Did Boardwalk Hit Casting Jackpot? Missing DemonDean? Can Elsa Bundle Up? Palicki-est TV Week? And More Qs!

Once Upon a TimeWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With a new week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Revenge, The Flash, Person of Interest and Supernatural!

1 | Though Hawaii Five-0 boss Peter M. Lenkov confirmed as much on Twitter, shouldn’t Danny have checked to see if his brother was, in fact, inside the barrel?

2 | How old is Belle’s phone on Once Upon a Time?! Can someone lend Elsa a cardigan, for when hanging out at the Charmings’ or the cop shop? (She makes us chilly!) And TVLine reader Danielle muses: “Once won’t do an animated Olaf, but a walking broomstick is acceptable?”

3 | Isn’t it getting kind of nuts that The Good Wife‘s Alicia hasn’t had a single onscreen convo with Cary or the-good-wife1Diane about her run for office? And did this side-by-side of the Florricks send you down Memory Lane?

4 | Now that a Russian bigwig has hit up her husband for a favor and a senator has harassed her daughter about foreign policy, which of Madam Secretary‘s kin is next on the list for highly inappropriate lobbying?

5 | On Revenge, how did the FBI — which presumably traveled from New York City — get to the Hamptons so quickly after David Clarke was arrested? And how did Louise gain entry into Daniel’s penthouse? (Isn’t the whole idea behind such rooms that the riffraff can’t just ride the elevator up?)

6 | How wrong is it to find The Walking Dead‘s cannibal cook Gareth sexy? That wrong? Sigh. That’s what we were afraid of.

7 | The Emmy for Outstanding Flashback Casting goes to… Boardwalk Empire?

Boardwalk Empire

8 | Do you think the writers for the DC Comics-based Gotham giggle each time they have a character refer to the MCU?

9 | When Sleepy Hollow‘s Ichabod wailed, “Abbie!” over his partner’s lifeless body, was it the saddest thing you heard all week? Plus: Could you get behind a Jenny-Hawley (re-)hook-up?

10 | Can The Originals just get Esther back in Alice Evan’s body?

11 | How is it fair that three of Blake’s six Voice Battle Round matchups got reduced to the dreaded “Montage Treatment” — versus two for Gwen, one for Adam and zero for Pharrell? Is the country coach’s voting bloc so loyal that NBC needs to put his contestants at a competitive disadvantage?

Selfie12 | How long did it take you to realize that Selfie‘s Father McMoney was the Old Spice guy?

13 | Given her simultaneous appearances on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and About a Boy, wasn’t it a good week to be an Adrianne Palicki fan?

14 | Are you kind of bummed Supernatural‘s Demon Dean arc was so short? And have angels always been able to purify demons?

15 | A “deluxe” hotel room, in New York City, for $200? Is Person of Interest finally stretching credulity? Speaking of person-of-interestsaid hotel: How cool was this through-the-floor/ceiling shootout? And is Cara Buono’s character coming off a bit too Terminator-like (assuming Martine is in fact not a robot)?

16 | Is The Flash’s Barry showing a bit more chemistry with Caitlin than with Iris? And if Dr. Wells “targeted” Barry, does that mean he meant for the particle accelerator to malfunction, and thus is responsible for all the other metahumans milling around town?

The Flash Set17 | With all the stunt pieces filmed on the streets by Arrow and now The Flash (see our set photo, right), must the people of Vancouver almost feel like they live in a comic-book city?

18 | So, um Sons of Anarchy… in what universe would a street prostitute consider a job at Diosa — the scene of a recent mass murder that left nearly 20 escorts dead — a wise career move?

19 | Which of The 100‘s miraculous survivors should have actually been offed: Raven, Bellamy, Finn or Jaha?Freak Show Dandy Glee Blaine

20 | Freak Show’s Dandy and Glee’s Blaine — separated at birth?

21 | Show of hands: Who thinks that Kiley’s son on Nashville actually was fathered by Gunnar’s dead brother? Also, how was Juliette showing enough that her bump was rubbing up against her tour costume… yet no one (aside from Noah) noticed it while they were filming the nude scene?

22 | Has there ever been a baby gift less appropriate (or more hilarious) than the “Stabbing Victim20Qs-MarryMe Knife Holder” Web Therapy‘s Fiona purchased for Baby Angus?

