American Horror Story: Freak Show Recap: How to Get Away with Murder

American Horror Story Freak Show Matt Bomer

Even after Twisty the Clown and Dora the Maid were offed, death just couldn’t take a holiday from American Horror Story: Freak Show. This week, Gloria reluctantly became an accomplice to murder, and Stanley eagerly served the titular, poisoned “Pink Cupcakes” to the Tattler twins. But did their sweet tooth do them in? And what did Matt Bomer’s killer role turn out to be? Read on and find out!

BITTER SWEETS | Though Maggie reluctantly agreed to help Stanley with his plot to dispatch the freaks and sell their remains to the American Morbidity Museum – for an additional 5 percent of the take – her growing fondness for Jimmy prompted her to warn him (via a palm reading) that a liar was coming to the carnival and he should get while the getting was good. He could do anything he wanted with his life, she said. Except, it turned out, kiss her. Crushed, our poor lobster boy said, “I was an idiot to think I had a chance with a girl like you.”

Meanwhile, Stanley – continuing to pass himself off as Hollywood mogul Richard Spencer – tried to charm Elsa by suggesting that he could make her a TV star. Her response? “I would rather be boiled in oil.” No way in hell would she ever contribute to “the death of art.” However, after that evening’s crowd went from inattentive to appalling — they pelted her with popcorn during “Life on Mars” – she was ready to shrink her ambitions to fit the small screen.

Luckily for Fraulein Mars – even if she didn’t see it that way – by the time she was all dolled up to take publicity photos for her new show, Stanley was driving the Tattlers to a picnic at which he pitched the very same series. For a minute there, we were led to believe that Bette ate one of the con artist’s deadly cupcakes and expired – and then he suffocated Dot! But – whew! – it was just a fake-out. Dot refused the lethal treats for both of them, insisting that they had to watch their figures. Er, figure.

HELP WANTED | When Gloria discovered Dora’s remains, she was, of course, (sorta hilariously) horrified. Even worse, since she was suddenly short a housekeeper, she had to clean up the mess herself. Dandy tried to float the idea that an intruder had slit Dora’s throat, but daft as Mom is, even she didn’t buy it. (Dandy’s punishment? He was sent to his room for the whole day.)

Later, the Motts disposed of Dora in a flowerbed that they had dug extra deep, and Gloria maintained that Dandy’s homicidal tendencies aren’t his fault – his father had them, too. It’s “an affliction of the extremely affluent,” she explained, because to keep their money in the family, many of the mega-rich encourage intermarrying (which results in inbreeding). They’ll figure out some way to deal with his bloodlust, she assumed. But of course, Dandy already had an idea of how to handle it.

American Horror Story Freak Show ElsaTRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES | When Dell was MIA at showtime, Jimmy went pounding on his trailer’s door and found only a reflective Desiree, who recalled how, even though she was a freak, he “made me proud of who I was.” One thing (she was tipsy) led to another (he cried over Meep), and they started fooling around. But before things got very far, he discovered that she was bleeding, you know, down there. A trip to Ethel’s sweet doctor later, and Desiree knew 1) that she was 100 percent woman (her penis is just an enlarged clitoris), 2) that she had miscarried, and 3) that she could have a baby at all.

While all this was going on, Dell was at the local gay bar, professing his love to a hustler named Andy (Bomer) and promising to leave his wife for him. Desiree didn’t know any of this when he finally came home, but she didn’t need to. She was already itching for a fight. Off what the doctor told her – and Ethel’s revelation that Dell’s father had had lobster hands, making Dell a freak by blood – she informed the strong man that she was getting an operation to remove her “dingaling” and moving her 100 percent female self 100 percent on. “I’m gonna get me my normal life,” she hissed, “but not with you.” She’d soon be too much woman for him, anyway, she added.

CLOWNING AROUND | Back at the gay bar, no sooner had Dell left than Dandy appeared before Andy. Faster than we could say “This won’t end well,” the budding serial killer had the hustler back at Twisty’s bus, stripped down to his tighty whiteys and suffering from so many stab wounds that he choked on his own blood. He didn’t die quickly, though, which really pissed off Dandy. “You’re making me feel bad,” he whined. “Stop it!”

The following morning, Dandy surprised his mother by appearing on the terrace in nothing but his undies and a thick coat of blood. Somehow, this was still not the worst thing that happened to Gloria that day: That would be a phone call from Dora’s daughter, Regina (Gabourey Sidibe), who wondered why her mom would have missed their weekly chat. Gloria’s solution? Suggesting the girl not call again for a month. (That’ll work.)

