Doctor Who Christmas Special Teaser Promises a Very Unhappy Holiday

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2014

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — or is it?

Judging by the trailer for Doctor Who‘s upcoming Christmas special, this year’s holiday will be anything but merry.

In the teaser below, The Doctor and Clara spend Christmas at the North Pole, where they encounter some terrifying new enemies. Plus, Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead) briefly appears as a not-so-jolly Santa Claus.

Doctor Who‘s Season 8 finale airs tonight at 9/8c on BBC America.

Press PLAY on the video below for a first look at the holiday special, then hit the comments with your early thoughts!

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  1. DarkDefender says:

    As long as there is no regen.. It’ll be good for me. I have really enjoyed this season (even if the Robin Hood episode was a little wonky).

  2. B says:

    Peter Capaldi got me to finally start watching Dr. Who. I’m really enjoying him in the role and hope he sticks around for a long while. –Be sure to post the air date for the Christmas special!

    • alistaircrane says:

      It airs on Christmas, thus why it’s a Christmas special.

      • Tiedye79 says:

        Usually Christmas Specials for the US aren’t ACTUALLY on Christmas Day! We expect them to be the week Leading up to Christmas. Now with a lot of shows doing fall finales in November or early December, we don’t have many shows doing Christmas specials.

        • Kate says:

          Yeah, but every Doctor Who Christmas special in the UK takes place ON Christmas Day. And the Christmas specials have aired on Christmas Day on BBCAmerica in the States since I believe David Tennant’s last Christmas special. So, when talking about the Doctor Who Christmas special, it is not an outrageous answer to say that it is actually on Christmas.

          • Tiedye79 says:

            From what I was gathering the OP just started watching and was not aware that it is aired on Christmas Day. That is why I said that the US isn’t used to specials being aired on Christmas, just around.

            When I first started watching about two years ago and I found out it was actually on Christmas I was very excited, so I could understand why someone new wouldn’t know. :-)

    • Temperance says:

      Really? Capaldi practically keeps me from watching the show. Not a fan of this Doctor at all.

      • The unknown says:

        Unbelive Able he is great proaply better then matt smith in fact no better then all of the modern day ones no affense David you did brilliant and matt but Christerfor ecleson oh Christerfor ecleson so classic yes he showed the doctor can be cool and northan but wasn’t great I’ve whatchd every single episode other then classic but a lot of William heartnals

      • Leah says:

        I’m a fan of Capaldi’s Doctor. I liked Smith, but at this rate Capaldi is well on his way to surpassing him, at least for me.

      • Jordan says:

        Same here. This series has been a step down from the Tennant and Smith years for me. And I say that as a big Capaldi fan. He just makes the Doctor seem angry to me, and even a bit mean. I’m sticking with it for now, but my initial excitement at his casting has waned quite a bit.

        • Jenn Kaine says:

          If you have watched the entire series, not just since the Ninth Doctor, you will see that Peter Capaldi’s performance is spot on. Every Doctor before has not always been cuddly or funny all the time. Even Tom Baker’s Doctor was dark.
          There are great nods to Doctors past in his performance, from the frenetic yet brilliant nuances of the Fourth Doctor to the red lining of his jacket, a nod to Jon

          • Jenn Kaine says:

            Jon Pertwee

          • Augusta W.Keebler says:

            Capaldi could be A classic Dr if the writing would get better Clara was gone.

          • Jordan says:

            That’s quite possibly true. He’s just a big departure from the Doctors that made me fall in love with the show over the last decade. I’m not saying I deserve to have the Doctor fit my tastes more than you deserve to have him fit yours. If you enjoy this iteration, that’s excellent. I’m just not enjoying it as much as you are and I think that’s ok too.

    • brynnomsfordmommasqwirl says:

      All of the Doctor Who Christmas specials have always aired on BBC America on Christmas day, just like the UK. We will never get it before the UK and it always air on Christmas day for them.

  3. alistaircrane says:

    Is this Clara’s last episode? I will miss her. She’s the first companion I’ve truly liked since Martha.

    • Sara says:

      Hopefully the rumors are true and it is her last episode. The way her character has regressed is ridiculous. The way she has acted so appalled by the Doctor’s nature the last half of this season is something a brand new companion does, not one who has traveled with him for years (even though all of those years have been mostly off-screen), not to mention the fact that she has been in his time stream and claims to know him better than anyone because of that fact. She should know by now that he has to make tough choices. Hopefully we get a worthy companion soon.

      • CBWBDK1 says:

        Bite your tongue!!

      • David4 says:

        I agree. Here last episode should have been midway through this season when she just started with the new boyfriend.

      • I actually don’t think I could disagree MORE. Clara has actually FINALLY become interesting to me. The Doctor asked her what kind of man he is and she decided to really examine it. She opened her eyes in a way that most companions (excluding Donna) simply could not. She was kind of a wide eyed ingenue for so long.. but she’s evolved. She’s sharp, eagle eyed and unwilling to just accept every word spoken as gospel. She is a FANTASTIC foil for Capaldi’s doctor, not romanticized as a damsel in distress. I love that she’s helped him to see who he is without soft filters. Of course I also give crazy props to Capaldi as well.. I loved Smith and Tennant, but Peter Capaldi is (IMO) giving a Master Class on the character of Doctor Who.

        • Kay says:

          I completely agree. I’ve always liked Clara, but this season she’s really come into her own, and has been the perfect foil for this new Doctor to see who he is.

