Scandal Recap: Lethal Weapons

Scandal Olivia Saves Jake

This Thursday on ABC’s Scandal, Olivia unleashed her fixing skills on two fronts — both on behalf of accused murderers — while Mellie learned an invaluable history lesson from an unlikely teacher.

Ronald Reagan never sat in the Scandal-verse’s White House, we learned this week. Rather, the 40th POTUS was named Cooper, and he has died of a stroke as the episode opens. We (and Fitz, nursing his bruised knuckles) get this news from Mellie, who’s back to looking like her usual self as she readies to plan the funeral and meet Coop’s Mrs., named Bitsy. Olivia meanwhile takes a meeting with Leonard Francis Carnahan (played by Private Practice‘s Brian Benben), the man who tried to assassinate Cooper 30 years ago but failed — and the bullet now in the dead president’s skull could (theoretically) exonerate him at last.

To secure said evidence, Olivia, Huck and Quinn need to rally D.C. to get Carnahan charged with murder (#JusticeForCooper), since Coop’s stroke was tangentially tied to the shooting. When they succeed, David files the charges yet loses his bid to keep the bullet in the deceased’s noggin. But as it turns out, the extracted bullet only proves that Carnahan did shoot the president, which was his plan all along. As he twistedly explains to Olivia, no one remembers failed assassins. But now, he can stand alongside the likes of John Wilkes Booth in history: “Thank you for making my life meaningful!” Yep, the fixer done got played.

Mellie’s side of the Cooper storyline is much lighter, as behind closed doors Bitsy (played by character actress Carol Locatell) drops her “simple folk” act and reveals herself to have been quite the puppet master during Coop’s administration,BELLAMY YOUNG, CAROL LOCATELL seeing as her husband was too distracted banging the homeliest secretary ever, twice a day. Bitsy used her time being unappreciated to get things done, including negotiating with the Soviets, though she is resigned to being remembered as “the wife of a man who did something in his life.” That sparks Mellie to seize a moment before the press to do RNC honcho Liz’s bidding and publicly deny a rumor of base closings, which had been gleaned by Michael from Cyrus’ email. Mellie’s prize for grabbing some gusto: sharing a joint with Bitsy on the Truman balcony. (Please tell me we’ll get to see Stoned Mellie. Please.)

Cyrus is none to happy to see the White House get painted into a corner regarding the base closings, but when he admonishes (G)Abby for not hunting down the hacker, she makes clear that she has found out a couple of things about what the Chief of Staff has been up to. So, maybe Cyrus should mind his own back door first.

Of course, the high drama this week was rooted in Jake’s fate. Rowan makes a case for the First Son’s killer to be handed over to B613, where they can do things the president cannot. (“Let me discipline my dog” he elegantly puts it.) Fitz, though, wants Jake to be publicly tried and punished. Olivia meanwhile just wants to know how he is, a case (G)Abby bravely makes right in the Oval Office: “I’m not asking the commander-in-chief. I’m asking the married man who used to sleep with my friend what exactly he has done with the man she currently is sleeping with….. If you love her, you’ll let her know.”

Fitz doesn’t care for (G)Abby’s tone — “She’s kind of a bitch,” he notes to Olivia, his choice of words not winning him any favors with a woman of substance — but it nonetheless sent him running to Liv, armed with “proof” of Jake’s plot. Olivia needs to see Jake for herself, a request that her father counsels the president to go along with. Once Liv is in the bunker, Jake wastes no breath pleading his case but instead lays out plans to get offshore money to his mother, after he is killed. “My word isn’t going to change anything. We both known in the end you’re not going to choose me,” he tells his lover. “And not choosing me is OK.”

Rowan’s endgame seems bound for success — Jake is poised to be transferred from the DOJ into B613’s hands, a fact Command is happy to gloat about. After boasting of how he played POTUS like a fiddle, he reminds his imprisoned, doomed, onetime agent, “You can’t take Command; Command Command takes you.” When Liv lashes out at Fitz for turning Jake over to her dad, of all people, Fitz reminds her of all that “Jake” did to her, to them. To that she says, “If you hand him over, we won’t ever have a chance.” Fitz chows down on that crumb, leading Liv to admit, “There’s hope” for them. As such, Fitz reverses his decision and advises Jake he’ll live out his days in a supermax prison, as his “gift to the woman we love.” Later, Rowan rails at his daughter, between laps, for intervening. She shrugs, “You may be Command, but I’ve got weapons at my disposal, weapons you can’t possibly possess.”

And I don’t think she is talking about drones.

Oh, and Quinn found the locker that goes with the key Caitlin had, and inside it was 100s of photos of Olivia. OK….

What did you think of “An Innocent Man”?

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  1. cody says:

    i’m hoping Liv decides to use the super max as a chance to save Jake and take down her father

  2. Cena Gomez says:

    The power of the “P”. Liv got you there Command.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Never underestimate the power of the “P”.

      • mel says:

        Really? Is that the only power she has? Why does every episode have be about her P? These men are supposed to be in love with her but her P gets the credit. Geez Shonda WTF?

        • Mira says:

          Olivia Pope has been degraded beyond measure.
          She has been almost completely reduced to her sexality in he last 2 seasons.

          Also, it’s nice that she can defend Abby from name calling but Abby never said a word about Jake choking her IN FRONT OF HER. Why is Abby trying to help Olivia get back a man she saw choke her? What kind of friend is that?
          How any decent human being can continue to support a show that addresses insults to every female character except the lead? I don’t understand. I don’t want to believe it’s because of her skin colour, but it’s clear that her being choked by Huck and Jake is never gong to be addressed by ANYONE on the show or the critics, her sex tape has been forgotten while Karen’s warranted a episode and people openly defend Jake hospitalising her and coaching her to lie about it, so what am I to think?
          The writers seem to think this is about shipper wars, but it isn’t. This is about normalising and romanticising intimate partner violence.
          She’s running around to save Jake, a man who THREATENED TO KILL HER.
          All of television is violent but never before have I seen a character be violent to his romantic partner and be marketed as a hunk. It’s sick.

          • ... says:

            The delusion. Sounds like somebody is watching this show through their shipper goggles.

