Once Upon a Time Recap: When Life Deals You a Bad Hand

Once Upon a Time Hook Emma Date

This Sunday on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Hook had a great date with Emma, but the “morning after” — with Rumplestiltskin — really did a number on the buccaneer.

IN THE FAIRYTALE LAND THAT WAS…. | “Joan” finds Rumplestiltskin, but he knows who she really is — Anna of Arendelle, out to find out why her parents traveled to Mist Haven. “I’ll do whatever it takes,” she says — music to the dealmaker’s ears. Rumple tasks Anna with doping the tea of an old man down the lane. But when Anna meets the kindly gent, she can’t do it. She later learns that what she had was the antidote to a poison Rumple had given the man the day prior — and without it, he has now turned into a (Mickey?) mouse, thus removing the first line of defense protecting the Sorcerer’s Hat in his cellar. But only someone who has been tempted by inner darkness and turned away can access the hat, so when Rumple makes Anna even for just an instant think of driving a sword through him — lest she be locked in his tower for eternity — her resulting tear of desperation suffices.

Ah, but when Rumple returns from the cellar with the hat’s container, gushing about how it will make him unstoppable, the mouse (aka The Sorcerer’s Apprentice) bites his hand, and Anna grabs the Dark One’s dropped dagger. Quickly realizing that she can now command Rumple, she orders him to A) send her back to Arendelle, B) turn the mouse back into a man and C) never hurt her or Elsa. (That last bit is a good thing to know!) We last see Anna reuniting with Kristoff, loath to tell Elsa that their parents feared her so much, they were out to get her magic removed forever.

IN STORYBROOKE…. | With Henry’s half-hearted blessing, Emma asks Hook out on a date, effectively ruining his darts aim. After he accepts, he pays Rumple a visit, to ask for his left hand back. Rumple warns, “There’s no telling what influence it will have on you,” having last belonged to Hook’s much more pirate-y self, but Hook scoffs. Hook then arrives to pick up bee-a-youuu-ti-ful Emma (much to the delight of Mary Margaret and her Polaroid camera) and show off his new/old hand (not much to the delight of over-protective dad David). Killian takes Emma to an Italian restaurant, where we spy a couple evoking Lady and the Tramp‘s spaghetti scene. He aspires to live up to Emma’s previous date, with a man who proposed before turning unto a flying monkey. But when Will Scarlett knocks a drink on Emma, Hook overreacts, grabbing the thief with his out-of-control left hand.

Hook’s wariness of his “bad” hand even distracts him (a bit) from his and Emma’s good night kiss! Emma, who really needs to get her own place, is met inside the door by her waiting-up parents, while Hook again goes overboard when stopping Will from breaking into the library. Hook finds Rumple and demands back his hook, but Rumple saysROBERT CARLYLE the pirate no longer has leverage, that he returned the real dagger to Belle. No, if Hook wants a take-back, he must meet Rumple the next morning at the dock — and when he does, Rumple has a Fantasia-like anthropomorphic broom lead them to where the Sorcerer’s Apprentice now lives. There, Hook holds down the old man as Rumple reveals he again has possession of the hat, which he uses to make the apprentice vanish.

When Hook later reclaims his hook, Rumple makes clear that the pirate will owe him for as long as he lives — lest Rumple show Emma a videotape of Hook accosting the old man. Oh, and he suggests that the hand was never “cursed,” but merely an invitation for Hook to remember the darkness that lies beneath, as a pirate and not a lovestruck “puppy dog.”

Elsewhere: Regina grew frustrated with her inability to unfreeze Marian, prompting Henry to suggest that as part of Operation Mongoose, he will go “undercover” at Gold’s shop, suspecting that Rumple somehow got his own story “rewritten.” Playing the “grandfather” card, Henry scores a job as Gold’s “apprentice,” where he immediately begins sweeping really, really badly…. Emma tells jailed Will that he was found in the library with a copy of Alice in Wonderland, and a picture of the Red Queen in his pocket…. And census records reveal that “Sarah Fisher” aka the Snow Queen did not come over in any curse, raising the questions: How was she in Storybrooke? And what does she want with Emma?

NOTABLE QUOTABLES | “I don’t pillage and plunder on the first date”…. “Oh I see, blackmail brings out the romantic in you”…. “Is that just the corset? Wheres the rest of it?”…. “So what do I call you now? ‘Captain Hand’?”…. “You want to come in and have coffee with my parents, a newborn and a human ice maker?

What did you think of this week’s Once Upon a Time? Curious to see Hook now do the Dark One’s bidding? Enjoy the Will Scarlett/Anastasia tease?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. laurelnev says:

    Who else thinks the Knave is the one who wrote the book? That HAS to be what him breaking into the library to steal “Wonderland” was all about. Maybe he wanted to update the book to memorialize Alice’s “Happy Ending.” (Or he wanted to edit out the existence of that awful show he spent a lot of time on. :D)

    LOVED the ep. THe walking broom was classic! Wondering when Rumple will fess up about his history with the whole Arendelle gang.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      No, I think the Knave was just melancholy, the way he was found cuddled with it. And the walking broom was pretty hilarious, I let out an audible, “Get the ___ outtta here!”

    • Jerry says:

      I’m thinking this Knave is pre-Wonderland, before he goes on his last adventure with Alice. So he is currently sad and missing Anastasia

      • laurelnev says:

        When I said that last week, someone said the writers said Wonderland ran concurrent w/ OUAT, and the writers had said Will was post-Wonderland, and what happened to Anastasia would be explained. I’m thinking the Rabbit and Will Scarlet are the only two characters except Baelfire that we’ve seen hopping worlds. (My favorite scene in the whole Wonderland series was when Alice & the Genie came to SB. “What magic is this?”) I’m thinking TPB brought Will over to OUAT for a reason, and that since THIS season is supposed to be about who wrote the book, that tonight was foreshadowing. Obviously, Matt doesn’t agree, but we’ll see how it all plays out in the weeks ahead. Knowing THESE writers, I’d say the fact Will broke into the library to steal THAT book may be significant later on.

        • jerrired says:

          I also don’t know where this Will storyline is going, but I do believe this has to have taken place after Wonderland ended. Wonderland started with the storm(aka the curse) that forced everyone back to the Enchanted Forest and erased Henry and Emma’s memory. I originally thought the Knave may have wrote the book, but I have a feeling it might be Manificient or someone in that storyline. But it’ll be interesting to see if the Knave ties into it all.

          This episode was also my favorite of the season so far. To me the season has been lackluster, (I know it’s only been four episodes but STILL) but almost everything about this episode worked so well, especially the Hook vs. Rumple war restart. And I think Sarah Fisher is Emma’s foster mom, like many have speculated. From the preview for next week, it looks like we might learn that for sure.

