Scandal Recap: Eiffel Tower of Terror

Scandal Recap

That, folks, was Season 2 Scandal levels of scandalaciousness.

I said here last week that the show seemed to be building momentum, to be about “something” as it is during its most entertaining, can’t-look-away times. And this week’s episode, which featured a provocative First Family drama, reignited the “Olitz” spark, gave us a Full Throttle Olivia Pope and, for good measure, dropped a humdinger of a final twist, was operating at high velocity.

FIRST (OR WORST?) DAUGHTER | One of the show’s most torrid scandals ever revolved around First Daughter Karen, who slipped her Secret Service detail to scamper off to a house party 500 miles away from school, where she drank, toked, shot up “something wonderful” and enagaged in a sex act with not one but two strangers — caught on video, natch. Huck does some damage control by (somehow) powering down all the cell phones at the party (OK….), so that Karen can be spirited away unseen. Then, after Karen narrows the field of possible “costars” to one (during a musical montage I felt was just this side of being “flip”), Quinn finds and monologues the boy, Bobby, into submission, ’til he coughs up his tag-team partner Tripp’s name.

Olivia meets with Tripp Morgan’s parents, who are eager to nip this scandal in the bud — in trade for $2.5 million. After all, they reckon, a sex tape starring the First Daughter has to be worth “a lot.” Apprised by Olivia of the shake-down, Fitz scoffs, before throwing himself a pity party. “I’m a failure as father, we can agree I’m a failure as a husband….” But how about as a man? Fitz pulls Olivia in close, beseeching her to “never leave me like that again,” as she did for two months, “alone.” “I almost died without you,” he says, alluding to the suicide attempt hinted at a few weeks ago. “Didn’t you miss me? Even a little?” he asks. “Oh, I did,” Liv admits, but before things get too hot/round third base, Olivia steps away, to confess: “I didn’t go away alone,” that it was Jake at her side. “So,…” Fitz laments. “I’m failing as a father, a husband and as a man.”

Unless, maybe, he can effectively eliminate the competition? More on that in a bit.

Liv goes back to the Morgans to accept their price, only to get pumped for another half-mil, lest the world see Karen for the “dirty little slut” she is. Big mistake, folks. Huge. Olivia launches into an oration of epic proportions, chastising them for preying on the Grants, who already have lost a son. Then she digs her Louboutins into the mud and details her plan to destroy the Morgans in the press, painting them as child pornographers who sent their son to have sex with the First Daughter. That seems to dial down their upcharge.

EVERYTHING’S JAKE | Fitz’s family-related drama doesn’t end there, however. In post morteming the security lapse that allowed Karen to frolic her brains out, it is discovered that Secret Service agent Tom has a time card discrepancy, one placing him two days before the election at Fort Detrick — on video, apparently stealing a strain of bacterial meningitis. The Inspector General kicks off the interrogation of Tom, only to get replaced by Rowan — at Fitz’s doing. And though Tom just moments ago had allied with Jake to throw Rowan under the bus for Jerry Jr.’s murder, when pressed (and pressed) by Rowan, the person whose orders he says he was following is… Jake. Jake Ballard. Fitz then gives Cyrus a nod, and next we see Jake outside the Oval Office — where he tried but failed to confront Fitz with evidence of Rowan’s scheme — be surrounded by Secret Service agents and led away… to where?

And why did Tom implicate Jake, of all people? What/whose script was he following? UPDATE: OK, it hit me — when POTUS failed to respond to Tom’s beckoning, Tom figured Jake didn’t get to him with the evidence/was lying about doing his part, so Tom felt betrayed/fingered Jake. UPDATE: Get fresh scoop from “Tom” himself!

A few other key scenes not to be overlooked:

* Having barely dodged a car bomb in the cold open, Jake asks David to release the B613 files should anything happen to him. When David declines to lob that wrecking ball at decades of democracy, Jake pins down the AG and threatens to snap his neck.

* Fitz had tried to keep Mellie out of the loop regarding Karen, but the truth comes out after the First Lady spies Olivia in the White House. After Mellie contends that it is her job to clean up after her kids, not Olivia Pope’s, Fitz effectively counters with the argument that ever since Jerry died, she has “mothered no one.” That he may have put up with “drunk Mellie, smelly Mellie, ‘Screw everything to hell’ Mellie and ‘Eat everything that’s not nailed down’ Mellie,” but he’s not about to be lectured by the likes of her now. Mellie attempts to have the last word, snarking about the sexy tape sitch, “She takes after her daddy then, doesn’t she?” but in my opinion, Fitz won that fight.

