Sons of Anarchy Recap: The Truth Will Set You Free

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 8

Anyone else starting to see a pattern in these final Sons of Anarchy episodes?

Following Bobby’s unfortunate capture (and loss of an eyeball) in last week’s installment, Tuesday’s hour found Jax & Co. going through very similar motions: Trying and failing to gain the upper hand on an enemy, getting brutally violent when things don’t go according to plan and — after receiving another body part of Bobby’s in a package from Moses Cartwright — silently realizing just how deep this rabbit hole goes.

That said, this week’s episode did manage to throw a few curveballs at us, including two words spoken by an unexpected character that changed the game for Gemma. Let’s review “The Separation of Crows,” shall we?

JURY DUTY | Now that one of SAMCRO’s own is suffering at the hands of August Marks and his crew, Jax (finally?) seems to understand the weight of what he’s been doing the last few weeks. Marks is smarter, stronger and he’s got nothing to lose, Jax tells Chibs. For a moment, Jax wants to back out of the whole ordeal — but Chibs won’t have it. “The Sons of Anarchy have a duty, brother. A mission. And we need our goddamn leader,” the Scot says. And that’s all it takes — well, that and a few good cigarettes — to get Jax back on board with club business.

First on the day’s agenda: Finding Bobby. Unfortunately for SAMCRO, Tyler informs them that Marks wants Pastor Haddem’s body, as well as the whereabouts of Haddem’s wife and stepson — and for every 24 hours that SAMCRO doesn’t talk, Bobby gets another vital body part removed. Yikes. But when Tyler’s crew comes up dry on Bobby’s location, the club decides to shift its focus to finding the rat who sold them out to Lin.

With some help from Sergio Coletti, the club tracks down Renee O’Leary (and her pitiful husband Carl), looking for intel on her now-deceased son, Gib. Renee confirms that Jury was Gib’s real father, who took it upon himself to get rid of Gib’s body after finding his son dead. It’s not long before the club realizes Jury must have been the rat, considering he was the only other person who hit Lin’s gun delivery and knew where SAMCRO was storing the stolen guns. In other words? Road trip!

Under the guise of discussing the Triad, Jax and the boys meet with Jury in the middle of nowhere. But even after Jax admits to killing Gib, Jury insists he didn’t say anything to Lin’s crew: “I wanted you dead, Jackson. But I’m no rat. I didn’t tell Lin s—t.” Jax’s response? “I don’t believe that.” And that’s where things get ugly. When Jury tells Jax the harsh truth about who he’s become — “You had the chance to be something good for this club. Something your old man always wanted. But you turned into everything he hated. You became the poison” — Jax turns on his Indian Hills comrade. The more Jury talks about John Teller’s death, the angrier Jax gets… until finally, he knocks Jury to the ground and shoots him dead, before Jury can get a grip on his own gun. (And with that, we add another name to this season’s body count.)

THE ACCIDENTAL TRUTH | After Gemma helps Leticia get clean at SAMCRO’s cabin, she’s called to Abel’s school, where he’s been sent home early again for knocking a bully in the head with a metal lunchbox. (Apparently, Gemma wasn’t as freaked out by Abel wielding a hammer a few weeks back as I was.) When Abel’s teacher tries to talk to Gemma about the aggression Abel’s been imitating, Gemma inevitably takes the criticism poorly. But later, while Abel colors at the kitchen table, Gemma tries to get her grandson to explain why he injured his classmate. And after Abel insists it was an “accident” — a label he recently overheard Gemma using to justify Tara’s murder — this incredible exchange happens:

Gemma: Do you understand what an accident is?
Abel: Do you?

Gauntlet. Thrown. Of all the questions Abel has asked this season, this one is by far the most compelling. Well done, Ryder Londo, for an impeccable line reading.