          • DigificWriter says:

            Down the Rabbit Hole begins during the events of Broken OUaT 2×01) during the storm caused by Rumple summoning the Wraith.

          • jerrired says:

            Hmmm, i’lll have to rewatch that episode because I could have sworn it happened where I said it did. Either way, it still makes everything that happen in Wonderland before the current OUAT storyline. So something happened to the Knave’s happy ending in Wonderland to bring him back to Storybrooke without the Red Queen.

          • Davey Elmer says:

            “Hmmm, i’lll have to rewatch that episode because I could have sworn it happened where I said it did. Either way, it still makes everything that happen in Wonderland before the current OUAT storyline. So something happened to the Knave’s happy ending in Wonderland to bring him back to Storybrooke without the Red Queen.”

            Early promos for OUaTiW used footage of the Wraith flying around and destroying things in addition to footage of the hole opening in the floor of Granny’s, and although the Wraith/destruction footage was removed from the broadcast episode, nothing was ever said to contradict the implication delivered by that early footage.

        • Kat says:

          Jefferson could hop worlds as well. He was in Frankenstein’s world and in Storybrooke and in the Enchanted Forest. People seem to have forgotten he ever existed, but he and Victor definitely “hopped worlds” as well, with Jefferson’s hat, but because it happened in Season 1 and 2 people have obviously forgotten him by now ;-)

          • laurelnev says:

            Only with the Hat. He was helpless and trapped once Regina co-opted his hat, and he went mad in Wonderland trying to find another portal back to his daughter.

        • BTM says:

          Cora also hopped worlds.

          • laurelnev says:

            No she couldn’t. Rumple manipulated Regina into pushing Cora through the looking glass, where she got trapped in Wonderland. We saw quite clearly that Cora could NOT hop worlds without assistance, as she needed Hook and his bean to get out of SB. Cora proved over and over again that she did NOT have he magic to hop worlds.

      • The writers did say that this took place after Wonderland at one of the Comic Cons, I can’t remember which I’m sorry.

      • Davey Elmer says:

        Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’s events took place concurrently with the events of Once Upon a Time Season TWO.

        Also, just for clarification, Will didn’t tear that drawing of Ana out of the “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” book, because the character of the Red Queen doesn’t come from said book. She comes from the second Alice book that Lewis Carroll wrote, “Through the Looking Glass (and What Alice Found There)”.

    • I like idea of the Knave of being employed by the person who wrote the book and the broom needs to come back at some point lol.

    • Josh says:

      I think this episode did foreshadow the person who wrote the book, but it isn’t the Knave. I think the The Sorceror (Merlin) that The Apprentice served wrote the book. Eventually Merlin will surface to reclaim his hat and we’ll learn he also wrote the book.

      • Lisa Benwitz says:

        They may very well decide to bring Merlin in, but he wasn’t the sorcerer from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice–that was Yen Sid (Disney spelled backward). :-)

  2. Dean says:

    So basically it was an hour of Hook and Rumple reigniting their pissing match and a reason for Hook to act like the jerk he was and still is. As for the Snow Queen my guess is she’s been to the real world before and has some sninister plans involving Emma.

  3. Bianca says:

    I struggled with this episode…..couldn’t hold my attention very well.

    It seems another Regina/Snow scene was cut based on what the press release states and that’s disappointing. Seems like their scenes keep getting cut, and I’m bummed about this.

    Hopefully next week it starts picking up. iAnd the Evil Regal in me hopes for more Regina (and Regina & Robin) in upcoming episodes,or I think I’m headed to DVR with OUAT.

  4. LADY_in_MD says:

    I think the snow queen could have been one of Emma’s foster parents and knew she is the savior and needs her for some bigger quest but lost her as a kid and now found her in Storybrook along with Elsa there is a reason she is after Emma
    This was a good episode and the tie in with frozen is progressing better Than I thought it would be

  5. Jenny says:

    I love this episode and Hook/Rumple dynamic.

  6. Nicole says:

    Loved Rumple reminding Hook that him being a horrible human being had NOTHING to do with the hand. It was all him. Drove home the point that Hook hasn’t changed. His behavior is always reprehensible. Main complaint about the episode that once again, we saw barely any screen time for Regina and Henry. And we got two seconds of Belle. All this in favor of the Hook storyline. What happened to the balance of characters we used to have? Sven has been getting more time on screen than our favorite characters. Why is that?

    • John NYC says:

      Because Rumple never lies or anything to get what he wants?



      • K says:

        Rumple’s not the one going around proclaiming that he’s a changed man. Wait, okay, he is, but he knows he’s lying; Hook actually thinks he’s a stand-up guy as long as he’s no longer outright murdering people.

  7. Robert says:

    I am wondering if the Snow Queen may have been a foster mother to Emma as a young child, the way she said Emma’s name in the last episode Is the the tone of voice you use with a love one. I enjoy tonight’s fantasia tribute, it bought back some wonderful Disney memories from a otherwise tense childhood.

  8. Tom says:

    I think the moment when Emma returned home to find her overprotective daddy and gushing mommy waiting up for her to hear the details killed me hahah Emma like ‘I need to find a new place asap’ ‘i can still hear you guys!’

    To be honest though, I found this episode kinda boring, too much Rumple and Hook only. I enjoyed the teaser of the Snow Queen/Emma arc way more.

  9. CA says:

    So if the Dark One lies, is his just manipulating Hook with a new lie, is he just continuing to bait Hook and using Hook’s own concern against him, or actually telling Hook the truth?

  10. Jess says:

    I’m so upset about Hook. Why are they digressing this character? And hasn’t Emma been through enough with her relationships? Please give her a happy ending with him! This is just likely to explode in the episodes to come so I’m hoping he does the right thing! Love my Captain Swan! And I think the Ice Queen made a deal with Rumple to get the box and it somehow included the capture of Anna and Elsa…not sure how the box ended up in Storybrooke again tho…loving this season! Snow and Charming were so adorable with Emma!

    • Rita says:

      My heart is crushed. Why did they regress Hook so much? WHY! I hope it works between Hook and Emma

      • Jess says:

        He’s come so far, really. All that he did for her in Neverland, saving her family and giving up the Jolly Roger, his confession to Charming in the past…I hope I’m not getting ahead of myself that they’re regressing him. Please oh please don’t do this!

      • ShariaLynn says:

        Ditto. If they can let REGINA rewrite then anyone/everyone deserves one.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      To me the only regression was him ever believing a word out of Rumple’s mouth. Hook sould know better! I don’t for a second buy that he’s going to turn dark & villainous again. It’s all Rumple’s manipulation. I can’t believe Hook fell for it though.

