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The 100 Post Mortem: Cast Talks Surprise Returns, Jaha's Discovery

New enemies, new mysteries, new drama — Wednesday’s season premiere of The 100 essentially introduced viewers to a whole new world, one with new battle lines already being drawn.

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Let’s get one very important thing out of the way first: Everyone is alive. Literally everyone. Finn, Bellamy, Raven, Jaha — everyone who ended Season 1 on Death’s door is still with us as of the premiere, though they’ve all definitely seen better days.

Below, we break down the craziest twists from Wednesday’s episodes, then offer insight from the cast we gathered during a recent visit to the show’s Vancouver set:

WEATHER GIRL | Clarke appears to be playing nice at Mount Weather — and who wouldn’t with all that chocolate cake?! — but don’t expect her to give up on Operation: Get the Hell Out of There anytime soon. “It seems too good to be true,” Eliza Taylor says. “[The Grounders’] main fear is of these mountain men, and now that she’s inside … nothing adds up.” SPOILER ALERT: She will eventually leave Mount Weather and reunite with “a few of the old peeps,” though it won’t be all hugs and kisses. “Some of them are really good reunions, but some of them not so good,” she says.

PARENTAL CONTROL | Kane may have stumbled onto the kids at the perfect moment — pumping Tristan full of bullets, thus saving Finn and Bellamy — but the feel-good reunion pretty much ended there, as Kane took Bellamy into custody and informed him, “You are not in control here anymore.” So how will that relationship progress? Surprisingly, it sounds like Kane might soon see Bellamy and the others as equals! “There’s that slow realization that these kids have survived and done better than we may have done,” Henry Ian Cusick admits. “And a gradual acceptance and understanding that they’re pretty good.” Adds Bob Morley, “The 100 were a big part of Bellamy’s power, and now … he’s without them. So he’s kind of lost out there.”

The 100 MutantMAN OR MONSTER | Despite Octavia’s poison-induced pain, the season premiere was full of endearing Linctavia moments, as the Grounder-with-a-Heart-of-Gold tended to his wounded lover. Oh, and about that mutant Octavia saw in the woods (pictured right), Marie Avgeropoulos says he was merely a taste of what’s to come. “Something you’re going to see this season is a lot of different changes of creatures and environment,” she explains. Spending time with the Grounders will also help Octavia figure out “who she is a person and as a young woman. … She connects with them a lot more than her own people.”

BABY ON BOARD | Confused about that ending? Don’t worry, the mysterious baby cry Jaha heard aboard the Ark in the premiere’s final moments will be explained in Episode 2. It’ll also propel the former Chancellor into the next phase of his journey, which gets even more mind-blogging… if that’s at all possible.

Your thoughts on The 100 season premiere? Any predictions about the baby, the mutant or Mount Weather? Drop ’em in the comments section below.

With reporting by Vlada Gelman

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  1. The fourth photo is hilarious because of how out of place it is in term of the others.

  2. Alichat says:

    So the Mount Weather people can’t even open the door or it will kill them, because for some reason opening the door killed 54 people over 50 years ago. But they can wander out and save the remaining space people, bring them back in, and decontaminate them without issue? And Clarke opening that big door just to squeeze herself out will kill everyone? So I’m thinking they are serving Kool Aid with that chocolate cake. I find it hard to believe these people have lived underground for almost 100 years, and are as healthy and non-pasty as they appear.

    • James says:

      Something was definitely off about the bunker beneath Mount Weather. For one, how would President Wallace explain the plentifulness of oxygen when they’re so deep underground? A shot in the promo suggests that Clarke is looking into where the air from the airducts is coming from.

      I also have a theory that it is highly probable that the mountain men can actually survive now outside but Wallace is not willing to share that fact with the populace. I could be wrong but something’s definitely off.

      And hear hear regarding chocolate cake. They also seem to have endless supplies of art supplies. Surely, they may have found a way to produce those and other luxuries items and foods.