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 8Aside from Gemma’s uncomfortable convo with her grandson, Mama Teller encounters another shock: SAMCRO’s latest enemies have snuck into Gemma’s house, murdered her beloved birds and written an ominous message — “No son is safe” — on Abel’s bedroom wall. Realizing that his own kids are now in harm’s way, Jax agrees to compromise with Moses Cartwright by delivering the pastor’s body but refusing to give up Leticia and Grant. And even though Jax’s intentions are good, his offer doesn’t go over so well with Marks’ men: Moses pays Bobby a visit in his holding cell and, with the help of his team, cuts off the fingers on Bobby’s left hand, which SAMCRO receives in another horrifying package. When will it end?!

Also in the hour:

* Juice proposes a deal to Jarry and Unser, promising he’ll reveal the names of who killed Tara and Eli, so long as Juice goes to Ad Seg — administrative segregation, for those like me who need to brush up on their prison slang — when he’s moved to Stockton in a few days. (It remains to be seen if Juice will reveal the real identity of Tara’s killer, considering the first name he offered to Jarry was one of Lin’s men.) And although Jarry comes around to the idea, Unser knows something’s fishy and quickly pieces together SAMCRO’s long-term plan to kill Lin via Juice.

* In a sweet Nero/Wendy moment — which we need way more of — Nero tells Wendy about his plans to sell Diosa and move to his uncle’s farm as soon as everything is square in Stockton. He asks her to come with him, along with Gemma and the boys, but Wendy can’t believe that Abel and Thomas would ever be allowed to leave Charming.

* And, if you’re looking for some pointless trivia, IMDb has confirmed for me that Dale Dickey, who plays Renee O’Leary in this week’s episode, also played the ATM-wielding meth addict in Breaking Bad‘s early years. The more you know!

So, what did you think of the episode? Hit the comments and tell us!

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  1. ravenscallywag says:

    Dale Dickey was also Patty the Daytime Hooker on My Name Is Earl.

  2. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    The MC screwed up big time w/ Bobby it’s just a matter of time when Marks’ goons is going to kill him. Abel on the other hand he needs help bad since he’s knows Gemma’s big sin. I feel for that poor boy, Did anyone notice how tight lipped he was when Jax walked in?

    • Judy Kay says:

      Well, no wonder Jax is never around and pays his children very little attention. I loved it when he asked Gemma—“Do You”?

    • herrumph says:

      The MC is on a path to self-destruction. Chibs said Indian Hills are going to see Jax killing Jury as murder. Just wait until the real rat is revealed and Chibs will see it as murder himself.

  3. James Price says:

    Add yet another reason why Jax should and will die by series end.

  4. Henry says:

    Jesus. Jax is a psycho. The way he killed Jury reminded me of him killing Alice as she was spewing hatred at Venus (but could have easily applied to Jax). I am finding it harder and harder to root for Jax. So, we’re 8 episodes in and he has yet to visit Tara’s grave. If you’re doing all of this to avenge your loved one, why is it so hard for you to go to her damn grave? His emotional scale is tipping towards “no fks.”

    • Tory says:

      In the opening scene with Jax and Chibs, he was definitely tearing up. I don’t think he can bring himself to even say Tara’s name at this point.

    • Bwhit says:

      I think there is still time for that. Losing Tara has stripped him of any humanity, I mean look how long it took them to show him visit Opie’s grave. I kind of think Jax is not letting himself feel that she is gone, it is the reason he hasn’t gotten her name tattooed on him, really spent meaningful time with the boys or visited her grave. If he keeps moving, he doesn’t feel the immense pain.

    • Kait says:

      Hasn’t it only been a week or so since she died? I don’t think he’ll be able to visit her grave until he finished exacting his “revenge,” so it probably won’t be shown at all. He can hardly even deal with being around his boys. That look he gave on the roof post-Chibs talk was of pure loss as to how he ended up ‘here’ mixed with determination, I think

    • Netty says:

      With every episode I’m losing respect & love for the SONS, the whole club not just Jax. To begin with why are all those grown men following Jax blindly as he is clearly leading them to their demise. Every action they have done since episode 1 of this season has had a double negative boomerang effect. They have more enemies now than friends all because of Jax’s actions. I say Jax because he makes all the decisions and no one dares challenge him. The only person on that show who can tell off Jax is Nero; and already Nero has had enough of Jax’s BS and knows that no good ever comes from his actions. BIG UP to Nero for that.
      Ok, we might give him a pass because he is clearly out of his mind with grief over Tara that all he thinks about is revenge. BUT why are the other members not speaking up, asking him to step down for a while until the dust settles. All the Sons are terrified of Jax and their loyalty for him is only exceeded by their fear of him/rocking the boat. Chibs can see that Jax is out of his depth but he is too effing polite with him and always tries not to offend Jax. So far I dont think I will be bothered if they all die. I’m just so frustrated with them esp Jax

    • Bree says:

      I know. Everything you said is true!!! And I’m cringing about what will happen when Chibs finds out Jax straight lied to his face after the risk they’re all putting themselves in for him!!!!! This is so wrong……..and still going nowhere. Each episode is missing something…..

  5. Kendra says:

    Screw the Tara haters, I miss her! This show is really really really difficult to watch now that she’s gone. Gemma sucks and has too much screentime.

    • Kay says:

      Totally agree! I miss her she was Jax’s moral compass and without her he is someone I neither recognize or like. I know he was always meant to be a badass but give him some of that charisma and morality back that made us love him. I really feel like this Gemma situation is being dragged out why is no one besides Abel figuring this out or hearing about it!! Some bad karma needs to come her way before this series is over, when Abel said that line to her tonight I got chills but how awful is it that he is the only one who knows the truth. Is it too much to ask that Sutter please the fans a little in his final season???

      • rotowriter says:

        Wow. At first read I thought it was ridiculous, but the more I think about it, combined with him saying, “How could she let then stay?” to Wendy makes me think.

      • rotowriter says:

        I think he’s doing a great job this season. Jax is lost. He’s so broken with rage. If he does for a second he knows Taras death would hit him like a train. Last night he wants to stop the mayhem … then kills a charter president. He’s all over the place. Kinda realistic if you think about it. How would someone react, having lived the life Jax has, if his whole world was taken from him.

        • Bree says:

          But it’s all his fault. Even Taras death is partially his fault! He told her he was getting them out. I just re-watched the season where he was hell-bent on getting them out ‘cuz he “loved his family more” than the club, even!

          • Cas says:

            Agreed. People forget those things though. However, I find it really disturbing how Abel is turning out. It’s so sad. And Gemma telling the teacher that next time she will make sure it is her he hits. Seriously how is she capable of raising him?!?!

    • Rhonda says:

      Love Gemma, she it’s the momma, the old lady. Even if she’s a killer. They all are!

    • Myka says:

      Totally agree with you. I miss the innocence Tara brag to the show. And it breaks my heart that those boys lost their mom so tragically and so young in life.
      Really makes me hate Jax every time he blows off his kids to KILL someone or MAKE A DEAL. His priorities are beyond messed up at this point. Makes it hard to watch sometimes but hanging in there hoping that Gemma gets hers!!!!

  6. angelwings1 says:

    Wrong. Not only did Jury have a good grip on his own gun, he raised it and assumed right at Jax.

  7. Kait says:

    For how serious they are about security, you would think Gemma would have an alarm system on her house by now

    • Debra says:

      An alarm system would bring the cops – no cops allowed!

      • Kait says:

        Yeah but as some alarms are connected to apps, they could have figured something out that the alarm went only to them, I mean they have baby monitors that are and I’m pretty sure there’s one for chronic sleepwalkers that works the same. Or they could bribe the local alarm company manager to not respond normally.

  8. Alright but who the hell carved that crap on Abel’s wall and kill the birds? My money is on Ratboy. The coincidental name aside, part of me believes when he told Gib’s mom he knew him from boot that he wasn’t lying. Jury didn’t rat to Lin and I’m starting to believe Rat may have due to his behavior this episode. He’s also had a lot of access to Gemm’a home recently and could have easily done the damage to Abel’s room/birds.

    • The Carpooler says:

      THIS is an interesting theory, Caitlin. It’s far enough left field that no one else is speculating on it. I’m in, I’ll watch and wait to see if this is the way it goes. Well played.

