Selfie Cancelled at ABC

Selfie Cancelled ABC

ABC has deleted Selfie.

The network will not be ordering additional episodes of the freshman comedy, which is a nice way of saying the show has been cancelled.

Low ratings were the culprit. This week’s Selfie double-pump drew an average 3.5 million viewers and an 0.9 demo rating.

Last month, ABC pulled the plug on Selfie‘s Tuesday companion, fellow rookie rom-com Manhattan Love Story.

Thoughts? Does this news warrant a standard #fail or an amplified #epicfail? Hit the comments!


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  1. Ray says:

    The double dose always portends the worst.

  2. kate says:

    thank god, what trash…

  3. ccorbett says:

    No! :( I was actually enjoying this…to my surprise.

  4. James says:


  5. I’m bummed. I liked this show.

  6. nich says:

    This freaking sucks.

  7. alvetica says:

    First Apt 23, then Happy Endings, now Selfie. Really hard to have any faith in ABC.

    • ggny says:

      Dont forget Trophy Wife which was probably one of the most underrated comedies ever

    • MiaB says:

      Exactly. I try hard not to get too invested in any ABC show, because they don’t give anything a chance. And it’s sad because they make great shows, they just don’t stick with them.

      • Will says:

        They’re giving Forever a chance with a full season pick up, despite its ratings proclaiming otherwise. ABC also kept Happy Endings on the air for 2.5 seasons despite having low ratings, and agreed they do make some great, even quirky shows (Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone, etc.) that while they didn’t last long, they still gave them a decent try.

        • S. says:

          Pushing Daisies was doing well until the strike happened. That killed the ratings momentum. I think it would’ve been a big hit if they could’ve kept it going. The stop-start is what did it.

      • A Cole says:

        NBC is exactly the same way, if not worse! And they don’t always cancel a show because of ratings. They cancel a show with awesome ratings just because the demographic they want is not watching it! Horrible!

    • Mark says:

      Really? It seems to me they’re just good at canceling crappy shows.

      • Lestibournes says:

        Selfie was nice. Usually I hate shows that are built on characters being stupid, but somehow I liked this one.

    • Simone says:

      Common, happy endings is not in the same league as that trash, shoulda never been cancelled

  8. Erin says:

    That’s unfortunate. I was glad to have John Cho and Karen Gillan on my tv for a little while.

  9. Nicole says:

    Man, this show came a long way from the pilot and was so CUTE in the past few episodes. Gah, Cho and Gillan made me want to see this one go the distance.

  10. I am shock that Selfie got the axes. I can’t wait to see what will replace the show in the 8 pm-9 pm timeslot.

  11. Peter Williams says:

    Sulu and Amy Pond? How could they go wrong? Loved them in this. The rest of the show… Not so much 😢

  12. Erin says:

    So will they get to complete their current order, like A to Z? Or is it done done?

  13. Emily says:

    I really love this show, and it’s both a shame that more people didn’t tune in and that we continue to use the outdated Nielsen ratings system. Can you tell us if they’ll air the remaining episodes / if there are any episode left to film? I genuinely hope Emily Kapnek has the opportunity to make the thirteenth episode act as a finale – and that we have the opportunity to SEE it.

  14. Cassie says:

    When will ABC Stop putting new shows up against NCIS? That together with the stupid name SELFIE – doomed it – too bad seemed like a fun series the one time I watched it

  15. Mari A says:

    Noooooooooooooo. As usual, then they order extra episodes of shows that actually suck. I need a nielson box.

  16. JJ says:

    Very sad news. Improved quickly. DAMN U ABC!!

  17. Laurie Emerson says:

    I wasn’t sure I would like it but it turned out to be a good show. I will miss it

  18. insertnamehere says:

    too bad. I was really enjoying this show.

  19. Tran says:

    About time ABC canceled a horrible sitcom no one cares about. Hope John Cho is in the running to be cast in the TV version of Rush Hour on CBS.

    • Katherine215 says:

      It was hardly horrible. And obviously, the people commenting here, and the people watching it, care about the show. Generalize much?

    • Lestibournes says:

      It was a light-hearted romantic comedy about people helping each other improve themselves, with valuable lessons delivered in a fun way. I thought it would be trash and ended up liking it and finding it to be an okay show. 3 million viewers should be more than enough to sustain a show, but everyone apparently is just looking to maximize profits without caring about the product or customers, so a show gets cut not for not being profitable, but for not being profitable enough. Same goes for some truly great shows that got cut.

  20. Kyle says:

    I was really enjoying Selfie. What a bummer.

  21. Babybop says:

    Darn. I’ve really been enjoying it. The rest of the episodes will air though, right?

  22. MissMel says:

    I love both Cho and Gillan and was really looking forward to this, however, I never made it through the pilot. I started it three times and couldn’t get into it. I hope both actors will get another chance at a show, however, because they themselves are really enjoyable.

  23. Vero says:

    Please don’t!! It was a good show :(

  24. Charlie says:

    It wasn’t the best, but they were trying! And what’s the point in watching TV at all when even the not-bad shows are getting canceled after only a few episodes??? Seriously, WHAT IS THE POINT??