* Later, Mellie has a brief heart-to-heart with Karen (during which I felt the recast didn’t best serve the storyline; Mary Mouser reads just too young and not in a good way). The moral, as sexist as it is, Mellie laments, is that Karen’s “knees have to stay together.” The scene closes with a too-brief moment where Karen asks, “Mom, are you OK?” — hinting at her awareness of Mellie’s downward spiral, but beyond Bellamy Young’s moved reaction, I would have liked to see that conversation continue.

What did you think of this week’s episode? How will Jake get himself out of this one, since the agents took his packet of evidence? Is he the victim of a Presidential Frame Job?



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  1. Tran says:

    There’s a reason why I couldn’t stand Jake Ballard.

    • ... says:

      You fetishize a toxic, emotionally abusive relationship because of “chemistry”?

      • Tran says:

        What’s with you and your whining? Look I don’t patronize this whole Olivia/Fitz/Jake love triangle thing but I don’t blame Kerry Washington’s character now that she’s still caught between a rock and a hard place between these two men. It’s always a political style soap opera. Try not to get mad or patronize me.

      • RReg says:

        Which relationship is better? An emotionally abusive relationship or an emotionally and physically abusive relationship?

        • Kay says:

          @RReg So many people worried about Olivia’s emotions and none of them worried about her neck in Jake’s hand. All cheering when Jake talks to her like dirt but booing when Fitz complains about her leaving with another man the week his son died. smh.

    • RReg says:

      Yes – he’s an idiot.

    • Carm says:

      So it does not matter that Fitz’s jealousy of Jake will allow Roland to get away with the murder of his son.

      • Cheyenne says:

        His name is Rowan, and we don’t know that yet.

      • RReg says:

        This is another hole in Shonda’s writing. I swear the writers don’t remember what they write from episode to episode. Prior to tonight’s episode – Mama Pope was the one who killed the president’s son. That is what Rowan told everyone. That is what Rowan told Fitz. Now suddenly it is Tom and Jake who did it? Gimme a break – this lack of consistency is so darn stupid. Doesn’t Fitz recall what Rowan told him just a few months ago?

        • Cheyenne says:

          Did you not watch the last episode last season? Tom killed the president’s son on Rowan’s orders. Hulu it if you don’t have it on DVD.

          • RReg says:

            Either I have not written it clearly enough or you have not understood what I wrote. Tom killed the boy on Rowan’s order. Rowan last season told Fitz that his son was killed by Mama Pope. Rowan told Liv that her mother killed the president’s son. That is the reason why Rowan was back running B613. He was placed back in charge because he promised Fitz that he would take care of Mama Pope.

          • Cheyenne says:

            Oh come on, Rreg, what did you expect Rowan to tell Fitz? “I killed your son”? Of course he told Fitz Mama Pope did it. He told Olivia Mama Pope did it so she would hate Mama Pope instead of him. Meanwhile we saw him Tom killing him on Rowan’s orders. You’re searching for holes where there are none.

          • Alosjs says:

            He is right, there is a hole. We all know Rowan killed the president’s son. But the hole is that the President was told that it was Mama Pope, and that he dealt with her. The hole in the writing is, why is the president not confused that he was told that it was Mama Pope and all of the sudden is Jake Ballard using one of his secret agents? All I can think of is that Rowan has to explain in the next episode to the president that they thought it was Mama Pope because she confessed but it was a lie just to piss them off or they thought it was her ’cause it was close to her bomb attack. But yes, the president already thought the killer was Mama Pope, Olivia thinks it was her mother, and suddenly out of nowhere they are gonna think it was Jake? What happened to the investigation saying it was Mama Pope? Why that was a lie? Sure, Rowan can say it was a mistake. But what is Rowan going to say when asked why Jake did it? And didn’t Jake have a file with evidence that it was Rowan? The secret agents took the file, they can give it to Fitz or the investigators, and they can see there that it actually was Rowan. So yeah, everyone forgetting they were told it was Mama Pope who killed the president’s son, and that file there with evidence blaming Rowan while they are thinking it was now Jake, has some holes to be filled. Rowan would have to say they thought it was her doing ’cause she’s a terrorist and made a mistake, and that Jake did it for X reason and that the files are manufactured by him to blame Rowan. Need to see the next episode to find out.