      • melissa says:

        I completely agree. Clara is the most vapid character I’ve seen on TV outside of Paw Patrol in a long time. I don’t tune in to see a Morality Play put on by Grandma Oswald. I wish Clara had stayed trapped in the Daleck–she would be less stunningly boring. … and I miss Rose.

    • Augusta W.Keebler says:

      Let’s hope so she’s like fingernails on A chalkboards .

    • dman6015 says:

      Did anyone notice in the opening credits that Jenna Coleman’s name was first?

  4. christine says:

    So does that mean we are stuck with Clara afterall

  5. Excellent post. I’m going through many of these issues as well..

  6. Darklord67 says:

    season 8 sucks dockey dick!! Horrible writing and crappy acting.. You blame Clara for being a bad companion, that is not right. She would have been great with Matt but this head writer sucks!!!! Steven Muppet yes as in Puttet will be the destruction of the 50 years of the Docor.. just the way the ball rolls hey

    • David4 says:

      Head writer is still the same.

    • ScottJ says:

      Even google translate couldn’t understand this mess of a comment.

    • Richard says:

      You must be NEW to this show. Moffat was the main guy for David Tennant. DUH! I guess you hated David Tennant also? Oh, and he was around for Matt as well. Peter Capaldi is much more of an appropriate AGE-wise character for The Doctor. 909 years old, he should have grey hair, ya think? Not saying younger Doc’s were a bad move. No, they were good also, but I enjoy the scaled down, near zero piss and vinegar of a 20 something year old Doctor of ultra advanced age. The main problem now is Clara. Either change the name of the series to Clara The Whiner, or get rid of her and find someone suitable for The Doctor that looks up to him for what he is, and not scold him for everything he does, or doesn’t do according to HER ideals. That’s what’s destroying the show. Clara.

  7. Alice says:

    I like Capaldi’s Doctor very much- which wasn’t surprising, I’ve enjoyed all the new Doctors quite a bit. I think why I have such mixed feelings about series 8 has less to do with Capaldi and more to do with the fact that the stories they have put him in just haven’t been as high a quality as their leading man. And the Christmas special doesn’t look that different. Alien creatures at the North Pole? Well I guess it can’t be any worse than “the moon is an egg”. But I’m not excited about the next season the way I used to be about Doctor Who. Frankly, last weeks The Walking Dead was more cheerful. You can have the Doctor be more of an anti-hero without making the show go full emo. I mean, I get that the “everybody lives” Who wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but there ought to be a better alternative to that approach to the Doctor than “Everyone is unhappy and alone. Fa la la la la, la la la la.”

  8. AnnieM says:

    Capaldi is growing on me, now that he’s not as much of a crankypants. I am a fan since the Tom Baker days, and have enjoyed all the modern era Doctors so far. I wish Ecchelston had done more than one season. Tennant was my favorite. Smith I grew to like. But the thing I think may be preventing some folks from enjoying Capaldi’s Doctor is the utter lack of whimsy in him. Not humor, he has that. But think of all the Tennant and Smith seasons – occasionally we would have moments of sheer giddiness. None with Capaldi, and it’s taking a bit of getting used to. That said, I thought tonight was quite good. Sorry to see the Master kill off Osgood, though. My favorite moment was with the cyberized Brigadier – that brought a tear to my eye. Looking forward to Santa, AND if they remember their earlier continuity of naming him Jeff. (smirk) And while I know that JB is busy with Arrow, I really think it’s time for a return visit from Captain Jack – he’s been away from the Whoniverse for far too long. I think he and Capaldi would be a hoot together.

  9. JeffDJ says:

    “The Doctor and Clara spend Christmas at the North Pole”? I didn’t see Clara in that teaser at all, apart from the generic BBCA thing at the end.

  10. GhostWolf says:

    Not sure if I’ll watch this one. Plus, we definitely get more Clara (ughh). How about not doing something Christmasy for the special.

  11. Richard says:

    After watching as many episodes as there are with Peter Capaldi, I’m rather content we have a Time Lord that’s been around for a while and looks the part instead of the last two youngsters by comparison. Funny how it works when Tennant was Dr., and everyone said he was the best, then the next even younger one no one liked at first but then became “the best” lol. Now we have what I deem a proper aged man as the Doc.

    But now, here’s my opinion about Series 8. The show should be renamed to Doctor Sarah. She seems to take total charge and control. Nonstop bickering, jabbering, and tears as per normal.. and lets not forget the neverending scolding the Doc for whatever he does, and he always has to admit he should do what SHE says. So the show has died a lot for me, as it’s lost the lustre it had with the previous two. SHE should shut up more, and let the Doctor entertain the public in TV Land. Really… if there would be any reason to cancel the series, it would be because of Sarah… either that or rename the show to favour HER.

    So happy Moffat decided not to have a female Time Lord. That would END the show and say bye bye to the majority of fans.

    Please, Mr/Mrs. Producer(s), tone Sarah down, or find someone else who doesn’t come across as the major character of the show. It takes away from what this Show is about. THE DOCTOR!

  12. Bruh says:

    Who you gonna call? Elf busters!

  13. parker says:

    BBC AMERICA RUINED MY XMAS BECAUSE OF ALL THEIR COMMERCIALS DURING DR WHO!! I do not even follow what happened? This is the last time!

  14. Ally says:

    I love Doctor Who, no matter what.

  15. PK says:

    Capaldi does nothing to energize the show. He and the episodes have been tedious and lack vision. This is where I left the station. Hopefully, someday, Doctor Who will regenerate back into a show worth watching.