Castle Recap: Schoolhouse, Rocked

Castle Recap Undercover Teacher

This week on ABC’s Castle, Rick got schooled by a classroom full of second-graders as he endeavored to suss out the eyewitness to an ice cream man’s murder. What lessons did he learn along the way?

THE CASE | An ice cream truck owner’s son, Anton, is found shot dead in the vehicle — and Ryan quickly realizes that someone had been hidden in a storage cabinet within at the time of the murder. A left-behind permission slip suggests that the witness was a student in second-grade teacher Mrs. Ruiz’s class, but initial probing leads no student to come forward. So, “being 90 percent kid” himself, Castle gets recruited to visit the class, with a “plan” to draw out the witness. His first idea, to have the kids write a story, provides a false lead. Afterward, a student named Emily indicates that she has something to confide… but during her princess tea party date with Castle, we learn that her secret is merely a frustration with classmate Jason.

When Castle’s advice to Emily gets Jason popped in the nose, Rick is shown the door — but not before someone slips in his pocket a tell-tale drawing of the ice cream truck. A bit of digging around reveals bratty Jason to be the artist, though he says it was not him inside the truck — it was his half-sister aka Anton’s teacher of graphic design. Long story, short: Anton, childhood friend Dmitri and an ex-cop were working together to help exploited Russian immigrants get back home, using fake passports. That bit of business unexpectedly led a Russian war criminal to cross Anton’s path, and kill anyone who might have seen his photo. Rick and Kate rush to the school to fish the pic out of Jason’s desk, just as the Big Bad arrives to deliver a couple of beat-downs. Castle literally fells the Russki, though, with a jarful of marbles. And for exhibiting patience with Castle, Mrs. Ruiz gets a medal from the NYPD!

All told, it was an interesting-enough case, though as with Kindergarten Cop, you can get distracted by how they must be careful to never actually put the kids in harm’s way (e.g. how not one rugrat was roaming around during the final, presumably after-school scuffle). Also, I’m curious: Are Smart Boards not prevalent in NYC public schools yet? Here in Northern New Jersey, from first-grade up, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting several.

THE CASKETT | With Rick in the classroom and Kate off chasing leads/more dead bodies with RySpo, the lovebirds were separated for much of the hour, though there were cute moments involving Rick’s favorite ice cream flavor, wee Emily’s jealousy of Mr. Castle’s girlfriend, and a fun bit where “jerkface” Rick and “frog breath” Jason called a “truce.” A C-story about Alexis’ smothering mothering of her father was just as weird and random as her antics, serving only to denote that Rick’s “vanishing” act had his daughter worried about losing him again. But hey, at least it again proved that someone remembers Alexis’ own kidnapping!

THE QUIPS | “Beckett, dig deep. You would not quit at mile 25 of a marathon”…. “Mr. Castle wet his pants!”…. “You’ve been here for a day and you already have a nemesis?”

What did you think of this week’s Castle?

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  1. leigh says:

    You forgot “Do you play princess with Mr. Castle, too?”

    This was such a cute episode. I liked it 😊

  2. Anon says:

    Unfortunately after the first three episodes, and especially the last one, this episode was a bit of a let down. The show only really works when Castle & Beckett are in screen together as that is what makes the show. When they are not together for long periods of time it suffers and hurts the show. Also the tweets from the writer of them episode implying that there is something going on between Beckett and Esposito, while an obvious attempt ( poor) at a joke, clearly shows the disconnect between the writers and the fans to even attempt such a joke because it only angers a great many. May fans are still upset about the stalling and delaying off the wedding and to suggest something going on between one of them and another character is not the way to go about soothing and healing those who are still upset.

    • DarkDefender says:

      The wedding got delayed.. That is last seasons news. They’ll be married (sounds like in 7×06).. In the words of Castle (tonight to his ice palace building princess) and apparently those Frozen people.. Let it Go.

    • I guess I don’t understand why fans would get mad about a joke two actors do that never makes it to screen – thus not adding to or detracting from the fictional(!) characters’ romance.

