The Bridge Cancelled at FX

The Bridge Season 3

The Bridge has collapsed.

FX on Tuesday pulled the plug on the Diane Kruger-Demian Bichir drama after two low-rated seasons, TVLine has confirmed.

The show ended its run earlier this month with 1 million viewers and a 0.3 demo rating, slightly below its Season 2 average.

The comments section below is now accepting your Bridge eulogies.

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  1. dennis says:

    too bad I really liked it

  2. jon says:

    Too bad, I liked this show. The first season was better than second but still liked it.

  3. Very sad to hear that. Especially after how good season 2 was. What a great collection of actors.

  4. thisismenow says:

    Nooo! Someone needs to get the incredibly handsome Ted Levine on a new show stat.

  5. Des says:


  6. James says:


  7. Ken Brown says:

    Was a great show, sorry it was cancelled

  8. julie says:

    No. We really liked it.

  9. yossi1976 says:

    What the f…?
    It was a good show with nice rating I thought.

  10. Trudy says:

    SERIOUSLY *^&$^^&$#$??

  11. evildeb says:

    How annoying… I really liked this show, and I hated the way the final episode ended. Yes that’s right, I do like my season finales to either end with a cliff hanger or be tied up neatly with a bow. I hate when writers leave it up to the viewers to decide what happens after the camera fades away. Oops, did I say “hate” too many times in one comment? ARGH!

  12. Yolanda says:

    Oh God, no! Could Netflix save it? Just like they did with “The Killing”. Give it at least final six-episode season. Please, pretty please. It was such an amazing show.

    • capnkrik says:

      I would subscribe to Netflix again just to see that.

      • Gina says:

        I would subscribe as well! The Bridge was a really good show…the acting was excellent and I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat! Bring -it-back! Other gritty shows like “Southland” switched networks…pls bring it back!

  13. FREDO says:

    Very bad news, one of my favorites, still waiting anxiously on word on Graceland from USA.

  14. Alichat says:

    Well damn!

  15. Kat Farr says:

    can’t believe ANOTHER well-acted, well-written series gone! (along with The Killing, Longmire, etc) Granted, it was a bit gritty. Also I know the networks are about the bottom line and not about the consumer that is in the minority (re the ratings)…

  16. d ovitt says:

    Unbelieveable….why are all the shows I love cancelled…..bad move FX

    • Lexi says:

      Because the networks, cable included are catering to the 12 year old mentality.. They forget that demo they so love depends on our demo for money.. Will be reading more as I refuse to support networks that cancel great shows.. Only reason I watched FX and AE were these shows. BYE BYE BYE

  17. cdhaskell says:

    I love this show. I must saved my money to buy the two season of the show on DVD.

  18. TVworks2014 says:

    I knew it was on the bubble when they showed Diane Kruger naked in each of the first three episodes. That wasn’t enough to lure viewers. First season was better. Second season was okay. I dvr’d it and binge watched a few at a time. Next!

  19. A. Quijada says:

    Look… this was nothing but expected and I actually agree with it being cancelled. Through the whole two seasons, this show FAILED to develop any sound storyline, dropping characters and plots without any sort of reward over it. The premise of the show changed drastically, it didn’t make best use of the opportunities it had, many of the great moments were swept under the rug and we got caught into a misogynistic narrative. None of the female characters in this show were at any point developed fairly, nor realistic, starting with Diane Kruger’s inconsistent performance of her mental condition (whatever that was, ’cause aspergers it wasn’t) Eva’s recent trigger happy and totally off character response to her storyline, Charlotte’s demise that actually invalidated the whole of the first season, etc… The ONLY characters that actually made sense were Franka Potente’s and Fausto Galvan’s to a second degree with Emily Rios and Matthew Lillard… but not actually, since it lacked reality of how these journalists would have been treated in the actual mob scene. Their performances were solid though. I really do not lament this show going away, because it didn’t deserve to be on, I lament the wasted opportunity that went with it. Too much potential wasted in inexperience.

    • Wow, and I lament reading your comments. Disagree so strongly on just about all points. Everyone gets to have this own opinion, I suppose.

      • A. Quijada says:

        Yes, and I’m not at any point saying people are wrong for enjoying the show. I didn’t get what the show sold to me in the first season, nor was I going to get it had it continued because it had taken out the elements to make that happen, whether it was because they killed the characters that would have gotten them there, or because they’d discarded storylines that were actually the actual meat and potatoes of their narrative that should have been kept.
        I can’t be that far off, since it was so poorly followed by the regular viewer outside of twitter chatter, and on top of that for FX to actually cancel their shows takes a LOT if they truly believe they can bounce back.

    • Jane says:

      Agree. This season I never did figure out why they brought on the brother of the guy who killed Sonya’s sister and then let her sleep with him. That just made me dislike her even more than I already disliked her. Then she was so nasty to Hank that I was really hoping she would be killed and if they had another season it would be Hank and Marco together.

