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Sons of Anarchy's Mark Boone Junior on That Scene, Gemma's Future and His Favorite On-Screen Moment

Mark Boone Junior Sons of Anarchy

Warning: If you have yet to watch Tuesday’s episode of Sons of Anarchy, get thee to a different TVLine article. Everyone else, read on…

Yet another Sons of Anarchy member bit the dust in Tuesday’s episode — and boy, did this one sting.

During a tense exchange with August Marks, which should have resolved the gangster’s conflict with SAMCRO, Bobby was suddenly offed via a gunshot to the head. What resulted was Season 7’s most somber moment yet for Jax and the boys, an extra dash of guilt for Gemma and a retaliation from SAMCRO that is sure to bring a few more casualties before series’ end.

TVLine chatted with Mark Boone Junior — the man behind Bobby Munson — about Tuesday’s shocking death, his reaction to Bobby’s demise and his all-time favorite Sons scene.

TVLINE | Right before Bobby gets killed, it seems like the trade with August Marks is actually going to go smoothly. Were you surprised by Marks’ last-minute murder?
I’ve gotten into a very regular habit, after doing this show for seven years, of not trying to predict what’s going to happen. When I read that I was getting shot at that moment, it didn’t surprise me at all. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t affect me! [Laughs]

TVLINE | Bobby was resilient right until the very end. Do you think he would have preferred to die, or would he rather have lived without an eye and a few fingers?
Come on, who needs two eyes and two hands? I had a good chunk of my hand. They didn’t take my thumb, and that’s all you need. There’s a lot of prosthetics these days. In fact, you can probably get a fake eye these days that works pretty well. Bobby would’ve preferred to be alive, yes. [Laughs] I am very sure that Bobby would have preferred to be alive.

TVLINE | Gemma seemed especially shocked by Bobby’s death, which we know leads back to her initial lie. Do you think Gemma is responsible for Bobby dying?
Gemma is responsible for the whole deal, yes! [Laughs] This is all on Gemma, every bit of it. That’s what the whole season is about, every time there’s a casualty. It’s definitely been seeping in there before Bobby’s death, but it really comes home to roost then. Bobby was the last vestige of the old club. Tig isn’t really, nor is Chibs. Bobby’s it. He wasn’t part of the original nine, but he came very soon after.


TVLINE | Are you looking forward to seeing Gemma get her comeuppance?
Gemma’s like a mythological monster. There’s no woman that’s ever existed in the history of motorcycle clubs like her. Will the dragon be slayed? I don’t know.

TVLINE | Was it emotional to film that final scene with Charlie Hunnam?
Yeah. Yep. [Sighs] Charlie and I have been through a lot. That was pretty rough.

TVLINE | Who had a more difficult time during that scene?
I’d say it was rougher for him, but it may have been easier for him because then he could just plant it into whatever he was doing. And I had to just lay there like an idiot. Tommy Flanagan and Charlie have that scene they play over the blood and the sand. It’s a pretty good scene.

TVLINE | How about the series’ wrap party? Was that an emotional event, or was it a celebration?
They actually scheduled the wrap party two days in advance of the wrap party. And I had other commitments, so I could not attend the official wrap party. Which is horrible! [Laughs] A lot of people couldn’t go. But we had an unofficial wrap party with the boys and a lot of the crew. Since this is the last year, we’ve spent a lot of this season recalling old moments that we wanted to re-investigate. I don’t know if I’d call it reminiscing, but there was a lot of recalling of many, many, many things over the course of this whole season. By the time I left, we had done a lot of that.

TVLINE | Is there a standout moment from the series that you recall most often?
There’s a scene between Charlie and I that happens at the table between us. I believe it was Season 4, and we’re talking about why Clay couldn’t be killed. Jax wants to kill him. In fact, Bobby wants to kill him, too, but according to the laws of the club, he felt it wasn’t appropriate. And that scene was one of my favorite scenes that I did. In general, it’s the camaraderie that we’ve established between us as club members. And that spread out, too. Maggie [Siff] was definitely part of that, and that’s the thing that will stay with me through my whole life.

Were you shocked by Bobby’s death? How do you think the rest of the season will play out? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. Juls says:

    Bobby you make the show!! Your age, life experience, thus wisdom makes you the one the next generation looks up to (or maybe they should be more). I look forward to your next step in life, thanks for SOA and we’ll miss you. Take Care.

