “monster” and traps her in the urn. Gerda then asks Pabbie to erase the realm’s memories of Ingrid and Helga, as if they never existed — though the troll warns, the truth has a way of coming out.

IN STORYBROOKE…. | Emma and Once Upon a Time Emma Snow QueenElsa practice a spell to trap the Snow Queen, but don’t have time to fine-tune it before Emma has to swing by Mary Margaret’s Mommy & Me class to babysit her brother for the day.  Just as Emma freaks the princess posse out a bit by making Neal’s bottle boil, duty calls: the Snow Queen is up to no good in (of course) the clock tower. Emma and Elsa successfully enact their new spell, shackling the Snow Queen, whom they then bring to the sheriff’s department to interrogate. After Elsa goes a little too Kate Beckett on Snow Queen, Emma seizes some one-on-one time with the kook who’s out to conjure a new family. Evoking Emma’s days in the foster system, Snow Queen remembers her as a “lovely child,” saying they were not “friends but family.” Still, Emma holds firm: “What you want ain’t gonna happen, sister.” Snow Queen then sets out to create doubt in Emma’s mind about her actual family, saying, “They may love you, but they also fear you.” That they treat her more as savior that daughter.

Those mind games pan out when, after accidentally blowing a hole in the building side with her out-of-control magic (“It’s you, Emma, and it’s beautiful,” Ingrid beams), and then toppling a lamp post on top of poor David, Emma indeed sees fear in her parents’ eyes. After she races off in the Bug, Mary Margaret says to David, “We failed today,” that no Shattered Sight curse is needed because they are turning against each other all by themselves.

Elsewhere: Robin pays Regina a visit, but she reminds him that hearing about his “conflicted heart” is nothing but “torture” for her. “You need to forget about me” and my pencil skirts, she affirms, “and think about Marian,” so that he may one day revive his wife with True Love’s Kiss. Robin later gets advice from a most unexpected source, Will Scarlett, who wants to “make amends” for what he did in the past — “and over a woman,” Robin reminds. “And where is she now?” That allusion to Anastasia obviously hurts Will, who elaborates none on what ultimately happened there other than to say, “Sometimes when you win, you lose.” Still, his counsel for his former comrade is to stay the course when it comes to true love — that if you find it, you should fight for it every day, because it always is worth it.

At hour’s end, Snow Queen arrives at Gold’s shop ready to make a deal: she gets her ribbons back, and in trade she will share with him the one “missing piece of the puzzle” he needs to detach himself from the dagger’s grip, thus allowing him to roam free and work his magic on a territory more grand than the tiny Maine burg. “Do what you want with the rest of the world; Storybrooke will be mine,” she says before leaning over and whispering to him the vital piece of information. Rumple grins, then says, “Not only can I do that… but I shall do it with great pleasure.”

NOTABLE QUOTABLES | “Have I ever told you about how I met Marian?” “Only about three dozen times.” “I stole her father’s horse….” “Three dozen and one”…. “What’s a CD?”…. The Duke danced just as badly as in Frozen!… We had another sighting of Thor’s hammer when Ingrid et al visited Rumple.

What did you think of  the episode “The Snow Queen”? And what do you think is the missing piece of the puzzle that Rumple so gladly will obtain?


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  1. Bianca says:

    REALLY loved this episode. I’m glad they are finally going somewhere with Outlaw Queen, and that Robin is learning the code isn’t always the way to go, and sometimes you do have to follow your heart.

    I am so glad we had some Snow/Emma because I feel like that’s been dropped a little bit and I really think this is a core relationship on the show that needs focus. My heart ached for Emma when Snow didn’t want to hand her the baby b/c of the magic :(

    And lastly, as usual…..I started to feel bad for the villain hahahaha. This always happens!

    This week was much much better than last week for me.

  2. Jerry says:

    This episode.. Just no. Is this canon to Frozen now? Way to destroy a property.

    And why would anyone from Storybrooke be afraid of Emma having powers? It’s relatively normal there, not like Arendale where it was super rare I guess. This was definitely a week of characters doing whatever the plot requires

    • StephonJS says:

      no its not canon to FROZEN

    • abz says:

      It’s not really the people from Storybrooke, it’s Emma’s loved ones. The Snow Queen was trying to get Emma to see that her family and the people she thinks love her and care about her the most no matter what are the one’s who are actually afraid of her and wouldn’t accept her.

      • Jerry says:

        But what reason, besides this weeks plot, would her family be afraid of her powers? They have seen magic before. No big deal. Their attitude this week was not in line with their characters

        • Dean says:

          Short version: frosty the snow queen wants a family consiststing of her, Elsa and Emma because she thinks that them having magic powers sort of makes them a sister sorority. This whole getting Emma on a beserk magical rampage was to drive a wedge between Emma and her loved ones. Snow Queen then wants to whipe out the people Storybrooke so that its just her Elsa and Emma. Her idea of a perfect family.

        • abz says:

          The difference now is that Emma’s powers have been growing. Her magic only really started to kick off during the second half of last season, but even then her magic was very random in times of danger and mostly towards the villain of the season. They rarely saw it on a regular basis. However, with this season she’s been getting more in control of it (or so she thought) and her loved ones have been exposed to it more.
          And then during the scene with Emma holding the bottle, they were talking about Snow being a mother and there was a lot of tension there and Snow could feel it and all of a sudden, the milk started to boil from Emma’s pent up resentment. Of course, there’d be a little hesitation on Snow’s part in the moment even though Snow should have known better to trust Emma. However, from previous episodes we know that Snow is so scared of losing another baby that she’s been overly-protective

        • Katherine215 says:

          Completely agree. Snow and charming would never act this way toward Emma. This driving a wedge storyline is weak.