    • kd83954 says:

      Ha seriously. That’s why I haven’t bothered to watch it yet –I wanted to wait and see what would happen with the network. I may still tune in as it sounds like they’ll be able to give it a proper ending.

  25. jim says:

    Look in the dictionary under ABC -patience…NO. You won’t find it.
    Cute show…not much support from ABC.
    Sorry to see it go.

    • Emily says:

      This is definitely true. A ton of people I talked to about it had no idea it even existed, despite being fans of one or both of the actors.

      • Mark says:

        Then they’re idiots, because this trash was promoted on every media platform used by anyone under the age of 65.

        • Emma says:

          I wouldn’t necessarily call them idiots (I’m trying to be nice), but yeah. No one can say ABC didn’t promote the show because it was one of the few new ones that did get constant commercials and everything.

        • Jen says:

          Why are you so angry, Mark? Filling all the comments with your anger? :( Did Karen Gillan or John Cho insult you? Poor thing.

  26. Lysh says:

    Not surprising because of ratings, but I surprisingly had a lot of people on Twitter who watched it. I love both of the actors, but not the show. Maybe John can guest on Sleepy Hollow again.

  27. emily says:

    First Witches of East End, and now Selfie, this is not my week for television. I surprisingly found myself enjoying Selfie and am sad to see it go. I should have learned from now not to get into new shows on ABC because they never last. Im still angry over them canceling Trophy Wife last year!

  28. Lois Potasch says:

    Sometimes decent-to-good new shows don’t draw the needed following due to the unfortunate show titles they have been given. Greatest example from last season? “Trophy Wife”, which was one of the funniest comedies that I have seen in a while. But, the name doomed the show.

    • Chris says:

      So true about Trophy Wife. What I can’t figure out is why they would worry about ratings on election night. I couldn’t watch because my station began interrupting immediately. I did find it the next day on Hulu.

  29. melanie says:

    #epicfail shock it lasted this long but networks always do that stupid shows last and they pull great shows

    • Lestibournes says:

      It may have been stupid, but it was good. And it got cancelled for no good reason.

      It seems that shows get cancelled for stupid reasons, regardless of whether they are crap, okay, good, or great.

  30. kathyb1953 says:

    I do not like sitcoms so I honestly don’t care.

  31. blair says:

    this show is the bomb dot com and i can’t believe abc is canceling it so early. it’s ratings weren’t horrible and the show was starting to find its footing besides the obvious my-fair-lady jumping off point. i was so excited to see where these characters were going to go. too late for a #saveselfie campaign a la a to z?

  32. Alia says:

    Great actors, good chemistry, bad writing, awful pilot. Best case scenario is that Henry and Eliza get together in the last episode and/or someone casts John Cho and Karen Gillan together (preferably in something more watchable) in the future.

  33. I really enjoyed this one… really really enjoyed it.

  34. Karen says:

    ABC produces good sitcoms that are not given a chance. The first mistake they make is the names ….. APT 23, Happy Ending, Trophy Wife and Selfie.

  35. Roger says:

    Damn. It.

    It was a great show and improved significantly over the following weeks.

    Goes to show you. Hollywood is completely whitewashed. This show had a lot of diversity.

  36. Rory Williams says:

    I thought Selfie was a great show, with the sound off. But then, I’d watch Amy Pond read the telephone book in those clothes

  37. DreamRose311 says:

    Selfie and Trophy Wife. Two very cute comedies where I believe the title was the downfall.

  38. Drew says:

    Now we need to get Karen on something worth her talent. The Flash maybe.

    • Dan says:

      Oh, yes. Because The Flash is all about talent (not good looks) and worthy storylines that don’t have dozens of holes.

      • Wheel says:

        The Flash is a good series, and its plot is tight until now. The holes must be in your brain.

        • Dan says:

          Maybe you can explain why Barry didn’t run around the villain in episode 3 like EVERYBODY expected him to and decided for a contrived plan of “getting him tired”, which he suddenly does out of nowhere. Or maybe you can explain Cold getting into a speeding train. Or the lab people showing up on the tracks in the middle of nowhere. Just three of the most glaring holes, but there is a lot more. Try to watch it with a little more critical eye instead of swallowing it whole.

          • Wheel says:

            – Running around him wouldn’t work because he was not a tornado like Mardon. He was a cloud of poisonous gas. Unless you don’t know what “Don’t breathe him in” means, you know Barry could NOT be near him – eventually he’d have to breathe and he would die. (And don’t speak for everyone; anyone who knew he was poison knows Barry couldn’t run around him)
            – Uh… Why wouldn’t Cold be able to enter a train? It’s hardly a plot hole, it’s a plot device.
            – Cold was reported to be on the train station by the police through their frequency, which, we know because Barry said it with all the words before in the episode, the team monitors. It isn’t hard to put two and two together, they followed the train and that accident would be really hard to miss.
            See, the problem isn’t me. You’re the one who’s not paying attention. I could say you’re the kind of person who needs to be spoon-fed all the information, but it wouldn’t even be the case, because you WERE spoon-fed all the information and you still didn’t get it.