      • HappyForPrez says:

        It was Nero! Quinn, brooke and thomas were out. Wendy and Gemma were picking up abel. Nero was by himself and thinks that’ll push Gem and Wendy into joining him on the ranch…

        • rotowriter says:

          Wow. At first read I thought it was ridiculous, but the more I think about it, combined with him saying, “How could she let then stay?” to Wendy makes me think.

        • Carl Kaminer says:

          I thought about Nero too. At first I couldn’t see him killing Gemma’s birds, but after giving it more thought, what better way to let Gemma know what could happen to her grandsons if she doesn’t leave Charming?

        • The Carpooler says:

          To have it be Nero is another interesting twist. There is one further below where it’s proposed Jax is the rat. All three are great options aside from the too obvious August crew.
          I appreciate the comments of this article. Well thought out and supported, IMO. Better than many. I like.

          • kaz666 says:

            IT WAS ABEL,think about it.jemma killed his mom,so he killed what she loved the birds.also when he was coloring by the bed.the writing was in crayon.another twist.

        • Bree says:

          Interesting theories on Rat, and Nero. It could be, yet I have to agree that I don’t think Nero’d kill Gemmas birds. It could’ve been Able, yet I don’t think he could write that well, but, once again, who knows anymore?? I heard another theory that it’s Chuckie that is the real rat, done w/ being the guys’ “joke.” Paris Barclay said that that conversation w/ Gemma he had will come back to be important, poss. probing her for more info., but I really don’t know. It’s most theory, w/ some intel from the shows director, but you know they like to tease, and surprise, so…? I have been a die hard fan, in absolute LOVE w/ this show since the very beginning. I’m sticking it out, but want to cry w/ how lacking it’s been. I just mean that w/ about every episode something is so missing, lacking, and just plain over-dragged out. That doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been any truly great moments, ofcourse, but geez it’s the last f’ing season!!!!! There should be…MORE! Yes, part of what’s missing is that Tara’s gone, and not being properly mourned by Jax b’cuz he can’t bear to think about her in that way! I get that. He’s ignoring his sons for the same reason, he’s all go to keep going, and not feel it all, but the damage it’s done is un-repairable. Otherwise, there are so many un-necessary scenes w/ Gemma that they should’ve been cut! Like the entire pointless scenes w/ Lea Michele, so boring!!! They appear to be dragging out the whole Gemma thing for a big bang grand finale everyones hanging on for, but it shouldn’t be that way! They will have to deal w/ the aftermath of that truth coming out, and that’s going to need time!!!!! More episodes. It won’t be enough for it to end w/out dealing w/ the knowledge of truth and that blowback, that’s not realistic. I also heard Kurt Sutter say that Jax prolly shouldn’t ever know the whole truth, and I completely dis-agree w/ that, as should everyone, especially w/ what’s happened to all of the Chinese! I am a trooper who will stick w/ this show to the bitter end, but things need to pick up! And immediately! I also heard some A-hole on another site say that Chibs’ name (the amazing Tommy Flanagan) is taken off the credits this season & that that could only mean one thing. That had better not be true!!! I know, and expect the violence and loss of this season, but after losing so many, especially Tara, and our dear beloved Ope…..I couldn’t stomache losing Chibs! I think Bobby may actually make it out of his ordeal. Kurt says 2 members will be dead. So, once again, who knows. Sorry to Rant, but this was my show! Still is, but get to the point already! I don’t want it rushed, it’s not that I just can’t wait. It’s that each episode has a big hole in it. The first one was good, the one w/ Lin was good, and I liked Greensleeves. Otherwise…sigh….I’ve also read that things do not go well w/ Juice, and that things only get worse for him, and it doesn’t end on a friendly note w/ the club. That info came directly from the cast and crew of the show. Sorry this has been so long. I just had to get it all out. The whole thing w/ Jury……and Chibs will find out the truth. The needle and the damage done. I also saw a scene that looked like Jax attacking Chibs, but I really don’t know anymore, guys. My biggest hope lies w/ Unser.