      • Nicole says:

        Again? He never stopped being a villain. Did we forget last year where he left Prince Eric to die because he wouldn’t give up his ship? He did those dark things in this episode because he wanted to. No one forced his hand. Pun intended. Hook will always first and foremost put himself first. Once again he threatened to kill Belle to punish Rumple instead of looking at his own horrible actions. Nothing new there.

        • anne says:

          +1 he IS a villain you guys, just if you have hots for a guy you think is hot, does not mean you change the whole story of the show

          • abz says:

            Hook is no saint and has done some pretty terrible things. However, he is just like the many other villains on the show. If the show expects us to get over the fact that Regina slaughtered a village, killed Marian (before history was altered), her father, Graham, etc., and Rumple who killed his wife and was the Dark One among many other horrible actions, and we are to be open to the fact that they are changing or at least TRYING to change (Regina is showing a bit more effort than Rumple) and that maybe they deserve a happy ending too, then I don’t see why we have to treat Hook any differently. He’s done bad things, but we continue to watch to see the evolution of these characters (even the villains) despite all of the bad things they’ve done.
            I’ve seen many complaints that he’s only trying to change for Emma so that he can be with her. Well if we’re going to dismiss that as a bad thing, the same thing can be said about Regina, whose main reason for trying to be good is for Henry, and Rumple. whose becoming a “changed” man was done for Belle and Neal. These are people in their lives who motivate them or push them to be better or to try to be better.

          • murley says:

            Well said, abz. One of the great things about a television show, that you don’t get so much with a movie, is the ability to create long character arcs. People can evolve, turn dark, try to redeem themselves, relationships can shift. It is why I love episodic story telling. And personally I find this show the least interesting when the baddies are running around being evil while the good guys are without reproach. Give me long, complicated, regressive redemption arcs any day.

        • speaky says:

          I can’t remember when and how Hook left Eric died… I thought Eric found and lived with Ariel then… can anyone remind me that please?

          • Nicole says:

            Blackbeard left Eric stranded on an island to die. Blackbeard told Hook that he would tell which island if he gave him his ship. Hook refused and killed Blackbeard. Ariel was pissed and told Hook he would never change. She went and found Eric herself. Which is what we saw in the mirror. When all that went down, Hook didn’t tell Emma his part in that. Lying by omission about his horrid behavior once again. He established his relationship with Emma based on lies. That foundation will crumble eventually.

          • sararnoldi says:

            I can’t remember when and how Hook left Eric died… I thought Eric found and lived with Ariel then… can anyone remind me that please?

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree. Killian/Hook fell for Rumple’s manipulation, he should know better to trust the Dark One. You would think given their history, why would he trust Rumple. Killian/Hook should stay away from Rumple for his own good.

    • charly says:

      It’s hard to “digress” a character when he never evolved in the first place…. Rumple is maniplative but he was right with Hook.

      “This hand is nothing but a lump of flesh. The only thing it did was give you permission— permission to be the man you really are: not some puppy dog chasing after the object of his affection, but a ruthless pirate who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.”

      Truest thing ever said about Hook and I’m glad the writers finally adressed that

      • Jake says:

        Actually, Hook has never been that bad a character, even as a pirate, especially compared to Rumple and Regina – they’ve both killed so many people they’ve lost count.

        • K says:

          Really? How do we know this about Rumple? And how do we know that professional mayhem-wreaker Hook hasn’t?

        • neaorlean says:

          I agree, I never thought of Hook as a bad guy, Mila left with him on her own free will, and he loved her, and then all he did was seek revenge for her death. I know a lot of good people that have done the same both on TV and off. He’s a pirate, but he was never evil, he was nice to his crew, really nice to Mila and Baelfire… Is Will Scarlet evil? He’s also a thief. What about Robin Hood? Not to mention Snow White hasn’t been exactly snowy and whitey her whole life. Hook was a pirate, not evil. That said, with all the talk about his makeover, I completely missed it.

  11. This episode found a nice balance between the Frozen plot and everything else that is going on with the fairy tale denizens.

  12. j. says:

    And the description of this episode tells the many reasons why I rarely watch this series any more. The characterizations are too all over the place. Morals seem to fluctuate around who is popular at any given time. Emma has forgotten (other than a weak attempt on the writers part to show it) that Hook isn’t a good guy and had a “hand” (excuse the pun) in breaking up Rumplestiltskin’s marriage or that he helped Cora in the beginning. Then, there’s the fact that Emma still lives with her parents and has become a shadow of the character from Season 1. I’ve only been reading these hoping for the return of Maleficient and to learn more about the Snow Queen.

  13. Gail says:

    So Anna made made it home and Elsa doesn’t remember it. Emma has a connection to the Snow Queen that she does’t remember. I guess the Snow Queen imprisoned Elsa. Perhaps the Snow Queen invoked the time spell that sent Emma and Hook back to get Elsa. Also maybe Rumple thought the thing that contained Elsa contained the Snow Queen and that is why it was in his vault. Is it to be believed that the Snow Queen is Elsa’ s Aunt ? Still have no clue what the Snow Queen wants. I also have no clue about Will Scarlet and what he is doing in Storybrooke.

  14. Sarah says:

    Wonderland had a great happy ending. I’m kind of annoyed that they’re messing it up.. Can’t that set of characters just be done with and left happy ? :/

    • Chris says:

      Yeah, I really hope we get to see Anastasia at some point… And her insane lips.

      • neaorlean says:

        Is there any talk about seeing her on OUAT at some point? I’d love to, there was something weirdly appealing about her and the character. And there’s a lot of growing up for her to do that we didn’t see, she kinda woke up one day thinking she doesn’t want to be bad anymore.

  15. ritabug30 says:

    I am so sad what they have done to Killian. WTH! I hope they get Killian to get back on track. This sucks

  16. CK says:

    I disagree with Rumple’s assessment on Hook’s character – I think that is how Rumple has always seen him, but not necessarily how Hook really is. We’ve seen Hook with his brother, we’ve seen him with Bae, and with Bae’s mother – not the monster Rumple described.

    Then again, I may be letting my love of Hook blind me…

    • Shawn says:

      Uh…he sold Bae to a “bloody demon”…that probably shouldn’t be on your list of proving that he’s not a selfish bastard. Also, loving doesn’t alter that he always looks after his own needs first and will stomp on or over everyone else. Also, you saw pre-Hook with his brother. Three hundred years ago. What we’ve seen since is him allying himself with sociopaths and generally being one (per Colin himself). I’d say Rumple is dead on. This isn’t regression because he never progressed. This is the side of Hook he doesn’t want Emma to see but it’s more truthful than his Killian side will ever be. Killian died when his brother did and you can’t go back again no matter how much he might want to. He’s Hook and whether he can be a better man or not depends on if he can be and be this man.

