Scoop: Royal Pains Renewed at USA for Seasons 7 and 8

Royal Pains Season 7

Royal Pains fans will have the pleasure of HankMed’s company for at least two more seasons.

USA Network has renewed the Mark Feuerstein-fronted medical dramedy for Seasons 7 and 8, TVLine has learned.

Each season will consist of eight episodes.

The Hamptons-set series’ sixth season, which ended on Sept. 2, averaged a respectable 3.4 million viewers.

The two-season pickup ensures that Royal Pains will live to see its 100th episode; the milestone outing that will fall within Season 8.

Season 7 is slated to premiere in June 2015.

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  1. Tran says:

    Wonder if Royal Pains is going to end after eight seasons or possibly go beyond nine.

  2. Wordsmith says:

    We couldn’t have gotten two more seasons of Rush instead? I’ve grown fond of the RP characters, but Rush was essentially the same show, only actually exciting.

    • James says:

      USA Network owns Royal Pains. Whatever ratings decline it had over the seasons has been only gradual. Rush didn’t make ends meet in its sole season, well below expectations.

  3. ... says:

    Renew Playing House.

  4. Maureen says:

    Can’t believe this show is getting the same amount of seasons as Psych. It’s nowhere near as good. Stopped watching a couple of seasons ago. Agree with the previous poster, why not give Rush another season or give White Collar another season too instead of ending it.

  5. JustMe says:

    I’m tickled, but I really thought after that season finale I had seen the series finale.

  6. Deon says:

    I am assuming after Season 8 that will be it. Especially since we are only down to 8 episodes a season now. Last time they renewed Royal Pains it was for 5 and 6 at 13 episodes a season. I would love for it to last longer tho or for USA to find at least another hit before then. Cause White Collar is bout to end. The jury is still out on Graceland. That leaves Covert Affairs and Suits as their only hit dramas. Satisfaction barely made it…I guess we shall see.

    • Temperance says:

      Graceland shouldn’t make it (it’s just meh, not bad), and certainly neither Rush or Satisfaction deserved to be renewed (both were dreadfully unpalatable). Try some new shows, please – ones that feature characters that aren’t actively offensive from the get go.

      • Kathie says:

        I started to send this from my phone and got interrupted, so now trying again on my computer. Hope it’s not a double post.
        Totally agree! Right on the money with “unpalatable…and offensive”. I was hoping both Rush and Satisfaction would be cancelled. I was so turned off by the ads, I didn’t watch either one. I really hoped to see Matt Passmore in something I could like as much as The Glades. NOT Satisfaction–eeewww! I missed him a lot, so I started watching McCleod’s Daughters on Hulu, lol. Bring him back as someone I can like!
        I never really got into Graceland, although I’ve watched most of the episodes, mostly On Demand.
        Love Royal Pains. Not surprised White Collar is coming to an end. How much longer can you go with the FBI having him on a leash? I am happy that Peter and Elizabeth are having a baby! I knew she would find a reason to come back.
        I’m not as into Covert Affairs as I was in the first few seasons. It’s not been the same since they did away with that super-cool theme song, lol. I’ll watch both of them and catch Gracepoint On Demand.

  7. Robb says:

    No complaints here…it’s fun + light + frothy Summer entertainment.

  8. I am happy that Royal Pain was renewal for the 7/8 season. Good luck to the future.

  9. Carol Kolinger says:

    Excellent decision. I love this show.

  10. Dean says:

    An extra season renewal probably means graceland and covert affairs are done for.

  11. Georgia says:

    Hooray! Love this series!

  12. abz says:

    And White Collar couldn’t get a decent full final season because……………

  13. jackie2830 says:

    Finally, a show I really enjoy is renewed for 2 seasons!!!!!

  14. Joshua says:

    Why not just make season 7 have 16 episodes and ended that way if that’s the end ? Unless you are on AMC, 8 episodes isn’t really worth the bother.

    • Deon says:

      They purposefully do shorter seasons so they can have the actors on contract for longer.

    • johnhelvete says:

      Breaking Bad and Mad Men aired and are airing a “season” of TV over the course of 14 months, and largely made the decision to get two shots at the Emmys for one season of TV, so in a way USA is being more honest by splitting the 16 episodes into two seasons, assuming that USA will only air Royal Pains in the summer.

  15. Temperance says:

    RP has kinda been played out for the last season or so. I quit watching because it’s neither interesting enough or especially well-done.

  16. Alex says:

    And the far superior White Collar is ending after 6 seasons. We live in a cruel world.