          • Gail says:

            I think the fear on Snow’s part, however temporary, relates to the boiling bottle . Snow is extremely protective of Neil. Her reaction to Emma’s out of control magic and how it might hurt the baby is natural and in character. Of course it may turn out that the Snow Queen is responsible for Emma’s out of control magic.

            I hope they don’t go with Regina casting a spell on Robin Hood to make him forget his love for her. It seems that is where the story is headed and the memory loss has happened too often on this show.

        • ShariaLynn says:

          Not only. They helped her hone her powers, now they’re scared of her! Disappointing. I wish writers would show respect their long time watchers. TV isnt like a movies character development with a quick build up and being stuck with whatever info they throw in during the sequel. With tv we get to follow their growth that’s why its so dang frustrating When they say stupid stuff like Emma’s family is scared of her powers. (Rolling Eyes Heavily)

        • Sheila says:

          For people who live surrounded by magic, they are CONSTANTLY surprised by it!

          • michelle says:

            Not everyone has magic and most people that have it are the villiams. Snow queen she left emma also so she cant talk

      • I can totally believe why these sudden and uncontrollable bursts of magic would scare everyone, especially the Charmings who just had a baby. I know Emma’s their daughter, but that doesn’t mean they abandon Neal’s safety.

    • Oscar says:

      Actually I don’t think it was that Snow and David feared Emma they were just in shock.

    • Roxas Russo says:

      They are afraid of Emma and her powers because they don’t know what kind of bad things will happen when she uses them like when that metal object hit David¿….?

  3. Nick says:

    I think the one thing Rumple needs that the Snow Queen was talking about is Emma’s magic, especially from seeing the promos next week with him helping her get rid of her magic.

    • Melanie says:

      Snow Queen would not help Rumple take Emma’s magic away. That’s why she’s so special and can replace her family. I believe it may be related to Regina as it’s technically her curse (at least, she cast it) or his grandson. Or even Belle

      • ninergrl6 says:

        I was thinking it has something to do with Hook (though for the life of me I have no idea what that could be) just because Rumple looked so deviously happy after hearing what the Snow Queen whispered. What possible task would make Rumple that joyful? I can’t think of anyone he’d want to ruin more than Hook.

        • JMOM says:

          I instantly thought Hook as well. It was like he had been given permission to take his revenge on someone and that is the first person who came to mind for me too.

          • Helena says:

            Yep there’s no doubt she told him to kill/hurt Hook. I can’t think of anything else that would get Rumple so deviously excited!

        • Lyn says:

          They were alone in the shop, why did she whisper? Other than the obvious reason of keeping us in the dark, it made no sense.

      • Donna MaMa says:

        agreed, SQ needs Emma to have her powers, this way all 3 of them have powers and she has her family. So it cannot be EMMA’s powers

  4. Nick says:

    & this was a really great episode best of the season IMO

  5. StephonJS says:

    This episode gets an A++++. There were things i liked and didnt like which cause my emotions to go everywhere…
    The stupid Duke of Weasel-ton. He was bad as he was in FROZEN. I HATE HIM!
    Snow White: For going off on Emma. Emma didnt know what she was doing. And Emma clear told them to stay back.
    Greta turning on Ingrid. that was just wrong
    Stupid Stupid Emma I dont like that she let Ingrid manipulate her,
    The fact they we didnt hear what Ingrid said to Rumple. I know we will find out sooner then later
    Seeing the mommy and me class. Welcome back ASHLEY! and Aurora’s baby name is Philip after his daddy!
    I love the three sisters backstory. I love their bond. Its amazing
    I love everything Elizabeth Mitchell. She did a great job in both present day and past.
    I like how some of the flashback was parallelto FROZEN and we told out about the glove from FROZEN
    Elsa helping Emma channel her powers
    I also liked that Elsa told everyone how people fear her powers which put Snow in check.
    Regina and Robin Hood kissing. Just WOW. I know her is married but his hearts belong to Regina.
    I liked seeing Robin and Will bonding.
    I said this before but Alexandra should b 2ish (maybe 3) not 1 so.. the baby was cast wrong. That baby should b walking and talking. IJS
    I need Henry to 14 already. He always as tall as Regina. The boy growing up to fall
    I know Will will have a bigger part in 4B but i wanna to know more NOW! What Happen with him and Anastasia?!
    Elizabeth needs to stay FORVER! IJS
    This was overall a very emotional episode which made it GREAT! 10/10

  6. Jeri says:

    I know they usually try to give Regina all the shinies possible, but do you think it’s possible they actually are trying to make Robin/Regina unpalatable?

    Because a relationship that rekindles in the Crypt of Evil Loot, surrounded by other people’s stolen hearts? That rekindles while Robin’s still married, after we heard extensively how much his wife loved him and how much she changed Robin’s life? While that aforementioned wife is cursed and unable to move? While at the same time one person’s child is manipulating his evil, dangerous grandfather with his mother’s approval and the other person’s child is who knows where with a dangerous sorceress on the loose? That’s not a good beginning.

