Supernatural EP, Stars Preview When Winchesters Attack! Plus: Cas' Quest

Supernatural Season 10 Spoilers

Now that Sam has demon Dean in his grasp on Supernatural, prepare for a “pretty brutal” confrontation between the brothers as a war of words — and then some — are exchanged in Tuesday’s episode (The CW, 9/8c), showrunner Jeremy Carver warns.

The hour presents “a Dean that we haven’t seen before,” executive producer Robert Singer adds. “Over the first three episodes, he gets to the point where Sam has to try to really pull him back from an edge that he probably hasn’t been on before. How he does it or if he does it…”

Well, that’s a mystery that remains to be answered — or not. “The cure does happen,” star Jensen Ackles reveals, “but it doesn’t solve the problem of the Mark of Cain. There’s still an ugly head that’s waiting to be reared. When that happens is waiting to be seen.”

Even after Dean is rid of his inner beast, “the echo” of what’s happened to both Winchesters over the last couple of months remains, his co-star Jared Padalecki shares. Among the questions being explored are, “What are the residual effects of Dean having become a demon and of the Mark of Cain that’s on Dean’s arm?” he explains. “And what is the residual effect of Sam having to make amends with what he did as a human in order to track down Dean and to save him?”

But first, Castiel will finally interact with Dean’s demonic side in this week’s outing. “It’s a pretty strenuous meeting,” Ackles previews. “Dean is still not quite Dean, and Cas is having to, unfortunately, use some powers he would rather not have to use against Dean.”

Supernatural Season 10 SpoilersEven though the angel is facing his own problems and is low on grace, “Castiel is hellbent on ridding Dean of his demon and willing to do anything, no holds barred, to make sure he’s no longer a demon,” Misha Collins says, adding that their face-to-face is “a little touchy.”

Meanwhile, an unlikely partnership forms when Crowley seeks out Castiel’s help after he realizes his former BFF’s antics are causing problems for him in Hell. “Once again, Castiel is, generally speaking, reluctant to partner with Crowley and vice versa, but I think that we end up finding some compatible goals to go after,” Collins teases.

And how is Crowley surviving without his pal Dean? “It’s going to be a continued storyline throughout the season,” Carver replies. “Their relationship is complex.”

But not as complex as the task handed to Ackles when it came time to step behind the camera for the fourth time and pit Sam versus Dean.

“Not only was it tricky to portray because we actually shot” Episode 3 of Season 10 prior to Episodes 1 and 2, the actor shares. “But I directed it. So that was another double whammy on me, a.) you’re going to direct the first one – that’s always challenging – [and] b.) you’re going to have to be three episodes into a character you’ve never played before. Go! I hope that the audience receives it. I’m far too close to this episode than I normally am to most episodes.”


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  1. Jill says:

    Oooohhhh I’m so excited for Cas and Dean to come face to face. I want all the delicious ANGST. <333

  2. Kathryn says:

    I am so, so bored with all the fighting. I wish they could just get the brothers back as a team, get Cas in the bunker with them, and then have all three of them go hunt monsters together.

  3. Wilson says:

    I wish the writers would let Sam have deeper relationships, as they do with Dean. This entire article discusses Dean’s complex relationships with Sam, Cas and Crowley. Meanwhile, we get a sentence on Sam having to deal with the lengths he went to to save Dean, which the fandom will no doubt villainise him for, while Cas is celebrated for how much he cares about Dean.

    • Kara says:

      I agree with all of this. Supernatural has literally become a show about Dean and his relationships, while Sam has been marginalize to the point of complete isolation.

      Fandom condemns him for not saving Dean from purgatory, yet still condems him for stepping up to save Desn from the mark.

      Fandom condemns him, and show follows suit and does the same. Literally Dean is walking s path Sam walked in season four. Yet fandom praises Deans vicious words and violent acts when Sam tries to save him. Yet Sams words of anger season nine remain unforgivable.

      Someone on the writing staff needs to go to bat for Sam this season under Carvers dismal administration. Or this show needs to give up on the premise it is still about Dean AND Sam, and let Jared and Jensen move on to better career options.

      • Symphany says:

        Newsflash, Nobody is condeming Sam for his harsh words in Season 9. If you recall, Dean is a Demon, which is why he is acting different. The writers have said in different interviews recently, that Sam will also have a strong role in this season. Sam will have to left Dean from all deep remorse or guilt he will fell, once he is cured. And Sam is a key factor in their relationship as brothers this Season. Its Usually Dean being the Big Bro, looking after Sammy. So now its just the opposite.

