Utopia Cancelled at Fox, Effective Immediately

Utopia Cancelled

For the 15 residents of Utopia, it’s the end of the world as they know it.

Fox on Sunday cancelled its big-budget “social experiment,” effective immediately (meaning last Friday’s episode was the series finale).

Utopia‘s live-streaming feeds will fade to black later today. A Fox insider tells TVLine that it’s “likely” viewers will get to see the show’s participants react to the cancellation before the plug is pulled.

UPDATE: It looks like we won’t be seeing the cast’s reactions, after all. Executive producer Jon Kroll on Sunday confirmed the series’ cancellation, followed by this note about the live streams:

The harsh reality of low ratings felled Utopia right out of the gate. The two-hour premiere in early September drew a disappointing 4.6 million viewers. By Episode 2, that number fell 46 percent to 2.5 million viewers.

In early October, Fox scaled the show back to one day a week — that day being Friday — ahead of schedule. The 1.6 million viewers it notched this past Friday apparently sealed the show’s fate.

Beginning Friday, Nov. 7, encores of Masterchef Junior will fill Utopia‘s Friday-at-8/7c timeslot.

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  1. Tran says:

    What a way for a horrible reality series to end on a negative note.

    • Ruth thomas says:

      if its canncelled then why bring new people in that was stupid

    • Richard Saline says:

      I agree! This was a horrible series and filled with freak shows galore. They Might as well have just called it American Horror story Freak show part 2! It was ridiculous at best. An ex-con who doesn’t belive in Jesus and trashes Mary then 2 or 3 episodes later needs Christ in his life and gets baptised by the world’s most pathethic preacher in history, who breaks his finger like a little girl. The thug army black guy that probably can’t cook if his life depended on it who gets in the faces of skinny southerners who he knew wouldn’t fight back. If he got in my face like that over me yelling at somebody else that dude would stil be laying on the ground to this day. Then there’s that joke Hex. An atheiest hunter. She couldn’t hit an animal with an arrow if her life depended on it. And that little twurp beekeeper that wasn’t even in the show.(Grandma’s boy) then all of a sudden his grandma is dead. What a bunch of freaks. Even worse then some of the people they allow on the Amazing Race these days. Glad it’s over!

      • Richard says:

        Your an idiot. I bet you would get your ass kicked by any of them.

        • Richard Saline says:

          I’m the real Richard! Because I am greatness. Not this imposter fool! More to the point, I’m 6’4 and well trained in street fighting and 3 different types of martial arts, I asure you imposter that I would beat them all. Starting with you fool. How do I know this? Simple, because I am greatness.

          • Or you are just ego maniacal just like the “black thug” that you have been referring to. For everyone man who thinks he’s king sh*t….there’s an even bigger man who can pound his pussy ass into the ground. You can talk tough behind message boards….but I bet you scream like a little bitch when you see a spider. Anyone who refers to themselves as the “greatness” better be Muhammed Ali or someone who just escaped from the psych ward.

      • Nika Babi says:

        For you to not like the show so much you sure know a lot about it.lol. You must have watched all 6 episodes.

      • dielaffn says:

        The “Army Thug” was less confrontational than a lot of them, yet you singled him out becaaaause?….. I think I know why.♠

      • tbeezy says:

        very well said.. you’re comments are hilarious

    • Kellie says:

      It wasn’t a reality show. It was a scripted drama made to look like a reality show.

      • Danny says:

        It wasn’t scripted I was going to be on the show but after I saw the first two episodes before I flew to LA I said hell no. I even went as to tell the producer who interviewed me what the hell kinda people did you get and he agreed but it was done. What the hell are people gonna think of me after the show. Sucks it’s over but so much for the better

        • Richard Saline says:

          It’s good that you Danny boy saw the light before it was too late. The same can not be said for the liberal midget who stupidly marries his fiancee on the show only to get voted out and then have the show cancelled. What a wonderful marriage those two fools are going to have for the rest of their lives, knowing that they tied the knot on a failed reality show and married by the world’s most pathetic preacher that breaks his finger catching a baseball like a little sissy. Anyway, it’s good that you wised up Danny boy, it’s nice the know that I’m not the only non-fool still walking around these days.

