Ratings: ABC's Sunday Dramas Slip, as Delayed CBS Line-Up Holds Steady

Revenge Ratings Low

Despite having their start times pushed back an additional half-hour due to NFL overrun and facing both Sunday Night Football and the World Series, CBS’ Madam Secretary (with 11.7 million total viewers and a 1.5 demo rating, per finals) held steady in the demo, while The Good Wife (10.2 mil/1.5) ticked up.

Over on ABC, meanwhile, Once Upon a Time (6.8 mil/2.4) was down 11 percent, while Resurrection (4.4 mil/1.2) and Revenge (4.3 mil/1.1) both slipped 15 percent to series lows.

Opening ABC’s night at 7 pm, a special Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion broadcast did 2.4 mil/0.6.

Fox’s World Series coverage drew 12.6 mil/3.3 (up sharply from Game 4’s 9.8 mil/2.3), while NBC Sunday Night Football (18.8 mil/7.1) is down 21 and 13 percent from last week’s finals.

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  1. Eric7740 says:

    What is going on with OUAT’s numbers???!!! Its having a great season this year!!!

    • Ray says:

      Frozen is turning people off and away.

      • sanchopanza says:

        I agree with that. As soon as we saw the “hints” about a Snow Queen coming, we also saw the obvious MOVIE TIE-IN coming. Can’t they just make a show without it being nothing more than a Disney vehicle? In the beginning it was a nice re-interpretation of familiar fairy tales, with a clever mystery and modern-day crossover. Then it began to slide with the increasingly obvious Disney ties – Belle, Aurora, Mulan, et cetera. Frozen just put it over the top.

        • Ann says:

          Sure, because Snow White, Prince Charming, Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket, etc. aren’t too Disney? This show has always been about Disney fairy tale characters, because Disney’s version is the most recognizable. I think the problem with the current Elsa/Anna storyline is that Disney has been forcing itself onto this show to protect the image of these characters…so these characters can never change clothing or do no wrong whereas in the past, the writers were able to take a Disney character, like Peter Pan and make him edgy…and actually a villain. I think the writers backed themselves into a corner this season because Disney won’t allow these Frozen characters to be too edgy or different from the movie and it’s hurting them with long-time viewers of the show.

      • TVworks2014 says:

        it’s a kid’s show and kid’s are watching off dvr because their parents watching Sunday Night Football. And last night the world series was on game 5. Once will be back after NFL season is over. But the real ratings: Live +3 will show it to be right where it should.

      • Netty says:

        Yeah I spend the past year having Frozen shoved down my throat , I’m sick of it. I love OUAT but i have not watched a single episode this season, I just don’t have the strength.

      • Ginger Snap says:

        Too much hype about Frozen – which isn’t a Disney classic, just middle of the road animation fluff. The characters are stiff and dare I say Frozen? Add to that a poorly thought out storyline for the most loved characters on the show.

        Regina’s bitterness is way over the top. I cringe whenever there’s a scene with Emma and Hook and feel bad for the actors who have to read those lines. Am I the only one who thinks that Emma should put her gun down when she’s chasing magical creatures/

        Snow, Charming and Belle have nothing to do.
        The most interesting character on the show is Rumple. But even he can’t carry the show for 23 episodes.

        A ratings drop is to be expected – they milked the Frozen hype for all they could and now the show is falling into more normal territory.

        28 million viewers for baseball and football. Live sports drama involving 2 of America’s favorite sports is always going to beat a poorly written kids show especially with football gearing up for the playoffs.

    • Ben says:

      On a night where no non-sport show does more than a 1.5, we are worried about a 2.3? 2.3 before DVR is basically as good as it gets these days.

      • Moment says:

        OUAT would only be in danger if it lost another 8-9 tenths of its current numbers. A 2.3 is safer than safe for a Season 5 renewal.

  2. DL says:

    The nonsense that’s happening in Revenge is driving down the ratings. They need to just pull the trigger on the moment everyone’s waiting for, as right now it feels like they’re drawing it out because they have no idea what to do afterward (which, unfortunately, may very well be true).

    • MattySi. says:

      They are probably keeping David and Emy meeting for sweeps.

    • westwingwolf says:

      They are probably waiting for the fall finale. Hopefully by then they’ll know whether or not the show will be getting cancelled and can wrap it up accordingly in the last half. Even expecting that though, I still won’t be able to stand all the excuses that will have to come up so they can delay what everyone wants to see.

    • bbjwv says:

      I have a feeling that the meeting won’t be that drawn out. I think David and Emily will team up for their own revenge.

    • J says:

      This storyline feels like it’s meant to be the end of the road. The sooner they officially announce it, the better. I’d almost rather they didn’t leave the gate open for a season 5.

  3. Jared says:

    The Frozen arc on OUAT is doing nothing for me. After last nights episode I think ill just wait until the show comes back after the hiatus to see if its worth watching again. Sad because this used to be one of my favorite shows.

  4. wrstlgirl says:

    The daddy is alive drama fell flat on Revenge, it had no punch. The show really just needs to end.