  7. Cookie says:

    Are they trying to make Robin really unlikeable? His wife is on the verge of death and he’s off chasing Regina?

    Well, who knew: Snow White, worst mother ever.

    • Jeri says:

      I don’t see other options–seriously, they were making out in Regina’s Tomb of Evil and People Controlling Stuff I’ve Accumulated, fairly soon after the viewers heard about how much Marian loved Robin and made him and his life so much better.

      If we’re supposed to think they’re sexy and awesome and root for them, I’m not seeing it. It’s gross and creepy.

      And at what point could Robin be considered a stalker? Because to Regina’s credit, she’s tried to send him away several times now.

      • Melanie says:

        He’s married? OK let’S all get over it please. They are in the real world. Divorce happen. Especially in case where people grew apart, and in that case Robin had over 30 years of growing apart. It’s totally normal he’s not in love with her anymore and cannot recall the feelings back. Seriously staying with someone you don’t love never works out. So way glad about what happened tonight. And I would like to say that to save Marian (who, realistically, we don’t really need so let’s her frozen forever), just get her son. That’s true love too.

        • Jeri says:

          It’s about more than him being married. It’s about him being completely willing to throw Marian’s life away because he can’t stop chasing after the woman who was trying to kill her. He might not be in love with her any longer–but since she did absolutely nothing to him but not die when his girlfriend was going to kill her, she probably deserves a little more from him than him deciding to make out with her killer in the killers Loot and Trophy Crypt, after blathering about honor that he clearly doesn’t have.

          When even Regina’s moral compass is pointed at a healthier place than yours is, feminine hygiene product is probably the nicest thing that you could honestly be called.

        • JC1 says:

          But divorce hasn’t happened. This is cheating, pure and simple. And I have no use for cheaters whatsoever.

    • abz says:

      I honestly wouldn’t consider Snow to be a bad mother. Her reaction, while a bit cruel and hurtful to Emma, was in the moment. I just think Snow doesn’t know how to be a mother which makes sense given her history and that’s why she’s trying very hard with her new baby. While I do think the show should continue to explore the Snow/Emma relationship as well as deal with Emma’s emotional/abandonment issues, I think they should move on from the whole Snow/David trying to be Emma’s “parents” and more toward them just all being a family together. It’s weird for them when they try to act like her parents and I think it’s weird for Emma as well.

      • Cookie says:

        I don’t think it’s weird that they should try to act like parents who care about their adult daughter. I think it’s more bizarre that Snow has apparently forgotten that Emma has abandonment issues (the woman named her second child after the guy who left Emma to rot in prison) and that she appears completely unsympathetic to her daughter’s issues

      • michelle says:

        The first reaction is the most truthful before you have to think about it. Annoying as it was her calling emma twice. Once accusing and one sorry. They all knew about her buried feeling about being left as a baby. She need more training

      • AngieD says:

        I felt that Snow’s reaction was appropriate. In some ways, it was a chastisement – a kind of ‘look what you did – you almost killed your father’. The same thing would happen in any family when one inadvertentaly almost physically harms annother. There’s a shock and then you just react. It says a lot of good that Snow’s second reaction was remorse to how her words could be interpreted by Emma. The only reason it ‘got’ to Emma is because of her own fears and those added by the Snow Queen. If Emma looks back, she could see that David and Hook and others were concerned for her safetly, as well…..Emma had as much as a knee jerk reaction as everyone else did.

      • Wow says:

        I’m sorry but for you to say that they shouldn’t act like parents doesn’t make any sense. Regardless of the age similarity, they ARE her parents. Do you honestly think Emma would be cool with snow and David acting like older siblings to her? No matter what age a person is, they always want their parents love, especially someone who spent their formative years without their birth parents.

  8. Brenna says:

    I really want to know what happened to Anastasia. Her and Will’s story was my favorite storyline in OUATW so I hope we get to see her.

  9. ab says:

    It’s finally starting to get good. The first episode were so boring. Also I’m kind of tired of the snow queen and Elsa wearing the same clothes.

  10. abz says:

    I am loving the parallels between Emma and the Snow Queen. The look on Emma’s face when Snow flinched away with the baby from her was so sad. I don’t want Emma to give up her magic; I’m still holding out for some future Regina/Emma magic lessons.
    The Snow Queen’s backstory was really sad. Elizabeth Mitchell has been doing an amazing job. Say what you want about OUAT, but when casting their villains, they do a great job (Robbie Kay/Peter Pan, Rebecca Mader/Wicked Witch and now Elizabeth Mitchell/Snow Queen).
    I’m really growing tired of Regina/Robin Hood and that’s mostly due to Robin Hood. The acting for his character was okay I guess in the beginning, but it’s just gotten so bad this season. He’s a whiny character and the actor has a single facial expression for all emotions. And on top of that he should at least have the decency wait for his wife to be revived and okay before going back to Regina.

    • Kate says:

      Yeah I’m getting tired of Robin too. I don’t even have enough energy to hate him; he’s just kind of boring and I don’t understand why he would suddenly forget his wife after obsessing over her for YEARS and constantly talking about her and wishing she didn’t die. She’s ALL he talked about a couple weeks ago in the timeline of this show, but now he’s just completely over her?? And he’s absolutely fine with dating the woman who originally (at least in his mind) executed her?? It just seems out of character. None of this storyline makes sense.

