Scandal Recap: The One Where Everyone Believes that Jake Killed a Kid

ABC’s Scandal this Thursday threw Jake into the bowels of the Pentagon, because apparently he is so obsessed with Olivia that he had First Son Jerry Jr. killed to win Fitz the election, so that… well, that’s where the logic gets a bit fuzzy.

And yet, the leader of the free world bought into the lie — told by Rowan, mind you — and hounded Cyrus for updates on Ballard’s interrogation every four hours. Ultimately, Fitz would visit Jake in the bunker himself, to at first make small talk (leading me for a moment to think, with great relief, that they were in on some massive ruse), but then solicit a confession, which wasn’t about to happen. And at hour’s end, Fitz paid a return visit, thinking that a few jabs learned on the Yale University Boxing Team would make the B613 vet ‘fess up, but Jake gave as good as he got, taunting POTUS with tales of his and Olivia’s seaside carnal cavalcade.

During Fitz’s first super-secret trip to the bunker, Mellie wondered why he skipped out on their daily visit with dead Jerry, and accused him of being off screwing his mistress. Fitz snaps and reveals that he was interrogating their son’s murderer. Mellie’s reaction is bizarre, even for Screw It All to Hell Mellie, as she posits that Jerry Jr. “was like our war hero, our solider…. He died for us,” to stay in the White House four more years. Rightly recoiling at her spin, Fitz says they will share no more words until the Mellie he recognizes returns — and at episode’s end, we see the First Lady lose the Uggs and grab a needed shower.

Now if you, as I tweeted, were wondering exactly what Jake’s possible motive for ordering a hit on Jerry Jr. (as well as Harrison) could be, Rowan tried to spell it out for us/Olivia, as outlined above — that while he in the past assigned Jake to execute many a sordid task, this was not one of them, that this instead was the handiwork of an obsessed man. The only saving grace amidst this motive-less madness is that when Olivia confided in Abby the shocking suspicions about Jake killing Harrison and Jerry, Liv herself admitted she wasn’t quite buying it. So there’s that.

Elsewhere in the hour….

* The cold open catapulted us back into the Catherine Winslow case, with Quinn and Olivia (bored because Jake seems to be blowing her off) monitoring the head of security for Catherine’s husband’s law firm. In doing so, they witness this Kubiak guy kill the dead girl’s BFF, Faith. Olivia gets bupkus in grilling Jeremy himself, but Quinn gleans from her own snooping that Faith had gotten from Caitlin a key to a locker, and that’s what Kubiak was after. Quinn also deduces that Faith swallowed said key, and subsequently extracts it from her body at the morgue (though based on my decades of watching TV medical/crime dramas, that seems like something that would have been discovered in the original autopsy).  How this might connect to a larger story, I invite you to speculate!

* Huck conducted several (Clumsy) stakeouts of baby mama Kim’s place, and gets busted twice. When he asks to see Javi, Kim invites him to come back that night — and Huck somehow doesn’t smell this for being the trap that it is. But instead of having police awaiting him (a la Graceland), Kim tries to spring a shrink on Huck. Yeah, he’s having none of that.

* And lastly, David drunk-dialed Abby a time or two, then eventually showed up in person to confess that he, in essence, killed that kindly judge from a couple weeks back, using the B613 files. But Abs doesn’t quite know what to do with that info.

What did you think of “The Key”?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Alichat says:

    Oh Fitz. Why do I feel like every episode now, all I’m saying is……ohhh Fitz? **shakes head** If anyone on this show took one minute just to stop and think, they’d see how clearly they are being played. This episode was just nuts. Olivia is actually considering believing her father, Huck’s ex-wife calls a psychiatrist that Mellie CLEARLY needs, Cyrus was having one of his many “hello pot, my name is kettle” moments, and David is swimming in guilt and alcohol.

    • I love that how even though Mellie has clearly went off the deep end, Bellamy Young had me believing her ramblings.

      • Netty says:

        I dont know if Mellie is out her mind with grief or its her despicable ambitious self who is resurfacing.

        • ShariaLynn says:

          I think Millie has always been what in my circles is known as a “bad bi+€#”. For years shes been holding back secrets that would have sent any other woman running to a shrink, watching her husband fall in love with another woman(who he parades around with and turns to)in order to keep her husband in office. Her ambition was all she could use to get thru the crap in her life. So for her to have a mental break at the loss of her son; she earned that. Seeing a use for her sons death, ok it was creepy,but if it helps her get on track. Well, shes earned that too.

    • Lei says:

      I stopped watching this show when the mother came back from the dead :) It’s hilarious the episodes that are being written. Suspend disbelief — Heck yeh, because none of it makes sense. That the President is so obsessed with a black (whore) that he would risk office, wife, family, everything for her….come on people! This is a joke show.

      • Lexie says:

        Olivia being black makes it so much worse!! Thank you for pointing that out. If she was white it would be so much better!

        • Lonnie Alexander says:

          She’s Black and smart,i did not know you could be racist on here.Olivia will be on there so don’t watch it.

        • Overthinking says:

          @Lel – “This show is a joke” – well but you still feel the need to comment on a show that “you are not watching” and leave both racist and sexist comments. Very classy!!!

        • Netty says:

          Lel and Lexle yeah…no..i aint buying it..this is not two people commenting, this is just one miserable sod writing this garbage. Scandal fans may bicker bout fitz and jake but racism is a no no. Your comments are disgusting and there’s no room for your kind here.

          • Asta says:

            Netty agreed about Lei/Lexie. One person. Obviously a schizophrenic who hears voices and they are all from her!.

          • Sterling says:

            Pretty sure Lexie was being sarcastic

          • Lexie says:

            Pure sarcasm from me. One of the reasons I love scandal is that it’s one of the only shows on TV that doesn’t have anything to do with race. You could switch the races of all the main characters and nothing would change. Lei is just a typical internet troll trying to get reactions out his/her own stupidity.

        • Vincent says:

          Oh another KKK member in the house! If she was white it wouldn’t make a difference except it would not have the dynamic it actually does for a political drama. Sorry. Oh and I am an Englishman btw. A white one.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Would you call her a whore if she was white? Suuuuure you would.

        • Lexie says:

          Agreed. One of the best things about this show and the people who actually watch it is that no one ever sees race as the issue. It’s never brought up by the writers or the viewers or in any comment section because the race of all the characters makes absolutely no difference to the show.

      • Gem says:


      • Cheyenne says:

        If you already stopped watching then you have nothing to comment about so take your racist ass someplace else.

      • Lovely says:


        So you didn’t stop watching until season 3??? A racist who secretly watches interracial romance stories… Girl, Bye! LMAO!!!

      • Kat Aston says:

        You sound like you’re suffering from PMS -Plantation Mistress Syndrome. Also, who are you kidding, you wouldn’t miss an episode of the beautiful Kerry Washington with her radiant skin color, alongside Tony Goldwyn heating up your television every week. You can’t resist their chemistry. You’ll be glued to Scandal next week, you can’t stop watching the hottest tv couple, because you know they look so good together.

      • Dehliaa says:

        Shonda!! Fitz beating up Jake? Come on, we know that Olivia’s mother caused that. Fitz is a kind person, hitting Jake? Anyone else but not these two.