  3. James D says:

    I admittedly gave up half way through last season becuase it seemed to be getting to CWy but went back and watched it over the summer and I’m glad I did it’s not without it’s faults but it’s very entertaining. Good start to this season a lot of stuff going on me thinks Bellamy won’t take to kindly to being bossed around and I’m pretty sure the kids will follow Bellamy over Kane and co. Arlo Givens is already creeping me out, love Raymond Barry in everything he’s done so good choice in casting him. I’m usually not a fan of splitting up the group it can often feel disoriantating and the storytelling usually becomes choppy and trite we’ll see how it goes, but I liked it and am looking forward to the next episode.

  4. L says:

    There must be a way out of the mountain without opening the door and contaminating every one… After all, how did the guys who captured our heroes get out in order to bring them in? Clarke should call them on that.

  5. Coal says:

    If it remains a show about survival and camaraderie then we should be good, its when it lingers on the teen angst that it gets dreary.

  6. Ginger says:

    How did people vote A? That was a terrible Season 2 premiere! Last night’s episode had more holes than swiss cheese! Its like the writers forget what they wrote from episode to episode. How did Anya magically disappear? How on Earth did Raven get separated from the group? Why did it seem like the kids had been at Mt. Weather for at least a few weeks when judging by what was happening in the forest only about a few hours had passed? Why are the rest of the teens presented as non thinking sheep to make Clarke look better?

    • L says:

      To be fair, most of the kids were not thinking sheep last season too. Probably Raven was left behind because the people from the mounatin thought she was dead or dying and didnt want to deal with her. When did Anya disappear? She wasnt part of the assault on the base.

      • Ginger says:

        The non thinknig sheep mentality has just gotten worse and its unnecessary and brings the show down. Don’t you remember? The remaining 100 had Anya captured at the end of the finale and she was with them when the Mountain men came

    • S says:

      Slow your roll. Those answers will undoubtedly be explained soon. Maybe the idea is that the other kids aren’t non-thinking sheep, but they are just desperate to be safe. Clarke has always been the rational head; That hasn’t changed. As for Anya, that will DEFINITELY be explained in coming episodes. No doubt. My question is: how did YOU hate that premiere? That was amazing.

      • Ginger says:

        If the premiere was amazing than you are easily impressed. There was so much in the premiere that simply lacked logic. Like the presence of chocolate cake. Where would they even get the cocoa from? Or the time warp that the people on Mt. Weather seemed to be stuck in where more time passed there than back in the forest.

        • Abby says:

          Genetically modified organisms. Bio farming. They admit fully they’re not doing any organic farming so its not natural cocoa, in my opinion.

        • Mark F says:

          It would seem the recipe for Mockolate, which they say is even better than chocolate, has endured. But yes, it’s incredibly stupid to think that these kids would have any idea what chocolate cake is, much less, that it was like the best chocolate cake they ever tasted.

        • Radha says:

          I think there’s something in the food that gives a “calming” influence if you get my drift. Too many people are acting like stepford wives down there for it to be normal. And because the other teens are desperate to believe everything is fine, it works on them much more. Clarke ate the food at the end, true, but since she is still very suspicious and becoming a much more jaded and cynical warrior woman, it doesn’t affect her the way it does the others. That was my impression at least and I’m sticking with it until told otherwise by the plot. :)

          As for Lincoln and Octavia, I feel the same way about them as I do about the Finn and Clarke pairing. They got them together WAY too soon. I don’t mind either pairing potentially, but I don’t buy this overwhelming love between either couple. At least not yet. As prickly as Bellamy is, I still see that he and Clarke might end up becoming closer in the future. Not in a romantic way anytime soon, but there’s a deep level of respect between them now and she was equally upset when he was stranded outside as Finn in the finale. She clearly thinks of Bellamy as a friend and co-leader and I find their interactions much more interesting than the star crossed love that is being presented with her and Finn. And don’t get me wrong. I like Finn a lot. Just not sure I like him with Clarke that’s all. At least not the way they threw them together so fast. I just think that on a show like this, the romantic entanglements should happen slowly b/c there’s logically SO MUCH MORE that is important than who is hooking up with whom. Survival is priority and all that romantic stuff is needed, but less so on a show like this. So it should take a backseat in my opinion to the action.

