Sleepy Hollow Recap: Witches Be Crazy

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Recap

If there’s one lesson to take away from this week’s Sleepy Hollow, it’s that everyone should know CPR — especially if you’re a charter member of Team WTF.

If there’s a second lesson to take away from this week’s episode, it’s that you really don’t want to mess with Katrina, because redhead will mess you up, lie about it for centuries and then claim the moral high ground when confronted.

In between, there’s Jenny, Hawley, Jenny on Hawley (mrrow), a tasty bit of Ichabod’s back story and one truly unfortunate Revolutionary War re-enactor. Let’s dive into “The Weeping Lady” and see what depths we can plumb.

FRESH DUDS | We open the episode with a lady in Ichabod’s cabin; it’s Caroline, the red-haired lass Ichabod met in last season’s finale. Apparently, he’s been hanging around with her and some other re-enactors in the five free minutes he has when Moloch takes a smoke break from trying to destroy the world.

Caroline happily gifts Crane with handmade new-old clothes, dairy products and preserves. Oh, Ichabod, a girl doesn’t go all Etsy on you unless she really thinks you’re worth the trouble — a fact he meets head-on when she makes it clear that she wouldn’t mind churning his butter every now and then. She praises his dedication to the re-enactment lifestyle (“You never break character!”) while I question her dating criteria, but we’re both interrupted when Abbie walks in… just after Ichabod has mentioned, apparently for the first time, that he is a married man.

Naturally, Caroline assumes Abbie is the wife in question, and addresses her as such. Not sure what’s funnier: Abbie’s face as she hears herself addressed as Mrs. Crane, or her amusement as Ichabod tries to dig his way out of a very awkward situation. An embarrassed Caroline skedaddles, and a chagrined Ichabod claims he had no idea. Abbie’s not having it. “Anyone could tell that girl had a case of Crane on the brain,” she teases him.

Later, Ichabod’s feeling so bad about the whole thing that Abbie drives him to Caroline’s house, and they make nice. She forgives him, he bows gallantly, and they make plans to see one another at the Battle of Saratoga on Saturday. (Spoiler alert: Caroline’s not going to make the battle, because a watery spirit in her house kills her just after the Witnesses pull away.)

A SOGGY MESS | The next morning, Crane is very upset when he meets Abbie on the banks of the river, where Caroline’s body washed up. (Side note: I’d be more into Crane’s repeated insistence that Caroline was a good friend if we’d seen her in his presence or heard her referred to at least once since last season.)

The Witnesses eventually realize that the spirit they’re looking for is the Weeping Lady, a mournful ghost who’s been haunting Sleepy Hollow for centuries but has only recently turned violent. And the reason the partners realize what’s going on is because the specter goes after Abbie in the middle of the town library, where the pair are doing research.sleepyhollow_s2ep5_abbie

ABBIE GO BYE-BYE? | The Weeping Lady drags Abbie into an inky, wet spot on the floor and tries to drown her there. When Abbie surfaces, she gets a fleeting glimpse of the area where Caroline was found, but then the black-veiled ghost grabs her and holds her under once more. Abbie’s just about a goner when Ichabod plunges his hand into the water and pulls her out — but she’s taken in too much water, and she’s not breathing.

Though we don’t see this photo in action, we watch a tormented Ichabod cry, “No no no no Abbie!” over his fellow Witness’ lifeless body. He very much thinks she’s dead, and that certainly comes across. Thank goodness for Hawley, who earlier made his presence known at the library and who swoops in to revive Mills with some (really half-assed) CPR. It’s a like that Season 1 Angel-Buffy-Xander moment; too bad, Hawley, because we all know how that triangle ended for the XanMan.