          • Joshua says:

            Seeing that you are using real world application to argue the morality of fictional characters how many murders is Olivia complicit to and yet she has not raised it to the relevant authorities or are her actions justified because she is the heroine ? Oh and I guess Fitz is also only a victim ?

          • Netty says:

            OMG here comes another Oitz shipper who cannot appreciate the show as is but has to break down into detail why Jake is wrong for Olivia and for the show. Oh Please smh
            First of all no one on this show is a SAINT! No one do you hear. Jake is not the only one who has murdered. They have all indirectly/directly murdered, blackmailed, threatened to destroy or worse, LIED, rigged the elections, framed innocent people etc. There are all manner of sins in this show so get over just pointing to Jake as if he is the one who brought violence and murder into this show.
            How many times have Liv and Cyrus threatened to destroy each other but they are still best friends.
            You need to get over it and move on. If you cannot move past that then maybe this show ain’t for you.

          • Janet Cousins says:

            If you feel this way – just don’t watch it – that’s all. dahhh…

          • mmel says:

            I agree with you 100 %, The degradation of Olivia Pope has been beyond measure in this show. I amazes me that the same people who are saying that we are watching the show through shipper’s eyes are the same people who flip their lids when Fitz as much as cough in Mellie’s face. At least we can be critical when we watch the show, they watch this show and all they see are pretty men and that satisfies them. We have as much right to say we dislike the direction of the show as they do in praising. My rant is over, I just hate when they try to bully and belittle people on this site.

          • Mira says:

            ‘The delusion. Sounds like somebody is watching this show through their shipper goggles.’
            OMG here comes another Oitz shipper who cannot appreciate the show as is but has to break down into detail why Jake is wrong for Olivia and for the show’
            That’s all you people have?
            More shipper wars?
            Accusations of ‘Olitz shipping?
            I haven’t supported that relationship in over a season. It’s toxic, unhealthy and bad for them both.
            Thus has NOTHING to do with shipping except that ‘Olake’ shippers are so desperate to stick it to Fitz, a fictional character that they’re actually supporting REAL LIFE MARKETING of a violent man as a hunk.
            There are no polls about what a great friend Cyrus is, or how moral others in this universe are.
            But press and publicity around this show continue to portray Jake, a man who has hospitalised, choked and made non consensual porn of Olivia as a viable, desirable life partner.
            It’s eerie.
            In the show, characters call out violence against Quinn, Mellie and Abby, but NEVER against Olivia. Huck chokes her, it’s her fault, Jake chokes her no one can see him.
            It’s reprehensible, and excusing it to further an agenda or to ‘win’ is just as wrong.
            Television DOES matter. Studies have shown that the more American TV young caucasian males watch, the more their self esteem increases while the opposite happens to all other demographics.
            Yet we have the first Black female prime time lead in 38 years on TV being called a whore, the help and being the ONLY WOMAN subject to violence without comment.
            If you can’t see that this is bigger than ‘Olitz’/’Olake’ that’s just sad.
            I came on this blog last week and saw a series of racist comments.
            That is the crowd this show is beginning to attract and people need to start asking why.

          • clemie eckert says:

            This show in the last two seasons has really shifted and gotten away from some sort of reality. No way does some of this nonsense happen in a fictitious White House or a real one. Shonda really lost her grip the last two seasons. Liv is not that great to have two guys saliving over her-she has made so many mistakes, especially for someone who says she’s the best at what she does. She can’t see through Jake or her father-c’mon!!!!!!

          • Mshep says:

            Interesting view points

          • Kimberly says:

            how about you stop watching the show!!!

          • Dana says:

            Mira…THANK you for saying what was in my head.

            I do not understand the need for such EXTREME violence. I can take some violence – but I don’t get Shonda’s point of having her characters go waaaaaay off the DEEP end like this. B613 is sooo off the WALL to me it’s become a complete joke. This last season, I have had zero connection with this show – it’s like foreign to me; I miss the more realistic storylines of the first season. I can’t even SWALLOW “Jake”; he’s got to be THE most violent, peeping-tom of a “flavor-of-the-month” boyfriend for ANYONE that I’ve seen. The man is VIOLENT and just killed another man’s son. How on earth could Olivia EVER feel safe around like that? Now I know Fitz has blood on his hands too (the whole cast does in one way or another), but at the least the man TRULY loves her. For Olivia to try and “barter” with him, threatening their “relationship” and using it as a weapon against Fitz…who does she think SHE is? At this point Olivia is “used, damaged goods” herself. EVERYONE has tasted the popsicles in HER “ice cream truck”. She ought to be GLAD that there is someone who really DOES love her even though he’s not at liberty to fully be with her.

          • Cheyenne says:

            Mira, do you realize how ridiculous you sound? You come on here and bore us sh*tless with a laundry list of everything you think is wrong with the show and then you have the nerve to insinuate we are “indecent human beings” for supporting it. Obviously you’re still watching the show, so what does that make you? If you think the show is so sick, stop watching it. Change the channel. Go watch the 700 Club or read a good book. Your pretentiousness is ludicrous.

          • Mira says:

            @Cheyenne, I haven’t watched this show since mid way through season 2. I’ve made the mistake of looking at the synopses, but what really bothers e is the way that critics and many viewers seem weirdly blind to domestic violence and the way every character also seems that way AS LONG AS THE VIOLENCE IS DIRECTED AT OLIVIA.
            Given that I wasn’t even addressing you, I have to say you seem a little defensive.
            The truth is what is going on with the portrayal and publicity of Jake is DANGEROUS. And while 1 in 3 women in the world suffer intimate partner violence in real life, I will not be SILENT when it is ignored in this way.
            Not for you or anyone else.
            If you’re going to portray violence you have a duty to make the reactions to it t least somewhat realistic, for EVERY character not just your favourites.
            Watching the show doesn’t make you indecent, ( and I never said it did) but pretending the way Jake Ballard is behaving is problematic, SUPPORTING the casual violence and disrespect of a lead based ON A REAL LIFE PESON, is to me indecent in my opinion.
            But that’s just my opinion. I don’t recall offering it to you in particular.
            This whole thing has gotten racial, misogynistic and insulting and for you to call pointing that out pretention is what is ridiculous.
            To mock reading on top of it, I just find baffling.
            Do the cool kids not read anymore?
            IN conclusion, almost all media is problematic, in one way or another, to avoid problematic tropes on TV would require switching your TV off all together. I still enjoy many flawed shows. what I don’t do is blind myself to those flaws and attack anyone who points them out.