    • Scass says:

      Good reasoning about Ratboy knowing Gib. But here’s even more of a curveball. Brooke, the sweet little babysitter. She looks as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, she has even more access than Ratboy, and her mother died as a result of the John Teller collision. Plus – to die in with Caitlin’s theory – she’s been getting it on with Ratboy. And why waste a fine young actress like Hayley McFarland on an otherwise innocuous role? I’m going with “Brooke’s a psycho.”

    • Ralph Hartman says:

      I thought it was Abel who killed the birds. The writing on the wall almost seemed childlike and was written in crayon.

    • Rhonda says:

      Okay but why?? I think it was the babysitter.

    • CJ says:

      I think Wendy did it. Abel told her that Gemma killed his mother.

  9. Theresa says:

    She was also in Winter’s Bone. Awesome movie that had Jennifer Lawrence in her first starring role. She played the mama meth character and was scary as hell. Maybe she should be the one to take down the evil Queen Gemma.

  10. nikkikay says:

    I am really starting to hate Jax and his self righteous poise and also the fact that all the crew in Samcro are dumb lambs following their leader. How come no ones questioning everything that’s going on… or at least realize so many innocent ppl died bcoz of them. I really really hope the real truth about Tara’s death comes out. Already bored of the unnecessary destruction. Last season has become a downer for me at least.

    • Bob says:

      These guys seem to put “family” above all else. Jax is their leader and they give him their allegiance even when they question his decisions. It’s like they have no other identity in life except being part of SAMCRO. All for one, one for all.

      I wonder if Jury’s speculation that John Teller committed suicide is a foreshadowing of what will be Jax’s fate. Things seem to be going from bad to worse and everything Jax tries is starting to backfire. Maybe in the end he will come to and end like his father may have.

    • Debra says:

      I’m getting pretty bored with all this destruction as well. I so liked this program when a well thought out plan came to fruition. Now there are no plans, no strategies, just mayhem!

    • Bree says:

      I know. I love but HATE Jax, now, especially w/ this whole Jury thing! There has been a lot of idiocy this season on him, and the entire clubs side, but mostly him. They just wanted to support the leader who brutally had his wife taken from them all. She was the only one to ever properly take care of those kids. I’m also wondering if they’re gearing for a possible relationship between Nero, and Wendy. When the truth about Taras death comes out, and w/ Jax prolly dead, or something, they may be the ones to finally take those kids away! Plus, they’re both former junkies who seem to be the only ones who have a future for the kids, including Lucius in sight. Like I keep saying, I really don’t know. I’ve always liked that we couldn’t ever have guessed some major moments w/ SoA. But for a last season…it hurts to see it go out this way. So far, it should’ve been….more! I’m sure what’s to come will be epic, but that doesn’t make these last episodes any better. These guys have laid down their, and their families lives for Jax, and he just lied to his intensely loyal VP’s face………..sigh………

  11. redneckrocker says:

    I love the show, but they sure are taking their time wrapping this up. And what? Bobby loses a body part every episode till the finale? And Jax has no idea what’s going on with his boy. They only interact together for about 30 seconds of each episode.

  12. jane says:

    anyone think it may have been Nero or one of his guys in Gema’s house? It did not seem as “upset” about as the others…and then telling Wendy at the kitchen table Gema/Jax may not want the kids to stay in Charming after what happened…

    • Judy Kay says:

      Yes, you may be right. He might think that this will motivate Gemma to leave with him. Of course Gemma would take Wendy and the kids with her. Jax would have no objection as this would keep his children safe.

  13. Italia says:

    At first when I saw the birds I thought it was ABel who killed the birds until I saw the writing on the wall then I realized ABel may be too young to write so neatly. Jax is pathetic, last season I was so upset at Tara for what she was trying to do Jax and the club, but with everything that is happening I wish she had succeeded. Abels only hope was Tara, the woman who saved his life. I would not be surprised if his own men kill Jax. I hope Thomas gets to live a decent life because ABel is f!!!!ed.

