Post Mortems

Originals Post Mortem: Esther's Plans for Klaus & Rebekah, Hayley's Choice

The Originals Season 2 Spoilers

Warning: The following contains spoilers from Monday’s episode of The Originals.

Elijah, how could you?!

On Monday night’s The Originals, Esther pulled back the curtain in the vampire’s mind to reveal that he had killed his beloved Tatia during his early days as a bloodsucker.

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Meanwhile, Mikael almost offed Klaus with the white oak stake, but a bit of witch power via Davina and Kol saved Klaus from taking his last breath. However, he’s far from safe, given that both his parents want to destroy him — not to mention that Esther also has a dastardly plot in mind for Rebekah, executive producer Michael Narducci reveals below.

Read on for scoop on the Original sister’s appearance, Kol’s shifting allegiances and Hayley’s big dilemma about her and baby Hope’s fate.

The Originals Season 2 SpoilersMOTHER’S LITTLE MONSTERS | By challenging Elijah with the truth about what he did and the suit of honor he wears to mask his behavior, Esther “wants to break him down completely, and she’s not done,” Narducci says. “Confronted with this by his mother, how will he react and what will he do?” And she’s not stopping with Elijah. “What does she intend to do with Klaus?” the EP posits. “What does she intend to do with Rebekah? If that was Elijah’s Kryptonite, what’s theirs?” The good news about mommy’s not-so-kind plans for her children: We’ll get a glimpse of Claire Holt before the end of the year. As for whether Klaus will learn that Elijah killed Tatia, Narducci would only say, “That’s a great question. I’m going to leave it at that.”

CHAIN OF DEATH | If Klaus dies, all his vampire offspring tumble. But does that include Hayley and baby Hope, too? “I don’t think they know, but if I’m a mother, I certainly would be afraid that that would be the case,” Narducci replies. As a result, when Hayley is put in the position of having to choose between saving Elijah or Klaus, her “wheels are turning, and you see what decision she makes.”

FAMILY TIME | Next week’s episode, “The Wheel Inside the Wheel,” will continue to uncover more buried Mikaelson skeletons. “We’re going to get into a lot of other stuff with the family history and who these people are and why this family is so important and a little bit of the origin of Esther and Mikael,” Narducci previews. “The secrets buried within the secrets of this family are going to start to come out, and they are fraught with the same kind of complex conflict as what we have shown so far.” The official description also reveals that someone from the Original hybrid’s past returns. “It’s a storyline that is pretty central to not only Klaus, but Esther’s plan and what’s going to happen to the family,” Narducci teases.

The Originals Season 2 SpoilersWITCHY WASHY | Kol has been placed into the body of a lesser witch, so “he’s on a little bit of a leash and everything he does is going to be a part of his agenda to break free of that leash,” Narducci previews. “So with Davina, does he care about her, or is he using her as a potential ally to get himself out of a hot spot?” Meanwhile, Kol’s got an ace in his pocket with the knowledge that Mikael is back, something neither Esther nor Finn are aware of. “It’s just a game of poker. What are the assets I have? What do I get out of telling them?”

MIKAEL: THE COMEBACK | “He just got his ass kicked,” so he’ll need to “regroup” before he strikes again, Narducci shares. “But [more] importantly, he doesn’t have the white oak stake anymore. So it’s not like he can come charging in at any point. He’s going to have to come up with a plan. And I think he’ll have an interesting one.”

MYSTIC DETOUR | Sorry, it doesn’t sound like there’s time for a trip to Vampire Diaries — “Everything is happening really fast [on The Originals],” Narducci says — but the story on the mothership show still has ties to the spinoff. For example, what would Klaus say if he found out his Vampire protégé Tyler was no longer a werewolf or a vampire? “Klaus would probably scoff and roll his eyes,” Narducci jokes before adding, “But there is something cool about the notion that now Klaus is a hybrid and Hayley is a hybrid and they’re the only two hybrids… that are this very special thing. What does that mean? Does that draw them closer together? Is there a begrudging respect on Klaus’ part? I think there is a sense that she is part of the family now in a major way, and Klaus would do anything for that child and he knows that child would hate him if anything happened to her mother. And it’s better for the child to have a mother, so there’s a part of Klaus that really does care very much about Hayley.”

What did you think of Nina Dobrev’s visit to The Originals and Tatia’s story? How will Esther attack Klaus and Rebekah? Hit the comments with your theories!

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  1. chaouad says:

    more Claire Holt is all i wanted !

    Let’s hope it’s more than 5 seconds this time.