      • jerrired says:

        Very well said, and dead on. I don’t think Hook is regressing at all. I think he’s just showing the side Emma doesn’t want to see, or can’t. I mean he DID just last season let Eric “die” for his ship. He has a dark side and always will. After last season’s finale, I thought Rumple’s regression was annoying, but I think you hit it on the nail about both characters. Both have good and bad sides, but they’ve had centuries of doing bad things. That can’t just simple be erased with love. I think the same goes for Regina. I don’t think her evilness is completely erased but I think she’s trying harder to fight it than them, because she has several things keeping her in control, not just Henry, but the family she’s sort of formed with Emma, the Charmings, and her love for Robin. But I do think she’ll probably give into it at some point before the season ends.

        Personally, I’ve never been a fan of Captain Swan, but it is what it is now. One of the reasons is because Hook lost the edge that gave his character a personality and layers. To me, he just seemed to become Emma’s love interest, nothing more. So I’m happy they’re exploring Hook”s dark side again, and not making him just a “love sick puppy dog.”

      • charly says:

        This! thank you !

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I agree with you. Rumple is manipulating him and playing on his inferiority complex, but the way Rumple described him is a gross exaggeration and is NOT who Killian really is now. Unfortunately Killian fell for it.

      • Stormy says:

        It isn’t a complex. Hook really is inferior.

        • K says:

          If anything, Hook has a superiority complex. He actually thought HE could blackmail and outwit the Dark One. Anyone could tell him that wouldn’t end well.

          • ninergrl6 says:

            He totally has an inferiority complex when it comes to Emma and being “good enough” for her. He’s trying to prove himself worthy of her and trying to behave more like David, which he thinks she wants, when really he and Emma are a perfect match BECAUSE they’re both damaged and imperfect.

  17. Ian says:

    This season’s progressing nicely for me, for the most part. I think it’s about time they gave Hook another plot of his own, even if it has to be centered on Emma, and I don’t think they’re really regressing him. He wants to be a better man, but it’s just simple fact there’s a darker side to his nature that’s always going to be a part of him. I think they must have figured they’d lose Colin eventually if they didn’t explore his character better, and thank God they are.
    Also, I have to say he’s ridiculously delicious. God, he’s gorgeous. I wanted him so bad this episode! Pretty much all the time, lol. Emma’s a lucky one, to be sure. This isn’t PG, but I’d be holed up in some bedroom with him somewhere all the time in this world and that’s not OUaT appropriate.
    Really loving the Rumple storyline as well and this Frozen inclusion really does work so much better than generally expected. I think the actresses for Elsa, Anna, and the Snow Queen make it as good as it is, and it was inspired to make the Snow Queen their aunt on the mom’s side. I’ll be more trusting of the showrunners and their choices in the future now.

    • abz says:

      I agree. So many people are claiming this episode as validation that he hasn’t changed, but I think he has and that he is trying to be a better person, but this is the first time in a while he’s been faced with the fact that he probably hasn’t changed as much as he thinks he has. There is darkness within him. Since the end of last season he’s sort of been in bliss and happiness being around Emma, going on their missions and having her accept him and wanting to get to know him and date him that he seemed to forget that he still has work to do on himself. The pirate life and personality has been a part of him for hundreds of years and it isn’t just going to disappear. He’s very much like Regina. She’s trying to be good, but even she’s still aware that she has a darkness in her and has been trying to battle with it. I think this is where he’ll start to face that fact. My only hope is that this doesn’t break his connection with Emma. We’ve already been through Emma’s heartbreak with Neal which grew tiring. I’m really enjoying seeing her happy for a while being around her family, going on dates, figuring out her magic. It’s fun and when she inevitably finds out about Hook’s struggles, I hope they don’t go the predictable break-up route but rather, have her and him talk it out and work together to help him deal with it.
      Really loving the way they’re integrating the Frozen storyline with the other ones and can’t wait to see more of the Snow Queen. Love Elizabeth Mitchell!

  18. leo says:

    really losing interest ,i was excited about the whole frozen storyline bt now am getting annoyed with the storylines now and what happened to Regina and snow.And am tierd of hook

  19. Tiffany says:

    Great episode. Elizabeth Lail was amazing ( Anna) in this episode. Next week episode is going to be Off the Hook. No pun intended.

  20. Katie says:

    Overall, I enjoyed the episode. I’m so glad Once hasn’t forgotten that underneath the admittedly gorgeous exterior, that Hook is still a pirate who has done terrible things and hasn’t had to pay a price. Mila’s death was absolutely horrible, but what has Hook had to sacrifice since then, where was this beautiful redemption plot all the CSers said he underwent? And when has he had to pay the price for his lies? Last season Emma got all emotional because she thought he was the one that brought Ariel and Eric together when in fact he was willing to give up Eric’s life for his ship and the truth never came out. I’ve never liked Captain Swan, but I think I’d be more willing to give it a chance if the show actually allowed him to face his mistakes instead of glossing over them all as though loving Emma makes everything he’s done weigh out. And I can’t be the only one who was stunned that Henry would use the “dead father” card when obviously he hasn’t given Neal a second thought since he died, and everyone knows that if nothing else Neal was supposed to be Rumple’s happy ending. That was seriously the most reprehensible thing he’s ever done. Like, ‘let’s just manipulate this man who was searching for his son for 600 years or whatever, to only lose him shortly after finding him so that he’ll do what I want.’

    • Jake says:

      Please, Rumple, for all his crying about his lost son has shown himself to be the biggest hypocrite around.. Even though all Rumple’s scheming to be become all powerful has cost him his son, this episode finds him unrepentant and back to his same old ways. All those tears for Neal were just crocodile tears….

      • Me says:

        Agreed. Blows my mind that people who generally hate Hook give Rumpel a complete pass. I mean Hook is definitely not perfect and is still becoming a better person, much like Ragina, but Rumpel? He is trying to become even more powerful, and lying to the one who matters most to him.

  21. DarkDefender says:

    I really love this show, so I’m staying through the Frozen story (which I know nothing of), but I find I do not like the blatant Disney tie ins (lady/Tramp eating spaghetti, the mouse being the apprentice.) I like the more adult adaption we’ve gotten the last few years.. Seems like we can’t go an episode without some tie in to a cartoon Didney version of a tale. I wish ABC & Disney would let them ease that up a bit.
    And of course.. I really want Capt.Swan to work out.. One true happy ending isn’t much to ask, is it?

    • DigificWriter says:

      Disney and ABC aren’t forcing the writers to make these references; the writers are making them because they want to.

