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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Post Mortem: Bobbi's Status, Skye's Origin, Fitz's Fate and More Burning Qs Answered

Agents of SHIELD Bobbi Morse

That was an episode of television.

ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this Tuesday unleashed Bobbi Morse, raised more questions about Skye’s 0-8-4 status and served up a reunion that was weeks (and yet so long) in the making.

The eventful hour ended with The Doctor (aka Skye’s father) — who was revealed to be a hair-trigger psychopath capable of brute strength — forming an alliance with Daniel Whitehall, given their shared interest in the Obelisk/Diviner. The Doc’s prescription: To kill Coulson, “along with, you know, everyone else.”

After screening the episode this weekend for a lucky bunch at the New York City Paley Center’s PaleyFest (and then conducting a Q&A with Clark Gregg, Ming-Na Wen, Chloe Bennet and EP/Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb), I invited Loeb to field a few burning questions coming out of “A Hen In the Wolf House.” Here’s what he shared.

IS BOBBI MORSE (PLAYED BY ADRIANNE PALICKI) IN FACT A KEEPER? | After breaking her cover as HYDRA’s security chief to save Simmons’ bacon (and with style), the batons-wielding badass was welcomed onto the bus with (most) arms wide open. “She will be with us for a little bit,” Loeb affirms. “I can’t tell you where she’s headed, but as you can see, there are some people who aren’t very happy that she’s there, and some who are.” Falling into the former group, of course, is Lance Hunter, who has referred to his ex as a “hellbeast,” “she-devil” and other unkind terms. So what exactly transpired in the past, to elicit such friction? “They have some ‘splaining to do,” Loeb smiles.

IS SIMMONS’ RETURN THE CURE FOR WHAT AILS FITZ? | Or could having her back be the catalyst for a setback? “It’s certainly a catalyst for complication,” Loeb says. ELIZABETH HENDSTRIDGE, IAIN DE CAESTECKER“The reasons why she left and what it’s done to their relationship, all those things are yet to be discovered, but it will be great fun to do so.” Because remember, Fitz was just starting to open up/warm up to the new team members. “Fitz had made a decision, which was to move on, and he’s really been trying to find friendships with Mac and Hunter,” Loeb notes. “We’ll see what happens now that Simmons is back.”

IS COULSON CORRECT, THAT SKYE MIGHT BE AN ALIEN? | Seeing as little miss 0-8-4, unlike Coulson or Garrett, never scrawled odd symbols (a map, perhaps?) as a reaction to the extraterrestrial-based GH formula? “All we know about 0-8-4s is that they are ‘objects of unknown origin.’ It doesn’t [necessarily] mean that they are of alien nature,” Loeb reminds. “As Coulson says, ‘It’s a theory,’ so we’ll see how it goes.”

WILL MAY HAVE TO PUT COULSON ‘DOWN’? | Now that she has (very) begrudgingly agreed to “the plan,” to end his misery if the GH side effects become too much? Or, as TVLine reader Susan wrote in: “Will we see Coulson in a better or worse place before the midseason break?” Loeb’s answer to that was, “It’s fair to say that it will be resolved — soon — but whether or not that’s good or bad, we will see.”

WILL WARD EVER GET OUT OF HIS CELL? | If, for example, the valuable intel he has to offer his former team necessitates him being hands-on with Skye, May et al, in the field? Loeb very much talked around this one, echoing the mantra, “If you have a monster in the basement, that’s not a good idea. When and if [he’ll be let out] is still [for viewers] to find out, but it’s a very dangerous thing to have him where he is!”

What did you think of “A Hen in the Wolf House”?

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  1. christiasne says:

    Bobbie Morse made an entrance! She rocks. I hope she sticks around. Best episode this season.

    • Yeah, considering her entrance came right out of left field but that’s exactly how it has been with everything else so far this season.

      • Lazer Tron says:

        No it didn’t. Coulson said an episode or two back that Simmons was not the only agent who had infiltrated Hydra. And much of what has happened this season was started last season, so I don’t get where much has come out of nowhere.