    • Mike says:

      The writers job is not a follow fan feedback to write a show. It would never work because nobody has the same feedback. The strength of any show is the long term interest in the characters, that is when the writing counts. They need to write character progression that keeps the fans interested. I thought the episode was awesome and fun, it is what makes Castle different from the other procedurals out there, it can be both.

  3. Jett says:

    Hated this episode. It was sooo BORING. I agree when Caskett is at a minimum the show is a snoozefest. I mean even with Caskett it can get boring at times cuz the actors are really awkward together but when they dont even share that mean scenes except for what, one? yup the episodes are just a fail.

    • DarkDefender says:

      While admittedly, the Caskett-y episodes rank high.. After a ton of Beckett centric episodes over the past 6 years, it’s kind of nice to see Castle in the spotlight. Not every episode can be a gem.. But this was a solid filler episode. IMHO
      You don’t have to love them all (I say).. But just keep watching. Your fav episode will come soon enough, you know I’m right. :)

      • Moshai says:

        The problem with this analysis is that even when an episode was Beckett centric, it was still largely C&B figuring things out together. Granted there are exceptions, but Beckett centered episodes had more to do with her backstory than having C&B separated from each other for 90% of the episode (which is essentially what Child’s Play was). Kate off with the boys was boring case exposition, and Castle in the classroom was unrealistic and entirely grating outside of a few sparse scenes. I’m certainly not hear to tell anybody that they can’t like something, but I thought Child’s Play was one if the worst Castle episodes ever. To each his own I guess.

      • suzyku says:

        I really got tired of the all of the Beckett centric episodes, she and the (turned into boring) story about her mother and therefore Becketts (many) issues were getting very old. She is my least favorite character and I find no warmth in her at all. It’s always good when they have episodes with “more” Castle! He’s why we started watching this show in the first place and he’s why we continue to watch, not her!

        • Moshai says:

          And that’s entirely your prerogative. But just as you watch for Castle, there are a ton of people who watch just for Beckett, or for something else entirely (I’ve seriously seen people say they only watch for Esplanie, I can’t imagine what kind of hell that would be). You found an episode featuring Castle playing with kids fun and adorable, I almost turned off the TV. Amazing that fans can have different perspectives.

    • S. says:

      Bah humhug. “And Jett’s heart shrank 3 sizes that day…” Seriously? Cute little kids and Castle acting like one wasn’t adorable to you? You actually “hated” it? You do realize that most of the show they’re not giving us tons and tons of Caskett right? You must be bored the majority of the time. Do you ever pay attention to the actual cases? The show was fun. I want to have a tea party with Nathan right now. *ehem* The man looks pretty good in a tiara.

  4. James D says:

    I enjoyed it. not as much as the first three episodes but i was still entertained. I’m with you on the Alexis thing Matt, one would think that little part of family history would pop up more than it does, I guess your daughter getting kidnapped isn’t a big deal in Castleland. I will say that i’m pleased that they are at least acknowledging his disapperance and the effects it had.

    • DarkDefender says:

      I think the “Alexis was kidnapped” aftermath effect was lacking and the viewers (particularly here in TVLines comment section) let AWM & Co. know they should have not dropped it so quickly, but that was a whole season ago.. So they are sprinkling in more of what the fans asked for in Castles kidnapping aftermath.

      • Rich Abey says:

        But then again it has always been this way with Castle. The dark episodes are dark as hell but then would revert back to some semblance of ‘normalcy’ in the next. They don’t totally forget everything but rather choose to acknowledge that it did happen but must move on. It actually works well for the most part of Kate’s mythology episodes as they were usually standalone, apart from the run of 2 straight episodes from Always in S4 to the S5 premiere, but sometimes it does feel unnatural.
        Due credit should be given to the writers during the entirely of Season 4 where Kate & Rick’s decisions to keep from dealing with very important issues (like an ‘I Love U’ in the air, keeping vital info about Kate’s mother) tore them apart and almost destroyed their connection forever & killed Kate, showing the consequences. But such exacting detail wasn’t really necessary when it came to later issues like 3XK or Alexis’ kidnapping. So I’m okay with the proceedings (not fully satisfied though as I always secretly demand the best from Castle given it’s my all time favorite show!).