          • Mira says:

            PS. rather than advise anyone who doesn’t agree with you to avoid the show, why not take your own advice and avoid those comments?
            After all, the cultural influence of Television is far likelier to affect me than my comments are to ever affect you.

        • This episode made me think that only other power she has is that everyone around her are idiotic children that throw tantrums every ten minutes.

      • beverly briggs says:

        My baby sister told me a statement a friend made to her about her son, that it is always the P over moma and now over Rowan, I laughed so hard, I love this show, I look forward to it every thursday. LMBO

  3. Mika02 says:

    And she’s back

  4. delfiteblu says:

    I thought it was the best show this season; it seems, slowly but surely, to be getting back up to speed. I was, however, surprised that Quinn didn’t go dig that bullet out of Cooper’s brain like she did the key last week – sure would have saved some embarrassment. And I can’t remember who the key originally belonged to; I mean the girl (?) swallowed it but who had it originally? How did they know to look for it.

    I thought it was a good show, getting back to the old ways. Abby certainly helped THAT; hope she goes back to the gladiators soon!

    • Lynn says:

      The key is a mystery to me, too. Maybe Caitlan, Jeremy’s daughter, locked up the files after she stole them from her father’s office. That whole story is lost on me….like I must have missed an episode or two.

      • herman1959 says:

        You didn’t miss an episode; the storyline was never resolved because OPA had limited info so the case was on hold. Finding the key is a game changer, and “the files” are the photos of Olivia that Quinn found in the locker with the key. Evidently, the photos are proof that someone has had Olivia under surveillance…but why?

  5. Cheyenne says:

    Cyrus better mind his back door literally and figuratively.
    BTW how many episodes are scheduled for this season, does anybody know?

  6. Sean says:

    Loved Bitsy.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Me too. I pretty much guessed “Coop” was supposed to be Reagan but I couldn’t identify Bitsy with Nancy Reagan at all. Nancy Reagan seemed like a paper doll cut-out. And that adoring gaze she fixed on her husband every time he opened his mouth made me want to hurl.

      • MiaB says:

        I think Bitsy was more a mix of first ladies (Rosalynn Carter, Eleanor Roosevelt) and Cooper was Reagan. I loved her, too.

      • clemie eckert says:

        I think Bitsy was supposed to be a little bit of Lady Bird Johnson-we know Lyndon dabbled a little while he was Pres and Lady Bird tried to make our country pretty!!

        • Cheyenne says:

          Was Reagan banging the secretaries, though? I never heard of any shenanigans in the White House while he was president. I heard Lyndon fooled around a bit, and FDR had his side-piece, and Eisenhower had a bimbo, and we all know about Clinton, and don’t even get me started on JFK who would do anything female between puberty and death — but Reagan? News to me.

  7. kelly says:

    I really thought Fitz was having doubts when listening in on Jake and Liv, and was filming her Dad gloating to Jake as evidence. I’m disappointed that wasn’t the case. How could there be no camera or guard watching all that, and how could Fitz be so slow? It’s not like her Dad has a history as an upstanding citizen!

    • Alichat says:

      I was hoping as well. And I was really hoping that we were going to see that she’d slipped Jake a phone or camera or something and that’s how Rowan gets caught. (I am really tired of Rowan) I have a hard time there isn’t a camera in Jake’s cell. Those guards that would yank Olivia out in a second if she got within less than 3 feet of Jake were no where to be seen. So there has to be a camera somewhere. But I can see Rowan turning the camera off or having some means to override it. On another note, this was the first episode where I actually liked Abby.

    • Anna says:

      I don’t remember Fitz having been quick on his feet about anything.

      I’m OK with the writers dragging on the story about First son’s real killer being Rowan. HOWEVER, I am very disappointed about the fact that no one, in 2 episodes, once wondered how Maya Pope fits in all of this. I mean, Olivia doubting Jake’s involvement because she can’t imagine him doing such thing, fine! Yet, no one’s wondering why Maya Pope was considered a suspect? Didn’t Jake foil Maya’s terrorist attempt? Isn’t Jake supposed to have killed both Harrison and Adnan, Adnan being linked to Maya and Harrison knowing at his time of death that Adnan was the enemy?
      The writing team could have done a better job by having at least one person, questioning, on their own, Maya’s role in all of this. I guess that’s what Liv’ll be doing next week, now that Jake spelled it out for her. I am just sad she couldn’t have figured out for herself that the whole thing doesn’t make sense.

      • Sara says:

        Yeah, I really loved how Fitz was all “Jake made me believe your mother killed my son, and then she was executed” like she wasn’t also a known terrorist. Yeah, let’s suddenly pretend that she wasn’t a villain. What bad memories these characters have!

        • Anna says:

          LOL, history rewritten by Fitzgerald Grant! ROWAN made him believed Maya killed Jerry Jr; JAKE (via Cyrus) made him not attend the funerals of that dude and he, Fitz, didn’t get blown up. SMH again at the writing team (big sigh).

    • clemie eckert says:

      I hear ya!!

  8. azu says:

    This show is a mess. I only come here to read the recaps, nothing more!! the mother /father of a lover kills my child? I’m sorry we are over. It’s not something I can forgive

  9. Lynn says:

    I’m confused about Jeremy, who is he? Kubiac works for him and someone else….is it B613. Kubiac killed his daughter over the files she stole from her Dad’s office. What am I missing?

    • Cheyenne says:

      So far we just have bits and pieces. Jeremy is obviously up to no good but we don’t know exactly what that is yet. His wife is in jail for their daughter’s murder, which she didn’t commit, and he doesn’t seem to give a damn that the kid is dead. The folder she stole turned out to have a lot of photos of Olivia Pope. Why would they kill for those photos when she’s a public figure and there are photos of her all over the place? Stay tuned.

    • Overthinking says:

      You are not missing anything. For the first time Scandal writers have decided to take the case of the week and drag it into several episodes. Most likely this is all somehow tied into B613/Jake storyline. My guess is Kubiak is also a B613 that was involved in disposing Harrison’s body and killing Anan with the help of Charlie.
      We know in the past Papa Pope and Fitz both had hired someone to follow Olivia. So Kubiak could be working for either and I am leaning more towards Papa Pope than Fitz on this. It looks like Papa Pope is having Olivia followed by the way he just happened to turn up at the pool where Olivia was swimming. Most likely the girl was killed by Kubiak due to her trying to blackmail him over Olivia photos and her friend just happened to be collateral damage.