          • Alichat says:

            I would say RReg that you did not write it clearly. Fitz knows how his son was killed….meaning the meningitis….and Rowan told him that Mama Pope did it, which is why she was killed by Rowan on Fitz’s orders. But knowing that Fort Detrick houses those strains, and that someone had to get it into his son, that’s the lightbulb moment in the Oval Office that Fitz has upon hearing that Tom was at Fort Detrick. Thus Rowan uses this moment to have Tom frame Jake. I’m assuming that Rowan knows Olivia told Fitz she was with Jake….Oval Office bugged, Tom reporting to him, etc…..and used Fitz’s anger to get rid of Jake. Or he just assumed that Fitz is still pretty jealous of Jake and his relationship with Olivia. Fitz will probably assume, as Rowan wants him to, that Jake killed his son, then framed Mama Pope. Now….I’m thinking that the hole in the writing you are seeing is why wouldn’t they have caught Tom’s detour when they were originally investigating what had happened……or during the investigation of the missing vial of meningitis?

          • anna says:

            cheyenne I think you are still misunderstanding what rreg is saying. of course rreg is not implying that rowan would tell fitz he was the one that killed his son, but if fitz already knew who the killer was (even if it was not true that it was olivia’s mom) why would he still be looking for the killer and why would he believe that it was jake? and again, why would rowan conduct the q&a if he already knew and was the one who told everyone that olivia’s mom did it (again, and just so you understand, even if it was a lie).

          • Michele says:

            Perhaps this “hole” in the writing you all keep going about is going somewhere….Ever think perhaps after Fitz gets past his jealousy and desire to eliminate Jake he will have a moment of clarity when he realizes this? Or….since Olivia was told the same story perhaps she will get him to see it. And…Mama Pope is still alive…In a hole…

        • Raquel says:

          Good good good point! I hope somehow that comes up.

        • Lovely says:

          The hole for me is why would Tom kill the president’s son in the first place. I get that he was B613 but Rowan wasn’t even in charge when he ordered Tom to do this. Jake was the head of B613 at the time. Tom always seemed very loyal to Fitz, why would he kill the president’s son on an order from someone who is NOT the head of B613?

          • Cheyenne says:

            Fitz replaced Jake with Rowan in the next-to-last episode. Rowan was in charge in the last episode.

          • RReg says:

            Perhaps Rowan never really left B613. Perhaps he still had his tentacles in the agency and having been the head of it for such a long time he probably knew the weak points. But you are correct, Rowan should not have been able to get Tom to do it since Jake was still technically the head.
            You will have to put that down to another of Shonda’s holes. Scandal is like a swiss cheese with all these holes.

          • Lovely says:

            Ok, you missed my point. At the.time when Rowan ordered Tom to kill Fitz’ son Rowan was not in.charge. That did not happen until after Rowan told Fitz it was Mama Pope who did it and he said he would bring her to justice… in exchange Fitz gave him his old job back. But at the time when Rowan had Tom do.this, Rowan was not head of B613. Tom kill Fitz’ son for his fired ex boss just seems odd and it was never explained why he agreed to do this. Was it for money, a new position, was he angry at Fitz for something? I like to understand people’s motivations for.things and Tom always seemed very loyal to Fitz…. to have him do something like this without any explanation doesn’t sit well.with me.

          • Lovely says:

            @RReg thank you. You and I should be writers.

          • kpmom says:

            Jake was not the head of B613 when Jerry died. It was shut down remember? Tom was working on loyalty to his former boss Rowan, who used Jerry’s death to convince the President to re-open B613 and put him back in charge so he could deal with Jerry’s killer.

        • kpmom says:

          There is no hole in the writing. Fitz thinks Mama Pope killed his son and Rowan dealt with her outside of the law, while the public still thinks Jerry’s death was a natural death. Fitz is now working with Rowan to frame Jake for the murder. They will go public with the “evidence” that Jerry didn’t die naturally, he was murdered and they’ll say it was by Jake so Jake goes to jail and is out of Fitz’s way with Olivia. He has no idea that he’s in cahoots with the actual person that killed his son but Olivia is going to make it her mission to exonerate Jake, so eventually she will find out that it was Rowan.

