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Once Upon a Time Regina Mayor Spoilers

Will Once Upon a Time‘s Regina reclaim her Storybrooke throne? Will Castle unleash badass Beckett? What’s new in Five-0‘s alt reality? Will a Brooklyn cop come clean about her feelings? When will Gotham‘s Bat meet Cat? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Two weeks ago, Once Upon a Time‘s Lana Parrilla posted a picture of herself and Robert Carlyle in the mayor’s office. Please tell me Regina is back to being mayor! –Teresa
When will we see more Regina-centric flashbacks on Once Upon a Time? –Fred
Hey, everyone, watch me kill two birds with one scoop: Yes, you will see Regina be mayor again… in an upcoming flashback, to when Regina held the Storybrooke office and met the Snow Queen for the first time.

On the current season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Amy’s feelings for Jake have been a mystery to us. Is there any chance that we will get some insight as to how she feels? –Genesis
You know what tends to get people talking? Road trip! And in an upcoming episode, Jake and Amy will take one, to transfer a prisoner — and the only “escapee” will be a glimpse at what Amy’s feeling these days.

Do you have any more tidbits from your interview with Castle showrunner David Amann? –Mandy
Well of course I had to ask if there were any “badass Beckett” moments to watch for, seeing as they’ve been in short supply this season, and he did not disappoint. “There is a badass Beckett moment of sorts – I mean, I would consider it a badass Beckett moment — at the end of Episode 7, ‘Once Upon a Time in the West,'” he shared. “Keep your eyes out for that.” BONUS SCOOP: This just in… Episode 12 will make like Jane the Virgin and revolve around the cast of the telenovela Santos Desperaodos, begging the question: Has Kamar de los Reyes already guest-starred?

Have you had the chance to watch the 100th episode of Hawaii Five-0 (airing tonight)? Not asking for spoilers, only if you liked it. –Mary
I finally got to it, and be forewarned that the cold open will be a bit confusing — you’ll think you’re rewatching the pilot, until a pivotal scene plays out quite differently. That “alternate reality,” which McGarrett continues to live through while being tortured by a captor, is filled with fun, light moments (e.g. Danny’s ringtone for Rachel, Kamekona’s new “look,” Kono’s non-Five-0 occupation), but the actual torture sequences are decidedly dark. The episode also features a thrilling, extended brawl, copious amounts of shirtless Steve (if that floats your kayak) and a final montage loyal viewers won’t want to miss.

I absolutely loved the opening scene of last week’s Supernatural, with Sam and Dean (with shades on) overlooking the lake. But even through the end of the episode, Dean was surprisingly (and a bit disappointingly) cool and put together, post-Demon. He’s goanna explode or have an emotional meltdown soon…right? –Audrey
Considering the Mark of Cain is still haunting the elder Winchester, that is a strong possibility. In fact, the pesky problem is going to take up a lot of storyline real estate going forward. “You’re going to see Dean dealing with this pretty much for the next chunk of the season, as he and Sam take different paths in how to deal with it,” executive producer Jeremy Carver teases. “While we’re all very happy he was cured of being a demon, there’s a lot more work to be done.”

I was so not expecting Supernatural‘s Dean to go so far with his kill-Sam campaign! Now that human Dean’s back in business, how long until someone brings up that pesky Cole is fluttering about? –Sam (no, not that one)
EP Jeremy Carver responds, “Who’s to say Cole resurfaces…? But if he did, that would be a heck of a confrontation. I’m looking forward to it as much as you are.”

I’m dying here! All I can think about Chicago P.D. - Season 2is next week’s epic Chicago Fire/Chicago P.D. /Law & Order: SVU crossover! Please tell me you have a scoop on that, preferably related to P.D.’s Intelligence team. –Saadia
I can say that P.D.’s Voight, Halstead and Lindsay visit SVU upon realizing there’s a trafficking ring that’s sending kids from Chicago to New York. And while Voight and Benson may have “different” ways of dealing with suspects, they will learn from one another (and, I am hearing, “light up the screen” together).

