Arrow Recap: League of 'Justice'

Arrow Recap Malcolm Alive

This week on The CW’s Arrow, Nyssa al Ghul aimed to exact justice in the murder of the woman she loved, but Oliver kept getting in her (and Laurel’s) way. Meanwhile, Malcolm apparently also gave Thea acting lessons, because she very ably played the role of the mild-mannered bar boss.

In short, I will say that I wasn’t wild about this episode, and I suspect it’s because the “murder mystery” surrounding Sara’s death isn’t a terribly compelling one. Sure, it returned Nyssa to the canvas and has lit a fire under Laurel (pushing her along on her greater journey), but having Oliver spare Malcolm repeated times — be it because of a code, or his belief that Sara’s true killer is still out there — dinged our hero some, even if to act otherwise would have run counter to his no-kill vow.

This episode also was a bit talky for Arrow — not that we need an all-out fight sequence in every act, but there was a stretch about midway through where I found myself craving some butt-kicking. Perhaps that was only conspicuous because Oliver, Laurel and Nyssa seemed to have the same debate multiple times.

More interesting here was Thea’s ability to lie to everyone’s face about where she’d been and what all she knows/knew about Malcolm’s “resurrection,” right down to claiming a “cop” saved her the night of the siege. So convincing was Thea in her tale-telling that I at one point had to ask myself, “Matt, did you remember Season 2 wrong?” Now with that said, and especially in light of the episode-ending phone call she took from dear ol’ Dad, we could wonder if this is too stark a reversal for the character , for this stone-cold persona to have gelled over so short a period of time off the grid?

Plotwise, we learned (or were told to believe) that Malcolm had no role in Sara’s death; rather, he posited, Ra’s al Ghul doubted Sara’s loyalties and wouldn’t hesitate to kill “the degenerate who would steal his daughter’s heart.” Pointing another finger at Ra’s was the episode’s tag, in which Nyssa reported back to her father on Malcolm’s confirmed return and Sara’s death — the latter of which he shrugged off, since he never counted Sara among their own. But what would drive him to kill her? Framing Malcolm makes no sense, since as they all know “no prison” can hold a League disciple. Or could Ra’s have been looking for an excuse to bring a fight to Starling City, seeing as Oliver is now basically taunting the League by declaring himself Merlyn’s protector?

Regardless of his (possible) motivation, Ra’s is very ready to rumble in Starling City, noting in the closing seconds that by guarding “the Magician,” Oliver Queen “courts us to war.”

Elsewhere in the (sigh) virtually Felicity-free hour:

* We were reminded of Laurel’s resolve to become stronger, physically; hell, she even got a training tip from Nyssa! (That’ll be $75, please.)

* Thea and Roy reconnected, platonically, even if she was mighty impressed with the moves he pulled in trying to thwart her kidnapping. (Meanwhile, Thea herself was poised to get into a scrape with Nyssa; would have been curious to see how long she’d last.)

* Quentin seems to be inching closer to discovering/being told the truth about Sara, especially if she continues to never return his heartfelt phone messages.

* Hong Kong flashbacks established that it was Waller who duped Fyers into (almost) shooting down that Ferris Air flight over Lian Yu, not to destabilize the Chinese economy (as he’d been told) but kill one passenger, Chien Na Wei. Now that China White in Hong Kong, Waller wants Oliver — the one who thwarted Fyers’ assignment — to find out why.


* “Follow orders and eliminate your target — or is this one your ‘best friend,’ too?”

* “She told me an idiot could run it.” “I will try very hard not to take that personally.”

* Nifty Tracer Arrow, we hardly knew ye.

* So, Malcolm knows about Oliver’s super-max prison on Lian Yu….

What did you think of “The Magician”?

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  1. Rex says:

    We saw what Arrow is like without Felicity and it aint pretty…

    • Fan says:

      Eh… It worked just fine.

    • Enri says:

      Nope not pretty at all. A dark episode with none of the light that Felicity brings to every episode.

    • mac says:

      that was the best episode in months!

      • Lucius says:

        I loved this episode, the best of the season in my opinion. A Lot of action and intrique. I am absolutely loving John Barrowman’s nuanced “dark father” role he’s played to perfection since season one along with Willa Holland’s new gritty portrayal of Thea. Who needs Laurel’s “pumping iron” subplot when Thea’s arc is much more interesting with so much more story potential. Katie/Laurel, while better than previous seasons, is still the show’s weakest link. This was also Katrina Law’s best outing as Nyssa. There’s never enough David/Diggle for me but he had a good moment at the end with Stephen/Oliver regarding Nyssa/Merlyn. There were good parts to season 2, namely coming from Caity Lotz’ bravura performance but the Mirakuru storyline grew tiresome and frankly unbelievable to me as the season went on. Season 3, aside from the thus far incredibly dull Hong Kong flashback, is shaping up to be the best season to date. The Absence of Emily/Felicity, (she was in Central city visiting Barry/Flash) highlighted the fact that her importance on the show while appreciated is also a little overrated, was barely noticed by me.

        • Isobel says:

          agree I’m much preferring Thea’s character arc to anything they’re doing with Laurel, I’m with Nyssa, she doesn’t deserve to wear that jacket

          • Lucius says:

            No She doesn’t! I find that offensive. The Writers have been pushing Katie/Laurel on us since the begining and it still hasn’t made anyone like her character. Now They’ve resorted to putting Catiy’s/Sara’s actual clothes on her?! Anyway Nyssa was so good in this episode and my only complaint is how easily she was defeated in the fight scenes. Granted She’s a woman and may not be as strong as the men PHYSICALLY but given that she’s probably been trained SINCE CHILDHOOD by Ra’s she would be a better FIGHTER than Malcolm or Oliver and know how to counter the strength differential better.

        • onelastemperor says:

          Finally, someone knows the drill, agreed 100%

      • Melanie says:

        In months? Well I agree as there was none over the summer, so the last month have been really bad deprived from new Arrows!

      • anne says:

        it had its moments but laurel ouch… nyssa told her what everyone thinks, no black canary for you girl

      • By far, this episode makes the season more than just “Hey, here’s a cool Batman villain!”, with it now being about Oliver sticking to his guns and handling the consequences.

    • Anna says:

      Yep. THIS. Not pretty at all.

    • Laurel says:

      Episode worked well without that clutter-named-Felicity.

    • Shelley says:

      I wasn’t wild about the episode. But, the story of who killed Sara is slow and so far not compelling. For Thea to be so mad at Oliver and Roy and her mother for lying, her lying to others about what she’s been up to and with whom does nothing for me. Laurel has finally got a spark in her. However, the episode seemed flat and dull at times. I missed Felicity.