      Also, where the heck is Roland?? While his dad is getting drunk trying to decide if he should go back yet again and try to kiss Regina, who the heck is taking care of Roland?? Maybe he’s just “chillin” with his mom?? (I had to go there.) Maybe they’re both hanging out in the cooler at the ice cream shop. Because at this point it seems like “honorable” Robin has completely forgotten he even has a kid.

      I don’t want Robin to “choose” Marian either. Not after seeing all this. I want both these gals to take a good long look at this guy and make sure he’s really what they want. He was okay before this episode I guess…but now I just think Regina and Marian can do so much better. There are better dudes out there for them. And people keep repeating “But PIXIE DUST!! But they’re SOULMATES!!” And that’s always been the weirdest part to me. If someone said, “This is your soulmate. Done, no question, not up for debate, he’s IT. STOP ASKING QUESTIONS. LOVE HIM OK?!?” I would be so creeped out and I definitely wouldn’t just go along with it. Love doesn’t work like that, not even in a fairytale show. Love needs to come from choice if it’s going to last.

      Now, if Regina had been utterly head over heels in love with Robin BEFORE she learned he was her “Soulmate” then I’d totally be fine with this storyline. But she didn’t even like the man. So all of this tells me she’s only chasing the IDEA of love and happiness, not the reality of it. Which would explain why she was so upset about Emma bringing Marian back. Her IDEA of happiness was suddenly sabotaged. Robin isn’t really the issue here. He could be replaced with any guy. This is more about Regina’s idea that Robin is the only chance at happiness she’ll ever have for the rest of her life. Which is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Can’t wait for her to realize the flaws in that logic and choose for herself what she really wants!

  11. Robert says:

    I knew Ingrid’s backstory would be heartbreaking. I hope the sisters will eventually be able to help there Aunt because, their mother’s reaction to the tragedy of her sister’s death is what started this whole ugly mess and I want Anna and Elsa to acknowledge that there mother, to a strong degree betrayed the love that exist between the three. Elizabeth Mitchell was amazing as always and maybe the writers can give her a redemption storyline in the future.

  12. Kermit says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that they’re going to twist Will Scarlett into Marian’s true love spellbreaker?

  13. Jess says:

    I really loved the origin story here with Ingrid and the sisters. All the Frozen references were really well done. However, I am sooo frustrated with how they are writing Emma! I don’t like this path they have her on or the idea that she may lose her powers. I know they do it to keep things dramatic, but I would rather see her embrace her powers as she did in the beginning of the episode than see her in fear. And I’m not loving the lack of Hook and Emma, either. Basically after that date we’ve gotten some glances at best of their relationship. There are so many characters so I understand why, but it’s frustrating! All in all, good episode, tho!

  14. rachelle says:

    Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but Jesus Christ am I sick of these Outlaw Queen haters. As if it’s sooooo unrealistic to be so infatuated with someone that you can’t stay away from them and make stupid decisions based on your feelings for them. It’s called being a human being! Emotions are uncontrollable and unpredictable. If Robin can’t help but still be in love with Regina, then it is what it is. It happens in real life, so I don’t see why it’s so crazy that it happens in the show. And who cares if they fell in love in a short amount of time? Need I point to all the other OUAT couples who’ve done the same? Whatever. I’m in Outlaw Queen heaven and no one can bring me down!

    This episode was solid all around, in my opinion. I enjoyed the revelations about the SQ’s background. I love the potential of exploring Emma’s relationship with her parents and how she feels seeing them raising her baby brother when they weren’t around to raise her. I love when emotions come out to play and characters open themselves up and lay everything bare. I want the raw honesty and the tears! Those are the episodes that affect me the most and I really hope I see some of that before we break til next year.

    • Bianca says:

      In OQ heaven here too!!! I’m with ya! I’m so happy Robin followed his heart. Is it complicated and messy? Absolutely.

    • abz says:

      I’m not opposed to him loving Regina and wanting to be with her eventually. What I find annoying is him not being able to keep it in his pants until Marian is revived. It’s really in bad taste that basically his wife is cursed and dying and all he wants to do is makeout with Regina in her Evil Tomb.

      • rachelle says:

        I understand that. My problem with that train of thought is that he obviously can’t help his feelings. He tried! I think it’s realistic for him to fail to stay away despite the situation with his wife because its human nature to be weak when you’re overwhelmed by your emotions. Emotions suck for the fact that you can’t control them. He’s tried to control them. Yes, what he’s doing is in bad taste, but I think it’s unfair to make it seem like he should have total control over his emotions and actions because it’s not always easy. We’ve seen him try and struggle. He failed. And that’s human of him.

        • Jeri says:

          I guess I’d take his struggle more seriously if he’d ever actually taken seriously the idea that his girlfriend killed his wife and laughed about it. Him ignoring it? Kinda gross.

          • rachelle says:

            Regina tried to kill her, yes. Did Regina actually kill her? We don’t know if Regina ever actually did kill her and apparently, Regina didn’t since Marian was transported from her time to now “alive”. And I don’t get the argument that Robin Hood should hate Regina for possibly, but obviously not, killing his wife. If you know the Evil Queen’s reputation, but choose to believe in how she’s redeemed herself, sacrificed so much to help people in the way that she’s done, and overall changed completely to be a completely different, better person, why would you hold something in the past against her now? So what if it is your wife (that you mourned for years, whose death you’ve come to terms with and you have moved on from)? That would make Robin a hypocrite! Why is no one seeing how hypocritical that would be? And she saved Marian’s life so that even Marian (the “victim”) admitted that maybe Regina is not a monster! I don’t see why Robbin should hate Regina. I just don’t. But let’s agree to disagree on that.