  10. Joshua says:

    1. Is Fitzgerald grant even capable of crafting a thought of his own ?
    2. It was refreshing to see women on the show who came across as smart and rational in thought (Betsy, Elizabeth) didn’t act erratic or behave like hormonal teenagers.
    3. Quinn and Abby we brilliant for me in this episode. Maybe it has something to do with that their storyline is not tethered to a man.
    4. Exactly at what point did Cy become a moron ?
    5. It seems Political Animal Mellie is coming back, I like her. I hope she takes Betsy’s advice and let’s Fitz do whatever it is that Fitz does and she does her.

  11. Absurdist says:

    What, Bitsy couldn’t “Just Say No”?

  12. Netty says:

    That Olivia and Jake prison-cell scene was better than all the scenes Fitz has done in the past two episodes. What is going on with Fitz’s character. His neediness and his inability to make any kind of unbiased decision on his own is very exhausting. My goodness he’s so flaky; Rowan convinces him that Liv should see Jake and he goes with it. Olivia tells him another thing and he does it. He is the President, people should be dancing to his tune not the other way round.
    Jake’s scene was so moving and heartbreaking. He really does know how to manipulate Olivia and me for that matter. That speech was so powerful, if he had tried to convince Liv that he was innocent, it would not have had as much of an impact.
    I’m hoping after this episode we are going to have the real vicious Cyrus back. I want to see a real show down between him and LizzyBear.
    It was good to see Mellie back to her normal self and having a friend to share a joint with. Hope she takes notes from Bitsy, and hope Bitsy sticks around, she was so much fun.
    Everything this season has overshadowed OPA so much that Huck and Quinn seem to be an after thought.

    • Joshua says:

      I love this post. Watch how all the Olitz fans remind you how Jake stalked Olivia ( casually neglecting its wasn’t only Rowan that assigned Jake to keep tabs of Liv, but Fitz too) also how he made sextape too. (Fitz also ordered Jake to have video surveillance on Liv) and how Jake is an abusive murderer and how Fitz won’t harm a fly. I’m sure Verna agrees. But I forget, Fitz actions are justified while Jakes’ actions are just malicious.

      • Mira says:

        @Joshua. So are you saying that Jake’s actions were right? Or was your post purely to complain about Fitz AGAIN?
        Jake is a grown man, he did what he did, because he CHOSE to. He’ll do a great deal worse to Olivia before he’s done and his fans will support it because most Jake fans don’t actually LIKE Olivia. They’re mostly Mellie fans, and I suspect many of them derive pleasure from watching Jake harm and humiliate Olivia.
        It’s telling how many are always so glad to see her ‘handled’ or ‘put in her place’ by him. Where is that exactly?
        On tape, or struggling under him on a bed of broken glass?
        Can someone clear that up from me?
        Really I don’t even know why I’m bothering. I stopped watching this show for a reason and I should never have come back
        I’m out.

        • mmel says:

          Mira, Mira, Mira you need to get out of my head, I absolutely love you for saying this. Not only do the Olake fans not like Olivia , I would say they loathe her. Please don’t stop saying what you are saying because you are 100 % correct and know that you have at least on person sees through the b.s with you.

        • Callie says:

          No, you should bother! Many feel similarly, and it doesn’t have to do with shipping. It’s unfair that you are automatically dismissed as an Olitz shipper for stating the truth about this storyline.

          In light of last season’s events, I have no problem with another love interest for Olivia. But I do not understand those who prop up Jake as a credible viable romantic alternative to Fitz. Ulterior motives, deceit, threats…that’s just to start. One can argue that “Olitz” was always problematic, but so was “Olake”. And in a more sinister way.

          But in some ways I feel like this is par for the course with Shonda, considering how she has written for other couples on other shows. She will eventually switch course and try to redeem characters/couples after decimating much of their fanbase.

        • Joshua says:

          For someone who has stopped watching the show you are very clued up about it and participate actively in its discussions. I’m also not defending Jake , personally I’d rather Liv not have a romantic interest I find it annoying that female characters need a male to validate them.

          • Alexandra says:

            I disagree. I think it’s ok to have a male companion. It’s not a validation. It’s something that may or may not happen in real life.
            Sample of my life. I run my own business, and I’m happily married. I am also a survivor of sexual abuse.

        • Netty says:

          Yet again you come here saying Jake did this and that, what about the simple fact that Fitz is married and is the worst husband and father and not to mention President because of the way his feeling for Olivia clouds everything else. You cannot pin this on Jake. From your logic this show was flawed from the beginning; a series based on a philandering President and his Mistress. Already that is a red flag.
          Anyway you are clearly trying to start a shipper war and I’m not here for that.
          What show on American TV is not portraying Violence, unhealthy sexual r/ships, sexual manipulation etc. This is not a licence to have people act like this IRL.
          This is the nature of this show, so its ok that Fitz killed Verna or ordered Rowan to kill Maya so he is a Saint because Verna & Maya deserved it. Is this to say Fitz will never harm Liv.
          B613 is a ruthless faction of the Republic and it was good to see Jake assume that ruthlessness when he was command. Both Olake and Olitz are flawed. But just pointing to Jake seems very short sighted.

          • Sarah says:

            I like Jake and I hope olivia finds out the truth about her father. I do not understand why she is now turning a blind eye toward her father and the things he has done in the past.

      • mmel says:

        This character has been so wooden and flat that when he is decent you guys think he is spouting Shakespeare. Joshua by defending Jake and saying everything he does is someone else’s fault you show your is the same trick the writers use to make him viable. Jake kills someone, he is doing it for the republic ,he’s an asshole to Olivia but that’s because he loves her and she doesn’t love him. His physical abuse of Olivia is glossed over as if it never happened. It is quite hypocritical to say that Olitz fans defend everything Fitz does while you Olake fans do the same. Most importantly, if you defend someone who has been physically abusive to a woman you lose the argument before you start it.