A while later, Abbie’s like new again, and Team WTF has a lead: Ab managed to snag some of the ghost’s lace cloak, and of course Ichabod knows exactly who it belonged to…sleepyhollow_s2ep5_mary

THE EX FROM HELL | In a flashback, we see Ichabod and Katrina, circa her engagement to Abraham, gently flirting. (Is it just me, or does Ichabod rock some seriously deep Vs in this episode? Not a complaint, just an observation.) Then, a woman wearing black lace and carrying a huge parasol approaches and is surprised that Crane isn’t happy to see her: She’s Mary Wells (Turn‘s Heather Lind), and she’s his fiancée come to bring him home to England. Katrina’s all, “What in the what what?” Crane hastily explains that they’d mutually broken off their parents’ agreement before he’d left for the colonies, but Mary wants back into the potential arranged marriage.

Mary is 10 lbs. of crazy in a 5-lb. corset, so it seems odd but not out of character that she sends Ichabod a letter the next day wishing him well and saying that she’s returning to England for good. Oh, speaking of letters? Katrina finally remembered that she’s a witch and mustered up a spell to get a crow to carry a love letter to her husband… but it fell in the Weeping Lady’s (AKA Mary’s) Puddle O’Pain when Crane was saving Abbie, so Katrina’s next on her list!

ICH IS TICKED | The Witnesses hurry to Maison Headless, just in time to watch the Horseman ride off. They’re too late for Katrina, who’s already been Weepified, so they hurry to the spot where Caroline was found and hope to catch her on that end. Meanwhile, Katrina is literally drowning to death, so she does some underwater mojo and frees herself from Mary’s grip. Back on solid land, she tells Ichabod she can liberate Mary’s spirit — summoned by Henry — and send her to her rest, but she’ll have to use dark magic, and she’ll need Abbie to anchor her. (Side note: Anyone else paranoid like me and worried that being involved in that “dark magic” will somehow work against Abbie in the future?)

So the ladies do some chanting, and Mary is reduced to her rapidly rotting corporeal form. Ichabod gathers her in his arms and wonders why she never left town. She merely points at Katrina and withers away, leaving Ichabod and his furrowed brow of What the Heck Is Really Going On, Wifey? to stare accusingly at the redhead (who, truth be told, looks rather shifty).

As Ichabrow and Abbie listen, Katrina relates that Mary called her to the woods back in the day because she was jealous; when she launched herself at Katrina, she fell over the side of an embankment, hit her head on a root and died. (!) So Katrina did an enchantment to make her handwriting look like Mary’s, and she sent Ichabod the letter. (!!) If he had escorted Mary’s body back to England, Katrina reasons, he would’ve stayed and not been able to take his rightful place as Witness. “The mission is far too important, my love,” the witch coos, but Ichabod is not having it. Nevertheless, when Abraham rides in and tries to behead Crane, Katrina pleads for leniency, and her headless captor complies before they go home.

Anyone else think Katrina is lying about… everything? What do you think Moloch means when he — amidst slapping Henry around — says, “I want the witch turned, not dead. She is one of the Hellfire Shards, a chosen vessel”? And did you feel a little sorry for Henry as he sobbed in failure at the end of the hour? Maybe the Horseman of War just needs a hug?

THE OTHER MILLS SISTER | Jenny (hi, Jenny!) returns a crossbow to Hawley and seems inclined to follow his arrow wherever it points, but he reminds her “I thought we decided we weren’t going to do that anymore.” She wonders if he has a main squeeze (this whole situation is going to be bad when it comes to a head, no?), but he replies in the negative, so she kisses him and leaves him wanting more. (Side note: Any man who sets up an outdoor living room on a New York dock in the fall is a fool. You gotta hide your Wilmington a little better, Sleepy Hollow!)

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode?  Sound off in the comments!

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  1. scott says:

    katrina is a horsewoman. thats my guess. I also think jenny mills could be a horsewomen.

  2. Dave says:

    Tom Mison & Matt Barr on my screen are the best thing about Mondays.

  3. GhostWolf says:

    Why does Hawley have to show up in every episode. Still not warming to his character. Rather see Irving back on the scene (dislike his female replacement even more than Hawley).

    The episode itself felt different and not sure if that’s good.