            And yes, I know that Robin just made matters more complicated because his wife is still alive. And he did try! If he didn’t, then he wouldn’t have picked Marian in the first place. What happened to Marian was out of his control and unforeseeable. I would have rather he waited til Marian woke up before he kissed and “chose” Regina because that would really be better. But at this point, both Robin and Regina don’t think she will because Robin can’t give Marian True Love’s Kiss because he is not in love with her. And he can’t force it, so it looks like Marian is frozen forever. I personally thought that he feels she’ll never come back. So, why waste your time being faithful to a woman who’s essentially dead when you’re not even in love with her and the woman you are madly in love with is alive and breathing? We have a different viewpoint because we’re the audience so we just knooooow that she’s gonna wake up. Yech. Things are complicated.

        • Kai says:

          Honestly, I was sympathetic toward the Robin/Regina situation until this episode. Sure, Robin Hood is allowed to be flawed and has feelings and the choice to not be the saint husband who goes back to his wife out of responsibility. HOWEVER, recognizing his true feelings does not mean that he get to disrespect his wife while she is literally stoned into coma and in need of her husband’s moral support (assuming they did take a vow to take care of each other in sickness and in health). Robin Hood is a cheater, plain and simple. And for the writers to try and pass this off as a romantic gesture for Outlaw Queen? It’s just tasteless. You guys (aka Outlaw Queen fans) deserved better.

          • Jessi says:

            WELL SAID. I’m not even an Outlaw Queen fan but I felt bad for them in this episode, it’s like “here have this sexy kiss! But it’s going to be in the worst possible circumstances and it’s going to make Robin look like a terrible person!! Yayyy!!”

            The whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth. It was like Regina was reduced to being Robin’s shameful drunk decision in the heat of the moment. Practically a booty call. Ugh. I wish this storyline was handled better.

        • JC1 says:

          You may not be able to control your emotions, but you can and should control your actions. Robin’s not a child. It always makes me furious when people use this as an excuse for cheating. “I just couldn’t help myself!” That’s ridiculous. That excuse doesn’t work when you fly into a rage and kill someone – it shouldn’t work here either.

  15. LauraB says:

    I really enjoyed the first few episodes of the frozen arch, which I thought I wouldn’t. But this last two episodes have been sooo boring! I mean, lots of stuff is happening, but the plot is just ridiculous and IMO, just not good at all

  16. This is the episode I have been waiting for the entire season, one that actually felt like part of the Frozen universe and made the Snow Queen a formidable threat.

  17. Tiffany says:

    Amazing episode. Really enjoyed it. Always love seeing Sally Pressman. Next week 2 hours episode looks awesome.

  18. Matthew b Lawler says:

    I hated this episode it was to flashback heavy on characters that we didn’t really know or care about

  19. Becky says:

    I hope they do a Will Scarlett centric episode this season.

    • Chris says:

      I hope they do something with him. He’s now a series regular and the first half of the season is almost over. I like his character but I hope it doesn’t turn out like the case like Red Riding Hood (when she was promoted) and had one or two episodes centered around her and had nothing else to do on the show but watch Henry.

  20. Davey Elmer says:

    I’m only pointing this out so that someone else doesn’t: somebody messed up continuity re: the gender of Ashley/Ella’s baby, who is supposed to be a girl.

  21. DarkDefender says:

    I love Emma’s magic. Can’t wait to see what Rumps is up to. Loved Charming protecting Hook and thought it quite covenient for Emma’s VW to be parked as it was when she bolted away from the hole in the wall. I am done with the Frozen stuff.. I never warmed up to the story, it has left me cold (pun intended).. Let’s get on to finding the Book’s writer and is it just me or do Regina and Robin have some kind of smoking HOT chemistry going on.. Wow!

  22. ninergrl6 says:

    Very sad episode, both in Arendelle and in Storybrooke, but very enlightening. The Snow Queen’s backstory makes perfect sense and perfectly mimics Emma’s storyline (as well as Elsa’s). This ep filled in a lot of pieces and made me realize the entire purpose of the Frozen arc. The writers had to address Emma’s newly-discovered magic, and bringing in Elsa and the Snow Queen to mirror (no pun intended) Emma’s struggle is pretty brilliant. Also brilliant, and the one not-sad part of the ep, was including the Duke of Weselton. Great inside joke for Frozen fans! Can’t wait for next week’s 2 hour episode. I hope Emma doesn’t continue to hide from her loved ones but I wouldn’t blame her if she did.

  23. TW says:

    In season 1, didn’t Emma’s kiss break the curse that put Henry to sleep? Why can’t Robin and Marion’s son do the same for his mother? Rumple even said this week that true love doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic love.

    • Kay says:

      THANK YOU. And Regina knows this because it was her True Love’s Kiss with Henry that broke the second curse last season. It’s like the writers are having her conveniently forget this so they can stretch out the triangle. Just send Roland in there and let’s be done with it already.