    • justtobesane says:

      That episode was amazing!

    • kath says:

      Oliver/Diggle/Felicity = Team Arrow = a good show.

      Although I’d gladly take the addition of Nyssa in there.

    • Why? Because she wasn’t there to say something awkward before making her patented “Ah, I shouldn’t have said that!” face, which is apparently the only face in her arsenal.

      • wonderwall says:

        She hasn’t made that face in a LONG time, buddy so I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about.

        • Briggs says:

          She even snapped at Roy for using her computer setup without permission. She’s still awkward sometimes, but so far, Season 3 is a confident season for Felicity. But, if you still want to believe that the hacker of the group (who was responsible enough to leave a program anyone could operate in her shot absence) is only there for comic relief, Patrick, then by all means.

  2. cody says:

    i wonder how long it will take for everyone to realize that Ra’s killed Sara which i honestly thought since Sara’s death and i think it would be pretty awesome for nyssa to just turn on her father in the middle of a war with Oliver because she found out that he killed Sara, and then try to kill her father but fail because of the Lazarus pit

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I think you’re right, and i never thought of it (sadly). Thing is with this show you can kinda get a feel when they are gonna do something, when something fits (like Sara dying to advance the story line of every character especially Oliver and Laurel, the only thing we didnt expect is for it to happen episode 1 of this season, we expected it in the finale of last season).

      But it being Ra’s makes total sense, its someone she would be surprised to see on the roof top “What are you doing here?” but have her guard relatively down, and be shocked to get shot by arrows by. It also opens up (like you mentioned) Nyssa being on the show until they all find out it was Ra’s and her being so betrayed that she fights him (or something like that), also it means Ra’s is now introduced on the show, and is a active character (right now hes just a name that gets mentioned).

      Its the only option that makes sense, its not a character that we’ve met but its a character that has been established, and it being him who killed Sara has the most implications and the most impact on the Arrow team and Nyssa…it only makes sense they would have it be him.

  3. Caffeinated Impressions says:

    While there was a lack of Felicity I think The Flash episode last night did huge things in letting us inside her head, heart and thoughts. All of the “subtle” references to Team Arrow, Oliver and where things stand with Olicity were huge and almost makeup for it in a way. Tonight’s Arrow cemented something key for this season and it needed to: Oliver’s search for identity. Regardless of the lack of Felicity, they nailed down with that last Oliver and Nyssa scene that he was choosing the Arrow side of him over Oliver for the time being to protect Thea, Malcolm (however twisted it is) and his city from the League. As Nyssa and Ra’s said – he made an enemy and declared “war”. That pushes him to the darker Arrow side. If the season theme is identity, this presents his struggle very clearly – Arrow or Oliver?

  4. anna says:

    I miss something in this ep,like a light inside,a smart brain,and someone who always make us feel great. that is Felicity Smoak,I just can’t imagine arrow without her!!

  5. Emmy says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Laurel is getting even more annoying this season? I’m really liking Thea. Lastly, tonight’s episode made it really clear how integral Felicity is to this show (and this is coming from a non-olicity fan). She provides a balance to the darkness, which in my opinion is necessary in these kinds of shows. I can’t wait until she is back next week.

    • lizzie says:

      no you’re not. every time I see her in the foundry I cringe.

    • Kate says:

      You’re definitely not the only one. It’s more noticeable for me this season because she’s CONSTANTLY hovering…

    • Isobel says:

      Agree I’m liking Thea this season but I’m still not a Laurel fan

    • No you are not I tried but I can’t I FF most of her scenes I just can’t I really hope something changes soon I am very excited for next week & I hope we don’t see her much

    • YoyoMah says:

      That’s the thing. The amount of effort they put into developing Thea they obviously forgot to put into Laurel and just made her irritating. The storyline Thea got should have been for Laurel, but it was not and I’m putting it out there…I feel the actress can’t carry the scene or storyline effectively enough as for 3 season it has been the same old, same old.

    • eilowynfic says:

      Without Felicity I would almost say that last night’s Flash was a better episode of Arrow than this night’s Arrow. She is the light and the heart of both the show and the team, and without her it just doesn’t work – it feels lacking. Laurel, however… well. I’m so glad I watch on DVR so I can fast forward through her scenes. Felicity does the lead female character work Laurel is supposed to do, and Laurel remains the weak link.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      The main problem is she is always reacting to things in the wrong way, aka emotionally. From the get go we meet her and she reacts horribly to Oliver still being alive all season, then slowly becomes a bit better and better, then Tommy dies and she is extremely emotional again, reacts to his death horribly (drinking, pills, etc), then she finds out Sara is alive (reacts emotionally, poorly) then finds out Sara is dating Oliver (emotional, reacts poorly), she then starts to get to a better and better place, though still fairly annoying and hoovering around (written into episodes in ways that dont flow naturally so the actress is in episodes, ie her wanting to help fight Slade’s army etc). She then finds out Oliver is the Arrow, she reacts alright, she becomes fairly decent to watch (not as annoying)…and now we are back to her being horrible and emotional and reacting poorly because Sara died.

      Do we all see a pattern? She is nothing but a bad emotional reaction character. Characters die and she blows up and becomes this highly emotional annoying character. She goes and does thing like grabbing a gun and pulling the trigger trying to kill a guy who didnt kill her sister, or ranting her blood lust at Oliver this episode wanting him to murder Malcolm..and im sure if she could herself she would…then she’d emotionally spiral having murdered someone and be even more annoying.

      What she needs is her own story line for her to be a regular character for, the problem is there are too many characters on the show and the main character is Oliver as the Arrow, so to give her story line it has to be connected to him, so instead of us seeing her live in her world and see her happy/sad/etc, see her depth, we see shallow overly emotional reactions from her to what happens to other characters. Shes one dimensional in the worst way, a really annoying way.

      • Rob Watkins says:

        Everything here is such a reach. The appropriate reaction to losing Tommy is to get emotional. I’ll never understand the sheer vitriol some have for Laurel. I just don’t. Is the only way for people to find her interesting is to be positive all the time? How is she reacting poorly in the face of Sara’s death? She wants justice for her sister and is setting out to make herself stronger. There’s no win with you guys. And yet somehow people have come around to Thea? She’s trusting a sociopath!

        • Lacey says:

          During Season 1 the only time I liked Laurel was when she was in a scene with Tommy. I find her to be annoying and a useless character. Thea has always been a boring character, but this season she’s changed. Her summer with Malcolm has transformed her from a whiny brat to a character I could possibly root for. Malcolm may be a psychopath but he’s an interesting character that I would take any day over Laurel.