23 | On How to Get Away With Murder, couldn’t/wouldn’t the D.A. have checked courthouse cameras to see who left the nullification memo for a juror to find? And are we imagining things, or is there just a tiny current of sexual tension flickering between Connor and Asher?

24 | Why didn’t Scandal’s Jake mention the packet of evidence he showed up at the Oval Office to show Fitz?

25 | When did Parenthood‘s Drew become the wisest Braverman? (Or Holt, as it were.)

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Remy says:

    10. Can we just get EVERYONE on The Originals back into their own bodies????

    • Charissa says:

      I actually love Daniel Sharman, though I love original Kol too.

    • Letti says:

      Remy I wish we could… especially Kol. I miss Nathaniel Buzolic so much, even though I’d be happy if Daniel Sharman stayed as only Kaleb. Also Esther and Finn could come back in their bodies.

      • onelastemperor says:

        Yusuf Gatewood is so much better as Finn, so I disagree!

      • J.B. says:

        See that’s what I hate most about Kol 2.0
        I was so, so happy to have Daniel Sharman on the show, but as Kaleb NOT Kol.
        I know they probably couldn’t bring all the original (pun intended) actors back full time but shouldn’t Esther be powerful enough in theory to do that then use her magic to conceal their true forms?

  2. LADY_in_MD says:

    #11-The montage treatment on The Voice HAS TO GO! I cant see how trimming down the monday shows with all the behind the scenes and the annoying coming up next and showing us what happened before the commercial break wouldn’t allow for those battles that got the montage to be aired. This is my BIGGEST problem with the show. If you want me to invest in a signer and really get to know their VOICE let me hear them sign

    #15-That shooting scene on POI was awesome! I am glad Root is ok I was worried also did they hint at her and Shaw having feelings when she told Harold she has a special message for Shaw he responded I think she knows…hmmm that would be interesting. I don’t like the blonde her not moving her neck makes me think she is a robot lol

    • xwiseguyx says:

      I 100%agree.. I usually FF through so much of the rehearsal footage etc.. and recap etc.. that I can’t believe they don’t bother to show the matches. That is what people care about.. not how Missy misses her Dad who died of cancer or Grandpa is watching her from heaven… geez.

  3. Charissa says:

    I was extremely disappointed they cured Dean so quickly. The first two episodes this season were the most compelling this show has been since Kripke left five years ago.

    • Bryce says:

      How dare you soil Bobby’s grave like that!

    • cassie says:

      just like said before don’t understand why dean fans are surprised. was obvious from a mile away they were goin to drop it, just like everything related to dean/jensen. cause god forbid for dean/jensen to have a story arc, like never ever. cause obviously 9 & a half seasons of special snow flake were’nt enough

      • angel says:

        LOL, “special snow flake”? I like that. Curing DemonDean 3 episodes in? I really don’t like that. IAlthough, it wasn’t surprising given the show’s history of Sam obsession. But I really enjoyed seeing Jensen playing something other than regular Dean.

      • Charissa says:

        I always find it interesting (read: frustrating) how Sam fans always complain that the show is all about Dean, and Dean fans always complain about how the show is all about Sam. Neither camp is ever happy no matter what the storyline is. Give it up people. I was talking about the plot and storyline of the show in general, not about which brother individually was getting a better arc. Dean as a demon made the entire SHOW more interesting. Jensen nailed it as Demon Dean and it also allowed us to see more of what Sam would be like if he actually lost Dean. BOTH brothers were more interesting for a few episodes.

        • Angela says:

          Can’t comment on “Supernatural” specifically, as I’ve not seen that show, but this seems to be an issue with a LOT of TV shows nowadays. There always has to be some competition among the fans over which character is “better” or “more popular”, there’s always got to be the character some segment of fans can’t stand, people have gone so far as to actually time how often their favorite character appears in an episode…it gets very ridiculous. God forbid people just try, I dunno, relaxing and enjoying a show, or appreciating what EVERY character brings to the series, whether they’re your favorite or not.

  4. Greta says:

    Castiel didn’t cure demon!Dean- he merely used his angel powers to restrain him so that Sam could tie Dean back up and complete the blood treatment.

    • Dan says:

      Exactly. I’m actually angry that some people are confused about this. Didn’t people pay attention? Especially in a site like this? C’mon…

      And to answer the question. No, I’m actually very glad real Dean came back.

    • Moni says:

      Yes, Sam saved Dean.

