Bones Season 10 Twist: Sweets Makes Contact With [Spoiler]!

Sweets Returns Season 10

Dr. Sweets is apparently getting a little restless in heaven.

In an upcoming episode of Bones, the late shrink’s spirit will connect with resident psychic Avalon Harmonia (returning guest star Cyndi Lauper) on a very special occasion.

bonescyndi1According to an insider, Avalon (last seen in Season 9 serenading Booth and Brennan at their wedding) arrives to help with a murder case and winds up being contacted by Sweets on his birthday.

I’m told John Francis Daley will not appear in the episode, but, hey, a Spectral Sweets is better than no Sweets, right? Riiiiight?!

Look for the episode to air in early 2015.

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  1. anon says:

    how about B&B partnership actually makes an appearance on Bones….Stephen Nathan has pretty much trashed it to 5 scenes an ep….one word for him: idiot

    • Jessie says:

      “How about B&B partnership actually makes an appearance on Bones”That would be nice they are the center and the center is gone :(

  2. Sheryl says:

    Oh, Sweets I miss you so much 😩

  3. aa says:

    When they had Cyndi Laupers character contact the dead young man Colin in S8 that was a pretty well done ep…I can hope for the same

  4. TaMara says:

    I was ok with Sweets death when it appeared it was because John Francis Daley was moving on to bigger things. But when I read he really wanted to stay, I was disappointed they killed him off and wished they would have made a different choice. I agree with aa that the ep in S8 with Avalon was well done, so I look forward to this.

  5. Sarah says:

    I was sad when they killed of Zack…And now Sweets!!!!! 2 exceptionally wonderful characters. I am this close to not watching anymore and I’ve been a fan since day one. If they can’t figure out a way to bring Sweets back this season I’m sure this will be my final season to continue to watch!

    • Lynn Allen says:

      If you’ve been a fan since day one, then you would know that Zack is NOT DEAD!! He’s in a mental institution. smh!!

      • Deb says:

        Haha, good call. I would love to see Zack make a cameo some day. Maybe write in an old case that he was part of and have Booth & Brennan go question him about it. Just a thought.

      • dV says:

        What exactly does it matter? What does someone get for being a “true fan” or a “fan from day one”

    • TVLine_FanGirl says:

      100% agree with you. Sweets was one of my favorite characters after Zack and they never should have killed Sweets off. I have stopped watching the show and while I miss it, I know that watching it with would be just awful. It’s too bad they went down this path, since this has to be one of the last seasons.

      • Lucie Vaclavik says:

        I agree 100%.

      • Angela says:

        Its a sham you stopped watching it. It was very tastefully done, I agree, I wish they had not killed him off however the writer’s had their reasons. I could never stop watching. Can’t wait for the episode when Daisy has the baby! To watch how they all continue to mourn the death of a dear friend is great writing. Please go back to watching its a little painful and sad at times but thats one of the many things that makes it great! The real life emotions of these characters.

        • Acerbic_Critic says:

          Yes! Absolutely by all means reward the show for bad decision making so they continue to make even MORE bad decisions. And don’t forget to support their sponsors as well. Heck, keep track of ads and let each and every company know just how MUCH you appreciate bad decisions. Then we can all rest assured that the producers of the show will be properly (in other words financially) rewarded for this most recent step into the abyss of the inane.

          *For those without the software to render it properly, the above was written in Sarcasm Font.

    • Confused says:

      ? Zack isn’t dead

    • Sammy D says:

      They didn’t kill off Zack. He’s in a mental institution because he was Gormagon’s apprentice.

    • Don’t forget Vincent Nigel Murray’s death. That was so sad.I loved him but then his death did bring B&B together

    • Acerbic_Critic says:

      I love the books, which now of course in no way at ALL resemble the TV series. I enjoyed the first several seasons, but when they dumbed it down–started going for the ADD/sound byte scripts, I was done. Had I still been watching, Sweets would have been the last straw.

      It’s not that his replacement is bad in the couple of episodes I’ve watched socially, he’s actually charming and better than that show now deserves. That said, I probably will try to see the “Sweets/Lauper episode”.

  6. nicolee johnson says:

    I love you booth,and I miss you 🍬 that was so sad I cry like a baby.

  7. jen says:

    I miss Sweets….I just don’t understand why?

  8. Heidi says:

    Love Cyndi Lauper’s Avalon. This should be wonderful. So miss Sweets.

  9. Andre Tomlin says:

    my wife and I were absolutely broken that’s sweet was remove from the Cast and we look forward so what the writing team does with sweets!!

  10. Dawn says:

    it wasn’t the writers fault that Sweets is dead. Daley left the show to pursue a career on the back side of the camera.