Any scoop on Jane the Virgin? Maybe something about Petra’s (or should I say Natalia’s) mysterious meeting from this week’s episode? — Katie H.
“Petra’s past will continue to haunt her,” affirms EP Jennie Snyder Urman, until “things come to a head with her blackmailer in Episode 6.”

Do you have anything on The Mindy Project? –Nathalia
Mindy Kaling recently teased for us “a bit of a Castellano reunion,” though I have yet been able to pin down exact details or the airdate. “I have not talked about it yet so far with anybody [in the press], but that’s coming up in the not too distant future,” she added. “And it goes pretty terribly, as you might guess.”

Do you have any scoop on The Big Bang Theory? –Aleksandrs
LeVar Burton will reprise his role as himself in the Nov. 20 episode — marking his third appearance on the CBS hitcom — when Sheldon invites the Star Trek vet to make an encore appearance on his “Fun with Flags” web series. (The same episode also brings back John Ross Bowie aka Sheldon’s frenemy Barry and Stephen Root, as Penny’s boss Don.)

Do you have any Scandal or How to Get Away With Murder scoop? –Colleen
I choose Murder (and always do, heh….), if only because I’ve got a few details on Marcia Gay Harden’s recurring role, which sounds right in her wheelhouse. The character is described as intelligent, well educated, confident and friendly, if not also a but intimidating. Hailing from an academic family, she does not suffer trophy wives fools, and was raised to speak her mind — and that is exactly what she does, especially if witness to an injustice.

Do you have any scoop on Vampire Diaries‘ Caroline or The 100‘s Clarke? –Amy
Once again choosing Door No. 2, I’ve got The 100‘s Eliza Taylor previewing the unlikely alliance between Clarke and Anya (played by Dichen Lachman): “I loved the idea of them like kind of begrudgingly having to team up. And in Episode 4, you do see a lot of them trekking through [the outside] trying to find their people.” But given unresolved tensions coming out of that Season 1 finale (when a buncha Grounders got roasted), it won’t be a completely unified front. “A lot of stuff goes down between them,” Taylor teases.

Really enjoying Gotham theseGotham Selina past few weeks. But I have to wonder, will Selina and Bruce ever meet? –T.W.
In the Nov. 17 episode — which marks Nicholas D’Agosto’s debut as Harvey Dent — Selina will take residence at Wayne Manor, which strongly, strongly suggests these fated frenemies will finally come face to face.

Long time no Resurrection scoop! Care to change that? –Aly
Episode 11 is guest-casting two “returned” women — Hilary, a burly “Rosie the Riveter” type from the 1940s, and Robin, a contemporary lady – who are being detained at the government facility with a very familiar face who thus far has been allowed to roam free in Arcadia. Thus far.

With The Newsroom‘s third and (sadly) final season imminent, I was wondering if there are plans to resolve Season 1’s “death threats against Will” storyline? Was Neal secretly hunting the hacker off-screen during Season 2, or is the storyline just being dropped? (Please say it’s the first one.) –Ryan
Your last line there precludes me from answering, sorry! (Watch for Jeff Daniels to elaborate in an imminent TVLine Q&A from Kim Roots.)

How come we never see Will’s ex-boyfriend and Layla’s manager Brent (played by Derek Krantz) on Nashville anymore? Will we see him on the show again? –Chris
Not anytime soon, no.

Thank you for all the Criminal Minds scoops you bring! May I ask for another? Are there going to be any JJ/Garcia scenes in Season 10? I miss their friendship. –LittleKitten
I honestly cannot say for certain if/how Garcia figures into the storyline, but in Episode 11, “The Forever People,” JJ will deal with the PTSD resulting from her 200th episode abduction.

Not sure if this is the proper avenue to express our concerns about program background music, but we have a hard time hearing the TV actors’ conversations. It is quite annoying. –Dennis
I actually get weekly letters about this, but never thought much of it – until last week’s episode of How to Get Away with Murder, where I had to turn the closed-captioning on to hear an important conversation. My powers are sadly limited here, but maybe publishing your Q will hit the eyeballs of some sound mixers.