    • Bella says:

      Emma had known and spent time with Henry for months before they had that true love’s kiss moment. Marian is still very much a stranger to Roland. She “died” when he was still a baby, then came back for like a few days or a week, then fell into this ice coma thing. I don’t think he already has enough of a bond with her for true love’s kiss to work.

    • Donna MaMa says:

      here, here, said that earlier

    • Callie says:

      Roland is very young and the show has shown that he didn’t really remember her/doesn’t know her as his mother in the same sense that Henry did Emma. So it is unlikely that true love’s kiss would work in that situation. It must be mutually/strongly felt.

  24. Matthew b Lawler says:

    The way time works on the show always causes me a headache so we saw tonight that when the snow queen was originally imprisoned in the Urn she had no control over her powers so then how come when Elsa releases her from the Urn she is all powerful and promising to teach Elsa how to control her magic not to mention that wall I understand having Elizabeth Mitchell play her yet herself in the flashbacks And the whole trapped in the urn that would explain her not a gym at the fact is Elizabeth is a lady of a certain age and she was supposed to be in her 20s and the flashback

    • Callie says:

      Do we know for certain that the SQ was supposed to be in her 20s during the flashback? Seeing as it was their father’s 70th birthday party I assumed that the sisters were meant to be shown as older/more mature.

  25. Matthew b Lawler says:

    Okay so Anna met David when he was still just a shepherd and Bell before she met Rumpelstiltskin so let’s say that most this was five years before the curse so when and how did a prophecy come to be about the savior become in the snow queen sister and how do the snow queen no MO was the Savior and managed to track her down in our world become her foster mother and how did manage to get away from her and how did the snow queen get into the cursed town of storybrooke after being Emma’s foster mother when Emma was at the age of approximately 15 i’m pretty sure it was established fats Regina cloak the town and it remain cloaked in till Emma came to break the curse

    • Koi4U says:

      I can’t speak for how she got into the Land Without Magic, but I can say that I think the “prophisied savior to sister” scroll was a hoax made by Ingrid in order to clue Emma and Elsa. Once she gives them the ribbons, they’ll probably be under her control. Seeing as she already knew Rumble.. I’m guessing he had something to do with that.

      Maybe Rumble and The Snow Queen made a deal of some sort about giving Elsa to him (in prep for the savior since Anna “doesn’t understand”). She messes with Anna and tricks her into trapping Elsa. Snow Queen gives Urn!Elsa to Rumble who then in turn transports her and possibly Anna to the LWM where she works her way up to becoming involved in Emma’s life.. Etc. ^^

  26. jerrired says:

    Overall this was a pretty good episode. I think the three sisters backstory was actually probably the best one given to a villain. Something about it just worked so well. I also really loved the Will and Robin scene. Just wish they’d tell us already about what happened to or between Will and Ana! And give Will more to work with. Michael Socha is capable of a lot. They need to give him more scenes to show his talent.

    I get Emma’s magic is scaring people(and why), but I didn’t quite buy that storyline as much. And if Emma was going to turn to anyone to control her magic, you’d think it be Regina, especially after their last heart-to-heart. I also think Rumple may need Emma’s powers or to kill Hook. I’m also excited about the idea of them expanding to other parts of “our world” beyond Storybrooke, especially if it’s not NYC again.

    Loved Outlaw Queen in the beginning, but the making out with Regina while his wife is dying…yeah I can’t support that. They’re not painting Robin in the best light.

  27. Matthew b Lawler says:

    I saw the previews for next week is a two hour episode is this the actual winter finale or do we still have more episodes left before the winter break

    • ninergrl6 says:

      The winter finale is mid-December. Still quite a few more episodes to go! :)

      • Matthew b Lawler says:

        I thought so but I was a little confused because usually we don’t get a two hour episode unless it is a midseason or season finale

        • kpmom says:

          Reports are there will be many 2 hour episodes this season.

          • Davey Elmer says:

            I doubt that, and here’s why:
            There’s a difference between airing a 2-hour programming block of separate episodes back-to-back, and airing a “2-hour episode”, which is two completely separately-shot (yet narratively connected) episodes being aired as a single 2-hour ‘feature’ and then subsequently split for re-broadcast, DVD release, etc.

            If we were getting multiple instances of what’s happening with “Smash the Mirror”, Season 4’s season order would be significantly larger than it is.

  28. Koi4U says:

    Amazing episode!! I loved the fact that we were able to get more backstory on the Snow Queen. It’s perfect. And the heartfelt scene where Ingrid realizes what she’s done to Helga and is trapped by Greta is what did it for me. Also- 10/10 for Greta being the cutest little kid!! Loved all the actresses in this episode! Hallelujah for Elizabeth Mitchell. And 1000 points for Henry in a suit. Never trust anyone from Weselton.. They’ll weasel their way into you.. Till you have to pop them out.