  2. Whatever says:

    Sad to see Bobby go and a little worried for Chibs he seems happy with the Sheriff…
    Please don’t kill him Sutter !

  3. Anthony Meyer says:

    Why’d they have to kill Bobby for? :( why couldn’t they have killed Gemma or Nero?! Why Elvis? I enjoyed the time Bobby had in the show! You will be missed!

  4. abz says:

    To be honest, I don’t think his death had the impact it was supposed to or should have had for me the way others like Tara and Opie had and I lay most of the blame on the poor way this final season is playing out as well as the complete destruction of the show’s main character, Jax. Bobby was a favourite for most of the series, but I wasn’t really sad to see him die because I expected it to happen. I was more angry than sad at how ridiculous the blind devotion these idiots have toward Jax. Really? One of your comrades/club members for years was just murdered and still NO ONE stands up to Jax or at least brings up how big of a chaotic mess everything has become. It’s ridiculous. 16 people killed at Diosa. No one says anything. West killed. Nothing. Jax’s children threatened in his home. Nothing. Jury wrongly killed. Nothing really. And now Bobby’s dead and not one of them says a single thing. They’re all a bunch of stupid sheep. Honestly, come finale time the only people I truly care about seeing alive are Nero, Wendy, and the kids. As for the rest, the damage is pretty much done. None of them are likeable any more or have any redeeming qualities.

    • None Ya says:

      I totally agree with you abz..when Bobby died I was like that’s it. I never really liked his character to be honest. I am totally fine with all of them dying aside from the characters that you mentioned. But Nero is stupid for being in love with Gemma but then I have to remember that this is just a show and I cant take it to serious. But if Gemma gets no karma then i will say that this is the worst show..but my prediction is that Jax’s older son will end up killing her or something to that effect I find it funny that he is always watching her confess..his mannerisms scar me yikes..At least when Clay was in power people spoke up..Jax is a manipulator I only see one ending for him and that is a guaranteed death..i am so ready for this show to be over thank God it’s the last season..I miss Pope he was a boss..I am not feeling this other dude..I think the actors are lacking emotion this season …especially Chibbs…

      • abz says:

        During the scene with Abel eavesdropping on Gemma, in my head I was thinking “Okay Abel, you heard what you needed to hear now run before she sees you.” lol. With the writing this season and Gemma’s character being who she is, I wouldn’t put it past her to do something terrible if she knew Abel was the one who could out her secret.
        And yes, I really want Jax to be brought to justice by show’s end, just as much as Gemma right now. Gemma’s lie may have set everything in motion, but he also chose to do all the things he did and so a lot of the blame is on his shoulders as well.

      • Pope is now a guardian angel on Constantine – friday night series!

    • I’m thinking that ranch Nero is buying is perfect for him, Wendy and the kids. I have to agree with you on most of your points, abz. In a nutshell, the tragedy of the final season saga has been replaced by the travesty of an ambiguous, ridiculous storyline..

    • Cheryl says:

      I agree in some aspect, abz and in others not. The total demise of Jax has started since Opie died. I think with Tara being murdered, it’s what unhinged him and I like to see how this plays out. Such a tragedy in such a short amount of time. As far as the club, I think they believe all of this is necessary to make the changes that they stand by Jax on. To be legit, out of guns, out of jail and no more killing. However, it’s been stated several times throughout the entire series, “Not without bloodshed…” It’s not that they blindly follow him, it’s that they know the risks when they’re patched in. I do agree however that someone needed to step up (before Bobby was shot) and tell Jax to cool it. Especially, during his scene with Jury. He killed another charters President without a mayhem vote. If the Chinese or Marks doesn’t kill Jax, the Sons will. I think this is all leading to Jax and Gemma being killed in the end, and Wendy and Nero taking the boys to the Farm.