Real questions, real answers. If you need the Inside Line on a favorite show, email reporting by Vlada Gelman and Kim Roots)

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  1. Sam says:

    While I love me some Beckett, it’s Badass Benson. That is all.

  2. I agree with Dennis. The over amping of background music makes no sense. I want to follow the story lines, not get up and dance.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I truly get mail on it every week. And then was irked by it myself watching a HTGAWM scene set in Annalise’s library, not even a night club or bustling courthouse.

      • M says:

        It seems like it is all ABC shows. I’m sure they are (hopefully) becoming aware of it…so frustrating!!

      • Mary Ann says:

        I realize that not all TV’s have this function, but in the controls for my TV I am able to make the music lower and the conversation louder. It’s worth taking a look.

      • Rich Abey says:

        Can’t these shows learn anything from The Blacklist? Probably the only show in a long time to use music that melds so seamlessly with the plot.

      • CC says:

        Thank you for posting about this! I feel a thousand times better knowing I’m not going deaf at 30. The higher volume on ads is awful, but at least I can mute. Not hearing actual dialogue? A real problem!

      • mary says:

        Thank you so much for mentioning this! We will only watch certain shows on demand because we have to rewind and try and decipher what was said due to the high music level!

    • Boiler says:

      I agree with Dennis too. I have similar problems on Elementary and OUAT. My TV can emphasize vocals but not always enough

    • sue says:

      OMG!!!! Thank you Jerry for mentioning that you had that same problem of the background music being so ungodly loud!!!!! I’ve had to stop watching a couple of my favorite shows because I couldn’t hear what the actors dialog because of the LOUD background music. I thought it was because I bought a new flat screen TV last year and the background noises were just part of this model. I didn’t know who to contact to discuss this problem … hopefully SOMEBODY will do something about it – it’s just plain annoying to hear music/background noises instead of the dialog.

  3. Thank you so much for answering my question about Hawaii Five-0, Matt! It all sounds amazing and I was looking forward to reading what you thought of it.
    By the way, shirtless Steve floats my kayak A LOT though the details you shared make me think the scenes will be too intense to pay attention to that.
    And what really, really floats my kayak are the Steve and Danny’s characters and their relationship, definitely my favorite part of the show, so I’m looking so much forward to their interaction in the alternate reality and to the rescue scene.
    Thanks a lot again for your answer!

  4. @Matt Webb Mitovich: Who is this that Criminal Minds is supposed to be bringing back again? does AYBODY know?!

    As for SVU/CF&CPD I’m still unsure. This just doesn’t grab at me like I thought it would. I’m sorry.

    • Colleen says:

      I haven’t read anywhere that Criminal Minds’ is bringing someone back again. Where can I find/this? I try not to miss any Tvline news.

  5. erik says:

    And regarding the music volume, it would also help if the ads were kept at the same volume level as the programs. I am sick and tired of having to keep changing the volume because some ad wants to deafen me with their inane broadcast. No wonder people are switching in droves to DVRs.

    • jp says:

      Remember there was some sort of law or something that was supposed make the jacking up of commercial volume illegal. It still happens!

  6. Letti says:

    Thanks for choosing The 100 over TVD, the spoiler sounds great :D
    Also thanks for OUaT scoop, even if Regina won’t be mayor again.

    • Moment says:

      I think its a bit too early to say Regina will never be mayor again. The show will likely run for a few more seasons yet, things can change.

  7. jp says:

    Agree on the sound mixing…I too have had to use closed captioning. I thought it was my 50+ year old ears but now I know others are having the same problem. And I also wonder – what is with so many characters using some sort of whispering like Jim Caviezel on Person of Interest. Who really talks like that? Jerry Seinfeld might call them low talkers and make fun of it!

  8. Inger says:

    I agree with Dennis about the loud background music. English is not my native language, why it´s important for me that I can hear the whole conversations.

  9. Sims says:

    Amen Dennis, Amen.

