Grimm Season 4 Premiere Recap: Trubel-ing Times

Grimm Season 4 Premiere Recap

It’s been months since we checked in with the Grimm gang, but for Nick & Co., mere moments have passed between the events of last season’s finale cliffhanger — Nick’s Wesen-detection powers are gone! — and this week’s season-opening episode.

And by the end of the hour, those moments seem like a peaceful respite from the insanity ahead. Let’s take a look at what happened in “Thanks for the Memories.”

DON’T LOSE YOUR HEAD | Nick, Juliette, Trubel and Hank speed away from Monroe and Rosalee’s melee of a wedding reception and wind up back at Nick’s house, where Weston Steward lies decapitated in the entryway. (Nice job, Trubel.) The cops and FBI are there — remember, Steward was a federal agent — with lots of questions for Trubel, who did the beheading.

One agent in particular, Chavez (played by Elizabeth Rodriguez, Orange Is the New Black), is highly suspicious of the young houseguest; Wu, too, has serious misgivings, especially after he finds a sketchbook full of Wesen in Trubel’s room. But Hank later shuts Wu down when he asks about all of the weirdness surrounding the crime scene. You’re so close, Drew!

But the mini-Grimm keeps her story straight and her composure intact long enough to satisfy the authorities that she acted in self-defense, so everyone’s allowed to go back to their normal lives. That means that Juliette now has time to process some of the really big feelings she’s been having about 1) Nick sleeping with Adalind and 2) Nick no longer being a mythologically ordained monster fighter. (For the record, he’s not easy with either idea, either.)

When he can’t sleep, Nick goes downstairs to scrub Steward’s blood out of his hardwood floor — and Juliette eventually joins him. “Maybe this is a good thing for us, my not being a Grimm anymore,” he says, and she doesn’t disagree.

SUCKS TO BE YOU | So Nick goes about the business of being an unenhanced Portland cop, which involves tracking down a criminal whose victims are left in a demented state, unable to identify their attacker and unable to remember anything about their own lives. That baddie, we learn, is a Wesen called the gedachtnis esser, which looks like an octopus head and sucks the victims’ memories out through the backs of their heads. Though we see octopus head (played by Scandal’s Brian Letscher) do his thing to several people with what seems like top-secret information, we’ll have to wait until next week to see how that storyline wraps.Grimm Season 4 Premiere Recap

HONEYMOON ECLIPSED | Wondering what became of the newlyweds? They skipped their honeymoon and are working on reverse-engineering the potion that was in the vial Renard gave Trubel (which she dropped, because she’s Trubel). And while we’re on the subject, did the wardrobe department really get its money’s worth out of the wedding finery or what? The cast was in it for more than half of the episode!

OH CAPTAIN MY FLATLINE | Captain Renard, whom Weston shot in the season finale, spends the entire episode in a hospital bed with teams of medical professionals working on him. Then, just as a mysterious blonde woman shows up outside his room, his heart stops. Is Sean really gone?!

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Sutton says:

    When did Trubel become a series regular? Did I miss that? She’s annoying, takes up too much time, and cannot act. The rest was awesome!

  2. Evenmoor says:

    “Grimm” is set in Portland, not Seattle.

    Hang on there, Renard! Don’t die on us! Who will give us all the shirtless rage if you’re gone?

    Adalind will have some seriously fancy footwork to do if/when she makes it back to Portland after whatever mess happens in Vienna. Because what she did was wrong, in *so* many ways.

    How long will it be before Nick realizes that being de-Grimmed is most definitely *not* a good thing? I’m guessing it won’t take very long.

  3. Alichat says:

    Rowan sent Tom to Portland?? Tom is a wesen?? That’s why he was ok with being a cold blooded killer!! My ScandaI & Grimm worlds are colliding!

    So I’m foreseeing one of those “you should have known it wasn’t me” arguments between Juliette and Nick, right after the “you told Rosalee not to find a curse for me?!” argument.

  4. MTB says:

    So how long are we going to have to wait until Nick gets his powers back? It’s ok for a couple eps but come on. Nobody wants to see that much of Trubel.

  5. Spoiled says:

    Spoiler alert? Hello?