    Do we know what happen to Claire ? was she fired or something ?

    • Skittles&Bits says:

      Perish the thought! The awesome Claire Holt left at first to spend more time with family and then to pursue other career opportunities to which I say good for her even though her and Charles Michael Davis were the only reasons I consistently tuned in last season. I also hope she’ll be back for more than a quick flash back! I’m so lost this season. I’m only reading recaps but I can’t seem to recall how Hayley become a hybrid and what happened to her “savior” baby. :/

      • Ashley says:

        She was killed right after giving birth. With the baby’s blood, part vampire thanks to Klaus, still in her system, she was resurrected as a hybrid. In order to keep Hope safe, they faked her death and sent her to live with Rebekah so that she was kept safe from Klaus’s many enemies (especially good, seeing as the witches were acting on Esther’s orders from beyond and now she’s back).

  2. sara says:

    what happened to jackson?

  3. zed says:

    I love Klayley- their story is so slow burning and it can be so epic! By the way, wolves have a family life that is more loyal and pious than humans relationships. Both parents look after their offspring and with one they make a strong pack. I hope they translate some of that into Hayley and Klaus story! Also, don’t wolves mate for life?!
    Oh, and good question – what happened to Jackson?

    • Carla Krae says:

      Yes, wolves do mate for life, at least the alpha male and female do.

    • Escarlata says:

      I love Klayley too, but the writers are forcing other ships,

      • zed says:

        The writers will play with the ships- but a lot can happen in the long run. And I think that in the long run Klayley is the epic one. And I think that Elijah’s heart is with the doppelganger!

        • Escarlata says:

          I hope happen this but in this moment i am depressed

        • Dmac says:

          I am sorry but it isn’t going to happen. Joseph and Daniel one condition regarding the Orginals is no love triangle. The EP and head writter back this up. Klaus and Hayley will never be romantic, they are family through Hope and friends and that will be it. I for one am ecstatic, shippers ruined TVD.

          • Hillary says:

            You have no idea how wrong you are. Just because they said there will be no love triangle, that does not mean that Klayley won’t happen. Haylijah is falling apart. When the relationship because dull and no longer romantic, there is nothing wrong for Klayley to take its place. and I am sorry but the moment these writers introduced the pathetic “love” story of haylijah, (I don’t even know HOW it began. There is no foundation or build-up, just happened) it already became a triangle because Hayley was involved with Klaus first. It was a triangle, not a cheesy one lie on TVD but still a triangle. Klayley will happen. They are the true meaning of the word “soulmates” and Haylijah like Julie Plec said is the true meaning of “What’s not meant to be”

          • Fran says:

            Oh Dmac, you’re fighting a losing battle. Apparently “Klayley” are now soulmates. Freaking shippers take the fun out of everything.

    • Dmac says:

      Sorry there isn’t going to be a Klayley. Julie Plec, Michael Narducci as well as Joseph and Phoebe have all stated no triangle: Klaus and Hayley are family through Hope and slowly becoming friends. This will not be TVD part 2.

  4. zed says:

    Loved Tatia and Elijah moment! Explains why he so wanted to recreate all with Katherine, and why he so remembered why he struggles with the monster in him- I remembered the scene from season 3 when he talks to Rebekah about how mother didn’t make them monsters, they did it themselves, and that was triggered after he put Elena in the caves! Now it seems like a conundrum – is it all Esther’s fault?!

  5. Lies says:

    What an epic episode, loved it so much. But i just hope that kol is coming back in his own body, i get the storyline and that he needs to be on esther her goodside, but knowing kol he just want his old body back and he doesn’t care about anyone. (and im sorry but if you are going to bring him back while he has a Hugeeee fanbase then at least give them the old kol) As for rebekah great to see her back, but i have a feeling she will be turned in to a witch because claire doesn’t want to come back to play her fulltime right? So i think she will be put in an other body that is also a way to have rebekah back in the show. And she wants to be human and have a family.

  6. morgan says:

    This is the worst show ever i´m sorry but jesus it´s bad

  7. lo' says:

    Completely understan that Claire Holt got tired of The Originals, but without her I really don’t care about the show =/

  8. Dominique says:

    i really loved last night’s episode, and i will say it again; daniel sharman is fantastic as kol. i know we all want nathaniel back, but i gotta say; i hope the writers will keep daniel around, cause he’s amazing.

    • Emmy says:

      They need to find a creative way to have both of them…which should be possible if Kol returns to his old body (I know it burned on TVD but in the season trailer it showed his body).