      • Dehliaa says:

        Whore? What? How much of a cruel individual are you? Okay we suspect envy, jealousy of suchis a beautiful hard working actress. But to call her a whore? Closes minded, uneducated, Thanks again for sounding off. It’s folks like you who lie, cheat, take from the poor, who help let me know a Republican will NEVER get back the White House.

      • Dehliaa says:

        What kind of racially motivated, and dingbat comments is this. Stop commenting on a show with such closed behavior? I can see you and your kind and you are not appreciated or wanted here. Lol, about how racist and ignorant you sound. STOP such comments. You sound envious, and jealous of Toby Goldwyn, Kerry Washington, and Scott Foley who have successfully played these three cintroversion characters. I commeND positive thinking, NOT negative and closed thinking. This is our future involving relationships. If you don’the get or understand that you Are Not ready for the world we already live in.

      • Whatevah says:

        Lei, keeping it classy.

      • Rhonda says:

        You are so racist. Don’t watch the show.

      • Netty says:

        Lel You are a racist pig…

      • chris says:

        why does she have to be a whore?

      • Asta says:

        what century do you live in?

      • Nathalie says:

        That black “whore” must be sweet. Two powerful and smart white men fall badly for her.
        Comon, dont’t be so bitter…

      • Emme says:

        Lel… you’re embarrassing yourself. There are so many problems with the show, but your low self-esteem can’t get beyond the color of the lead’s skin? Pathetic.

      • abrupt says:

        You’re either an idiot, a troll or both.

      • Vincent says:

        You should go back to the KKK meetings and stop watching these shows that depict interracial relationships. You’re race problem is disgusting. BTW, psst, there are plenty of people who do similar things in the world as the characters in this show of ALL races. You should get educated, instead of spewing your trashy bs online where you can’t get your behind kicked for your hate speech as you would deserve.

        Oh and to make you even more angry, I’m an English male engaged to a black woman. She would be considered more “classy” than I am. I’m metal head with shoulder length black hair who loves profanity. I’m a science guy, who’s an engineer, she is an artist and teacher. She tends to be reserved and while she has a strong opinions she tends to be soft spoken about them. Opposites attract, and at the end of the day I love her and her family, and vice versa.

        Interracial love is here to stay. And I’m not sorry.

      • If you have stopped watching the show, why comment. Lolol

      • Mae says:

        Did you have a problem with the close relationship between Bush and Rice???

      • Julie says:

        You have got to be kidding me. What world do you live in? You don’t think a white man could be in love with a black woman? You are dillusional. Stay off this site if you are going to make stupid racist comments!!!

      • brandy says:

        For gods sake, brilliant it’s TV. Get over yourself. The purpose of it being so dramatic is to draw you in. If if was normal and mundane it would simply be reality tv and we all know how stupid that is. We are all entitled to our own opinion however. Not really sure why her being black is relevant. It’s a drama /conspiracy/mystery/ action series and the intense, out of the norm issues are what draw you in….duh…..maybe you should rethink the before you type…IDK

    • Tasha says:

      Absolutely agree with your commentary! Cyrus really needs to see come off of it,he’s just as guilty of killing James! And sense when is Rowan a trustworthy person???

  2. Tran says:

    I can pictured Jake Ballard as the series’ villain.

  3. Cena Gomez says:

    Funny Jake is all about Fitz, but from what I witnessed Fitz is all about finding out the truth about his son’s death. Jake is so jealous of Fitz. He wants to be Fitz and lying because Liv has never told him that she loves him. Liv told Jake that she loves Fitz, not him. So Jake is trying to get at Fitz through Liv and I think it made him look foolish. Above all else, Fitz loved his son and Mellie is just a terrible woman. This is the real Mellie who after learning that her son was murdered, First thought was to use it as political leverage. She’s an awful mother and person and anybody who defends Mellie need their head checked.
    Fitz beating the crap out of Jake…Loved it! Otherwise boring episode. Last week was so much better.

    • Tony says:

      You call that finding out about who killed his son? That’s all about Olivia and only Olivia

    • Dehliaa says:

      Cena…hurray and catch up; Olivia loves both men. Fitz, however IS married and IS NOT available. Olivia, has yhe right to love and be in love with whomever she wants to be ♡; Fitz, just can’t understand that. Olivia did and finally realizing he isn’the available fell in love with Jake though she didn’the want to AND moved on. She left Washington for 6 yo 12 weeks, fell in love and as any typical man is taking out his anger on Jake. Unfortunately, Melle and now we see Fitz, don’t are lost and don’the see that. Their sin was killed by the command of B16, who lied to Fitz. Emotional Fitz may have killed a friend.

    • Felis says:

      Cena…hurray and catch up; Olivia loves both men. Fitz, however IS married and IS NOT available. Olivia, has yhe right to love and be in love with whomever she wants to be ♡; Fitz, just can’t understand that. Olivia did and finally realizing he isn’the available fell in love with Jake though she didn’the want to AND moved on. She left Washington for 6 yo 12 weeks, fell in love and as any typical man is taking out his anger on Jake. Unfortunately, Melle and now we see Fitz, don’t are lost and don’the see that. Their son was killed by commands wife of B16, who both tricked and lied to an already emotional Fitz.

      Which such negativity, just stop watching this show. Stop watching the show!! Please.

    • Netty says:

      Cena Gomez those punches from Fitz had nothing to do with Jerry’s death, that was all about Olivia and the getaway. Even Fitz woud have known those punches would not get any kind of confession whatsoever esp from Jake who had gone for 72+ hrs with no food. That was Fitz’s bruised ego punching away at Liv’s current boyfriend.

      • Asta says:

        why the heck did jake provoke him?

        • Netty says:

          Jake did not provoke him, Jake’s crime is that he is with Liv so with or without provocation that beating was coming from Fitz. The first time Fitz went to talk to Jake, Jake completely opened up to Fitz and explained everything and the way Fitz responded throwing Liv in the mix just assured Jake and the rest of us that Jake was screwed, that this was mainly to do with Fitz’s jealousy

    • Sally says:

      Cena Gomez, I think you have it twisted..Fitz is the one who’s jealous of Jake not the other way around..Jake is NOT the foolish one, Fitz is!! What kind of president is he?? And Mellie being a terrible person..OMG!!! I think you’re watching a different show.

      • guest says:

        One thing about this show is we really don’t know who the good or bad guy is until they wrap up a story. I’ll just say that Fitz and Jake are envious of each other. Remember when Jake made the comment that Fitz gets to have what he wants first. Those weren’t his exact words but something similar. Jake and Fitz definitely have a past that the writers may explore later. In the mean time I’m going to withhold judgement. Jake is still shrouded in a cloud of mystery. He could still be the worst or best guy for Olivia depending on how the writers spin the story.

    • Kai says:

      A smart and seasoned politician would have drawn a connection between his son’s death and him winning his second term. Fitz knew he was going to lose the election then and Jerry’s death is just too timely. So, the killer can be narrowed down to one of those that WILL benefit politically if Fitz remained as President, and that makes Jake a less likely suspect since he was somewhere on an island with Olivia. But as always, Fitz the green-eyed monster had to make everything about Liv. “Jake killed my son so that he can have Liv blah blah..”

