Once Upon a Time Recap: When #SwanQueen Met the Snow Queen

Once Upon Time Emma Regina

This Sunday on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Emma and Regina briefly set aside their personal cold war in order to wage battle against the Snow Queen, while a flashback to Emma’s childhood set the stage for a curious revelation.

DURING EMMA’S CHILDHOOD CIRCA 1998…. | Young foster system vet Emma is caught pickpocketing Pop-Tarts, but a new pal named Lily (played by Nicole Munoz aka Defiance‘s Christie Tarr) covers for her. After splurging on some snacks (using Lily’s pinched credit card) and eluding a strange man, the two bust into a vacant home, where Emma shares how after seeing her younger friend Cecelia get adopted by a “perfect” couple, she realized that she was too old for such a fate. So there was no point in staying in the system. Lily draws on Emma’s wrist a “star” to match her own, the gals play with a video camera, and then Lily pleads that they remain friends forever — though the foundation of their shared “foster kid” bond is shattered when the strange man — Lily’s father — shows up looking for the runaway, saying he and her mother are worried sick. A stunned, saddened Emma remarks, “You have a family?!”

IN STORYBROOKE…. | Rifling through files, Emma spies an old photo of her arguing with ice cream parlor proprietor “Sarah Fisher” aka the Snow Queen — yet she has zero memory of the encounter or having ever met the woman. Emma decided to pick Regina’s brain, educating Elsa along the way about her prickly history with the Evil Queen. Leaving Elsa in the Bug, Emma talks to Regina, then asks if she might need her “extra juice” to defrost Marian, but Regina scoffs at the offering of magic: “One thing is abundantly clear — you’ve never had my back and you never will.” After Emma leaves, Sidney reports to his keeper that he has found the Snow Queen’s lair, but in trade wants release from the mirror; Regina prefers to first see if his intel pans out. Using Sidney, inside her compact, for guidance, Regina sets out to find the Snow Queen, and soon enough bumps into Emma in the woods. Seems Elsa has gone missing, having chased after what appeared to be her sister Anna. (Instead, Elsa realizes, it was a trap set by the Snow Queen, who promptly chains up her rival. Snow Queen chastises Elsa for “squandering” her powers, and marvels at how much she could accomplish if she learned to control them. But for right now, she just needs Elsa out of her way.)

While making their own tracks for the Snow Queen, Regina admonishes Emma for “trying to win me over, so I can assuage your guilt” about the Marian thing. “But I won’t. Intentional or not… you ruined my life, and there’s no coming back from that.” The two traverse an ice bridge created by Elsa but get caught midway across, and as Emma discovers that Regina was using trapped Sidney as her guide, Regina herself realizes that Sidney ratted her out her to the Snow Queen. After barely escaping the crumbling bridge, the ladies face off against — and use their combined magic to destroy — an ice warrior conjured by the Snow Queen. Snow Queen pulls a Darth Vader-like choke hold on the frenemies, until Elsa arrives to break things up. But the Snow Queen nonetheless leaves with what she truly was after, Regina’s compact.

Afterward, Elsa urges Emma and Regina to mend their differences, else Storybrooke stands no chance. Regina holds firm that she “never will, for one simple reason — I don’t want to,” but Emma later shows up at the vault to explain in detail how, because no one truly can understand either of them, she always thought that maybe they could be friends. That’s all she wants, not to be assuaged of guilt.

Meanwhile, inside her icy lair, Rachel Matheson the Snow Queen releases Neville Sidney and sets him truly free, for all she wanted was the mirror itself, imbued as it is with much of Regina’s dark magic. Taking a shard from it to complete and “heal” a larger, cracked mirror, the Snow Queen declares, “Soon, I will have what I want — a family that loves me.” (Which is kinda snoozeville as far as supervillian endgames go, but we’ll wait and see.)

Elsewhere, Mary Margaret leaves the baby with Belle as she and David embark on a “date night” stroll, only to get detoured by the discovery that Will Scarlett broke out of jail. Mary Margaret finds the thief digging to find his buried traveling sack (inside which is his map on where to dig — long story). Mary Margaret deduces that David let Will go free so that she could enjoy a life-affirming “adventure,” but once back home, David reveals that was not the case, but hey, if it got her Bandit Snow juices flowing, win-win!

At hour’s end, Hook finds Emma in her office about to go through her box of past knickknacks — a pic of her and Neal included. [Sad trombone] Emma finds the camcorder that she and Lily goofed around with, and cues it up. But once their few seconds of girly goofiness ends, Emma sees that there is also a recording from a foster home, where she and other kids are being looked after by… a mild-mannered Sarah Fisher aka Snow Queen. Expected? Kinda. But still a curiosity? Yep.

NOTABLE QUOTABLES | “Unfortunately, I’m a little busy trying to save my true love’s wife, or haven’t you heard?”…. “If we fall through a portal to Asgard….”…. “There are many enchantments you have yet to be exposed to; if you bothered to study your craft you’d know that.” “There’s not a lot of online classes on that sort of thing”…. “In your mug shot you looked taller. And smarter.”

What did you think of the episode “Breaking Glass” and the much-touted Regina/Emma deep-dive?


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  1. Jeri says:

    Sidney stood up to Regina. Snow and David’s thing was actually pretty good. Also, Emma opened up to Hook. The Snow Queen’s tiny bit of backstory with Emma was nicely done. Those were all good. Okay–yay, Sidney! Yay! Sidney! But, can I point out that when Sidney is the only voice of reason in the episode, if you’re a writer? You’ve probably screwed up.

    No, Emma, you didn’t screw Regina over. And what, exactly, has Regina done for you? Beside, you know, being responsible for a whole lot of your past misery and dumping bile on you at every opportunity?

    Seriously? We’re supposed to enjoy an episode of Regina lashing out at Emma for helping someone not Regina, because that “Did Regina wrong”, while Regina is gloatingly holding Sidney hostage and lying about it? And interspersing it with childhood flashbacks of homeless, sad, lonely Emma–who was lied to by her startlingly Regina look alike childhood friend–it was like the Emma abuse hour.

    Leaving aside everything Regina did in the past to Emma and her family, Regina, screaming about how Emma hurt someone because she didn’t allow Regina to kill Marian? Really? With no discernable irony or self-awareness at all? That was an actual moment? Really?

    I hate this episode. I really, truly, hate this episode. And if this episode wasn’t meant to make us hate Regina and think she’s extra crazy and unreasonable, the writers are just as delusional as Regina is.

    • Amanda says:

      I don’t understand it. The flashback was about how Emma finally found someone like her-an orphan. Then the episode completely failed to ever address the fact WHY Emma was an orphan in the first place. It seemed that the writers wanted us to sympathize with Regina and I simply don’t see how that’s even possible. Should I feel sorry for the woman who tore a mother away from her family simply because she helped another woman? Yea, no. Why do they make Regina do such horrible things then fail to ever address them? It’s not ever going to win Regina any brownie points and tbh, the less Regina the better this season.

      • kath says:

        Exactly! Emma felt rejected because of what Regina did to her and her family, so why should she keep apologizing to Regina for saving someone from her, much less want to be Regina’s friend?

        • ninergrl6 says:

          YES! All of the above, yes! I kept yelling at Regina through my tv, “Get over yourself! You hurt her far worse than she ever hurt you! STFU!”

          • Actually, Snow sent her through the wardrobe, not Regina. Snow and Charming sent her to be on her own, not Regina.

          • Also, Regina has admitted to her dark past and moved forward for the sake of her and Emma’s child Henry. A truly evil person could never love like that.

          • Katherine215 says:

            Snow sent her through the wardrobe to protect her from Regina! She never would have had to do that if Regina hadn’t blamed her for Daniel’s death, which I’ve always felt is a really dumb reason for Regina’s revengenda. Snow was like 12, and she didn’t know Cora was evil. And no way would Daniel ever have wanted Regina to murder people in his name.