        • ANNA says:

          Helping herself to Oliver’s firearms and trying to shoot someone is reacting poorly to sarah’s death. that’s just one example. also trying to beat up a man twice her size with a baseball bat is another example. lying to her father about sarah not being dead is yet another example of ‘reacting poorly’ to her sisters death. Other people please feel free to add to the list.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            We’re talking about a show with a vigilante as the main character. Do you not see the obvious double standard? Oliver killed people. If Laurel did what Ollie did, she would get slammed by you guys, but when Oliver does it, it’s okay. Disregard the training for a second. I agree that going after someone w/ a baseball bat wasn’t the smartest move, but if someone else did it, you’d be fine.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            I’d also like to add that her father has a heart problem. I’m going to loathe this comment section when he does eventually find out Sara’s dead. You guys are going to lambast her EVEN THOUGH other characters you do like also keep secrets.

          • kath says:

            I like Oliver but I still think he’s an idiot for not telling Thea the truth. And he should have told her who her dad was last season so he doesn’t get any pass from me.
            Laurel keeping Sara’s death a secret from her father, while telling near strangers like Ted Grant and yelling at Oliver for not telling her about Thea’s bio dad, is wrong and hypocritical.

      • Enri says:

        Amen to everything you just said.

      • L says:

        I dont understand your comments. She was upset at Oliver for cheating on her with her sister… normal reaction… she was upset at her new boyfriend dying… normal reaction… she was upset that her sister, whom she had finally reconciled with, had also died and wants vengeance…. these all seem like normal reactions to me.

        • Brigid says:

          Agreed! Laurel will never do right by the some fans because they can’t get past how they want her to react as opposed to how a normal person will react. Their hate for her only makes me like her more. She was bad *ss last night when her and Nyssa talked about killing Merlyn, I saw traces of her character Ruby from Supernatural. I also found it interesting that the ratings went up last night in a darker episode.

          • lizzie says:

            the ratings went up because everyone was anticipating Ra’s and Meryln is a fan fav. that’s about it.

          • aunni says:

            episode 3 had 2.55 mil viewers bt episode 4 has 2.49 mil viewers. or u were blind not to knw abt world series viewers got mixed with both cw shows in primary rating? seriously checkout full article abt rating then comment.

        • M3rc Nate says:

          Its not that she shouldn’t have reacted how she did, its that she is one dimensionally written, its that all we see from her is her reacting to bad things that happen to her. Its not that they need to write her positive all the time, its that they need to (if they could) write her story line that isn’t her reacting to other characters story-lines. And how can we come to like a character if she is always upset/angry/crying/etc because of everything happening to her? We liked Sara cause there were multiple dimensions/layers to her character, we got to see some depth and her story, same thing with Felicity and now the same thing with Thea, she is cooler cause she isnt just a secondary character thats always reacting to the main story line or being Oliver’s sister or being Roy’s girlfriend or Moira’s daughter….now she is stronger (ya, probably bad and or going to be a bad guy) but still, she has her own story line, she has her own depth, she isnt crying or whining about everything, she has her own life going on right now. Laurel’s just hovering around everyone elses life, complaining and crying and demanding murder.

          • ANNA says:

            exactly. every word out of her mouth is demanding and snippy.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            Yet people like Oliver despite him being moody. I can name a huge list of characters that are moody or a-holes that people like. However, I do understand your point that she’s a seemingly reactive character, however, but that’s not entirely true. You completely disregard that Laurel has her own storyline this season – she’s training to become stronger.

    • kath says:

      I told myself I would wait until the winter break to decide about Laurel but she’s getting more annoying each episode. It’s even more obvious in this episode when she’s contrasted with Nyssa and Thea.

    • Sil says:

      No! You have company with the same feelings.. Arrow was dark and serious with no break in it with that little bit of humor and sunshine that Felicity brings. I loved The Flash episode. IMO, there needs to be a proper balance in a show with heavy drama and a splash of humor and fun.

      • kath says:

        Yes. The Flash was so much more fun. And they managed to get a good villain in there as well as team bonding and a lot more humor.
        Arrow is getting be to such a downer, it’s almost a chore to watch this season. And two episodes without Felicity in the Arrow cave isn’t helping.

    • ANNA says:

      Agreed! 100%! How far they’ve brought Thea in just a few episodes puts more of a spotlight of how little they’ve been able to accomplish with Laurel in two seasons. It ain’t working. Her character takes me right out of the show.

      • Rob Watkins says:

        So Thea becomes more interesting b/c she trains with a sociopath and starts doing the thing she left because of – lying! However, Laurel wants revenge for the death of her sister, understandably, and is trying to become stronger, so she begins training with a boxing champion, but they haven’t accomplished anything? I guess she hasn’t done anything when you completely dismiss what she has done.

  6. Why is Oliver protecting Malcolm? And also while we are at it I dont think Ra killed her either, I think it was Thea tbh.

    • Briggs says:

      Malcolm manipulated him by mentioning Thea, a lot. Should he still have arrow-ed him? *I* think so. But when it comes to women, even those in his family, Oliver has terrible judgement.

    • L says:

      So Malcolm says “you cant hold me in prison” so he just lets him go? The guy killed hundreds of people in the 1st season! Don’t just let him walk around.

      • Davey Elmer says:

        Oliver won’t kill him or let anyone else kill him (because of Thea), so what other options were there? As long as Malcolm is in Star(ling) City, Oliver can covertly ‘keep an eye’ on him and develop ‘contingency plans’ should he become an actual threat again. It’s really no different than world governments ‘keeping tabs’ on people they suspect of being involved in terrorist activity in lieu of being able to actually arrest said people.

        • L says:

          Just cause he says he can escaoe from super max prisons doesnt mean he actually can… I’d stick him in one anyway and make him prove it.

          • Briggs says:

            That’s a lot of effort to go to just to see if he’s telling the truth. There’s getting him on the plane (not an easy task). Making sure he stays tied up for the duration of the flight. Getting him into a cell, maybe near Slade (who would be on Merlyn’s bad list for killing Moira). Then shut the door and take the chance that he’s not going to be waiting for you on the beach, anyway. Does that sound like it’s worth it?

          • kath says:

            Yes. He’s a mass murderer (everyone on the Queen’s Gambit, those men from the List, everyone in the earthquake) who has tried to kill Oliver himself at least three times. And they’re going to let him go just because he says he can get out of any prison? He’s a psychopath, of course he’s going to say that.