    Now I’m all for the progress and everything.. But from what I’m piecing together… Idun/Greta most likely still remembers everything since maybe Grand Pabbie didn’t magick her to forget. Is that the “price” of having to use his magic? Having her bear witness to the horrific things she’s seen/done? Plus, I’m 99% sure he already knows what happened. That explains why she mentioned her daughters “knowing the truth” with the message in the bottle- that we still have no info about. Am I the only one who remembers that? ^^” Or did Grand Pabbie insert some false memories into her too?
    Just to add on… From what I saw, Ingrid didn’t seem very… attached to Greta. The majority of her worries and words are addressed to Helga and only when she was alone and need to dire help did she turn to Greta. But they still are sisters and I’m sure Ingrid has a really soft spot for her. That sorta’ irked me. It could just be in the script however…

    Poor Emma, she should know that Ingrid is tricky- she herself told that to Elsa. But when your going through “magic puberty” and there’s a woman from your past who tinkered with your memories, wants to substitute you as her ‘sister’, and has stalked you from the time you were born… What can you say? You’re left vulnerable to anything- even simple mind games. Snow and David have yet to accept the fact that their daughter is grown. Yeah, they missed out on a lot, but they still have accept her, put their trust in her and grow from then on.

    As for Outlaw Queen.. The heart wants what the heart wants.. and sometimes what it wants, is twisted. ^^ Meanwhile… Where’s Roland?

    Can’t wait to see next season’s episode!! ^^

    • Rand says:

      I think the price to Greta’s magic is she remembers Ingrid and her first born daughter, Elsa, turns out to have powers just like Ingrid.

      • Koi4U says:

        Ohh.. I never even thought of that. That makes perfect sense. Yes, and we also are never given mention of what happened to the magic gloves. I’m surprised how noone ever asked where they (Adgar and Idun/Gerda) got them from. And I know 99% that Grand Pabbie already knows WHO they went to Mist Haven for and if your prediction is true, couldve been to rid Elsa of her “cursed powers” that were the price of such magic.

        Also.. I just realized yesterday that her name is Gerda. Hahaha. ^^

  29. Daisy says:

    WOW!!! I can’t beleive that the Snow Queen killers Helga,
    Robin Hood broke the code rule, LOL!!
    But I am more of a Runvelle gan, ❤️ I am a HUGE Rumbelle fan
    So I want to see more of Rumbelle!
    And the ending was so what? I just can’t beleive it what was the thing Rumple needs!!!
    But I did like the scene when Belle asks Ruple for help and he said Anything for my WIFE,
    I waited so long for them to get married!😄
    So far so Awesome!!!❤️😄
    But sad when Snow Queen kills Helga ,

    • undeadramen says:

      I really think Rumple was secretly bitter about Belle controlling him with the dagger, and that’s where the whole, “well when my wife ASKS so nicely” came in. In other words, he’ll do what she asks if she wants it so much, because otherwise she’ll just FORCE him. There wasn’t a lot of stress on the words, but I picked up on it. (Master of being passive aggressed, lol)

  30. Babygate says:

    As much as I’m enjoying this season, I need Robin’s arc to be over. The actor portraying him is terrible and it is very distracting. Why doesn’t the director instruct him and allows him to make those horrific facial expressions?

    • Lyn says:

      ITA It isn’t just that he can’t act, it’s that the actor himself seems weak. He lacks the intensity one would expect from Robin Hood.

  31. Melissa says:

    Anyone catch Rumple’s Princess Bride nod? Twoo wuv???

  32. Simon says:

    I can’t stand all this made-up drama about Emma’s magic. Suddenly after being friends with Red and Blue for ages the Charmings are afraid of magic?
    I must say I am disappointed in the Snow Queen as a villain. The “sympathetic villain who is just as much of a victim” trope has been done to death on this show.
    Did love the daycare and Aurora though!

  33. Bella says:

    Good episode. I still think family as a motivation is a little bit overused for their villains, especially since we just had Zelena who had a very similar motive, but the actresses playing Gerda, Helga and Elizabeth Mitchell managed to sell the three sisters story in flashbacks. The moment when Ingrid accidentally killed Helga was heartbreaking.
    I’m also really enjoying the Robin and Regina story. I don’t think there’s any way Robin Hood could come out of this looking perfect. With two women he cares about in his life he needs to make a decision. Had he decided not to give getting back with Marian a chance after she literally came back from the dead some would have hated him for that too. I think he’s just human and as such he does make mistakes, but I like that about him. He wanted to be honorable, but now realized that he’s miserable that way because his heart keeps pulling him back to Regina. As long as he is honest with Marian about his feelings and that he has made decision as soon as they find a way to unfreeze her I don’t really see the problem to be honest. And I have no doubt that he will still do everything in his power to find another way to save her because of course he still cares about her deeply.
    It was nice to see Will and Robin Hood meet in Storybrooke. I admit I was starting to wonder if the writers had forgotten that the two knew each other because Will has been in Storybrooke for some time now and yet he and Robin and the Merry Men didn’t cross paths. It was a really beautiful scene between them that tied itself to their last conversation in OUATIW before Will left the Merry Men. I hope we’ll find out more about their past and also about what happened to Anastasia soon.

  34. Gail says:

    They have made the Snow Queen quite insane with her need to recreate her relationship with her sisters with Elsa and Emma. She told Elsa that the Anna placed Elsa in the Urn when it was the Snow Queen’s sister that placed the Snow queen in the urn. Does she think Elsa is her younger self?

