Once Upon a Time Sneak Peek: Will Belle Betray Rumplestiltskin?

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The honeymoon period is over, folks.

As seen in our exclusive sneak peek from this Sunday’s Once Upon a Time (ABC, 8/7c), Belle has need to confront the Snow Queen, but she’s not about to storm the icy lair alone.

Rather, she wants her powerful husband to come with — but will she go so far as to compel (or “compel,” seeing as she’s unwittingly brandishing a bogus dagger) the Dark One to do her bidding?

Elsewhere in the episode, in flashbacks Belle travels to Arendelle and, with Anna’s help, seeks out Grand Pabbie to help her regain lost memories and uncover the fate of her mother.

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  1. Andi says:

    Wow, so unless she has the Snow Queen’s mirror shard in her eyes, Belle is ruined. I don’t care if she’s saying she’s sorry, but her using the dagger to force Rumple to do something against his free will is ooc. They’re really trying extra hard to get rid of the rumbelle fans this Season, aren’t they?

    • Sofi says:

      I don’t think so. I trust in her and must be something really important to force her to do it. And C’mon she is married with the Dark One, nor precisely a innocent lamb, so there must be something there, anyway I believe in Belle :D!

      • Andi says:

        If it’s important she could tell him the reason, no? I don’t really care, her taking away his free will is gross, just like when Zelena was doing it. But I guess since they already ruining the relationship and Rumple with this whole fake dagger nonsense, it’s Belle’s turn now.

        • Sofi says:

          I prefer don’t stress myself with theories of the end of the world before watch the episode complete. If they gives to you her reasons at the Sneak peek, that will be boring, the excitement comes with the doubt!! and the WHY!! XD. and C’mon, Belle is Belle, she is a hero, so I believe in her heart, but I don’t put her in a virgin throne of purity (less after the honeymoon;D) I prefer a gray Belle, one who have content outside of Rumple and secrets!! I don’t believe that have secrets, doubts and makes mistakes makes a human gross, just human, and I love it, I love watch a Belle characetr being gray and human!

      • Daisy says:

        I agree sofi, I read an interview
        with Robert ( Rumple) and he said that tis episode is going to be a huge Rumbelle fan pleaser. And if Belle find out about the dagger ( that she had the fake one) she is goig to forgive him. I read another interview with Emilie ( Belle) and she said that Belle will forgive him.
        So I don’t think that Rumbelle is over. I think that ever relationship in this show only end unless one of them die. Emma and Neal are one of those relationship. So I think they are going to be fine. :) <3

    • Daisy says:

      I know right!! I am a HUGE Rumbelle fan so they better not muss up this show with breaking them apart. Rumbelle is the only reason I watch this show. So if anything like that happens ( Rumbelle breading up)
      I wouldn’t watch this show anymore.

  2. Sofi says:

    They are so married, first. Second arggg, my poor heart. What is the deal with Snow Queen!!! I want to know!! I trust in Belle and must be something of danger for people, and Rumple C’ mon man: No, nopity no. Or I’m gonna become mama Belle and punch your pretty wolf smile :”S Yay!!

  3. Crysania says:

    My gosh what IS Belle’s big secret and mistake that she’s made? She can’t tell Rumple. She’s shaking and scared and knows she’s doing something terrible that may never be forgiven. She looks backed into a corner and so I hope this is something HUGE. I love that perhaps she’s not so light as she seems. She was, after all, drawn to Rumplestiltskin.

    I LOVE this because perhaps his deceit won’t break them completely because Belle has done something terrible too.

  4. She sounds so desperate and scared, so I wouldn’t say it’s totally out of character, especially since we don’t know the context as of yet. If she was using it on a whim or something or because she wants to be all powerful and/or hurt people, then yeah, that would be out of character. Really, really curious about this episode, and I’m sooo happy to see Rumbelle even if it’s angst ridden. I wish we’d seen more of them leading up to this too.

  5. Caity says:

    This sneak peek just amped my excitement for the episode way up! I can’t wait for this episode. Belle looks so desperate, I can’t wait to see what mistake she thinks she has to fix! And of course it’s always nice to see Rumple and Belle on screen together even if it’s heartbreaking.

  6. Alexa says:

    I’m impressed to see how much Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis are trying to kill the Rumbelle fandom this season. I’m not a shipper, just a regular fan and even I feel very upset by this. Belle and Rumple have been fan favorites since season one. I wish the show runners realize they’ve always had very loyal fans in the Rumbellers and were kind to them for once. Loyal fans deserve rewards not angst 24/7. We never watch cute, domestic Rumbelle. Their screen time has always been a joke. And when they DO show Rumbelle is only to hurt their fans. I don’t think this is fair. Like I said, me as a regular fan feel upset and sad by this. I honestly think Rumbelle and their fans deserve better!