            The alternative is letting him free to kill more people. If Oliver is so opposed to killing people, what about the ones Malcolm will kill in the future? Now Oliver bears some responsibility for those too because he didn’t do everything he could to stop Merlyn.

          • Briggs says:

            The very fact that he knows about the prison makes me wary. Because who’s to say he hasn’t already figured out how to get out if he finds himself in there? Extremely stupid to put someone in a place he knows the way out of. What would the point be?
            Not to mention, Malcolm already cheated death once. He could still do it again. I mean, he wore *kevlar* to go rescue Thea, on the off-chance she or someone else was a threat to him.
            So, say Oliver jails him. He gets out. Oliver shoots him, again. He survives. What then?

          • kath says:

            Then Oliver knows that he at least tried.
            If he just lets Merlyn walk away, how is he going to feel the next time Merlyn kills a bunch of people? Maybe even someone Oliver cares about?

          • Briggs says:

            if Oliver came to the same conclusions I did, why would he bother? If it won’t change anything, it’s just wasted energy that could be used doing something else. Not only that, but Malcolm purposely clouded his thinking by mentioning Thea more than once (though whether it’s because he wanted to cloud Oliver’s thinking or it was a desperate bid to save his own life is up for debate).

          • kath says:

            Yes, Malcolm manipulated Oliver into thinking that he could get out of any jail and so Oliver just let him walk away. We already know Malcolm is a lying liar who lies so why would Oliver believe him that he could get out of the supermax?
            Or if not that prison, hand him over to Ra’s who would be very happy to deal with him. And if Ra’s killed him, well at least Malcolm wouldn’t kill anybody else.
            Oh, how I miss the Oliver of old, who would try and keep trying even when it seemed that it was impossible to succeed!

          • Briggs says:

            Oh, you mean the Oliver that became a murderer and got divorced from BC? You mean *that* Oliver, the one who made as many mistakes as victories? The one who was a jerk as much as he was a saint?
            I don’t see where his decision-making model is really that different from the TV version. Besides which, if he did just hand him over, he’d still have to look Thea in the eye later. That would make him feel guilty, not to mention what it would do to poor Thea, who he already suspects of keeping things from him. And there’s always the possibility that Malcolm would still escape, and once again take Thea underground, perhaps forever. Which would make Oliver distinctly unhappy.

          • kath says:

            I’ve never read the comics. I miss the Oliver of season 1 and 2. He was willing to fight if there were the slightest chance he could win.

            There is a possibiity that Malcolm could escape. But given Malcolm’s history and how crazy he is, there is a certainty he will kill again if he’s allowed to go free.
            I understand why Oliver made the decision, but I think it’s totally the wrong one. He was really stupid this eposide (see ink, invisible)

          • Briggs says:

            Oliver of the first two seasons was also as wrong as he was right. It’s why he’s the way he is now. All he sees are his mistakes. Which is why Felicity had to remind him of them in the finale last season.
            Yes, possibly he could escape. But again, I think he’s very focused on Thea. You’re making him out to be a slavering lunatic who does nothing but kill people. He’s an evil criminal mastermind, and as I’ve heard others say, the most dangerous enemy is the one who thinks he’s always in the right. He doesn’t, I would guess, have any plans to kill any more people in the near future. He just wants time with his daughter. He doesn’t deserve that, but it’s a more laudable goal than killing people in the Glades.
            If you’ll remember, the book became a bunch of images on a Smart Board at the beginning of the season. And Roy was the one who found the paper. A single sheet of paper. Oliver probably didn’t think of invisible ink because he didn’t realize it was a League thing. Could easily have just been something Merlyn thought up.
            Oliver made the decision he could live with. It might not have been the ideal one, but sometimes it isn’t. Just like in real life. (Sometime fan of true crime shows here.)

          • kath says:

            If you talk to forensic psychologists, the ones who deal with psychopaths and criminals, they will tell you that predicting dangerousness is an imprecise science, but also that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

            Malcolm was willing to let his wife die because he didn’t want to answer her repeated phone calls. He was willing to sacrifice Tommy when he thought that Tommy wasn’t strong enough. Normal people would not want to hurt Thea when she disappoints him or opposes him but Malcolm is not normal.

          • kath says:

            ETA: it was a stupid chance for Oliver to take. Hopefully one he doesn’t live to regret.

          • Briggs says:

            And that’s Thea’s chance to take. And let’s not forget, Malcolm has his own regrets. The Undertaking would never have happened if his wife hadn’t died, if you’ll recall.
            Oh, and Oliver hasn’t made other decisions he’s lived to regret? I give you Huntress. He made the choice he could live with. Difference is, this time, he’s aware of the consequences.

  7. Fan says:

    Didn’t miss Felicity at all. And I love her.

  8. lizzie says:

    I don’t mind no Felicity(even though I lovd her) but Laurel made this episode HORRIFIC for me. the pinnacle was when she snipped at Oliver for not telling her Thea was Merlyn’s daughter. Really?!!! that’s his business to tell. I liked Laurel in s2 but s3 Laurel is grating my nerves.

    • Isobel says:

      I’ve never really been a Laurel fan, she generally is snippy and aggressive with everyone but Oliver and her dad and now I think she’s going to be snippy with everyone. Agree it wasn’t his secret to tell, it was Thea’s and she chose not to tell Laurel

      • Sara says:

        Yeah, it is like Laurel doesn’t want Oliver to tell her dad that Sara died as it is her choice or whatever. Well, it is Thea’s secret to tell about her biological father, not Oliver’s. Same thing, except Laurel seems to think she deserves to know every single secret.

  9. Carol says:

    It was a pretty solid episode (finally) to what has been a so so season so far. There’s been improvement and it shows. Thea should win an oscar.. I almost fell for it. Nyssa is awesome and I can’t wait to see more of her! Diggle’s one liners are the best! Laurel was bearable this week and I can actually start to see potential as long as they turn down her need to keep trying to boss everyone around and telling them how to do things. At the gym scene you could see how much work Katie Cassidy has been put on the physical part so kudos to her. Not sure I’m on board with Oliver protecting Merlyn but I get it’s an important plot so I’m curious to see how it goes and I hope he doesn’t come to regret it.. dude could do without more guilt to add on. Although it was a nice episode I really missed Felicity.. her lightness is an essencial part of Arrow and it shows.