      • angel64 says:

        As if the majority of the previous 9 seasons everything wasn’t about Sam while Dean’s role was to play sidekick? Seriously? Where were all of you then? But finally Dean actually gets a major storyline(that’s still gonna end up beinbg more about Sam) and it’s “poor Sam, he’s so marginalized? How come you didn’t mind at all all those seasons when Dean was thrown to the backburner?

        • angel64 says:

          And as for Dean having a relationship with other people. last year, Sam was the one who not only was closer to Jody, but also to Cas. In fact, Dean and Cas had hardly any major scene together that I can recall.
          I love Sam too, but I keep seeing this same “poor Sam, the writers don’t like him argument” everywhere from Samgirls, and it always makes me scratch my head. Sam, who for the majority of seasons had all the main story arcs, was talked up about how smart and brave and important he was, and who got the biggest hero arc that will ever be on this show,i.e., stopping Lucifer and the Apocalypse pretty much all by himself, who as recently as season 8 STILL had the main season story arc, while Dean’s Purgatory story was very quickly dropped and forgotten, the writers somehow mistreat Sam, and Dean, who very rarely gets an important arc and when he does, except for in season 3, it’s usually over quickly and meaningless, who has been told many times by many characters how stupid, how useless, and how unimportant he is compared to Sam, Dean whose storylines, like his domestic time with Lisa or being the intended vessel for Michael, end quickly while Sam’s last half a season, the writers somehow like Dean better and it’s all about Dean? Just don’t understand this logic.

        • nita says:

          I agree I love Sam as much as I love Dean but, if u rewatch seasons 5 to 9 u’ll see its all Sam arced; from him being soulless to going crazy to almost dying and then having some psycho angel controlling him , while Dean seems to be lagging behind on the in depth character storylines that the writers repeatedly write for Sam…but the one time it’s finally about Dean, where he gets to finally shine without sam’s issues overshadowing his demonisms people want to start an uproar!

      • Tawrens says:

        Probably because what Sam said in season 6 and season 9 are complete crap whereas Dean’s are true. Sam has yet to hunt on his own. He’s always had Dean a call away for backup. It is Sam’s birth that resulted in Mary interrupting Azazel in Sam’s nursery causing her death and the collapse of John/Dean’s world. Azazel even commented that’s why Mary died so John would become a Hunter and train Sam to become what Lucifer/Azazel wanted him to be.

  4. Justine says:

    I’m not really interested in Sam and Dean doing the same thing they always do, while Jared makes stupid faces, but I’m really looking forward to seeing the Dean and Cas encounter! So happy to hear that Cas will be involved in saving Dean and that Dean might still have some demon in him after he is “cured.” The other interview I read today was from a Wincest fan and it just about ended my interest in this season. It’s amazing the difference reading something from an unbiased reporter can make. Thanks! :)

    • Jill says:


    • Linda says:

      Oh please.

    • maermae says:

      Just because an interviewer asks questions about Sam & Dean – you know, the two MAIN characters of Supernatural – does NOT make them a Wincest shipper.

      Right now, the main players in the demon!Dean & Sam storyline ARE Sam & Dean, so of course questions are going to be brother-centric.

      That interviewer was in no way bias. She even tweeted that a Cas & Crowley-centric article was being posted tomorrow.

      Come on.

      • Jill says:

        Except that Carver himself has stated that Cas is a part of the Demon Dean storyline, sooooo….yeah.

        • Joey says:

          I have no idea where you’re getting your information from but put it to you this way – Dean and Cas’ interactions in 10×03 are not going to make the shipping crowd very happy. Dean is every bit as brutal towards Cas with his words as he is towards Sam and Castiel even tries to kill Dean at one point. So don’t get your hopes up too high there, you’re just setting yourself up for a major disappointment.

          • grannieof2 says:

            It’s going to be a rough time for everybody. I’m guessing Dean’s demon/Crowley problem isn’t going to be solved for quite awhile. Whatever happens in 10×3 will be a temporary patch, not the cure.

          • Kate says:

            And I can predict that among certain fans, it’ll be, “Dean didn’t really mean those things he said to Sam, it was the demon talking, not the real Dean!” while simultaneously being, “Dean really hates Cas, look at all those awful things he said to him, those were his true feelings coming out!”

