The Walking Dead Recap: Meat 'N' Greet

The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 2 Strangers

With the introduction of Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel Stokes in this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, absolution seemed to be on a lot of our survivors’ minds. Unfortunately, one member of the group wound up in a predicament so dire, they might not live long enough to even make confession! Who was it? Read on and find out.

NEW BEGINNINGS | As “Strangers” began, Rick let Tara know that, in spite of her past affiliation with the Governor, they were cool, and she sealed their new understanding with a fist bump. Nearby, Tyreese assured Carol that those who know she killed Karen accept it and those that don’t yet, will. However, he drew the line at telling anyone about what happened with Lizzie and Mika. “I just need to forget it,” he insisted.

Later, Rick cornered Carol for a one-on-one in which he acknowledged, “I owe you everything.” In turn, she was pretty big about the whole being-banished thing. “You said I could survive,” she noted. “You were right.” Finally, he humbly asked if, now that she and the gang had been reunited, “Will you have us?” In response, she offered a slight smile and a nod.

DIVINE INTERVENTION | Making tracks again the next day, Bob was teasing/delighting Sasha with a game of “Find the Good in the Bad” when they all heard cries for help. Turned out, it was Gabriel, who, even after being rescued from some hungry walkers, maintained that “the word of God is the only protection I need.” (Tell that to Daryl’s crossbow, buddy.)

Skeptical from the start, Rick grew even more suspicious of the newcomer upon hearing that, since the zombpocalypse, he had dispatched a total of zero walkers (and, for that matter, zero people). “What have you done?” Rick demanded. “We’ve all done something.” But Gabriel remained a closed book, insisting that he confessed to the Lord, not strangers.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT (AND DINNER) | As soon as the group had taken refuge in Gabriel’s church — which even came equipped with a short bus in need of repair — Rick made arrangements to leave Judith with Tyreese (the world’s burliest, most huggable baby sitter) and go on a supply run with Michonne, Bob, Sasha, Glenn, Maggie, Tara and a very reluctant Gabriel. Before leaving, however, he gave Carl the most dire pep talk on record (“You are not safe” — ever!), prompting his son to reassure him that the group is not just strong, “we’re strong enough that we can still help people.” (Nice to see Carl’s stint as a budding sociopath in the rear view, isn’t it?)

Shortly thereafter, while heading for the county food bank, Bob urged Rick not to give up so much of his humanity that he won’t be able to fit back in in the real world. “This is a nightmare,” Bob offered, “and nightmares end.”

Meanwhile, off on their own, Daryl and Carol discovered a possible getaway car (should things go south at Gabriel’s church), and he encouraged her to let go of the past that she won’t discuss and start fresh. She wanted to, she said. But… well, that’s easier wanted than accomplished.

MONSTERS, STINK | At the county food bank, Rick, Michonne, Bob, Sasha and Gabriel found a bunch of walkers growing slimier by the minute in a waist-deep pool of rainwater. Apparently they were especially “fragrant,” too. “If Godzilla could puke,” Bob quipped, “this is what he’d smell like.” Nonetheless, the quintet made off with a great haul.

Wait, did I say “quintet”? I meant “quartet,” as Gabriel was no use whatsoever, allowing himself to be cornered by a walker (that we — but no one else — later learned was one of his parishioners) and cowering until his butt was again saved by Rick.

On the way back to Gabriel’s church, Rick asked Michonne if she missed her sword. Her beautiful reply? She missed Andrea. She missed Hershel. But she didn’t miss either the sword or the lonely pre-group existence that it represented to her.

BOOK OF REVELATIONS | Back at the church, Carl proved that he had taken his dad’s mistrust of Gabriel seriously by showing him knife marks on the structures’ windows: Somebody — human — had tried to get in. And, presumably denied entrance, that someone or someones had then carved “You’ll burn for this” into the wood. Off this twist, Rick didn’t cast out Gabriel, but he did issue the sternest of warnings, informing the preacher that this group is his family, and if anything the holy man did or does hurts his family, “I’ll kill you.”

While everyone was for once in a good mood, gorging on canned food and unblessed Communion wine, Abraham made a toast to the survivors and challenged them to be more than survivors — to be heroes by accompanying him as he delivered Eugene to D.C. “Save the world for that little one,” Abraham said to Rick, who was holding Judith at the time. And, when the baby gurgled, her dad cheerfully announced, “If she’s in, I’m in.”