  2. Jordan says:

    This show has come a long way. It’s now one of my favorites each week. Love Bobbi and hope she’s around for a while. I’m also growing more invested in the mystery of Skye’s background and Coulson’s drawings with each episode. I don’t know where all of this is heading, but they’ve got me hooked.

  3. All the tension from this show has been sapped from this show, but I did love the Hellcow shout out!

  4. Lariet50 says:

    I don’t know much about the comic books, and I know the movies and TV show don’t always follow the comic book mythology. But does this mean Bobbi isn’t married to Hawkeye in this universe? I knew it wouldn’t happen, but I was hoping for a Jeremy Renner cameo. :)

    • Badpenny says:

      They were Marvel’s version of Green Arrow and Black Canary. They met and became partners years before they got married.

    • Jon says:

      They’re only sometimes married. I wouldn’t be surprised he she mentions him at some point though.

    • ArchieLeach says:

      Hawkeye’s dated Spider-Woman, Wasp, Black Widow, a Scarlet Witch robot (probably a robot), Moonstone, Echo, and at least a few others that I’m forgetting but I’m sure they’ll give him one of those as a love interest eventually.

    • KatsMom says:

      There are some rumors that Marvel wants to cross Palicki into the movies if people respond to her well on the show here. Having Hawkeye cross into SHIELD is tough though, mostly because Renner is so ridiculously busy. The man just doesn’t seem to stop working. He’s going from franchise to franchise with the Marvel, Bourne and Mission Impossible movies and somehow he still manages to squeeze in a few other projects too, like Kill the Messenger. I’m exhausted just thinking about what his schedule must be like.

      • g says:

        fyi – don’t let it exhaust you
        1 – doesn’t affect your life in any manner to think about it
        2 – it’s an actor’s life – typically there are long breaks in-between projects – especially when it’s an ensemble type of movie, etc
        3 – filming a for a few days to a week give or take on a tv show is not that hard to figure into his busy schedule (they do it way in advance) – especially for one of the Avengers

        4 – getting any of the film actors onto the show is not really a scheduling problem, but just a budget & contract issue – basically just if they feel like doing it & how much money Marvel convinces them to get paid for a guest appearance
        RDJ has already said he’s up for it if they can figure it out (ie. $$$$)
        Sam Jackson did it cause he wanted to and he’s a team player helping out the entire Marvel franchise universe – same can be said for all the actors – part of the reason they were all chosen I’m sure – they’re all fun people & down to help “the team” (which every Marvel project is part of)

  5. Laura B says:

    When SHIELD started its first season last year, I was not excited at all and wasn’t planning on watching, however it has become my favorite tv show! I just loooove it!

    • Jordan says:

      Exactly. When the show started, I watched regularly because I was invested in the universe. Now I’m invested in the show.

    • Jim C says:

      I agree. Roughly the first half of last season was for the most part “catastrophe of the week” stuff. I knew that wouldn’t fly on TV, but they changed the format so to speak. Interacting with the Captain America movie was a great move and now it’s to the point where it’s getting to be like the old b/w serials from back in the day…another great move.
      Don’t know what it’s ratings are but my DVR is locked in now.

  6. People keep confusing the term alien with extraterrestrial. Alien can mean “not familiar or like other things you have known : different from what you are used to”, it doesn’t mean “from outer space”. So Skye can be an alien and not be from another planet.

  7. James D says:

    Where did this show come from it has gotten so good so fast each episode is more awesome then the last very well done Whedons i’m loving it. I’m also loving Mockingbird the girl is a major badass. I’m looking forward to seeing what transgresses between Fitz and Simmons. BTW Kyle McGlaughlin totally owned it in this episode stoked to see his story unfold.

    • Badpenny says:

      Part of the problem with last season was the movie tie-ins. They had to have an episode tie-in with Thor and then had to slow-play the story to wait for Winter Soldier. I think the show could have gone better if they had not needed to wait for the Hydra/Shield issues.

  8. steve says:

    this show just gets better every week. it feels like it has finally found its niche and place , ever since they started there hydra stuff with garrett last year this show seems to have settled into what it does well , people who gave up on it should give it another shot cause its become a really good show.