          • I yelled even louder when she actually forgave her, if you’re gonna be a brat, Regina, don’t be so easily swayed.

      • Emma was adopted but was given back at the age of 3 when the parents had children of their own .

      • mikayla says:

        I didn’t even realize this! I was mad at the things Regina were saying to Emma because how dare she say those to Emma who only saved a life. I didn’t realize before that it’s a thousand times more hypocritical of her to get mad at Emma for “ruining” her life when the fact that Emma was an orphan in the flashbacks in the first place is because of Regina’s curse. I dislike Regina immensely after that episode. And we’re supposed to feel bad for her? And we’re supposed to believe it’s Emma who wants to reach out and be friends? NO.

    • Kee says:

      How can you say Regina has done nothing for emma? have you missed pretty much the entire 3rd season? Let’s see, she gave Emma magic lessons, she let Emma take Henry out of storybrooke and start a new life with him plus gave them good memories instead of them being lost and scared since had she not done so, they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves. She gave them a happy life even though it wasn’t real. I can’t believe after everything Regina has done for the heroes lately, you’re still seeing her as a nonsympathetic villain who has done nothing to help save the day! And how can you say Sydney is the voice of reason? You really haven’t been paying attention have u? He betrayed Regina!

      • Jeri says:

        Most of the stuff Regina did in season 3–including helping Emma with magic lessons–was to stop Zelena, who was trying to kill REGINA. I don’t think you get extra helping credit for doing stuff so your also-evil sister can’t wipe you from existence. As for giving Henry and Emma a happy ending? Isn’t Regina supposed to love Henry? How would giving him a bad life with Emma be the actions of a loving mother? Regina had no options other than leaving Henry. That wasn’t a sacrifice. Giving Emma and Henry a happy life wasn’t a fabulous, unexpected, sacrifical thing, it was basic human decency.

        And, yes, Sidney betrayed Regina. Good for him. She’s been keeping him as a slave. It’s about time he betrayed her, since, well, people who aren’t Regina deserve good things and happiness, too, even if Regina is completely incapable of seeing that most days.

        • Nix says:

          I think it’s more the hypocrisy of Regina’s argument & statements that are grating on people.
          Yes Regina has helped Emma- but only when Henry is involved (ie. would Regina have given Emma magic lessons if Henry’s life wasnt at stake- unlikely, she didnt “let Emma take Henry out of SB” Henry would have been left alone an orphan in our world with no memories of who he is etc. Only Emma could escape the curse, Regina gave them Both good memories as she loves Henry, if Henry was able to go to EF & it was just Emma being left behind, Regina probably wouldnt have given Emma having happy or not memories a thought), but fact is Emma would Not have needed helping in the 1st place if not for Regina’s actions.
          As fans it can get mighty frustrating to see so much damage & wrong doing to a single character (let a lone a group of them) simply swept under the rug sometimes…. we have Never seen Emma truly lash out at Regina for essentially, single handedly destroying her life- Regina’s choices & actions meant Emma grew up feeling unloved, unwanted & an orphan, Regina kept Snow & Charming from raising their baby daughter as they should have, Regina kept everyone cursed for 28yrs, She tried to kill Emma, She killed Graham because she saw he & Emma had a ‘thing’, she had Snow’s father murdered & hunted her like an animal for years- that is all on Regina, she chose to do that & she has never, ever admitted to feeling guilty or of having a sense of remorse for it, let alone apologized for putting Emma through it all- if anything, she said in NL ‘I dont regret any of it, because it got me Henry’. Yet Regina is shown lashing out & berating Emma about how awful she is for saving a women, she (Regina) was going to murder, who turns out is Regina’s current lovers wife & the mother of his only child, because it screws with Regina’s current happiness? Regina chose not to be happy with Robin in EF in the 1st place… Yet we are now supposed to forget all of that & feel sorry for Regina in this situation?
          I think if anything, it put people off of her character. I was someone who had been enjoying Regina in S3, but this season & this episode in particular has left me somewhat sour on Regina thanks to her attitude, it simply crossed a line.
          I really wish & hope Regina gets to a place where she truly does feel remorse for what she has done to Emma & the Charming’s in particular & everyone else in general, because sweeping a good 2-3 seasons of ‘black’ history under the rug & hoping no one will notice isnt going to go down well with many fans.
          Other than Regina’s hypocritical ranting & raving, I thoroughly enjoyed the episode for the insights into Emma’s character it gave & the spot light it shone on just how far she has come despite it all.
          Seeing the episode framed within Emma’s embracing of Killian’s love, comfort & support so unguardedly, was also very touching & again highlighted just how far she’s come from the Emma we meet in the pilot.

        • Lisa says:

          Did you forget that although she is Regina, she is also STILL the evil queen. She has made several changes and has changed some, but it’s also easy to slip an old glove back on your hand even if the fit may be different. Regina has not completely flipped from being the evil queen, she still has some of the same qualities/beliefs that she has had from the beginning.

          If we expect her to be all good, and not have the tendency to slip backwards from time to time, then the series would get boring fast and most likely be over. Not to mention that people would THEN be complaining that she is “supposed to be the evil queen, how can we possibly believe that she is this good?” She is still true to character, albeit not exactly the same as before. Her experiences have changed her some, but if you think of the evil queen from the Snow White story, she was very selfish, had an inflated ego and YES she was unreasonable. The world revolves around the queen, in her eyes. Regina has made some great steps forward, but she is still the evil queen, and she will think like the evil queen. Maybe not as often as previously, but it will happen.

          If you’ve been paying attention, then you’d realize that Regina has an inner struggle now. In the past, yes she would have just killed her, but now she has tried to save Marion’s life and she’s even trying to do so now. Of course, she has some anger about Marion’s return. It was extremely hard for her to let down her walls, and allow herself to feel for Robin, and just as she let the walls down, his wife, who was supposed to be dead, arrives on the scene. I guess I just see the whole thing differently than you do. You don’t have to agree, but this is just how I see it.

          • The point is still that she’s changing for a better her. Change doesn’t happen overnight, things like that take time. Remember, she’s still another human being. And if Emma helps her with that’ so be it. #LoveIsLove #SwanQueenSendsItsLove

          • Jeri says:

            The problem isn’t that Regina’s still a sociopathic narcissist. The problem is that all the other characters just sit a take it, like they owe it to Regina.

            Fine, have Regina flouncing around delusionally complaining about all the wrongs everyone (except her mother and Rumple, who actually did) did to her. But the writers should allow the other characters stand up for themselves–watching Regina abuse people in scene after scene while claiming to be the victim is the opposite of entertaining for me.

            And it’s actually kind of creepy that the show presents it that way.

          • Lisa says:

            It’s not that they are just taking it, but you can know someone’s flaws and still try to seek friendship with them, especially in the world that is Storybook. She’s also the daughter of Snow White, even if she didn’t grow up with Snow, Emma still has some of her traits. Of course, that would include perhaps being more tolerant. Not to mention, Emma and Regina kinda need each other. Emma is trying to extend the olive branch. I’m sure she knows she can’t count on Regina to do that.

          • Jeri says:

            But there’s a difference between being tolerant and forgiving, and repeatedly allowing someone to someone to treat you abusively and never acknowledge it.

            The current pattern?
            Regina does something horrible. It’s mostly ignored/dropped.
            Regina is mean to the Charmings/random STorybrookers.
            They do something without intending to hurt Regina.
            Regina goes into apocalyptic meltdown.
            They repeatedly apologize.
            Regina does something horrible. IT’s mostly ingored/dropped.

            That’s not being tolerant and forgiving. That’s accepting abuse.

    • Yeah, while I thought it would be interesting to see Emma bare the burden of her mistake but in reality they are making a way bigger deal out of it than it actually is.

      • Jeri says:

        While continually, unrealistically, framing Regina as the victim. Emma saved someone’s life. From Regina.

        Regina can be upset that her four day romance was derailed, but she has no right to be angry at Emma simply because Emma the soulmate Regina rejected repeatedly and didn’t want until four days ago met someone else in the interim and Emma stopped Regina from killing her.