    PS: I remember Stephen Amell saying something about comic book fans being pleased by how Ra’s al Ghul would be introduced into the show and I was hoping someone one could enlighten me? :)

  10. aura says:

    Didn’t miss Felicity….don’t buy Thea’s turn at all….loving Laurel’s growth….love Nyssa

    • sarah says:

      Only growth I am liking are her lateral muscles…nothing else

      • Rob Watkins says:

        Then you aren’t paying attention. She’s trying to become stronger both physically and mentally. Notice that she left the bar in the previous episode, meaning she no longer goes to pieces when someone close to her dies. Some have argued that she substituted vigilantism for the bottle, but her growth is a process, just like Oliver’s was. To say she hasn’t had any is ridiculous.

  11. guest says:

    I so sick of this oo this show was not good cause felicity was not in it… I think it was a breath of fresh air. It was about the characters development in this show for their next phase.

  12. A. D. says:

    Awesome Episode…Nyssa is amazing and needs to be a regular. Hopefully she puts Felicity out of her misery and then this show would be perfect with her wasting space in the series!

  13. Joey Padron says:

    Pretty good episode. Bit weird without Felicity on the show. Not good. Thea lied to Oliver about knowing about Malcolm. Glad Thea & Roy are friends. Fight scenes with Oliver, Nyssa, & Malcolm was great. Good to see introduction to Ra Al Ghul at end.

  14. Linda says:

    Needed more Felicity especially being their 50th episode

  15. Drew says:

    The no-kill policy continues to be lame. I can see it for the Flash, but not Arrow. He is a warrior. Not killing the people that he faces will just result in more deaths. At this point, it seems like the writers are trying to rationalize this policy and it isn’t working.
    And again, how could Ollie and Diggle not realize that Malcolm didn’t die in season 1. Did they just ask him if he was dead and take his word for it? I could do without his return.
    Bit overall, I am still liking this season a lot. It would be awesome if Thea let Malcolm train her and then used that training to kill him, avenging her brother/childhood crush’s death.

  16. Alichat says:

    So Oliver promised Thea honesty, and yet is still lying to her. To be fair, she’s flat out lying to him about….uh….everything. But I feel not revealing who Nyssa is will blow back in Oliver’s face.

  17. AJ says:

    I thought it was a good episode. It did feel a bit murder-mysyteryish with the whole find the killer (But i understand they needed this episode to deepen the larger plot brewing with Ra’as Al Ghul) and repeatedly sparing Malcolm (Even though we know he wouldn’t be killed cause he’s been made a series regular).

    While they did try to inject a lighter tone with Lance and those 2 officers as well as Diggle’s one-liner you could tell there was a large Felicity-sized hole in the episode. Team Arrow (minus Felicity) worked like a well-oiled machine – it was a bit too ‘let’s get the job done, no time for anything else’.

    I can see Laurel BEGIN her journey to become Black Canary – but still can’t see her being used as an asset in that capacity in the field by the end of this season. I feel the writing for her character has improved. There were a few hits and misses though. First being – she’s the DA; doesn’t that keep her busy? I can’t see her having the time to train, be in the cave AND be the District Attorney (whose still struggling with drug abuse and alcoholism). It feels like everything with her character is fast-forwarded. The problem is that Black Canary is a big character and it seems the writers might struggle giving her character the time it needs to grow whilst still being connected to the show and not be the main focus.
    I can see Laurel not becoming the Black Canary but staying as the DA and helping Team Arrow in that legal capacity. She seems to be much more suited as a peripheral character. Although all that being said i do trust the writers and this was one of the strongest episodes for Laurel in a LONG time. I’m just really conflicted with her character.

    Lance just pulled at my heartstrings. That was… ughdfh… i mean. Yeah.

    All in all, this episode made me want to tune in to see more. So i count that as a success. Great to see Ra’as Al Ghul too (amazing.)

  18. Foshi says:

    With oliver trying to be a hero I wasn’t a fan of everyone telling him to kill. Really, Diggle? I rarely disagree with my main man. I found this episode a little too dark and twisty for my taste. I think Arrow usually has a great balance but Felicity’s absence was felt. Particularily because she has had such an impact on Oliver finding another way to be a hero without killing. I’m really looking forward to next weeks Felicity flashbacks and meeting Mama Smoak.

    • Rob Watkins says:

      I love Felicity, but Oliver’s no kill policy had little to do with her, and was more to do with Tommy.

      • brenna says:

        Absolutely to do with Tommy. But Felicity has consistently been supportive of his decision to become a hero, not a killer. Her support was what was missed in this episode where everyone seemed to be for him killing again.

      • ANNA says:

        Felicity was on the no killing train before tommy (because tommy didn’t know he was the arrow until the second half of the season) if you re-watch season 1. But they both were giving him the same message pretty much simultaneously. And at the end of last season he credits slade for solidifying his no killing vow. But there’s no doubt felicity was that one who helped him not to waver last season.

  19. Claire says:

    Thank you Matt! I haven’t watched episode yet, but your thoughts are pretty much what I read in chat and twitter with added emphasis on someone being too much in the lair.
    I will prob youtube the good stuff, like Nyssa. I am extremely disappointed that we didn’t get any Felicity/Nyssa scenes though.
    *sigh* Bring. On. Next. Week

  20. Drew says:

    I also want to say that I enjoyed the part where Roy did some stupid floppy thing to try to defend Thea, and got taken down in about two seconds. This is why he is still a trainee.

  21. Briggs says:

    Malcolm being manipulative, Nyssa being violent, and Thea being evasive. Yeah, this is Arrow.

    My thoughts:

    -Laurel is still hard to buy, but I suspect it would be easier if they’d started her journey sooner. It feels like they’re rushing it. Which is what happens when you don’t put the pedal to the metal from day one. Her dad, however, was hard to watch for emotional reasons. Poor Lance.

    -is it just me, or was Malcolm repeatedly bringing up Thea deliberate? Oliver is always more conflicted when it comes to those he loves the most, and hearing her name over and over again effectively clouded his judgement to where he didn’t kill Malcolm.

    -Speaking of Thea, not only is Oliver not buying what she’s selling, she suspects that he isn’t. The fur is going to fly when they finally have The Talk about all their secrets.
    -Nyssa was heartbreaking as the grief-stricken lover. I suspect her father is unknowingly sewing the seeds for her betrayal. if, indeed, he was the one who had her killed.
    Roy and Thea. Cute as ever. Tackling an adult relationship. Good for them.
    Diggle. Just the same as ever. As it should be.
    “What did I miss?” As always, Felicity says so much with so little, without meaning to. Yeah… par for the course.
    A great episode. Can’t wait for next week.