  9. Emmy says:

    Can they please find a way to bring back original Kol and keep Daniel Sharman around too? I love them both so much!

  10. Debbie-Jo says:

    I love the new Kol so much more than I did the last one. I just didn’t really care about Kol and Finn in TVD, obviously neither did the writers because they killed them off, so I am definitley loving the new one and his alliance with Davina, they are cute together.

    Nina dobrevs english accent is terrible that needs some work, it was not at all convincing.

    Im rooting for Elijah/Hayley and Klaus/Cammi – these characters have the best chemistry by far.

    I think they need to do something with Marcels character, since Rebekah isnt there anymore, its like hes became somewhat redundant?? I like his character aswell. I dont think him and Cammi have any chemistry in the romance stakes but hey ho could be just me.

    All in all I am loving this season so far. Good work!!!

  11. patience says:

    I love the show bt it begining to get on my nerves. Why should mother always want to kill her children and should everyone want to kill klaus. I love klaus and his big brother if they die the show dies too

  12. Emmy says:

    Oh, I would also like to see more scenes between Haley and Marcel…I think they would make a great friendship, and it would provide for some interesting tension between the characters. And before anyone attacks me, I am not saying that I want them to be a couple…

  13. Sophie says:

    This episode just showed me how right Klaus and Hayley are for one another! I love them together. Hayley is his partner in everything, the woman with whom he has the best chemistry (sexy, dark, twisted but also sweet and cute). KLAYLEY best ship on TO <3

  14. Kristin Cook says:

    Love how Esther thinks that her vamp children are the monsters (or only monsters). She tried to murder her children! Love the flashbacks. The hair is awsome as always.

  15. Pati says:

    I’m on the second episode of season two, can someone tell me what happened to the werewolf Jackson, I don’t remember him dying, he just disappeared

  16. Hope says:

    I try not to comment on these but I am a Elijah and Haley fan all the way, I like Klaus with Cami. Elijah and haley are the best and they are not boring. The dream scene was hot. They have Chemistry, People can like who they want and I don’t want any love triangles. Julie never said that Elijah and Haley would not be together said there would going to be obsticles but they are end game. I felt so sorry for Elijah.

    • ejdax37 says:

      Oh good another Elijah/Haley shipper I was begging to worry I was the only one! I loved that dream scene until I found out it was a dream then I just wanted to cry. I know why Elijah is avoiding Haley, the same reason he turned his back on Marcel, he thinks it is a way to redeem Klaus, but Haley just thinks he is repulsed me her being a hybrid. It is funny how much drama would be avoided if people would just talk to each other. I loved their smoldering looks, I miss that by its self.

      • Hope says:

        Thanks for agreeing with me. I love Elijah and Haley and they are end game. Who would not love Elijah who would not,. And that dream scene was hot only if that would happen. I would love them to be slow burn and I want Elijah to get the girl. Elijah was always there for her and when Haley was in trouble Klaus never helped her but he helps Cami instead of his brother. So many obsticles and now Elijah is going to think he is a monster and he wont want to get close to her. I think they will tease Klaus and Haley but I think Elijah and Haley will be endgame. I hope that Elijah wont turn evil. And more shirtless Elijah!!!

  17. Atiya Spence says:

    I still love Elijah. It’s nice to see the feral side of Elijah for once. I don’t think Klaus would be pissed but should understand what Elijah did was beyond his control.

  18. Jeramie says:

    I have two theoretical questions to throw out there.. 1) is Haylie an ALPHA type now? We saw from Tyler’s appearance early on that with Hope’s blood in her vains that she could create an control hybrid’s.. Now that she’s an hybrid an doesn’t seem to be compelled to follow Klaus’s orders like the rest did I was curious??? And 2) We have seen what happens when a vampire shares their blood with a human… (i.e healing & turning) what happens if a werewolf shared their blood via a transfusion? Would they be subjected to the same “have to kill someone” policy, would the be able to control it at will, would a change only be temporary once the blood thinned out in their system??????

  19. B says:

    This show just keeps getting better. The first season, especially the finale, was epic and this season has just keep going and hasn’t dropped the ball. I can’t wait to see what’s next and I really thought Claire’s exit was going to ruin this series but her absence and brief appearances have made up for her departure the mid season finale is going to be epic

  20. B says:

    I’ve only seen the first season of TVD’s and I have to say the first season of the originals trumps the first season of TVD! I know a of people like the show but I find that whole two brothers in love with the same girl both have been in relationships with her who is she going to choose a bit of a letdown and then they defanged Damon to make him a suitable suitor what a joke no wonder the leads want off that sinking ship