      • You should actually watch the show before you comment. Jake was not on an island when Jerry was killed. And theoretically Jake would have benefited in the way described by Rowan. Also, Fitz remaining in the White House is the greatest barrier to him being with Olivia. Since Jake wants Olivia, he benefits from Fitz winning a second term. There’s nothing to say that the motive had to be politically. Also, Fitz is completely aware that his son’s death won the election. Thus his inability to take any joy in having won.

    • ShariaLynn says:

      Maybe we’re watching two different shows. I’m with Jake. He’s screwed not because Fitz really thinks he did it but because he left with her for two months. Fitz hates that Jake bangs his “single” girlfriend. I think Jake sees Fitz as the joke he’s proven himself to be. Knowing he wouldnt even be in the White House if his women didnt put him there. I will give it to u that Fitz did look mighty sexy angry. But Jake bleeding from the mouth still showed him no respect and laughed off his punches.

  4. L says:

    Does Fitz ever actually take time to do things like sign bills and talk to his budget director? Things that a president might do… Thank god this guy isnt actually in office.. he is a complete nutcase.

  5. Mika02 says:

    Well I’ll give scandal this at least Olivia thought it was her father first where as Fitz who is thinking with the wrong head wouldn’t even contemplate it

  6. RC says:

    I’ve been willing to overlook a lot–A LOT–of weaknesses in this show because of how entertaining it is most of the time, but Olivia and Fitz believing Rowan might just be my limit. It’s just TOO stupid. So stupid I just want to throw my hands up. I kept thinking that they simply couldn’t be this stupid. That Olivia would realize it when Rowan was making his big speech, or that when we returned to Fitz after Jake told him to go and think about it, he would know it was Rowan. But no. They really are this stupid.


    • Kit says:

      Everyone on this show has been stupid since Jake Ballard arrived. It’s the only way to keep such a poorly conceived character relevant.

    • Ktd says:

      Totally agree. Dangerously close to breaking up with this show.

    • Netty says:

      That speech from Rowan damn near convinced me as well. Seeing as Fitz is very gullible I’m sure he’ll eat up anything that Rowan tells him, and Cyrus, well he does not care whether Jake killed Gerry or not , he just wants to see him burn. And then Liv, I dont think she’s 100% convinced I’m sure she will try and figure out if Rowan is being truthful. I have no words for Mellie, that just shocked me to the core. She is ambitious yes but not this heartless.

      • the girl says:

        We already know Liv can’t tell when her father is lying, and this is the first time in years they have had any sort of relationship. It is very easy to want your father to be telling the truth, to want him to be a good guy, a loving man that you can trust. It is very easy to want that even though Liv probably feels in her gut that something’s not right. She would have to fight against every emotional pull that a daughter would feel towards a father and that should be hard to do.
        Jake really did kill James so Cyrus is going to hate him no matter how this turns out. And I agree with you, Fitz is insanely gullible, but Jake is his “romantic rival” so he wants to believe that Jake is a bad guy because it makes it easier.

        • Netty says:

          Well Put, And about Fitz, he’s pushing for a confession from Jake so he may kill him. He’s not even trying to verify if its 100% true seeing as earlier Rowan convinced him again that it was Liv’s mum and he (Fitz) ordered Rowan to take care of her. And were is his remorse about Liv’s mum “dying” for a crime she did not commit. He at least should have brought Liv in to apologise and explain. This is really all driven by his jealousy.

      • ShariaLynn says:

        Lol. I agree. Rowan was doing his Sunday sermon and I almost fell for it! Lbvs. Still, come on now Liv knows her daddy lies. Plus”they have evidence”?? Really, um, isnt it your job to flip and hide evidence so that shouldnt have worked. And help me out here, did they say how long Harrison had been dead? Cause wasnt Jake with her. Idk guess its no big. Now out of everybody Cyrus is the ONLY one that has true reason to hate Jake.

  7. Lovely says:

    Ok, its official. I hate Fitz.

    • Anna says:

      Came here to say exactly the same thing. Why did he beliebe Rowan in the first place? Either he is just plain stupid or he is extremely obsessed with another guy’s girlfriend – both not good options. And then he goes and beats up Jake? To what end? The guy’s a spy, for god’s sake! Does he really think beating him will do ANYTHING for him?

    • Nathalie says:

      Ok, its official. I love Fitz.

      • ShariaLynn says:

        I’m so torn now. Up to this show I have hated Fitz for always cryin. So I was glad to see that he would personally want to handle the man who killed his son. But Jake once again proved Fitz to be a punk by laughing. If the sleep deprived, recently off a hunger strike person your beating up can laugh about it while your beating them, then just save your energy cause your not getting anywhere.

  8. Kit says:

    ‘leading me for a moment to think, with great relief, that they were in on some massive ruse’
    But why would anyone think Fitz would be in a ruse with Jake though?
    His first plan with Jake to watch Olivia but make no contact turned out to be Jake working for Rowan behind his back, lying to him passing him info from Olivia to Fitz and taking credit and ultimately sleeping with Olivia and filming it for Fitz to watch.
    (Fitz still doesn’t know Jake put her in the hospital and Olivia still doesn’t know about the tape btw)
    Fitz gets Jake out of jail and Jake goes off to find information claiming Fitz killed Mama Pope. Jake is brought in to cover up the affair and starts sleeping with Olivia and announces it to Fitz and the whole office.
    Even when Fitz had agents protect Jake’s life, Jake betrayed Olivia by asking Fitz for resources to kill Olivia’s father behind her back.
    The mystery isn’t why Fitz doesn’t trust a man who has betrayed him consistently, the mystery is why Olivia thinks James’ murderer is above killing Jerry.
    Jake not killing Jerry was not because it was immoral, but simply because it wasn’t necessary.
    I still don’t really know why Rowan did it, an illness or a serious injury would have won the election.

    • mosesgunn says:

      Rowan didn’t kill Jerry Jr. so Fitz would win re-election, he killed him for revenge for taking Olivia away from him so he thought he’d return the favor while getting his job back in the process.

    • Netty says:

      Kit I agree with one issue you mentioned, Jake would kill Jerry with no hesitation if it was required, But now here’s hoping Liv works out who had the most to gain or the greater revenge to seek from Fitz by killing his son. Hope they figure that soon b4 Jake walks the plank.

  9. sladewilson says:

    Anytime I remotely feel that Fitz might have A CLUE, he again lets me know that he is a complete and total moron. And before all you Team Olitz shippers go nuts here in a clear nutshell is why I’m right: Drunk Smelly clearly out of her mind with grief Mellie had more of a clue than Fitz when she surmised their son was murdered to keep them in the White House, the he was murdered for a purpose. Mellie just was wrong about the purpose, but at least she has the excuse of being drunk and grieving to the point of being thisclose to insanity. What’s Fitz’s excuse? Here’s the first question you ask when there is a murder – who has motive? Who had more motive than Rowan? Lets see: told you more than once that you weren’t worthy of his daughter and he would get revenge for your defiling her. Wanted his position and power back. Wanted his daughter as far away from him as possible (Hell or high water and I am the hell and the high water – one of the greatest Scandal lines ever, btw). Set up mama and got Jake out of town to boot. Like I said, Fitz is a moron….