    • May says:

      Yes! Thank you. It would be totally unfair if Sam didn’t get the credit for saving Dean (especially after all the s**t he gets for season 8). I was a little curious about using blood bags to cure Dean. Why didn’t they ever think of doing that to cure Crowley in season 8/9?

  5. Dee says:

    #16. Yes, absolutely. A lot more.

  6. Tim says:

    Don’t care for the Iris character. she’s a fine enough actress but i’m sure they could have found a better person to play the part

    • Rand says:

      Yes. This. I’m patient but she’s started to get really boring.
      I mean who cares about her relationship with Detective Pretty Boy. And why are we getting slow montage kiss in the precinct?
      I like her friendship moments with Barry.
      p.s. Barry-Snow is becoming my favorite.

      • Virginia says:

        16. Yes, agreed, but the person Barry has the best chemistry with is really Felicity. Not gonna happen, but there it is.

        17. I would just like them to stop using the same street in Vancouver, for everything. Used it in Fringe as well, and one apartment building that I guess all the shows filming there use. I know this is unrealistic since there are only so many locations, but it’s getting hard to suspend disbelief.

  7. Wordsmith says:

    19) I never thought for a second that Bellamy or Finn were in mortal danger, but Jaha and Raven should totally have kicked the bucket by now. Not that I dislike the characters, but come on… somebody needs to die or it just gets silly.

    • Katherine215 says:

      Well, in their defense, they did kill A LOT of people in the first couple of episodes of season 1. It gets hard to invest in characters if you expect the show to off someone every week. That said, I am side-eyeing them a bit for letting Jaha live.

    • Letti says:

      I was sure they won’t kill Bellamy or Finn of. But I’m glad for Raven, she has become one of my favourites. I’m ok with Jaha staying alive. I like most characters, I don’t want them to die. Oh too bad, some will be killed off I’m sure.

  8. Kvivik says:

    1) That was my thought the moment the episode ended.
    4) The anarchist son will be next.
    15) POI “finally stretching credulity”? They passed that threshold last season with Root.

  9. Wordsmith says:

    16) Not that Barry has bad chemistry with Iris (quite the opposite), but I agree that the (unintentional?) sparks between him and Caitlin were substantially more notable this week.
    And yes, Wells is totally doing everything deliberately, including causing the accelerator disaster. The metahumans may have been an unintended side effect, but I doubt he’s too broken up about it.

  10. Kim R says:

    1. H50- that’s what we were saying in this house! :)
    3. TGW- I’m “assuming” the convo took place & the final shot of the Florricks was so well done. 16. TF- OR is he Barry from the future? ;)
    25. P- All I know is that every week I wish the episode was 2 hours instead of 1 and I am going to miss this show terribly when it is done. I’ve said it before but there is no other show like it on TV. :(

  11. Vanessa says:

    As someone who lives in Vancouver, it is so cool and awesome to see our city play as Starling City, Central City and back in Smallville’s early to mid days as Metropolis.

    • LILO says:

      I grew up in the town where they filmed much of the early Smallville scenes at the time I remember hating having to plan around filming! But I love watching Arrow, Flash and Supernatural and seeing places I know and love!

  12. sarah j says:

    1)Peter also said that Matthew is really dead.
    15)I laughed because you are paying at least $200.00 for a Holiday Inn, in NYC. That is funny that someone else thinks she is Terminator like, because I said that to my husband. Maybe she is a machine herself.
    16)I just thought that this morning, that Dr. Wells planned the particle accelerator to malfunction. I think he is behind it all.
    As for chemistry with Caitlin and Iris, it has not come close to the chemistry he had with Felicity.
    17)LOL! The hospital also gets a lot of action, or at least the hospital set.
    25)No kidding, he had great advice for his sister.

  13. Amanda says:

    #5 They have been learning teleportation from Port Charles residents.

  14. Charlotte McCarthy says:

    That kid is definitely Gunner’s nephew not his son

  15. A.Rae says:

    #18 – I’m pretty sure they meant Diosa STOCKTON, but I see your point. Although given she was about to go back out with a guy who almost broke her arm, sounds like a step in the right direction to me.

  16. ninamags says:

    14. Yes, bummed that DemonDean is cured. Although, I have my suspicions and I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Deanmon!

