First Look: Mentalist's Final Run Starts With a Face-Off, [Spoiler] in Prison

There’s no telling how The Mentalist will end, once its seventh and final season comes to a close. But we can give you a provocative look at how the CBS drama’s farewell run begins.

In the final season opener — which airs Sunday, Nov. 30 at 9:30 ET/9 pm PT and is set two weeks after the Season 6 finale, in which Jane and Lisbon professed their love for each other — it appears Jane has some ‘splaining to do to FBI Agent Marcus Pike, whom Lisbon was poised to relocate to D.C. with.

Mentalist Final Season

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This second photo, meanwhile, comes from Episode 2, in which Lisbon goes undercover in a prison.

Mentalist Final Season

The Mentalist will call Sundays home until Jan. 7, at which time it moves to Wednesdays at 8, ultimately wrapping its seven-year run with a two-hour series finale on Feb. 18. New to the cast this season is Make It or Break It star Josie Loren as Michelle Vega, a rookie fresh out of the FBI Academy.

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  1. Tran says:

    Can’t wait to see how The Mentalist is going to end after a lackluster Season Six.

    • Maryann says:

      Mileage diifers. IMO Season 6 was the best ever.

      • Krystle says:

        I am with you 100%!

      • Tran says:

        DISAGREE. Season Six was terrible and who could forget that messed up Red John’s identity storyline no one saw it coming.

        • GJ says:

          True! I’m with that Red John should have been more shocking than the sherif from the first season. Then they threw him in a few seasons before they said who Red John was. I felt they should have shocked us and revealed it was a woman like that stupid chick Kristina Frye. She showed all the signs of Red John. Then towards the end of the show in the church that woman with the knife like Red John is known for using. Another funny thing is that woman used the knife but supposedly the real Red John was using a gun (strange). I love the mentalist and wish it could stay on a few more seasons.

        • MJW says:

          l was a bit let down, it should have been somebody with a little bit more of an input in the show, rather disappointed to be honest, and as for Lisbon going off the DC after only knowing the chap for such a short while, it was just not Lisbon would do, so out of character. l think that they brought in some new scriptwriters or people who say what is to happen with the storyline,who ever it was never really had a clue as to what the show had been all about.

        • MJW says:

          The ending was okay with Patrick doing what he said he would do, Kill Red John, but what l did not like is that it turned out to be such a lack lustre person with no charisma at all turned out to red john, should have been one of the other more high profile men.

    • Rich Abey says:

      Not exactly true. The last half of Season 6 was dissapointing but the first half culminating in the death of Red John and Jane’s relocation to Texas was stellar.

    • Lizo says:

      I loved season 6. The red john countdown was exhilarating and the final showdown was perfect. And I liked the FBI switch – it felt right.

    • MJW says:

      Yes it was a bit, lacked a bit of bite, not having rigsby abd grace was a no go, but lets hope that the last season goes out with a bang, as they cannot just keep dragging it along, it was mainly Patricks quest to get Red John that was the whole point of the show. But as well as a bang we must also have a happy ending for Patrick and Theresa though.

  2. Gaelle says:

    Feels like forever since we had some promo pics and learned stuff about upcoming episodes. Thank you!!

  3. Thank you so much, can’t wait to see!

  4. Can’t wait for season 7 to air!! Thanks for the pics, Matt :)

  5. Mac says:

    With the two week time jump, I would have thought they would have passed over the whole aftermath with Marcus, since they didn’t I don’t see why they just didn’t pick up where the finale left off.

    They put Lisbon who has been said to be unable to lie undercover in a jail, unless she picked up tips on how to lie from Jane, I see her being discovered as a fed real quick.

    • Annika Jisbon says:

      I think Lisbon can be a bad girl …
      Yes in two ways!!!

    • Lizo says:

      Lisbon has come a long way in terms of her ability to lie. She’s covered for Jane and her team a lot and her strict moral code has greyed a bit

      • macchief says:

        Just because she can say a lie doesn’t mean she’s good at lying. I mean I can say a lie but I end up giving it away that it’s a lie.

        In my opionion the only time Lisbon seemed able to lie was when she wanted that serch warrant for Volker. Most other times she tries to lie there is always some short of small tell that shows she it’s being honest. Again that’s my opionion of course.

  6. Val says:

    Thank you so much! I’m so excited about this season, and it was such a great surprise to learn the show is coming back much sooner than we all expected… I can’t wait!

