Ratings: Blue Bloods and Grimm Rise; Race, Five-0 and Constantine Tick Up

Grimm Ratings

NBC’s Grimm this Friday rebounded from its Week 2 downturn, drawing 4.9 million total viewers and a 1.3 rating, up 9 and 18 percent.

Leading out of that, Constantine (3.1 mil/1.0) ticked up one tenth.

Over on CBS, Amazing Race (6.1 mil/1.2) added some eyeballs and a tenth in the demo, Hawaii Five-0‘s 100th episode (9 mil/1.2) dipped in audience but added a tenth in the demo, while Blue Bloods (11.5 mil/1.3) surged 18 percent in the demo.

ABC’s Last Man Standing (6.7 mil/1.3) was up a tenth, Cristela (5 mil/1.0) and Shark Tank (7.8 mil/2.0) were flat.

The CW’s Top Model (1.1 mil/0.4) rose 38 and 33 percent… Fox’s MasterChef Junior rerun (2 mil/0.6) improved upon Utopia‘s unplanned finale by 33 and 20 percent.

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  1. Tran says:

    The 100th episode of Hawaii Five-O last night was nothing but great twist and turns and Will Yun Lee’s character was hilarious and I couldn’t stop laughing from his one liners.

    • Maria says:

      I agree I laughed at Will Yun Lee character he is always funny. But the twist at the end even if noone ws expecting the way it ended totally surprise. I wonder if his (Wo Fat) storyline is done and gone and that wwas the end of his character. Nothing is really confirmed but maybe it is the truth

    • a.v. guy says:

      Watching the last few minutes you’d certainly be forgiven for assuming that was the last show. What was with that music video montage anyway? Seemed like the end.

  2. Ray says:

    Constantine will probably adjust down to a 0.9

  3. arianeb says:

    Enjoy Constantine while it lasts, because it is not going to last very much longer. The second episode dropped significantly from the first, much of the blame can be placed on Halloween. But while Grimm rebounds the week after Halloween, Constantine does not.

    I’ll bet the decision to not renew Constantine has already been made, the question is how many episodes will they burn before they announce the decision and replace it with Dateline.

    • Ian says:

      I wonder they could have done to have ensured its success though. It got so much bad press early on with the pilot changes, and then it just got badly reviewed. Guess no one’s interested in another demonic show show at 10.

  4. Drew says:

    I wanted to like Constantine, but I am losing interest. It should be moody and cool, but it seems more goofy and lame. It is a fine line with a show like this. The producers should have studied Supernatural before getting into it.
    Also, did anyone notice them rip off Dr. Who twice? His lair is bigger on the inside and he gains access to places using psychic paper.

    • Patrick says:

      That absolutely jumped out at me wrt the Doctor. And, like you, I want to like Constantine. The accent is jarring, but I could deal with that. I liked the movie because Constantine seemed like a morally ambiguous person. He was good, but he had done, and probably still does, bad things. Ideally towards a good end, but not always. This is just another good guy dealing with Supernatural ish. And the show just isn’t clicking. I liked the original lead actress. The new one isn’t bad, I just liked the first one.

  5. bs’d
    What I love about CBS is that they are loyal to shows that show promise, as well as the tried & true. Unlike NBC which is the most egregious channel vis a vis loyalty to shows and viewers.. I will never forgive them for cancelling Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi’s wonderful LIFE to pave the way for Jay Leno Prime Time. There’s a move to make you salivate.

    • Patrick says:

      CBS can afford to be loyal. They have 4 shows that are absolute printing presses when it comes to money (BBT, 2.5 Men, NCIS, NCIS:LA), and several more (CSI, POI, Mike and Molly) that are merely very profitable. And then there are a few others that are turning some profits and/or winning awards. And SEC football on the Weekend, and the NFL on Sundays. For them, even when a show struggles, they can wait for to cancel. They they have enough “hits” that they can absorb the financial hit of failures. Thus, they have no real impetus to yank a show they have already paid for. Given the rest of their hits, they will probably get enough casual viewers to break even.
      Further, with all their hits, they can be choosier when picking up a show. NBC simply can’t afford to grow a middling show (middling on NBC. Those numbers would get a show canceled mid ep on CBS). If it isn’t a “hit” very quickly for NBC, it has to go.

  6. Lynn says:

    Decided to try Hawaii 50 after all the talk this week in the media sites. OMG , almost fell asleep. Most boring show ever.

    • Kay says:

      Disagree….One of the good episodes last night!!

    • Naomi Peters says:

      OMG, well, I don’t know what you were watching, but, last night’s episode was not only NOT boring, but pretty damn exciting. Great show.

    • Drew says:

      You’re not alone. I stopped watching years ago for the same reason.

    • If you watched the series from the beginning, you would love last nights episode. It was one of my favourites!!! I could see how things wouldn’t make sense if you didn’t know what was going on. It is a terrific series! I highly recommend people watch from the beginning. Boring is never an adjective I would attach to this series! It’s known for being high paced and full of action, but not the most realistic. :)

  7. Kay says:

    Well after last nights Grimm, I think Trubel might end up with the group the FBI lady told her about….Wonder if she can take Juliette with her!!

  8. wrstlgirl says:

    Last night’s H50 was fab. I hope that’s the end of Fat. Great job by the entire cast.

  9. christine says:

    Constantine was botched by NBC. The source material is great. This show is watered down. It has no atmosphere…no style….poor stories……The show should have gone to Showtime or Starz.

  10. Cory says:

    At least Constantine didn’t go down any further. At this point I’m just hoping NBC will air all 13 episodes they originally ordered. The show is not as dark and cool as it should be, but it’s pretty fun, and I really love the style of it.

  11. Jared says:

    Sorry Constantine but I think ill stick with my DC shows on The CW which are far more superior.