    I googled ‘grimm premier’ to see if was starting at 9 and the third result is your page with “Grimm Premier Recap – Renard Dies”. Maybe don’t put something like that in the freaking title please? The show hasn’t even aired in the central and pacific time zones.

    • Margreete says:

      They do it ALL the time, for every show, in search results. All their search tags are complete spoilers and total click bait and it infuriates everyone. It’s too bad, because the article titles are not spoilers and the content is pretty OK. but yeah, it’s completely unethical and I just don’t Google any shows before watching them solely because of TVLine. If I need TV schedule information, I go directly to or the TVGuide app on my iPad.

    • Abosede Ibikunle says:

      Thank You!!!

    • Cmahone says:

      kind of means he doesn’t

  6. W części D PIT 37 w pozycji nr 95 powtarzamy wpis z pozycji nr 42, podobnie w pozycji nr 103.

  7. James D says:

    good premiere liked the Davy Jones Vessan. With that said I’m already tired of Nick loosing his powers any more then a couple of episodes of it and I’m going to really struggle with watching this season.

    • CeeCee says:

      I feel the same. Told my husband if Nick’s Grimm powers are gone for much longer I won’t watch anymore. With Renard gone and no Nick power the edge is dulled. No other characters fill the void.

  8. DAVID BRAZEE says:

    Disappointing start to the season. The captain dying? Trubel a main player? Nick not a Grimm? yikes….I’m losing interest already!

  9. Lauren says:

    I hope NBC doesn’t pull another Shay.

  10. Sam Cro says:

    What a vagina show this turned into. They make Nick impotent and turn the show over to girls. Typical Hollywood feminists want in when men show success.

  11. AnnieM says:

    Well, I certainly hope that Captain Hottie does not stay dead. I, too, hope for a swift return of Nick’s powers, but I bet they make us wait till January, at least. :-P. I don’t hate Trubel, but I am bored with her already; wish they would send her to Nick’s Mom to help with Baby Royal (I forget her name), and for more Grimm training. Hoping for more Monrosalee next week.

    • bigguy3080 says:

      I hate how we’ve seen more action with Trubel than Nick in a while. His last fight I thought was going to be huge, ended up being very weak. Him, Monroe and his dad vs Wildesheer. They should of stayed with his death face look story. Like when he knocked Krampus out. I can’t recall many of these supernatural type shows that disables their main character of the very thing the show is based on.

  12. tony says:

    Portland has almost 700,000 citizens and 99% are hexons shift changers and they are all evil except the Grimms friends. Its a little too much to swallow, it should been made as a cartoon don’t even waste your time watching made for children.

    • James says:

      If it was made into an animated series, it would have been lost in the dozen other cartoons about shape-shifting characters.

    • Znachki says:

      No, you’ve got that wrong. It’s not the 99% hexenbeist that are evil, it’s the 1% hipsters that are the problem. ;-)

    • Jooshua says:

      I swear I read somewhere that Wesen tend to gather in large quantities, not by choice, it just happens? I’m not sure.. I really think I read that at some point in an interview or maybe even on the show.

    • EnricoIV says:

      So you’re telling us we’ve seen all 693,000 (99%) of the population of the city in the show already, and they’re all “hexon”? I don’t think so. And if you think something that is a fantasy (a.k.a. NOT REAL) needs to be little enough for you to swallow … go watch the news. This is FICTION. It’s a story. It’s not real. Heck, there are almost more murders in two or three episodes of the show than there are in a full year in Portland. You might as well complain that all 700,000 citizens (but in reality, it’s more like 2.2 million in the metro area) are criminals.

  13. tv stalker says:

    Whatever happened to Nick’s additional powers, where he looks as though he’s dead/can hold breath for a really long time (side effects from the zombie episode), but isn’t, enhanced hearing(from when he went blind)???

    • James says:

      According to a recent phone-in interview with David Guintoli earlier this week, he said that once his character regains his Grimm powers back, he will also regain those extra-enhanced powers he got from being a zombie.