    • Kit says:

      I’m not an Olitzer, I think the relationship has run it’s course frankly, but I do find blind hatred of Fitz tiresome. And excusing Mellie’s many evils distasteful.
      It isn’t insanity to celebrate the benefits of your child’s death it’s callousness, and how come her child’s death can allow Mellie so much leeway and allow Fitz, who tried to KILL HIMSELF OVER IT none? How come he has no ‘excuse’? Did his child not die too?
      Rowan had no rational motive to kill Jerry, Olivia’s already back 2 months later so it was stupid and pointless and no sane person would suspect him.
      Killing a child over your daughter’s sex life is ridiculous (especially when she was already sleeping with someone else)and the only reason Mellie can understand Rowan’s reasoning is because like him, ambition has dehumanised her.

      • Lei says:

        Kate Burton IS/WAS the most interesting woman on this show. She needs to have more scenes and more to do. She’s the only one I could watch — when I was watching it.

        • Emme says:

          Why, Lel… because she’s not a “Black (whore)” as you so called Kerry Washington’s character earlier on in this thread. You can try to run from the revelation of your true character, but it won’t work.

          One can’t really trust your assessments on who the best female character’s on Scandal are since you’re blinded by “race”.

        • Vincent says:

          Oh, is it reverse racism, because the show isn’t about a “white” leading female? There are plenty of other shows you can watch that feature mainly all-white casts with VERY SIMILAR CHARACTERS actually if you’re so hurt and affected by the choice for this show.
          And also, there are plenty of white men who date black women in real life, so sorry your bothered by the fact that your daft yankee attitude won’t change a thing about that.

      • RC says:

        Of course Rowan had a rational motive to kill Jerry–it’s the exact same one he said Jake said. “He knew how badly you wanted Fitz to win the election.” Except that Jake didn’t know that, did he? Rowan is the one who knew that–because Olivia said it right to him in his hospital room, and a day later the kid is dead. Not to mention, the kid getting killed resulted in Rowan getting to play hero and get his old job back, which wouldn’t have happened under a new administration. The fact that Fitz was more concerned with using his kid’s death to get revenge on his mistress’s boyfriend than to see what is pathetically obvious is too stupid for words.

        • RC says:

          And of course, the fact that Olivia didn’t recognize that she herself gave Rowan the motive he ascribed to Jake was too stupid for words on her part.

          • Kit says:

            The fact that anyone would think that Fitz would want revenge on Jake now after saving Jake’ s life TWICE after watching Jake and Olivia have sex fascinates me. Jake and Olivia have been sleeping together on and off for a year. Why would Fitz keep saving his ass and giving him jobs THAT WHOLE TME and suddenly want to kill him for it now? That doesn’t make even the slightest bit of sense.
            And neither did killing Jerry. A serious accident would have worked and been less ridiculous than a magical meningitis that killed in minutes….
            I just realised I’m writing about a show where someone died of bacterial meningitis in minutes. smh.

  10. Huck is by far my favorite character on this show and the gift wrapping with Quinn had me laughing.

    • ShariaLynn says:

      Ok. How funny was it whn he started yo explain how long it would have taken to find that girls body?? Still, Seriously how did his ex think that was going to go down. You lied to the man about meeting his son (which I called as soon as she said it) then u say “Btw lets sit and have a therapy ses “. All I could think was please dont let Huck kill that man on accident.

  11. C.Smith says:

    Mellie finally washed her ass and went back to being Crazy Mellie. She seemed to find peace that her son’s life was sacrificed so that they could have 4 more years. She’s nuts. The writing on this show just stinks.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Totally in character. The woman is a power-hungry, soulless b*tch. If she can turn her rape to her political advantage she can turn her son’s murder to her political advantage.

      • Mika02 says:

        This! But people continue to want to martyr this woman and blame all the Evils that she’s done on Fitz and Olivia’s door.

        • Cheyenne says:

          That jealous tantrum Mellie threw when she thought Fitz was screwing Olivia was hilarious. I can’t imagine why anybody would want Fitz to repair his marriage with this soulless shrew after tonight.

          • Overthinking says:

            Am sure some people out there who will. You know the whole they are a married couple BS even though their marriage has been dead for the longest. At least we will not have to hear how ……….I love Madame first crazy, she is funny in her pajamas……. anymore now that she has snapped out of it.

      • Overthinking says:

        Agreed. Mellie would have totally killed Jerry herself if she thought his death would help win the election.

        • Kai says:

          No, she won’t. Or she wouldn’t be grieving for her son’s death for months and had to suffer an emotional breakdown after the State of the Union address. Death is irreversible and different people have different ways of coping with loss. If by putting a meaning to Jerry’s death makes it more bearable than a meaningless one, who are we to judge Mellie? At least she didn’t use it as a chance to beat up some suspect whom she had jealousy issues with to get a forced confession out of him.

      • Kay says:

        Finally. Someone who sees Mellie clearly.

  12. C. says:

    I could actually buy Rowan’s lie of a motive for Jake because both he and Fitz seem strangely obsessed with Olivia. With the stalking (albeit on Fitz’s orders), pleading her for to stand in the sun, and accompanying her on island even though he knows she loves Fitz…it seems like obsession to me. That aside, this episode was not my favorite. This season is not my favorite. There were moments that were really good, like Mellie and Fitz in the oval and Olivia and Rowan at her apartment, but on the whole, it just didn’t feel right. I feel like Scandal this season keeps me watching every week because I know there will be strong scenes or interesting moments, but collectively I’m just not feeling it. I will say though, I think Kerry Washington gave one her best emotional performances with Abby at her door. However, “Lovely Day” felt 30 seconds premature and took me out out of the moment.

    • klynn1075 says:

      My 11 year old son saw the part of her crying to Abby and when the music started he even said well this song doesn’t fit here. Not loving this season so far. I agree with you, there are some powerful scenes but as a whole it has been lacking.

  13. Sara says:

    I’m so annoyed that this show is STILL all about that B613 nonsense. I thought they were getting rid of that storyline. And yet here it is, still heavily influencing the story. The premiere was so promising, but I am rapidly becoming way too annoyed with this show again.

  14. maggie says:

    Okay so I used to be all “Olitz! Olitz!” But then it got a little crazy. I’m unsure where my shipping lays right now, but this is what I know: Fitz totally went in there to find out about his son’s death. yes, Olivia is obviously important to him (if the universe doesn’t know that by now, we have a problem), but she was not his motivation in that room. His son died in his arms and his life is forever changed by it. He went in there an outraged, distraught father looking for an answer to his son’s death. Jake was just being an ass by taunting him. Those punches were like 99% for his son though, maybe an extra for Olivia, but it was for his son. Go Fitz!

    • Rachel Scott says:

      I believe that as well. Yes, it’s very obvious Fitz loves Olivia, but I think he loves Gerry more and that aggression against Jake was mostly for his son. I was actually waiting for him to just say “forget Olivia” so that everyone could clearly see that him being mad has nothing to do with her.

      • Netty says:

        More like the beating was 99% Olivia. Jake is a well trained B613 agent, he went for 72+ hours without food or water so he could talk to the President. He knows what real pain and torture is. Surely Fitz would have know that those weak punches would do nothing whatsoever to bring a confession. Even Cyrus pointed it out to Fitz that they need ‘unconventional’ methods of torture with Jake. That was Fitz’s bruised ego in there with Jake. That has Olivia written all over it.
        If he was a good president, he would have at least tried to investigate if there’s a chance Jake’s not the killer seeing as Liv’s mum has already “died” for a crime she did not commit. All that he was pushing for was a confession so that he can get his rival out of the way. He’s clearing not thinking straight. But then again this is Fitz, why would we expect anything more from him, he’s not the smartest, people do getaway with a lot around him.