    • Alia says:

      But they chose to kill him off, there are more solutions than kill off the character for example a promotion and a new city.

      • Dottie'sMom says:

        I, too, wish he had left for another posting.

      • Citygirl says:

        The show probably killed him off so we the fans would not have to listening incessantly about “bringing Sweets back” like we have to listen to those who incessantly keep saying “bring Zach back”. They should have killed HIS character off, too.

  11. kmw says:

    Sounds like a great episode and looking forward to it. I have to agree with Anon about wanting to see real partnership between them again. I like the new guy,but enough. More Booth and Brennan please. I have let Sweets go. He was on way too much as well. Even with Sweets they had more scenes than this episode. Last scene together not enough to make up for awful episode

  12. roz says:

    it took me 3 weeks to start the new season. could not believe sweets was killed. still hope its a mistake like when Booth was supposed to be dead. and hope we hear something about Zack. I love this show. don’t ever want to see it end please. give the cast anything they want to stay.

  13. Alia says:

    No Sweets, no Bones, an unnecessary death.

  14. carol faircloth says:

    What is sweets doing now

  15. glori says:

    why did they have to kill Sweets I loved what he brought to my favorite show. First they get rid of Zack now Sweets. Please fix this, you killed Booth and he came back so please fix,

  16. Christine says:

    Actually, the writers killing off Sweets was the final nail in the coffin for me. I haven’t watched an episode since- the only reason I even clicked on this spoiler is because of the headline. Sometimes killing off main characters is a bad idea.

  17. June Wiggins says:

    If this is intended to be the final season of Bones, can the writers promise us another ‘fun’ episode like The Double Death of the Dearly Departed. I often watch this when in need of a good laugh. Even in the gag reel you can see how much the cast enjoyed filming this episode. This was pure pantomime.

  18. dolphinpatronus says:

    I (like many of you) would love for Sweets’ death to have been fake. However the only way that will happen is if everything so far this season has been a dream or hallucination. (Since they’ve basically done both I don’t see it happening again.) They showed his very dead body, did a full autopsy & cremated him. He is sadly not coming back unless he’s someone’s dream or hallucination…or a ghost. I just hope that some part of the message he sends Avalon is that Zack never actually killed anyone since it is unlikely (& also sad) that Zack will reappear either.

  19. Heather greene says:

    Yes I still don’t understand why the had to have him die on the show

  20. kmw says:

    John Francis Daley had an opportunity to direct a movie. He would have had to been written out for half the season. Any story that would have not have him being killed off would not have been realistic given what they did to Zack and he would not have left town knowing what Booth is dealing with. Bones is still a great show and I will watch it until it ends

    • darlene says:

      That’s right…he wanted to do more behind the camera things. As far as I’m concerned it’s still an awesome show!!! I will watch it until it dies or I do

  21. Pat Longmore says:

    Please stop trying to make the new guy look like Sweets!!

  22. kelly says:

    Sweets I miss you so much, don’t really watch the show too much now:(

  23. Laura C says:

    Regardless of John’s choice to work another project, MANY have been able to work around it and I do not believe for a second that Nathan & writers couldn’t have come up with a plausible plot for him to be gone for awhile and come back. I guess writers also forget that viewers would like to see a bit more coziness between B&B considering how long it took them to get married. I don’t care for new guy, reminds me of poor Sweets substitute. My DVR wasn’t working this last week so I missed the episode about the maid, hope I can catch that on some repeat. .

  24. Daisy says:

    I wish they would have like to see Sweets in the 200th episode. But I am so EXCITED that Pelant (Andrew Leeds) is coming on the 200th episode!! :) <:
    Cant wait!!!
    Steven Nathan said in season 9 that Pelant was going to be back in the flesh again, but I thought he lied. So my bad SN, and thank you too for bringing Pelant back.
    So EXCITED CAN'T WAIT for the 200th episode!!! :) <3 :)

  25. Edye Cunningham says:

    Miss you Sweets.

  26. Melissa Anderson says:

    Sweets was apoted if y’all want him back twin brother right back in twin some timed do the same life choose!

  27. mary says:

    dos any no when new season of bones comes to UK please

  28. sara says:

    Please… bring Sweets back…. 😢😢😢

  29. Pat says:

    I really like Cyndi Lauper’s character, Avalon. This should be exciting to know that Sweets is contacting her. I really do miss him. Also, as for the new guy, I like him. He has given me some funny scenes to laugh at, like the one from last week when he was trying to help Hodgins catch a goat. After last season’s finale and the start up episodes at the beginning of this season they were pretty dark for me so now with this new guy they are starting to lighten up.