  17. Curly says:

    I agree with your assessment if #7,
    They were especially good at the casting of Nucky’s younger adult self. I’m also getting the feeling that the kid who follows Nucky around is Jimmy Darmody’s son, they cast an actor with the same innocent, cherubic face & blue eyes. Just an educated hunch.

  18. #11 – The montages are starting to make The Voice feel like SYTYCD after they cut to one night a week. It wipes out half of the ‘getting to know you’ time. I don’t even know anyone’s name until halfway into the eliminations. I definitely don’t know any of them well enough to pick a favorite.

  19. ArchieLeach says:

    When did Parenthood‘s Drew become the wisest Braverman? (Or Holt, as it were.) Probably about the time Zek starting being a stupid jerk to everybody. And now Crosby is being just as bad. Is Adam the only one who is actually happy and/or not a jackass?

  20. Nerwen Aldarion (@Nerwen_Aldarion) says:

    Elsa can’t wear a cardigan, remember “The cold doesn’t bother her anyways”

  21. jack says:

    16. I believe Barry has more chemistry with his suit or cisco.

  22. Babybop says:

    9. Yes to both questions. If only Crane knew CPR…

  23. Angela says:

    #9: Crane’s concern for Abbie is so sweet and touching. And I’m intrigued to see what else happens between Jenny and Hawley. I still think she’s using him, but even so…
    #23: Can’t say I really noticed the tension between Connor and Asher, but that wouldn’t surprise me if that were the case, ’cause I’m sensing Connor’s gonna have chemistry with pretty much anyone who crosses his line of vision :p. Also, can’t say I really thought about the cameras being a use for the nullification thing (I don’t really watch a lot of courtroom dramas)-good point, though.

  24. Alichat says:

    5) I was wondering that myself. Wouldn’t they run his prints more than once to make sure that they really are the prints of a dead man? And how exactly did the police chief track Victoria down so quickly? And why didn’t Jack call Nolan immediately….or Nolan call a lawyer immediately for David? You know he has lawyers on speed dial. And please, for the love of god, let us find out that David has not been this blinded by Victoria and her schemes.
    9) It was rather heartbreaking. Did anyone else wonder how Headless knew where Katrina was? Did he see the Weeping Lady grab her? Did he just show up and see she was gone? Did he read the letter to Ichabod which was conveniently lying in the puddle of Weeping residue? How did he know where to find Katrina? And even though he showed up just after all the excitement, he still seemed to find her quickly for having no idea where she might be.
    23) The courtroom camera question didn’t bother me as much as the ‘Annalise being unprepared’ question did. If she’s such a good lawyer….a well known law professor…..wouldn’t she know that she was going to have to use a back door to get the abuse blog into the trial? Any lawyer worth her salt would know that they wouldn’t allow the mother’s abuse testimony if there wasn’t any physical evidence to back it up. Her surprise at it being thrown out made no sense to me.
    24) I’m wondering that as well. Why not immediately mention it when Fitz finally appeared? I’m thinking maybe Rowan had it destroyed, or Cyrus. I’m hoping Huck will go digging for Olivia and find all of Jake’s backup.

  25. Skittles&Bits says:

    16. I’m 99.9% sure Wells planned for the PA to malfunction since he went into his super-secret-chamber-of-dastardly-villainous-deeds right as it was exploding to *watch* Barry get struck by the Speed Force lightning. As for the chemistry…Caitlin tells her co-worker, Barry, how her husband died b/c he asked her (in a show of consideration) and that’s considered chemistry? Well if that’s the case, I think Barry and Cisco could have something going in with all the sparks flying when they simply *talk* to each other.

  26. Tanner says:

    #16 I had this thought since the pilot. Caitlin is so much more of an interesting character than Iris (IMO). Will be interesting to see how this is handled over the season :)

    • Isobel says:

      Agree I’m actually hoping more for a Barry/Caitlin thing happening then Firestorm turning up to cause issues than any Barry/Iris/Ed triangle because I’m still only seeing Barry and Iris and friends or given they grew up together, siblings

  27. J says:


    Also you forgot to include Flashback Eli in your Boardwalk photoset – and not quite flashback, but the guy playing Joe Harper is spot on casting, based on who his father is.

  28. Sarah says:

    19; easy, Finn

  29. marz1200 says:

    Demon!Dean arc was way too short. I kept waiting for the episode to end on a wham shot showing Dean was just faking being cured, but nope! I am super disappointed.