      • abz says:

        I understand what you’re saying, but I’ve always had trouble with the whole “understanding the risks” thing. It’s very similar to the rude comments I read after Tara died with people saying she got what she deserved because she knew what she was getting into. I don’t think that by knowing the risks they must entirely accept what is happening without question. Tara knew the risks because she knew who Jax was when she got with him, but what most people forget is that on top of that awareness, she was repeatedly promised a better life and a life away from those risks and when she realized that those promises were all lies she attempted to take matters into her own hands and I see nothing wrong with that.
        Now, this case with the club is similar to that of Tara’s I think. Here are members who are repeatedly being promised by their leader that he knows what he’s doing and what’s best for the club, He’s gonna get them out of guns and into legit business. No wait, now he’s abandoned that plan and he’s gonna take down Marx and start an all out gang war to avenge his wife’s death all the while completely abandoning the club protocol and foundation of what the MC was built on by acting like he has the authority to kill anyone that gets in his way or says something he doesn’t want to hear including a club member. Jax is constantly promising that he’s gonna take care of everybody and they continue to believe him. The drug addict’s son said it perfectly when he told Jax to stop talking because every time he does, something awful happens. So yeah these members knew the risks of joining the club, but really this isn’t entirely a club issue. The goal is no longer going legit. This is largely a Jax issue and they agreed to help him avenge Tara, but at what cost? Of course war comes with bloodshed, but when will the bloodshed be enough? Why does knowing the risks have to equal to blindly following one person and never standing up when they see something isn’t really right in the situation? None of them seem to realize that they are following the lead of someone mentally unstable at the moment and plagued with grief.
        Anyway, I agree really don’t think Jax and Gemma will make it out alive in the end.

        • Cheryl says:

          I definitely agree with you and was horrified by the way people responded to Tara! This was a woman who loved Jax since they were children. She was his high school sweetheart, his soul-mate. She was promised (especially in season 4 after the stint in jail) that he was going to leave the club with her and the boys. They almost did leave until her hand was severed by the undercover cops. She was also not a club member. So, the situation of “knowing what she signed up for” didn’t apply. She was a doctor, a mother and a wife. She had no responsibility and her life was not worth any of it. She was simply attempting to get her children and herself out of there and safely.

          However, the club members are an entirely different story. They are patched in and apart of the club business. They vote at the table and do what they are supposed to do. Regardless if they agree, because it’s voted in. I do understand them following Jax because of Tara. They wholeheartedly believe that the Chinese put a hit out on a club members wife. Woman and Children are off the table. They do not get involved and therein lies why they’re willing to do this (plus eliminate Marks’ control and Marks’ was present during the murder of Tig’s daughter). An attack on a wife is an attack on the club. I think they may believe that they’re taking down these dirty women and children murders. So, they in essence believe they’re heroes. Not that I don’t think the club needs to start questioning Jax. They needed to start in Season 5. As soon as Jax took control, he started making decisions based on emotions, lying and not taking the club’s vote into consideration. For instance, when he set Clay up for Pope’s murder even though the club had JUST voted no on Mr. Mayhem! Jax is a terrible president and has been since the beginning of his reign and yes, I believe is reign ends on the last episode.

          It’s been a pleasure talking to you, abz! I love SOA. So sad to see it go.

          • abz says:

            Pleasure discussing this with you too, Cheryl. There are definitely a lot of factors to take in when analyzing all of this. I don’t know I think for me part of the frustration with the way this season has played out is that there’s nothing really to look forward to other than Gemma’s comeuppance. Beyond that, this season there seems to be no hope for any of the characters. None of them are redeemable and there has been not much growth and just a lot of regression. Usually with a show ending you kind of want a sense of resolution, so for me it’s like really? Is this it? Is it mostly going to be just death and revenge? Anyway, a few more episodes left, so hopefully the show is given a decent ending. :)

    • Tom says:

      They were told from the first episode of the season how things were gonna be. Be prepared to kill or be killed for the man next to you. Thats why no one is questioning jax. This was expected to get messt

      • abz says:

        lol I think that actually makes it worse, the fact that they expect it to happen and no one has the sense to question if its truly worth it to continue on this path after everything that’s happened and continues to happen. Anyway, I guess nothing can be done now. What’s done is done.

  5. rachelle says:

    I knew Bobby Elvis was gonna die, unfortunately. When Marks shot him, my heart still jumped out of my freaking chest. I’m so sad that after all he went through, he had to go out like that, all for Jax and that stupid freaking club. He was the best of of the rest of the Sons! I’m angry at all the deadly havoc being wrought against everyone else but Gemma. That evil witch can save her tears because they have no impact on me. I haaaaaate her so much. There are no words! She needs to get her comeuppance because I almost smashed my TV to crap today with my frustration. If I have to go the rest of the series with her skating by virtually unscathed while Charming and everyone around her falls to ish, I think I might destroy my apartment!

    • Anthony Meyer says:

      I totally agree with you dude, Gemma has been such an annoying, backstabbing character throughout the whole show. She thinks she’s tough but if she wasn’t the mother of the SOA president she wouldn’t even have made it past season 1! She dishes out her crap and runs to the club for help!