        • Fran says:

          As opposed to the oh-so-logical first season? Lol. Its the first episode. A lot of these things will obviously be somewhat explained. Why do you have to insult people by saying they “are easily impressed” just because they liked something you didn’t?

    • Abby says:

      Anya the warrior, the mountain men probably killed her. They know they can’t manipulate the grounders like they can the kids from the Ark. The mountain men and grounders have a nasty history that the mountain men don’t (yet) have with the 100. Then again, maybe there just wasn’t room for her in the premiere…

      Also, I see where you’re coming from a bit, how it felt like the 48 had been at Mount Weather for weeks…but remember that when Clarke walked in the orientation room, ALL the teens were getting orientation at the same time…so their quarantine probably only lasted like 24 hours or something like that. And I agree with L that the extras are, generally, redshirts and non-thinking sheep, even if their characters have names, and its not new. I would fully expect that Jasper and Monty would be happy to stay in a place that has food and appears safe – the only things that have motivated them to serious adventure are each other being in peril or Octavia ;)

  7. Abby says:

    Really good first ep. Mount Weather is going to pay for keeping Clarke from finding her friends. To be honest, I always hoped they’d find Wells at Mount Weather, alive but minus two fingers. I just always found it so odd that his body was gone by the time the others realized he was missing. I know it’d be tough to survive what happened to him, but radioactive medicine of 100 years in the future, with surgery perhaps…basically, if he was alive, I wouldn’t think it was a cop-out. Jaha needs something to motivate him to reach the ground, and it doesn’t have to be Wells that does it, but if someone actually left their baby behind on the Ark and THAT’S his motivation…

    I hoped the baby cry was a hallucination from lack of oxygen, since he was thinking about his own son when he heard it. I hope the baby is a metaphor, and there’s still some chance wells is alive – maybe he was grabbed by the mutants! Or maybe, there was actually a BABY left behind on the Ark. It is certainly motivation enough to want to save its life and get the Ark to Earth…

  8. Carola says:

    Great premiere! Loved this show.
    Mt Weather looks very creepy. Clarke is right! Get the hell out of there! Too good to be true.

    I am kinda of sad, that they decided to separate the Jasper and Octavia characters. They were lovely to watch, now they won´t have anything in common. Sads… The Linctavia pairing is getting on my nerves.

    Jasper also worries me, he is buying everything the Mountain Men are selling him. Wake up man! Hope Clarke gets to make him see the truth about that cult.

    • Abby says:

      Linctavia will end. Lincoln will die. I feel confident that Jastavia will happen, but probably not in the first half of the season…

  9. It was impressive how fast the show set every character on their individual paths without stumbling once.

  10. boopeek says:

    They said they grow food with hydroponics. Chocolate also grows.

    Yet, where is the “savage” Anya they picked up with the 48? Obviously the Grounders fear the Mountain Men for a reason.

    Where did they get the meat they were eating?

    • Jessica says:

      I had that question too. There didn’t seem to be any spaces for feeding or raising cows, so where did they get the meat from? They don’t seem to be able to go outside unless they are wearing gas masks, so I don’t think that is where it comes from. Also, the deer they saw in season one seemed pretty deformed, so I don’t think they would be willing to eat that. Part of me thinks that maybe they are cannibals like the reapers are. Maybe they plan on eating the 48 survivors for their high amount of vitamin D (gross :P). If that’s not the case then maybe they want them for scientific reasons. Anyways just a few ideas. Can’t wait for the next episode! I hope Clarke and Belemmay end up together soon! :D

  11. I love the show!!! So, the baby was an hallucination, from lack of oxygen?? Or, maybe him thinking he lost it was an hallucination!! I can’t wait to find out. Everytime I think I have it figured out, you guys throw in a new twist. I really love the show. I already said that! I wish you would plug it more, though. I didn’t even see one commercial for it. You might get more viewers if you ran previews!! I had to look on internet to see when the new season was starting. You run tons of commercials for all the other shows!!

  12. Devi says:

    In episode 2 jaha just forgets the baby?!?!???