        • Kay says:

          You have to have a really implacable, irrational hatred of Fitz or be particularly gullible to think that beating was motivated by Jealousy. The man SAVED JAKE’S LIFE TWICE AND GAVE JAKE A JOB after WATCHING Jake and Olivia have sex. Now suddenly he’s going to beat Jake for it? When he didn’t hit him earlier that day?
          Suddenly it’s about Olivia?
          When he started hitting Jake before Jake even brought her up?
          Anyone with half a brain would see that Fitz was reacting to his disgust at Mellie and himself over Gerry’s death when he entered that room and started punching. Jake bringing up Olivia was the weak taunting tactic of a man whose only notable achievement has been to sleep with a woman who the man he envies loves.
          Jake doesn’t care about Olivia at all, he only wants to be ‘inside’ her to feel metaphorically bigger than Fitz.
          It’s telling how many people claim to care for Olivia and are perfectly comfortable with Jake talking to her and about her like he picked her up on a street corner , while occasionally hitting her to boot.

    • Nathalie says:

      Go Fitz.

  15. Lovely says:

    What evidence is there that Jake killed Fitz’ son? Maybe I missed that part…. other than Tom naming Jake what other evidence is there? And what happened to Jake’s folder of evidence… I wonder who will discover that and bring it to light? Fitz should be demanding evidence and not acting on emotion.

    • Cheyenne says:

      There is no evidence. Tom fingered him. Absent another suspect, Jake is all they’ve got. Fitz is all too ready to believe Jake is capable of anything. He already knows Jake killed James.

    • Rachel Scott says:

      What evidence did Jake collect that shows Rowan killing Gerry. At the time of Gerry’s death, wasn’t Jake still Command? Unless he has pictures of Rowan and Tom pre-death or some tapes of phone conversations or something, what does he have?

      • Cheyenne says:

        No. At the time of Jerry’s death Fitz had already replaced Rowan as Command. See last season episode #17. Jake was out when Jerry was killed.

        • AVTVO says:

          No. Rowan was not in charge. Jerry’s death at seemingly the hands of Maya made Fitz put Rowan back in charge. Rowan was in the hospital. Olivia had shut down B613 so technically no one was in charge.

      • Lovely says:

        Jake has a folder of evidence he was supposed to give to Fitz… before they arrested him and charged him with the crime. Exactly what evidence that is I don’t know. But you would think Jake would mention that to Fitz as well… hey I have evidence to prove my innocence and Rowan’s guilt…. AND if Jake was smart he would have made several copies of that evidence and given one copy to Olivia ‘just in case’

        • Cheyenne says:

          We don’t know that he didn’t make copies, but I’m betting that folder is going to turn up later in the season, probably by the agent Jake gave it to.

    • Kay says:

      His child just died. How come Mellie gets to roll around on graves unwashed but Fitz is expected to be rational in the face of a man identified as his son’s killer? Would anyone expect Mellie to be rational, or does his past infidelity mean Fitz has no right to feelings? And if so, what about Mellie’s cheating?

  16. susan says:

    A decent episode tonight but Fitz need to wake up. Rowan wanted to get Fitz back for sleeping with his daughter. Rowan only way of showing Fitz was to kill his son. Now can Shoda just get rid off Rowan already. I hope Fitz gets a slap on head and loses his moronic ability. Now to Huck and this Wife some one need to show this wife that he telling the truth. I have a feeling that when Fitz finds out the truth about his son’s death that their will be collateral damage and Huck family will be one of many damage.

    • ... says:

      I agree that Rowan needs to go. He’s way too invincible and that’s so boring to watch. You know everybody believes every word he says and when somebody wakes up, they’re shut down by yet another speech about “the republic” or how democracy would crumble if an old man is taken out. At least this season they’ve toned down his monologues.

  17. Cheyenne says:

    Losing the Uggs and grabbing a shower isn’t going to wash the stink off Mellie. “Our son died so we could have four more years in the White House”. That b*tch has a hole in her soul.


    (p.s. Missed you at NYCC this year Matt)

  19. Tony says:

    Fitz is, without a doubt, the most insulting and unrootworthy character on TV. The guy is the president of the U.S, has a wife who is cracking at the seams, a daughter in a sex tape, a murdered son and the only head this guy can think with is the one in his pants. He’s truly the epitome of all the worst aspects of being human being. He’s a moron who proves every episode why he had to be cheated into office and he’s throwing the ultimate tantrum, using the death of

    • Tony says:

      Posted to early. I wanted to say he’s throwing the ultimate tantrum using the death of his son as a guise for it.

      • Kay says:

        Keep kidding yourself. Objectively speaking, Fitz isn’t even the worst character on the show. He is however, the one about whom people are least objective.
        Jake could rape and beat Olivia and Mellie could fry and eat Teddy and there are viewers of this show who would blame Fitz. I’m beginning to think it’s a hangover from the American media’s habit of blaming the president for everything.
        Or maybe people just believe everything characters say and ignore what they actually do. Either way, blindly hating Fitz above all others is the refuge of the easily led viewer.
        And Fitz didn’t ‘have’ to be cheated into office, you never ‘have’ to commit electoral fraud.
        It was done by people who had a great deal to gain personally.
        The only person who did it for Fitz was Olivia. The rest (Mellie included) did it against his wishes, for THEMSELVES. If he’s such a bad president, aren’t they the morons for placing him there illegally?

  20. Yoki says:

    Funny how Fitz didn’t win either election on his own merit.

  21. ... says:

    It was kinda nice sympathizing with Fitz earlier this season. You felt for him losing his son and not having anyone in his life to lean on, with Cyrus being a robot, Mellie consumed by her own grief, and Karen away at school. He tried to soldier on and throw himself into his work and use what happened as a way to give himself purpose in office, which I thought was impressive. But goodness, once he had the fight with Smelly Mellie, he’s reverted back to the same self-righteous, possessive nutcase with a mile wide martyr complex that he was for the entirety of season three and the back half of season two. And that’s just so unpleasant to watch – it’s not fun, it’s not sexy, it’s not OMG shocking. It’s just exhausting. I’m so tired of Fitz and I wish the writers were, too.

    • Nathalie says:

      Team Fitz.

    • Kay says:

      I wish the writers WOULD write Fitz off the show. Not because I dislike the character, but because I suspect that a lot of people only tune in to vilify Fitz and have no real interest in the other characters. At this point the show seems to be running almost entirely on Fitz hatred.
      I say write him off, commit to Olivia and Jake and lets see how long people keep rooting for Jake choking and belittling her once the Fitz they so hate is gone.
      They’ll never do it though, not with the risk of a ratings slump, They’ll just keep writing the character worse and worse.

  22. Gem says:

    I’m starting to hate the TVLine boards now bc it just seems to bring out the racism that still exists in America which is so shameful and very sad!

    • mmel says:

      I think that is better, because you can identify it. Other sites mask it by telling they Fitz because he is not a good husband. When in reality they hate Fitz because he is I love with a black woman and not his white wife. So I say to all the racists keep going because it makes it easier for you to be identified.

