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Chris Vance Delivers Transporter to TV: 'He's Good With Girls, Drives Well, Too'

Transporter Preview TNT

TNT delivers Transporter: The Series to American audiences this Saturday at 9/8c, via the international, small-screen adaptation starring Chris Vance (Prison Break) as the titular delivery man.

“He’s like the UPS guy — but he’s got an Audi,” Vance quips of his character, Frank Martin, who in three big screen outings was played by Jason Statham.

In the Transporter series, Frank is joined by two team members — ex-DGSE agent Caterina Boldieu (Italian actress/singer Violante Placido) and later computer whiz Jules Faroux (Hannibal‘s Mark Rendall) — as he is contracted to handle a diverse array of packages, from pop singers to priceless paintings.

“He’s paid to deliver a package from A to B,” Vance explains, “and of course the fun of it is all the obstacles in getting it from A to B.”Transporter Vance

Luckily, Frank is equipped to handle most any detour thrown in his path. “He’s your typical action hero — ex-SAS, trained in every kind of jujitsu, martial arts, guns…,” his portrayer notes. “He’s pretty good with the girls, too, and he drives a car pretty well.”

Providing a fun wrinkle is the fact that Frank isn’t always privy to what the VIP packages contain; in fact, he insists not to. “It’s all on trust,” Vance says, “and if anybody changes the deal, Frank gets a little bit unhappy about it — and that’s more fun.”

French actor François Berléand reprises his Transporter film role as Inspector Tarconi, with whom Frank is “constantly at loggerheads,” Vance says. “The dynamic between them is that Tarconi is always on the right side of the law, while Frank operates for the right reasons but sometimes on the wrong side of the law. It’s that conscious reminder.”Toronto, Ontario, CanadaTransporter the Series Ep 108 Sharks24533_008

Frank meanwhile enjoys a very different dynamic with femme fatale/double spy Juliette Dubois, played by French actress Delphine Chanéac, while subsequent seasons find him enjoying “an underlying bit of chemistry” with a colleague.

Vance notes that because of the TV format, this Transporter can explore a mythology that the feature films were not able to, shedding more light on why and how Frank does what he does.

“[The movies] had a period of time” in which to tell a story, he notes. “But we’re doing our best to lay the groundwork for [a mythology] so that we can bring a little bit more character depth to it, and a little more reasoning to it as a premise. We’re definitely trying.”

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  1. JWB says:

    I watched the pilot a few years back. It wasn’t very good. The show was very R rated. More adult than the movies. I’m surprised a basic cable network is going to air it.

    • ChicagoDan says:

      Thanks for tip. I looked it up – S1 started airing in Germany in 2012(!) Hmmm makes you wonder why no mention of that fact or asking the actors how the series is different now that when it started.

    • Vivian Eddy says:

      Go look at it again, there is nothing R-Rated in his series.

    • Chris Andrews says:

      You know I like how the internet is like pushing the issue to put more like TV on the internet you know where it sits running with being online I think that’s pretty cool you know really all that smart yet on the internet but I’ve been I’ve been really working at it since I’ve been play nice sweepstakes

  2. Matthew Weber says:

    Looking forward to it. Liked the first and third movies, and I suspect that if it is done correctly the TV version will be better because they can do more.

  3. The Kaibosh says:

    This is actually season 2. The first season aired in Canada last year on The Movie Network. Some of the sex and nudity seamed a little formulaic but overall it was entertaining. Season 2 started airing a couple of weeks ago and the first three episodes so far have been quite good. Hungarian actress/model Andrea Osvárt was in the first season and I liked her very much. She hasn’t returned which is a shame but Violante Placido has been very good too. For those who haven’t seen it: I say give it a shot. It’s good popcorn fare.

  4. We’ve had it in Canada for over a year. First season was crap and non-sensical. Maybe they’ve changed up Season 2 a bit, but I haven’t been interested enough to watch.

  5. Fido says:

    I loved the first two movies and wanted to love the series but it (along with the Donald Sutherland series) are series I can’t get into because they are filled with actors for whom English appears to be a second (or fourth) language so I find it hard to buy into them as characters as it sounds like they are uncomfortable speaking the lines.

  6. Fall says:

    Don’t waste your time. Awful!

  7. jb1111 says:

    This is why they should NEVER, EVER make a Series of a Good Film.

  8. I am thoroughly enjoying The Transporter. Chris Vance is one fine actor. I just read all about Chris and the history of this program. Glad to see it on the air, and so far have not seen anything that would make it R Rated in the 4 episodes I have seen.

  9. will says:

    im a big fan of the movies with Statham and because of that im digging the series. vance does a decent job but hes no jason statham

  10. Charles says:

    This show is incredible, it’s different and has a sense to it that I have not felt in a show, in a very long time…it is one of my favorite shows right now….the characters are perfect in every way and very likable….

  11. Bruce C says:

    In episode 10 “The Switch” what techno/rap song is being played in the art gallery scene? I tried to get Soundhound to check it but there is too many people talking over it… Thanks :)

  12. Laurie Richards says:

    Fantastic show, very different premise, but makes sense for those w a lot of money and a need for security. Chris Vance is perfect for the role and believably fights his conscience to give the no-nonsense character, heart, in some very watchable story lines; I’m addicted!

  13. Vivian Eddy says:

    Waiting for this Hunk to start his Series again.

  14. J.R.Tattis says:

    The Series is very good. Better than the Movies.

  15. Carole says:

    Chris Vance is awesome in this roll…better than Statham! He could easily be the next 007.

  16. George says:

    This show is great. A James Bond kind of hero. Great scenery of various places, beautiful
    women and action – what more could one ask for. Chris Vance is great .