          • andrew says:

            ha ha you were so wrong …..rewatch the 9 other seasons and come back with a better theary

      • Justine says:

        Did she? That’s great to hear! Let’s hope it tells us more about how Cas is involved in saving Dean, just like he should be. Really looking forward to seeing a Cas-centric article that looks at his bond with Dean. Thanks for letting me know! :)

        • So interesting that Castiel as a character is nothing uness its all about Dean. Pity thats the brother story. Castiel is in Supernatural to give the J’s time off so no point if he’s with them all the time. I’d say being a brother for 30 odd years and what the Winchesters have been through their whole life is central to the story of supernatural. IMO we can let the Angels go and no one would be the wiser. Castiel doesn’t save Dean, its Sams blood that will save Dean from being a demon. j/s

    • Sofya says:

      WoW, Destiel shippers are the most pathetic.

      Who make stupid faces? I never saw stupid face expressions like Misha’s, and that when he actually is more successful to give any expression in the first place!

      Sorry that Cas is nowhere near the main story, Sam and Dean are the main characters and always will be, Misha isn’t even part of EP200.
      Even Jensen said in JIB5 he was glad there wasn’t many Dean&Cas interaction in S9.

      So it’s understandable why you sounds desperate!

      • Justine says:

        Oh sweetie, maybe you should have a lie down? ;)

      • RachelA says:

        I don’t understand people who hate on Misha/Cas. You do realize without his added dynamic, the show probably would have gone off the air several seasons ago. Yes, Sam and Dean are the ‘main characters.’ We know. Everyone knows. But it’s frankly boring as heck to watch the same two men rehearse the same fraternal devotion to one another in roughly the same manner, over and over and over and over and over and over and over again for 10 seasons. Cas has brought new possibilities into the narrative that clearly a lot of people enjoy (whether they ship Destiel or not). He’s vital to the show’s success, whether or not he’s a ‘main character’ the way Sam and Dean are. So put on your big person panties and just get over it already. A lot of people like him and what he brings to the show and he’s probably going to be around until the end. Stop with the sour grapes. It’s been 6 years at this point and its tedious.

        • ninamags says:

          People keep saying that the show would not still be on the air if it wasn’t for the “mighty” Castiel.

          Point is we don’t know and we will NEVER know if the show would have ended years ago.

          It’s also telling that if you fast-forward through the deadly dull angel storyline you don’t miss much. The narrative continues and more importantly, we get the only story that is important, Sam and Dean.

          I just keep thinking about episode 200 and laugh.

          • Kate says:

            I’m interested to know how you are able to fast forward through the angel story and yet still know what you have or haven’t missed, and how “deadly dull” it was. Is it some sort of ESP you have going there?

            The story of SamnDean is important to *you*. It’s also important to a lot of other fans, that much is clear. But the story of Cas is important to *me* (as is the story of all three characters as a team), and it’s also important to a lot of other fans. You make yourself look ridiculous when you deny that.

        • How would you know that the show would of gone on. I personally know many that left the show because of the Angels and Castiel in particular. If you want to talk about storylines played over and over and over, how about Castiel. He’s been looking for god for 5 seasons, he’s been loosing his grace for 5 seasons, he’s played a ‘human’ for nearly 5 seasons. He’s played the woe is me, poor me, I did everything for everyone for 5 seasons. Now his story is supposed to be learning not to make bad decisions, Gadreel did that within 2 episodes. I’m beginning to think Castiel is a little slow. He’s not vital to the shows success you’d like to believe he’s vital but its simply not true. If he’s not in an episode, there is still an actual episode. I know you want to believe it but he’s not necessary for Supernatural, theres only two people that are necessary and it doesn’t ryme with Ass.

          • RachelA says:

            I’m so sorry you all feel victimized by Cas’s existence. *yawn* Frankly most of the anti-Cas arguments I’ve encountered seem to boil down to THE SHOW IS ABOUT SAM AND DEAN SO IT SHOULD JUST BE ABOUT SAM AND DEAN BECAUSE IT’S ABOUT SAM AND DEAN! (circular logic doesn’t move me) And repetitive storylines are what this show is built on. How many times have Sam and Dean tried to die for each other? I can’t believe you are using the “oh, Cas’s stories are repetitive” argument as a reason for why he’s not important to the show. ALL THIS SHOW DOES WITH ANY OF ITS CHARACTERS IS REPEAT THEIR STORYLINES WITH SLIGHT CHANGES FROM SEASON TO SEASON. Acting like this is a problem with just his character is at best unintentionally obtuse and at worst, willfully obtuse.