        Regina is not the victim for not being allowed to kill someone simply because it would make her happier if the person was dead.

        That’s crazy.

        It would annoy me less if at least a few characters on the show expressed it when Regina is being completely, totally, evil that way—not necessarily in a blow-out, but in a way that shows at least the show understands that Regina’s not being reasonable.

        It shouldn’t so often be “Regina is snarky and mean. Everyone apologizes to Regina.” Especially since the situation Regina is in now, and is so very, very, overwhelming and heartbreaking?

        It’s the same situation that she deliberately put Snow, David, and Abigail into during the first season. That was a lie, she did it on purpose, and it’s not been acknowledged since.

        • JC1 says:

          Regina is not the victim for not being allowed to kill someone simply because it would make her happier if the person was dead. That’s crazy.
          This is the whole problem with this storyline, in a nutshell.

  2. LADY_in_MD says:

    I was expecting the tie between Emma and the snow queen to be from her foster days but the reveal was nice
    Maybe I’m missing something but is the girl from the flashback suppose to be someone from a fairy tale or was it all just to connect the video at the end?
    The Regina Emma scenes were great this week I can see why Emma wants Regina and her to work things out no one understands her and her powers more than Regina
    The scenes with Rachel and Neville LOL RIP Revolution
    Also I couldn’t help but giggle as Will kept saying sack over and over

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I was wondering same, was half-expecting us to see that Regina has a star on her wrist/Internet implodes. And she was too brunette to ever grow up into Elizabeth Mitchell. No, she was just a girl.

      • Sarah says:

        At! That would have been awesome!

        • LADY_in_MD says:

          That would have been great! Matt the Internet would have totally exploded lol

        • DarkDefender says:

          Awesome.. Sure. But implausible. Regina was an adult when she let the first curse loose from FTL and Emma was an infant. There would be a lot of explaining to do to see why Regina would make herself a teen to hang with Emma (not that that wouldn’t have been a great story).

      • Matthew b Lawler says:

        Given the fact that we Saul rumple use a magical cloaking spell to the skies hook and Emma and last season’s finale I was expecting Lily to somehow to have been the snow queen in disguise during the scene with the snow queen and the compact I kept looking for a star on her wrist I am slightly disappointed to realize that Lily and the*Mark were just a red herring and have no significant bearing on the long term story

        • Lisa says:

          There’s no way that star is a red herring. It’s connected somehow. There’s also the remark that she’ll “finally find what she’s wants…A family that loves her.” It’s connected, there’s no doubt about that.

      • Dane says:

        The internet would have never recovered from that reveal.

      • Other Mary says:

        I bet one day we will see Lilly again, somehow. She said in her dad’s car in the end that she was adopted. Maybe she’s someone from FTL or elsewhere that we have yet to “meet” who found a portal after the curse, or around the time of the curse, since she looked to be Emma’s age back then.

        • ANNA says:

          I half expected for Hook to recognizer her as tiger lily when they were watching the video but when he didn’t I was stumped about who she could be.

      • No way was she just a girl.

        Star birthmark, adopted? Evocative name like “Lilith”? This show wouldn’t give a one-off character any of that. She wasn’t Regina, and she wasn’t the Snow Queen, but she’s Someone and we’ll be seeing her again.

        • Gail says:

          Lilith would have be someone Emma’s age. As the characters in Storybrooke are all much older than Emma except her son and brother, I don’t see how Lilith could be a Storybrooke character unless she is from Neverland.

          • James says:

            She’s Maleficient.

          • She hasn’t arrived yet. She’s not a current Storybrooke character but she’ll wind up in Storybrooke at some point. Given that she’s adopted, she’s probably the daughter of someone from Storybrooke (or at least the Enchanted Forrest). Maybe even Regina’s daughter.

            My guess is that she was an early hint for the plans for the season’s second storyline.

          • Gail says:

            Hard to believe she is Regina’s daughter unless the father is first love Daniel. The time wouldn’t match up since Snow was about 10 when Daniel was killed. Regina, as far as we know, hasn’t been with anyone since then until Robin Hood. Regina would also have to have forgotten about her daughter. Everyone including Rumple, Elsa, and Emma seem to have forgotten things so that seems pretty common in Stortybrooke and the Enchanted Forest. I do agree that it is likely the girl will turn up again as an adult. Maybe she wrote the story book.

      • L says:

        That girl has to come back at some point.. they made too big a deal about the star for it to just be a one-off… That will come back at some point later in the season.

      • Lisa says:

        It is actually possible that the hair color is somehow connected to her powers. Think about the change in Anna’s hair color in Frozen. I still expect to see the star on the Snow Queen’s wrist, and to find out that the hair color has is related perhaps with how strong the power is. Elsa’s power is strong but she has been unable to control it. The Snow Queen is able to control it and can do so much more. So, there is a possibility that her hair color is a manifestation of her power.

        • Lisa says:

          There are several possible scenarios that could have made Lily into the Snow Queen. We haven’t even figured Rumple into the equation yet. It could be just the way she Snow Queen appears. Think about Hook & Emma in last year’s finale.

      • A says:

        i think that the girl with ‘star’ birthmark is a part of Fantasia story arc (thats why they used that harry potter reference & since she is orphan so who knws she mayb male version of harry potter), & maybe she is the next apprentice of the wiz

    • Elsa Frezeny says:

      I image a new twist will be the Regina is Emma past friend Lilly

      • Jackie says:

        I agree…..the parallels were on the nose. But I could also see Lilly being Marion. But I was hoping beyond hope for some loophole to make Lilly be Regina.

    • Tony says:

      I really wasn’t expecting THAT to be the connection between Emma and the Snow Queen.

      And unless she had already been introduced during the Neverland arc (can’t recall at the moment), I immediately thought Lily would be revealed to be Tiger Lily (just going off the name alone)

  3. BTM says:

    I was expecting the Snow Queen to be Lily grown up, so this was a pleasant surprise.

  4. Robert says:

    I was close in my guess when the Snow Queen seen Emma and the way she.said her name , like a.mother to a child, I thought maybe she.was a foster mother to Emma but being in charge of the orphanage is close. I wonder if Sarah Fischer was doing some kind of Magneto thing and was seeking out gifted children who were sent to this dimension for their safety, I have to imagine there is multiple dimensions and people with magic who know about places like earth as a place to hide.

  5. Piers says:

    Just an OK episode for me. I found Lana’s acting in her first encounter with Emma in the woods to be stilted and awkward. Enjoyed the Snow and Charming bits.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I think the problem there is that they’ve had to make Regina supremely perturbed about having “lost” a soul mate she, in reality, had only recently gotten to know. So it’s not that Emma derailed a great, established romance, but the promise of one.

      • Jess says:

        It was more than a promise of one. Robin and Regima fell in love and Robin is supposed to be Regina’s happy ending and soul mate. I’d be pissed of too if a friend of mine did this to me. Regina is majorly hurting so I can see why she has a hard time letting it go. Regina hasn’t loved anyone since Daniel (her first true love).

        • Cookie says:

          You’d be pissed off if someone saved someone else’s life when you were supposed to kill them? Yeah, I’d be REAL PISSED.

          • Jeri says:

            I have to agree–we’re supposed to be on Regina’s side and feel bad for her because she wasn’t allowed to kill her new boyfriend’s wife? What?

          • Lisa says:

            No, we’re not supposed to feel bad for Regina. We’re supposed to want to see her change. She was on her way in a good direction, and she got derailed. We’re supposed to want to see her find her way back in that good direction, and take steps that will put her on that path. Huge difference.

          • Jeri says:

            Then the story needs to start adding some sane characters, that point out that Regina is being unreasonable, instead of just expecting all the characters to just accept her abuse like it’s their due.

            Parilla may be a talented performer, but watching her character spew abuse at people because Regina wasn’t allowed to kill her boyfriend’s wife in the regularly scheduled execution–to someone whose life she has repeatedly ruined?