After bonding some more with Maggie, Tara could no longer bear her guilty conscience, so she confessed that she had been part of the Governor’s attack on the prison — the attack during which he murdered Hershel. “I just didn’t want it to be hidden,” Tara said. And, in a particularly touching moment, Maggie embraced her and assured her, “You’re here with us now.”

OUT OF THE FRYING PAN… | While everyone was at the church, making merry, making confession or making threats, Carol doubled back to the getaway car. When Daryl found her, she couldn’t even say for sure why she had done it. (Thinking of leaving after all? Unable to accept everyone’s acceptance?) But whatever the reason, it was a good thing she did, because as they were standing there, the car with the big cross on it sped by. “They got Beth!” Daryl shouted. And off they went in hot pursuit.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Bob also ducked out of the party in the church. But no sooner had he begun to have himself a good cry than he was knocked out cold. Next thing we — or he — knew, he was tied up in front of a roaring campfire, and Gareth (uh-oh) was telling him that he and his buddies don’t want to do any of the horrible things that they do, they simply have to. It’s not personal. And, as he took a bite of barbecued meat, he added, “If it makes you feel any better, you taste much better than we thought you would.”

And then we saw it: Holy s—! Bob’s freakin’ foot was on the freakin’ fire! They were eating his calf!

OK, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you surprised that it was Gareth and not Morgan who had been tailing the survivors? Or do you think Morgan was out there, too, and (hopefully) will save what’s left of Bob? Hit the comments!

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  1. Dr. Opossum says:

    I am surprised you didn’t mention that it seemed to me that the show was strongly suggesting Bob had been bit and was hiding it. I think those cannibals will regret that leg of meat!

    • Kermit says:

      I was surprised by that too. He seemed off in the church, too.

      • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

        I agree, I too thought that he probably got bit. But Bob is stupid to go out by himself he’s a goner. There’s no way they can pull a Hershal and find a Pros.leg to get around. Rick NEEDS to kill that son of a bitch Garret and I can’t wait for that to happen!!!! I feel bad for Sasha tho.

    • Molly says:

      I thought the exact same thing! Why would he just be outside crying?

      • relaxxx says:

        Let’s pour out some nyquil n take a sip in memory of Bob. Cheers buddy. Now Tyreese will proberbly blame himself for not killing the wannabe Judith killer but he needs that kick in the pants.

        • JM&J says:

          IDK, I hope the race hasnt run for Bob! If it has I hope at the very least he infected Gareths group, although if you think about it not much is changing. Now the canibals dont need to cook their meat!

    • Rachel Scott says:

      I thought that as well, that he had been bitten and was hiding it.

    • Nicole says:

      Agree that was my thought as well! He was going to be by himdelf to die. On the other hand they fontina church and no one mentions beth was taken by a car with a cross?

    • Frankie707 says:

      I thought exactly the same thing. Both that Bob had been bitten and was hiding it, and hmm what will that mean to those now eating his leg.

    • Kerri says:

      Bingo – I thought that was fairly obvious that the bad guys were eating tainted meat at the end. Bob got bit or scratched when he was pulled under water. His request for a kiss at the end was a goodbye kiss. I think these rushed recaps are written by people too busy typing as the show airs, trying to think of clever one-liners to throw in, they don’t actually focus on what’s happening.

      • Jonathan says:

        i don’t think they are trying to analyze every detail during the recap. It gets our brain going so the real discussion and recap happens here In the comments.

      • KevyB says:

        Plus, nobody sits there memorizing every second of every scene when they are watching. People don’t tend to watch this show for subtleties so they are easy to miss when they show up. Hopefully they all go zombiefied real quicklike because we don’t need these people to turn into this season’s Governor, popping up and boring us to death. This season is doing well so far, so please please PLEASE don’t drag these yammering fools into the “mid-season finale”!

    • LincolnX says:

      Assumed Bob was distressed about something – but thought it was because there was alcohol and he was outside so he wouldn’t be around it.

      • Kerri says:

        That would have been a disproportionate response by Bob, unless he had attended the William Shatner acting school.

        • relaxxx says:

          Lord I almost choked on my drink. Too funny. Still gotta luv Shatner though.

          • JM&J says:

            Especially his recital of Rocket Man. No, Bob was doomed the moment he started acting in love and happy! Thats not in walking deads M,O, Like in the Godfather whenever they eat with white table cloths you know theirs gonna be a lot of blood.