        • Netty says:

          So violence towards Olivia is the only evil you see in this show. Goodness me I cant even….
          Obviously these shows are not for everyone. Olivia Pope is a strong woman who can take care of herself, she is the pedestal that others look up to, men and women for that matter. Please don’t put her in this abused victim pool you want to stick her in. She’s not a victim of anyone, she’s not a broken woman. She knows the life she chose, and she rules her own. She’s in a ruthless men’s world and she’s just as ruthless and cunning as they all are. Liv knows the risks of this world, people (or the writers thereof) should not tip toe around her because she’s a woman. SHE’S NOT WEAK! You do not chose to be a serial killer and then cry when someone slaps you just because you are a woman.
          Olivia has brought many powerful men to their feet, she managed to derail B613, I’m sure she can handle a few punches. She does not have to curl up in some corner and weep just because she’s woman. She much more than that

          Olivia is more likely to break any man than they are of making her a victim of abuse.
          I am a woman and I love Olivia’s strength and overall demeanor, it is so empowering and attractive. She can take a punch like a man and move on from it or retaliate in a much stronger and forceful way. Does that scream abuse victim to you. I don’t care how much hate I get for this post but I’m tired of women always being portrayed as victims and that everyone should tip toe around them. If the lead in this role had been a man, no one would bat an eyelash if he had been choked.

          • mel says:

            Netty, you’re silly. There is so much more I can say but that would be a waste because you are a silly, silly woman. You’re the reason soap operas are still popular.

          • Daniella says:

            Yes Yes Yes, 100% agree. If only I could like this x100

          • Daniella says:

            @Nettey Yes Yes Yes, 100% agree. If only I could like this x100.

          • Rossy says:

            Right on point. In a ruthless world you need to know how to throw punches and she’s ‘ swimming with sharks, so she knows how to go about them. Not weak, but independent, strong and opinionated. Like better her relationship w/jake. Fitz is too co-dependent of her. Jake is more her equal.

          • MorrisT says:

            So well put. I’m a dude and I don’t know if its ok to love this comment because I do. Olivia ain’t nobody’s biatch!

          • MorrisT says:

            @Mel I doubt you have an argument that can top this, lick your wounds boo.

          • Mmel says:

            I was going to let it go but since i was challenged by Morris T , lets go go. Netty violence against Olivia is not the only evil thing in the show but it is the most relatable , most likely to happen and the one thing that the show refuses to address. Olivia should not be put on a pedestal, she is not hero at best Olivia is an anti-hero, at worst a villain.
            I didn’t put Olivia in the abused victim pool the show did when they had several other characters assault her, especially the last attack by Jake. I feel like there is a disconnect here when you can see a 5’2″ woman being thrown against a wall by a 6′ man and not be disturbed by it. Liv is not a combattant, is not part of the army, the secret service , nor a spy, as far as it been shown she is a civilian and is not trained to go “toe to toe” with a trained assassin. (which is what jake is supposed to be).
            I hope you are very young because you have a warped sense of what weakness is. Since we are on the subject of olivia I hate to burst your bubble but Olivia is very weak. Everytime she kept her mouth shut when mellie called her a whore she was weak. When Huck pushed her against a the car and she didn’t retaliate she was weak. Everytime jake calls her a booty call and she says nothing she is weak. Lastly, when jake threw her against that wall and choked her, she glossed over it like it never happenned because she was weak. I am not even going into the relationship with her father because with him she is a sad, sad little girl.Notice i didn’t mention fitz because he is the only one she claps back to so he doesn’t count.
            Netty the Olivia of Season 1 and season 2 brought pwerful men to their knees, the Olivia of Season 3 and season 4 (so far) is the weakest charcter on the show.
            To conclude, No matter how powerful Olivia is she can’t take a punch like a man it is physically impossible. you may be tired of women being treated like a victim but telling us all that garbage you just did you are making sure they stay victims. If you follow the new then i am sure you read about Ray rice and his wife. You go look at that video and then tell me again how a woman can take a punch like a man. like i said, silly, silly woman or little girl.
            Don’t come for for me unless i ask for you

          • MorrisT says:

            Didnt mean to stir up trouble lol.
            Olivia plays with the big dawgs and so she should fight like one.
            Mel your argument screams extreme feminist and not the good kind, the kind that makes a big deal outta nothing. Women screaming for equality but not actually wanting equality. Nothing of what you said makes Liv weak IMO. Men can have booty call and its cool but a woman does it and she’s called weak/whore. Yep you women know how to put each other down.
            IRL I do not support violence towards men or women.

          • Alexandra says:

            Sexual liberation in women is not a sign of weakness. Olivia is not weak because she has casual relations with Jake. Jake wants a relationship with Olivia, he wants is to be her boyfriend officially. I applaud Liv’s sexual freedom, sex and love don’t have to go hand in hand.

          • mmel says:

            Morris T, you either lack basic reading comprehension or you are being intellectually dishonest. I can deal with the former but the latter is a deal breaker for me. Nothing about my statements screamed extreme feminism actually I was showing netty her foolish idea of what she thinks power is , is simply wrong. I never once blamed Olivia for sleeping with whomever she wants. My argument was about her being mute when she is abused either verbally or physically abused.
            I make the statements about Olivia being weak because many of us think that bottling things up and never expressing our hurt or fear is being brave while it is the opposite.My statements state by not standing up for herself when she is being slutshamed by Mellie and Jake she is being weak. If I have a booty call and you slutshame me for it like Jake did for two episodes you better believe I would find another one and leave your behind.
            Morris you are looking for someone to tell you it is O.K to hit a woman and some of these people may give it to you by spouting stupid statements about how Olivia runs with with the big dawgs and swims with the sharks and other nonsense because they think that is what makes her strong. I am telling what your mom always told you it is never, never o.k to hit a woman.
            Alexendria, (Morris I’ll leave out of this because I believe you muddled the issue for your own gain) I have no problem with Olivia’s sexuality, she is a sensual woman and that should be celebrated, It becomes a problem when every single episode refers to her sexuality in degrading terms. Her sexuality is being used by the writers as a way to debase her, it is too bad that some us see it and others don’t.
            Finally, Morris I can’t be both an extreme feminist and a woman hater you have to pick one to hit me with.(see what I did there lol)

          • Alexandra says:

            Mellie is a bitter insecure wife, she lives, breaths & sleeps Olivia Pope! She will tell anyone who can listen how horrible Liv is. Honestly Liv is an ‘above the fray’ person. Even with ‘Gabby’, Liv was so classy and she just let Gabby carry on with her lunatic rants towards her. Liv never engages with Mellie because Mellie is not a priority in her life, Olivia has not for one day lost sleep over what Mellie thinks or says. Liv cannot control what anyone thinks or says about her so why confront Mellie about it. If this aint strength then I dont know what is.
            And about the booty calls, Liv wants those booty calls with Jake no doubt. Showing up in Jake’s hotel room in a dress coat only means…. There is nothing wrong with how her sexuality is portrayed in the show, why should there be two standards, one for men and another for women. Only prudes will find a problem with this.