      • DarkDefender says:

        With all due respect, I disagree. I think they have some leeway.. But it is clear who is making final decisions and that is Disney. If it was truly just the creator/writer interpretation I doubt Elsa would be stuck in that dress. Even the wicked witch got a few costume changes. And while things like the objects in Rumplestilskin’s room of collectibles was more subtle.. Time like the room Neal lived in, in NY with all the Disney references didn’t actually play out with the character but played out more like (what I would call) “product placement”.. Although admittedly (to some small extent) to get people guessing who he was.
        To each his own..

  22. dks says:

    Really enjoyed tonight’s episode. The only thing I was disappointed in was that Emma’s and Killian’s date was so short. I was hoping to find out what they would talk about when they weren’t trying to save the town and all it’s inhabitants. Maybe next time it will be longer.

  23. ninergrl6 says:

    Interesting sorcerer’s apprentice twists, particularly the mouse part. Clever! Really liked that Anna was able to one-up Rumple. That doesn’t happen enough! (Or ever?) But if Anna got home, that begs the question where was Elsa at that time?

    Enjoyed the Captain Swan date. Just enough sass & sweetness as well as character & plot development. I didn’t like that Killian was so easily manipulated by Gold. He should know better than to believe a word out of that man’s mouth. So now he goes from being Emma’s “puppy dog” to Gold’s slave? Carlyle & O’Donoghue play off each other well though. I’m curious to see how long this…arrangement between them lasts. Hopefully Killian finds a way out of it sooner rather than later — perhaps getting ahold of the dagger like Anna did?

    If ANYONE complains about core/central/original characters getting shafted & backburnered after this ep, I’m gonna scream. The ENTIRE thing revolved around Rumple, both in Storybrooke & in flashbacks. If that’s not enough to satisfy the OUAT “purists,” I don’t know what is.

    • abz says:

      Agreed. Tired of the complaints about the core characters being shafted. I’ll take Elsa and the Frozen group (really love the cast) over boring Belle/Rumbelle and Charming any day. Besides, I think the show has been doing a good job this season with balancing out the core characters with the Frozen ones given the large ensemble. We’ve already had Charming and Rumple/Hook centric episodes (Rumple/Hook’s was of course better because Charming’s a bore) and a Regina/Emma and a Belle-centric (ugh!!) one coming up.
      I like the format the show adopted last season with the seasons being divided in half each with their own set of new characters and story arcs. It gives you something to look forward to each half season (can’t wait till they do Hercules and Hunchback I hope).

      • ninergrl6 says:

        Oooohhhh Hercules could lend itself to a whole world of Greek mythology and new locations. There’s got to be out there than Fairy Tale Land. Love that idea!

    • K says:

      Yes, Rumple got more than two minutes of screentime per ep for literally the first time since 3A. As a tradeoff, Regina, Henry, Snow, and Charming DID get only two minutes, and Belle got approximately fifteen seconds. So no, the core/central/original characters are still not getting their due.

      • abz says:

        I happen to think Belle’s 15 seconds are quite generous. She’s a complete bore to me and hasn’t done a single interesting thing during her time on the show. Her main purpose on the show is to bring out the good in Rumple which isn’t really working at the moment.
        I think they’ve gotten their due and they will continue to get it. Regina’s arc spans the entire season with Henry a part of it. Rumple has the Sorcerer’s Hat storyline, Snow and the mayor business, etc. This is a show revolving around Disney/myth/fairy tale characters, so it’s only natural that the show will bring in new characters each half season as they should because there are still many that a lot of us are eager to see how the show takes them and twists them. We’ve gotten to see and know the original character very heavily during the first few seasons. Emma is finally being brought to focus more this first half of the season with her relationship, possible background history revealed through Snow Queen, moving out of her parent’s house, etc., that’s why I think we are seeing less of the rest these first few episodes. This new format they started last season with Neverland allows them to bring more stories and balance them out with the original characters to keep things new and fresh. I personally enjoy it. Some people just don’t seem to like change that often.

      • ninergrl6 says:

        Charming was the central character in episode 2 this season. Rumple was front & center episode 4. Emma has been a primary focus & she and Regina apparently are the “stars” of episode 5. What more do you want?! If EVERYTHING revolved around the Charmings, Regina, and Rumple, it would be like seasons 1 and 2 all over again. Or are you missing the one-off Cinderella/Red/Frankenstein episodes that IMO had nothing to do with anything?

        • abz says:

          THIS! I find that I notice in general many people are opposed to change and like to stick with what’s familiar. For me, part of the appeal of the show is to see how they are gonna twist the Disney characters/fairy tales I grew up with and when they finish with one of them, guessing which one they’ll tackle next and eagerly awaiting to see how they integrate it with the core cast. Three seasons in, we already know so much about Rumple. Snow, Charming, Regina, and Henry. It’s an ensemble show and it can’t always be about them. It’s about time Emma came to the front and centre of the show and was focused on more and we get to know her backstory. I like this format of learning about the core cast through other new characters being introduced. I really enjoyed the parallels between Elsa and Emma that we got to see a few episodes ago.

          • Nicole says:

            I’m not saying I disagree with learning about Emma’s back story. There should be more of it. Her character is the only one that grew up in the real world so it will be great to really dive into her past. It’s her present that is leaving something to be desired. Her strength and passion have been lacking. The girl can throw on a dress if she wants to. I’m all for women dressing however they please, but it wasn’t her. It lacked her personality. It was like she was simplifying herself to please a man. And that is not Emma. The thing I have always loved about her is that she is her own person. She was never that stereotypical princess. Emma has grit and fire. And that has been lacking lately. That dress she wore in the pilot? That was all Emma. I just want to see the strong, independent woman that Emma is.

          • abz says:

            You can’t really expect Emma to be the same person who wore that amazing dress from the pilot. A LOT has happened since then and she has become a different person.
            I thought the whole date/dress was fun. It was nice seeing her take a break and she just wanted to be a normal person for once and not the saviour. Sure, maybe the dress may have been dated (are there any modern retail stores in Storybrooke?). Maybe she’s taking clothing tips from her Snow lol.
            I think her strength and passion and fire/grit have been lacking lately because that is a part of her journey. I’d be vulnerable too and probably lose my drive, if I could never get a moment of peace without having to deal with villain after villain and curse after curse. She also doesn’t know how to fully control her magic and utilize it in an effective way. She just dealt with a Wicked Witch and now a mysterious woman enters her life who seemingly has a connection to her that she can’t figure out. She is indeed a tough, strong woman, but I also think those qualities are part of an exterior and walls she puts up and she is now being faced with dealing with them.

  24. James D says:

    Robert Carlyle is too good he always makes my day when i watch him as Rumple. I can’t believe Hook was so nieve to think Rumple wasn’t going to try something nefarious, what a dunce. fun episode though still trying to figure out the Ice Queen’s connection with Emma.