        • lkh says:

          I agree with you to a certain extent but in my mind Kate’s tragedy, ie, her Mom’s murder, happened, what-13 years ago (?) or more, so leaving it go seemed like it was ok because it wasn’t current time. However, Castle’s disappearance was very recent and impacted a lot of people-including the couple. Just because of this time frame, if for no other reason, I don’t think not mentioning it or addressing it is as justified. (plus, I really need to know more about the Dengue fever :[ )

  5. Matthew Weber says:

    I liked it a lot, very entertaining. I agree with some of the previous commenters, however, in saying that it wasn’t as good as the las three. But you can’t ask for an A+ episode every week, every season has these filler episodes between major plot moments.

  6. madhatter360 says:

    I don’t understand why they couldn’t just ask the parents to turn in the permission slips and figure out who the kid was based on who didn’t turn in a slip. Even if a few other kids lost the slip before getting home, you’ll have narrowed down the list of potential kids by a lot.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Probably because then the case could have been solved in like 10 minutes and we wouldn’t get Castle playing like a kid. Although, if they had chosen that route.. We could have had a ton of Caskett-y goodness, no?

  7. Ok ep but I agree it was a letdown from the previous three episodes especially the last one … better with Caskett together… once again the engagement ring is AWAL…we fans don’t like it!

    • Matthew Weber says:

      Sometimes she wears it around her neck as seen in episode one season 6. Through I agree that it seems to come and go, consistency would be nice.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        It is consistent with reality, Cops (especially Detectives) are smart to not wear their wedding (or engagement) rings on the job. It shows the perps and suspects (etc) that you have a SO and can give them ideas about how to get to you. (This only really counts if we are seeing the ring on her finger when shes off duty and when on duty, thats when its on the necklace around her neck).

        • Matthew Weber says:

          Tend to agree that that is the reason they will use, but there was one scene last week where in one shot she didn’t have it on, in the next ( a close up) she did. So it is something they forget to do once in a while.

    • DarkDefender says:

      I can’t remember every scene, but Beckett was definitely wearing the ring on her finger in the opening scene.

  8. Kourt says:

    I thought the last scene of the episode really felt like old school Castle. That’s the father-daughter interaction every loves and adores. Broke my heart when Alexis said that she is afraid of something terrible happening to him again.

    • Stormy says:

      Alexis dazzles me. She has an ethereal quality that brings to mind Fairytale princesses. And the similarity between her and Martha is astounding.

  9. Teri says:

    So many adorable moments. I can see why Alexis was being overprotective. Very traumatic having her dad missing for 2 months. Thought that was realistic. Kate does love her’9 year old on a sugar rush” doesn’t she? Castle is such a sweet and loving guy. Very good entertainment this show gives. Castle’s writing is definitely a foreshadow for what happened in his past.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Good points, Teri.
      Alexis being over protective was very much in character. She believes she is the adult between herself and her father. Also, she would not see that she didn’t like it when Castle did it to her, because at the time she just felt smothered (and why she went to the rainforest to get some Pi).
      I think Stana can say so FN much with a look. Her reaction shots are gold. She really portrays the joy of watching Castle’s inner child, side.
      And I think this episode in particular, is exactly the foreshadowing you’re talking about.. A child writing about a horrific witnessed event? I bet that was Castle’s first written story, which I am guessing we will find, was never published and is under lock and key (even if only in his amnesiac mind) for safe keeping.

      • Stormy says:

        Have you noticed Pi in the Camry commercial that is a spin on The Graduate?

      • betty says:

        your comment is really interesting. I hadn’t thought about comparing the child in the last episode drawing a picture that led to solving a horrific crime too unspeakable to talk about and the reference in episode 3 about that February day in the library when CASTLE was 11 years old. What was it that Castle wiped and doesn’t want to remember? TOO HORRIFIC?