    • the girl says:

      So the fact that Rumbelle got married and had a super cute honeymoon where they got to do the Beauty and the Beast dance wasn’t a reward for the Rumbelle fans? Get a grip. Rumple is THE DARK ONE and him being married to Belle does not change that. In fact she married him KNOWING that he is the Dark One. He has made it very clear that his marriage is not going to automagically change him into a good guy. Rumple wouldn’t even give up the darkness for his son. Television DRAMAS cannot be all cute and rabbits and butterfly kisses. It is very naive for anyone to think that the two of them would get married and experience nothing but sunshine and roses.

      • Kay L says:

        I’m really just loving your use of “automagically.” If that wasn’t on purpose it’s the coolest typo ever, and if it was I have utmost respect for you.

      • Sofi says:

        Mmm. No. Here I must defend a Rumbeller, because we are under the same thing again and again, every year worsening, that really we have all the right to be angry. So, no, a cute scene five episodes ago and since then nothing about the Belle, no exploration of the relationship or to be excited about, is not enough. A cut scene gave to us just to shut us is not enough. If you are not aware at how has been the things for us, how hard he have fighted and how little he have got, please no, you don’t understand how right we are of be angry. No,you don’t understand because you have not being there, so No. I’m excited for Belle but more than that, still don’t have reasons to be excited six episodes so long, so If you are in our shoes nor know how the story has been for us. No.

      • K says:

        Is that a joke? Their wedding and honeymoon literally covered 2 minutes each, and the wedding was used to prop up the other couples on the show. I don’t think Rumbellers ask for much (like, consistent characterization? don’t be silly) but more than 10 minutes of screentime per season and more than 2 minutes of “reward” would be nice.

  7. Naomi says:

    Finally! I wonder why Belle doesn’t feel as though she can tell Rumple her secret. I hate that she’s using the dagger after what he went through the previous year, but I have to trust that it will all make sense once we see the episode. My guess is that Rumple will go along with it in order to keep up the dagger ruse. These two have the best chemistry. I miss seeing them on screen together.

  8. Claude says:

    Why Adam and Eddy are making Rumple and Belle so out of character? It’s getting ridiculous at this point!

  9. Daniel Applewhite says:

    So yeah, we NEVER see Rumbelle. They only had a couple of short scenes on the premiere. After that EVERY SINGLE SCENE have been deleted (including that beautiful scene filmed in the docks) and when they put them on screen together (at last!) it’s only to try to damage their relationship. Angst wouldn’t be so bad if Adam and Eddy balanced it with cute moments. I mean, the dock scene was only 30 seconds long, couldn’t they shorten another scene to include that one so when angst comes fans feel, at least, a little comforted? No! I’m really begining to think Adam and Eddy are going to kill off Belle and end the Rumbelle fandom forever. Which makes me sad. I feel I’ve wasted 3 years of my life wanting to see Emilie de Ravin treated as the regular she is. But I guess at this point it’s hopeless.

  10. I also think Belle using the dagger is the same as Zelena using the dagger. They obviously have completely different reasons but at the end they are treating Rumple as a puppet. I hope there is some kind of hope for Rumbelle after this but I highly doubt it.

  11. Annalise says:

    I kinda like this sort of twist. Honestly, I prefer this Belle – strong and determined – and not the one always quiet and sidelined. Right or wrong, if it’s something that helps the growth of her character, bring it on. It’s hard to be a fan of Belle (and not just the couple) on this show, and it’s frustrating to know so little about her. When I learned of a pre-Rumple episode i was outrageously excited, so yeah, I hope to be pleasantly surprised next Sunday!

    Personal opinion here: she’s married to the bloody Dark One, it is understandable that things are not simple until the very end. But it’s the reason that makes them one of the most interesting relationship in the show. And I will wait for Sunday and see the scene in the context of the episode before jumping to conclusions. Oh, last but not least, i really love how these two – RC and EdR – work together. An intense sneak peek, indeed!

  12. Weelad says:

    Very pleased to see some Rumbelle on screen. What amuses me the most is that even though the dagger is a false one, he’ll have to obey if he doesn’t want his cover to be blown. As the biggest fan of Rumple, I find that there “is irony everywhere”

  13. Leslie says:

    It’s sad because the honeymoon is over is a bit of a joke. What honeymoon? We saw the dance and that was about it. Now we have Belle using the dagger to make Rumple obey her. It doesn’t matter what her motives are – she’s the only person he’s ever been able to trust completely. He didn’t take the real dagger away from her because he didn’t trust her; he took it away because he needed it for his magic. Maybe this will make him feel less guilty about how he’s lying to her which is not a good thing imo.

  14. J. says:

    I can’t believe Rumple has to the nerve to say he trusted Belle…after he’s been lying to her nonstop. Belle deserves SOOO much better. I wish she’d divorce him.