    • Overthinking says:

      I think it is important to know that it is still exists. This gives people an opportunity to talk about and not hide from it.

  23. ... says:

    Also, the most insulting thing about this episode is Olivia possibly believing her father. Her character has been assassinated over the last season or so and I can’t buy into the whole Olivia Pope mystique that the show wants me to when they write her as being a blubbering, spineless idiot. She’s a shrinking violet around her father and given the massive presence Rowan still has on this show, it means that we can’t see the Olivia Pope of the first season and a half, the one who was capable, brave, and intelligent. The one who owned any room she walked in and came prepared for any battle she waged. This Olivia Pope is driven purely by plot and without a strong central character, a show like this can’t function.

    • Cheyenne says:

      How do you think she’s going to function when she finds out her father is guilty after all? She’s already lost her mother. I don’t think she believes anything he says but she wants to believe him because he’s all she’s got left.

    • Sue says:

      totally agree. She was smart, followed her gut and knew when people were lying. Now everyone is stupid – she is to believe her father, Fitz is to believe her father, I can understand Mellie feeling if her son’s death had a purpose she could bear it easier – even if I don’t think that is a purpose most mothers would care about, why doesn’t Olivia have her team finding out the truth about who killed Jerry? Instead they are on this other boring case – well actually only Quinn is – Huck is off trying to win back his family by stalking them. I loved the first 2 seasons. LOVED THEM. Season 3 was ok but Daddy Pope was getting off to easy and to see Olivia wilt in his presence disgusting. This season now everyone has so easily been played by him = EVEryONE – except Jake. But Jake was stupid to tell him he knew what Daddy Pope had done! They all look stupid. It is getting boring, predictable, and just stupid – not at all what hooked me in the beginning. Maybe the writers are too busy trying to make “How to get away with murder” a new hit. Didn’t work for me.

  24. Katrina Scott says:

    I’m still holding out that Ftiz knows Jake didn’t do it and this is all a ruse to make Rowan think he’s gotten away with it. Jake and Fitz have were Navy buddies. Fitz made Jake head of B613. I think he trusts Jake with everything except Olivia. It makes no sense for Fitz to believe Rowan. I will not believe Fitz is that stupid. I will believe that he knows Rowan is dangerous and Fitz needs Rowan to think he has Fitz fooled. Fitz and Jake have a plan and they’re working together. I mean, really, Jake has been in the hole and has been tortured. If Fitz really wants someone to beat the truth out of Jake, he’d let Rowan do it. Remember, there are B613 spies in the White House. There are cameras in the oval office. Fitz is putting on a show for Rowan.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Fitz made Jake the head of B613 and then in the next-to-last episode last season, he kicked him out and put Rowan back as Command. Right now Jake is the only viable suspect since Tom fingered him. Tom is dead meat anyhow, they have him dead to rights on video. Fitz is all too ready to believe Jake is capable of killing his son and Harrison, since he already knows Jake killed James because James knew too much. And of course Cyrus wants revenge on Jake for that.

    • Coal says:

      Fitz is that stupid. Fitz and Jake don’t need to hatch plan to trip Rowan, Jake does have all the evidence to prove Rowan’s guilt. Fitz is not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. Firstly he was manipulated by his Father to marry a woman he didn’t love because it made political sense, then he was oblivious when his trusted advisers rigged an election for him. Then there was the whole Amanda Tanner debacle. Then he hired Jake to keep an eye on Olivia yet again oblivious that Jake was actually working for Rowan. Amongst the jealous, sulking, alcoholism etc. Fitz is not a flawed character he is just a A grade moron.

      • Nathalie says:

        Team Fitz forever

        • Jesse says:

          Serial cheater, Olivia and Amanda Tanner, murderer of an old woman, emotional abusive to Mellie and Olivia, jealous, vindictive, possessive, hypocrite. Easily manipulated, Cy, Mellie, his father and Olivia, self absorbed drunk.. Well bravo, you have excellent taste.

          • Nathalie says:

            Team Fitz for ever and ever. Yes, it’s my taste. you’re free to love who you want.
            Ten years whitout love and sex. Been with amanda Tanner once when Liv were’nt there.
            Kind, Idéalistic, gentle, honest, yes, honest, sometimes selfish, cheater (whyl? ask yourself the question), sexy, in love, jealous, sensual, stucks in loveless and destructive marriage. The acting of Tony Goldwyn is awesome. An Emmy for him.

        • Kay says:

          Well, there’s always team Jake. Serial murderer, journalists, 2 young women, James (none of whom ever hurt a fly btw), PHYSICALLY abusive and verbally abusive towards Olivia, jealous, possessive, churlish, sex tape maker, manipulative, Olivia, Huck, Fitz, ungrateful (betrays Fitz at every turn despite Fitz constantly saving his behind), Attempted rape accomplice ( locking Quinn in a room with Charlie??), generally creepy (watches his own non consensual sex tapes), threatened Olivia’s life.
          Bravo to ‘Olakers’ in the bad taste competition, they win hands down.
          How come all the Fitz haters love Jake and not Edison?
          Because Jake ‘puts Olivia in her place’?
          And where exactly is that?

    • Nathalie says:

      I hope that

  25. Tom says:

    The best speech of the night was by Mellie (obvs) by explaining that Jerry’s death had a purpose. Why I loved it so much, aside from the obvious that Bellamy Young killed it is that it discounts Fitz’s second election in a row. She hit him right where she knew she could. Fitz won the first election because they rigged the campaign and the second because of Jerry. Brilliant.

    • Mira says:

      If only Mellie cared a little more about her children and a little less about spiting Fitz. She’s a truly nasty woman and he should have left her years ago.

  26. Lonnie Alexander says:

    Scandal is really getting good if Olivia was white she would be boring. Nobody can take her place, I guess it’s because the President is White lol

  27. Coal says:

    *jumps of rollercoaster*. Parting thought, apparently some critics say the female characters on The Newsroom are poorly written I wonder what the same critics would say about the female characters on this show since mid way through season 2.

    • Lovely says:

      Its better than last season. Last season was dreadful. If Liv and Fitz start screwing again I’ll be out. I like the show better with them apart… over Olitz

  28. Jazzy says:

    Olivia Pope has that “Good Good”

  29. Allison says:

    I am just glad that as far as Abbey and Olivia are concerned the ice has thawed. I could not stand seeing those two at odds. Mellie finally taking a shower and getting over her funk made me cheer out loud. Oh Mellie, soap and water must have been so happy to have been reunited with you! When she gave that speech about Jerry’s death not being meaningless and seeing how that snapped her back to reality even though it made Fitz see red, all I saw were stars and stripes and heard the national anthem playing because finally, finally, the Mellie so many love to hate, was back and it was about time! I know I could not take one more episode of her eating junk food, swigging directly from a wine bottle and walking around in that awful unsightly bathrobe. For all of Olivia’s many talents and skills, how could she not see through her father’s lies and deception? Yes, I know he is her father, but come on man. Maybe she wanted to believe the worst about Jake. It is easier to believe the worst about your lover than it is your parent no matter how said parent has lied to you in the past. Oh well, this is the same otherwise intelligent woman that has carried on shamelessly with a married sitting president so she has her faults like everyone else. Oh Huck! What a heartbreaking scene! I wanted to slap that woman! How could she hurt Huck like that! I get that she thought Huck was crazy and she was trying to protect her son from the crazy, but still though, that was messed up. She has every right to protect her child the way she sees fit, but if I really thought the father of my child was crazy, there would be no way on this green earth that I would let him in my house especially with only a psychiatrist in tow. Please. And how about that Quinn?! Loved her so much! How analytic and deductive was she, wow! To figure out the girl swallowed the key, then she breaks into a morgue, cuts the body open and retrieves the key! Floored me! Good luck playing keep away with her! Overall, the episode was great in my opinion because Mellie is back, Abbey and Olivia are not clawing and hissing at each other and Quinn left me speechless; which seems unbelievable given the length of this comment…Sorry… :(

    • Cheyenne says:

      I am really liking Quinn this season. She annoyed the hell out of me last season but she got her act together. Total badass and gets the job done.