  2. SallyW says:

    Well this sucks. I’m not surprised it was cancelled but still wish they’d find some way to wrap it up. The creepy weird host guy didn’t help things at all; I wonder how much of a factor he played in ratings…

    • Ann says:

      The creepy, weird looking host guy was the best part of the show! I’d love to see him host another show…he was just so interesting to look at!

      • SallyW says:

        He did make a good crypt keeper, I’ll give him that :)

      • Richard Saline says:

        I bet the creepy weirdo host is registered!

        • chiefjoe says:

          just for the record hes had an online friendship with a14 year old named victor giving him ideas and went to spend a weekend at his home…plus he told another writer on blog ghostwritng is a secret just like i told your newphew and this writer threatened to get him off utopia faster than seventh heaven re runs……im sure youll hear more on this

        • melissa says:

          Can u say anything nice CREEP?

          • melissa says:

            This was meant for Richard Saline

          • Richard Saline says:

            Hey Melissa! You said that already. What’s the matter, getting on in your years that you forgot you already posted the same comment or are you just mad your pathetic post ended up in the wrong spot. I’ll be it’s the former. This was meant for Melissa! (Duh)

  3. wrstlgirl says:


  4. Good riddance, it was too ridiculous. Fox’s choice in participants was not to make a better world, it was to see which idiot could make a bigger spectacle of themselves. It was a failure from the start.

    • B Sal Butler says:

      I agree. It sounded like a great idea but you could tell from the premier that it was going to be a bunch of contrived drama. What a shame such potential was wasted but good riddance.

  5. Eva says:

    The ratings of this show did great things to my faith in humanity. Hopefully the reality tv producers will take it as a lesson on how fed up everyone is of shows whose only premise is a boiling conflict between obnoxious people.

  6. Cheryl Johns says:

    This sucks, I enjoyed watching the live feeds. I hope they issue all the refunds to people.

  7. M3rc Nate says:

    It looked like garbage, finding extreme personalities for drama and melodrama, never gave it a shot and glad it got cancelled, restored faith in humanity for a second.

    Overall whats the most sad is it could have been good! First off, the “location” looked like a set to me, it looked totally built (most likely was) with grass being recently planted etc. This show would have been awesome if they setup cameras in a real place, like in Montana on a big property, find REAL people (not extreme personalities) and make them have to work more in the survival department…not be given a phone to call for groceries or w/e it was they did. This shows premise is solid, but the execution was classic reality tv in the worst ways.

  8. Moment says:

    It’s about time!. We all knew this show wouldn’t last until Christmas, though Fox gave us an early present with this cancelation :)

  9. KC says:

    It’s about time. The only shows FOX has that are any good so far are Gotham and Sleepy Hollow.

  10. Boiler says:

    Odd that Masterchef Jr is encore. Why don’t they try to build up one of their other struggling shows. I like Glee but doubt it would do much better. Maybe Fox can take Hart of Dixie since CW doesn’t seem toi want it:)

  11. Teag says:

    I would love 1 more episode that shows them being cancelled.

  12. DavidSask says:

    What pisses me off about Fox is they never have back-up shows to replace their cancellations. Given their crap schedule this year, repeats of already low rated shows is not acceptable and needs to stop!!!

  13. Lizo says:

    In related news, FOX admits cancelling ‘Almost Human’ was a grevious error.

  14. Steve F. says:

    I have a feeling heads are going to roll at Fox shortly. But why reruns of MasterChef Jr.? How about a show that could use the exposure, like Red Band Society?

  15. Deb LaPo says:

    All of that money just spent this week on “beautification”… what a waste!

  16. Deb LaPo says:

    Well… maybe now Bella will get the professional mental help she so desperately needs.

  17. BrittBrat says:

    What took Fox so long? But it would be funny to see them get the news that nobody cares about the show!