    • JenE says:

      I really like him. Even if he turns out to be a bad guy his character is interesting and he has very good chemistry with the Witnesses.

    • Lori says:

      I feel the same.

    • flo says:

      I agree. I just don’t care for his character. I know the women are swooning but its pretty much yawn central. Every time he comes onscreen I just sigh and think: This guy again? It seems they are substituting Jenny for him and its just annoying me. And I miss Irving too. Jenny and Irving get little screen time and we’ve got to deal with this new guy?? DO NOT WANT.

      • Angela says:

        For what it’s worth, I’m a woman and he’s not doing anything for me attraction-wise. I don’t mind the guy-I like how irritated he makes Crane, and I’m enjoying wondering if he’s on Crane and Abbie’s side or not.
        But yeah, I do agree that Jenny and Irving need to appear much more often.

    • catrice says:

      Personally I see no chemistry between him an any character male or female. He bores me. Max Brown would be a MUCH better love interest for Abbie and I hope they got that route and not sisters fighting over a man after years of being estranged.

  4. Angela says:

    Is it just me, or does Ichabod rock some seriously deep Vs in this episode? Not a complaint, just an observation.
    He was. And I was liking them. A LOT *Nods*. That scene where he was talking to Beth when she showed up out of nowhere…yeah, let’s just say my focus wasn’t on her.
    Soooooo…yeah. That stuff with Katrina at the end-I was certainly not expecting any of that! I do think she’s definitely lying about how Mary met her untimely end, yeah-that story seemed way too pat and simple an explanation-she wouldn’t look so nervous and anxious if it were that simple, I don’t think. Guilty, yes, but she looked really terrified to reveal that information to Ichabod. I believe the part of her story about her and Mary meeting up to discuss everything with Crane-that seems plausible. But after that? No. There’s more to that story.
    But now I’m wondering if she’s lying of her own free will, or if this is a sign that Moloch/Henry/whomever is starting to mess with her and try and make her appear evil. Yes, she’s lied before, as Ichabod noted, but never about someone’s death. If Moloch and/or Henry want her turned, as the end comment from Moloch indicates, being responsible for someone’s death would certainly qualify as an evil act. So I don’t know how the hell that’s going to pan out, or what on earth Crane will do with that information.
    Also surprised by the whole thing between Jenny and Hawley! Hello! There’s a relationship I’ll be intrigued to see develop over time.
    I agree it would’ve been nice to see more moments between Crane and Caroline to enhance the “good friends” thing, but still, their interaction was cute, his apology to her was incredibly sweet (can we make it so all men can learn to apologize like that :p?), and I felt for him when he was upset about her death. Aw.
    In much lighter notes, I loved the mixup with the “Mrs. Crane” thing at the beginning. Abbie’s reaction to it all was just priceless, as was her “Crane on the brain” comment. Hehehe.
    Anywho, yeah. The last ten minutes or so was full of some very intriguing new twists and turns and surprises, and now I’m left trying to figure out how I feel or what I think about all of it. I’m interested to see where the hell things go from here, though. And I am glad they managed to make us somewhat sympathetic to the Weeping Lady, too, ’cause before then…yeow. Freaky.

    • Angela says:

      *Mary, not Beth. The hell did I get “Beth” from?

    • Uh uh says:

      Henry went through Katrina’s things looking for a sin that he could use against her. When he opened her copy of the book, he saw Mary, and Mary’s death. Ergo, Katrina’s sin was Mary’s death. Not keeping Mary’s accidental death a secret from Crane, her actual death. Katrina pushed her.

      • juno72 says:

        I agree, especially because a Weeping Lady is specifically formed from a woman who drowned. So even if she really did fall off the cliff (big if), she was unconscious but alive when she landed, and Katrina pushed her into the water where she eventually drowned. Best case scenario is involuntary manslaughter, if not outright murder. The way she used magic to grab the Weeping Lady with the seaweed might have been foreshadowing.

