Sleepy Hollow EPs Tease Ichabod's Romantic Past, Complicated Bond With Abbie: 'They Adore Each Other'

Betsy Ross wasn’t the only 18th-century lady who lusted after Ich’s bod.

In Monday’s Sleepy Hollow (Fox, 10/9c), we’ll meet Mary Wells, Crane’s onetime fiancée (played by Turn‘s Heather Lind). Mary is “just wonderfully annoying and so fun,” says executive producer and showrunner Mark Goffman.

He explains that the Crane and Wells families arranged an engagement between their children — one that Ichabod broke off upon coming to America.

“He thought that he’d left her back in England, and she comes thinking that she’s going to bring him back home to Papa and restore their relationship and get him out of this silly [change] of countries that he’s done,” Goffman adds, laughing.Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Preview

Mary’s romantic plight goes from tragicomic to traumatic when she appears in present-day Sleepy Hollow as an undead, bent-on-destruction Weeping Lady… a situation that may prove easier for Ichabod to handle than understanding current courtship rituals.

“The 18th century was more formal in terms of dating, and modern women are a little bit more open,” says Goffman, previewing another scene from the episode. When a woman shows a healthy bit of interest in Ichabod, he counters that he’s married, and… “Abbie walks into the scene,” he adds. The woman “thinks that Abbie’s his wife and calls Abbie ‘Mrs. Crane.'”

The bank teller earlier this season mistaking the Witnesses as a couple, this new woman mistaking the Witnesses as a couple… Is the show trying to tell us something — or just messing with the ‘shippers in its audience?

“We’re not screwing with the fans. We’re really not,” executive producer Len Wiseman promises, using words like “charming,” “sweet” and “respectful” to describe the Abbie-Ichabod vibe and acknowledging that “It’s a fine line” between where the Witnesses are and where the Ichabbie enthusiasts would like them to be.

“I do think that they adore each other,” Wiseman says. “And that’s a tricky one.”

But as long as Katrina is around, Goffman says, the Cranes’ wedding vows will be a “barrier” between the Witnesses “that allows them to be really close without ever having to worry about crossing that line.”

He adds: “It’s something that neither of them would do.”



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  1. Matt C. says:

    I agree that both Crane and Abbie are respectful enough that they would never cross that line as long as Katrina is still in the picture. Take her out of the equation, however, and who knows what might happen? :)

    I think their inevitable coupling is still a few seasons away, but for now I’m satisfied with their adorable “partnership”. Their chemistry is off the charts. Whoever is responsible for casting Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie deserves endless applause!

  2. gabbynicasio says:

    So wedding vows are till death do you part, yes? And they both…died. Yeah? So. I’m just sayin.

    • Uh uh says:

      No, they didn’t die. Clearly.

      • Ian says:

        Technically they did die. Ichabod was buried for centuries and Katrina was burned at the stake.

        • worldtraveler9 says:

          Katrina was NOT burned at the stake. She was placed “in the world between worlds” aka Purgatory.

        • Uh uh says:

          Buried in suspended animation, not dead. Katrina had to place her spell on Ichabod BEFORE HE DIED (“Hurry. You don’t have much time.”).

          Katrina was never burned at the stake. That was a ruse on the headstone to hide the skull. She was banished to purgatory by the witches in her coven (The Four Who Speak as One).

          If they’d died, they’d be dead!

      • Rebecca says:

        Except they did….just like Lazarus.

  3. Ian says:

    It’s so strange to think of Katrina ever truly being out of the picture though, and Ichabod being at peace with that and getting with Abbie. If the show would ever go there. I’d hope they’d have the best ideas of how to go about it. It’s interesting too, that I see them as family, but not really brother and sister. They’re a really, really close SOMETHING. Definitely soulmates, but soulmates that don’t have romantic love as an option.
    I’m sure he and Abbie would have beautiful children though. They’ve got that over the Ichabod/Katrina pairing. John Noble’s an amazing actor, but… lol.
    I’m looking forward to how they react to being mistaken for a married couple tonight.