  35. Jake says:

    Meh, a lot of dumb moves by supposedly smart people. Did anyone think that catching the Snow Queen was anything but a set up for her to get at Emma? Also, is Emma’s “super power” now officially a joke? Every time someone references it it proves not to work – Emma had no clue that the Snow Queen was playing her. Also, Emma is supposed to be so street wise but she’s played so easily? And Emma running off just because everyone was startled by her burst of magic, not because they were afraid of her – she didn’t even give them a chance to say anything.
    And back in Snow Land, the Snow Queen’s sister seemed a little quick on the trigger to stick her in that urn – so much for sisterly love. And her other sister stepping in front of her when she was unleashing her magic was like stepping in front of somebody firing a gun – what did she think was going to happen? Just dumb – it would have better if the Weasel guy had used her a human shield and that’s how she was frozen.
    You know Rumple’s final piece of the puzzle involves some harm coming to Hook.
    And if Robin Hood was being as true to his self as he was claiming, he should have gone to Regina, not his wife. Going to his wife would be living a lie, not being truthful.

  36. lemonlime623 says:

    Well, at least we finally saw Sally Pressman, whom I love and miss Army Wives dearly.

  37. robinepowell says:

    I find it strange that after all this time that Emma still has doubts about her family’s reaction to her to her magic or feels that insecure about her past.
    I also find it strange that David and Mary Margaret fear Emma or her magic after all this time.
    All to of this seems a little bit to convenient to me.

  38. Donna MaMa says:

    lots of parallels here – Idun/Gerda can be Anna, SQ does mentions the fact that how much Anna looks like her mother – notice the same hair color during the flashbacks and so much for the week before with Helga trying to figure out who she was going to be (Belle’s mom; Maleficent, etc). I can and cannot believe that Anna put Elsa in the urn, we need the rest of that story, what was so bad that Anna ended up doing the same thing to her sister. Unless SQ is lying about Anna putting Elsa in that Urn and will Elsa/Anna ever receive that note in the bottle that their mother wrote them “they must know” why???

  39. Whatevah says:

    The look Emma was giving Snow when she accidentally heated the bottle was what was freaky. She looked crazed in that scene.

  40. Lyn says:

    Best line of the night was “I’m getting married” when Regina asked Henry about his suit.

  41. AJ says:

    Was that Thor’s hammer behind the three sisters when talking to Rumple? Nice touch

    • Todd says:

      Yep, I am still not convinced that all the “throwaway ” references to Thor and Norse mythology as so “throwaways” after all, I could just be an over observant fan who’s imagination and experience with season long story archs aka Doctor Who’s Bad Wolf and such is getting the better of himself.

  42. Vince says:

    Looks like I am in the minority, but the revelation of the Snow Queen’s back story was highly disappointing. For one thing, it’s basically a rehash of the plot of “Frozen” (girl has powers she can’t understand, hurts sister, goes ballistic). For another, it’s pulled from the same well as the last few villains. Family dynamics gone wrong, magic that isn’t understood, Rumple gets pulled into it, magic has a price, blah, blah, sisters, blah.

    There’s nothing original or interesting here. And to make matters worse, they are completely ruining characters in order to make this boring plot work. Other than the final scene where admits to being wrong, nothing Snow did in this episode in any way meshed with the character they’ve built over the years. And while we know Emma has issues with being abandoned as a child, she never would believe that her family fears her magic.

    Here’s hoping the next story arc has a little more bite.

  43. murley says:

    Am I forgeting something about why Marian is frozen in the first place? Wasn’t the snow queen just trying to get everyone to turn against Elsa, like she is doing to Emma now, so the 3 of them only have each other? Now that everyone knows it wasn’t Elsa what is the point of Marian being frozen? Why doesn’t emma just tell Ingrid if she wants emma to trust her she needs to unfreeze Marian. Problem solved.

  44. Oscar says:

    Does anyone else think that what rumple needs is Thor’s hammer? The reason I think this is because the sorcerer’s hat was in the background of one of the season 1 episodes, and now it is a big part of season 4. Also David mentioned the portal to Asgard, and Josh Dallas (David) was in the first Thor movie. Even though I doubt Marvel would let Once use Thor’s hammer.

  45. leo says:

    so over this Frozen thing once was doing just fine without it

  46. MP says:

    I’m i the only one dying to know what happened between will and Anastasia, and why is he in storybrook (not that i don’t love him there)?!

  47. dks says:

    Poor Emma. All she ever wanted was love and acceptance from her family. At the first sign of trouble, they turn on her causing her to run away. Whatever happened to love and support?

  48. sararnoldi says:

    I still love the show but the plot it’s kind of repeating itself over and over.
    A real good twist plot would’ ve been that the Sourcerer was Santa Clause!

  49. Liza says:

    I like the general consistency with the movie, Frozen, but one thing bothered me with this episode. According to OUAT, Arrendelle should have been ruled by a Queen, but in the movie they show a portrait of the King’s coronation.

  50. JC1 says:

    I feel like they’re repeating the whole David/Katherine/Mary Margaret storyline from season one with Robin, Regina, and Marian, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why. That storyline was not popular if I remember correctly, and David and Snow were married (though they didn’t know it)! There was a lot of criticism of David over that, for cheating on Katherine instead of just breaking it off with her. This is worse in many ways, because Robin’s relationship with Marian is real, not false memories created by a curse. And he doesn’t have a cursed self to blame for his weakness like David did. And Marian is dying! I just don’t get this. Cheating is just an absolute 100% no go for me. I can’t find it romantic whatsoever. I would have been ok with OutlawQueen if they’d never brought Marian back, even though I found the whole pixie dust soulmate thing contrived, but now….no. I just cannot get behind this at all.