  22. Anna says:

    I agree so much with this review. There was no development made in the murder-mystery plot, and I don’t understand how Oliver, who last season talked about how dangerous the LOA was, would risk their wrath for Malcolm Merlyn. I don’t get it. It was such a contrived plot point. And man, I missed Felicity. I actually lost interest midway through this episode and started a load of laundry because I was so bored with all the talking and lack of unpredictability. Also, is it just me, but is anyone else sick of all the emphasis placed on that stupid leather jacket? I know it’s supposed to be symbolic but every time it comes up, I want to yell “It’s just a jacket!” That jacket gets more screen time than Roy. Or did I misunderstand the ep and the jacket WAS the magician that turns lawyers into superheroes? (Seriously, I’m so done with the jacket symbolism)

    • lizzie says:

      the leather jacket reference is dumb. about as dumb as the writers injecting Laurel into team arrow after like 2 eps.

      • Sparky says:

        Yeah the significance of the jacket took a weird turn now that we know that Sara’s ex lover gave it took her and now her sister is wearing it. I hope they bury the damn thing now.

  23. Carla Krae says:

    As a DC fan, I loved this ep.

  24. Kate says:

    That comment about the prison on Lian’yu concerned me. Like, it could be as reasonable as Malcolm retraced some of Oliver’s journey and came upon it. But, my first thought was that was the second reference or allusion to Slade (no third) tonight which was concerning. And then my next thought was damnit Amanda Waller.

  25. Jenny says:

    Best episode of the season so far. I think Felicity’s absence wasn’t so bad.. Episode stood fine without her.

    I dislike Laurel oh so much…. She was that annoying fly in tonight’s ep that won’t go away. It’s like ugh.

    And Thea is annoying. im not buying what they’re selling with her.

    Come on Arrow step it up if we want to see a season four you gotta wrap this Sara storyline quick.

  26. Adah says:

    Ok i love Thea’s character development. I understand why she isn’t being honest to Oliver because she doesn’t trust Oliver yet so i don’t expect her to be like; “hey I’ve been talking to my my dad and he’s been training me and i can kick ass now” and Oliver is trying to be honest but it’s still keeping secrets that he is Arrow. But i believe she is stronger now and i like the relationship she has with Malcom.
    Laurel, well i know she’s trying hard but i just don’t buy her tough act. She did a good job in supernatural but for me her acting in Arrow hasn’t been her best but I’m hoping to see more of a transformation.
    Felicity, well i like her character and she is needed in the group but i feel that oliver and her shouldn’t be together, which im pretty sure they will have them hook up. And i know a reason is because they want to please the fans even though not many know that Laurel marries Oliver in the comics. Felicity deserves someone better everytime i see oliver and felicity it seems awkward.
    Diggle is doing a fantastic job! But i hope to see more t.v time for him.
    Well roy he’s trying and i like how he’s trying with thea “platonic” relationship. But i hope they give him an more of a storyline than his relationship with thea.
    I liked sarah (caity lotz)ugh ok acting but she had to die i seen it coming for the real black canary so i hope katy cassidy steps up.
    I’m excited where they are going with thea I’m hoping her to be speedy. But either that or cheshire
    Oh and episode without felicity was ok.. She can be overrated

    • silvia says:

      La serie no sigue el cómic dicho por los escritores se están guiando por un sentimiento natural, el q ofrece la serie. Son los personajes pero la historia y trama entre ellos es distinta. Y hablando del cómic al final GA y BC se divorcian además no se vería realista en la serie incluso a la DC les gusta Olicity

    • kath says:

      I know Oliver and Laurel end up together in one version of the comics but they tried it on the show in season 1 and the two actors are pretty bad together. Laurel was much better when she was with Tommy.

  27. James D says:

    the demon head arrives and he looked awesome, can’t wait to see how Nable potrays him. really good episode on all fronts. Katie Cassidy is doing some good work this season she has that cold detach stare down and she has definitly bulked up she looks far more healthy this season then she did last year, really enjoying watching her slow progression to becoming BC (but she really needs to tell her dad, that just ain’t right keeping something like that from him.) It’s always nice to see Katrina Law too should be interesting to see what they do with her going forward. So glad John Barrowman is back this show needs Merlyn.

  28. scotlore says:

    Great to see Nyssa back. I was kind of hoping she’d toss Thea around like a rag doll when she got in her face. Season is not over yet, so there is still time, I’m thinking.

  29. mupp says:

    Nyssa is amazing, Laurel is still annoying (but she did have some good scenes today), the dialog was somewhat repetitive throughout the episode, but all together it was a fine episode.

  30. Ben says:

    Why…..why did Roy do that flip thing? It just made him easier to hit. It just looked dumb too. The fights have seemed off this entire season to me. There have been a few times where it’s really obvious they aren’t connecting their punches and kicks. Granted, their not really, but it looked like they were last season. Did they get a new fight coordinator?

    Also, what was with the random Spider-Web snapping into focus?

  31. Solid episode, pretty heavy though, do like it when its a bit more light.

  32. dancmh says:

    Sara left the League which made her dead in Ra’s eyes. So he sent her to Starling City under the pretense of Merlin but killed her himself on the rooftop. He wanted to frame Merlin so Oliver would kill him, break his oath against killing, and recruit hm into the League. Done. Bring on season 4.

  33. gameon says:

    This episode was meh, really having a hard time staying with this show, all the flash backs are giving me a headache, I know they serve a purpose and so does laurel, :/……

  34. Maryann says:

    A few assorted observations about this week’s show:

    -I can see why Oliver wouldn’t kill Merlyn, particularly if Oliver believes him about not killing Sara. Killing her father would permanently alienate Oliver from Thea.

    -I just keep wondering about Thea. Is Thea good or bad now?. She embraced her (murderous) father and lied to Oliver. What is her game now and why did she really come home with Oliver?

    -Nyssa’s father seems like the obvious murderer of Sara. It wil be interesting to see if that actually plays out, and how Nyssa reacts.

    -Laurel seems like a perfect example of making aspects of the show plot driven instead of character driven. Her entire role just feels forced and shoehorned in. And I would go ditto on Barry being interested in Iris, in terms of forcing a plot line on viewers. What on earth does he see in her?

    -I liked how this week’s episodes of The Flash and Arrow fit together, and how the time sync worked out well with Felicity being with Barry instead of with Oliver this week. The whole thing would not have felt nearly as coherent if she had been on both shows.

    It will be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out, and I for one am really looking forward to it!