  14. Judy Kay says:

    I think that Jax is the rat. I know hard to believe but he really wants out and will do anything to honor Tara’s memory-including turning against the club. How it will all play out-we will see. In Jax’s mind if he gets rid of all the guys in the club-then he can walk away. He has turned psycho and nothing matters now except getting his boys out of charming. What Gemma did will be revealed but he will let her live–leave town–she will have no one and have to live with her demons and the horrible thing she did. All could just be Jax dreaming and when he awakes-realizes the terrible road he could go down-but chooses not to. He the boys and Tara leave and live a happy-violence free life.

    • Fran says:

      That’s an interesting theory, but I don’t see how it would hold up. There have been no signs or foreshadowing of any of that. Having him suddenly pop up as a rat who actually wants to be rid of all the club members would be a very cheap and unbelievable twist. Even when he and Tara talked about leaving the life, he showed no ill will to the core members so why would that suddenly change? I have not seen Jax show any interest in getting his kids out of Charming since Tara died. It is all about revenge for him. Maybe he’ll come to his senses but I don’t know. I do agree with you that I can see Gemma living at the end, but alone. And the dream thing is also interesting but again, too cheap of a twist and one I don’t see KS ever doing. But your theories are better than mine! I honestly have no clue how its going to all end.

    • Bree says:

      I’m sorry, but I really don’t agree w/ most of your comments. Jax is broken beyond the point of return. He doesn’t even stop long enough to think too much on Tara, and the kids.

  15. Ellinas1978 says:

    I just wish they had cast someone better to play Abel. That’s just a bad actor.

    • Judy Kay says:

      Not really. They want him to act unfeeling and out of touch. His mother has died-he finds out his grandmother killed her–his father isn’t around and 10 different people are caring for his daily needs. Not much for him to be happy about nor relate to.

  16. debbie says:

    I don’t get why the writer has unser revealing so much to gemma. anything he reveals are his “guesses” as to what’s going on. he knows gemma comes unhinged so why do they have him do that when he’s so against jumping to conclusions??

    • The Carpooler says:

      My long standing question is how Unser is still alive? Did I miss a remission episode? To have him tell Jarry he’s got no hobbies except waiting to die makes me think cancer is still present.

      • Rhonda says:

        Yes he has cancer. I think he may be the one to finish this…he’s a smart chip. Maybe help Gemma get out of Charming and jax goes back to prison, boys move on with Nero and Wendy.. juice tells jax the truth and jax ends his life and his mother’s

  17. lee_t says:

    Watching Jax descend just a little bit faster each week into the quicksand, I look back to where this all began-killing Tara’s brutalizer. It’s like Kurt is showing us just how much easier it gets, every violent move you make, until you reach the point you can’t out do yourself any longer. Jax has no one but the Club any longer. Even his own mother betrays him, with no remorse for setting into motion his own death. This is good screenplay!

  18. php216 says:

    I really think that Nero is both (a) the rat and (b) the one who killed the bird and wrote on the wall. I’m less confident about the second one, but I think it’s too obvious that it was Marks’ crew. Nero is trying to get back at Jax for killing his niece or whoever she was, and he’s trying to make it so intolerable in Charming that he can convince the people he cares about to move out to the farm with him.

  19. Binx D. Katt says:

    Abel should find a gun in Gemma’s purse, fire it and kill her “accidentally” with Jax, Unser, Nero, Wendy and Chibs present. He should then say, “it was an accident, like with Mommy and Gramma Gem.”

  20. Morgan says:

    This season has been a travesty. The Sons have racked up more kills in a single season than any MC I can think of has done in its entire history. Jax has lost his mind, taking every opportunity to pursue vendettas that can only weaken the club (even assuming Jury was the rat, why kill him now when Sons clearly need all the manpower they can get? Now he has driven Iron Mountain away; enemies on every side). The Pres has to sit back and see the bigger picture; instead Jax has become the club assassin. jury was right.