  25. Koi says:

    I feel as though the hat belongs to Merlin, who is also the author of the book. With all the power he’d have with it, it’d make sense. He would be practically unstoppable, so perhaps he foresaw the future with that magic and record it’s happenings in a book. Plus, more proof that the hat is Merlin’s; the stars popping up on the hat with each person/soul(?) /magic it takes, alludes to the hats movie’s design. And a more questions.. Where does the cube/hat take you? Did Merlin die, which scattered all the soul/people/magic already within the hat that explains why it was blank? Will the apprentice return and what happened to him after Rumple converted him back? So many questions…

    Sweet Jesus, Emma was on point!! Pointe, I tell you! Pointer than the dull pointy point of Hook’s hook. I swear! Look at Elsa, thinking that was the corset, pshh, fairytale logic… Aint’ nobody got’ time to put on a corset, a camisole, a fancy blouse, a hoop skirt, gloves, makeup, anything from Bo Peep or Regina’s old wardrobe, and all that jazz! Emma looked fine! She might as well give herself a ticket! Beautiful! ^^

    The Snow Queen.. Well.. the speculations that she was/could’ve been Emma’s foster parent seems possible and likely but then again, how did she come to the Land Without Magic? Was she working with Rumple, (Forest Scene) or did she world jump?

    I’m going to throw out some theories here, so bear with me please… Maybe she’s Elsa’s mom and made a deal with Rumple so to make her sister believe it was their (Idun and Adgar) child since she couldn’t handle her own powers at the time, it was cough*Adgarsandhers*cough and cough*shewantedAdgarforgetithappenedsincesheloveshersister* cough, but he tricked her by making them not only believe Elsa was their baby but that the Snow Queen cursed her, thus Idun and Adgar turned against and imprisoned her within the urn. Then, fearing Elsa, went to Mist Haven in search of a way to remove her “curse”/magic.

    Or possibly, as Rumple knows he could never harm Anna or Elsa but still needs the hat due to the dagger incident, he tricked the SQ into imprisoning Elsa and taking the hat from Anna. So no one could revolt against her, she froze everyone else in Arendelle and perhaps spared Anna. Then in his part of the deal, Rumble promised the SQ a normal life without people ostracizing her because of her powers and sends her to the Land Without Magic. To which he collects the spoils, Elsa and the hat. Later, the Snow Queen, living an almost normal life in the Land Without Magic finds a distraught teenage Emma after August abandons her or during her teenage years and for a small period of time, takes her in. This is perhaps very short lived as Emma can’t remember.. Or was it? Did someone erase those memories?

    • Davey Elmer says:

      We’re supposed to be seeing more flashbacks to Emma’s childhood later this season, but they’re bringing back the actress who played the character at age 11 in “Snow Drifts”, so if Sarah Fisher/the Snow Queen factors into those flashbacks, they will probably happen after the events of the “Snow Drifts” flashback, making it very likely that Emma had something done to her memories to cause her to forget who Sarah Fisher/the Snow Queen was.

      • Koi says:

        Oh I see… I guess that’s the fuel to our fire that proves they obviously must’ve met when she was a little. Though I still cannot wait for the explanation as to why… Thanks for the info by the way. ^^

        • Davey Elmer says:

          My initial theory about how Sarah Fisher knew Emma was that she’d been her adoptive mother (Mrs. Swan), but that theory died when I found out that Abby Ross, the girl who, as mentioned, played 11-year-old Emma in “Snow Drifts”, was coming back to the show.

          As a consequence, my new theory is that she might’ve been a social worker in the Massachusetts foster care system who handled Emma’s case (the flashback in “Snow Drifts” made it seem as if foster families had stopped wanting to take Emma because of her age – hence why she was in a group home, and hence why she looked so overwhelmingly sad and forlorn – so I don’t think she’s a former foster parent).

  26. Taddy says:

    To be honest I was bored. It had some moments. Robert Carlyle’s acting was brilliant, some of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice references were cute. Anna and Kristoff reuniting. Henry’s idea to work at Gold’s to help Operation Mongoose alo and the Henry and Regina conversation about Robin Hood.
    I didn’t care for the Hook story about his hand in present day at all. I don’t know what they’re doing with Emma this season, but she’s growing more and more unlikable in my eyes. Oddly enough “Killian” and her will deserve it each other if this continues, but I doubt that’s how the show wants me to see their story.
    I miss the focus on the original characters. I missed Snow and Regina in this episode a lot. Yes, they each had a scene or two, I know. But it’s not the same as it used to be and I miss the balance this show used to have and that central characters weren’t only used as comic relief or to prop up Frozen and the Emma and Hook relationship. I got nostalgic today. Because I miss the OUAT I feel in love with.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      THE ENTIRE EPISODE WAS ABOUT RUMPLE!!!!!!!! Both in Storybrooke & in flashbacks!!!!! What’s more “core” than that?!

      • TQ says:

        Poster said he/she misses the balance. Rumple was overdue for a centric episode, but doesn’t change that other core characters are pushed aside by the “Frozen” invasion of new characters and Captain Killy’s “romance” or only used to play support to one of the two in these first episodes of season 4.

        • ANNA says:

          The date was only a small part of the episode and certainly not the focus.

          • TQ says:

            Huh? Who said anything about the date?
            1. Hook’s entire motivation for everything he says and does on OUAT nowadays and in this episode too is Emma, Emma, Emma and going her after, as Rumple put it, a puppy dog.
            2. I wasn’t talking about this episode. More like the begining of this season as a whole, from premiere to this 4th ep.

        • ninergrl6 says:

          The original poster also wrote, “I miss the focus on the original characters.” I just don’t understand that complaint when this season has already had a David-centric episode & a Rumple-centric episode & Emma has been a main focus of the Frozen storylines & we’re only 4 episodes in! Apparently some people define “original” as ONLY Snow and Regina.

  27. Marco says:

    Damn! That was a good occasion for Hook to upgrade to a chainsaw! Anyway, this wasn’t that great of an episode.

  28. Jake says:

    Meh – since Rumple is back to his same old “I want to be all powerful” routine, why were we subject to the whole crying about Neal’s death last season? Rumple clearly hasn’t changed his ways even though they directly resulted in his losing of his supposed beloved son. I guess you could say they were crocodile tears..
    I blame the writers, it’s like they didn’t anticipate the showing going this long and hadn’t planned the story out this far, so they’re just regressing all the characters – Rumple. Regina and Hook.

  29. Lisa says:

    Well, this was boring.
    I loved Carlyle but everything else made me sleep.

    Wake me up if Regina will find her brain again and will stop mourning the loss of somebody she dated for 3 days.