    • JBC says:

      White Collar was treated horribly by the USA network. Such a great show, with an Emmy nominated actor in the lead and they couldn’t even give it 8 Episodes for their final season. SAD To add insult to injury they flaunt their Royal Pains double season renewal day before White Collar premieres for their 6 episode send off.

  17. DMCo says:

    Really!! I thought the summer episodes were awful. But they cancel White Collar which was consistantly good.

  18. ScorpionGlow says:

    I am shocked over this one. I expected White Collar to be around longer and definitely wanted to see Rush renewed. USA is slowly losing me.

  19. Heather says:

    Really? You cancel White Collar and keep Royal Pains? Glad that Rush was cancelled and Satisfaction and Graceland can go the same way. I also stopped watching Royal Pains a few seasons ago. USA used to be my go to channel for nightly tv watching, but lately the newer shows are just terrible. They need to go back to finding hits like White Collar, Covert Affairs, Burn Notice, In Plain Sight, the 4400, Suits, and Psych.

  20. I love this show,sadly they call 8 episodes a season..Why not a full blown season of 20 plus episodes

  21. Caren says:

    I really like this show. WHY only 8 shows per season??

  22. Winter says:

    I am happy about this.

  23. Joey Padron says:

    Happy about the news! Hope Graceland will get renewed for season 3!

  24. Ella says:

    Royal Pains is DULL. Stopped watching after bubblegum Paige and Evan got married, killing all hope of an Evan/Divya hook up and actually having an INTERESTING pairing on the show.

  25. Mary S says:

    I love Royal Pains and am delighted to see it will be back! But, 8 episodes isn’t nearly enough to satisfy me…I know it’s a summer show, but summer has three months, which could handle 12 episodes. PLEASE?!?

  26. M3rc Nate says:

    Honestly i used to be a HUUUUUGE USA-Network fan, praising them left and right for their insanely fun, solid, good hearted, blue skies shows like White Collar, Psych, Burn Notice, Common Law, Royal Pains, Covert Affairs, Suits, etc….then they almost all took a turn for the worst. Burn Notice is gone, Royal Pains i stopped watching last season when the kid (girl) showed up, it just wasnt fun or exciting anymore, and it drastically missed Jill (who IMO needs to come back for at least the final episode to be the one who ends up with Hank). Suits took a turn for the dark and melodramatic with the cheating and Mike vs Harvey stuff, Covert Affairs wasnt that interesting with the “Annie’s heart” thing, Common Law was cancelled, Psych ended, Graceland went from a entertaining, sexy show with a awesome family of agents vibe to super dark, ruining multiple characters, and borderline ruining the show (like for example Paige can never go back to being likable IMO after what she did in the finale, that is prison for 40 years level stuff).

    The only show that hasnt waived that much (yeah it was a lot more fun in the first few seasons but it hasnt had a big drop off [yet]) and that’s White Collar.

    But I’m taking about USA….and i lost a lot of respect for them when they pushed out the garbage known as Rush and Satisfaction. A gross show about cheating and a really over-done premise of Rush with no real interesting or compelling characters. Oh and theres Fairly Legal, which wasnt my cup of tee persay but because of Sarah Shahi (Life) i watched and enjoyed the first season…well cause they wanted ratings in the second season they write HORRIBLE changes into the show, and im glad it got cancelled (but again, shame on you USA network for aiming for the lowest common denominator).

    TL,DR: Their great shows have ended or are ending (Burn Notice, White Collar, Psych), their current shows took a turn for the worse (Suits, Graceland, Royal Pains is meh now) and their new shows are lowest common denominator melodramatic slimy (IMO) garbage; Satisfaction & Rush (cancelled). Aka USA Network has fallen from being my favorite network that i hold in high regard…they are falling away from the Blue Skies, funny/fun/sexy/family friendly content that made them successful and instead are pushing gross slimy melodramatic soapy crap like Satisfaction out.

    • Heather says:

      Could not agree more. I forgot about Fairly Legal and Necessary Roughness, liked those in the beginning as well….USA needs to go back to good, fun dramas not this sleazy crap. I always looked at USA as family friendly also until recently…Hank did not need to get addicted to pain meds to keep the show going, Satisfaction and Rush are just stories that never should have made it to the screen. If USA wants me to continue watching their shows they need to go back to the programming that they use to show and leave the “sleazy garbage” to the Movie Channels.

  27. Penny Raymond says:

    CAN NOT WAIT! !..Love the show!

  28. Frank Shifreen says:

    Love Royal Pains- just marathoned the whole series on Netflix (till season 5) and Amazon (6)
    It is a great show- humorous, smart, great characters, acting. Not the typical TV fair at all

  29. abfischoff says:

    Yayyyy!! But I have to wait until JUNE????? Achhh.

