CBS Announces The Mentalist's Final Season, Sets Other Midseason Dates

The Mentalist Cancelled

Surely Patrick Jane had to see this coming. CBS has announced that The Mentalist‘s seventh season will be its last, to premiere Sunday, Nov. 30 at 9:30ET/9 pm PT.

Patrick, Theresa et al will call Sunday home until Jan. 7, when they relocate to finish up their run in the Wednesdays-at-8 time slot. A two-hour series finale is set for Feb. 18.

CBS’ midseason scheduling release also announced the following:

* Undercover Boss will return with three Sunday episodes — opening the Eye’s line-up on Dec. 14, 21 and 28, while Madam Secretary is on holiday — before moving to the Friday lead-off spot on Jan. 2.

* Survivor‘s season finale (two hours plus a reunion show) will air Wednesday, Dec. 17, while The Amazing Race wraps its current run on Friday, Dec. 19. Survivor and Amazing Race kick off their spring cycles on Wednesday, Feb. 25, each with a 90-minute opener; Race then returns to its Fridays-at-8 time slot on Feb. 27.

* The Good Wife and Madam Secretary will air their fall finales on Nov. 23 and 30, respectively, then resume their seasons Jan. 4.



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  1. LoloCurray says:

    I’m sad but not surprised about the Mentalist.

    • Tran says:

      Even though last season was a huge disappointment involving Red John’s endgame which was terrible to say the least, a major reboot including a couple of new characters and Rigsby and Van Pelt’s swan song and let’s not forget how the season ended with Jane and Lisbon’s somewhat fairy tale ending.

    • I am a huge fan of The Mentalist and, especially Simon Baker. Losing “The Mentalist” for me is as depressing as it was when I lost “House, MD”! However, the moment Patrick killed Red John and then confessed his love for Lisbon, the writing on was on the wall. My concern now is will Simon Baker ever do another TV show. He is really talented and is a joy to watch. I will really miss the show.

      • hud says:

        The Mentalist was one in a million. The chemistry between Jane and Lisbon outstanding. I take solace in the fact that CBS continues to bring us top notch entertainment, Under The Dome, Extant, Big Bang, not to forget Survivor. REAL QUALITY! Once Elementary and POI is gone I will have no reason to watch anything on this lousy network.

      • Ann Murray says:

        I feel the same as you. I loved this show, one of the last good shows on TV and now it’s over. Simon Baker is one of the best… along with all the cast members. I’m so sad it ended. It truly was 1 in a million and lasted 8 wonderful years and in my opinion never, ever got boring. How could it… Patrick Jane’s character was 1 in a million

    • john comitz says:

      it never fails when a Great Series comes to T V , it gets Canceled and a Stupid one takes its place, watch Chgo PD, Chgo Fire, And Blue Blood, will be next, I hope Not.

  2. I hope that Mentalist final season will available for on demand because the football will make it hard to discovery when the show will started. I got to save my money to buy the complete season on DVD.

  3. Pam goodley says:

    Final episodes for Madame Sec what a joke there hasn’t been but one full show I have been able to record due to football cutting into it and messing up the recording schedule

  4. They ruined it when they got rid of the CBI. Then they moved to Austin which is a really quirky [place, but never used it. The writers and producers are to blame.

  5. cgstruck says:

    This whole fall finale thing is a joke. You don’t see a program for four months then you get six or seven episodes and it’s another six to eight week hiatus. No wonder channels Like HBO are taking over. It’s a good thing I have Netflix so I can watch some TV through half of November and December

  6. Sarah T. says:

    Not a huge surprise here. I think CBS really hurt the show by moving it to Sundays where it constantly got bumped due to football. Ratings for the 6th season were down but still strong. I’m hoping they can go out on top (both story and ratings wise) and perhaps get shopped to another network.
    On the other hand, if the stars themselves are ready to be done, maybe it’s best for the show to be done.

  7. I don’t know why CBS and the shows people can’t do what ABC is doing. Air nonstop till december then open again mid jan… I mean seriously, the shows have barely started and now its like sorry we r going off air and will come back next year intermittently till may… sucks.