  30. Lies says:

    Oh please hook is a pirate! And even in his dark days he still fell in love with Mila and he still took care of baelfire. He is a good man deep down, but he also has his dark side with him. It is normal that emma’s past (her not letting someone in) and hook his past (him turning dark because of what happend with his brother) will cause some problems for them. But he loves emma and i think that is the most important thing here, i just hope emma will see that too.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      Agreed! I watched some of the scenes a second time & all I kept thinking was, “Why are you letting Rumple play you like this? Just tell Emma what happened & move on.” But there’s no drama or conflict in that I suppose. Hook will always be a combination of good and bad (like almost every character on the show). I’m disappointed that he fell for Rumple’s manipulation. That, more than anything, felt out of character. He’s got this whole “I must be a good man for Emma” complex, but if he would just be honest with her (like with Zelena last year) it would get him out from under Gold’s thumb.

  31. Ashbash says:

    So if the snow queen was telling the truth last week that Anna was the one who put Elsa in the bottle I’m thinking maybe Anna did it to protect Elsa from Rumplestilkin using the fantasia hat on her. I’m pretty sure Rumpke would want revenge for being out-smarted by Anna. Also you’re telling me that all this time Elsa has been in storybrooke she never once thought to see if Kristoff was living there. Because if anyone would know where or what happened to Anna it would probably be her fiancé…unless of course Kristoff is already dead

  32. Stormy says:

    Totally chuffed that my prediction that Henry would be The Sorcerer”s Apprentice came true. Robert Carlyle outdid himself last night. He is superb. The rest was just so/so for me.

  33. ANNA says:

    GREAT EPISODE! I was not crazy about the frozen stuff but they’re really laying our some interesting and suspenseful plots. I loved all the core characters Hook Emma Regina and the Charmings, Rumple of course. I hope he and Hook can actually sort out their differences eventually even though they hate each other right now.

  34. Cheryl says:

    I think the author of the book will turn out to be future Henry, who realized he needed to write everything down and send it somehow back to present-day Henry so he could find his family. JMHO

  35. storys says:

    Personally, I find the issue with the show is that the stories/characters are not truly moving forward. At least not long term. In some ways, it looks as if the writers are afraid to see what would happen if they kept the changes. For myself, I was unhappy they brought Gold back after his sacrifice. It was a perfect end to his character. Since bringing him back from the dead, yes, Gold’s character has regressed. His redemption, as it were, was done through the Pan arc and then death. Bringing him back though, it’s like the writers wanted to restart his character or were afraid of what would happen without him. I think it would have been the perfect time to pull in a different character to fill the role of resident problem and keep Gold for flashbacks. Hook believing Gold seems out of character. I also find the whole in service to Gold thing ridiculous and too easy. Rather than addressing possible issues Hook has that do need time to get better, we’re just going to indebt him to Gold and create conflict that way. He’s Captain Hook for crying out loud. He should have enough of a checkered past to pull conflict from. I also find the issue between him and Gold overdone and boring at this point. They either need to bury the hatchet or put the hatchet into each other and be done with it. Personally, I like Hook and Emma together but I don’t like the way they’re being written this season. At least so far. Again, it’s like the writers have a relationship they didn’t really plan on, Hook’s character being more in the forefront, but not knowing what to do with it or him. Rather than keeping the same old stuff with Gold, they should be focusing on giving Hook a role besides Emma’s love interest. They can expand on his darker side by exploring his past and showing him facing those consequences. Also, while I like Emma and Hook together, having their relationship more in the background would be better for the show and for the other characters. And I too found Henry playing on the grandfather bit way out of character. Again, I think they have Henry, but don’t know what to do with him now. I think that’s the same with all the characters at this point.

  36. I found the episode rather bland and boring. One of the worst of the series thus far. I think what they are doing with Emma is criminal. The highlights for me were Regina & Henry, Snow White with a Polaroid and the walking broom.

  37. Guest says:

    Some of you commenters disgust me. This show is not freaking black and white. Hook is NOT a villain. Hook is ALSO not a good guy. This show has made it more than CLEAR that those lines blur all the time! Snow White who is suppose to be the purest of all killed reginas mother for Christ sake. Ruby ate her boyfriend and countless others before she gained control of her change. Rumple has done just as many good things (maybe haha) and he has done bad. Emma was and still is at times shady with her criminal background. Even in a previous season upon emma hearing about Regina and snows problems and their mothers problems say “I thought we were suppose to be the good guys” and Regina states back “it’s never that simple” or something along those lines. If you hate the show so much for not having the character be either a good guy or bad but never both like MOST regular people are than dont watch the show and stop writing annoying comments about it.

    • Good grief. This is the most sensible comment I’ve seen on here so far. *applause*

    • Nicole says:

      I don’t recall anyone stating that they hate the show. I think we all can agree that it has lost its spark from Season 1, but no one said that they hated it. There are quite a few people that don’t care for Hook. Which is their right to do so. Because not everyone likes him. I’m sure Colin is quite lovely, but as evidenced by my twitter feed yesterday, more than a few people don’t care for his character or the direction the show is taking him. Some are unhappy that we have gotten practically zero screen time for Regina, Henry, Snow, and Belle (who are ALL leads), but plenty of Hook. All of which are valid complaints. You can’t tell us to stop watching a show just because we have complaints. Do grow up. There is a thing called criticism. I’ve seen no one out of line in their comments.

      • murley says:

        Personally I like the show more now than in season 1. I like that they focus on longer stories and larger mythologies. I found season 1, while very enjoyable, rather uneven and pretty cheesy at times. There were a lot random episodes that told pointless one off stories of characters that didn’t really do anything after that. And I feel like I remember everyone complaining about THAT at the time. So anyway, we are all entitled to our own opinions but let’s refrain from saying that everybody shares them, whatever they are.

        • ninergrl6 says:

          I agree 100%! I’ve enjoyed seasons 3 and 4 (so far) MUCH more than I did seasons 1 and 2. Though not perfect, the recent seasons have had more consistent, connected, compelling storylines IMO.

    • storys says:

      Hmm…I don’t think it’s fair to say don’t watch it just because you have a complaint. I get that the show has a tug of war appeal with the good and bad but I also think, at some point, characters have to grow and in growth make progress. Maybe they go good, maybe they go bad, maybe they walk the middle, but if your show is only anti-heroes, and they continually stay in the tug of war, you start loose something. I think that’s a fair complaint…well, obviously since I’m making it, but that doesn’t mean I don’t find any enjoyment out of it either. People can still watch a show but wish for the writers to expand or push forward or take another direction. Now, granted, after a time this will lead to either letting go of the issue or not watching. For me, I don’t want every character with a good or evil sign. And I do like having a fun anti hero around to cause problems. However, does the same character need to wear the same hat? Does Gold always have to fill the role of the big anti hero or can he move forward and have someone else come in and take that hat. Which personally, I thought he found redemption in the Pan arc and should have remained dead. Does Regina always have to be the scheming witch or can someone else fall prey to it? etc. Also, I would argue that Snow’s killing of Cora was more necessity than murder and so the whole blackening of the heart was a bit overdone for me.Just my opinion.