  5. peter says:

    everybody took a hit on the ratings because of the world series next week they will be back up

  6. kd83954 says:

    Once is on fire! I’ve really enjoyed the Zelena arc last season and now the Frozen arc as well! Hopefully it can keep it’s momentum going!!

  7. Ray says:

    OUAT’s Frozen story line is stone cold boring.

  8. Jack says:

    CBS SUCKS for preempting CSI: Crime Scene Investigations last night. So is this is how it’s going to end with the series. Not with a bang. ..but with a preemption whimper. .

    • ChicagoDan says:

      Actually, it was GOOD that CBS didn’t air CSI – it would’ve started at 10:58 ET so the ratings would have been horrific. It allow them to bank an extra episode. Three of next five weeks CSI has 10:30 start time, which is always later. It’s just ridiculous. CBS should follow FOX and create a program like The OT to bridge the 20 minutes. I’m hoping the Broncos/Pats game extends to 8p.m. this week (and so is CBS).

  9. elvis says:

    Revenge needs an Ending…the only reason I’ve been till this long is to see jack and Emily get married and have kids……they better not end this lacklustre season with a cliffhanger#@Revengeabc

  10. kirads09 says:

    Sad. I really enjoy Resurrection. It has really upped its game this season I feel.
    Michelle Fairley. Some big reveals about the “returned”. I am afraid though we won’t know everything going on and it will get cancelled. OUAT – meh

  11. Moment says:

    Revenge and Resurrection are both dead. Though I suspect the competition had an impact. Regardless, I wouldn’t expect a renewal for either.

  12. Tran says:

    Bad news continues for Revenge.

  13. HAP says:

    Who would have guessed that Tea Leoni would head the cast of the most watched non-sports show on Sunday nights?

    • Moment says:

      The CBS numbers could be adjusted up or down(Likely down) due to the Football when the finals are released. Madam is also quite an old skewing show, and one that isn’t performing that great in the 18-49, not unlike the Friday shows.

  14. I quit watching “Revenge” after last season. The finale was just so perfect – Conrad dead, Vicky in the mental hospital and knowing that Emily is Amanda – I just used it as an offramp. There wasn’t anything else I needed to see. I couldn’t care less about David’s return so I just checked out.

    • GeoDiva says:

      I gave up too. I watched the season premiere and said… No more for me. Bringing David Clarke back was a big mistake.

  15. Coal says:

    The writers of Revenge had better scribe an end game for the series this season or the will no one left to watch anymore.

  16. J says:

    I actually don’t care about Revenge’s numbers anymore, because it is so completely clear that this is intended to be the final season. I can feel it.

  17. Dave says:

    The David Clarke being alive storyline is what is hurting the show. He should have stayed dead and not changed how the show was progressing.

  18. Letti says:

    In fact I love both OUaT and Revenge STILL. I love OUaT this season much more than in last season. And I still enjoy Revenge. I also thought that bringing David back was a mistake, but I guess they needed him for new storylines. I just hope that if this is the last season, they’ll wrap up everything in a right way. Also I kind of hope that Ashley would return with an agenda for the end, as it was promised. Oh and I miss Conrad, he was hilarious. But I think I’ll watch bout OUaT and Revenge till the end.

  19. DarkDefender says:

    If Madam Secretary is doing well (and renewed already) is this bad news for the return of The Mentalist?

  20. Whatever says:

    The plot / writing on Revenge is why it has gone down in the ratings.

  21. Kels says:

    My problem with this season of Revenge is that I don’t enjoy seeing Revenge taken on characters I generally like. When Emily was taking down rich, powerful folks who committed heinous crimes and then got away with them…there was some satisfaction to be had. At this point, I just find the show frustrating and unsatisfying. Plus I need somebody to make Charlotte wake the effity-eff up already!

  22. Jesse says:

    Revenge has gone off the rails. I don’t want to watch spinoff shows about Jack joins the police academy, Carl’s adventures in daycare, Charlotte doing whatever it is Charlotte does, and last but not least Daniel just trying to make it in this world as a new wealth manager in a down economy (puh-lease!). Get back to Emily getting her revengenda on and crossing off people’s faces in red Ink on her “revenge of the week” chart after she takes them down. If David Clarke has to be resurrected don’t make him a crazy grizzly mountain man and don’t put him against Emily. Oh well, maybe Daniel did well in the markets today and will add another client to his book of business for his new wealth management co. (Would you trust this kid to manage your wealth?) Yikes.

    • wingsstef says:

      Ha! I am enjoying Revenge for the most part, but agree the making Jack a cop thing was bizarre. Though, I can’t deny the Daniel needing to scrap by storyline is cracking me up. David seeming to think that Nolan didn’t give Amanda half the company worries me though.

  23. DavidSask says:

    I quit Once this season and so glad I did so, Frozen was not in demand and the show should be classic characters only! Resurrection I also quit, it was all over the place and was not giving us answers in plots that have been done better on TV, Revenge I still watch but David is annoying so they best fix that, and agree with others the side characters writing is horrible. The hair styles of 2 characters need overhaul asap as well so off-putting to view. Revenge clearly needs this to be the last season and to have finale it deserves! I have no desire to watch Madam Secretary but will always follow the Good Wife!