    • Angela says:

      Exactly. This is how I view them, too. Like you note, I sure as hell wouldn’t describe their affection as sibling-esque at all, god, no…there is more there that is a little undefinable. And heck, I certainly wouldn’t doubt that there might be some non-platonic attraction between them at times, too. They’re both attractive people, they’ve gotten very close and had to deal with a lot of tough situations that only they would understand together, so, yeah, I think that would affect how they see each other on some level.
      But the article is right in that Crane and Abbie are too respectful of the bonds of marriage Crane has to his wife for them to (intentionally, at least) mess with that. And I like that about them.
      I’m with you in hoping that if the show ever does go the Crane/Abbie route someday,they do it in a novel, believable manner. This show’s really good at playing around with and having unpredictable fun with the usual tropes on TV shows, after all, so it’s logical to assume they could be creative in the romance department, too.
      Anyway, I’m really excited and really nervous for tonight’s episode-nervous mainly because the previews last week had me about jumping out of my seat-that Weeping Lady looks freaking TERRIFYING. So I’ll be watching most of the episode through my fingers, I think :p.

  4. Lysh says:

    Katrina could be so awesome if they just let her powerful witch flag fly. I can’t see them getting rid of her, at least not for a while, and that would really devastate Crane. But I enjoy the special Ichabbie friendship.

  5. F.G. says:

    Icahabod and Abbie have a wonderful partnership/friendship and have a large responsibility as Witnesses, in my opinion having them become romantically involved would ruin that dynamic. Also why does two leads of the opposite sex have to become romantically involved with each other? Why can they not be just good friends? Society today has friendships between the opposite sex that are just that, friendships, why not reflect that on tv? Also Ichabod loves his wife, why can’t a show have a married couple who go through the ups and downs of a marriage, but still love each other? Show a married couple who still love each other who are not cheating or something like that. Unfortunately that is rare in todays television and that is a shame, so I hope the show begins to show a married couple who go through the ups and down, but still love each other. I also hope that we get articles about Ichabod and Katrina and their journey together as well as more information about Henry, Headless and upcoming creatures.

    • Rebecca says:

      When he dumps her for her lies and deceit, it won’t be cheating, will it? A marriage based on lies and deceit isn’t a happy nor healthy marriage. She withheld information from him that she SHOULD have shared. He had no qualms confessing he’d seen a demon after only just meeting her, and we’re supposed to believe she couldn’t tell him she was a witch and working with Washington to avert the apocalypse?? And she KNEW he was working with Washington as well? That’s not a healthy relationship by any means.

      That marriage is doomed.

      • F.G. says:

        Whoa.. where did any of the writers, producer, etc. of the show say he was going to dump her? We have no idea what the plans for the Cranes are. As for not knowing that that Katrina worked for Washington, then that would be a change from Season 1. In “Sin Eater” Bernard told Ichabod to find Katrina and she will take him to Washington. Which she did, so he cannot say he did not know she was working for Washington, since she is the one who took him to Washington. Also in “The Midnight Ride” there is a line Ichabiod says about Katrina’s fear of them getting together would jeopardize their roles in the war. If he now says that he didn’t know that Katrina was working with Washington in some capacity that is re-write of Season 1, which would be a shame, since season one was just overall a strong season. I’m going to wait and see how it all plays out.

        • Raven14 says:

          What? The writers and producers are thinking of getting rid of Katrina……wishful thinking of some viewers. This band of experienced writers and producers of a successful show, decided to keep Mrs Crane after episode 1S1… you know they have bigger plans for the only witch in the group, wife of one witness, mother of one horseman, beloved by another horseman, former spy long before Ichabod joined the club and a leader of her own coven.
          A colossal mix of potential there, don’t you think! 😉

          • Angela says:

            Exactly! I’d never want the show to get rid of Katrina. I like her, and I want to see where the show will take her, especially now that she’s in the modern world. Like you said, so much potential with her-I look forward to seeing what happens with her from here on out, both with Ichabod and as an individual character.

      • Raven14 says:

        Er ever hear about a word called Drama? It’s what gets people tuning in every week. Abbie and Ichabod get together after a few seasons…..then what? They live happily ever after. I’m sorry but I thought this show was about the apocalypse, you know End of Days and all.
        Ichabod and Katrina maybe the boring married couple (to some) they maybe in a unhealthy marriage (to some) a marriage based on lies and deceit ( to some) but that’s bringing in part of the drama. The Cranes are more than just soldiers in a War, they created powerful enermies. Ichabod risks Abbie’s life by always wanting to save Katrina.
        Katrina saved Ichabod and her son’s life by keeping them away from the most dangerous and hurtful knowledge……which if they had known would have placed them in even more danger.

        Before you blame the whole Apocalypse onto Katrina’s shoulders as well as the state of her marriage, remember this details.
        Katrina has been fighting this war longer than Ichabod, which means even longer than Abbie. If there were secrets, she would have know best when to reveal them, than most.