    • Lisa says:

      Agreed. After being attacked, he began acting odd. When he stepped outside after “one more” kiss, I thought he was going out to shoot himself in the head before he died and turned. Kid of expected him to turn and bite the terminus guy’s face off. If he is bitten, wonder if the second virus is passed through ingestion.

      • Pam Smith says:

        My thoughts exactly! I also figured he’d use one of those silencers, when he shot himself in the head, and they’d find him in the morning.

        • Lisa says:

          Yes. The group was so happy. Think he was just as sad that he was going to bring them more pain. They just got back together. I don’t think he wanted to burden them with his impending death.

    • Jennifer says:

      THIS! They didn’t mention it on Talking Dead, either!

      • spartan says:

        Somehow, even with Conan’s comedy shtick, last week’s Talking Dead had a lot more substance than this one, with the random sitcom guy fielding a bunch of random irrelevant questions. Didn’t touch on Bob’s situation beyond the “Bob-B-Q,” on Beth, or on the fact that Carol evidently was ready to ditch the group!

        • spartan says:

          OR Beth.

        • Lisa says:

          I think Carol just prepares for any situation now. She is a control freak which is particularly ironic if you remember her character in the beginning. Last week was the big reunion, but I think this episode was more of a plot building episode. We know the group is going on a quest, and that the cannibals are still an issue. We also have found out that Beth may be bought back into play soon. Wonder if the group will wait for Carol and Darryl to return?

          • relaxxx says:

            If they were attacked or lost the church they would proberbly have to leave but I don’t think they would purposely leave Bob Carol or Daryl.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            In the scenes for next week they find out they are being watched and say that three of them have disappeared. They search for them. Daryl and Carol may just return on their own and save the day, LOL!!!

    • Fido says:

      rather than bit I got the impression he’d been scratched on the goolies by that underwater walker (aka a scoobie)

    • Rene Salinas says:

      But if everyone is infected, does it really matter?

    • Bill says:

      I was waiting for Bob to yell ” “TAINTED MEAT “TAINTED MEAT”

  2. Melody Brown says:

    Awesome episode?? Is Beth dead??? Never been disappointed with an episode no matter how gross it gets!!!!

  3. Kristine S. says:

    The last 5 minutes. Wow. My jaw is still on the floor.

  4. Stephon JS says:

    I’m a little disgusted after now. But still a good episodes

  5. RedReddington says:

    Yeah I think Bob was bitten. He was acting odd with Karen (“Just one more”)..and why else would he be sobbing like that? He was so positive at the beginning of the ep.
    Also..didn’t Bob say something like a “if a sewer threw up, this is what it would smell like?”..maybe I heard wrong.

  6. Johnny says:

    Bob got scratched by a walker when he got pulled under the water during the food run. Takes longer to turn when scratched. He knows it’s over for him, which is why he left the party, asked for “one last kiss” from Sasha, and started crying outside. Too bad the cannibals ate his infected keg. Now they’ll be dead soon too.

  7. Mariah says:

    I thought Bob had been bit too. He seemed off right after he was grabbed.

    And in the comics, don’t one of the characters have their leg cut off and cooked…only to let them know he’d been bit?

    Maybe Bob will fall into that story line. It almost seems like he’s holding a laugh in when he sees his leg on the grill.

  8. Data says:

    All I can say is: yikes tainted meat!!!! (I always liked Dale)

    That’s the answer i think.

  9. Derrick says:

    Was Bob crying because he got bit while under water?

    • Lisa says:

      I think so. Bob was in such a good place before his incident with the underwater zombie. When he spoke to Rick about Washington, he was so optimistic. I can’t see him going from such a relative high to asking for one more, or last, kiss, to sobbing inconsolably outdoors. There just seemed to be a finality in the way he asked for that kiss and left the group during a celebration.

    • Lisa says:

      Oh! And the way he replied, “I am now” when asked if he was okay after the attack. His tone seemed a little ironic when he said it. As in, I am right now, but later is a different story.

  10. Lisa says:

    Hope the pictures depicting Moses’ and the Jewish people’s quest for the Promised Land is not a bad omen for Rick or Abraham in the group’s goal of Washington.

  11. liza says:

    Why doesn’t Rick mention he was at the CDC and puts his trust in going to DC. And Bob was tainted meat.

    • Mary says:

      CDC was n Atlanta

      • relaxxx says:

        Yeah but Dr. Jenner said he lost contact with other nationsand the French were the last to almost come up with the cure. We shall see cuz Rick didn’t trust Jenner thus not initially telling the group about everyone being infected plus the whole trying to blow them up at the CDC thing.