        • Anita Brown says:

          You need to watch last season episodes. It was Olivia’s dad who ordered the hit on the president’s son. He said the presiident took my child and I took his. Only reason Tom said that is because Olivia’s dad subtlety threatened him.

        • Anna says:

          @ RReg: You’re a smart person. Not exactly a hole but KUDOS to you for spotting out what will be an important clue in the upcoming episodes.

          – S3: Rowan told Fitz that Mama Pope (and Adnan) was behind the First son’s death

          – S4: Tom is seen stealing meningitis vials.

          – S4: Tom’s accusing he did everything on Jake’s orders.

          Logical questions from that:

          – Were Mama Pope and Tom working together?
          – How does Jake fits in all of this?
          – How could Mama Pope who was locked up in a facility, under a false name, for years by Rowan, could have gotten to and convinced Tom to do her bidding? Next question: who vetted Tom, long ago, to be on the President’s close security team?
          – Not once in S3, was Mama Pope under Jake’s custody when he was Command. Yet, he decided to let her free just to know for sure what was her plan. One might point out that he did so because he was working with her. And this could be how Rowan would fit Tom in all of it: Jake was working with Mama Pope because they both didn’t want Liv with Fitz, then Jake as Command ordered Tom to kill the son.

          I may be irked by Liv’s clarity of mind every time Fitz’s involved in something but I do hope she’ll see the inconsistency you spotted RReg.

      • BJ says:

        Fitz is supposed to figure out it was rowan. I read that a while back.

      • Asta says:

        Olivia is a selfish bitch. She should have let Jake go, now she got him killed.

        • jJenner 1287 says:

          Lighten up Jake is not going anywhere Shonda loves him. After this week when Olivia fights everyone including fitzs for him he will be her boyfriend. Such a shame they had use fitzs again he is always the fall guy! Has anyone really stopped to think about what has happened to fitzs over the past 3+ seasons he has got to be the most badly written character he gets blamed for everything even the things he does not know about!! I think TG is a great actor even sells poorly written scripts.

          • RReg says:

            I have no interest in seeing Jake and Olivia together. If this were to happen I will have to drop Scandal just as I have dropped other shows.
            I agree with you that TG is a brilliant actor to make something out of those inane scripts he must be given. It would be interesting if he does what that actress from Grey’s did years ago and walk away because of the poor writing.

          • jJenner 1287 says:

            Message about jake wasn’t to you RRegs it was to those who can’t see beyond a pretty face!!

        • chelly says:

          whoa. relax. are you projecting? You sound a little irrational. it’s fiction. all of it.

    • Really the one that’s messed up is Fitz. He’s so black & white that he’s not willing to look at all the possibilities. He’s also making all the wrong choices and following all the wrong people. It’s what happens when you completely let your emotions take over. I love Fitz as much as the next girl, the thought of a man being that obsessed with me would be fun. For about a week, then ugh. But with each and ever episode I see more flaws.

      • Kay says:

        @DLjea, It may be that Fitz has lost his objectivity because of his dead SON? Not Olivia? After all, next week he’s not even speaking to her.

    • Kit says:

      This episode wasn’t ‘scandalaciousness’ it was date rape ands statutory rape. This child is 14. She was UNCONSCIOUS when Olivia found her. She couldn’t even identify the 2 college aged men involved, yet this has been marketed as ‘naughty’ behaviour, the scrip blames the parents and not the boys and Mellie treated it as sexual experimentation. Karen was RAPED. This was similar to what happened in Steubenvile, and given the way people handled this episode it’s clear why rape remains such a huge global problem.

  2. ... says:

    As much as I like Scott Foley, I’d be okay with Jake leaving, if only so he can go to a show that values him more and Scandal can move past the irritating B613 mumbo jumbo that nearly destroyed it. Ideally, Rowan would be next out the door, but I know that’s a pipe dream at best.

    • herman1959 says:

      Ditto, and if I may take a moment to be shallow: Dang, Scott Foley was wearing the clothes in this episode! Evidently, the clothes budget for Jake has been stepped up…too bad, since his days are numbered on the show.

    • Margaret Conley says:

      No no Jake needs to stay , Jake really did not kill the presidents son. Olivia’s father ordered the hit. .