  10. Dean also acted well put together back in season 3 when he had a year after selling his soul. He wanted to stay strong for Sam, but towards the end, he stopped faking it so he could fight. No doubt Dean will have a breakdown soon. Right now, he’s dealing the best way he knows how.

    • Audrey E. says:

      Well, his behavior was more erratic than anything else. From the very beginning of that season’s premiere, when he was driving the Impala Dukes of Hazzard style. It was obvious that year that Dean was covering up his fears, but in this last episode (though you could tell he’s trying to get back to work to avoid talking about his demon past), he was just kinda…cool about everything.
      Being a demon must’ve upped his pokerface to new heights!

  11. eds says:

    Ugh! I am sooo tired of episodes about JJ on Criminal Minds. More Reid! More Hotch! Much, much less JJ!

    • Christine says:

      Finally someone else is saying this. I thought I was the only one noticing this. Ever since JJ became an agent, she has been getting too much screen time personally and on the job.

      • Christine: What so much time JJ got personally? we barely see her son or Will or her dealing with things.. we have seen however the whole Reid&Meave storyline and his struggles after her death.. the whole Reid/Meave was dealt in lengths (and Reid&drugs) as well as Hotch&Foyet thing IMHO. The whole JJ storyline was basically very few scenes, one very big episode and then nothing. I really don’t see how she gets so much screentime, she doesn’t get enough attention if one asks me. I think she deserves to have her feelings explored just like her co-members have and I think she deserves better screentime now that she’s profiling like the rest of her team. I don’t see how there’s “too much JJ”. Sorry.

    • What you talking of? I would like to know. I don’t hate Kate but if anything the season was very Kate centric..not JJ centric. I actually think she was somewhat sidelined this season. And yeah you know what? I love Reid and love Hotch and Hotch have just gotten his centric episode and I’m sure Reid will get his as well, but it’s so about time the writers give JJ PTSD – which probably won’t even go beyond an episode. I mean Reid got plenty of big storylines and aftermaths and Hotch have got as well. I welcome this storyline not just as a JJ fan but as a CM fan it made no sense to me JJ would be ok after what happened to her. It absolutely deserves a follow just as Reid got his followup after his traumatic ordeals and just as Hotch did. This is only fair. Sorry you don’t care for JJ but I disagree this storyline isn’t welcomed, it’s very welcomed, there’s plenty of us asking for it and I’m glad they gonna get to it.

      • bklyngirl says:

        I’m a big JJ fan, so I love her character gets centric episodes especially since she’s been upgraded to a profiler. She deserves it since she’s a vet. Reid would get strong episodes on him. I laugh at the hypocrisy about JJ scenes. Even Prentiss got episodes focused on her up until her exit.

  12. Deanna says:

    LOVED the spoilers for Supernatural, yes, yes please more about the Mark of Cain and uncontrolled Dean. ☺️☺️☺️

  13. Kathy A says:

    We constantly complain about the background music on shows. I have excellent hearing (my husband says I can hear the grass grow) I constantly have to turn on the closed captioning to discover what’s being said. Music with lyrics is especially problematic. Post-production sound department need to realize that the dialogue is far more important than the music.

    • Sandi D says:

      Thank you for the comments about the thedificulty hearing the actors. I use the closed caption and TV ears to understand what is being said. Not much of a problem on
      daytime TV, but certainly at night.

  14. I should have known that it was flashback scene in OUAT. I can’t wait to see how Regina will be able to rebuilt her life again. It will be interested to who is the most evil person in Storybrooke,Regina or the Snow Queen?

  15. SO glad to hear it’s not just me that gets annoyed with the loud music making it impossible to hear the actors and Grey’s Anatomy is the absolute worst….if it weren’t for being able to turn on the closed captioning, I’d miss half of what is said…

  16. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the Once scoop. I miss Mayor Mills so hard.

  17. Christine says:

    Not that I was a fan of that bit, but how can Supernatural NOT bring Cole back at some point this season? Don’t build up a mini arc and then be coy as to whether or not it will be revisited. So what, Cole just decided to not avenge his father’s death? It’s akin to just leaving Adam in Hell if you ask me. Loose strings drive me batty.