      • Babybop says:

        Was thinking the same thing… The angle that the camera was at when Mary “fell” off the cliff was weird. I could only think “Did Katrina just push this woman off a cliff and lie about it?!”

      • Angela says:

        Oh, I got that, yeah, but I’m just wondering if when Henry looks at these people’s sins, he also has the power to manipulate them to make them even worse, or appear even worse, than they are, too.

  5. JenE says:

    Finally Ichabod is questioning Katrina and her lies and motives! It’s about damn time!! Can we please make Katrina go the hell away now?????

  6. John says:

    Katrina was so shifty I suspected she was Henry disguised by magic.

    I like Hawley. I really like Jenny and wish she were a regular.

    A good episode.

    • Angela says:

      Katrina was so shifty I suspected she was Henry disguised by magic.
      Oh, I like that theory. Literally putting himself into her mind/body, as it were. Creepy. And would explain a hell of a lot about all of Katrina’s lies and questionable behavior in the past.
      Jenny is a series regular this season, actually, but I know what you mean-wanting to see more of her on screen. Yes. I want that, too.

      • lee says:

        Wait, how would disguised Henry explain Katrina’s lies and questionable behavior in the past? He wasn’t even born yet. Unless you mean her behavior in purgatory? Still nope, he only planted the idea of himself in her mind to get the witness to find a sineater, everything else was just Katrina.

    • Uh uh says:

      Jenny is a regular. Of have you missed her face and name in the opening credits?

  7. TvPeong says:

    Is anyone else feeling a Abbie – Hawley – Jenny triangle?

  8. BTM says:

    I’m waiting for Henry to switch sides, myself.

    • Lindsay says:

      It wouldn’t surprise me if he and Katrina wind up flipping.

    • Sara says:

      I could see him wanting to help his father, but not his mother because he will see how deceptive she is….and he may see that Ichabod has been a victim of hers, not a collaborator.

  9. Ian says:

    Uhh, so I’m the only one who wants to ask the showrunners how are we supposed to ship Abbie and Hawley anymore after that last scene of his with Jenny?

    Can this show’s leading lady get a love interest of her own that, you know, hasn’t had her sister all over it already or isn’t some season 1 bit player never to be mentioned again or John-freaking-Cho, an actor too big to commit to the show long term?

    I’m furious about it. I’d at least hope now that maybe Corbin’s son is showing up in part to be the real love interest for Abbie, but Jenny’s probably met and had sex with him already too when Corbin was sending her all over the world as his adopted warrior daughter.

    • Angela says:

      Meh, I didn’t see Abbie going for someone like Hawley anyway, myself *Shrugs*. That said, however, I do agree with your sentiments that she gets a potential romantic interest of her own. We’ll see how things go with Corbin’s son.

      • Ian says:

        She was giving back as good as she got with his flirtyness tonight though, Angela. I’m just so grossed and skeeved out. The day Nicole Beharie’s options dry up to her sister’s old thuggish sloppy seconds or an almost nameless third-string some-guy or her soulmate but he’s already married to some chickenhead who’s already got another love interest or HER own, evil as he may though be, the day’s there’s no hope for the rest of us.

        • Angela says:

          There was some flirty teasing, yeah, but I can’t see her ever acting on it. I think he’s one of those guys she might banter back and forth with in that way from time to time, but I just don’t think I could picture them in a proper romantic relationship. I’ve known guys and girls who do that sort of flirty bantering thing who don’t ever get together, too, so…
          I have a sister, and fortunately our taste in men is drastically different to where us liking the same guy would be very unlikely to be an issue. But even so, I do agree that I would feel weird dating someone my sister used to date, and it’s safe to say she’d feel the same way.
          Even so, the end of your post there sounded a wee bit dramatic. I’m pretty sure she’ll be fine in the dating department-and that’s presuming she’s even looking to get into a serious relationship at all right now! As someone else noted downthread a little, a woman doesn’t need to be romantically involved with a man to be validated, after all. Abbie’s a very independent person, so maybe she’s perfectly happy just flirting with guys and leaving it at that for the time being, too. Nothing wrong with that, either.