          • Paps says:

            Go back to SPN_gossip, and please take all your friends with you.

          • Kate says:

            “I personally know many that left the show because of the Angels and Castiel in particular. ”
            And yet they didn’t exactly storm back to pad those ratings during season 7, did they? In fact season 7 had the show’s worst ratings. Castiel is a factor in the show’s success and longevity. You just make yourself look (even more) stupid by denying it. Actually I’m beginning to think you might be a little slow. Are you J2Brothers?

          • andrew says:

            do u actually watch the show……after season 5?

        • angel64 says:

          What about all the Misha fans who pop up everywhere, on almost every SPN related article whether it mentions Cas or not, and all over the internet, to mercilessly bash Jensen and call him a homophobic, talentless, ugly, old piece of garbage simply because he does not see a romantic subtext to Dean and Ca’s relationship and has, very politely, stating this? And now that he made the mistake of getting on Facebook and Twitter, they are attacking him there too. Even Jared, who normal they love and spare from their hate and vitriol, got attacked briefly last season when he made the offhand comment that if Cas’s vision of Heaven would have been naked pictures of Dean everywhere, it would spoil it. So sorry to say, but I don’t think any group of SPN fans has the market cornered on hate as much as Cas/Misha fans.
          I don’t hate Misha or Cas, and it doesn’t bother me if some of you watch only for him, but accept that he is a SUPPORTING character, whose is there to enhance the main arc the the two leads, not have his own completely unrelated and separate arc that takes time away for building a decent story for the leads. Right now, I feel like this is what’s happening. You complain that the brother’s story has become repetitive boring angst? Well of course it is, when the writers feel they have to devote a big chunk of time to a major storyline for a SUPPORTING character rather than devote the time needed to write more involving arcs for their two leads.

          • Laura says:

            “So sorry to say, but I don’t think any group of SPN fans has the market cornered on hate as much as Cas/Misha fans.”

            You must grow beautiful roses with that much BS to spare. Oh, and the brothers’ story was repetitive, boring angst in S7 without Cas even being in the show. But I suspect it was the kind of repetitive, boring angst (Dean being all about Sam) that you like?

        • angel64 says:

          What about all the Misha fans who pop up on every SPN related article whether Misha is mentioned in it or not, all over the internet and anywhere they can, to mercilessly bash Jensen and call him an old, talentless, ugly, homophobic piece of garbage, simply because he does not see a romantic subtext to Dean and Cas’s friendship and says so, honestly and politely? Now that Jensen has Facebook and Twitter they are attacking him there too. Even Jared, who they normally love and spare from their hatred, got a bit of it himself because of an offhand comment he made about Cas’s heaven. So sorry, but from what I’ve seen no sector of fandom has the market cornered on hate as much as Misha fans.

          • Candyrock says:

            Funny. The only hate I’ve seen is coming from you and your friends.

            I’d love to read an interview that mentions Cas without spn_gossip mucking up the comments.

          • angel64 says:

            So Candyrock, you somehow missed the vast amount of hatred being thrown at Jensen from Misha and Destiel fans ALL OVER THE INTERNET? Then I must say ,you and Laura have been smelling the hallucinogenic roses, either that or you are willfully ignoring and denying all the horrible bashing and hatred for Jensen coming from your fellow Misha fans. I haven’t seen any Jensen or Jared fans hating Misha on nearly the same scale. There are certainly some who do hate on Misha, but it comes nowhere near as close to what I’ve seen coming from Misha fans.
            Laura, I’m not the one throwing BS Dear. It’s fans like you who claim Misha is responsible for all of SPN’s success. And as for hate, I personally haven’t said ONE thing hateful towards Misha or Cas, so please stop with the lies. Season 7 WAS boring, but that again had to do with the writers not giving a crap about writing a decent story for the brothers, and yes, when Cas is on, they DO seem more devoted to his story then to the brothers.