          • Ver-mont says:

            There is one more thing: STAR Labs can track Barry through his suit. All he did was turning off his earpiece, which means they couldn’t talk to him, but they can still track him.

      • Drew says:

        The Flash is a fun, well acted, well written series. It isn’t the greatest series ever created, but it is a solid comic book series (certainly better than AoS). Karen could be funny and serious on the show. Plus, maybe they could let her use her real accent.

      • goodthing says:

        I have to agrre with dan here. Flash is turning to be like smallville where u need stretch your imagination oryoull b constantly roling ur eyes. It is more of a challenge to write forsuch a super powered individual and still have drama and suspense. Barry should to grabthe gunfromcold and havehim notget off a shot. But then the show would be 155 minutes long. And boring. Cold jumping onto a moving train was a stretch with closed doors no less. So is tthat genius kid building a freeze onhis spare time without anyone knowing. That typeof tech takes lot of money and research. I dont care how smart he is. At keast in iron man the suit tony made in the cave looked like it was madefrom spare parts. Justsaying

  39. arianeb says:

    Of the new sitcoms this season, “Selfie” was far and away the best IMO. Tuesday is an overcrowded night. Guess I won’t be watching sitcoms this year.

    • Anna says:

      I agree. But IMO this says more about how bad all the other comedies were than about how got this one is…

      • arianeb says:

        True, the second best has been black-ish, which succeeds in a cushy slot after Modern Family. Bad Judge, A to Z, and Manhattan Love Story are already cancelled. A fate likely to await Cristela, Marry Me, and Mulhaney, which are the 3 left to be decided.

    • gdv says:

      I liked it too! John Cho is really charming. I think people couldn’t get past the title (and ABC didn’t exactly try to help people understand it). The title’s supposed to be satirical since the show’s about putting down your phone and trying to make real connections.

  40. lea says:

    They need to cast her as Brianna in Outlander

  41. Rebecca says:

    Well this stinks! First I read Whitches of East End gets canceled and now this!!! What next?!?!

  42. Mallory says:

    so has it been officially cancelled or just not ordered more episodes yet? It took them awhile to order more eps of Forever…?

  43. GuessWhat says:

    I actually wish everyone’s desire to TAKE and SHARE selfies was cancelled, too!

  44. Jessie says:

    I was enjoying this show. Particularly the leads. I do believe they picked a really stupid name for the show that makes people feel weird about watching it. Seeing all of these cancellations is frustrating — the actors and creators must be so bummed. Shows are not given much of a chance to survive these days. Maybe they need a new system for capturing ratings that is more aligned with the way people consume TV – binge watching, for example. I sometimes like to wait until there are two to three to watch on demand over the weekend. Anyway, here’s to mid-season premieres?

  45. I was actually enjoying this show!:(((((

  46. Mc says:

    ABC sucks!! They know NOTHING about marketing. “Selfie” is good, each episode gets better and better, they should give it more time. I’m so pissed!

  47. Dan says:

    They are probably broadcasting all 13 episodes initially ordered, if not in sequence, then continuing at some point. Do yourself a favour, forget the title (which is very appropriate anyway, if annoying) and watch it. Eps 1-3 set the ground and were from reasonable to good. Ep4 was a blast. Eps 5-6 this week were good again with more heart than ever and developing many side characters. This show was mounting up to be a gem, in all honesty. If there’s anything wrong with it, it’s the name and the credits sequence with an annoying girl singing a boring tune in baby voice, on the same vein as Suburgatory (same creator). The current news is, they won’t be ordering more episodes, which doesn’t mean the show is cancelled effective immediately. If the ratings rise enough in the next few weeks (and they should, considering the quality presented), then the show can easily be rescued.

  48. robinepowell says:

    Not surprised. I never watched in the first place because it sounded stupid.

    A modern day Eliza Doolittle. Except Eliza wasn’t selfish.

    • S. says:

      Exactly. The point isn’t to make Eliza a better person, it was to make her image something that would prevent those with elitist views from keeping her in her station just because of her look and sound. The idea was that it was the superficial trappings that she was being judged on and fixing those would let her be whatever she wanted, capable of existing in any level of society no matter how affluent. She could be happy as her true self. They really needed an Alfred P. Doolittle type front and center in that relationship with Henry from the beginning. Would’ve be interesting to see Eliza play off of that too. I swear I think “Selfie” was initially meant to be an indictment of what’s viewed by the creator(s) as the Millennial culture. Someone from Gen X, and a man too, fixing her? No thank you. Not everybody in that age group is like that. It’s so offensive to make her the problem. Not like she existed in a vacuum, and her parents’ generation not only created that type of person, they also did the whole two wars, Wall Street, housing and economic crisis situation thing. Much more of a problem than someone who takes too many pictures to post to Instagram.

  49. robinepowell says:

    Good news? John Cho can jump back over to FOX and Sleepy Hollow. :)

  50. Ezzy says:

    I’m just surprised it took this long.