        • Betty says:

          Cute episode with the kids and all. However no progression or mention of castle’s accident or his whereabouts for 2 months. Need a tidbit of exploring that mystery every episode. Hopefully the creators/writers won’t drag that out to long and bore the fans to death or worse have them give up on the series. Need to remember the show has strong competition with “Blacklist” in same time slot

    • Allie says:

      I liked the fact Kate felt comfortable enough in the family to be able to bring up Alexis’s behavior to Castle. I think, even up to last season, she would have stood on the sidelines and not said anything, let Alexis do her thing. It really showed how they have become a family, even if the wedding didn’t take place.

  10. lauri5567 says:

    A solid B.
    I liked Castle’s interaction with the kids though I thought it would have brought a memory back about having tea parties with his little girl. Alexis was acting odd – otoh, in the space of a year and a half both she and her father have been kidnapped. I would think that could cause a mental break. :) I liked how he reminded her that this could be why he didn’t want her going to Costa Rica. Also, did anyone else think Alexis looked slightly different in this episode. I can’t say how, just seemed different.
    I didn’t pick out the war criminal, but I did pick out the child and teacher as being involved in the case.

  11. Flick says:

    I actually really liked it! Nathan has so much charm and chemistry with the kids, and the one-liners were flying everywhere and Stana’s light-hearted and funny facial expressions were perfection! It was a cute ep that really re-enforces the idea that Castle is back, and I’m really feeling the season 3 vibes again (Castle as the playful one with Beckett throwing him love eyeballs!). This season has gone off with a bang, can’t to see more!

    Fav line: “Do you have any low-calorie fairy dust?” Hahaha!

    • DarkDefender says:

      “I’m cutting back on sugar, do you have any low calorie fairy dust?” … should make the quotes of the week (complete with the picture of Castle in a tiara and fairy wings).

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  13. N says:

    Why no clues about the two months?

  14. lame says:

    Season seven is featuring Nathan Fillion, even with material as light as this his abilities in his craft shine through. I thought this ep was sooo lightweight, it felt out of place in what we’ve seen of this season. I’d say it was okay, it was better than heartbreak hotel.

  15. sigh says:

    DE to the LETE. I’m sorry, that was so boring. I thought I was paying attention but I honestly couldn’t even tell you what the case was. Wishing I had watched The Blacklist (and yes, I know, if I don’t like it I have a remote and I can change the channel blah blah blah) ;)

    • Alex says:

      Thought it was boring too. An episode with Castle and Beckett separate almost all the episode and with Castle acting like a fool … nah.

  16. ndixit says:

    I thought it was overall a very sweet episode. Yes, the case wasn’t very strong but the episode had a good heart which is more than enough to make the episode entertaining enough to watch. All the scenes with Castle and the kids were wonderful. I loved his interaction with the little girl. I could easily imagine Castle having a tea party with Alexis when she was younger. In fact, I think they missed out on a little additional emotional impact moment by not having a mini flashback to Castle playing tea party with little Alexis. I think it would have tied in well with the Alexis overprotectiveness story. I know the Castle was light on Caskett but I love scenes like the end moment between Castle and Alexis as well. It reminded me of so many great scenes they have had in the past, usually bookending the episode. Its nice to see the characters back to being so close after a rocky season 6. Special mention to the interaction between Castle and the teacher. That was also very maturely handled in my opinion. I really enjoyed this version of Castle. He was the perfect blend of child and adult.

  17. Briggs says:

    It was fun seeing Castle around kids. It reminds us that as much as he’s a big kid, children still beat him 2-to-1 in the immaturity department. Though Beckett’s look when Castle ‘beat’ the puzzle game on the principal’s game was priceless. Not as good as last week, but that could just be my memories of childhood crowding in. Elementary school was not a fun time for me, at least as I got older. But this was a fun ep, and i will be returning next week.