          • RachelA says:

            A couple of things: 1) the behavior of fans at cons and on the internet is a separate issue from the quality/content of the show. 2) Yes, there are occasional Cas/Misha/Destiel fans out there that say and do inappriopriate things, and believe me, most of the other Cas/Misha/Destiel fans cringe more than anyone else when that stuff happens. Most of us HATE that kind of thing, and try to protest it. But sadly we do not have behavioral control over every member of our fandom group. 3) I never see nearly as much bad behavior from Cas/Misha/Destiel fans as I see protests and hysteria from others *about* that behavior. The responses to it always seem more inflated than the actual problem is. (Again, I know some individual fans have done very inappropriate things over the course of the last 6 years. I’m saying the frequency and scale of it have been hyperbolized and exaggerated for the sake of opportunistic discreditation) Seriously, has anyone on this message board called Jensen homophobic? Not that I can see. And I have literally never seen anyone in the history of ever call him ugly, whether they like him or not. If you actually look at Jensen’s twitter mentions, you can find one or two jabs about Destiel or homophobia in a sea of respectful, kind, complements and love. The problem does exist but its not nearly as inflated as people sometimes make it out to be. So everyone just chill. PROPORTIONALLY its not nearly as common as the Cas/Misha/Destiel haters make it out to be.

          • angel64 says:

            To Rachel, sorry, but yes I have seen the hate thrown at Jensen by Misha/Destiel in spades, much more than a small handful as you claim. There have even been ridiculous ‘open’ letters accusing Jensen of contributing to teen suicides among LGBT youth. I’m not blowing anything out of proportion. I have personally seen tons of hate thrown at him everywhere. So go on and believe what you want to believe, I will go by what I’ve seen. And what I’ve seen still indicates that the most hate is coming from Misha/Destiel fans.
            And again, I am being lumped in with Misha/Cas haters, even though I’ve said nothing hateful about him.
            Keep believing whatever you want, but I stand by what I’ve seen. That’s all i have to say on the subject.

    • julia. says:

      Wow the desperation and delusion. Really you have to tear down Jared’s acting to prop your fave? That’s just sad.

      Sorry to break it to you but your fave is regularly cast there to support the main leads. Tearing down one of these actual leads won’t change those facts. But by all means, expose yourself and other likeminded minions as the small, petty fans you are.

      • Jill says:

        Oh, you mean the same way you all do with Misha literally all the time?

        • julia says:

          No you seem to be confused. I ignore all things Misha so literally I have nothing to get upset about Until Mishas fans attack Jared and or Jensen. Then I place that blame where it belongs… On his immature and entitled fans, not on the man himself. Nice try but nope you are wrong again!

          • Justine says:

            It’s really nice to hear about fans defending the actors! But it sounds like you ignore all the attacks and hate on Misha, what a shame. I don’t think Jared and Jensen would like that very much. I’m going to be meeting them at the Con in Chicago soon, so I will ask them what they think. I think it will be interesting!

          • areyoukiddingme says:

            Justine, maybe you should ask them what they think about people like YOU who hate on Jared instead. Are you even listening to yourself? Can you get more hypocrytal? Do you really think they’ll get mad about Misha-bashing but they’ll be OK with you saying Jared is a bad actor? Jared is Jensen’s best friend (said by himself selveral times). It would be intersting to see his reaction to your Jared hate. Minions, I swear to God…

      • Justine says:

        I just don’t think Jared is a very good actor is all. I have autism so sometimes I say things without thinking. Sorry that your insecurity over his abilities means you take my opinion personally. :)

        I’m looking forward to seeing the chemistry Misha and Jensen have though. I think it’s going to be awesome!

        • Kara says:

          And it just gets sadder. Seriously, just once in awhile maybe go outside and talk to people.

          By all means love what you love. But when you have to tear someone else down to do so you have failed.

          And since we are pulling the passive aggressive card now, I’ll just add its due to Jared and his hard work as the lead that your fave even has a job. So yeah, a little perspective there for you.

          • Justine says:

            Oh I don’t think Jared has anything to do with Misha having this job. ;) I think it’s more to do with how incredibly popular Misha is. Some perspective for you there! Thank you for your insight though! But one little thing: I thought Jensen was also a lead? Or is it just Jared, like you seem to think?

          • ninamags says:

            Oh, Justine, honey, no. Kara was simply stating that if it wasn’t for Jared AND Jensen, there would be no show. If one doesn’t want to continue, neither will the other one.

            So, yes, as long as Jared and Jensen want to continue the show, it will. The minute either wants to stop, it will.