  12. Linda Lund says:

    I have to agree with the majority of people here. I too thought Bob was going outside of the church to kill himself. I am pretty sure he was scratched, or even bit by the walker, while he was under the water… Also, I am pretty sure that the guy who is kidnapping girls (Beth) to this girl prison, used to work in the church. And maybe Gabriel knows about this. It sure seems from the preview from next week, that he is not a totally good priest… Loving this season so far, might even go as far as saying it’s the best one yet.

    (and it will be better once Beth is reunited with the group, maybe we’ll see some lovetriangle)

    • Madame Pâte à Glacer says:

      The director made a decided camera point to show Bob having a gun tucked in the back of his belt. He was surely saying his goodbye with Sasha with the last kiss.

  13. Steph says:

    What if they cut bobs bitten leg off to grill it up and then that will keep him from turning (like Hershel)? Bob lives! But as a result they will now turn because they ate his bad leg? It’s a win-win!

    • AnnieM says:

      That would be an interesting twist, but I think Hershel was only okay because they amputated immediately. Poor Bob had had that zombie poison in his system for several hours by then, it seemed like.

  14. Babbles says:

    After that last scene, I am disappointed in Tyreese. As for the Terminans, you are what you eat!

    • relaxxx says:

      Chad Coleman on the talking dead said Tyreese thought he killed the guy blood was coming out his ears. This is just more character development for Tyreese. He needs to make sure next time that all threats are taken care of properly.

  15. Omar says:

    That guy from Terminus that tried to kill Judith is still ALIVE! Tyresse didn’t kill him! I knew it!
    Episode 4 is about Beth, I read it somewhere. I miss her!

  16. Bj says:

    any ideas what the marks on the trees mean? there was another one on the tree in the scene where Bob was knocked out. only this mark was slightly different.

  17. wrstlgirl says:

    Yay Daryl, go get Beth!!! And what’s up with Carol. Does she just want to be on her own now??

    • relaxxx says:

      Carol got a lot regrets. I think everything is eating at her. The group has pretty much accepted her actions but now it seems like she can’t live with herself.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Probably something like that. I’m not 100% sure that she believes that the group has completely accepted her back, they don’t know about the girls. She was just gonna hop in that car and bail if Daryl hadn’t followed her. But I’m really glad he did because now we have a sign of Beth. I loved how he just jumped into protection mode and went after her. Doubt he’ll find her though because I don’t think she rejoins the group until the second half of the season. At least that’s what I heard anyway. We shall see :-)

  18. James D says:

    Meat n’ Greet indeed that was about the most f’d up thing I’ve seen and I’ve watched my fair share of f’d up things in my time. but the jokes on them they be chewing on some flesh that has already been chewed on me thinks. good episode, great ending looking forward to next week.

  19. Krystal says:

    Didn’t there seem to be more to Gareth’s speech to Bob? He knew his name and almost seemed to imply that Bob had been with the group in the past. “It’s ironic that it’s you…” Am I the only one who was thinking there was a previous connection there, particularily in light of Bobs mysterious past?

    • Madame Pâte à Glacer says:

      I think Gareth thought it amusing that it was Bob because Bob was the one who tried to reason with him in last weeks episode by saying they could ‘work it out together’.

    • JM&J says:

      No, I noticed that too. And, Abrahams comments about talking to or handling something with Rick? I think there is more to that story too, and I bet Morgan has something to do with it.

  20. Madame Pâte à Glacer says:

    I was disappointed that Michonne was very nonchalant about not having her katana anymore. For 4 seasons it was an extension of her body and psyche. Now she brushes off the loss by saying it wasn’t hers in the first place. I don’t buy it. She almost killed herself whenever the katana was taken from her, killed herself by doing anything to get it back I mean. Remember the times with the Governor and the first time she goes to the prison? I will miss the imagery of her with the katana slung across her back. The scene last season of her killing a field of Walkers solo was epic.

    • relaxxx says:

      Michonne got a luv hate relationship with her sword. She luvs that it protects her but hates what it stands for. The resentment from Mike n Terry bcuz she became so good with it while they struggled with the new world. The loneliness its represents when she was by herself and deaths especially Herschel. Doesn’t she get it back in the next episode. I believe it was in the promo. Cannot wait. Plus I get the feeling she doesn’t like to burden Rick with complaints. She always try to reassure him n Carl

      • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

        Michonne needs to find a new sword like ASAP she’s a badass with it. Plus it’s much quicker to kill off those walkers……besides we all know she’s NOT that good w/a gun LoL. I MISS her katana sword!!!!!