            I really hope that you are not a mom Mel because you cant teach kids to confront and attack everyone who has a bad word to say about them, let the haters talk, it don’t matter what other people think of you.
            Netty I’m going to copy your post and paste it on another forum lol, I loved it so much. Until next Thursday..Cheers

          • mmel says:

            Alexandria, I am a mother of three girls and the way you think scares me to death. You may ship Jake and like the show but if you believe the portrayal of Olivia is fine on the show I am truly, truly scared. Even Shonda said that last season was about deconstructing Olivia but you don’t see that, you believe the way she is portrayed is positive and all I have to say, I hope and prayed that I taught my daughters differently. Again WOW..

          • Mira says:

            ‘She can take a punch like a man’ That’s physically impossible. She’s NOT a man. she’s not even a very large woman.

          • beverly briggs says:

            Amen sista

      • ShariaLynn says:

        Fitz didnt hurt a fly no. But didnt he kill an old lady? Maybe I’m wrong??

  13. Overthinking says:

    I am truly happy for Huck that he is finally connecting with his son. Wait until the mother finds out……………

  14. lea says:

    Every week, I seem to hate Fitz a bit more.

  15. Asta says:

    Yes, I love Olivia and Fitz’ chemistry BUT in the real world it would fizzle so fast. The relationship they have is all about Fitz, revolves around Fitz and it reminds me of that old joke…enough about me, tell me what you think of me. There is no equality at all. Jake is her equal, he cares about her thoughts and not just in relationship to HIM.

  16. Allison says:

    Ever since Cyrus was told by the male hooker that he is a hooker and Cyrus basically said so what and dove in head first, my thoughts have been ‘Cyrus Beene, paging Cyrus Beene. Earth to Cyrus Beene. You are being an idiot wrapped in moron.’ I get that he is lonely and desperate, but come on. I loathed him when he pimped out his hubby so when male hooker showed up I was like yep payback is coming, but now I hurt for Cyrus because I know he is out of his mind with grief and loneliness and that has clearly impacted his judgment. But if learning about male hooker’s deceit and betrayal unleashes the beast formerly known as Cyrus Beene then good and very good.

    I so did not see that twist with the character Leonard Francis Carnahan coming. Then again, I don’t have a devious mind. Brian Benben just killed that performance. The way he switched from wronged and framed victim tone to just all out vicious and manipulative was just awesome and he did it in an instant. Bravo Brian Benben! Then to top it off, he played Olivia and she didn’t even see it coming. Never thought that day would come. He used her knowing she would fight for justice. She rights wrongs using every weapon available to her. The fact that he executed it so brilliantly though just had me saying whoa!

    Oh and Huck found a way to connect with his son!!!! I was so happy for him!! I just hope that wicked witch of a mother does not find out. Yes, I know she is trying to protect her son from the crazy daddy, but she is just annoying to no end.

    So Quinn found the locker (yay!) so that mystery is solved, but now what is up with all the pictures of Olivia in the folder and why was it worth murder? So many mysteries, so little time until the mid-season finale.

    • clemie eckert says:

      To think Cyrus is the Pres’ Chief of Staff and now is being duped by a male hooker-scarey stuff!!

      • scampi says:

        Cyrus is NOT to be toyed with. He was lonely and let his guard down, but to know he’s being used?–Someone will have to pay for that. I miss the quiet scenes with Cyrus and Olivia. Weren’t that many, but I liked them and miss them. Can’t quite see how to get back to that with Jake having killed James. I still feel ‘cheated’ that we never saw Cyrus react to “Rowan” being Eli. I recall him leaving his hospital bed to tell Olivia to stay away from that dangerous man.

    • Nathalie says:

      Yes, Right.

  17. Luli101 says:

    I’m very new to Scandal, but do you think the bank account number was a code for something else? Also, Rowan must have known that Jake would tell her something important. Or am I overestimating these characters and the storylines?

    • Mshep says:

      Good angle

    • mel says:

      I hope it was but knowing this show it probably wasn’t and will be forgotten by next week.

    • herman1959 says:

      Ooh, hadn’t thought of that; good one!

      • Cheyenne says:

        Did you notice that the way Olivia recited the number back — 942 (pause) 54 (pause) 0920 — it sounded like a social security number? Not that Jake would be such an idiot as to use his own SS number for his bank account number, but still…

        • Nick says:

          Actually, everyone memorizes a sequence of numbers in bits and pieces, due to patterns in the particular sequence. To me, 942 – 54 – 0920 is also the most natural way to memorize it, and not because it sounds like a SSN: I’m not a US citizen and I haven’t thought about it till I read your comment.

          • Cheyenne says:

            I would have memorized it in sequences of three, i.e. 942 540 920. But when Olivia recited it back the way she did, I was like, wow, that’s a SS number. I wonder if it will turn out to be one, and if so, whose?

  18. Mshep says:

    Beginning to see some of the spark back in SCANDAL. Little sparks….but sparks. Loved Bitsy and Milly

  19. Joshua says:

    Black girls take this show way to personally.

    • Chanelle says:

      I don’t know how you mean. I’m a black (woman), and I watch because I like the actress. So because black (women) commenting on their opinions on this particular show means we are taking this show personally? I do not believe that I have not commented on this show any different from other shows I’ve commented on, or that a white (woman) would comment on. Also, my boyfriend happens to be a white man who doesn’t need to get annoyed by a demographic commenting on shows they like to watch. If you are so blindsided by race, keep off the comment pages and finally don’t watch!