    • dalilana says:

      So you think it would have been funny to see their reactions to being cancelled? Many of them were very sincere about the goals of the project but could not overcome the bad attitude of others. I would have liked to see the reactions too but not to laugh at them in their shock and grief. I feel like I know them personally and would hate to see them in pain. Hope they will all be able to pick up the pieces of their lives that were on hold and go forward. Hope all the bad comments they could read won’t send them into a depression.

    • Richard Saline says:

      Except for those pathetic losers that showed up for yoga. I mean how lame do you have to be?

  18. Kaley says:

    honestly i kinda liked the show and what it was made for but the drama was too real!! But i just wanna know what happens when she has the baby?!?!?

  19. Ian says:

    Im surprised they didnt air the entire experiment considering how much Fox seems to enjoy throwing money away. My head is still spinning about their decision to renew Glee when barely a million people watched the 5th season.

    • anna says:

      barely a million people watched the 5th season? the 5th season average was 3.5 million viewers. the final episode which was the lowest rated had less than 2 million, it was bad considering glee used to get around 12 million viewers in its first season (worth noting that 5th season ep “the quarterback was watched by 10.5 million people), but it has never had less than a million. also, the decision to renew was made after the 4th season, fox renewed glee for 2 consecutive seasons.
      it is true though that fox throws away money, utopia reportedly cost them 50 million dollars, they would have done much better keeping glee on tuesdays starting in the fall, at least the series is on syndication and also sells really well abroad, plus what they make with merchandise and songs.

  20. Emlock says:

    Maybe the show was good but I’ll never know because I refuse to watch FOX for any reason! I loathe and despise liars!

  21. Rucifie says:

    Maybe if they had an announcer who didn’t look like a freak

  22. Dg says:

    Disappointed for those that did watch the show…to have it end this way is bad business for fox…makes you not want to watch new shows and invest you time into new things when you end them so terribly.. We’ve enjoyed watching and are sad it’s over.

  23. Keith says:

    Should’ve kept it on Tuesday with less competition. It didn’t help that they got rid of the interesting characters like Red and Dave while keeping the annoying Rob.

    • Moment says:

      The numbers were dire on Tuesday, and it was pulling New Girl and Mindy down with it, that’s why it was pulled.

    • bluesky54 says:

      I see most of you didn’t like the show. I actually liked it but it was better on Tuesday’s and some of the “pioneers” were strange birds!

    • mildred hunter says:

      Hah, I couldn’t agree more about Rob. Soooo melodramatic, everything he said and did. Brie didn’t act as cheesy (pun intended) as Rob and at least left on her own without waiting to be shoved.

  24. Christine says:

    Why bring in the new guys? What happens now with everyone? How will the money earned be split-up? What happens to the property now?

    A lot of work/money was invested by the pioneers….Will they be allowed to stay if they want to?

    • Bill H says:

      it was a movie ranch, just a glorified set, and the “pioneers” may have put some work in, but all the initial money was supplied by the network, not counting the little bit they made with tours etc

      • Christine says:

        When I ask about the money they earned… One of Bella’s water color paintings sold on e-bay for over 5k. The others sold for quite a bit too.

        I was just wondering if FOX was going to allow her to keep it all now.

  25. Not a Fan says:

    Terrible show.

  26. Kathy Brady says:

    I myself liked the show, I will miss it,But my question is how can we fine out how they took it when the show was cancelled ?ty A fan Kathy Brady

  27. Kathy Brady says:

    I was a fan of the show,just wondering how can we fine out how the cast felt when they found out it was cancelled ,a fan Kathy

  28. Rick Katze says:

    They should bring FRINGE back. And maybe FOX might…in the alternate universe.

  29. Jared says:

    Fox is in shambles. The only series worth watching at this point are Gotham, Sleepy Hollow and Bones. I wonder if Red Band Society is next. Something tells me the hiatus for The World Series is going to kill this already low rated show.

  30. JB says:

    So, can Annie Barrett come work for you full time now, since she won’t be working for them anymore?!?!?

  31. I wasn’t shock that Fox finally cancelled Utopia. I look at one or two show that It sound too much like the CBS show. It will be interested to see if the show producer will be able to release the show on DVD.

  32. Don’t really care about it. I’m among the viewers that never watched it.

  33. jessa thompson says:

    What about all the people that paid for the utopia all access pass thing?