      • Asta says:

        I’m hoping Fitz fires Abby so she can go back to work with Liv. It’s kind of boring with just Quinn and Huck. And why did the hot British guy leave the company?

        • Lovely says:

          The actor left the show. He either got another role or didn’t get along with Shonda He probably thought his role would be bigger than it turned out to be.

        • Emme says:

          That actor would be a great addition to the show and provide some stability as a character. Might may things interesting fir Abbey and Michael Rosen’s story line’s too.

  30. Jesse says:

    You know ish has hit the fen when Quinn is the only one thinking and acting rationally. Its really funny when the man who ordered the killing of Amanda Tanner (Cy) and the one who killed Verna (don’t kid yourself Fitz fans, that was murder and self preservation not self defence) are taking the moral high ground on killing. Another thing I find puzzling, how come any actor whom’s character comes in between Fitz and Liv is classified as terrible by posters on these forums ?

    • Mira says:

      I like Edison. He was a bore, but he made sense. What I want to know is why so few people rooted for him and yet they all support Jake who disrespects and hits Olivia constantly?
      Fitz and Cyrus aren’t taking the moral high ground on killing they’re seeking revenge. Fitz for his child who he thinks Jake killed and Cyrus for his husband who Jake DID kill.
      Did anyone REALLY think Cyrus was going to let that one go?
      Verna’s death was also a revenge killing, in retaliation for her having Fitz shot three times, something people always conveniently gloss over in their rush to paint that murderous old cow as a sweet old lady.
      Verna killed a young mother of 2. When she died I shrugged.
      The last minute decision to change her killer never really made sense though. because the president can isolate anyone he wants, he didn’t need to kill her to silence her, it was contrived for an OMG moment and it showed.
      Then again Verna’s motive for trying to kill Fitz twice didn’t really make any sense either so…

  31. Jillian says:

    Hey Matt,
    Faith hadn’t been autopsied on yet. There was no Y incision on her chest/stomach area when the camera zoomed in on Quinn cutting into her.

  32. Overthinking says:

    SMH at Jake and Mellie;

    1). Jake thinks he wears the ‘white hat’. Okay (whatever).
    2). So Mellie is out of mourning because she found out that her son’s death had positive political implications for them (they won the election)…….his death was meaningful. So if Jerry died some other way his death would be meaningless? Well, knowing Mellie she probably would have killed Jerry herself had it come down that what it would take to win the election.

  33. Devara says:

    I used to like Shonda Rhimes’ shows. Thursday night it was Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, and the phone better not ring. But now everyone on Grey’s is stupid, needy and annoying. And they’ve taken the Queen Gladiator and turned her into a whining, boo-hooing little who is torn between a weirdo multiple killer, and the POTUS who has turned into the world’s biggest pr*ck. The only entertainment was watching Mellie finally get her act together.

    • Jesse says:

      Comment of the week, if not the YEAR !

    • Sue says:

      I agree. I can’t wait til thursday, I was disappointed in the first show this season, second one was a little better, then third, but last night – we knew all these characters had flaws, and some of them were stupid = Fitz. BUt now all of them are stupid? Did they all have a lobotomy by Poppa Pope when none of us were looking? Only one shining now is Quinn –

    • Ella J. Wade says:

      I agree with you. I loved Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. You are so right about Grey’s. There is nothing interesting on that show anymore. Just a bunch of whiners. And Scandal is going so off in the wrong direction. I loved that show when it first started. Every character was so strong. Now they are all wimps. But I do love Jake, yes, I know he is killer, but who on the show isn’t? But he seems to be the only one with a brain. Even Cyrus is now being duped. Please. And let’s talk about How to Get Away with Murder. I can’t even follow it with the flash forwards and backwards. Marriage and commitment means nothing on any of these shows.

  34. Overthinking says:

    I couldn’t help but wonder if the key to a locker that Quinn found will somehow be connected to Jake being exonerated. When Jake was going through Harrison’s files and watching a video of Charlie in a restaurant, clearly Charlie was meeting with someone who we didn’t get to see their face. I am wondering if that person was Kubiak who is probably also a B613. Maybe Kubiak and Charlie were in on disposing off Harrison’s body and the dead girl #1 found the folder with evidence (the one Kubiak and her were fighting over in an elevator) and hide it in a locker room and gave the BFF (dead girl #2) to hold on to the locker key. Probably the 2 girls were blackmailing Kubiak over that folder.

  35. Sawyer says:

    I loved Jake last night. Fitz is a baby and weak Papa Pope is right about that. I love the Jake/Olivia storyline. Jake was absolutely correct when he told the President Olivia loves them both. Fitz is so obsessed with Olivia and is intimidated by Jake is great. No way anyone can believe Jake killed a kid.

    • Jesse says:

      I really don’t like Rowan’s rants, the one were he told fits that he was a child and didn’t deserve his daughter that was TRUE on so money levels.

    • mel says:

      I don’t think I can ever like Jake, he is a jealous , vulgar kind of disgusting character who never takes responsibility for his actions. He is also boring, I think maybe it’s the actor who plays him he comes off as stiff.

      • Tony says:

        This essentially describes every last character on this show. Except for the boring part. I don’t think anyone on this show is boring.

  36. Ram510 says:

    They have definitley taken their foot off the gas a little this season compared to last and I’m not surprised with all the complaining they got last season. But so far this season really makes me miss the fast paced season 3

  37. queerbec says:

    Quinn playing autopsy was really stupid and unbelievable, even for this show. She knew just where in the body to look for the key–and there was no sign of an autopsy anyway–and didn’t react to the look and smell of all the organs she was shifting around. I sorta thought she was going to bring out the shark from the girls’ bowels. The shark made his or her next appearance rotting in the backseat of Huck’s car as he, for the umpteenth time, staked out Kim’s house. Repetitive and boring! Though it was nice to see Jacksina Nicole again! Did I nod off and miss something or is Olivia’s friend still rotting in jail with the case of the week making little progress?

  38. Asta says:

    Jake did not help himself by saying Olivia was in love with both of them and his trip with her. PLUS, Olivia called Jake her boyfriend, he’d be happy to know that. And I guess Cyrus has a right to be upset. Jake killed his husband.