        • Angela says:

          Well put.
          Not to mention, Abbie voiced concern earlier this season about how her bond with Crane could affect things going forward, too-I think this season we’re going to see examples of secrecy and mistrust and uncertainty in regards to EVERYONE’S relationships. I don’t think Ichabod and Katrina are going to be the only pairing cornering the market on hiding things from each other as time goes on.

      • Uh uh says:

        Love how people constantly apply modern views on marriage to an 18th century couple. In the Cranes’ time, marriage vows were for life. Ichabod Crane is an honorable man–he will not leave his wife for any reason. Only her death will free him to be with another.

    • barbara ruffin says:

      I am so sick and tired of hearing let them stay friends.. because if they become anything more it would ruin the dynamics of the show. In my opinion it will enhance it more because it will show that not only do they have the world to think about but, the love they have or each other. Yes I know Katrina is still in the picture and I am not saying let them be together right now because neither one of them are ready for that at this moment. I say let the people who write the show, write the show and if they do go down that road… I won’t be mad because to me it seems like the natural progression of their relationship.

      • Fran says:

        You may be sick and tired of it, but its just a different opinion than yours. Everyone has a right to that. Yessometimes both sides take it too far, but you always have that. Personally I would be fine if they did get together eventually, but that would have to be way down the road. I’d also be fine if they didn’t get together. All I know is that I enjoy the show immensely and will just enjoy the ride either way.

  6. Babybop says:

    I understand how everyone is all “Why can’t men and women just be friends?”, because there are certain shows where there are couples that I beg will not get together (Stefan and Caroline, Beth/Carol and Daryl)… But seriously, these two have such amazing chemistry that I just can’t see how they wouldn’t get together. And they look at each other so lovingly…

  7. ... says:

    If they ever get Ichabod and Abbie together, I’m done with the show. Aside from the annoyance that television is continually pandering to shippers, and that male/female friendship has become a dying institution, it just goes against everything we know about these characters. They share a bond as Witnesses that nobody else is able to understand, but Ichabod would never cross the line and betray Katrina; even if she were to die, I can’t see him getting over it anytime soon, nor can I see him immediately turning to Abbie and being like “oh, hey,” y’know?

    Part of what made the first season of Sleepy Hollow so fun was that the show didn’t go there with Abbie and Crane. They were non-romantic life partners and it was sweet watching them grow fond of each other. Tilt that too far in the romantic direction and the entire balance of the show is off.

    • Skittles&Bits says:

      I agree completely. Well said.

    • Alex says:

      Then stop watching. You won’t be missed

    • pj says:

      Did you really just say male/female friendship is a dying institution? Are you high? Abbie and Irving are friends. Jenny and Crane are friends. Abbie and Corbin were friends. Abbie and Andy were friends. Katrina and Crane could have been friends but she decided that wasn’t enough for her. Please stop the chicken little histrionics. It’s embarrassing and increasingly futile.

  8. misstt says:

    I would love to see Ichabod and Abbie tgether in the future. I think their bond will continue to grow and at some point (may have already happened) there just isn’t room for Katrina or Nick or anyone else between them. Yes Katrina is a barrier, but hopefully that won’t last too long, because the relationship between the witnesses should continue to grow and not become stagnant. When the time comes, I trust the writers to handle it. They are destined to be together and they are bonded together forever.

  9. Brigid says:

    If Abbie and Ichabod get together at some point it will NOT be pandering to shippers. They’ve had chemistry since the first episode and the producers have seen that. Heck Katrina saw it in the first season in pergatory and Headless even mentioned it to her this season so it isn’t pandering since it’s been suggested since S1. For the record, it’s very rarely that men and women can only be friends, it does happen, but a man will always wonder what it would be like to sleep with that woman. Let’s be real here, Some of the best relationships are started from an innocent friendship that grew into something more. I believe that he loves his wife and will stand by her but that hug between Abbie and Ichabod when he saw her in pergatory was so intense all I could see was love. I would like to see the writers do something more with Katrina being that she is a powerful witch, let’s see some wicked spells cast before she becomes the boring damsel in distress.

  10. Thump says:

    Ichabod and Abbie?? Almost every TV show that I can think of when the two leading actors of the opposite sex got together has suffered a decline. It’s even got a name. The ‘Moonlighting Effect’ or the ‘Moonlighting Curse’. When David and Maddie, on the show Moonlighting, finally consummated their attraction to each other, a special ‘magic’ between the two leading characters was lost and the show went downhill from there. It’s happened on many shows besides ‘Moonlighting’. The ‘X-Files’, ‘Cheers’, ‘Fraiser’, ‘Bones’, ‘Castle’. These are just a few of the shows that declined after the two main characters established a ‘love’ relationship. And you cannot forget that Ichabod is already married and his wife has returned to the ‘real’ world from purgatory. No, not a ‘relationship’ between Ichabod and Abbie.