  30. Jennifer says:

    I miss sweets but was pisses me off the most is they replaced him with a guy who tries to act just like sweets and has the same mannerisms and everything. I would have been much happier if they had put a totally difference character in there.

    • Jennifer says:

      “What” sorry typo

    • Acerbic_Critic says:

      I think you “he’s trying to be Sweets” ppl are seeing what you expect to see, not what’s on the screen. The new guy is very much his own character and he can act…well. The relationship with Booth is completely unique and they did a good job of making them work on it slowly. He’s confident and patient where Sweets had a completely and totally different vibe about him. Just because they’re both male with dark hair doesn’t mean they’re “the same”. Wow.

  31. Mirtha says:

    that’s great! Let’s keep the “sweets” alive

  32. Brandy Hobbs says:

    I can’t believe that Sweets left! Congrautes to him on the job but Bones ain’t the same without him!

  33. marci says:

    Bring Sweets back miss sweets bring him back from the dead :(

  34. Pat says:

    I say write a story line where it is revealed that Sweets did not die but had to be placed into witness protection. When all the muck luck of the case is finally closed, he can come back.

  35. Val Fay says:

    Miss Sweets! Very endearing character. When will Daisy have their baby or did that already happen?

  36. Pamela Meadows says:

    They brought JR back from the dead in Dallas. Bring Sweets back!!!

  37. Nauja says:

    I am annoyed to hear about this. I cried when they killed Sweets because his character had wheedled its way into my heart. I do not want him coming back for one episode and then leaving again. If the writers wanted a back door to bring the character back in they should have written a less dramatic/final exit for Sweets. Why torture fans with a quickie visit?

  38. May hughes says:

    Do u think they will ever find out Zack isn’t a murder? Sweets was the only one that knew. We need Zack back.

  39. Lorraine says:

    voice one of the best characters I was he made the show

  40. Lorraine says:

    you should have never gotten rid of sweet he ruling made the show I always look forward to seeing him

  41. SallyJo says:

    I miss Sweets. Since his first or second episode he became my favorite character. I am sure the show producers are regretting their decision because of all the uproar over Sweets death. I do like the new guy though, he’s pretty funny.

  42. The script writers on Bones are hands down the absolute worst in the industry. It’s like they’re daring Fox to cancel them at this point.

    Nothing undercuts a show that supposedly promotes scientific thought and evidence by running a subplot that really are people who can communicate with the dead.

    I also get the feeling there’s a few heavily religious writers/show runners who are less than thrilled about the protagonist being an unapologetic atheist, and feel need to ‘take her down a few pegs.’

  43. And now that I think about it, I wonder if someone high up on the show’s staff is a Scientologist, given Bones’ irrational hatred of psychology.

    • Acerbic_Critic says:

      I heard FOX is sending “the squad” after anyone who says anything disparaging (not nice) about the show. I’d be careful if I were you. Bones, Fox and Scientology. I’m looking forward to learning about any possible connection in the upcoming HBO documentary about said church actually. 160 lawyers…it’s gotta be good!

  44. Hopefully this is the episode where it is revealed that Avalon is a fake. There are no such thing as psychics and using Sweets’ spirit is just a cruel thing to do to the Jeffersonian Gang.

  45. As a certified Medical Assistant. I have to admit how much I love BONES, I find that the content and actors are so authentic. For me, I feel like these qualities are what truly make the program so life like and worth watching.

  46. kmw says:

    So if Bones brought Sweets back from the dead that would be ok. No. Whatever you think the shows direction has gone in it is NOT a soap opera. You really think Sweets would leave his friend in his time of crisis. no. I do not know what else the show could have done to have kept Daley on show without rearranging everyone else schedule. As for Booth and Brennan they are not even getting any romance and now they are not even real partners lately. I do not need romance every episode but I want to see them interact for more than two scenes. I have always watched the show for Booth and Brennan, not Sweets, but I wish Daley well

  47. Reut Nistel says:

    I’m officially crying after reading this. I’m never going to forgive them for killing him!!!

  48. Linda Parker-Fedak says:

    Another tear jerker. I can tell. Any mention of Sweets brings tears to my eyes! Have never missed an episode. Can’t remember ever crying so much over so many episodes in a season! His “death” was so shocking and traumatic that I am still not over it! Wow!!! This up coming episode will be awesome as Ms. Lauper is amazing! Will have tissues handy…

  49. Donna says:

    While she’s at it maybe Avalon can talk to Parker. He might as well be dead. So much for that Best Dad Ever thing Bones tries to pull off with Booth. He never even remembers he has another kid anymore.