  8. Tran says:

    No word yet on when the new season of Mike & Molly is going to premiere. Don’t know if CBS is planning a “final season” for CSI.

  9. Sad to see it go but grateful that we are getting such notice, it will give us a proper ending which is more than most shows get.

  10. Cookie Lowe says:

    I have written CBS RE:CSI. The last 3 episofes have not aired due to football going over. The CBS pre-empted CSI so local News came on @ reasonable time. Why did they move to Sunday night (killer night for most shows) & will the full season be shown? Any chance show will move to Thurs or Fri night when there is no football…we also watch, but don’t want them to come back & say “due to low ratings, we cancelled”. You can’t get ratings if show isn’t aired. Thank you!!

  11. zaza says:

    I feel like there is more to explore with the characters of Lisbon and Jane, especially now that they are in a relationship, but if no other channel picks up the show, then I hope they give it a proper and satisfying ending.

  12. Pat Klassy says:

    I am sorry to hear about the Mentalist, but not surprised. Actually, I didn’t the overarching story line and feel they didn’t leave themselves leeway to continue future story lines.

  13. curtlyon19 says:

    I got so sick of hear “red john’ so many times I quit watching….so last year they tried but it was and is too late

  14. morgana says:

    wheeeeee! the Mentalist is coming back in Nov. Can’t wait!

  15. Good things all end sooner or later. At least we know when the show will. Won’t be like the ones on A&E that ends with cliffhanger and you never know what happens. Also when will we see this year’s CSI shows. It seems each week, we only get see 60 minutes which I don’t watch, then Madam Secretary and The Good Wife; but not CSI.

  16. Gail says:

    CSI obviously wouldn’t get many viewers running from 11 PM – 12AM on the east coast so CBS preempted it.
    What is odd is for CBS to program anything at 10PM on Sunday when they have the afternoon football game. They should just turn that hour over to the local affiliates until football is over.That way people won’t be disappointed when their show doesn’t air. CSI should have been saved for mid season.

    I think it is good that CBS is scheduling new programming instead of reruns when The Good Wife disappears until January.

    When Once Upon A Time finishes sometime in early December it will be gone until March. A much longer time than the CBS shows.

  17. redjane12 says:

    I am a big fan of the show but it feels like time to end. The post-Red John episodes haven’t been totally awful but not great either. Better to end on a high with a good 7th season.

  18. worthymagic says:

    Not Surprising. Everybody had a hand in ruining this show. The fans screamed for the end of the Red John Saga, then screamed that there was nothing left for the show to say or do. CBS moved the show to Sundays at 10 pm EST, then started it late constantly when their sports programming ran too long. It became the CBS Red headed Stepchild show(it was the one that always took the beating). Getting rid of 2 main members of the show(does anyone know why except that their contracts were ending?) was a mistake. It is also a Warner Communications show(not a CBS show; there is a difference) so it was more expensive than a lot of other shows. There is nowhere for it to go unless Netflix or AMC would pick it up. Simon Baker gets $350,000 an episode, so it’s already very expensive. I really liked the show, and I will be sad to see it go.

  19. Name That Tune says:

    All good things must come to an end. Hope they send the show off with style.

  20. zev goldman says:

    The producers and writers killed an outstanding series. It became a senseless muddle.

  21. Doris says:

    I am surprised it lasted as long as it did.

  22. Cookie Lowe says:

    I do set the DVR to record 3 Hrs extra in case they air CSI after the news. What aired this past Sun after the news was an additional episode of “The Good Wife”…which I don’t watch, so I couldn’t tell you if it was a repeat. We are in TX, CSI is aired @ 9 PM for us. The NFL has taken over Sunday nights, in addition to adding Thurs night to the Mon night airing.

  23. Bill says:

    This is no surprise. Shorter episode order and coming on basically to allow other shows time off. This was virtually announced when the new schedules were released. Why is anyone shocked now?