  18. David4 says:

    On the next episode of Castle the writers all be using Terminator as a storyline, or maybe Twins, or The Running Game, or Total Recall!

    Last week’s episode was Predator, this week was Kindergarden Cop.

    • T says:

      They are already using Men in Black. How else do you think Castle had his memory wiped? However, I do think that a Castle day in Kindergarten was more enjoyable than a Castle camp out in the woods.

  19. Alex says:

    Dara and Chad Creasey : 1
    Rob Hanning : 0

  20. Lena says:

    It wasn’t really bad but it really wasn’t good either. After a perfectly written Castle last week, he’s back to being the butt of every jokes we’ve seen way too much in the past seasons. His attitude was not charming or endearing here, it was more ridiculous and embarassing.
    The scene was the little girl was cute though, but not one I will rewatch honestly.
    And the Alexis thing wasn’t a bad idea in itself but I thought it was weirdly done. First, why it didn’t happen in the end of Montreal ? Second, showing Castle “feeding” Beckett just to show Alexis doing the same thing to him in the same episode felt awkward, I was feeling uncomfortable watching this.
    The “worst” episode of the season for now in my opinion.

    • KCC says:

      I was glad to see the qualifier you added at the end of your comment: “The worst episode…for now…” I’m certain you’ll dislike many more episodes this season. Castle has always been a man child. What you find ridiculous and embarrassing many do find charming and endearing…it’s how the character has been for a majority of the series run. Even in life and death situations he has a wise-ass comment to make. While not “great television” I found the episode a very entertaining way to spend an hour. I enjoy him being a big goofball. It’s one of the main reasons I’m a fan of the show.

  21. Buddy says:

    The episode is slap stickish in its approach to a serious multi-murder situation that I think would have been better played as a drama. It does, however, make an ample showing of Rick’s 90% kid side and his love, patience and tenderness towards children.

  22. Swift says:

    Today the PCA drama begins ^^

  23. Emma says:

    It was a season 6 episode. And it’s not a compliment. A good point though, Beckett and Castle’s scenes feel a lot less weird to me than they did last year, its feels more natural :)

  24. LDS says:

    The timing or pacing seemed off on this episode and even the kids stuff, while cute, seemed forced in a way that didn’t make sense – even for Castle. The Beckett and Castle exchanges were sweet and yes, they seem better together than most of season 6, but overall I thought this was one of the weakest episodes in a while.

    Though to be honest, I was so creeped out by the Alexis stuff on that I was soured for the rest which clearly tainted my opinion. Poor MQ. They just can’t find anything for her to do so they give her creepy things to do.

  25. Susan says:

    Did anyone else think they were leading to Beckett being pregnant? Between her queasiness with all the food at dinner to her retching when they found the body (I’m sure it’s gross but figured a seasoned cop would have a stronger stomach), I thought something was up. But then she got kicked in the stomach when fighting the bad guy, so there goes that theory. Or not…

    • sigh says:

      That thought actually did cross my mind for the reasons you pointed out. And also because the episode was centered around kids. But sadly, the episode ended up focusing on creepy Alexis lol.

    • karkar says:

      Do you think Stana had a double wheh she got kicked in the stomach and thrown under the table?

    • Yo Mama says:

      I didn’t pick up on Beckett’s queasiness as a potential pregnancy. Weirdly enough, the sound of the flies made me think of Castles random comment from the previous episode where he said he’d like to be a fly on the wall to find out what Jim Beckett really thought of him. Child’s Play had so much exposition that I found the commercial breaks especially maddening, because i couldn’t stay focused on all of the dialog, and lots of it seemed to be pulling threads from the previous 3 episodes. Alexis’ mothering of Castle was consistent with her character, but I found it off-putting as a 21-year old college student. Her treating her father like a toddler was creepier than the case. I thought we heard the last of her being the adult in the family after the Pi arc. Maybe it is wishful thinking on my part. I do think Castle’s Sun Tzu Art of War arsenal of tricks has him playing the fool, when he is really nobody’s fool.