          • Ian says:

            I wasn’t saying she needs a man to be validated. It’s a principle thing though, a respect thing. And this is television, and romance is the name of game as one of the primaries in rounded drama. Independent she is, but I want to see her get what she deserves too. And now so far, she’s the only one not to actually be actively involved in anything romantic. Ich’s got Katrina, and now his dating history and betrothal are throwaway lines and the plot-of-the-week; and Jenny’s had Frank (kind of) and now Hawley.
            Well anyway, we can hope Corbin Jr’s now going to be meant to be the other main man in her life. Or when Selfie’s inevitably cancelled, John Cho can come back for a major arc before the next Star Wars film starts production or whatever.

          • Uh uh says:

            Jenny has never “had” Frank, What are you talking about? That’s a completely fan-created fantasy.

            Abbie’s a little busy thwarting the end of the world. Excuse me if I’m actually glad she’s not out there looking for a little sumthin’ sumthin’.

          • lee says:

            I hate the “Abbie’s too independent and busy to find love” argument. Since when does being a self-sufficient woman mean you don’t want love or romance in your life? Ichabod is also busy fighting the Apocalypse, yet no one ever says he should stop whining about his wife and focus on the mission. It’s really unfair that a beautiful smart woman who isn’t asexual/aromantic has to be alone for the next seven years of trials and tribulations.

  10. I thought this episode worked well at strengthening Hawley as a character and I enjoyed the seed of dissent planted between Ichabod and Katrina.

  11. Babybop says:

    I agree that it was weird hearing Icahbod talk about how dear of a friend Caroline was when we haven’t met her until now… Though it might have been weirder that he said “Abby” twice in this episode – not used to him calling her that.

    But I enjoyed Matt Barr being Nathan Drake (whoever pointed that out is a genius), and the amount of Tom Mison chest we saw with all his deep V’s. Seriously, this cast is really attractive.

    • Lindsay says:

      Caroline was in the season finale. Ichabod saw a woman with bright red hair and thought she was Katrina and that he was dreaming, so he followed her. That’s when he finds out about the reenactments and buys his first new pair of clothes.

    • Uh uh says:

      DO NOT understand this confusion about Caroline. He met her last season, and got new clothes from her. THIS season he has been sporting a variety of new clothes, the obvious implication being that he has had further contact with this woman. That they had developed a friendship “off camera” is neither confusing nor a surprise. But in the end she was a plot device. “Crane on the Brain.” Caroline had it, harmlessly. Mary had it, VERY dangerously.

      As for saying Abbie, he still did not CALL her Abbie, which would be improper to him. The first time was in a panic, and the second time was when no one could hear and he was talking to himself. All it tells us is that Ichabod Crane THINKS “Abbie” when he thinks of her. I’d actually been wondering that. Now we know.

      • Babybop says:

        Didn’t know that was the same person – I vaguely remember her being confused by him and telling him there was a shop where he could buy the reenactment clothes. Not that she had been making them for him… but that was, what, a year ago? I don’t remember. Ha ha. I still stick by my opinion that she should have been shown more if we were supposed to feel that her and Ichabod were super close.

  12. Coal says:

    I’m oblivious and annoyed mostly by unnecessary romantic entanglement that pop up on generally good shows. I didn’t recognise the Jenny I saw today. Those that say Abbie needs a love interest, why exactly do female characters need to be tethered to man to be validated ?

    • Uh uh says:

      You saw what Jenny and Nick did in the episode as “romantic entanglement?” Seriously? LOL That wasn’t romance. That was just sex.

      • BlueBelle says:

        Yes, it was just no strings attached sex. Hot, sweaty, fight to see who is going to be on top because they are both alpha.