  38. Alex says:

    The Frozen flashbacks are sooooooo boring, but i liked the rest of the episode. I know why they brought Frozen on the show, and I’ll tolerate it, but I tune out of those scenes

  39. Magnhild says:

    As usual many fun jokes/lines!
    Charming and Hook’s hands.
    Elsa making Kristoff sweat.
    And Anna asking Rumplestiltskin “is there something wrong with your skin??!” :-))))

  40. neaorlean says:

    A few episodes ago, when Rumple found the box in that empty mansion, I thought that it belonged to Elsa and Anna, but then everybody said it was Merlin’s, and so I guess I was wrong, but if Anna got the box to Arendelle, it makes sense that the mansion was theirs… It had the ball room, although a bit smaller than it was in Frozen. But what would Arendelle’s mansion be doing in the Enchanted Forest? Although it is a part of one world, right, or Anna wouldn’t be able to go there?
    Also, although I like the Frozen bits, I think the way they write Anna is a bit too literal and I think she should stop saying “I mean” all the time, it gets old. It’s cute for a cartoon character, but the TV Anna sounds a little retarded that way.
    I like the theory that Merlin wrote the book. We keep forgetting that somebody didn’t just “write” it, there’s a complicated spell in it too, one not many people could cast, and Merlin sounds like somebody that could cast it. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice parts are a bit too on the nose though, a bit of subtlety won’t hurt. That storyline is clearly connected to the Frozen one somehow, and I’m not sure if it being also connected to Regina’s won’t be a bit of a stretch, but I don’t see Rumple having two major storylines this season, and with Henry working for him now, it should be, that’s what I think.
    And one more thing – I think the Snow Queen thought for a second that Emma will recognize her when she saw her last time, or hoped she will. There was a sense of “I care deeply about you and I wish you felt the same” in that scene. Foster mother lacks imagination for me, but it could be.
    I wonder if Will’s storyline is connected to the Frozen one or the book one… He’s not there just because he’s cute and we all love him, but it can’t be a third one, can it?

  41. webly3 says:

    Wait is no one seriously talking about MICKEY MOUSE??? Mickey Mouse was pretty much introduced as that old guy with the Fantasia hat. He was turned into a mouse… so yeah.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      “….without it, he has now turned into a (Mickey?) mouse….”

    • neaorlean says:

      It’s a bit far fetched, but Henry should be Mickey Mouse. It seems like a decent way to give him something to do. The old man could be a Mickey and he did turn into a mouse, but it’s hard to believe Mickey Mouse was so… Unimportant. Being in the title and all, they can’t just kill him off the first time we see him in a story that should go on for a whole season.

  42. Fall says:

    Wow! Unbelievable episode.

  43. Katherine says:

    What I love so far about this season is that now that certain dynamic characters have found some kind of stabilization, they’re testing those limits and that stability – with both Regina, Gold, and Hook. It’s not like all of them are these “reformed villains” now. Whatever darkness they had before they still have in them. It’s like that Whedon quote about how you find out who characters are after those big moments, after they are pushed to confront who they are or what fate throws their way. THAT’s when they show who they are made of. Being a ‘reformed villain’ is one-dimensional and deceivingly simple. When characters change and have to face who they are and find a way to understand and know it but also know who they want to be — it all explores extra layers.

    I’m really glad they’re introducing this other side to Hook (as well as Gold and Regina), but in this particular episode he took on a trajectory that was more than the guy who comes along to win over Emma and help in quests (with Emma as a prime motivator). We know him as the Hook we were introduced to, as Hook in ‘Hook and Emma’, and know we’re (along with him) going to figure out who HE is now.

    I’m excited.

  44. Ophir says:

    But I thought ‘Once: Wonderland’ finale revealed that Alice was the one who wrote ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ book.

  45. MLPR says:

    What I don’t like about the show is that it’s totally subjective. Sometimes magic works, sometimes it doesn’t. The timeline is a mess. The continuity is a wreck. Hook’s hand is cursed, oh wait…now it isn’t. Regina kisses Henry and breaks a curse, Emma kisses Henry and breaks a curse, but Roland can’t kiss his mommy to thaw her out? I’m so confused. Usually, I can try to overlook it, but this thing with Hook’s hand really creases me.

  46. sararnoldi says:

    I like this Season.
    The most interesting plot to me is the Sourcerer/Apprentice’s one.
    Hope to see Merlin and King Arthur too (even through few flashbacks)!
    I didnt get if the old man who Rumple trapped in the hat is the Apprentice or the Sourcerer (=Sid)? or Rumple is the Sid himself or what..! And why he trapped him… Im a little confused.
    I like the Book’s Author’s plot too! But I think in the end nobody wrote and they are just writing it step by step by their actions.

  47. Yennah Umans says:

    am I the only one who is freaking worried about Hook? it was so great to see him turn good and become a stable couple- to -be with Emma, and now he’s back to square one… i don’t like this at all.

  48. Maureen says:

    I am a Captain Swan shipper. Do I think Hook is perfect -no! Will his,past bite him in the rear end-yes. Yes I think the writers are focussing a lot on that relationship because I feel it is a true and valid one.No,character on Once is perfect. They All struggle with good and evil and trying to find that balance. Does that mean they can’t be in love or,have someone love them. I am glad that the writers are pursuing a real foundational romance for Emma. Hook’s journey for goodness or redemption has been going on for awhile and whether people agree or disagree he has done many good and unselfish things for Emma, her family Storybrooke. I feel it is Emma’s time for a happy ending. That doesn’t mean their relationship will be perfect or won’t still have issues but her other love interests all had their skeletons. Was Neal really that much better. He lied to Emma and did many questionable things and never fought for her. Hook has always said he would do anything for love or revenge and he has stayed true to that. That is who Hook is- a pirate but he does have a motivation for why he does things. In the past his motivation was revenge- now it is love- so I think we need t cut the guy some slack and let him figure out how he can balance his good and bad side so Emma and he can be together- which I think the writers are bang on in pursuing. Emma could never settle for a white collar boyfriend. She needs challenge and someone to fight for and someone who doesn’t put up,with Emma issues- she needs Hook, IMO.

  49. Cheri says:

    My GUESS as to who wrote the book is future Henry, when he is an adult. After he writes it he sends it back to present-day Henry so the kid can use it to find his family and sort everything out.