    • Charita J. L says:

      These events I feel should’ve been the end of Season 4 and the start of Season 5. I wanted them to dwell more on Nick strangely reverting back to the zombie state and that he’s really Thomas Schirach, the guy who was terrorizing people and started that bar fight. It would cliff-hang at the end of Season 3, then it would wrap up in the beginning of Season 4. After that, Trubel, the wedding, and Nick losing his powers could occur, and he gets them back in season five.

  14. Pat says:

    I was happy to watch Grimm’s season opener, but then became sadden to see that there was not enough Monroe and Rosalee air time. I do not believe, that Captain Renard has died. His character is so important to the show. I just hope that they will not be dragging out this storyline of Nick losing his Grimm powers. Now as for Wu, that poor guy really looks like he is ready to mentally break down, again. I am not sure how he is going to feel if the truth was ever told to him, but my guess will be anger.

  15. K.B. says:

    So, Nick has no more “Grimm” , we don’t watch the show. Getting tired of this. We did DVR the show and fast-forwarded it…really fast. Come on already, who decided this was the way to keep viewers ? And the captain is dead, really ? Not particularly interested anymore and if this keeps up beyond the next episode don’t think we’ll even be DVR’ing it.

  16. Maryann says:

    I’m loving Trubel and this season’s plot arc! I just hope that Renard is not really dead.

  17. kirads09 says:

    Something tells me the “mystery woman” that shows up in the hospital will be able to revive Renard where no one else can. Is she Adelind’s aunt perhaps? If the captain is truly gone, tbh, so am I from this show. I could do with a spin off/prequel just about the Royals. That is the story line that interests me most anymore. Or Monroe (not near enough of him anymore!) I still can’t like Trubel – I have tried, I really have. I find her annoying and unnecessary. Oh, and it is way beyond time to clue Wu in on everything. Grimm – you have two more episodes to convince me I should keep tuning in this season. If it is all going to be Trubel focused – no thanks.

    • MandaJ says:

      I don’t mind Trubel, not my favourite character but toleravle. But I have a feeling she won’t go anywhere anytime soon. I think they will eventually reveal that she is Nick’s sister. Just a hunch.

    • michelle says:

      I think it his mom even she is hexenbeast we know he is half of something
      . I know nick is happy about no powers, but it looks like trubel is feeling alone again in seeing the monsters. Plus plenty of people already know him as grimm so it does not mean they will stop attacking him. FBI agent is wesen too

    • mangolovenet says:

      In the promos for the episode, it looks like the mystery woman is a hexenbiest, so my guess would be that he’s Renard’s mother. Initially, I found Trubel to be very annoying since she always went out of her way to NOT listen to Nick when he clearly has more knowledge about the Wessen world than she does. The writers seem to be softening that edge a bit as she’s treating Nick and Juliette more like family with each passing episode.

      As for Adalind, I’m not really sure what her function is in this show anymore except to be infuriatingly annoying. I prefer Trubel over her. She needs to either be a Big Bad, or on a real quest to find her child.

      Wu needs to be let in on the secret now. No point in dragging it out further.

  18. toria says:

    I honestly dunno wat to say, they should do and end the series..its getting too complicated

    • kirads09 says:

      I don’t think it has necessarily become too complicated. But it has wondered from he original stuff that made it great. Nick as a grimm chasing wesen and the original “fairy tale” stories. They need to take it back to basics. Ditto for OUAT. That is what made the shows fun and great in the first place. JMHO.

  19. Robert says:

    I seem to be in the minority but I love Trubel. She puts a gritty spin on the whole Grimm mythology. The actress that plays Trubel has added flavor to the show. I am curious about the gorgeous blonde woman who came to see Renard, I am wondering what can she do for him?

    • jenferner8 says:

      I’m glad someone else likes her too! She’s s bit rough around the edges but in a good way. She’s also not stereotypical actor or character. As for Captain Hottness, there is no way the show will kill him off, I believe Louise Lombard who plays the blonde will be of some use in this area.

    • Charlene Watson says:

      I have to say that I honestly like Trubel also. She kicks butt and is tough. Don’t see nothing wrong with that. I think we saw so much of her because of Nick’s loss of powers and she helped out – a lot. Wouldn’t mind seeing her from time to time. A little mix of young and old never hurts.