    • eilowynfic says:

      You make a very good point about Laurel’s story being plot-driven rather than character-driven. She needs to become the Black Canary to fulfill contracts, so the motivation doesn’t feel like it organically comes from the character but because of production requirements. Sure, Sara’s death can be used as a motivation, but besides the fact that Sara was killed only to further Laurel’s story, her super angry reaction is kind of extreme; if Laurel wasn’t required to be the Canary I don’t think we would have seen this reaction from her – it doesn’t fit into earlier characterization, however flawed that was. It feels forced, and a lot of people are noticing that.

  35. truth says:

    It was a good episode actually. I really liked the dark tone to it. And I enjoyed Felicity’s absense, even though I usually enjoy her character. It reminded me of the old and more darker times.

    I really like Thea in this season too. Never thought that would happen, because she wasn’t really that great in the first two seasons. Laurel is also doing fine. Not sure, why people still need to put the character down. First she was uselles, now that she has to do something, she isn’t believeable. The actress does her job totally fine. I don’t really get the problem.

    The issue I had with the episode is that we already know who was behind Sara’s death. It was obviously Ra’s Al Ghul. I mean, who else? But it could’ve been better, if they already didn’t show the obvious… Nyssa will obviously appear too in the next time. They might even push her to recurring status. Hopefully, as I really like the character.
    Also the carelessness of Oli’s behaviour… I didn’t really get the reason, why he felt the neeed to protect Malcolm. He is Thea’s father, but so what? He’s a damn killer… Team Arrow was going to face the League any way, but still..

  36. tsukikomew89 says:

    You know who I didn’t miss? Ray. Seriously not feeling that story.

  37. brenna says:

    I always start by saying I love this show. However, it wasn’t the best episode for me. It did feel repetitive at times. I could understand Oliver not killing Malcolm because Tommy is the one who didn’t want him to kill him. Remember that Tommy asked as he was dying if Oliver had killed his dad, and at that point Oliver did think he was dead, even though he told Tommy he wasn’t. Anyway, I missed Felicity. I didn’t expect her to be in the episode. But I hoped for one good scene with Oliver at the end. I have seriously missed their scenes the last couple of episodes. They’ve had so many good ones, light, funny, and serious, that they are definitely missed. She is not the only great thing about Arrow, but she definitely adds so much to the show. I know they had to set up the war with Ra’s, so I think this episode did that. Can’t wait for next week.

  38. Sarah T. says:

    Tonight’s episode was kind of “meh” for me, mainly b/c I don’t really care who took out Sara. I get that it’s a driving force but I was never a huge fan of hers to begin with and I actually thought it added to the show when they took her out. However, I’m not really caring (at this point) who did it.
    I’m liking Laurel’s character development for the most part. I don’t really like her being so involved in “Team Arrow” b/c she’s NOT part of the team. I get that she knows the Arrow is Oliver now but I don’t see why that requires her to be in the lair and sometimes ordering others around. I would much rather see her channel her anger mainly into training (which we didn’t get much of this week). Keep her out of the lair b/c I find her grating in there. Also, I still don’t get her decision not to tell her dad about Sara’s death.
    I did miss Felicity this episode. I agree that she brings just enough “lightness” to the tone of the show.
    Small thing-I like Roy as Arsenal and I like his growing friendship with Thea and interaction with the rest of the team. I didn’t really like his flip that he did while trying to protect Thea. It seemed forced and he was so easily taken out by that. Maybe that’s to show that he still has some training to do when it comes to that sort of thing but it seemed almost comical to me. It reminded me of a scene in one of the Keaton Batman movies where Batman has these fancy footwork fighters coming after him, he watches their little flippy “dance” and then just punches them to take them down.
    Overall, not a bad episode just not great but I think you’ll have that with just about every show and every season.

  39. A says:

    I think The Flash was a much better episode than Arrow this week. Without Felicity, I feel as though Arrow is really missing something important. I don’t think I’d watch Arrow if Felicity wasn’t around.

  40. a girl says:

    Laurel is annoying, and that jacket looks ridiculous on her, at least get one that fits better.

    I think Thea killed Sara.

  41. LT says:

    Guys…the Laurel hate is getting to be a bit much. She is not going anywhere, so get on board or just watch THE FLASH.

  42. Meredith says:

    Thea killed Sara. I’d bet on it

    • Briggs says:

      Except that Thea was in Corto Maltese the whole time. She had to ‘fight’ Malcolm to leave. What reason, besides Malcolm sending her, would Thea have for killing Sara? I’ve yet to hear a motive, and every murder needs one.
      Malcolm let Thea come back because he was going to return as well. Which tells me that he plans to continue her training. Why would he send a young woman, his daughter, against a member of the League of Assassins? Don’t tell me it’s the element of surprise. These two still need a reason. If you go by the timeline, these two probably weren’t even in the League at the same time. She might have just heard that Malcolm was let go by Ra’s al Gul from someone in the League, I don’t think they ever met.
      This theory makes no sense.

  43. İrem says:

    I LOVED the last night’s episode, even though I’m a huge Felicity fan, this was the best episode Aroow has done ever! Of course I miss Felicity ( wink wink Olicity) but Flash has covered that with going rogue just fine! Everything is great! Keep doing it writers. Bravo!

  44. kath says:

    For some reason, Oliver was exceptionally stupid this episode, and other people were just stupid..
    Seven years after realizing fire makes the invisible ink in his father’s notebook visible, Oliver needs Nyssa to tell him that it’s the same with the paper in Sara’s boot.
    Oliver believes Merlyn and doesn’t kill him (even though Merlyn killed 500 people in Starling City and everyone on that boat except Oliver, because if Sara had not been on the boat, she wouldn’t be dead now.
    Laurel continues to jump between wanting people murdered (great lawyering there, Laurel) and being okay that Merlyn is alive.
    Diggle doesn’t see what Sara saw in Nyssa. (Really, Dig? cuz everyone else does.)
    Thea believes Malcolm won’t turn on her when he’s turned on everyone else in his life. Meanwhile everyone else just believes Thea.
    And the whole of Starling City is stupid that Malcolm just walks around and no one recognizes him. He was on TV even before he blew up the city, and his picture was certainly on the news a lot after that.
    Mostly I found this episode boring. I don’t care who killed Sara because it’s so obviously a plot contrivance for getting Laurel into the fishnets. I don’t care what comic canon is, Laurel is a huge negative on this show for me. If they can make Moira, Thea, Felicity, Sara and Nyssa such great characters, why are they failing so spectacularly with Laurel?
    I’m giving the show till the winter break to become as entertaining as it was one year ago but if it continues like this, I’m probably out.