            Not even Parilla can pull that off and not have it be gross. If we’re supposed to root for Regina to change, there needs to be some evidence Regina is actually interested in change and growth, and regular reality checks from the other characters about Regina’s ME ME ME attitude.

        • Lyan says:

          Fell in love in 5 days? They ‘dated’ and kissed twice during less than a week in Storybrook, sorry but this is not a teenage love, regina is like 60ish old, you don’t fall in love so far, no matter what fairy dust tells you.

          • Anastacia says:

            60ish- that’s harsh! Besides it’s a Disney offshoot. Heck half the characters did the whole ‘love at first sight” schtick (Snow white, Cinderella etc). So Regina falling in love in 5 days as you say, isn’t that big of a stretch really.

          • Bella says:

            Who are you to judge how quickly people can fall in love with one another? I’m married to a man with whom I was lucky enough to share what would probably be called love at first sight. And we weren’t teenagers when we met and fell in love either. I don’t get the need to get condescending just because you can’t see yourself falling in love with someone quickly.

          • Lisa says:

            You forget how long she watched him while keeping a distance, sometimes those things you see when you’re not dating someone are what make you begin to fall in love.

          • kpmom says:

            Regina might even be a lot older than 60. Who knows how these fairytale people age regularly? Don’t forget they spent 28 years stuck in a curse that didn’t allow them to age at all then, and they haven’t aged much in the few years since the curse was broken either. So if she was 40 when the curse was enacted, she’d be like 70 now. She looks fantastic for her age regardless. It’s funny to watch Snow and Charming act like Emma’s overprotective parents when they are probably younger than her now.

      • Jo says:

        Well the same could be said about Emma, in less of two weeks she lost her boyfriend of 8 months and almost fiance that she loved, her first love died in her arms and in a blink of an eye, now she is with other guy that she barely known. Regina and Hood shared a year in the EF at least they had interest of each other.

        • kacerho says:

          Actually, it’s already canon that Regina and Robin Hood didn’t like each other in the Enchanted Forest. It’s been mentioned on the show. So saying they had interest in each other is a huge stretch. Regina was trying to off herself in various ways because of her separation from Henry. The only thing that stopped her from drinking the sleeping curse was Zelena taking it out of her hands.

          • Bella says:

            Bickering with one another doesn’t at all mean they had no interest in one another, actually. Lana Parrilla described it well in an interview once. They reminded her of two kids in a school yard who kept pulling each other’s hair because they didn’t want to admit or show that they like one another. Regina tried to close herself off because the loss of Henry was wearing her down and she didn’t have room in her heart for anything else, but that doesn’t mean that she didn’t like Robin. There is quite a bit of evidence that suggests otherwise.

      • Li says:

        Thank you Matt. The Swan Queen fans have been pointing that out for so long.

  6. Matthew b Lawler says:

    I was so called the snow queen being one of them is foster parents but it’s interesting now to figure out how and why the snow queen ended up in our world outside of Storybrooke I was kind of disappointed that Lily was just a red herring I was waiting for that*Mark to have some significance

    • Laura says:

      knowing these writers I’m sure it will one day!

    • Li says:

      The star? That mark does have a significance.. wouldn’t doubt that its connected to Emma’s flower (lily?) wrist tattoo that has appeared since the beginning of the series. Because of the parallels between Regina & Lily, the tattoo seems to have a connection to Regina related to a special/unique friendship. (As a Swan Queen fan, I could only hope for more. lol)

      Emma: “Someone came into my life for a while, and I thought we were going to be *pause* best friends (smiles).. and I pushed her away.. I don’t want to make that same mistake again, Regina.”

      • Jessica says:

        Yeah, that star HAS to have some kind of significance to her tattoo! It’s in exactly the same spot right?? But her tattoo is a flower instead of a star. And it’s definitely not a Lily. I also thought Adam and Eddy once said the flower on her wrist had to do with the coat of arms of her parent’s kingdom. Ugh, I wish we could know NOW what that dang tattoo is all about, it’s always driven me crazy!

        But regardless, Emma *definitely* looked at Lily like she was head over heels in love with her and vice versa. I’ve had friends, and I’ve had girlfriends…and the way those two were looking at each other was definitely NOT the way I look at my friends. I guess that explains why Emma was so incredibly heartbroken when Lily lied to her. That’s why she was still thinking about Lily to this day and trying to mend her relationship with Regina, because Regina reminds her of Lily. (Casting department anyone?? I see what you did there!!) So they’re definitely trying to say Emma is probably bi.

        They even had the line in the episode where Will assumes Emma is gay, when Snow says “I’m the sheriff’s wife” and Will says “You’re married to the blonde?” and Snow says “No, that’s my daughter. Other sheriff.” I loved how Snow wasn’t even surprised, she was so casual and she didn’t try to imply Emma wasn’t gay. Clearly she knows Emma probably isn’t only interested in men. I mean that’s been written very obviously into the subtext for the whole series, and I can’t wait to see if they’ll finally say it in maintext. I thought they wouldn’t, but judging by this episode, I’m thinking they might actually go in that direction! Looking forward to finding out!!

        • Brigid says:

          I haven’t seen any of the subtext that you mentioned last night or any time in the past.

        • Kira says:

          Not saying there’s anything wrong with being bi, but i don’t think she’s bi. At one point in my life i had no friends and i didn’t realize it then, but i think i was depressed. Halfway through senior year i became friends with a girl and a few months later she said ‘LYLAS’ after a Skype call. I asked what it meant and she told me “Love You Like A Sister”. A few minutes later i was bawling my eyes out from because i knew i finally had a true friend(i don’t even cry at funerals). 9 years later we still Skype at least 4 times a week and see each other once a month(its a 2 hr drive between us.)

          Sorry for the sappy story, but when you finally trust someone its like a weight has been lifted. I think that’s what happened for Emma but then Lily lied to her and she took it pretty hard. One of the hardest things for a foster kid is to trust someone, because there isn’t a lot of people to count on. I really hope they show her again because i would love to see what happens and this is definitely one of my top 10 moments on OUAT.

    • Lisa says:

      If it didn’t have significance, they wouldn’t have trained the camera on it for so long.

  7. Lia says:

    I adore Once Upon a Time with all my heart, but keeping the “everyone is related” motto is now just lazy writing.

    • abz says:

      The video didn’t indicate a familial relation between Emma and the Snow Queen. It just established a connection between them (i.e. foster mom or was it orphanage manager?) which was bound to happen given how the Snow Queen reacted upon first seeing Emma again.

  8. Sarah says:

    Actually my fav ep this season! Good to see Emma and Regina together again. About time.

  9. kd86953 says:

    I really like Regina but her self-pity and blame game on everyone but herself is getting a little old. I’d really like to see her take ownership of her mistakes and of the things she’s done, and she really hasn’t. Emma has had a very hard life and that was because of Regina’s curse but she hasn’t really placed blame on her because there’s really no point. What’s done is done. I think for Emma and Regina’s friendship for work, they need to hash out everything and words need to be exchanged and feelings need to be hurt, but then forgiveness can come out of it. I just don’t think that’ll ever happen and Regina will continue to place blame on everyone but herself. And that makes me so sad for the character. As for the other stuff, I greatly enjoyed the Charming/Snow bit, and I’m completely smitten with Will. Seeing Emma open up to Killian was spectacular –she hasn’t done that with anyone yet. And the reveal with the Snow Queen isn’t that much of a surprise but now that it’s out there, I can’t wait for the huge confrontation between Emma-SQ-and Snow White.

    • Lisa says:

      Regina is in a painful place right now. Add in the fact that she is the evil queen and yes, she was on a path of redemption, but she got temporarily derailed. It’s to be expected that part of her wants to lash out, while the other part of her is feeling compelled to have more compassion (hence saving Marion’s life despite how she feels about the whole thing). Regina is hurt and struggling with her emotions and lashing out at the person she feels is responsible for the pain she feels. But she still finds herself doing things that show that she has changed.