      • A. Quijada says:

        That’s a BIG problem when it comes to character development. If people do not care for your lead, you’re toast. You should be rooting for this hero, whether is an Anti hero or a classical knight in shining armor. I liked the complexity of characters that was a possibility in this show, but it was marred by a bipolar blueprint of episodes and writing that tried hard to cash in too in the Breaking Bad phenomena, attempting to incorporate those structure elements in their storytelling.

        • So you think shows to be successful have to stick with the good ol’ CBS formula ( except for the brilliant Person of Interest) and kick quirky and original to the curb.

          • A. Quijada says:

            No, is not about sticking to a formula. For example: Californication, Dexter, Weeds, all showtime shows, have heroes that are flawed, that are hard to root for because they’re doing things the wrong way, things that are socially not accepted. Breaking Bad based its whole run on this. And it works. Why? because the characters humanity was shown as believable not because the actors could deliver but because the writing found common places that are anchors to the viewers to identify themselves with the situations and get immersed in them. And this is not like you go thru a checklist of things and magic potions to have this happen, no, it comes from actually building up a character, consciously, and the integrity of that work gives that as a result. It comes from plotting proactively instead of reaction-based. Originality has nothing to do with this, neither does quirky, experience and a solid showrunner is the bottom line in here. Leadership.

        • martha says:

          YAWWWWN!!! Enough already. Move along!! You are the poster boy for the addage: everybody is a critic!!
          Go away now, please!!!

          • Fran says:

            You just had to make another comment? He/she made some very valid points and there are those of us who enjoy talking about TV. Just because its entertainment doesn’t mean you can’t discuss it. Gosh, grow up already.

        • Yeah I think I agree with you….I watched the first season and cared about Hank, Daniel, Sonya and Marco but season two….it waned. I felt season two was all over the place…got confused at times and actually liked the first season more.

        • Cornfed says:

          I so hate to agree with A. Quijada but i do :( This year I found this show more watchable and addictive than many things on tv, especially The Strain (which fills a different niche, i get it), but when they totally dropped Sonya’s Asberger’s Syndrome to start this season, i knew we were in trouble. I also found the premise of her being obsessed with her sister’s killer a bit melodramatic and poorly written. I came to like her romance with the killer’s brother, but they dropped it.

          Thomas Wright, Matthew Lilliard, and Ted Levin were by FAR my favorites the first season, and Quijada is correct when he says “if you don’t root for the leads, you’re in big trouble”! The leads were more melodramtic and annoying than appealing. It was the supporting characters that brought you back. Annabeth Gish, imo, was never used properly, for i found she brought a great noir quality to the series that they never fully exploited. I found Charlotte and Ray total loveable losers that i was rooting for the whole way, but there only featured every other episode!

          I thought what hurt the show the FIRST year was how unbelievable Damien Bichir’s acting was. He couldn’t even shed a tear during his son’s kidnapping or death, and that was almost a deal breaker for me. We came to the conclusion he was a MUCH better actor in Spanish than in English.

          All in all, Franka Potente was the clear star this season, LOVED HER! RIP The Bridge!

    • Totally agree with everything you said. The second season of this show was terrible. The show began with an interesting premise and characters and then proceeded to kill off or discard everything that made it interesting. I’m glad they cancelled it. Perhaps they can put that money into putting a show on that makes sense and is good drama.

      • phillipds says:

        The opposite is the case. Season One was bogged down by incredulous crime show cliches from its Danish source, whilst Season Two was able to push all of that aside and focus in on what mattered, this being the very real troubles in Mexico and the ways in which these troubles are stoked by both the American public and American government agencies. A bitter pill to swallow for many, no surprise it was cancelled. I applaud the effort nonetheless.

    • lechatnoir says:

      I totally agree with the part of Schwesterchen Diane not being able to keep up with her condition. This was distracting. I loved the first season but i’m okay with the show being cancelled at this point.

    • Eddy Reed says:

      Franka potente was the only reason I watched this :)

    • holly says:

      so wrong in every way……ugh.

  20. Greg says:

    I am not surprised given the ratings, but this show was one of the few on television that had the combination of complex storytelling, a talented cast and inspired writing. The Bridge will be missed greatly. FX needed to market this show more broadly to young, smart viewers.

  21. johnhelvete says:

    Unfortunate but expected based on the ratings. FX is one of the most forward looking networks in terms of looking at DVR numbers and other factors, they are the last network I would criticize for cancelling a show after two season. The strong point of the series was the setting and the show was one of those good shows that might have had the potential to really really good in season 3, but I cant

  22. OldFan says:

    I agree with dennis and Jon too bad it is a good show

  23. mari johnson says:

    Too bad. It was really so much better. Also, fox canceled gang related, which should have been on fx to begin with. With sons of anarchy ending, and justified ending, fx has only American horror story and the americans

  24. Margaret says:

    Never saw this version but I urge you to watch the original. I promise you, 10 minutes and you’ll be hooked. And Season 3 is coming soon.

  25. I am cursed . My favorites disappear – The Bridge, Longmire, The Killing.

  26. TheOne says:

    I need Diane Kruger and Demian Bichir on my TV !!! Stupid Fx

  27. SW says:

    This one hurts, as much as Longmire’s cancellation did. I love this show so much. The second season wasn’t as good as the first, though. They made a mistake by changing the focus of the show in season two, I think. I’ll miss this cast.