    • clearhaven says:

      I don’t think we should jump to conclusions that Sleepy Hollow will go the same route as those shows did when their leads got entangled. Besides Len has already stated ‘Ichabbie’ won’t happen with Katrina in the picture, which I think is great.

    • SAM says:

      Most critics agree that what cursed “Moonlighting” was really bad writing, which caused people to stop watching.

    • AK says:

      “The Moonlighting Curse” is an excuse made by writers who are either too lazy or not talented enough in their profession to find a way to maintain the compelling nature of a show after pairing off a “will-they-or-won’t-they” couple. It’s not the couple getting together that kills a show, it’s the writers not figuring out how to successfully write the couple as a couple.

      • Fran says:

        Agreed. There is no “Moonlighting curse or effect”, what a silly thing to say. If the writing is tight and cohesive, couples getting together can still be very compelling. I think a few of the shows the OP listed have done just fine after the coupling. It’s all in what you look for I guess.

  11. Fall says:

    So sad that a great suspenseful primetime show is becoming a sappy soap opera for some people.

    • Uh uh says:

      Certain people turn absolutely everything into a sappy soap opera, haven’t you noticed? It’s as if they are incapable of relating to something on any other level.

      • daisy says:

        Ichabod and Katrina’s relationship is already a sappy soap opera complete with a damsel in distress, and you apparently have no problem with that. But now that it’s Abbie that gets the romance, it’s going to ruin the show? Please remove your head from your ass.

      • FashionMaven says:

        I love how people seem to be just fine with the sappiness of Ichatrina (and the lack of chemistry) – but just the mere thought of Ichabbie creates all of these protests. Unless you’re saying that you would rather see Ichatrina dissolved as well? I might be cool with that.

        All I can say is that Ichabbie has been onscreen since S1E1. That chemistry was smokin’ from day one and only grew from there – and by the season finale – whew… the “remember our bond” hug and that intense, longing look Ichabod gave Abbie while he was getting Katrina to recite the incantation… Good grief. When a hug between Ichabod and Abbie has more chemistry than a kiss by Ichabod and Katrina – well…

        I believe I heard that Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison were chemistry tested. A lot. Based on what I’ve seen with Katia and Tom, I don’t think they tested them very much – especially since the original plan was to kill off Katrina in episode 1. What would be the point of a chem test – especially since Ichatrina wasn’t meant to be the focus. Ichabbie IS the focus. Someone changed their mind on killing off Katrina – I wonder if the showrunners were unsure about Ichabbie’s ability to carry the show and threw Katia in there longer term “just in case”. I bet they were shocked to find out how strong the fan support was for Ichabbie. But by then – they’d made their Katrina bed, as it were.

        The problem with Ichatrina and Katrina is that the latter is a plot device and now – she’s ultimately become just a plot device to keep Ichabbie apart. That’s just … sad. But I’ve been thinking that’s all she was for some time now. That’s why she’s nothing but a damsel in distress with no real use on the show except a device to reveal plot mystery and keep Ichabbie apart. That’s why just the thought of her is enough – she doesn’t even have to be there to do her job of keeping Ichabbie apart. Only the idea of her has to be. As long as Crane thinks she’s still alive, it’s a blocker to Ichabbie.

        And giving her “magic” won’t really change that – she’s still a cardboard cutout character with no real purpose other than a MacGuffin for Crane and a blocker for Ichabbie.

        That’s probably why so many fans haven’t warmed up to her – people can see plot devices a mile off.

  12. pamela says:

    i would love to see an ichabod and abbie pairing but i agree that katrina needs to be out of the picture first and i think it’s something that should happen in later seasons.

  13. dman6015 says:

    No, no, no! Not Ichabbie. They are Crabbie!

  14. d0tty says:

    Any chance of a follow-up on this article, given the recent episode and the feeling in the Ichabbie fandom that we’re not only very much being screwed with but also over? Would love to hear the producers’ thoughts on the fandom reaction and feedback.

  15. Erin says:

    I’m glad to hear one of the exec. producers say Ichabod and Abbie would never ignore his marriage vows. No matter what happens with Ichabod and Katrina, I think he’s an honorable man, and I’d be disappointed to see him act so dishonourably. Now if Katrina kicks it…that’s a different story. I still don’t see Ichabod hopping into bed as a Friend With Benefits with Abbie!