        • AnnieM says:

          I’d be really surprised if the show does not hook her up with a new sword at some point. It’s become an iconic symbol for her character, like Fonzie and his leather jacket. Sorry for the dated reference, but it was the first thing that came to mind. :-D

  21. John says:

    Holy crap, feeling bad for bob . But they should have listened to rick’s statement to eliminate the remains of gareth’s group. Yes I do hope Morgan save Bob before those cannibals start snacking on his other leg.

  22. katman33 says:

    So glad that so many people noticed Bob atitude change after being attacked. I too was hoping that all those who ate poor Bob would now be infected. Also, what about the few comments made by Abraham about not telling Rick something yet cuz the timing wasnt right? Am I reading that right? Is Abe holding back some big piece of info?

    • TheVanerialDisease says:

      I think that was just referencing his speech about DC. The timing wasn’t right to pressure him about going that route.

  23. Joey Padron says:

    Episode was good and bit crazy. I wonder if Bob remembered something from his past that made want to alone and crying. Crazy they ate one of his legs. Surprised guy Tyreese beat the crap out of is still alive. Father Gabriel is hiding something from his past. Rick gonna find out about it in next episode.

  24. Joey Padron says:

    Or Bob got bit or scratched.

  25. gametime says:

    I felt he was bitten by the way he responded to sasha when she asked him if he was OK.

  26. frank says:

    Maybe I’m reading too much into it but when Carol was thumbing through the bible at the church, there was a quick glance of a folded note but she flipped pass it…could this been relevant.

    • Anthony says:

      I noticed that too !
      I wasn’t really paying attention, so i had to rewind and watch closely.
      It sure looked weird how they zoomed on that.

  27. EMTWayne says:

    Think that there is anything to Daryl dropping the water bottle and Glen tripping and falling in that building? Are they all getting sick (like losing muscle control or something)??

    • AnnieM says:

      This may sound odd, but to me it seemed like the whole water jug thing may have been a scene that the two of them were having trouble getting through without cracking up on camera, and they just used the baest take they had. It really looked to me like they were holding in laughs.

  28. Jeanette says:

    I agree that it seemed pretty obvious that Bob was bit and that he went outside to figure out what to do about it and that is why he was crying! It is just karma if the cannibals chose that leg to eat! I am guessing it will make them sick, perhaps kill them and they will turn? I think Morgan will possibly show up at the right time during help out in some way.

  29. mlag44 says:

    Maybe Gareth was the one who wrote “You will burn for this” on the church wall?

    • Jack says:

      Doesnt make sense for it to be Gareth.

      It looks like they are following the comic with Gabriel. I wont say what it is for those of you who want to avoid spoilers, but the clues are there…

  30. Lord Baltimore says:

    If this follows the comic book, then Bob was bitten and the TERMINUS group ate infected meat. In the comic book, it is Dale that gets his leg eaten, and he had been bitten before hand. He just laughed at them for eating diseased meat. Then when team-Rick catches up to the TERMINUS group, them make getting eaten alive by a Walker a walk in the park.

  31. azu says:

    My favourite character is Judith! She’s just too cute!!! And she’s strong as hell!!!! Imagine a baby going through the zombie apocalypse and weathering it!!!!! L’ll ass kicker!!!!

  32. Rachel Scott says:

    I’m a 3rd grade teacher and my class just started our Science chapter on Energy, While talking about energy we began talking about heat and it being energy when you turn on a stove to cook. I definitely told my class that you turn on the stove to heat up the FOOT, and not the FOOD.

  33. sherry says:

    What about when daryl dropped the jug of water ,while he was talking with carol. Could this be a sign that the daryl carol romance has begun? Norman reedus has said that daryl would be clumsy and arkward in romance.

  34. tvmuse says:

    The Walking Dead is finally coming to life, and it’s about time.

  35. watch32hd says:

    The Walking Dead is hitting its stride.

  36. popoca says:

    We have to take The Walking Dead on its own terms. And those terms are, I repeat: Killing zombies.

  37. zumvo says:

    I’ve got a feeling that this is going to be The Walking Dead season that viewers have been waiting for.

  38. The two episodes are as exciting and scary in equal measure as I’m sure the creative team intended.