    • Sunny says:

      Preaching to choir!! Love Supernatural put sometimes those small details that get dropped or swept away quickly are annoying!!

      • Not to worry, Sunny and Christine, Cole will be back in 10.07 – there were YVR OTS pics and set report posted on several sites weeks back of Cole and Dean having filming a huge fight scene. The 10.07 description likely didn’t mention Dean & Cole’s next ‘meeting’ because it’s too spoilery.

  18. There is too much background noise on Hawaii Five-O. I have to turn the volume up so loud that the neighbors complain. It is not the only one with this problem, but seems to be the worst.

  19. Anna says:

    So me not understanding some of the things that are being said is NOT because I’m not a native speaker of English? Because I always kinda thought that was the reason. But apparently it’s not, if so many of you guys have the same problem… in that case, somebody should definitely do something about this, no?
    On a totall unrelated note, I’m very excited for the 100th epsiode of Five-0. Also for the 200th epsiode of Supernatural. Never really thought either show would get that many episodes… wow!

  20. Saadia says:

    Thanks for the info Matt! :)

  21. Saadia says:

    Thanks for the info Matt! :)

  22. Fred says:

    Thank you for killing this bird along with the other ;) Thanks for the scoop!

  23. Graham Forbes says:

    Please advise Castle How unhappy the UK Castle fans are that we can not happy with the deal made by Disney/alibi have made. But we do no blame Castle or the crew! We are very disappointed!

  24. tdelp says:

    I am not sure it is only the background music. Actors seem to mumble allot, Even the writers commented on POI through one of their characters. He asked Jim how he talked like that he wanted to be able to do it too.
    I have a DVR and at times I have had to rewind 4 or 5 times before I figure out what someone has said.
    Since i am already complaining I hate the busy stuff that is going on at the bottom of my screen during my shows. Ads, things flying around, it is really annoying.

  25. Sarah says:

    I liked will’s ex brent on nashville, too bad he’s not coming back

    • C says:

      Agreed. And even if they weren’t going to use the actor/character anymore, why not one line of dialogue that he’s not Layla’s manager anymore? Why instead pretend that he never existed?

  26. Angela says:

    Aw, I do hope there are some good JJ/Garcia moments doming up down the line in some episode or another. I love their friendship, too, and they should definitely get some more scenes together.
    I’m glad they’re also going to follow up on everything JJ went through in “200”-be interested to see how she’s been faring with that all these months.

  27. Jane Freidel says:

    I absolutely agree with Dennis! I have been wanting to find a place to say this for several years. We need to form a group to make ourselves heard.( I do not know how to do that, but I am in if anyone wants to do that, so contact me here.) Background noise detracts from the dialogue, the music is ridiculously loud and it happens quite often and in many shows. I am forced to always dvr (so I am limited to 2 shows in the same time slot) so I can go back over and over again, and must have the captioning on for that reason. I have not gone to movie theaters in years for the same reason. Maybe the young bucks do not have this problem yet, but given our noisy culture(I use earplugs when I mow, dry my hair and sweep carpets, etc. to protect my hearing) many of us have some hearing loss. I have problems distinguishing words in conversations, but my hearing is normal in every other aspect. What the characters say is the most important to me. I don’t care much about plot/murder, etc. I watch shows because I care about the characters. I buy the Castle dvd’s every year-they have good captioning, but I can’t afford to buy for all shows I watch. I can’t watch shows if they get too scary and have stopped watching some of my favorites and never tried others. But no matter how much I like Castle or other shows, I will stop watching if it happens too often that the music/background noise stops me from understanding, and thus enjoying, the show. We should not have to work that hard to hear the actors. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to express our frustration on this topic!

  28. TacoB says:

    is that all Amann can say about Beckett? if you’ve seen the promotional pictures for Once Upon a Time in the West, you’ve already seen Beckett’s ‘badass moment’. Meh

  29. Rick Katze says:

    Regarding hearing dialogue, I also have the same problem on some shows. Some come thru fine but some don’t. The people in charge should be paying more attention to the final product.