    • kath says:

      And I really really hate that Laurel still hasn’t told Quentin Sara is dead. At this point, there’s just no excuse. And what about Dinah? Is Laurel the only one allowed to mourn Sara?

      • Crazy mother says:

        I concur!!!

      • Lacey says:

        While I am all for bashing Laurel, in this one instance I see her point. Quentin has a weak heart and finding out Sara’s dead again just might kill him. Quentin’s pretty much the only family she has left, since Dinah has been an absentee mother since Sara’s first death. When Quentin finds out he’s going to be even more hurt knowing Laurel kept this a secret. Quentin does have a right to know, but that doesn’t mean I would want to be the one to break the news to him.

        • kath says:

          Quentin’s heart is not going to get any better, and the longer he doesn’t find out, the worse it will be for him when he does. Sara is never going to be not dead, she’s in a grave.

          Worried that his heart can’t take it? Ask his doctor if it can.
          Laurel doesn’t want to be the one to tell him? Ask a friend to, or his doctor, or someone on the force. Or even Diggle or Felicity since Quentin knew Sara worked with the Arrow.
          Quentin deserves to know, and so does Dinah, and the longer Laurel doesn’t tell them, the worse she looks. I thought the writers were going to fix the problems with Laurel, not make them worse.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            Every character holds secrets, but yet, you hold a double standard with her.

          • kath says:

            I hold everyone to the same standard.
            Oliver was wrong to keep the secret of who Thea’s bio dad is, and he’s wrong not to tell her that he’s The Arrow.
            Roy was wrong not to tell Thea he was fighting with the Arrow team against Slade, although I understand why he did it, because Thea was so against him being interested in the Arrow.
            But Laurel not telling her parents that their child is dead, and Quentin calling Sara because he’s worried about her, will hurt Dinah and Quentin even more in the end.
            I’d had parents who were even sicker but they could still take it.
            If Quentin is healthy enough to run the police station, he should be told about Sara.

    • lizzie says:

      I’m going to say it’s the actress. I just don’t buy KC in the role

    • eilowynfic says:

      Basically the logic behind Laurel’s story is this: Why should Laurel be the Black Canary? Because she’s angry! Why is she angry? Because her sister died! Why did her sister die? Because she was in the way of Laurel being the Black Canary! So why is Laurel supposed to be the Black Canary again? Because Katie Cassidy has a contract!

      I have absolutely nothing against Katie. I’m sure she’s a lovely person – I actually remember her from some documentary from fifteen years ago where she was trying to break into the music business by being on Radio Disney. She was charming then, and I’m sure she’s charming now. However, her plot does hamper the show. It’s something that can easily be acknowledged, but the writers and producers can’t do anything about it.

      I guess “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” is their Laurel philosophy. She’s been “reinvented” every season, but many viewers still don’t care for her because she was a flawed creation from the beginning, too hostile to be liked in season 1, too much of a basket case in season 2, and now she’s back to being hostile, but with vengeance on her mind. All this really does is make her come off as bitchy.

  45. Crazy mother says:

    So far this season of Arrow isn’t impressive. I didn’t miss Thea when she was “gone” and I don’t care that she is back. Merlin’s storyline is played, he’s a defeatable bad guy (though why they continue to let him walk is beyond me) and unredeemable (would we like him as a good guy anyway)? Laurel’s new “path” is so forced it’s ridiculous. And if she looks at the jacket expectantly one more time, I may huck something at the TV. Super happy for Diggle but am over the “Oliver, we are a team” talks.

    • kath says:

      Part of the problem is that they are no longer a team. Oliver has been separating himself from Diggle, Felicity has been missing from the lair for two episodes now, and as Oliver’s bonds with Diggle and Felilcity loosen, the cave is getting more crowded with Roy and Laurel.

      At the end of last season, Oliver said “This started with the three of us, it’s time we got back to that” but this season has been all about breaking the team up both physically and emotionally.
      And it makes for a less interesting show.

  46. Allison says:

    Nyssa and Ra’s al Ghul made this episode enjoyable to me. Thea has made me so angry lately. First with the hair and now with how easily she lies to Oliver. I know that the reason it angers me so much is because Oliver is being so sincere and genuine and she is just a weasel. She knows Malcolm is her father and is alive and her lying behind was with him the entire time she was gone…Ugh!!!! Yes, I understand he is her bio dad and he is training her yada, yada, yada…but it still angered me to no end. Laurel…just…what? I think if I can remove the super awesome image of Black Canary that I have in my mind and just take Laurel for the character she is now, then she becomes tolerable. Oliver has made me reach my maximum level of annoyance by constantly keeping Nyssa from Malcolm and letting him off the hook repeatedly. I just kept thinking “dude if he really did off Sara you are going to look and feel like such an idiot.” Then again the mystery of who killed Sara really isn’t all that intriguing so whatever. All in all the episode might have caused my blood pressure to rise, but that last line Ra’s al Ghul spoke piqued my interest to the highest and that alone will keep me watching this show.

  47. Sheldon W. says:

    Two eff-me moments; Nyssa is still the only one who says R’as properly; love Malcolm’s smooth brand of evil; Hokey Fritz! Matthew Nable looks like a younger Liam Neeson here!; Captain Lance is headed for heartache; Katie Cassidy is getting ripped!; the rest of the ep? Meh!

  48. jj says:

    Thanks for the heads up of the virtually free Felicity hr. Will watch it this weekend.

  49. Mike says:

    I can’t stand Thea’s character anymore. Merlin killed the man that raised her. Tried to Kill one half brother and caused the death of the other one but she has totally let that all go. The part is being played well but the character is super annoying.

  50. Mena says:

    Ok, I realize the characters are finding their identities this season. But. I always say I love Arrow. Not last night. I give it an OK. I had a hard time staying tuned into it. This is the first time I’ve felt that way. I think my new favorite will be The Flash. There is more to it than mundane drama. I’ve never read the comics so I don’t get the need to follow along the comic storyline. So far this season, Arrow has moved into a different path. Have to say that Laurel needs to focus and dive into her new persona. As for now, that’s slow moving. Haven’t got the love for Thea either. Oliver’s need to shelter Merlyn from Ra’s doesn’t appeal to me. Feels forced to introduce Ra. Diggle had the best line in the episode. I found that Arrow had something missing. Felicity is a stabilizing character in amongst the chaos of dramas. The fight scenes were choreographed well. I want more Felicity and Ray Palmer scenes. So fun. I guess, next episode will be more interesting to me. Felicity Smoak’s past will be revealed. For me seeing what her identity issue is. Nyssa was quite a powerful character. A positive part of the episode.