  13. Lindsay says:

    I pointed out elsewhere that I really hate Katrina’s reason for not telling Ichabod about Mary’s death. It’s not that she didn’t want him to know that something terrible had happened to someone he cared about or that she wanted him to stay in America because she loved him, but she wanted him to stay because it’s important that he fights the war. She using both him and Abraham, and I’m not sure she can be trusted anymore.

  14. Fall says:

    Another good episode. I have to hand it to the writers, actors and director who make these stories interesting and exciting. I definitely had an “uh oh” moment when Abby became Kristina’s anchor, I hope it doesn’t affect Abby in a negative way. All the actors and the characters they play are enjoyable to watch, I don’t love to hate any of them. Monday can’t come soon enough.

  15. Jane says:

    Loved the episode but one question, why didn’t anyone think it was weird or even question the fact that that Abbie nearly drowned in the middle of the library? You think someone would have at least mentioned it?

    • Ron says:

      That’s the one thing I was questioning too. The medic really didn’t feel the need to ask, “So, yeah, Miss Mills. How exactly did you almost meet your untimely death due to drowning in the middle of the Dewey Decimal system?” But I had to let it go pretty quickly. I love this show so much, and what it does brilliantly is that it does NOT take itself too seriously, therefore you learn early on to suspend your disbelief and it gets easier to do with time. So I just let it go.

  16. Sara says:

    When Henry was let weeping on the floor at the end it’s just a clear indication that he is still very much an angry child.
    Katrina is coming off more and more shady. You sort of want to believe she knows what she’s doing, but it’s not so believable anymore. She’ll do whatever it takes for the cause…does that mean making Crane fall in love with her? Does she truly love him? I’m confused on that now.
    I was very sad when Caroline was killed…she was so sweet.

  17. LaLa says:

    I think, for me at least, it’s hard to imagine Abbie and Hawley together, because Nicole and the actor (sorry, don’t know his name, not gonna look it up) don’t have any CHEMISTRY. At least their chemistry is not as evident as Nicole & Tom’s. It’s easier for us to imagine Abbie and Ichabod together because the actors who play them are great together.
    Oh, and the scene where Ichabod is about to lose it and calls her Abbie because he thinks she’s drowned – gave me chills (the good kind).
    Here’s my question: how did they explain to the EMS (or anyone else who carried out an investigation) that Abbie almost drowned due to a puddle that was no longer there? Just wondering . . .

  18. Rich Abey says:

    While this season has been really impressive, this episode is the best of the lot. Not only was it an excellent case-of-the-week that had some very close ties to Ichabod’s past, it was also part of one of the many webs that Henry is spinning around Sleepy Hollow. So there is some very well executed long term paybacks too. What really intrigues me though is the further exploration of Ichabod & Katrina’s bond, I’ve always been a fan of their relationship no matter how fleeting their scenes together are. They have excellent chemistry & complement each other well: people of action, passionate, intelligent, well-educated, caring & above all willing to give all for the right cause. Now we do see some cracks emerging in their bond, mainly due to Katrina’s almost ridiculous levels of secrecy. While mostly every secret she’s kept has been for the greater cause (Mary’s death, being a witch, employment to Ichabod’s boss General Washington), some aren’t, namely having a son. They are surely due for some major talking time, to lay it all out, cause after all neither of them haven’t had the luxury of time to deal with these issues.

    • Vincent says:

      Maybe I view certain people differently than you’re used to, but I think the same of many of the characters on the show. And I think people of different walks of life can complement each other just as well. I know this from my own relationship.

  19. I’m glad that we actually got to see Katrina being a powerful witch instead of just hearing about it. We also got an explanation as to why we hadn’t seen her use her magic. Those were loose ends that I am grateful to see tied up.

  20. BlueBelle says:

    When Hawley gave Crane and Abbie the bow and arrow to fight demons did anyone else besides me get a bit nostalgia for Buffy (BTVS)? I also love the fact when Crane pulled Abbie out of the water, he did not know what to do. Hawley, looking at him like why are you saving her, had to give her CPR. CPR wasn’t introduced until 1960. Finally something Ben Franklin did not invent.