            LOL, even the network honchos have mentioned that a spin-off with Castiel would interest no one.

    • lexa says:

      where can i find this other interview?

    • Why are destiel fans always so darn pathetic and predictable?

  5. Mare says:

    I’m really disappointed they’re ending Demon Dean so quickly, I was having fun with him. But it’s Dean story, they always end them early, should have known not to get my hopes up, sigh.

  6. EatPrayRub says:

    Super stoked to hear about what’s happening with all three of them. The sneak peek gave us a good insight into what will be happening between Sam & Dean, and this gives us a wee glimpse at how Cas will be dealing with it, and how Dean will be reacting to Cas. It’s all making me very excited to see the episode :D

  7. AJ says:

    So excited for Dean’s confrontation with Sam and Cas, and that the Mark of Cain storyline is not being dropped even if demon Dean will be gone. This season has been incredible so far, the most interesting since the Kripke days. Please keep this up writers!

  8. Chris says:

    Cannot WAIT to see Cas interact with demon!Dean. That’s going to be epic.

  9. Erin says:

    Demon Dean interacting with the angel that pulled him from hell….oh, this is going to be epic.

  10. Mary says:

    Looking forward to see Sam saving Dean. Hope Castiel won’t interfere much, help Sam OK, but in the end it has to be Sam the one to cure Dean! I have missed the brotherly bond so much and I can’t wait to have it back! Jared & Jensen’s chemistry is unique and it shows in every scene the work together!

    • Kelly Edwards says:

      I agree with you 100 percent Mary, and for those who complains a lot about Jared’s acting, please stop it. He is a wonderful actor and the show wouldn’t have lasted if not for him and Jensen. Please be considerate to the actors. They work very hard.

      • Mary says:

        You can like what you like, dislike what you dislike. But what some people are doing here is simply hate on Jared. Even when Jared was giving outstanding performances, and all TV critics who write about the show would agree (e.g. Sacrifice) these people would go around bashing his acting. Talking about pure hate and nothing more.
        Jared and Jensen are both great actors and if it weren’t for their chemistry and what they give to their characters the show would have died a long time ago. If it’s on air all these years it’s because of them. Get rid of one of them and bye bye SPN.

      • Kate says:

        This. Actor hate is really low and uncalled for. All the main three: Jensen, Jared, *and Misha* work hard to bring us this show, they’re all great actors, and all of them have been a vital factor in helping it stay on air for ten seasons.

        • RachelA says:

          Agreed! I think they are ALL absolutely vital. Lose anyone of them, and the show would suffer tremendously. I don’t understand this factionalizing that so many people seem to want to do.

  11. GhostWolf says:

    About bloody time Cas is getting into the main story instead of constantly being isolated with his own angel storyline.

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  13. Nicole Holbrook says:

    I’m glad that there doing a Dean and Cas scene. But what i want them to do is try to save Dean and turn him back into a human.

    • Drew says:

      Cas should take the mark from Dean. Since he isn’t a human soul, he can’t be turned into a demon. But he could use the power to take over Hell and become the warden (not king) of the place, turning it into the prison that it’s meant to be. It’d be cool to have someone with a moral compass running things down there.

  14. grannieof2 says:

    Really hoping they take this opportunity to let the brothers’ relationship change and grow, instead of recycling the same-old, same-old. Also hoping Dean’s return to semi-normal allows the three of them to work together; first order of business should be to solve Castiel’s grace problem. And never count Crowley out! :)

  15. Katherine says:

    Can’t wait to see Castiel-Demon Dean interaction!! And what Crowley is up to!

  16. This ep is going to rip my spain out. I’m not ready TT

  17. Mo says:

    Another day, another article, another comment section full of the same arguments between bro fans & Cas fans. *sigh*

    Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to seeing demon!Dean being as mean & sh*tty as possible to Sam & Cas, the two people he is closest to. And I want to see their reactions to seeing him at his worst. And I want to see how Crowley is taking his “breakup” with Dean. And I’m really looking forward to seeing interactions between ALL these characters. Give me Sam/Dean, Dean/Cas, Sam/Cas, Cas/Crowley, Crowley/Dean… all of it!

  18. Paps says:

    Dean and Cas are having a confrontation in this week’s episode? YES! But truly I’m really looking forward to Claire Novak’s episode. I literally cannot wait for that episode.