  24. Bill says:

    How many episodes is it?

  25. Ron Johnson says:

    This was a good show, and like all things must end. It went sideways with all the “RED’ stuff. Thats when I went to other shows.

  26. Arlene says:

    The death of Red John ruined the show for me, and the shuffling cast was even more perturbing, and I fled. The show should’ve ended in the episode Red John finally was discovered, should have died a quicker less painful death for what once was an exciting imaginative show.

  27. JC1 says:

    I actually thought last season’s finale would have been a perfect ending. I’ll watch until the end of course, but I’ve never been a big fan of all the changes after the Red John story ended, and that itself was a big letdown after years of build up. I just hope after it ends that it gets put on Netflix or Amazon Prime. I’d like to be able to go back and watch the early seasons again.

  28. Jessica Valure says:

    Sucks that its the last season but its gonna be good now that Jane and Lisbon are back together

  29. DarkDefender says:

    With The Mentalist officially ending, I hope they just time jump and show them in a happy realtionship for the remaining episodes. Relationship angst will be unnecessary and it would be more fun to watch them be playful with each other and solve some good crimes.

  30. sherry says:

    oh this is sad even though everyone already saw this coming. how many episodes will it run?

  31. Jim J. says:

    I’m betting that if the original CSI miraculously gets renewed for next season, CBS will be doing an essentially similar schedule for that series’s final season as well.

  32. worthymagic says:

    What a shame that The Mentalist is being cancelled after this season(only 13 episodes) and another site has Madam Secretary a lock to be renewed. Maybe CBS should move Madam Secretary to 10 pm EST on Sundays so it can become their new red headed stepchild show.

  33. Seaturtle15 says:

    Any news about Justified?

  34. Moment says:

    Hey look, TAR 26. Called it over a month ago.

  35. Pamela Baker says:

    The Mentalist was a really fun show and I will miss Patrick Jane and company.

    I do not watch the other shows mentioned. No Good Wife for me as she is no good. No Madam Secretary as more politics than I can stand in the daily news. No Undercover Boss or the stupid so called reality stuff.

    TV has hundreds of channels and I find very little worth viewing these days.

    Pamela Baker

  36. kirads09 says:

    Sorry. I adore Simon but the Mentalist already ended a while back for me due to:

    The Red John story ending in a lame way
    Continued obstacles and distance for Jisbon
    No Van Pelt and Rigsby

    Just gave up watching after that.

  37. Cdmarc says:

    Why is it the final season CBS?!? This is sad, I’ve been waiting for it to start and now it’s going to end.

  38. shanna says:

    Tnt should pick the series up and really put the effort it deserves into it! This is a wonderful show. There could be really interesting story lines if it wasn’t be pushed aside for football and other crap shows.

  39. omonigho says:

    I really enjoyed every scene of the series “mentalist” . Can’t wait to see the return of season 7. But I still feel red john is not dead. I think the guy jane killed is a red john impersinator.

  40. Prince Joshua says:

    Why did they announce that this is the final epi
    damn i should have known that yipeeee
    infinite sadness

  41. zoumonkie says:

    Nice to see Kaylie Cruz all grown up as new agent Vega.

  42. zoumonkie says:

    At least The Guardian is on NetFlix

  43. Tony Taylor says:

    When does it air in the UK?

  44. Sally says:

    this is whole family’s favorite program. we are disappointed that it is being canceled and hope you will reconsider this action.

  45. Cherrie says:

    Love the Mentalist and will be sorry to see it go.

  46. Deb says:

    Not sure why you’re acting like this is “news.” They announced at end of last season that this year would be the finale.

  47. shanna says:

    Please tnt pick this amazing show up and do a season 8. Simon Baker is genius and the series would fit perfectly on the TNT network.

  48. john says:

    There is so much not worth watching on TV. To take a show off the air (The Mentalist) that is worth watching is so sad. Please reconsider CBS. This is one show that is never missed by my married daughters and me.

  49. Jim Kirk says:

    No queers, no foul talk. Just plain fun show.