  10. abz says:

    I’m so intrigued by the Snow Queen’s background story. Probably more so than any of the other half-season villain. I just want to know more. Maybe its because I’m not familiar with the original Hans Christian Andersen tales or because it ties in with Emma. Nevertheless, its so exciting and I love the way Elizabeth Mitchell is playing this character.
    Very nice seeing Emma and Regina speaking and connecting. I wasn’t expecting a full-on apology from Regina for everything she’s done to Emma during this episode, but I’m hoping it will come somewhere down the line. Regina’s path to redemption is still ongoing and these past few episodes have shown that she keeps moving back and forth between her evil ways and trying to do the right thing. So hopefully we can get to see more of the two of them and an actual acknowledgement of what Regina has put Emma through. Also, when is Emma gonna finally learn the poof and disappear magic? I really wanna see her do it.
    I honestly couldn’t care less about anything David does. I just can’t stand the character and he nearly bores me to tears sometimes even if he’s on screen for less than a minute, but I’m glad that we got to see a bit more Snow and hopefully we can see more of her in a non-baby and non-Charming related situation. Also, anyone else still weirded out whenever they call the baby’s name? It’s so creepy.

  11. Dane says:

    I really enjoyed the episode and the appreciate the coverage #SwanQueen was given by TVLine. Could have done with out the Hook bookend, but it ranks as my favorite episode of the season.

    • Jamie says:

      Really? The scene with Hook at the end was my favorite of the show. It was so nice to see Emma in the company of someone who respects her feelings and wants to know her better. I usually like Regina, but her behavior towards Emma this week was bordering on abusive.

  12. Craig says:

    Is it me or did anyone else catch the reference Lily made to Harry Potter. Im pretty sure Harry Potter didnt exist back when Emma was a teenager…..IJS

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone novel came out June 1997, the U.S. edition in Sept. 1998; flashbacks were set in 1998.

    • abz says:

      Yeah, I was wondering that too. The first HP book came out in 1997 I believe, so Emma would have have been around 14-15 years old. It’s possible she could have read the first book.

    • Jimmy says:

      Actually, the American edition of the first novel was published in 1998 so depending on when in 1998 that flashback occurred it would have been known and highly popular.

      • kpmom says:

        Lily made a point of saying it was fall. The house they broke into she said was a rich family’s summer home and since it was now fall it would be empty. So it was fall of 1998. Harry Potter was released in the US Sept 1, 1998 so they were really cutting it close there. And how would a runaway like Emma have already secured and read a book that was JUST released like a month before? They should have had Emma say “Who’s Harry Potter?” when Lily said that and then she could have said, “Oh it’s this new book I just read” or something to that effect. It’s really not worth analyzing, because it’s clear their intention was to note the fact that Lily has a magical birthmark. That’s the point to take away here, and it will come up again some day soon, I’m sure.

  13. Fav episode of the season so far, love the last scene between Emma and Regina it was beautiful deliver by both Jmo and Lana.
    I am really lobing Will, nice addition to the show :)

  14. General question: Back in August, there was an article here that pointed out that, within the narrative of the show, the first teaser for Frozen would not come out until several months after the characters from the movie show up in Storybrooke.

    My question would be, what about the animators who conceived the story and made the movie? How did they know about these characters? Further, Henry’s book can’t really be the only source for the faery tales in the real world, right? The stories go back to the Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen. How did THEY learn about them? Was it from the book or from another source? In the case of Frozen, how much does the movie veer away from the original source material? And given that the characters from Frozen in Storybrooke are based on that deviation and not the source material — I’ve gone crossed eyed.

  15. Cookie says:

    * Regina scoffs at the offering of magic: “One thing is abundantly clear — you’ve never had my back and you never will.”*

    REALLY, in what world should Emma ever have Regina’s back and why is Regina allowed to whine about it? Regina put a curse on a kingdom because of Emma, deprived her of growing up with her parents and murdered a bunch of people. But because Emma SAVED SOMEONE’S LIFE, she’s a horrible person and isn’t allowed to be friends with Regina? ARE THE ONCE WRITERS LIVING IN A FAIRY TALE LAND OF THEIR OWN?

    • Lyan says:

      This was just Regina’s pov, she’s kind of a narcisist and still a tad selfish, she sees things in her own wrapped ways. it’s not Adam or Eddy’s views, they know Emma is good, as Jennifer too said Emma won’t apologize for saving somebody’s life, but in Regina’s eyes her happy ending got ruined. I didn’t like watching Regina getting all mean and pissy with Emma, but Emma took it in stride, she wasn’t sad by it, she knew the anger was something superficial. Regina does care for Emma too, it’s clear.
      I also disagree with you and Regina lol, Emma did have her back tons of times, she saved Regina’s life many times, she gave her chances and trusted her even in s2 when Henry and Snow still doubted her. They’ve worked together a lot, and just in this episode Emma pratically admited she wants more magic lessons from her. Emma trusts her now, that’s why her final speech got through Regina. She does too, she wouldn’t have been THIS angry over a stranger or somebody she doesn’t care for. She has bad ways of showing it, but it’s clear she felt betrayed it was Emma who ruined her happiness.

      • Cookie says:

        Well, my point is that Emma should not want Regina as a *friend* since Regina actually DID ruin her life. In fact Regina has ruined a whole hell of a lot of lives. While Emma SAVED a life — Marian’s. And I don’t think it’s “clear” at all that Regina cares about Emma. What has Regina done for Emma to show her that she *cares* about her?
        If I was Emma I’d trust Regina about as far as I could throw her. The woman is responsible for Emma growing up without parents and for having a crap life in general. But no, it’s Emma who’s ruined Regina’s life. Quit whining and grow the eff up, Regina.

        • uhm says:

          Wow jesus calm down…. but to answer you question: What has Regina done for Emma? “My gift to you is good memories” comes to mind, she totally didn’t have to do that, she could have just given Henry memories of living happily with an adoptive mother who sadly passed away and left him in the care of a good old friend (Emma)… Henry wouldn’t remember her but he would remember having a mother who loved him very much and she would be screwing Emma too, leaving her as just a friend who is not his mother but will take care of him leaving it open for Henry to have a good life with Emma but erasing their bond. That’s what Regina would have done if she just cared about Henry and hated Emma.

        • Lisa says:

          I guess I can’t understand why it makes you this angry that Emma wants to befriend Regina. While Regina has certainly done her share of bad, Emma has seen Regina open up and show some positive qualities. Emma seems to have the attitude that people CAN change. And did you ever consider that maybe Emma (being the person she is) doesn’t really see what Regina did as “ruining her life”. After all, it brought her to where she is.

    • kath says:

      Not to mention, Emma did have Regina’s back a lot of times, most recently when Zelena was in town.
      Regina’s blinkered attitude to her own suffering is not appealing.

    • Gail says:

      I don’t think Regina put the curse on the Kingdom because of Emma. She did it to destroy everybody’s happy ending. It was the blue fairy who said if the curse was cast that Emma would be the savior and break the curse in 28 years.

      • Nix says:

        Actually it was DO/Rumple who said Emma would be the savior & break the curse in 28yrs… Blue Fairy found away to get Emma out of EF before Regina could get her hands on her (pilot scene where Regina sends the guards into the castle to find the baby & bring it to her, so she can destroy Snow’s HEA), to keep baby Emma from being swept up in the curse or captured or killed by Regina.