  30. i really need delena spoilers for TVD miss thie ship so much

  31. Jason Paul says:

    Dennis is so right. I have to watch everything with closed captions. And I’m not old! Sometimes I have the volume up so loud the commercials start blaring unless I mute.

  32. Rich Abey says:

    While I too am a real sucker for ‘badass Beckett’ (indeed one of the things I love about this show!), we did have 2 awesome moments so far this season: In the season opener where she took out that guy crushing Rick’s abducting SUV with a tackle worthy of the NFL & in the last episode delivering a crushing monologue that forced the internet killer to divulge enough info to save two victims.
    But who am I kidding…Matt please continue complaining so that we get more badass Beckett moments. Isn’t she a thing of beauty? Remember Rick’s Valentine message to Kate which got intercepted by Gates: “You are beauty passion and fierce intellect.” Never are those words more accurate than in these moments. You can never have too much of it…’The Closer’ is evidence of that!

  33. scribe says:

    Am I the only one who wants to see Reid get a girlfriend after that whole Cinderella Prince Charming thing with the slipper?

    • Angela says:

      God, no. Not at all. I’ve been rooting for Reid to finally find the happiness and love he’s been longing for for some time now :). He deserves it after all he’s been through!
      I really loved that end scene with him and the unsub this week. It was very sweet, and a creative way to talk the woman down.

  34. Dr. M says:

    The biggest problem with TV sound tends to be that most programs are mixed in 5.1 surround sound and intended for home theaters, not TV speakers. A 5.1 mix includes a front center speaker dedicated to dialog.

    Unfortunately, local cable providers may downmix these soundtracks to 2-channels (poorly) or home converter boxes/tuners may push the sound through two speakers in such a way as to mangle the dialog channel.

    It’s unfortunate, but it is assumed that everyone has excellent TV providers and top end home theater systems. It makes you miss the days of analog TV and sets with one speaker. Networks made sure dialog was clear back then. It had to be.

    • Maryann says:

      Good to know. Unfortunately it does not help those of us who don’t have these systems. Just this season, the issue of music totally drowning out dialog has gotten so bad that there are some programs that I watch online just to avoid this problem.

  35. Daisy says:

    Good spoilers on Once Upon A Time and Supernatural.
    But I would like to have a Rumbelle spoilers (a good news spoiler) for Once and a Cass spoilers (of course a good Cass spoiler) maybe a Cass and Hananah spoiler.
    Those would be better spoilers, byt these were good too.

  36. CC says:

    Re: Newsroom – of course it’s being dropped, it’s Aaron Sorkin. He’s good at some things and not others, including letting other people have input and writing opportunities that would allow for more continuity.

  37. Seaturtle15 says:

    Please give us an update regarding Justified. It’s one of our favorites but we heard there will be only one more season. Is that true?

  38. To TVline & Matt thanks so much for the answer. You rock! I really wish there’d be JJ & Garcia scenes, I miss their friendship terribly but maybe, hopefully we’ll get something. Anyway, I sure am excited about episode 11! I love Criminal Minds but they always skip emotional aftermath with JJ and just have her be alright the next episode. Thankfully, it will be different this time and she’ll finally deal with what happened to her in 200 (which was highly traumatic) and I really can’t wait!

  39. says:

    Right here is the right site for everyone who
    would like to find out about this topic. You realize a whole lot its almost tough to argue with you (not that I actually will need
    to…HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a subject that’s been discussed for ages.
    Wonderful stuff, just wonderful!

  40. why didn’t they mention on law and order svu what happened to brian cassidy hopefully they’ll bring him back if he’s new show doesn’t survive. I liked him with Olivia and i would like to see how he handles fatherhood.

  41. Ella says:

    Um, we were NOT all very happy Dean was cured of being a demon – that was some phenomenal storytelling and it was a cop out to have it end 3 episodes in.

    • Kathy A says:

      Yes, it was good storytelling, and even better acting – but having Dean be a demon went against the entire premise of the show, so it couldn’t have lasted much longer than it did.