  20. Anna Harlow says:

    You better bring Renard back to life, he’s my hero, nest to Nick, of course.

  21. Sandi says:

    Not happy with this, when is Nick getting his powers back, is the caption really dead, if so cancel the rest of the season. The first ep, sucks, im a big fan, have all 3 seasons on dvd, but if season 4, dont change, i wont waites my money, or watch the shows.

  22. Leo says:

    I don’t mind Trubel all that much, but come on this show’s all about Nick being a Grimm. So hopefully they don’t drag this crap out like with they did to Juliette… Cause that’s annoying as hell.

  23. Kelly says:

    Grimm is my favorite tv series.
    Having said that, Grimm is also by far the most frustrating show on tv. the writers have piled on such an overwhelming mess of sub plots – they cannot do justice to ANY of the story lines.

    If the series is to survive the season, the writers need to FOCUS. They need to remember that this is a ONE hour program – and start cutting out the unnecessary sub-plots.

    This show is all about the interaction among the characters. NOt about an overwhelming mess of unnecessary plot lines. Oh, and could you please give the “Juliet”character something to do this season – stop treating her like a red haired Barbie doll.

  24. Sheldon W. says:

    Solid premiere – B+. Love what’s coming up next – it’s even better.

  25. Carole G says:

    We love this show. All the characters are great and it’s fun to watch. Hope you never run out of “creepy” book monsters. Also, please keep the captain.

  26. Abosede Ibikunle says:

    I hate how if you google Grimm, this article with the headline “Renard Dies” shows up. It is not cool and it spoils it for the people who did not watch the season premiere yet.

  27. aim_up01 says:

    One question remains is that Seans’ mother at the hospital and if so what is she going to do? Will she really help Nick? At what cost? Prince Viktor is in for it! Sean being shot was bad enough if Sean is really dead what will King Frederick do to all involved?

  28. Pam Brown says:

    Nicks powers need to come back really fast. I don’t like or dislike Trubel but I watch the show for Nick, Monroe and the captain. To that end, I hope that woman in the hospital is his mother and she can “bring him back.” Also, I think they have tortured poor Wu enough. Just like with Hank he needs to know, especially if he is going to appear at every crime scene and keep seeing this bizarre stuff. As for Juliette, I think she is a bit of a whiner who wants her own way. I want the “real” Nick back and then have her deal with it or leave. IMO she doesn’t really add a whole lot to the show.

  29. Cheryl says:

    Dont care for Trubel she is a pain..was happy with Nick being the Grimm

  30. Jennifer says:

    You might have mentioned in recap that one reason Chavez was so highly suspicious of Trubel is while Chevez is currently unaware of Trubel’s Grimm status, Chevez herself is Wesen. Also there is NO way on God’s green earth the Captain is dead. He’s half human yes, but he’s half Wesen. I’m sure Louise Lombard will have something to do/say about it. And I don’t see the show killing off one of it’s hottest men.

  31. JJ Griff says:

    Juat finished watching tue episode… What a wild ride to start the season off… So glad its back on.. Great job as always

  32. JC1 says:

    I was rather underwhelmed by that episode, sorry to say. Somehow it felt like nothing really happened. It was all setup for the next episode/rest of the season. And I can tell already that I’m going to get annoyed if they drag this “Nick without powers” storyline out very long. I like Trubel, but not as the main Grimm. And they really need to stop lying to Wu. I was irritated by that last season, and I still am. Although in fairness I think Hank was getting ready to tell him the truth when they were (of course) interrupted. And as far as the Captain goes, I don’t think he’s going to die. I agree that this new hexenbeist is probably his mother, and she’ll do something to save him.
    One thing I did like is that they told the truth (mostly) about what happened at the house. I was afraid we were about to see them try to come up with a story and then have a season long plot of it unraveling. I’m pretty sure the FBI agent knows Trubel’s a Grimm, but I’m not sure what she’s going to do about that yet.

  33. bigguy3080 says:

    I’d say the most exciting part of this first episode was watching Wu. And this is the premiere. No action.