  28. Bob Weaver says:

    Again the talking heads at the networks have shown just how out of touch they are with their viewers. First a very good Longmire was canceled, and now The Bridge. Here’s and idea. If they really want to find out how many people actually watch their shows, they should ask them. They should also find out if they watch while the show is on, or do they DVR them. I will bet there are people that DVR than watch while it it on. But to do that, they would need to actually think before they cancel a show.

    • johnhelvete says:

      You should google FX dvr ratings and read the second article about The Strain or the first one about The Bridge. I assume I cant link or quote from those articles on here. FX is no longer acknowledging live ratings and is waiting for the live plus 3 ratings before they announce the ratings of their shows and also are looking at the ratings beyond that as well. FX actually does exactly what you are asking in your post.

  29. wrstlgirl says:


  30. Cere Bellum says:

    Noooo!!! I hope Netflix picks it up like they did with The Killing !

  31. Jared says:

    I loved the chemistry between Diane and Demian, but they kept them apart for too much of Season 2. Charlotte’s death was a total wtf but then when I saw her show up on another show 2 weeks later, i guess it made sense or whatever.
    There was a lot of promise here, and at least it got two seasons to try…something.
    I hope that Demian gets to do something similar to his comedic turn in Machete Kills. I didn’t know he had that in him!

  32. Yolanda says:

    Awe…that stinks! I enjoyed watching the show.

  33. yurie says:

    Not surprised about The Bridge. The female lead character was still as annoying as she was since Season 1, the reporters served as a poor plot contrivance and some of the side characters only felt like plot padding. Only the ‘stache dude was awesome.

  34. HAP says:

    I have to say that I’m disappointed, but not surprised. Disappointed because this was probably among the top 20% of dramas on TV. The setting and the unusual characters made this a must watch for me.

    I’m not surprised because about six weeks ago, Diane and her boyfriend Joshua Jackson sold their Hollywood Hills home. I’m thinking that the cancellation was already a known fact, or the producers of the show had decided to not move forward on another season.

  35. Marc says:


  36. JWB says:

    A really great show. I enjoyed it a lot. I can’t believe they kept Tyrant and cancelled the Bridge.

    • drhenning says:

      Surprisingly, Tyrant got stronger ratings and it was interesting… FX gave the show a couple of years but I think all the Spanish with subtitles hurt..

      • holly says:

        I tried to like Tyrant, but it just got so stupid and unbelievable……its a shame its still on and The Bridge isn’t.

      • Paul says:

        For those of us who are bilingual, hearing real Mexican colloquial Spanish dialogue was a real treat. To bad they don’t care about people who are outside the cookie cutter norm.

        • Gina says:

          I agree. I know a bit of spanish and my husband is fluent. I agree, it was a real treat to hear both languages together and seamlessly I might add. The show was gritty, intriguing and I looked forward to watching it. I hope another network pics it up!

  37. Cindy Kane says:

    Another good show down the drain!!:(

  38. Joann says:

    REALLY!! I really enjoyed that show. Very different but the actors were amazing.

  39. Mumio says:

    Very disappointed! Really liked the dynamic between Demian Bechir and Diane Kruger!

  40. Shelley says:

    Sorry to see it cancelled. Things that happen in real life seemed to come to life in this series.

  41. elaine says:

    ok, this sucks. We loved this show. Finally an adult show with fine acting and good scripts and they cancel it. Figures.

  42. Ellinas1978 says:

    Show lost all momentum in the second season. If it means (which it probably does) that now there is room for something new on the schedule that’s better than a 3rd even worse season. Ending of the season worked perfect as a series finale too.

  43. Edna says:

    This was a great show for the long drought of summer nothings. Longmire was another good one. I don’t get these networks. Good writing does not seem to be popular with the head honchos.

  44. jj says:

    I really loved this show. too bad, another one bites the dust.

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      WTF! I Really like this show it’s the only few shows I watch during the BORING summer months! S1was insane and S2 was alright, I too enjoyed the partnership of Demain Bichir and Diane Kruger’s characters……… what a damn shame!

  45. jon says:

    Maybe they can cancel the few other shows that I really like, and I can throw my tv away…

  46. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! We LOVED that show! It was the fastest 60 minutes in TV history! It was realistic and gritty with believable characters… puleeeeeze, someone, pick this show up and keep it going, at least enough to tie up the loose ends!!!!! Please […sob…]… PLEASE!!!

  47. Ron says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! The show knew its bubble status, and thus gave us a season 2 finale that could act as a series finale. However, this show was so good, yet so underrated, and deserved at least one more season. I’m struggling with this cancellation mainly because FX renewed Tyrant for another season, and that show is just dreadful when compared to The Bridge. This is one of those non-shocking but still heartbreaking cancellations.

  48. Diz says:

    I liked it and stuck with it, but I thought S1 was much better than S2.

  49. judyb says:

    One of the best shows on tv so sad it is not being renewed.