  7. iiifrogs says:

    All right! Great to see the first promo photos from season seven! They look great and sooooo interesting. Thanks for the article!

  8. Maryann says:

    I have mixed feelings about this being predecided as the final season. On the one hand we get a real ending. On the other hand, I could have watched the reimagined show for years to come, given it could get the ratings. But of course, the ratings are not going to happen — particularly with the show airing over Christmas break.

  9. ThaySquint says:

    Finally some pics :D

  10. Krystle says:

    I cannot wait for season seven!

  11. Rich Abey says:

    Is there going to be a duel between Jane & The Viper? If so not sure about Jane’s chances given that the latter almost took out the mountain. Oops…for a minute I was back in Game of Thrones Season 4! Still the duo look like they wanna punch each other!

    • Don’t forget that although he is characterized as non-violent, PJ has killed 3 men, 1 with his bare hands. As an art recovery agent it is entirely possible that PIKE has ZERO notches on his pistol. Don’t mess with BLONDIE !!!

  12. morgan says:

    The mentalist is absolutely best show! It deserves to win the pca. Too excited tosee season 7 but too psad to see it end.

  13. Lizo says:

    It’s been a wonderful seven years with this show. I’m looking forward to seeing a more open and happy Jane this season (especially with Lisbon).

  14. Hellenna says:

    Omg I don’t know how to thank u for this my mate Matt :)

  15. Susan Brooks-Cragun says:

    Why only 7? Keep it going! Love the show! Very entertaining!

  16. DarkDefender says:

    Nice intel, Matt. I hoped for a longer time jump to avoiid the inevitable relationship angst with the shortened final season. I hope they go out strong.. I really loved this show when it was good.

  17. I can’t wait to see what happens. The Mentalist is the best show on TV and shouldn’t be ending.

  18. Shiloh says:

    Thanks for the news and pics. Wow. After the events of the finale and knowing about the time jump, I totally didn’t expect Pike to show up. And he’s talking to Jane. Plus, Lisbon undercover in prison…I have a feeling this is going to be a great season. :)

  19. Mable says:

    This season looks exciting and what do they have to lose? They can pretty much do what they want. I’m happy its ending, it had a great run and I doubt that Baker or Tunney would have signed on for more seasons. CBS/WB would have had to throw some serious money their way and that wouldn’t happen. So glad its starting sooner than January, I hope it kicks butt in The Good Wife’s slot!! Thanks Matt!!

  20. Char Blankenship says:

    Personally I miss all the old characters and don’t care for any of the new ones. Patrick and Lisbon make a sweet couple. I’d love to see more romance and passion between them. Their wedding in series finale would be grand.

  21. Barbara Sapp says:

    Don’t understand why this show was cancelled. We loved watching this.

  22. JBM says:

    As much as I’ve loved “The Mentalist” from the very beginning, I was dreading how the relationship between Jane and Lisbon would be changed. She’s not “right” for him as a love interest. She’s been fighting her feelings for him all this time and the tension between them only worked while he didn’t feel the same way about her. This dynamic between co-stars of TV shows is classic. The first time I was old enough to understand what was going on was “Moonlighting” with Cybil Shepard and Bruce Willis. Once they became romantically involved, it ruined the show. Over the years I’ve seen it happen repeatedly. The leads “get together”, they get married, they have a baby, etc. None of that interests me. That’s why I stopped watching “Bones”. Even finding out that Matt Bomer is actually gay didn’t ruin “White Collar” for me, as long as his character didn’t get too involved with anyone. I was almost relieved when I read that “The Mentalist” was cancelled. Now that I know there will be more episodes, I’m not sure if I want to see what happens between Jane and Lisbon. Maybe I’ll just record this last season and keep it on the DVR.

  23. Nate says:

    I agree season 6 was a let down but hopefully season 7 will be great just like seasons 1-4

  24. Carolyn Thompson says:

    I am a loyal Mentalist fan. I see where season 7 is headed and a spinoff with Jayne &Lisbon is a progression for the series. Come on group all of you get behind this.

    • MJW says:

      What l want to know IS WHEN ARE WE HERE IN HERE IN THE UK GOING TO SEE THE NEW SEASON OF THE MENTALIST, does anyone know would appreciate a reply. Happy New Year to all Mentalists fans.