Since Andy refused to think of Dell as anything more than a client who talks big, the strong man couldn’t afford to lose his (beardless) beard. So he paid a visit to that nice doctor and bent all of his fingers back until they snapped! “You keep your hands off my wife,” he barked, “and I’ll keep my hands off your family.”

Finally, jealous of the Tattlers once again stealing away the spotlight, Elsa lied that, besides offering her her own show, Stanley had asked her to mentor them. To that end, she said that she was taking them to a seamstress in town. Except, instead of any seamstress, she drove the twins to the Mott residence and offered them to Gloria for Dandy!

OK, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you sorry to see Matt Bomer come and go so quickly? Hit the comments!

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  1. This guy says:

    Del needs to die hard and painful, and WTF was with gabbys wig

  2. Kait says:

    Definitely thought for a second that Matt Bomer’s character was going to have something supernatural going on that he couldn’t be killed (like Kathy Bates’ character last season or something similar) and that we were lied to about him only being in one episode. I hope he’s in next season along with the actor that played Mordrake.

    • abz says:

      I hope so too. He is an amazing actor and one episode was definitely not enough. I actually thought he was going to be freaked up a bit, so I was a bit surprised he wasn’t.

      • Kait says:

        I think because he was busy shooting Magic Mike XXX or whatever clever-ish name they gave it so he was only available this season for a one episode stint. He is a really good actor and I could see him in a lot of different roles and really getting into it

        • abz says:

          Yeah, I read about that. Never fully seen Magic Mike. I actually think those films are beneath his talents and he’s so much better than them, but if its a way to give him more exposure and open more doors for his career, then good for him.

          • Kait says:

            Yeah, I think that’s why he did it. I never saw them either but I don’t mind seeing the pictures from set and the stills haha. I didn’t see that movie recently where he played an AIDs patient (I think) and physically changed himself to do so but I heard it was great and people were mad when he didn’t win that award for it. If you haven’t been watching White Collar, do it, it’s on Netflix and USA network was lame and gave it a shortened final season.

          • abz says:

            Yeah, you should definitely watch that movie. He was great in it and its such a shame because I definitely though he was robbed of that Emmy win.
            Love White Collar. So incredibly lame how they shortened the final season. It’s one of USA’s best shows and I don’t understand how it never even made it a full six seasons, especially with how much exposure Matt Bomer has gotten this past year, it might have been great for the show. Anyway hope it ends well.

          • Kait says:

            Sorry moderators for going off AHS topic, Matt Bomer is worth it! I will if it’s ever on Netflix. USA put too much into its new pilots, like abc family does. I’m glad we got the final 6 since it is an expensive show to make especially for a cable show but they got robbed. It could have easily gone another 2 full seasons not counting this last one.

  3. abz says:

    It’s really messed up, but I was cracking up the entire first half during Dandy and Gloria’s scenes. Frances Conroy kills me. First with Myrtle from last season I couldn’t stop laughing and now Gloria. Great decision to pair her with Finn Wittrock. They’re amazing together.

    • bar says:

      Me too. Frances Conroy is just so captivating. It’s kind of funny how each of her characters in AHS reminds me of Ruth Fisher in certain ways. Her Murder House character was just as tragic, her Coven character just as haunting, Myrtle just as strong-willed, and Gloria’s every day crazy reminds me of Ruth’s very most crazy.

    • Serena Debesa says:

      I couldnt agree more!!! Francis Conroy is a character herself!! Her dialogue and delivery is always making me laugh and then of course to hook up with him that’s hilarious what a role for both of them

    • Jared says:

      They are by far the best part of the show in my opinion. Love them together. I wouldn’t mind a AHS Gloria and Dandy spinoff. They bring the comic relief in the most awkward way!

    • They’re both the best of this season, along with Jessica Lange. I really enjoy they’re scenes together. And Finn is really killing with his acting, he’s the real surprise, a real bizarre one.

  4. Justine Smith says:

    When Dandy was stabbing Andy I actually winced and started tearing up a bit and felt physically ill. Props to Matt Bomer for playing a character so well that I loved and mourned him, all in only like ten minutes of screentime. I was actually PRAYING for his character to somehow survive the brutal assault :'( I still hold a miniscule hope that the one episode thing was a lie, and Andy somehow, SOMEHOW survived, played dead, and Dandy hightailed it out of there without finishing the job, and someone will come across Andy before he bleeds to death, and SOMEHOW save him. Yeah, freaking impossible but still…. screw you Dandy you complete *insert disgustingly foul language here*

  5. ncaab says:

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  6. bar says:

    Why is no one talking about the scene where Bette fake died? I know it was a fake-out and all, but seeing Dot lay next to a wilted Better was the single most chilling thing I’ve seen in four seasons of AHS (and I’ve seen some things). “It hurts,” Dot kept saying. That scene messed me up.