  9. Coal says:

    Ok that was fun. Excellent episode, its good having an array of interesting characters you can invest in and root for. AoS now has its own group of “Avengers”.

  10. M3rc Nate says:

    Liked a lot about the episode except i felt really short changed in regards to the Fitz and Simmons reunion. It was just some awkward looks and some “hey”….”hey”….”so how are you doing”…then cut to another scene. Overall i hope to see (in the coming episode) her find out what happened to him and how bad hes been and how hes been hallucinating her and her feel HORRIBLE for leaving.

    The only other thing is im glad it looks like Ward gets out of the basement next episode cause im really tired of him being down there, sorry but i feel he is too key a character to have 1 minute an episode of him in. However im super curious to see what they do with him…does he try to be redeemed? Does he become a loner somewhere in-between SHIELD and Hydra? Does he rejoin Hydra? Id hope for the redemption story but hes killed a lot of good guys, has no real excuse (like tricked or mind control etc) and hes been acting really creepy with Sky…its like he cares about NOTHING but her and her being into him and trusting him again…

    • Megs says:

      Totally agree on the Fitz/Simmons reunion. It was quite unsatisfying. I know we’ll get more info in future episodes, but it would have been nice to see a little something more than having the scene change abruptly. Even if Fitz had just walked out of the room before the scene changed, it would have been way better.

    • Christina says:

      Totally agree with you and Megs below, I wanted a bit more out of that Fitz and Simmons scene. I honestly can’t refer to them as “FitzSimmons” now, and it’s going to take awhile I suspect for them to become that again.
      Fitz walking out would have been perfect, but I actually respect that in that scene, he really made no effort whatsover to reach out to her. His only question really was “Are you real?” or something to that effect, and she was the one that had to answer and walk closer to him. I was pretty proud of Fitz.

  11. spinalcold says:

    Some people hate Adrianne Palicki??? Looks to be the most dynamic fighter actor/actress introduced to the show yet! Better keep her. Plus, can you imagine the amazing Mocking/May teamups?!

  12. dave says:

    Was the episode of the season screamed and fist pumped when I saw the news about the trailer and crushing hard of Adrianne Bobbi Morse is kickass

  13. Avram says:

    Best episode so far in what has been an all-around great season.

  14. dman6015 says:

    Hey, it’s almost-Wonder Woman!

  15. Linds says:

    Feeling pretty silly. Took me way too long to recognize “Tyra” Apparently it just takes dark hair and no Texas drawl to fool me!

  16. Steph says:

    There really needs to be an A+ option. That was an awesome hour of TV.

  17. Luis says:

    I don’t care what you call him; but stop calling Kyle McLachlan”s character “The Doctor.” As if!

  18. The episode seriously kept getting better and better as it went on. It was awesome. Good job Marvel. Hopefully ABC will do something about the comedy lead-ins. Those ratings deserve to go back up!!! It’s been incredible this season.

  19. Rick Katze says:

    Unbelievably good episode opening lots of interesting doors just a smidge.

    Watching Skye totally distrust Ward’s information about her father and then getting it confirmed later in the show has all the feel of a first step back for Ward from the abyss and a reconnection with Skye. But I expect the road to be long and rocky.

  20. ANNA says:

    It seems I’m in the minority but I like this show less than I ever have. And I’ve been loyal up until this point. I don’t know why, after making Ward interesting, they’ve shoved him in a box and made him a reformed head-case boy scout again. I like the new characters they’ve brought on but every week seems to be Skye’s tribute to self importance and everyone gives her a pass. No thanks, I might be bailing on this show in a few episodes.

  21. Dragonfly says:

    Bobbi rocks!!!!! If they planning her to be in Avengers I am soooo for it. Will even swap her for Simmons who is starting to get on my nerves. Can we keep Bobbi please

  22. So Happy says:

    I couldn’t wait for Agents of Shield to become a TV show. I’d follow Son of Coul anywhere lol! Now that I’m watching it, I care about the other stars as well. Love them all.
    I think the show gets better and better.