    • Alexandra says:

      Curious as to how you can assume all the female posters are black women?

      • Joshua says:

        Some female posters here have stated their race and its an assessment of some of their comments that I’m referring to. Not every single female.

        • Alexandra says:

          Oh just 100% of the “black ones”. But of course it’s ok for white women to passionately comment on shows they like.

        • Alexandra says:

          Also, I might add, these black “girls” you speak of never even mentioned race in their comments. The only time they mentioned race was in regards to racist comments made last week by a commenter that offended me as well as others and I’m not even a black commenter. Just another excuse to make some typical racial judgement.

    • kiwirevengefan says:

      Americans take race and colour way too personally. Just look at people as, well, people, and you will be a lot happier.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Really? I’ve seen black guys calling Olivia a whore because “she only dates white men”.

      • Nick says:

        Which is not even true, since she dated that black senator in season 1 (or 2? I don’t remember).

        • Cheyenne says:

          Edison Davis. You are right. But I’ve seen black guys freaking out because she’s sleeping with two white guys and dumped the black guy.
          Incidentally I have no problem at all with her dumping Edison. He was a nice guy but the chemistry between them was non-existent. It was about as interesting as watching paint dry.

      • Annette says:

        The thing is just because two people are the same race doesn’t mean they are intended by birthright to have the best chemistry.

    • Annette says:

      Ya, just like white women get watching Sex and the City.

  20. Ellinas1978 says:

    She is talking about drones. Different kinds of drones…

    • Sara says:

      Overall good show. Loved Mellie with Bitsy. And I enjoyed Olivia. And I loved Abby’s backdoor dig to Cryus. I am sick to death of this triangle though. Just don’t get the point of it. Jake is not that good of a character where Olivia can be in his orbit without any Fitz drama. So I don’t get it. Plus the writers are so damn heavy handed with Jake’s storyline, there has to be some sort of catch to it. It just comes across like Jake is this wounded puppy or something. Of course Olivia is going to feel sorry for the guy. I just wish the writers did it where Jake truly stood on his own without the writers strangling us (and Olivia) into feeling sorry for him.

  21. Chanelle says:

    As much as I love Olivia, I commend Shonda’s writing in this episode as portraying Olivia as realistic when it comes to her job/career. In real life you don’t always win and even the best lawyers get too caught up in their emotions and end up losing. It showed that Olivia is very good, but not perfect. And it’s maybe high time she really get back to her roots, which maybe the transition may revert back to with her last line of the show.
    That being said my above comment is not to take away from the other female leads who are phenomenal. I find it difficult to hate Abby and I had a feeling that her and Olivia would eventually start mending the pieces.
    I’m glad that there are other Jake-lovers in the building. Fitz is becoming too much of a control-freak who has to consume everything that’s in the bakery. I used to adore Fitz in the beginning. But somehow Jake came into the picture and although he’s flawed he’s what Olivia needs in my opinion. I like Fitz with Olivia but I love Jake with Olivia. Difference. I think right now, Jake and Olivia have better chemistry and possibly has what it takes to take down Rowan as a tag team couple. He loves her. And Olivia definitely returns the feelings. Fitz should concentrate on his family and duties right now.

    • Anna says:

      Hear Hear!

    • SweetTweey says:

      The reason why I don’t buy the Jake and Olivia relationship is because I don’t believe the love story. With Olivia and Fitz we watched the 1st season and saw how their relationship transpired. Even with Edison, we, the viewers got to watch Olivia call Edison and critique an interview he was doing and saw them rekindle their relationship.

      With Jake, we don’t get to see how he fell in love with Olivia. Exactly what does Jake find attractive about Olivia? How does his mission of watching her for Fitz and Rowan gets turn into this completely obsessive love?

      On a personal level, the two have absolutely nothing in common. I’ve never heard them have any type of ‘normal” conversation about things they like, there goals for the future, what Jake is going to do now he is out of B-613 (it has to be a little more than “standing in the sun”)

      The only thing Jake talks to Olivia about is B-613 is his hatred of Rowan. I’ve watched every episode of Scandal and if I’ve missed an intimate conversation between Jake and Olivia that did not concern B613 or Rowan please let me know.

      Also, I don’t see this great love that Olivia has with Jake. To me, her love of Jake is similar to her love of Huck, but with benefits. She wants to “save” Jake in the same way she saved Huck. Remember, Huck loves Olivia too but just not in a sensual type of way.

      This is my first time posting to this blog, so thanks for reading.

      • Nathalie says:

        Thank you

      • mel says:

        Thank yoy, the love thing came out of nowhere. It just feels like there has to more to it. Then, I realize this is scandal, it’s not a complex show.

      • herman1959 says:

        Welcome SweetTweey. I think there was recent scene between Olivia and Jake where they were attempting to have a normal meal while discussing their respective days, but it was interrupted. Anyway, if you remember, there was a scene where Jake was explaining to someone about life in B316 (it was probably Quinn after he recruited her) and Scott Foley was directly looking into the camera. He explained Jake’s origins: he came from a negative family situation involving drug abuse, sexual abuse, etc – he felt that he came from “bad” people Jake explained that he joined the military and B316 to become a “good person”. I think this is why he is so obsessed with Olivia – he saw her as a “good” person, and a lot of people do try to get with someone to improve themselves.

        • SweetTweey says:

          Thank you for welcoming me to this forum. The scene between Olivia and Jake that was interrupted reminded me of the time with Olivia and Edison – Olivia always put her job over Edison which was a cause of contention between the two. To me, if she had this love of Jake, she would have at least given him 5 minutes to listen to what he had to say instead of running off to work.

          Olivia likes the idea of “normal” but she really, deep down inside doesn’t want a normal life. Because if she truly did, she would have stayed with Edison, who had a career, bright future, strong family (he gave Olivia his grandmothers ring) and was handsome. And for a while, Olivia was ready to make a go of it with Edison until Fitz got shot.

          With Jake, I still see no rhyme or reason. Like you, I remembered the episode in which he talked about his family and how dysfunctional they were, but then in this episode, he is about to die and wants to leave all of his possessions to them? I could see if he wanted to leave his possessions to Olivia (who is claims he loves – but to his dysfunctional family who he claims he has had no contact with and didn’t know where they were, but now he knows their location? I guess I can’t seem to get pass plot holes – lol.