  30. Jared says:

    Dandy is the scariest thing about AHS. Finn Wittrock is amazing!

  31. tvgeek says:

    14. Yes the Demon Dean story was way too short. He still has the Mark of Cain so hopefully something more will be done with that. And Castiel DID NOT cure Dean. He just restrained him so Sam could get him back to the chair to finish giving him the blood.

    • Ann says:

      Thank you. Exactly right. Angels still cannot cure demons, never could. And I could have taken a few more episodes, although only-partly-cured-Dean was pretty scary wielding that hammer.

    • Mo says:

      I can see why they “cured” him so soon, but I was definitely enjoying demon!Dean. Agree with Ann that partly cured Dean was pretty darn scary. Pretty sure the MoC will be coming up again… it has to have some effect still. And I didn’t realize so many people thought Cas’ super-powered-angel-hug is what cured Dean. It seemed clear to me that he was simply restraining him.

  32. I agree about the montages on The Voice. I can’t watch the show in real time because of all the rehashing of back stories and things we just watched. Seriously I’d rather see new material than be subjected to information we already know. Also don’t need to see what is coming up because they are going to show it in a couple minutes anyway. If I was a montaged contestant, I would be so angry and calling shenanigans on producers. The producers clearly know who they want the public to vote for and try to manipulate the results. At least a two hour episode becomes one hour of viewing time with a DVR and fast forwarding through the garbage.

    • Bryan Caron says:

      I’m right there with you, however, I’m able to watch all three hours in 45 minutes, because I can’t really stand most of the rehearsals, because it seems by the time they finally get to the actual battle, you’ve already heard the song ad nauseam… and I usually skip through the judges commentary, because after a while, it all becomes the same “I love you” style praise for all contestants.

  33. LAwoman says:

    #6 Gareth. Yeah, it’s wrong, but….
    #7 Boardwalk: Totally agree about the flashback casting. Spot on.
    #18 SOA: I had the impression that she was too busy to be caught up on local news.

    • Jen says:

      ROFLMAO@your reply LAwoman. Though from my knowledge of this area, word on the street flies faster than the speed of the internet. You can be sure she would have heard abut it. You can be sure her pimp probably used what happened there to threaten her with the same thing if she didn’t do as she was told in the same way that wife beaters will see a news report about a man kllling his wife and kids, then threaten his own wife and kids with the same thing if the wife doesn’t do what she’s told as well.

  34. Bryce says:

    I’m definitely shipping Connor and Asher. Asher’s asking curious questions, and Connor’s definitely what us in the gay community refer to as a “turner”. Maybe one day…

  35. ProfessorPreis says:

    #5 – I’m pretty sure Louise has the other penthouse suite, so she and Daniel are neighbors.

  36. Jen says:

    3. Absolutely insane. I adore this show this season, but it’s bordering on the ridiculous that Alicia hasn’t spoke with Diane and Cary about the run for office. Those side-by-sides were wild. I can’t remember Alicia ever looking like that. It’s the perfect side-by-side (can you imagine what the press would do with that?)

    5. She’s rich. She can buy her way into anything especially since she’s in the other penthouse beside him.

    7. Boardwalk Empire did a smash-up job of young actors for the flashbacks. Young Nucky was eerily good at showing glimpses of Nucky habits and gestures and vocals and such. Well done.

    13. One word – Awesome!

    18. In a universe where the prostitute had been beaten up by her client and her pimp told her that no matter what the client, no matter how he brutalizes her, she’s to take it with a smile and ask for more more more. I guess fear of a guaranteed future lke that vs hope that the Dioso incident was a one-time thing. (What a slimey piece of work that pimp was.)

    21. In a story where I usually find is impeccably written I must say this was an irritant to me. Sure POTUS was rushing out of the room as if in emergency mode, but all Jake had to do was yell out “this is about your son” and POTUS would have stopped cold. No doubt of that. Jake knew there was a sense of urgency here. He’s no fool. He knew Olivia’s dad would make his move immediately upon knowing what Jake knows. So this made no sense to me whatsoever. A rare thing in Shondaland.

  37. Nichole says:

    Question of the week for Castle – If the permission slip found in the ice cream truck was for that day, why didn’t they just ask the teacher which student/s did not hand in said permission slip?? Not that watching castle interacting with the children was not funny, but still, it was a bit of a leap to have a two day “undercover” task for something that the teacher should have been able to answer in about 10 seconds!!