  6. Ellinas1978 says:

    The Afterword show was probably the most awkward thing on TV lately. Between the weird acting host and Bobby (not quite sure what was up with him last night) it was almost impossible to watch. Maybe FX needs to watch AMC to figure out how its done…

    • The Beach says:

      Man, that is so true. Who was that host? He was horrible and Bobby was not a very entertaining guest either. I turned it off after 10 minutes. FX needs to can the host or the show or both.

  7. Debra says:

    Even though some of the characters have endearing qualities, they’re all still murderers except for Wendy, the kids and Unser. Only they should be left standing to walk away from this.

  8. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Noooooooooo not BOBBY! I thought that trade off was going to end it all. But wasn’t enough for Marks. That will be the BIGGEST mistake Jax is going live with from here on out, out of all the villains and foes SAMCRO has faced August Marks is defiantly the most ruthless and dangerous one! He maybe clam, cool and collected but he’s a straight up A-HOLE!

    MBJ on the After Show last night cracked me up he also mentioned that Bobby was an uncle to Jax and that he was around when JT was still alive. I thought Bobby came to SAMCRO like a little after JT’s passing. Well overall that was a F’d up and sad moment….RIP Bobby.

  9. christopher bee says:

    Just my two cents to the dreadfull anarchy afterword desaster. Who in heaven´s name picked that tool as Host? Clint Eastwoods chair would have been blessed with more charisma and intellect.

  10. BrianR says:

    Gemma must now die bloody. At first I wanted Jax to strangle her to death, now its fork in the head time.

  11. Netty says:

    Ok, even after all the havoc Jax has caused this season, I still have a soft spot for him. He is clearly out of his mind with grief and has not taken time to process his grief or even time to comfort the kids. His revenge trail has been very destructive and what puzzles me is why the hell are the rest of the SONS going along with his crazy destructive plans. Jax does not even think these plans through, every decision Jax makes is at the spare of the moment, very premature and no forward planning whatsoever. Can they all not see this. I am really angry with the club every single one of them except for Jax. Chibs is the worst VP ever, he’s just as spineless as the rest of them, as the VP should he not have some say in some of these decisions. He dares not speak against Jax. WTF!! His loyalty for Jax if only exceeded by his fear of him. With all this death around them being caused by Jax’s grief why the hell isn’t Chibs standing up and saying anything. How many more people have to die??

    • Netty says:

      Ohh by the way, could they not get a coffin for Bobby and bury him in a decent manner. With all the connections they have in Charming they should have send his body to the morgue to be cleaned up and dressed with dignity (off the records of-course) and have a respectful sendoff ceremony. I hope they didn’t just dump him in that hole in his condition.

  12. AJ says:

    I liked Bobby but his death was predictable from the moment he was taken hostage. So, when he was killed off, I didn’t really feel anything until Jax started crying and said “I’m sorry.” The only death in SOA that had me weeping like a baby was Tara’s death. While I knew it was going to happen the minute she walked into that house, I could not believe it had happened and HOW it happened when it was over. And then Jax finding her there, lifeless and bloody. God, I don’t think I can ever rewatch that scene because it really makes me so incredibly sad.

    • abz says:

      My exact reaction. I saw it again a while ago and it was horrible to watch. Tara’s was the worst death on the show for me. I find it surprising that in a show about bikers, the character who’s presence and death affected me the most was a non-biker. Speaks to the great performance by Maggie Siff. It was definitely award-worthy in my mind (especially last season).

  13. Diane says:

    I see that a couple people have predicted that Jax and Gemma will die by the end. Don’t forget the writer of the show has said that only two people will die between a couple weeks ago and the end of the series. One just did – sooo, only one more……

  14. anna says:

    I was in shock
    In my head it was they get Bobby back or Bobby dies but Bobby won’t die because samcro won’t let it happen.
    There is still the curiosity on how exactly jax Will find out Will able tell him? Or will he find out through juice. Hey here one maybe gemma will tell him lol idk
    But sons will definitely get retaliation for Bobby. And boy I’m here here to stay and see it till the end.

  15. Mel R says:

    Gemma needs to DIE …ALOT !!!!

  16. Mark Bobby Boone Junior we will miss you tv show fx nice guy good acter i meet him in person sad see you go hard job carrer motorcycle club