  30. Weng says:

    Can’t wait for the next season and so on…. My husband and I really love watching this….

  31. Donna says:

    Good news. This is great real life with excellent comedy situations. I don’t have TV as it is too drama driven. Bravo you are continuing. Thank you.

  32. Mike says:

    OK the USA NETWORK goes nuts over a show that is ON ALL THE TIME ALL WEEK Law and Order, there is no reason to let this show be on all year long almost every night of the week along with Modern Family NEITHER of these 2 show are as good as ROYAL PAINS it is a GREAT SHOW that the WHOLE FAMILY can set and watch, laugh at & CRY it is a great COMEDY show a lot better than the worn out cop shows no one likes anymore .. so you cut ROYAL PAINS down to 8 episodes a season & then it’s back to the BORING COP SHOWS because the writers don’t have to wright anything they just watch the evening news & THE CHANGE THE NAMES of the people .. SORRY, IGNORANT PEOPLE RUNNING USA NETWORK living of mommy and Daddy’s FAME & MONEY .. been waiting since Sept. to find out tonight that Royal Pains is going to come back on in either June or July for 8 weeks that SUCKS .

    • Kathie says:

      On USA, Law and Order SVU, which I do not watch, is mercifully interchanged throughout the week with NCIS, which I never get tired of, and sometimes NCIS LA. Recently LA has been on Esquire marathons off and on , so I also watch it there. I always have two channels going, switching back and forth during commercials.
      Esquire has also started running Hart to Hart, one of my favorite series from years past.. Robert Wagner plays the lead with Stefani Powers. RW does a great job as Tony’s father in NCIS. Perfect role for him. Kind of fun seeing him in both parts now.

  33. Bonnie McConnell says:

    So glad they are renewed. Love this show!

  34. Kaeci E Davis says:

    Having only started this series a couple weeks ago im already on season 5 and im completely addicted. Cant wait for more.

  35. Cristian says:

    I’m actually glad Graceland was renewed for a third season. I get that the show took a weird twist but I think that’s what makes it more interesting. Not everything is going to be smooth I mean they are undercover agents with there own personal battles and goals. Hope they tyre it around so it doesn’t get canceled.

  36. Kelly Louise says:

    Hi there. I am a massive fan of royal pains and my favourite actor is Mark Feuerstein who plays the doctor. I would love to have a signed autograph from him. I am looking forward to next series which is back in June 2015. My address is 35 poppy close pilgrims hatch Brentwood Essex in England love Kelly.

  37. Connie Johnson says:

    I hope Royal Pain gets more then two more seasons its a show me and my stepson watch together.

  38. denise kershhner says:

    I am very pleased that Royal Pains is premiering this season 2 days before my birthday , YAY ! The main thing i don’t like about the show that is Boris needs to be on screen Much more n isn’t , Campbell Scott brings humanity to what would’ve been a a jackass character .

  39. Lu says:

    USA had n has a few great shows. Psych, royal pains, suits, Graceland, white collar, etc. please, please find some new shows, I am so so tired of turning on the tv and finding law & order on every channel evey day sometimes all day. Especially USA. ENOUGH L &O

  40. Vickie says:

    Very excited that the show is coming back my husband and I watch it together we love it we were not sure if the show was completely my back on we heard it got cancelled so on that note we can not wait for the show to air I love this show everyone does a awesome job..

  41. connie says:


  42. k. butaud says:

    The seasons are NOT long enough!…..only 8 episodes?!? Ugh….

  43. Dianne Penny says:

    I found this show to be a feel good show. Very entertaining, without an abundance of cussing or too much sex scenes. This upbeat show takes us to beautiful places, and lovely fresh flowers everywhere.
    Thanks for bringing “Royal Pains”,to our living rooms. Looking forward to 6/2015.😊

  44. Sandy says:

    Love Royal Pains’. Can’t wait till new episodes

  45. Jane Russ says:

    Terrific show. One thing, I feel that Reshma Shetty puts on that accent a little to much. Maybe she could tone it down so it sounds believable.

  46. Mark says:

    Cannot wait to see that show! It is intelligently written. So witty, so funny. Mark Fuerstein is great as Hank and the ensemble cast is delightful.

  47. janice says:

    The seasons are too short on Royal Pains it is holesome. I would like to see this every week. i would cancel Graceland . a bunch of druggie thugs. Why would anyone allow their kids to watch this mess.

  48. Bryan T Clark says:

    I love this show

  49. Frances Fowler says:

    I love Royal Pains and am happy the show will be back in June. I hope it will be renewed again after the summer season.