  34. tstephen51 says:

    Bring back ALMOST HUMAN!!!

  35. no surprise. a reality tv show without any interference from producers will not lead to drama. if it’s not manufactured (drama) then it likely won’t draw the ratings desired. if you’re gonna do a reality show, producers have to be heavily involved in manufacturing drama for it to last

  36. t bear says:

    will bella get her painting money for the unsold ebay paintings???? stay tuned

  37. Brendan says:

    Well the only good thing about this is people that had sex on camera will never see any backlash because the nobody watched the show and it will soon be forgotten.

  38. I.R.E. says:

    Masterchef would not be a good choice to lead over both new Girl and The Mindy project because it will cause both FOX Tuesday night comedies to deteriorate more. If you insist on putting Masterchef on FOX Tuesday nights, then both FOX Tuesday night comedies may have to move to FOX Wednesday nights. Otherwise, hurry up and bring back Glee and add a 14th episode for Glee’s sixth and final season before time runs out!

  39. Tom Kay says:

    I liked Utopia and the whole idea of it, however, it truly wasn’t realistic. The cast were given money to start, along with food, some electricity and other commodities. Had it been a true Utopia, they would have started with nothing and made to fend for themselves on every aspect of survival.

    • Richard Saline says:

      Yeah then they would have all died in episode 3 and made every viewer happy.

      • Richard……reality tv crews are instructed to stay out of the story unless there is a valid threat to someone’s health or well being. So no, they wouldn’t have died in episode 3. NIce attempt at an irrational argument tho. Try again.

  40. Cindy says:

    I loved the live feeds…too bad that production DIDNT go along with what was happening inside Utopia. They decided to switch it up and make it about the love stories. Which weren’t really love stories at all, just people hooking up after no sex for a couple of weeks! Crazy. Because what was going on inside Utopia was way more interesting than the broadcast.

  41. Cat says:

    Wow! I’m so disappointed. That was the only show I watched on Fox. Such a awful way to do that…couldn’t just give it the year!

  42. Sweet BeBe says:

    I liked the series except for one of the cast members named Bri who abused the animals by her lazy neglect of them…otherwise the chats and live-stream was fun…sorry it’s gone :(

  43. Jennifer Garcia says:

    The host kinda of made me think of a “Children of the Corn” Walter White.

  44. Margaret says:

    I am disappointed with the cancellation! While I understand the # of people viewing the program at it’s live airtime was less than desirable, did fox consider those watching on Hulu? So sad!

  45. Mark says:

    What kind of ratings are masterchef reruns pulling in?

    • Richard Saline says:

      Hey Mark! That Joe Jerk isn’t bringing ratings to that show. It’s Graham, Gordon and the mostly interesting contestents with the exception of that snob Courtney those idiots elected as the winner of Season 5

  46. t bear says:

    what happened to bellas paintings???????

  47. Phyllis Steging says:

    You cancel the show as it doesn’t make you enough money I assume. You are going to show us Master chef junior? Ickkkkkkk. Well I won’t be watching that hour. I hardly watch your station as it is but at least this was entertaining to some degree. All the cooking shows are SOOOO OVER DONE. Oh well—your loss.

  48. I actually liked it. Sorry it got cancelled.

    • BOB WELCH says:


      • Richard Saline says:

        Hey Bob Welch, Bella will be fine in the future with that 2 cents I gave her for her paintings that I later burned.

  49. Jimmy V says:

    I really enjoyed the show. I wish it would have been seen through to the end. I do agree about the creepy host….he was creepy and didn’t help much.

  50. I think they should NOT tell the cast members, cut off all communication with the people inside but keep the cameras rolling. There would be chaos and you could really see how people would react to creating a new society.

    • I like the idea of cutting them off and leave them in the dark. In fact maybe the producers could had set up a false report that the world was hit with a massive epidemic of bibola and they will be force to stay there longer than a year. After hearing the report everything is cut off seconds after the report ends. Wonder what kind of hysteria would set in. It might be similar to the Purge movie. Let the revolution begin!