    • grannieof2 says:

      This! x 1000. So excited to see this loose end reconnected. She’s, what, 17? and according to reports, something of an angry punk-kid. Rightfully so; Castiel’s got some ‘splaining to do. The possibilities!

  19. About time we got Cas with Sam and Dean its were he belongs with the winchesters not with those dumbass angels who cant tie their own shoe laces without him. I love Demon Dean and i can imagine what cruel words his going to say to Cas and think ouch ive seen the clip with Dean and Sam and Dean said some nasty words to his brother so Cas is in for a rough time as well. Unlike some ppl on this comment section i hope Cas helps Sam save Dean because i think it should be a team effort after all im a Teamfreewill girl and love to see all three working together . A note to all those who come on these comment sections just to cause a fan war grow up and get a life we all watch this show for different reasons a little respect goes a long way.

  20. ladymagician says:

    If Dean is dead, and the MoC is the only thing that keeps him alive, as a demon, then how is Cas going to get rid of the demon without killing Dean? The nepotism duo writers never watch the show, since they can never get canon right, so I fear that once again Dean fans will be screwed out of a good Dean mytharc just because these two writers and Singer have no imagination of what to do with Demon Dean.

    What a waste of a good story line. The brothers, yeah right. Sam the hero and Dean his faithful servant, that’s all we’ve gotten the past 5 years and that’s all that Carver and Singer can come up with.

  21. Tracy says:

    Can’t wait for this ep – it sounds amazing! I’ve always loved the Dean/Cas relationship so those scenes should be incredible! I think Jensen Ackles is a gifted actor – he has chemistry with everyone! Loving season 10!

  22. Richard says:

    Can’t you people just enjoy the show. Damn. I like all the characters for the most part. Castiel should not be the focus of the show I agree but he is a awesome character that adds a bit of flavor to the show plus he is Crowleys opposite so its fun to have these characters add to the show, because lets face facts if it was just a monster of the week show and never evolved it would have been cancelled years ago. Kripke admitted that on the TV special they did just before the season started.

  23. Darkchief117 says:

    I am really disappointed that Dean is no longer a demon, seeing the season 9 finale got me so excited to see he’s a demon and the first 3 episodes of season 10 were amazing with him as a demon but boom he’s cured like what the hell man that’s totally unfair at all. Sam had demon blood for mostly the entire 4th season, season 6 he had no soul. Dean finally get’s a chance to go dark but no he’s cured, I know the Mark still effects him here and there making him do bad things but before season 10 started the producers of the show and the actors kept teasing us about Demon Dean making it sound like he was going to be around for awhile hell even Jensen said he wanted the Demon Dean story line to last longer. It’s not fair that he was only there for 3 episodes. The writers of the show could of easily made him last longer and have Dean deal with the Mark effecting him in Season 11 instead of now. Ever since this show started it’s always been about Sam, don’t get me wrong I like Sam just as much as Dean but I’m getting tired of mostly every season being about Sam. Season 1,2,3,4,5,6,8 and 9 were all about Sam. What about Dean? Demon Dean had so much potential but no he’s gone already and now probably in the episode where Cain returns this season Dean is probably going to get rid of the Mark and that will be it. This season had and still has a great story but it mostly all started going down after Dean was cured.

  24. I know this a ways ahead but did cain really die once dean killed him? And what does Sam mean by Dean’s in trouble, this is getting good.

    • Darkchief117 says:

      I hope Cain didn’t die because he’s one of my favorite characters. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing a spin off about him and Abel even if it lasted for 1 season it would be interesting to see. That makes me wonder why Sam said Dean’s in trouble, maybe when Dean was in the barn with Cain in the last episode maybe Crowley or Castiel told Sam something that’s wrong with Dean. I would like to see Demon Dean return again but I doubt it will happen. The episode that plays on March 25th is called Paint it Black, I wonder if it because it has the word Black in it if maybe Dean will go dark again? Since the first episode of this season was called Black.

  25. Ryan K says:

    In season 10 episode 3, Castiel is given another angel’s grace by Crowley.. Meaning Cas is back in the game, right? So when Cas and Sam cure Demon Dean, Sam and Cas have a quick talk and Sam leaves. In that scene, Sam has a sling on his arm and Cas now has more angel juice. Why doesn’t Castiel take that opportunity right there to heal Sam? It seems as though they both (or the writer) forgot that Sam was even injured. I, personally, feel like that should have been resolved at the end of the episode.