    • Netty says:

      Fitz is just off this season. No sex appeal whatsoever, something’s def off. As much as I love Olitz, their scene in the Oval did nothing for me. I really miss Season 1 and 2 before this triangle. I can tell that Jake is getting under Liv’s skin and she cannot shake him. She really seems split between the two, which was never the case in previous seasons. Now this whole trying to exonerate Jake storyline for Liv coming up might just push Olitz further apart.

      • Ola says:

        ‘ Now this whole trying to exonerate Jake storyline for Liv coming up might just push Olitz further apart’ THAT IS THE WRITERS PLAN. The sudden twist to Jerry’ murder is to bring Olivia and Jake closer and make them a couple. Season 4 is about Olivia falling in love with Jake.

  3. Kay says:

    A whole sex tape episode and nobody mentioned Jake and Olivia’s sex tape?

    • Erica says:

      Mellie mentioned it, when she said like father, like daughter.

      • RReg says:

        How would mellie know there is a sex tape of jake and Liv? Is there a sex tape of Fitz and Liv? That would be the only way Mellie’s comment would make sense.

        • Phee says:

          Mellie was talking about the sex tape(recorded on the campaign trail) that Billy Chambers was trying to frame Fitz & Amanda Tanner with.

          • RReg says:

            Mellie, didn’t know of that one either. The recording of that incident was sent to Cyrus. Cyrus took it to Fitz and Fitz took it to Liv.

          • Ann says:

            Mellie does know about the vocal sex tape of Fitz and Olivia. She told the media it was her and Fitz. She was outraged over the invasion to her privacy. It was one of those Mellie saves the day moments that I love.

    • CK says:

      Mellie did. It was her final jab after her conversation with Fitz. It was something along the lines of “a sex tape? I guess she takes after her father”, but with more S2 Mellie Goodness that can’t possibly be conveyed in a comment.

    • chelly says:

      why would they?

  4. Kaylee says:

    I adore Jake Ballard. I hope he lives.

    • Raquel says:

      Me too:(

    • Kaysinger says:

      Same here.

      • Sharie says:

        Love him! He was pretty bad ass with the car bomb scene…

        • jJenner 1287 says:

          Even i saw and expected the car bomb. What would you expect threatening someone like Rowan to his face – nothing smart about that especially with Jake’s background! Anyway Jake do not even have good morals he has betrayed everyone in his life including olivia when he continued to watched her even after he fell for her. What are they gping to tell their children when they ask how mummy and daddy met – ” how i was spying on mummy in her bedroom for my friend and her father – ” !! I can’t get past that alone and that was at the beginning of their relationship no matter how pretty you think he is!

    • Netty says:

      Me to, he makes Scandal a bit more intriguing and fun, I really enjoy the love triangle, I love both Fitz. I hope Jake gets out of this alive

    • Asta says:

      I actually was bored with tv and watched the premier of scandal this year which i’d never seen. yikes. jake half-dressed. i binge watched the first three episodes on netflix and now am hooked. i hate to say it, but if he leave the show loses me. but i did say that about josh charles on the good wife! i’m just so sick of all the soulful glances with fitz and liv like starstruck lovers. they have no idea how they’d be without her running his life.

  5. Cheyenne says:

    Rowan’s cleaning house. They have Tom on video stealing that bioweapon that killed Fitz’s son so he’s a liability and he’s gotta go. I think whatever was in that file Jake handed to the SS will help get him out of this.
    “Smelly Mellie” cracked me the hell up. And Olivia’s “Bitch, you’d better get your hands off me” look was epic.

  6. Jake says:

    Matt – Rowan was on Tom about killing Jake. I think Tom figured out that if he fingered Jake as the one who ordered the hit, that would be good enough for Rowan, because Fitz will obviously have the murderer of his son killed. So he was probably following Rowan’s script and/or improvising his way out of Rowan’s earlier threat against him if Jake wasn’t taken care of.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Silly boy, then — as Jake noted, Rowan’s out to “tie up” any loose ends.

      • lisa says:

        Also, Rowan seems to slip Tom a capsule or something. Most likely to kill himself before he gets tortured. Just a guess tho

        • RReg says:

          I saw no capsule. And Tom is an idiot; Jake is an idiot. Both of them had opportunities to tell the truth and none of them took the opportunities.
          Gawwwwwwwd help me – when will there be an end to this B613 hell!