  16. StephonJS says:

    Randomly having Hook and Belle in the episode. Them two were kind of pointless

    Everything Snow Queen from capturing Elsa, turning Sidney against Regina, and learning she knew Emma not only as an Adult in Storybrooke but as a teen. This chick has screwed with Emma’s memories at least twice and i hope we learn why she did.
    Will playing Snow. i thought for a second he was trying to find a hole to Wonderland.
    The Emma/Regina team. I’m have been on the Emma bandwagon since she bought Marian back, but i did enjoy Emma and Regina teaming up and maybe slowly becoming friends.
    The flashback with young Emma was something I have been waiting for. 3 years b4 she met Neal (1998).
    Speaking of Neal I like seeing the pic of him and Emma. i miss him
    I like this Lilly girl. i hope we see her again.
    Speaking of Lilly, this was presented a while ago and i wonder if its still true:
    Question: Any scoop at all about the fourth season of Once Upon a Time? —Advanteege

    Ausiello: Is Henry en route to having his first crush? (And if so, has he picked the wrong gal?) The ABC series in casting the recurring role of Lily, a bright, self-reliant teen who boasts a “charming, take-no-prisoners punk exterior and the heart of a secretive, insecure opportunist.” Watch for this lass to first appear in Episode 5.


    I give this a solid A (9/10)

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Nope, Adam & Eddy confirmed for me backstage at NYCC that the aforementioned casting was in fact for Lily, not for a crush for Henry. There is no crush for Henry in the works.

    • Bella says:

      I thought Belle babysitting the little Neal (it feels so weird because I keep thinking of the adult, played by M. Raymond-James when I type Neal) was a cute idea and I wish there had been a bit more to it. But I agree about Hook. I wish they would have just left it at writing him out for the episode when he left the stage early on. It really wouldn’t have hurt this show to have one episode without him and it could make some room for other characters we see next to nothing of. Like I said, I would have liked one more Belle scene and I miss Robin Hood.

    • dreamycat says:

      “The flashback with young Emma was something I have been waiting for. 3 years b4 she met Neal” Actually it was only one year before Emma met Neal. Henry was 10 yrs old in ss1, so Emma was 18 when she gave birth to him. Which means she was pregnant when she’s 17, so she probably met Neal when she’s 16-17.

      • JC1 says:

        And now I’m imagining Abby Ross (young Emma) playing the Emma that meets Neal in Tallahassee, and am suddenly much more creeped out about that relationship than I ever was before. :( (no seriously, I’ve never been a Swanfire hater, but…. when you put this version of Emma into the picture instead of a glasses-and-ponytailed Jennifer Morrison? It kind of changes the whole picture.)

  17. Kat says:

    I just…can’t deal with Regina’s crap any more. I just can’t. She has things in her life past and present that are legitimately upsetting and damaging, but being a victim is never an excuse to victimize others and she continually expresses herself in the most childish, selfish, immature, harmful-towards-others way imaginable, with no signs of growing up. The lack of self awareness it takes for her to yell at Emma for “ruining her life” because she stopped past-Regina from murdering an innocent woman and it accidentally screwed up Regina’s new romance, when Regina is the one who ruined Emma’s life by cursing an entire kingdom for decades forcing her parents to abandon her so Regina couldn’t murder her when she was an infant like she planned too…Grow up and deal with your feelings like a big girl. I have met actual two year olds with more self awareness than Regina, and at least nobody is trying to get me to believe I should feel sorry for the two year olds when they throw a tantrum.

    • Davey Elmer says:

      Regina suffers from a mental illness (sociopathy). People really need to keep this in mind when they make comments about her behavior.

      • kath says:

        More than the viewers, I think the writers need to keep that in mind. It looks like they honestly believe Regina was done wrong by Emma and the other inhabitants of Storybrooke.

      • Jo says:

        Well half of the town has mental illness or big psychological problems, Belle has stockholm syndrome, Emma has unhealthy coping (she passed the page after all the happened to her in just two weeks), Hook has an unhealthy obsessive personality, Rumple is addicted to power, Snow has hero complex like Henry. All of them are messed up and writers just don’t want to touch it.

        • kacerho says:

          LMAO, but you are so accurate with all of this. They could all use some extensive therapy sessions with Archie because they all desperately need them lol. I think the writers just don’t deal with it all really because to deal with some of it, means they’d have to deal with all of it and that’s a huge can of worms. I really think they will only ‘deal with’ the heavy hitting villains like Rumple and Regina (but not thoroughly), they seem to pretend that Hook isn’t still a creepy villain (even though he is), and the heroes get to pretend they don’t really have any problems because they’re heroes.

    • Lisa says:


  18. Kermit says:

    Am I the only one who was really distracted by the pants they had Regina in?

    • Kat says:

      I’m pretty sure Susan Lewis wore those exact pants during season 1 of ER back in 1994.

    • ShariaLynn says:

      I HATED those pants. Shes normally so chic.Did her stylist take a nap on those or what?

    • Jackie says:

      They were really ill-fitting and unflattering weren’t they? I normally covet Regina’s wardrobe and figure but not tonight! Stylist must have fell asleep on the job for this outfit . And Hook’s ” new” clothes. I had to look closely to see much of a difference. And I like Hook but I really don’t need to see all of his chest hair every week ;)

    • Erica says:

      Yes! Those pants were awful. I couldn’t follow the story when they were onscreen-hideously distracting. They must be depressed Regina’s ‘fat pants’. Ha, ha.

    • Kelly says:

      I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one!

    • ANNA says:

      Yes I did notice her pants. Also, was harry Potter a thing in 1998? It might have been published but it certainly wasn’t a phenomenon. Tisk tisk.

    • Brigid says:

      LOL, I thought those pants were bad too!!!

  19. It was nice to see some Snow and Charming romance, they were becoming a little boring! And nice to see Emma and Regina together, their chemistry is just as powerful as Emma and Hook’s. They were awesome, and quite a nice twist turning Henry’s two moms into future besties!! I really wanna know what happened to Anna, hopefully doesn’t take the rest of the first half of the season. And am especially hoping for an epic snow queen battle, can feel the chill between these two actresses!!! Keep up the good work boys!!!

  20. Jared says:

    This episode bored me to death. This whole Frozen arc does nothing for me.

  21. CatZak says:

    OUAT’s plot has been falling apart since last season. Introducing the Frozen sisters did not help. And last week it became a teen show: Emma with that terrible prom dress when in fact she is supposed to be a 30 something heroine. Many many bad choices by the writers. At least the acting is good. However, tonight’s episode has been better than all these recent ones. The Snow Queen’s connection to Emma’s past has a lot of potential. get rid of the Frozen sisters and focus again on the family relationships… that’s what makes OUAT a good show.

  22. Eammes says:

    I’d probably care more about Regina’s story if she had any self awareness. She acts as though she has never cursed a town full of people, essentially orphaned Emma for 28 years, murdered countless others… But she’s the victim because her boyfriend of a few weeks didn’t work out perfectly? The writing for her character always seems so disjointed. And the way she always paints herself as the victim while verbally lashing out at everyone around her makes her emotional scenes less impactful for me.

    • Toni says:

      Murder, yes, but I don’t see how being cursed to better socioeconomic status is a bad thing… Besides that, while she is a villain and the things she’s done shouldn’t be excused – same goes for Hook and Rumple – she has more reason for her feelings than any of the other villains we’ve seen so far. You might start with how she was abused (emotionally and physically) as a child and forced into a loveless marriage with a man almost three times her age – the same man who not only was the father of the child who was the impetus for her heartbreak but also happened to be her mother’s ex-fiancé. She was the only villain shaped throughout her entire upbringing for evil; no other villain on the show can say that. Don’t get me wrong – I like the other villains – it’s just 1) Rumple started off as a coward with daddy issues who eventually abandoned his son for power and 2) Hook turned vigilante (and eventually villain) after his brother died. Neither of them were pushed into it. Hell, Rumple pushed Regina even further for his own selfish reasons.

      As far as self awareness, I think she recognizes that she’s done many wrong things and she’s struggling for reform. Hasn’t she sacrificed herself for these people multiple times? And although Emma was alone for 28 years, neither he or Regina would ever wish that away because they wouldn’t have Henry. Also, I’m pretty sure Emma forgave her for that when Regina went out of her way to give Emma happy memories of raising Henry. She didn’t have to do that at all, especially when every chance of happiness she’s ever had has been ripped from her (Daniel, Henry for a time, Robin).