  26. Allie says:

    First, I am thankful someone in wardrobe finally woke up and figured out how to dress Nathan. Second, Seamus Dever’s looks are becoming a distraction and not in a bad way. I can’t be the only one hoping we get to see him in those Security briefs Espo got him.

  27. lame says:

    The fact that ten hours after this ep aired there are only forty-five comments, speaks volumns of what the fan base as a whole thought. It’s much to early in the season for a filler. Here’s hoping David Amann can maintain the quality to the level of eps one and three,

    • John NYC says:

      I didn’t see it as a filler, I liked it as a matter of fact.

      The lack of comments is more that people maybe didn’t find that much to whine about? That does seem to be the major post generator, this being the internet and all.

      Though kudos for those that were able to stretch all the way to the wedding. Again.

      • S. says:

        Oh give them time, they’ll find something to whine about if they think about it. Right now all they can come up with is ‘didn’t like it! worst ep!’ without really giving reasons that make sense. There was Nathan Fillion acting like a giant kid trying to solve a case. He was charming. The episode was light and fun. Complaining about this just seems like chicken poop.

    • Briggs says:

      The first two eps had comment threads that were full of nastiness and in-fighting. if you take that all away, you might have a thread like this one. If people saw those first two threads, I’m not blaming them if they just skip the comments section now.

  28. I feel like these early season seven episodes are like a countdown clock to what the fandom is truly waiting on –the Castle and Beckett wedding. And maybe after they say “I do” and place those gold bands on their fingers I can tolerate an episode like this – typical case heavy storyline. But until then, episodes like this only frustrate me because I just want the wedding the fandom was promised and then the writers can go back to episodes that are so formulaic.

  29. Kourt says:

    So far this season the only episode that has been good was 703. Dara and Chad know how to write Castle episodes. If they could write every episode I would be in absolute heaven. Dara and Chad have outshined every writer so far this season. This is their second year. Hanning, DA and AWM have been with the show for years. Not good and quite sad. Hanning, AWM and DA simply don;t know what fans want. Dara and Chad do.

    703 had all the elements that Castle fans love. It had fun, romance, comedy, humor. You name it. What did 704 have? Castle and Beckett were separated for 99% of the episode. The writers should know by now that separating Castle and Beckett isn’t going to fly with fans.

    • Spot on. I totally agree. Oh, and the tweet by Rob Hanning trying to say Beckett and Esposito looked like they wanted to kiss in a scene on Monday night was just horrid. Perfect example the writers, beside the Creasy’s, have lost touch with the fan base.

  30. Brigid says:

    What a fun episode! I laugheda bunch of times and love it when Castle is his goof ball self, that’s the guy I love to see. Kate’s looks when Castle was doing his thing was hilarious. These are the lighthearted type of episodes that made me fall in love with this show and the characters. This is Nathan Fillion and this is what he does BEST!

  31. Jan says:

    I liked it. It had more of the feeling of early Castle episodes.

  32. Dawn says:

    I thought the episode was a lot of fun! Castle acting silly was adorable and he looked hot in those fairy wings. They’re definitely dressing better. You could see how much he was enjoying himself with the kids.

  33. Julie Lamb says:

    I enjoyed Castle with the kids and with Alexis. Good episode. Cute, sweet, funny, and sensitive to his daughter. I can’t wait for him and Beckett to have a little one. Think of all the funny situations! Next show, a little more Kate and Rick time please.

    • Manuel Schuster says:

      Very nice said. I enjoyed the Episode for the same reasons. I also hope for a Caskett Baby.
      Greetings from Cologne / Germany by Manuel Schuster

  34. lame says:

    Maybe, just maybe the lack of bitching could be that those who said they’d never watch again after 6,23 are actually gone, According to the ratings, last year Castle averaged 10.1 mil viewers per episode. This year, so far, the average is 9.2 mil. A significant drop but not deadly.