  15. J. says:

    but I’m so excited for this episode to see Belle flashbakcs without Rumple. I lvoe that her and Anna were friends! Can’t wait to see what happened to Belle’s mom. :(

  16. Joyce N. says:

    I’ve loved Rumple and Belle together since Skin Deep. Beauty and the Beast was my favorite Disney movie as a kid. And I’ve been a huge fan of Emilie since Roswell. And Rumple was already my favorite OUAT character. So for me to see them together, playing my favorite story and blinding me with their incredible chemistry was heaven! To be honest they are the only reason why I’ve kept watching OUAT this long. But last season was a let down. Belle was barely in it, they were always kept apart, then the Zelena thing came and it was the worst thing ever. Then they gave us a “reward” which was a very rushed wedding, interrupted by scenes of the ther couples (we couldn’t even have THAT to ourselves) and a terrible secret to torture us all Summer. Then they gave us a 30 seconds B&B dance and that’s all. In two seasons we’ve had only a handful of Rumbelle scenes. And lately all their scenes have been deleted. Now they are throwing this storyline with Belle using the dagger and stuff. It COULD’VE BEEN a good story if they had ACTUALLY showed some character development/interaction before this. But no, we saw Rumbelle dancing in the first ep and they jump directly to Belle betraying Rumple like this. What happened in between? I feel lost and very upset. They are NOT telling us a story, they are throwing random, pointless scenes at us. That’s NOT how story telling works. It’s not about Rumbelle exclusively. The writing in OUAT has gone from bad to worst this season. People is sick of watching Emma and Hook just running around chasing villains (half of my family already stopped watching the show because of that, they were bored). And now with Frozen… it’s bad, it’s very bad. Sorry for my ranting but I’m very upset. I used to LOVE this show but now it’s something painful to watch.

    • Larissa says:

      I still haven’t recovered from the 2 minute wedding, half of which was used to highlight the other couples (including Captain Swan who already had two hours dedicated to them). After three seasons of empty promises from A&E [they keep saying they’re going to explore the Rumbelle relationship, but you can’t do that if one party has no memories (Belle falls over the town line) or if they’re not themselves (Lacey) or if they’re not together (all of season 3) or if they’re married but have no scenes together (pretty much season 4 to date)]. They’re just stringing the Rumbelle fans along. They’ve lost huge numbers of them along the way (the fandom has dwindled tremendously due to the empty promises), but I’ve been one of the fools who kept thinking that we’d finally get a good story. Based on this scene and the previous episodes, I have a feeling that Rumbelle will be sidelined once again and Gold will spend most of his time with the hat and Hook (because Hook needs more screen time and something to do besides following Emma around).

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I totally get what you’re saying & understand the Rumbelle fandom’s frustration, but FWIW not everyone is “sick of watching Hook” or bothered by the Frozen storyline.

  17. Kimberly says:

    Honeymoon is over? Is that some kind of cruel joke? What honeymoon? The brief dance we saw over a month ago for 30 seconds? Because that’s ALL the Rumbelle we’ve had this season. Unless you count the deleted scenes. Because it seems every single Rumbelle scene was deleted. I’m very tired of all of this. I wish Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis just tell us to get away once and for all. I mean, it’s obvious that they don’t care about their Rumbelle fans or Rumple and Belle as a couple. Then why make them Beauty and the Beast in the first place? They should know they are the most beloved Disney couple ever! And they are toying with that. It’s really disappoingint.

  18. K says:

    Whatever happened to the time-honored “no nookie unless you do what I want, baby”? (Not an ideal way to function in a marriage but it beats mind control.)

  19. Joyce N. says:

    Once Upon a Time is one disappointment after another. I’ve been waiting for 3 seasons to finally see the Rumbelle story they have been promising since S2. Every time Adam has told us: “Lots of Rumbelle are coming… we’ll see more of them… their story will be explored”. Two years after none of that has happened. They keep new and creative ways to sideline Belle (amnesia, leaving her behind in Storybrook while everyone else goes to Neverland, giving her 2 seconds of screen time because everything is about either the Wicked Witch, Frozen or worst, Hook). So in the end we never get anything. They kept Rumbelle separated since 2×11 (Lacey was not Belle) and during ALL season 3. They gave us a rushed wedding just to highlight other couples (because we didn’t had 2 hours of Hook already!). They gave us a dance and the price was 6 episodes without Rumbelle. I don’t even know how is that fair. And now they are making Rumple the villain again just to make Hook be the “hero” (yeah, right!). There’s no reason for the writers to send Rumple back to S1, overlook his character development, his redemption arc, his wedding vows and the promise he made to Bae in his grave. In the next scene, without any real reason, he was bad again, just like that. Makes no sense. And the fact that they have been deleting EVERY SINGLE Rumbelle scene this season and they’ve had Belle literally for 2 seconds and no lines in the episodes make me think it’s time for me to just move on. As much as I love Belle and Rumple, I can’t watch this show anymore. What for? If they are never in it. I’m upset. I’m sad. I’m mad…

  20. Erika Ggary says:

    Will Belle betray Rumplestiltskin???

    Will a woman who has been consistently lied to by a man she married based on his lies betray the man lying to her???

    How about will Belle find out Rumple has yet again betrayed her?