      I’m rambling, I guess…but I saw Regina reacting to Emma as a person who was betrayed by someone she trusted – and she doesn’t trust easily because it’s never worked out for her (e.g. she trusted Snow – Daniel gets killed, she trusted Rumple – he manipulated her, she trusted Snow again – Snow causes her to kill her mother). She’s bitter because she just had another chance at happiness ripped away, and that’s all she’s ever wanted since she was a child. I think you’d be a little bitter and snippy if you had her luck too.

    • Bella says:

      There was a beautiful moment of self awareness in this very episode that invited the viewer into Regina’s headspace. Too bad you missed it.

  23. Tiffany says:

    Love the episode

  24. Toni says:

    The writers do Regina and Emma justice when they put them together. Even the acting feels more natural. Their dynamic was great tonight.

  25. Kate Sullivan says:

    I so overlooked the Revolution thing…

  26. Olivia says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that Elsa needs to change her clothes at some point? I get that the dress is her thing but honestly the dress and heels just make it seem more cartoony as she runs around town and not in a good way. Doesn’t help that the dress looks like a cheap Halloween knock off to start with…..

  27. anonomousaurus says:

    I think Lilith will come back the only thing is that Lilith in every form of lore is the bad. Lilith in the bible is a very powerful demon. There is no mythology of Lilith in which she is good so she might come back as a bad guy later this season. The star could have something to do her origins because Lilith is an astrological sign as well. Or she could be connected to the magicians hat.

  28. Amber says:

    All I could think throughout the episode was why Emma didn’t just say: Well, you killed Graham, you know the guy I fell in love with, so saving a woman from being put to death by you who just so happens to be the wife of the guy you’re in love with, not really a big deal.

    • Kris says:

      Maybe because Emma wasn’t in love with Graham? She kissed the guy once. Maybe it could’ve developed into something, but there wasn’t enough time for it to be more than flirting.

      • Amber says:

        Well “love” may be exaggerated on my end, but I do think it was more than simple flirting. He did experience true love’s kiss with her, hence getting all of his memories back right before Regina killed him. And even so, does it need to be “true love” to be brought up? Regina killed a man Emma cared about. That all said, I have no issue with Regina being forgiven when earned and them being friends. I love redemptive arcs. But Regina’s tantrum over Marian is a bit ridiculous. I mean Regina had her killed in the past and Emma should be sorry for saving her? LOL. All I’m saying, is that if it was me, I’d bring up the fact that she KILLED the guy I was falling for. Not to mention all the countless other lives she destroyed. Sidney had a good point about her looking at her own reflection. So, I just think Emma should have said something and not just taken it. Regina needs to stop victimizing herself, own her mistakes and seek forgiveness for her own choices. Lashing out at people constantly every time something doesn’t go her way is what will keep her a villain. But when it comes to this Emma/Regina relationship, the Graham murder should be brought up especially when Regina destroyed the possibility of Emma having happiness with a guy she could have had an amazing relationship with. Especially when Regina keeps playing the “you destroyed my chance at happiness” card. Any normal person would bring this up. That is all. :)

        • Graham and Ruby make more sense actually... says:

          A&E said Graham recovering his memories was not because of true love, it’s supposed to be because he saved Snow’s life and is the reason Emma exists or something, meh I honestly don’t care, they guy left the show in the beginning of the first season ….. let’s add to that the fact that Graham and Ruby were soulmates or something according to the ouat comic.

    • Agu says:

      Emma wasn’t in love with him she just liked him. but that was a long time ago emma doesnt care anymore it’s about growing and developing now and trying to forgive and to bond.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I kept waiting for Emma to tell Regina off & was kind of floored with the whole “let’s be friends” thing she said instead.

  29. Agu says:

    I loved it I think that after all the fighting between Emma and Regina at the end Regina let her guard down. She is someone that has had a life where everyone step over her and she also felt betrailed because she trusted Emma. And she was just hurt that even intentionaly or unintencionaly she had hurt her. Regina is still hurting and she has her stubbornes and pride. So that is not gonna dissappear very easlily but I’m glad that she said to Emma ‘I don’t want to kill you’ I think that was a huge step for her, something hard for her to admit when she wants to look strong faceing this matter. So I just loved that they could talk about it. It has nothing to do with her being a bitch or a bad person towards Emma as some people thing. It’s about how she was raised stepped all over her, lied too, Regina felt like the odd man out, always along her life and that’s exactly how Emma felt, they felt lonely, usless, Emma because nobody wanted her and Regina because she just wasnt enough for her mother. They have similar feelings and I’m so glad that they discussed it and that they can get to the term to comepletly trust each other. But the snarky comments are not gonna go away, I mean that’s what keeps it interesting! ;) but so happy to how it turned out and happy that Regina can have a friend to just be herself and not to put does walls and the pride on herself again, to have a friend that would care if she satrted crying or felt petty on her if she did, cause that’s exactly what Regina doesnt want, pity. But she wants to blame someone for her pain because that’s the way she was raised and how her personality has become. But I think that by having a friend she’ll be able to let go of that pride and just be herself as she once was as a little girl :) So I cant wait to see her development!

    • Lisa says:

      Regina has built up a lot of walls. She finally started to let them down, when Marion returned. When faced with adversity, it’s really easy to put those walls back up and hard to consider trusting enough to let them down again.

  30. MattySi says:

    Oh My Gosh. I think I have it. The Snow Queen is Elsa from the future. I’m not sure why she have a vendetta but my theory hit me as soon as SQ said that she will soon have a family that loves her.

  31. ninergrl6 says:

    I feel like I’m watching season 1 Regina all over again and I have zero sympathy for her. I don’t know why Emma would ever want to be her friend with the way Regina treated her in this episode alone, not to mention the countless past transgressions. Emma should stick with Elsa & leave Regina to her pity party.

    I liked Emma’s flashbacks and the way everything unfolded watching the video in the last scene (clever way to reveal what many viewers had already guessed). I’m curious when/how Lily is going to pop up again. Emma letting Hook see her box of momentos was very sweet, though I’m surprised she had saved anything since her childhood seems to have been so traumatizing. I can’t help but feeling the ring Hook picked up from the box will be significant later, maybe a gift from her Snow Queen foster mom?

    • Davey Elmer says:

      The fact that Emma had such a traumatic childhood is exactly why she’d keep stuff from those years. They would be the only things she could cling to in order to keep herself from suffering any more mental trauma than she did.

  32. Davey Elmer says:

    Lily was most likely a one-shot character because the actress who played her, Nicole Munoz, has a major recurring role on SyFy’s Defiance as Christie Tarr (nee McCawley).

  33. LM says:

    I am surprised no one has commented on the “Asgard” comment made by David…great wink to Josh Dallas and the Thor movie.

  34. Jennifer says:

    Newsflash: Regina has extreme, emotional reactions. As for self-awareness, remember when she said, “I’m a villain and villains don’t get happy endings.” And again tonight she told Emma she had to live with hurting someone, just as she has. Regina acknowledges that she has caused pain. She’s still allowed to feel her own. Maybe she didn’t want to accept Emma’s apologies because her own attempts at making amends have never been good enough, kinda like for some viewers…

    One of the other biggest complaints about Regina ruining Emma’s childhood? Sure, she cast the curse but how conveniently people ignore Rumple, who designed the curse, Snowing, who put Emma in the wardrobe, Blue and Gepetto, who deprived Snow of the chance to go with her, the family who gave Emma back to the system, the countless families who rejected her after that, and Neal and August, who abandoned her. In terms of who directly contributed to Emma having a crappy childhood, Regina is way down on that list.

  35. murley says:

    I have to agree about the relative lameness of finally have a “family that loves me” in terms of villainess motivation. We will see how it plays out and hopefully there are more twists and turns. I am loving Elizabeth Mitchell in the role. She is perfect. I do fee like sometimes the motivations of the villians are pretty basic. The wicked witch is green from jealousy? Often times the side plots are a lot more interesting. I did like the whole thing about finding the heart of the truest believer though.