  35. Nancy says:

    Just Ok. C for me.
    Despite the fact of adorably moments with Castle and Emily, a little with Jason and the dinner family, the episode was boring, predictable and with 0 fun!
    The so serious faces of Espo, Ryan, Beckett and also Lanie while they’re investigating the case just thrown the funny out the window…. Really guys? Where’s the bromance, bro?
    Alexis…. is that how they’re going to play the PTSD? I hope not!
    Finally, I hate when they made Castle to be too child…. he seems just ridiculous! Or maybe Castle is a real PETER PAN, and NEVER EVER GROW UP… 😕

  36. Rich Abey says:

    This was one hilariously refreshing cute episode with Castle’s antics being the main highlight and with an intriguing case-of-the-week.
    – Castle’s princess tea party was by far the best scene and his “Let it Go” advice to Emily in dealing with a class bully was much more genuine & well-placed than the one that Archie gave Regina out of nowhere in OUAT (it felt forced as if they were forced to advertise the brand ‘Frozen’).
    – Some cute Caskett scenes too. I’m enjoying their current vibe.

  37. Canz girl says:

    Look – the show is about witty crime solving with a guy who doesn’t (usually) take himself too seriously and a woman who (usually) takes herself too seriously. Fun when they offset each other and amazing when they mind meld. If you are looking for high drama every week or 40 minutes of loving gazes into each other’s eyes – this ain’t the show for you. I like it for the tongue in cheek without the normal over acting you see in comedies…I too am invested in Caskett, but don’t expect much to change once they are married, I mean really, are folks expecting a whole episode of them just enjoying life with no mystery? That’s not Castle.

    • KCC says:

      Finally! Someone that gets it! But a word of caution: If you peruse the comments section of a TVLine article about “Castle” expecting to see comments about a pleasant little hour long “who done it”, you’re in for a rude awakening. Some comments here can get pretty critical. Some commenters can get intense about the details and how the show is screwing up the stories, characters and life in general. If: Beckett isn’t wearing her engagement ring, Alexis does not exhibit signs of PTSD (after all everyone else on TV does), Castle does something childish, Esposido disrespects Castle, or the biggest offense of them all: Castle and Beckett aren’t holding hands and gazing in each other’s eyes as they solve murder mysteries, the show sucks. The commenter then vows to never watch again, although they’re always back the next week to comment on how the show runners never listen to the fans and are ruining “their” show, as if the show belongs to the fans. IMO the art and it’s creation belong to the artist and/or the person/entity that commissioned it (i.e. networks). If you want to commission a work, tell the artist what you want upfront and pony up the $ at that time, not after it’s been created. Then you’ve truly invested in it and can be part of the creative process. Criticizing a work is everyone’s right, but expecting an artist to be influenced and change their art because of a criticism is a fool’s errand. If an artist changes their work to appease the fanbase it’s no longer their work. Ok, my rant is done, it felt good to get it off my chest. I consider myself a fan of the show and enjoy the show it’s creators are producing.

      • lame says:

        look,this is a place to state your opinion, whether we agree or disagree, everyone has the right to opine. The only time I think people cross the line is when they talk about the private lives of the actors. what they do on the job is fair game, what they do in their private lives is none of our business. As for the storylines, we have to remember, it’s not our story to tell.

        • I love the show, it has everything you need, romance, drama, mystery, comedy etc. The actors are great. I am especially impressed with Stana. She has become Kate in every
          way, very different than herself. Castle is great, he makes me laugh, I need that. I love all the episodes because there just a line of stories. I think everybody should just enjoy and hope it stays on a long time! Wish I could work on the show.

  38. Betty says:

    Cute episode with the kids and all. However no progression or mention of castle’s accident or his whereabouts for 2 months. Need a tidbit of exploring that mystery every episode. Hopefully the creators/writers won’t drag that out to long and bore the fans to death or worse have them give up on the series. Need to remember the show has strong competition with “Blacklist” in same time slot

  39. Morgan says:

    What the heck are you talking about?! Cause it ain’t about Castle.

  40. lkh says:

    you’re right–but it is interesting…

  41. lkh says:

    and true about cocoa bean shells…:]