          Lastly, Olivia is not a good person. This coming from someone who use to root for her. She has done her fair share of foul stuff so what good has Jake seen in Olivia? When Jake was “spying on Olivia” he was watching a love sick girl who was miserable and not sleeping because she wanted to be with Fitz. She didn’t do anything good and compassionate in any of those episodes. She was barely talking to Jake because she wasn’t over Fitz.

          Whew – I had a lot to say. LOL

      • Sara says:

        Well said SweetTweey. I’ve always thought Edison, with a more appealing actor in the role, would have made a much better choice for a triangle storyline than Jake. He has history with Liv, he’s his own man, no tie to Fitz. Her being involved with him, would have made much more sense than her being around Jake does. Plus Olivia would be Olivia Pope around Edison, while with Jake Olivia is watered down like crazy.

        • SweetTweey says:

          Thanks for the comment. Edison would have been more interesting to the story simply because of this – can you imagine the Democratic Senate Majority Leader (Edison) finding out that his girl friend was having an affair with the Republican President – whew sparks would have flown and politically it would have been messy, interesting and exciting. Edison and Fitz as political as well as jealous, rivals – democrats versus republicans – black versus white – this story would have been endless with much more juicy things to right about.

          • Cheyenne says:

            But good lord, Edison was so boring. Nice, conventional, boring guy. The last kind of man Olivia wants.

          • SweetTweey says:

            Cheyenne I’m just curious – why do you consider Edison boring? He was on track to be Senate Majority Leader (which, in of itself, would be an interesting job); he was from a strong family, took her out to dinner and the symphony, watched her press her hair, built her a book shelf, watched the news in bed with her, they probably had a decent sex life (I assume this when Edison complains to Olivia that they hadn’t made love all week) and probably other things boyfriends do for girlfriends. What’s so boring about that?

          • Cheyenne says:

            SweetTweey, it’s hard to say. He’s a very nice guy, ambitious, hard-working, steady, reliable, handsome, etc. Good marriage material, the kind you bring home to momma. But he and Olivia had absolutely no chemistry together. Watching them together was like nails scraping on a blackboard. At least that was the vibe I got from them. He’s a great catch, he’s just not what she wants.

      • Cheyenne says:

        We know Jake was assigned to spy on Olivia but he made the mistake of letting his feelings get in the way of his mission. His attraction to Olivia is probably 90% sexual; he must be dynamite in bed. But he’s been so warped by B613 that he really doesn’t know how to love anyone.

        • SweetTweey says:

          According to Jake, he is dynamic in bed. I never heard Olivia confirm it (lol). I hate to get back on the Edison kick, but remember she was sleeping with him on a pretty consistent basis – they just never showed any of the sex scenes.

          • Cheyenne says:

            There was something about Edison’s whole attitude toward Olivia that pissed me off. He acted like he owned her. He just seemed very pushy to me. It got on my nerves.

  22. ShariaLynn says:

    Can someone tell Fitz, while totally funny and my favorite part of the episode, his calling Abbey “Gabby” was soo childish! ROTF!

  23. niloofar22 says:

    almost all the characters have done various degrees of unforgivable acts: Huck, Quin, Mellie, Cyrus, Fitz, Jake and Olivia ,but their redeemable qualities no matter how small are what matter, like Bill, Eric, Damon, Stefan, Angel, Spike and …

  24. Asta says:

    Rowan is the classic example of a fantastic villain. You hate them, but are totally mesmerized by them.

  25. Jerome says:

    So going through these posts I’ve leaned that violence on this show is ok except when its done against Olivia. Heck, Huck took out Quinn’s tooth no one bats an eyelid, The President beats up a man we all know is innocent and no one cares, or maybe its because some people hate Scott Foley for coming in between fictional characters.

    • Rossy says:

      I so concur w/you. People dont even know the whole plot line from the beginning and think that nobody has done their bad deeds It`s what males the show ticks.
      Fitz shot down the plane that maya pope made daddy pope give instructions to Fitz to do when he was in the navy. After that he killed verna.
      He became governor of California, because melliy and cy. And then president because cy, olivia and mellie.

      • SweetTweey says:

        Wasn’t Fitz already Governor when he met Cy?. I thought Cy was brought in to run his Presidential campaign

        • Rossy says:

          You are missing a couple of episodes from season 1 & 2. Fitz’s Dad, Mellie & Cy help him to become governor back in California. Back them there was talk about him not running on his military record ’cause Fitz didn’t want anybody to look into the fact that he shoot a plane carrying 300+ people…Olivia meet Fitz on his presidential campaign and she made him a more confident & self assure person, she really help him to become who he is.

          • SweetTweey says:

            Thanks for clearing that up. Actually I saw every episode I probably misread it. I thought that when Mellie ran after Cyrus begging him to handle Fitz campaign, it was for the Presidential campaign and not governor. Thanks again

  26. beverly briggs says:

    What is the purpose of the pics of Olivia

  27. Nick says:

    This show was intriguing, brilliant and promoting good values on the first two seasons… now it’s still worth watching, but it has changed. Now it’s like watching a train wreck – you’re sad, annoyed and unimpressed on the actual content of the show, but you still keep watching… and you don’t even know why.

  28. Shara says:

    Poor Jake!! I’m worried for him. I can’t stand Fitz and I hate Rowan!

  29. There was no real solid motivation for any of the actions that the characters took in this episode making all of them seem childish.

  30. Sarah says:

    What I do not understand is Liv’s father initially told the story to the president that Olivia’s mother murdered his son. Then quickly we see the story has changed to Jake doing it. Why is it not anyone questing this girl’s father about his story changing. This should be a red flag to everyone until he gives a good answer to the reason it changed. I am surprised Olivia did not caught especially knowing how her father is. Obviously the President does not care and all he wants to do is stop Jake from seeing Liv so he can get in bed with her again. I do hope the truth comes out before Jake spends a long time in prison. Also how do you send someone to prison without a court case?

  31. beverly briggs says:

    Give me a break
    Every chance they get They getting a white girl pregnant or marrying one. women of color is not good enough for them so they need to shut up. Marry out of the race they are the ones to destroy you just ask Tiger

  32. beverly briggs says:

    Are they gonna try kill Olivia I do not think it will work but I think that’s the finale