    • kacerho says:

      Yes, my reaction was, ‘huh?’ to that ‘family that loves me’ line lol. I love Liz Mitchell in whatever she does and I’m hoping for something grander than that total let down of a line.

  36. Jennifer says:

    I loved almost everything about this episode. Emma and Regina bonding and kicking butt together, the Emma flashbacks, Snowing, Will, the Snow Queen, the video reveal, the show was firing on all cylinders tonight! Haven’t enjoyed the show this much in a looooong time.

  37. kacerho says:

    Ok, honestly this episode was better than I thought it would be but I still really hate the Frozen addition. I love the movie Frozen, I really like Georgina, but I really wish she could have been brought on as another character, and the entire 4A arc could have just been Snow Queen. I think it would have been a lot better and even more sinister. I think Frozen ties their hands somewhat in terms of story telling. The Snow Queen being Emma’s foster mother could be seen from space. It was predictable pretty much the moment you knew she recognized Emma. I hope the show’s need to make everyone connected in an often convoluted mess doesn’t weaken the Snow Queen’s story or anything we’ve seen on the show so far. I liked the Emma/Regina interaction. I’m glad Regina basically admitted that she trapped Sydney because she wanted to kill Marian because it’s like it felt like her reasons behind everything she’s been doing had been forgotten. They’re not exactly honorable. Plus, she’s only trying to save Marian now because Robin is in her words ‘honorably bound’ to her. If she could kill Marian, get Robin, and get away with it, Regina would have done it already, so now without Sydney, I’m curious what she’ll do to take care of her ‘Marian problem.’ Regina is clearly in denial about why she doesn’t have her ‘happy ending.’ Also, Regina treated him like crap, but Sydney was an idiot to trust the Snow Queen and I have a feeling that he will pay for that. Whatever she plans to do with Regina’s dark magic, probably isn’t good lol. I loved young Emma and Lily and their parallels to Regina and current Emma were pretty obvious right down to how they felt growing up. Still, those scenes were really sweet. Finally, I love Will Scarlet. Can we keep him?

  38. I liked the episode overall. I would have loved no Hook since he already had so much screen time and more Belle with the baby. Other than that it was pretty good. Less Hook more Belle/Rumbelle overall and it’s a win for me. And of course SwanQueen/Swan-Mills family and Snowing. Really the core cast from s1 is so much better and deserves more screen time. it was a real travesty that Hook had the top screen time more than Emma and double Regina and all other s1 characters.

    The show is at it’s best with no Hook.

    Elisabeth Mitchell and Georgina Haig are good and I’m intrigued by the Snow Queen’s mirror.

    Thank you for the review.

    • Why do you feel the need to put down Hook’s character? Many of us like him. I was losing interest in the show until Hook appeared. I know many people feel the same way. I don’t like Regina but I accept that many people do. She constantly whines and complains about others. I find that very boring. I like Rumple but I don’t like Rumbelle. I don’t want any characters off the show, so I would appreciate if you would stop trying to get Colin fired.

    • Jane C says:

      I thought the episode would have lost a lot without the final scene between Emma and Hook. It was meant to show how much she is letting her walls down and opening up to him. In terms of screen time (who even keeps track of something like that?), he was in less than five minutes of the show!

  39. Veronica says:

    If their goal is to make Mary Margaret and David as dorky and useless as possible, then they are certainly succeeding. Also, I find it hard to believe that Emma held onto that camera for so long. Wouldn’t she have sold it at some point during the years when she had to steal things to get by?

  40. robson21 says:

    This was the best episode this season so far to me, I thought Lana Parrilla’s acting in this one was amazing. I love the emotion she shows.. I also loved the dynamic between her and emma, I understand people saying she only knew robin hood 5 days.. but she knew he was her soul mate for longer, and she seems like she yearned to have that “tru love” “soulmate” and when she has it finally, the rug was pulled from under her when emma saved marian and brought her back. anyways, I loved this episode, and I still hold out hope fo rmy outlaw queen :-)

  41. Ingrid says:

    So I know Elsa didn’t technically get a Storybrooke personality but if she did I’d put money on her being a marriage counselor.

  42. Marian says:

    I’m so glad Regina’s back. Lana Parrilla carries this show.

  43. Lies says:

    So that asgard clue.. does that mean that asgard is some sort of hell? And that maleficent is there? I only heard of asgard in the tvshow witches of east end, and there it means a magical realm where witches come from. I’m already to excited for the second half of this season! As for the knave i still don’t get what his plan is, when are we going to find that out? and why he left his true love?

    • AJ says:

      Josh Dallas had a small part in Thor. This was probably a reference.

    • Rose says:

      Asgard is part of Norse mythology, it’s where the gods live. And in Marvel’s Thor, it’s where he and all his people live. Disney owns Marvel, plus Josh Dallas was in Thor. Thus the reference. It was basically a wink to Marvel fans.

  44. jules says:

    I feel so sorry for Marian, her name has been mentioned more times than she’s been seen, since her debut.

  45. Mary Ann says:

    OK…..did I dream this last season, or did Elsa NOT come out of the same icky pool left by the Wicked Witch?? Opening some sort of wormhole into Storybrook?? Could there be a soon-to-be revealed relationship/same person thingy between the Snow Queen and the Wicked Witch? Wasn’t that the Wicked Witch’s whole lament – she didn’t have a family that loved her?? So, Matt, am I close??????

    • ninergrl6 says:

      Elsa came out of a vase/urn thing that was locked in Rumple’s basement in FTL (and which had previously held the Snow Queen, as we learned a few weeks ago). It came back with Emma & Hook when they time traveled back to present-day Storybrooke.

  46. Sally says:

    In my opinion this episode was the most important and best one so far. We have the two core characters finally interacting with each other and dealing with their problems. Those two have the most catching chemistry and bring the best acting out of Lana Parrilla and Jennifer Morrison. I loved Emma’s flashback and how much Lily resembled Regina and that those two obviously paralleled Emma and Regina. Lilly made Emma feel special and she has the same bond with Regina. They are special. They are unique. The relationship between those two mothers make Ouat special and unique. Their bantering was funny to watch but one can always see how much they mean to each other. Emma is fighting for Regina and that she won’t give up on her only shows how much she cares about the other woman. This episode was the best so far because we had also those quiet moments were the characters actually talk about their problems and the most beautful scene was the one at the end in Regina’s vault when Emma made sure that Regina knows she will fight for her and Regina giving in and admitting she cares about Emma too, in her own way.
    That Regina was lashing out a lot in this episode and not immediately forgiving Emma was okay because those two have a relationship that was build over 3 seasons. They are not rushed like others and that makes them real and interesting to watch. They are on the way to a friendship and I would love to see more of it and what can be build upon it.

  47. Anna says:

    FAVOURITE EPISODE EVER! I wish they did E/R episodes more often I love seeing swan queen make magic!

  48. Lex says:

    I LOVED this episode! I loved having Regina back for longer than 2 minutes. I think she and Emma are simply amazing together. I do enjoy The Bickersons. HA! I believe they DO understand each other and they DO care for each other. And that is something Regina isn’t used to. I can’t wait to see how this plays out. Thanks Matt!

  49. ANNA says:

    Great episode! Especially the last bit with Hook and Snow Queen twist!

  50. Rose says:

    I LOVED this episode, and I am loving this season so far! This Snow Queen mystery has got me hooked (no pun intended), and I loved all the character stuff in this episode. I definitely think Lily will be back, that star on her wrist has to be something. I’m excited to see where that is going. And I love Will Scarlet (aka the Knave), but I’m dying for them to get to his story! I want to know what happened?? Why did he leave Wonderland? What happened to Anastasia? I hope they explain all that soon! And Robin Hood needs to be in it more. Seriously though, just love this show so much.