  34. LindaCat7 says:

    I don’t think Renard’s really dead, and frankly I’m surprised someone from the Royal family didn’t swoosh in to ‘save’ him, at least on some level. That would’ve made for an interesting story line. Maybe that’s what this blonde is doing? Hasn’t Adalind created enough problems? Once she meets with Viktor and finds out her baby’s not in Vienna, all HELL is going to break loose with her, far worse than what she’s done already. I’d love to see her killed off, but I’m sure that won’t happen, at least not for a while. We still have yet to see if she’s carrying Nick’s baby. I think Juliette is going to realize that Nick is better off WITH his Grimm powers than without, and she’s going to become more bad-ass in her hand-to-hand combat abilities (we already saw some of that in a previous episode – it’s bound to happen). They really need to get off the stick and fill Sgt. Wu in on what’s going on – that angle is old and tired already. I like Trubel, and think she’s doing a great job, especially for a new character. Her acting is totally believable. She’s done a good job of incorporating herself into the group, and the way she ‘nabbed’ Octoman was great! I also like the way she volunteered to jump in deeper to learn more about the Grimm world to help Nick, et al. She has amazing courage, and I’m sure the female FBI agent has already figured out she’s a Grimm. I think we need to see at least one good scene of Monrosalee having a happy Honeymoon moment before everything goes awry for them. We also need to see some happy bonding between Nick and Juliette so it’s not ALL problems piled on top of problems for them.

  35. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    The opening ep. was really GOOD! I don’t mind Trubel since Nick is without his Grimm powers (FOR HOW LONG) she’s got ALOT on her plate now, but seems like she wants to help.
    As for the lady w/the blonde hair the new hexinbeast is she going to help Nick &Co. catch Adalind? Plus I don’t think Captain Renard is dead. He better not die!

  36. Iris says:

    Hoping Captain Renard is not really dead

  37. Jillian Cat Wesen says:

    I am just so excited my favorite show is back!!! I don’t want the captain to stay dead (hey, but this is Grimm, right?). I think the new opening, Nick’s handicap, little sis’s help, etc. is great. I think this shoe improves every year. I also hope Nick and Juliette get married this year.

  38. Cmahone says:

    Sean is Absolutely NOT dead

  39. Luis says:

    Is Sean gone? No.
    Will Nick remain un-Grimmed? No.
    Will his re-Grimming involved danger to Juliette? Probably.

  40. Bronwyn says:

    When I was watching Grimm and I saw this weeks wesen Gedächtnis Esser. I laught it reminded me of Hydra symbol from Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I love both these tv shows. I think that Captain Sean Renard is dead in the first episode but in the next episode that he rises from the dead like an zombie. That was a joke and I hope that Sean Renard is not dead dead for the story line. I love this show and hope that it doesn’t happen.

  41. Julius says:

    People would loose interest if this series is heading the way where it looks like its heading, with captain renard dead and nick loosing his powers.

    • Sam says:

      You got that right. If they like Trubel so much, send her to Arizona or somewhere, give her her own show. Don’t out the other characters on the back burner!!! The Oct 31 ep should not be called Grimm, it should be called Trubel..AGAIN…!!!!

  42. Steve L says:

    I’ll agree that Trubel is extremely annoying and hope they kill her off. She’s the Scrappy Doo, Wesley Crusher, Chachi, Gazoo of Grimm. Actually, there’s way too many Grimm’s around right now anyhow, they killed off the old Grimm who came to visit, time to kill of Nick’s mother as well. At most have a Grimm on the East coast, plus a few Grimms in Europe

  43. DON’T YOU DARE TO KILL SASHA ROIZ OUT OF THE SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. tsumerall says:

    Nooooooo… Sean can’t be dead!!! Who else, besides Trubel if Nick is no longer a Grimm??? He really needs to let Monroe and Rosalie enjoy their newlywed status.

  45. Will says:

    Best show on TV.!!
    Truble was a great addition. Hope she comes back.

  46. Bonny G. says:

    Love Grimm I try not to miss it when it is on. But this season I only saw 3 or 4 and it is off.So when will it be on again

  47. Zasha Kessler says:

    Sean can’t not die!