    Saying that the show relies on Gemma is just another way of saying that Kurt Sutter is surfing the bottom of the barrel. She is not even a SAMCRO member! Sutter killed off Piney, Opie, Clay and Tara, all of whom brought depth and arc to the show. Gemma is just a psychopath. I don’t think Abel will kill Gemma; I think he will tell Jax what he heard Gemma say to Thomas and the series will end with Jax facing Gemma for the kill.

  21. Alibeth Pratt says:

    Nero and Wendy are becoming quite chummy with a lot of chemistry. I think Nero will lean towards her for comfort when he discovers what Gemma has done and this will be devastating for Gemma. I also think Abel will kill Gemma, Jax ends up in a wheelchair consequence of a shootout (poetic justice for his cruelty to the wheelchair guy) and ends up finding God (he killed a pastor/coping with maternal betrayal and wife homicide) and series finale with Abel as President of SAMCRO reading his dad’s journal.

    • Judy Kay says:

      I like all of that. Befitting Jax’s legacy but will Abel become just like him?…probably. Like father like son. I think Jax went down this road of murder and mass destruction–because of Tara’s murder and also because he is a lot like Clay. He deals with hurt–by hurting others. He has become manipulative-murderous-uncaring-and secretive…but it was in him all along. His mother has taught him— this is o.k….he has emulated her and Clay. Abel is on his way to be a psycho just like him/Gemma and Clay.

  22. Simone says:

    Did anyone else notice that when Jax came over to Gemma’s house – the first person he looked at was Wendy (the woman who keeps telling anyone who will listen that she still loves Jax) and he looked like he wanted to kill her? He had this awful, mean look on his face. Lol.

  23. Kathy Lewis says:

    I love the show- I have watched every single episode – all I am asking is please do not leave us with a lame finale as the Sopranos did – I watched all their seasons as well and was really really disappointed with the last episode – give us viewers some credit and we will forever be loyal fans

    • Diva Ex Machina says:

      The finale of Dexter was even worse than the Sopranos…I watched every episode just for the lousy ending they came up with.

  24. Fran says:

    At this point, the only people I’m rooting for are the kids and possibly Nero. Everyone else is despicable and beyond any kind of redemption. I’m just curious how many of these people will actually get what they deserve.

    • Debra says:

      I’m rooting for Wendy along with the kids – she has no malice toward anyone and has never hurt or killed anyone.

      • Fran says:

        Hi Debra, I’ll agree to that too. She may not be perfect but sadly she’s one of the most stable people in the children’s lives. And you’re right, at least she hasn’t killed anyone.

      • Bree says:

        I like Wendy as well, and agree her and nero will be the ones to take the kids’, and possibly end up romantically entwined. But let’s not forget she junked up while pregnant w/ Abel, and is the first one to screw him up! That’s why Tara is the one who should always be known as his one, true mother! So, Wendy has hurt someone.

        • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

          Well, I never liked Wendy what she did in S1 that was sick. She couldn’t stick it out much longer until after she have given birth to Abel. Abel will always know Tara as his mom point blank period! With everyone blaming Jax for Tara’s death……I BLAME Unser!! It’s his FUALT, he told Gemma that BS info that Tara ratted. I hope his cancer just kills him already sheesh!!

    • Netty says:

      Here’s to Nero and Wendy ship. Gemma can go hang

  25. Stormie says:

    Abel loathes his grandmonster and if she’s not gone when he’s old enough he’ll put her down. His only attachment is to his little brother because his mommy asked him to look out for Thomas. Since this is the second incident of Gemma behaving badly with the teacher hopefully CPS is called. No one in that town has the courage and intelligence to save those boys anymore. Tara died trying and I don’t see that love for the boys from anyone else. I’m just ready for the show to be done at this point. Yes the acting is good but they have had far better seasons. One last thing how does Juice deliver a murder weapon without revealing he was involved. My guess is Gemma pins it on yet another person. BTW screw her birds she’s cried more over them than anything else.