  38. GildedRose says:

    Oh my, that Sleepy Hollow moment with Crane and Abbie… so, so good! I loved that!

  39. Anna says:

    #21 – Yeah, I think the kid is Gunnar’s brother’s. I also want this to be true because I’m not a huge fan of secret-kid-storylines… As for Juliette – I think the problem wasn’t her bump but her boobs; those get bigger during a pregnancy as well & so the dress didn’t fit, but I think nobody would really notice during a sex scene because the bigger the better or something??

  40. Erik says:

    5) There is an FBI office in Melville. That’s pretty close.

  41. rowan77 says:

    I didn’t think Castiel purified Dean, he was just able to overpower and restrain him again so he could get the rest of the blood treatments. Did I miss something?

    And I do miss Demon Dean already and think that it would have been fun to let it ride a bit longer. He was a lot of fun to watch.

  42. Rich Abey says:

    #15. That through the floor/ceiling shootout between Root & Martine was SOOOO COOOOOL!! At first I thought “okay that’s pretty cool” but it’s just typical Person of Interest awesomness, but then as the episode went on I was like “Wait…did that just happen??” and ended up rewining my DVR a couple of times!
    PoI has just kept up the amazingly high level it achieved back in Season 3 through Season 4 and ‘Prophets’ is the best of the lot this season. I’m just loving it!

  43. Rich Abey says:

    #17. Don’t a whole heap of other hit TV shows film in cities around Canada including Once Upon a Time & Orphan Black? What’s with all these ‘US’ TV shows filming in ‘Canada’…no space?

    • J.B. says:

      Cheaper to film in Canada. They offer tax exceptions to companies who film there. The reason why Mistresses is moving there for the 3rd season.

      • Rich Abey says:

        I get it now. Thanks for the info. Maybe I should move to Canada too..free pass on BTS stuff for my favorite shows!

  44. J.B. says:

    8.) Which references are specifically talking about? I’ve gotten the DC ones but not any MCU ones.
    10.) YES! YES! YES!
    20.) I remember that actor from his All My Children days. *sigh* I miss my ABC soaps.

  45. GildedRose says:

    Re #16 and Barry’s chemistry with Caitlin. This, like Arrow’s Oliver & Felicity, is why shows can’t follow dictates of previous print material. Chemistry just “happens.” Unlike the page, where the artist/author is responsible for 100% of the chemistry, tvs and movies have to deal with flesh and blood people and that? That can change everything.

  46. Abby says:

    17. I live in Vancouver and almost never notice any filming in my day-to-day, no matter how much gets filmed here.

    19. None, yet. There was no reason for anyone to be dead yet, in my opinion. But based on the ratings the ep got, I’m sure some non-redshirts will be killed off for the buzz soon enough.

    21. I vote Jason’s baby, not Gunnar’s.

    25. When there was nothing else truly compelling that the writers wanted to do with Drew’s storyline before the end of the series.

  47. iana says:

    It certainly was a great Tuesday to be a Palicki fan! Started watching About a Boy because of her. Wonderful surprise to see such different sides of her on the same night! haha Bobbi Morse was so friggin bad ass!

  48. Lindsay says:

    15. So the part where the conputers write their own code, lie, and try to kill each other is okay then?

  49. Tom says:

    6 | How wrong is it to find The Walking Dead‘s cannibal cook Gareth sexy? That wrong? Sigh. That’s what we were afraid of.
    I’ll let you know for sure when the cannibals get a girl as hot as Maggie or Rosita, but for the time being my ruling is “we like who we like”
    9 | When Sleepy Hollow‘s Ichabod wailed, “Abbie!” over his partner’s lifeless body, was it the saddest thing you heard all week? Plus: Could you get behind a Jenny-Hawley (re-)hook-up?
    It was a little heartbreaking yeah. I have no opinion on Jenny and Hawley except for maybe “I don’t care a ton for Hawley” and Jenny I like.
    12 | How long did it take you to realize that Selfie‘s Father McMoney was the Old Spice guy
    As soon as I saw him. saiah Mustafa is awesome.
    13 | Given her simultaneous appearances on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and About a Boy, wasn’t it a good week to be an Adrianne Palicki fan?
    People watch About a Boy?

  50. Emma says:

    5 | On Revenge, they explained that (sort of) in-episode. Louise has the other penthouse in the same building.