Five-0 Sneak Peek: Who's the Mystery Woman at John McGarrett's Grave?

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This Friday on Hawaii Five-0 (CBS, 9/8c), McGarrett uncovers a most unexpected mystery while visiting his father’s grave — and we’ve got an exclusive sneak peek at his (pretty) discovery.

In the episode “Ho’oilina (Legacy),” it’s the fourth anniversary of John McGarrett’s death when Steve bumps into Ellie Clayton (All Saints’ Mirrah Foulkes), a woman who helps him reopen the last unsolved case his father worked on. But what is her deeper connection to the elder McGarrett? And could this happenstance meeting bloom into something more?

As showrunner Peter M. Lenkov previously told us of Ellie’s arc, “Everybody [in the press] is selling it as a ‘love interest’ but really, it’s a friendship. She’s going to play a role in his life as somebody who was close to his father…. They both lost a parent very early on [his mother, her own father], so there’s that friendship.”

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  1. Katie says:

    I like her! Hope she becomes a permanent fixture in McGarrett’s life!

  2. karen1228 says:

    Steve needs someone who he has chemistry with. Could it be her?? Lets see what happens!

  3. Ninoska says:

    Welll Peter confuses me at the beginning he hinted she could be a love interest then now he said she is not. So now I dont know if she will be or not be.

    • Katie says:

      Peter has said three different things. First it was love interest, then he changed it to friendship and then he said good chance for romance in the second half of the season. Classic case of trying to cover all his bases to make sure all the fans are hearing what they want to hear.

      • Ninoska says:

        I think Katiie you are right on that. He is covering all the bases so the fans hear what we want to hear in different perspectives

      • Ninoska says:

        But then I have another theory about this new lady and if she will become a new love interest or not.

        As usual Peter is trying to keep everybody happy, like when he doesn’t say anything clear about Cath, coming back, not coming back, not dying, closure for Steve and so on.

        I guess he hasn’t decided yet about what Ellie is really going to be, LI or not, it will probably depend on how the fans react to the character and to the story-line.
        Like with Lori, she was being set up at the beginning of S2 as a new LI but then because the fans hated her and her character flopped they got rid of her.
        Cath was set up to be a main, central character in S4 and then the fans hated her too and she was gone too.

        Will see how this new one goes.

        • Katie says:

          The reaction I’ve seen so far has been very positive. I like her. She’s smart, classy, and has a little sass to her. That’s a good match for McGarrett.

        • Gladys says:

          Hey, I’ve only watched an ep or so this season, can anyone tell me if they’ve even mentioned Catherine? Has there been closure? It wouldne weird if he moved on and theyne just never mentioned her again.

  4. Jean says:

    He can wear a suit. Kind of wish they weren’t almost always in casual clothes.

  5. Joey Padron says:

    Good clip. Can’t wait to watch new episode tomorrow night!

  6. ComeOn says:

    Well we have all seen how successful they have been trying to introduce a love interest for McGarrett. The only time they were successful was when it was completely unintentional with Catherine, who was suppose to be a past love/fling! They really should do more chemistry testing those female casting with Alex O’Loughlin. I like Alex a lot but gosh it’s hard work to find someone has chemistry with him. May be they should find out whether Sophia Myles is interested?

    • Ninoska says:

      So you think Alex may be the problem by saying that past females had no chemistry with Alex?

      I know, past females had really been eitherbad casted or they do not know who to act or the stories for them had been bad and they all had flopped. The only female who has chemistry with Alex is Grace Park but then we know she is not his significant other on the show. and she will never be..

      I think Steve may need someone like Sela Ward, she is pretty and act well. or like Emily Procter from the former CSI Miami, ophia Milos, Annabeth Gish

  7. ESS @AOL_ww says:

    Alex has had chemistry with every woman and man that’s been on the show except Lauren German and she didn’t gave chemistry with anyone. She was an unconvincing bad a$$ and awkward in all her scenes. That was just bad casting.

  8. Nadia says:

    I honestly think they always try to hard to always find McGarrett a love interest. With Lori, it was awful and barely any chemistry, with Catherine it was a tiny bit better but stil boring to me, this one reminds me of Lori though. For real, I wish they tried to keep McGarrett single or at least not bring any love interest for ONE entire season. To me they really try too hard when they could have easily wrote a slow burn with Kono since S1.