  26. Lori says:

    Abel’s line was a true classic! Gemma looked beaten. Nero is getting a little too chummy with Wendy. Waiting to see where that will go. Too much drama centered around Gemma and getting tired of the show being centered around her. Jax is too far gone and just keeps spiraling downhill. Waiting for the Juice and Bobby finale’.

  27. GL says:

    I love SOA, but guys, this episode is another hour of television gone wastd. Also w’re gonna have a slice of Boby every episode in the final minute. Wow

  28. D Ferro says:

    This show is dying a miserable death, just like the Shield. Sutter has no talent to tell a story beyond the initial character introduction. Spinning phenomenally out of control is not a plot, it’s a cop out.

  29. mazy says:

    Me being a gangster I would like to see Jax killed .he’s breaking rules front left right and center and it’s a problem. Jax is weak and he’s hurting the club. History repeats itself and Jax should die.does anyone else get annoyed and kind of upset of how Jax rats on the other organizations?

  30. Jessica says:

    Killing birds and writing on walls is not Marx’s style. Besides they are working the Bobby angle. Nero killed Gemmas birds & wrote on the wall. He wants her to take the boys with him to the farm and away from all the killing. He knew how much she loved them. And his comments at the end “how could she not after what happened today?”

  31. Rhonda says:

    Loved this episode. Can’t wait for next week. Cannot figure out what’s gonna happen to the boys or Gemma, this is crazy good!!!

  32. Stuart says:

    Jax needs to wake up and recognise his rat was barosky the whole time, and given the abduction of his son you’d think he’d learnt to protect his own during times of war. Also Abel knows his grandmother killed his mum, and he still talks to her..? Not likely.

  33. So jax fianlly meets his match in an oakland entrepreneur not the FBI, CIA, ATF, IRA, AB, countless gangs the chinese mafia dirty cops yeah real believable writing sutter.

  34. I’m drawing a complete blank: Who exactly is the rat?

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      The WHOLE writing on the wall and killing Gemma’s birds I seriously thought it was Abel, Jax thinks it’s August Marks cuz remember in the 1st or 2nd episode when they were in his car (Marks told Jax if HE ever crossed him he would go after his boys so that was ”PROBABLY” a warning.)

  35. elliott norton says:

    i think most people will agree that the writers on sons began to go off the deep end by grabbing for straws to keep the show going. clay is the life breath of the show derailing his character was a huge mistake. jax character is a selfish punk. he is essential as he began the show but self destructing as it evolved. however the villain authority figures are portrayed true to life and are a vital key to the shows success. as all learned people can tell you if there was ever an honest cop or politician he ceased to be so after he got the job or won the election. i hope the show can be salvaged and return the characters to their original standings…..

  36. KN says:

    It’s really hard to believe that a 4-year old kid is fully capable of comprehending what an accident is, or even what it really means to kill someone. At least not enough to ask a loaded question like that. I just don’t buy it. After all, they simply told Abel that his mom was in heaven because they knew he wouldn’t be able to understand why she wasn’t coming back, so how could he truly know what death actually means?

  37. danny says:

    Why is Jax the only one that wears white sneakers?

    • Linda says:

      Charlie Hunnam was asked this question a few years ago in an interview. When he was researching his character he hung out with real LA gang members. The young guys wear white sneakers, as opposed to the older bikers who are into black leather boots.

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  40. thesimpletruth says:

    Abel killed the birds.

  41. Dale Harrison says:

    This season reminds me of the Obama administration… Big Joke

  42. oberee says:

    Jury also said John Teller killed himself. Jury als said if John Tellers bike was tampered with John would have known the second he turned the key.So maybe Clay didn’t kill John after all.

  43. lilyana says:

    I think it sucks that Tara died it would been better if she would of live and work things out. I really liked her on the show.

  44. Kat says:

    Dale Dickey who played Renee O’Learywas also a werewolf Mom and Grandma in the hit series True Blood .

  45. vvm says:

    the whole sheriff falling for chibs getting screwed in a parking lot, being corrupt story line is so damn pathetic. It is illogical with all the senseless killing, Gemma assaulting cops with no punishment, the biker gang being more tactical than special ops. the show started being stupid after season 2

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