    • Sue says:

      Remember when Cyrus almost killed his own husband? Before the grand jury? and Cyrus was going to blow up the entire church with people just to win the election. Cyrus pimped out his own husband and that is when his husband got pissed and started working with Rosen again on Defiance. Nothing is below Cyrus and what he would do – so he can be pissed and lonely but he can’t condemn someone for doing same things he has done.

      • ShariaLynn says:

        Everybody on the show does this whole “Lalalala, I have killed and blackmailed for whatever reason but when you do, well u should know better” P.S.- y is everybody mad at Liv. “Lalala every bad thing I do is Liv’s fault. LALALA” Miss me with that.

      • Jesse says:

        “Hypocrites” is a more suitable name for this show than Scandal.

      • Netty says:

        This comment made me are so right. Eventually Cyrus would have killed James, Jake beat him to it. Cyrus has almost ruined everyone’s life on that show except for his golden boy Fitz. All he does is for Fitz. Even if it comes out that Rowan and Cy were working together in the murder of Jerry I would not be shocked. Cy is just as ruthless as the rest of them.
        However I’m enjoying Cy getting his freak on with the hooker.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Not to mention Amanda Tanner.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Do you know how many people Cyrus has killed or tried to kill? He’s going to get his one of these days and I am going to piss myself laughing when he does.

  39. She reuse says:

    Mellie has completely lost her mind, David and Abby blaming Liv for everything, Huckster acting more crazy than usual, Quinn cutting up a dead body Wow this show was nuts last night. I enjoy the ride that this exciting show takes me on. Shonda knows what she is doing, so if you wanna bash the show just do us a favor, and stop commenting, and watching. We Gladiators don’t want to hear that crazy ish!

  40. Winnie says:

    “Olivia’s seaside carnal cavalcade”

    I’ll have what *she’s* having!

    Yeah…I’m gonna need Olivia to refrain from falling for this…

  41. Ella J. Wade says:

    Who has taken over the Scandal that I loved? Where did it go? This show has become a joke. The Gladiators can’t all have lost their intelligence. And when does the Pres run the country? They all fall for Rowan’s lies. Come on, have they all been “dumbed down”? Is Shonda watching this show? So sad.

  42. CYJ says:

    The fact that they actually seem to believe Papa Rowan about Jake killing Jerry and Harrison made me want to shoot the TV LOL. And Fitz using the lie to beat up on Jake out of jealousy is just pathetic. Jake’s endured way more severe forms of torture and Fitz thought he was gonna break down and confess after a few love taps?! NOPE LMAO.

  43. Let me play Devil’s Advocate here: you are right about the key the girl swallowed being retrieved at autopsy, but……….if the girl still had all her organs, let’s just assume she was in line for said autopsy that hadn’t happened yet. Because where I’m from, an autopsy involves REMOVING those organs. Just the way I see things.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Except she hadn’t had an autopsy yet. When they autopsy a body they cut the chest open in a Y pattern. There were no incision marks on her at all. She hadn’t been cut open yet. That’s how Quinn was able to get the key.

  44. sara says:

    Tony Goldwyn. Your one-note acting is tiring me out. Why are you always so melodramatic, so angry? What’s with all the righteous indignation? Real life isn’t this way, even with the President! Why does every word you say have to be SO meaningful? Relax. You’re overacting. It’s exhausting and ridiculous. I’m not swooning over you and your manly pain anymore, though it was fun for the first few episodes. Why so much angst with every word? Why furrow the brow with such regularity? ABC, we’re tired of the the President’s unbearable desire to get into the pants of Olivia Pope. This show could be more. Let it. The cast is stellar and the stories are fun, the dialogue is interesting. But let the show be about something more than a presidential affair.

    • Nathalie says:

      The best actor in Scandal FOR ME is TONY Goldwyn. An Emmy for him

      • Nathalie says:

        Hating Fitz is not a reason to say Tony’s acting “It’s exhausting and ridiculous” Come on!
        It’s not fair.

        • sara says:

          I don’t hate anyone. I just feel that Tony doesn’t have much range in this particular series. I don’t know whose fault it is. Yes, the morals of his character are extremely loose. He is a murderer and a cheater.. and ABC wants us to forget these things (especially the murder) because they can build him up and continue the storyline more easily. Yes, this is insane and anyone with a long memory and strong morals will have difficulty accepting him as a noble character worthy of happiness at this point. BUT that is not what makes me cringe, mostly. It’s honestly the acting. Tony is a bore for me. And I am confident that he could choose to bring more to the role.

      • Emme says:

        Without a doubt. He’s definitely seasoned. It’s always great to have an actor on set, who can tap into the needs of production and the character at the same time. His understanding of work behind and in front of the camera and his application makes him one of the MVPs.

        Some can’t see the craft beyond the exhausting and overplayed storylines. He is so smart in terms of his choices and honestly, doesn’t have much to work with. Per usual, they’re writing more range for Mellie, but Tony is the quite, unsung hero of this series.

        • Nathalie says:

          He is my hero. With or without long speech, Tony is awesome.

        • sara says:

          Like I said, I don’t know whose fault it is. Maybe you’re right: he just doesn’t have much to work with. But even if this is the main problem, he still brings a little too much pain to the camera for me. Even when he’s happy, his voice is loud, booming, melodramatic. It’s almost like stage acting. It’s too rich: like bathing a steak in A1 instead of putting a little dab on it. Make sense?

    • Mira says:

      Tony Goldwyn is acting the part as written. Your complaints should be directed to the writers. A lesser actor with a role this poorly written would be unwatchable. he’s done a fantastic job it very little.

  45. Nick says:

    This episode was a mess. While I think this show has declined a bit from the fantastic first 2 seasons (especially season 2), this episode really reached a low point. Jake’s motive make no sense at all, it’s a stretch even for Scandal – and yet everyone believes it? It’s even outside Rowan’s character to come up with such an non-plausible story…
    How about Huck? After 4 seasons he suddenly wants to see his kid? Why?! Was he really that touched by the Jerry Grant jr’s assassination?
    I’ll stick with it, but I realized while watching this episode that I wasn’t thrilled by the plot anymore, I was just curious to see what messy idea they’d come up with. Like watching a train wreck.

    Overall, it seems that Shonda is putting all herself into HTGAWM which is awesome good, and has let Scandal slowly drown…

  46. Predronia jones says:

    I real upset beacause look how long Jake and Fritz have known each other and they let this person comein between them. Saying that Jake killed littleJerry. When if he remembered that he hired Jake to watch Olivia. And see how much he didn’t like him at all. So Fritz just please start thinking.

  47. cas says:

    Everyone likes to blame Fitz easily. Or likes to blame Jake. But really they are both puppets and are being played by Rowan. Fitz should realize it maybe but he is hurt by many things in life at this point and he probably just wants an answer already. I mean why would Rowan lie either? And Cyrus had a point, Jake did kill James. The only person I recall Fitz harming was that annoying old lady who was on her death bed. However, on that note Jake too should have done things differently. Everyone on this show is a fault. On a side note, Mellie is getting back to her roots. Saying that her sons death had a purpose so they could be in office for another four years was a little nuts.

  48. kelly says:

    Man, I really thought when Fitz was listening in on Liv and Jake that he was starting to have doubts, and that he was either watching or filming her dad’s gloating confession to Jake. I’m disappointed he’s so slow! Seriously? Doesn’t he remember who he’s dealing with?