  7. carlos says:

    Im so in love with lobster boy. Broke my heart when fortune teller denied the kiss. I would treat him as a king..hes charming, good looking, caring and intelligent. I bope they dont kill em and the siamese twins too. Absoluletly amazing how they play with out feelings, how one actress can make tbe viewers feel two contrasting yet powerful feelings…

    • Justine Smith says:

      Aww I know, right? Poor Jimmy :/ and what a shallow narcissistic little brat Maggie is. Personally I find his “lobster” hands just really cool looking and a little sexy. Like, they actually make him MORE attractive. He deserves so much better than her.

  8. ceaira says:

    First and formost i must say i am obsessed with ahsfs! I cant get enough.wish i didnt have to wait another week for the next episode. I hated when dandy killed the gay guy. It was so disturbing especially when he cut his arm off and he was still alive saying kill me. I was disgusted. Oh, and did jimmy kill the baby? Were his lobster claws the reason for the miscarriage?

  9. JMFan says:

    My biggest problem is that Matt Bomer doesn’t have to play that character. like it could be the same for anyone to play that role the effect will be the same

    • Justine Smith says:

      Well I don’t know much about him as an actor, but not many actors could’ve gotten me that attached to someone in enough time to be truly saddened by his gruesome death. If anyone else had payed the role it wouldn’t have had that same emotional impact.

  10. Veronica says:

    I thought for sure that Matt Bomer was going to play Dandy’s equally crazy father in flashbacks since they were talking about him earlier in the episode.

  11. Jo says:

    Still can’t believe Matt Bomer was seriously only in one episode. I was really hoping he’d be in more.. :(

  12. Jared says:

    Dandy is my favorite character. I just love his crazy psychotic ass!. Really loving this season so far. A little disappointed is Matt Bomers character but happy to see him on the show regardless.

  13. Can we say Shades of TCM-The Beginning? Are we to imply from the appeals to “Please, kill me”? the the blood left at the scene will regenerate into the same lovely lad attacked by the madman? Truly mad, because no one in their right mind could off that beautiful man standing there in his briefs, and not even think of partaking in his deliciousness! Mad, I tell you!

  14. I feel sorry for Elsa Mars, all that she wants is to be famous, but she doesn’t have the talent, it’s like she is one of us, dreaming about being a superstar. Jessica Lange is doing an amazing job portraying those frustrating feelings, and when they started to throw at her the pop corn, i was sad for her.
    Sarah Paulson was outstanding in the fake-scene on bed. I could feel the anxiety of Dot, wanting to save her sister; and seeing Bette dead with the head already dark, it was really creepy.

    By far this season it’s becoming my favorite after Asylum.

  15. Zenobia Jackson says:

    Gabourey Sidibe literally phoned in that performance.

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      Ha! Matt Bomer’s character was a WASTE I thought he would be on for a while especially w/ Dell. Speaking of him is he gay? after that talk w/ bomer’s character it seems kinda serious. Also are the Twins really dead I got confuse they show Stanley give the pink cupcake to Bette and kills Dot and forward Elsa is driving them somewhere and ended up at Dandy’s place…WTF?

      • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

        *oops! it’s Dot that die of cupcake and Bette killed by Stanley.

      • abz says:

        The twins aren’t dead, although the thought did cross my mind that it may be foreshadowing something. Stanley was just daydreaming and imagining how things were going to go down or probably how he hoped it would happen. And no I think you got it right the first time. In the fantasy, Bette at the cupcake and then she died and Stanley kills Dot.
        With regards to Del, he’s clearly closeted and in love with Andy, but he’s never been able to accept it. I think that’s why he was with Ethel years ago because of the literal beard and Desiree thinking she was a hermaphrodite. And it also became more obvious when he couldn’t perform in the bedroom with Desiree a few episodes ago.

      • Zenobia Jackson says:

        Dell is gay…he fell for Bomer. He was also upset because he didn’t want the doctor to reduce the size of Angela Basset;s clitoris because he enjoyed it as a mini penis. The twins aren’t dead…that was a fantasy sequence but they have been sold to DANDY

  16. cassie says:

    I really hate Dandy and hope he dies next. He’s a spoiled little brat who needs a good whooping!

  17. This season has finally gotten good with the true big bad of the season, Stanley, being able to roam around the tents.

  18. leece says:

    Where is strong man & his ex or whatever on episode 06? Catching him at gay bar did not surprise me but I didn’t guess it ahead of time either. Definitely thought dandy was the “fruit” lol