          • Lovely says:

            Jake especially. He confronts Rowan directly… Why??? Anytime a character does that they end up screwed. Just like Ned Stark on GOT… went directly to Cersi and said “I know you’re screwing your brother and your kids belong to him”. Next scene he’s getting beheaded… Didn’t Jake watch GOT??? SMH…

          • Netty says:

            I Agree Tom and Jake are both idiots! Why the hell did Jake think it would be a good idea to confront and threaten Rowan, of all people! There’s never been a more vile, more cruel individual than Rowan in the history of non-supernatural tv shows IMO. Jake should have known he could never win this. If Jake dies for this and later they find out it was Rowan, Liv and Fitz may never recover from this.

        • MiaB says:

          I was thinking maybe there was a key in Rowan’s hand that he slipped to Tom. We’ll see soon!

      • Lovely says:

        Right. Either way Tom is going down. He killed the president’s son. So why not say “you” when Rowan asked who gave the order. Jake backs up Tom’s story. Fitz is forced to listen.

  7. David4 says:

    I doubt Jake dies, but by far the best episode of the year, I loved it for the most part.

    Eiffel Tower is a real… act. Interesting.

    • RReg says:

      I hope Jake dies. That weepy glazed look has to go.

      • Netty says:

        I doubt that Jake will die, this will probably be season’s big storyline for the better half of the season. I was asking myself in the first couple of episodes why Jake would even care why and how Harrison died, if anyone, OPA was the one to do all those investigations, seeing as Harrison was clearly murdered, OPA just had a funeral for him and left it at that. Now it all makes sense, writers wanted this big storyline which involved the love triangle. Obviously Jake and Liv’s sexcapades were getting old so we have this to look forward to.

  8. Cheyenne says:

    I’m really liking Quinn this season. She’s gone totally badass. I hope she gets into it with Abby and punches Abby’s lights out. Abby is a bitch. I can’t stand her any more.

    • RReg says:

      “Gabby” is cool. I like me some “Gabby”

      • Cheyenne says:

        You can have her. I loved how Cyrus shot her down. She thinks she’s hot sh*t trying to push Huck and Quinn around but she’s no Olivia Pope.

        • MiaB says:

          Cheyenne, that was awesome! He called her straight out on being jealous of Olivia. I’m just scared eventually they’re going to go down the road of Abby and Fitz having an affair. I just feel it coming, ugh!

          • herman1959 says:

            Nooo. At some point (hopefully soon), Abby will quit the White House, make-up with Liv, and return to OPA – really that WH gig is just not her.

          • Cheyenne says:

            I sincerely hope that Abby gets fired from her job in the White House, goes crawling back to OPA, and Olivia tells her to take a running f*** out the door.

    • cogilviesmith says:

      Are you kidding me? Are you forgetting that Abby is a survivor of intimate partner violence? Abby may be a bitch, but wishing she’d get beaten again is appalling.

  9. Lovely says:

    Why is it that none of the gladiators are looking for Harrison’s killer? It would seem like that would be the first thing everyone does is team up to find out who killed their friend WTF??? Its an investigating firm and they don’t bother to investigate who killed their friend? Why was Jake the only one who bothered to figure it out? You would think Liv, Huck or Quinn would do some digging on this?

    • Alichat says:

      They are under the assumption that Mama Pope killed them. Adnan was working with her, and Harrison and Adnan’s bodies were found together.

      • Lovely says:

        I think I remember Liv asking Rowan if he had anything to do with Harrison’s death…. so that means there is some doubt in her mind. And how many cases have they investigated where things aren’t always what they seem? Harrison being Liv’s best friend and he being a gladiator and all…. it seems like they would take at least one frakkin’ day to investigate his murder.

        • RReg says:

          I suspect this out of character non investigation, is to give Jake something to do. If Liv had asked Papa Pope if he had anything to do with Harrison’s death and he said no, the next logical thought she should have had was “then who did?” This docile acceptance of events is extremely out of character. Put this down to another hole. By the time we are done, Scandal will be just holes and no cheese…

          • Lovely says:

            Exactly. That would have been the next logical question. Assumptions don’t cut it and as intelligent as Olivia is, her just assuming in the fast of Harrison’s death and not doing any digging on her own is totally out of character. Even Huck or Quinn, or Abby (she and Harrison were close) would say wait a minute…. and do some. digging.

  10. fatu says:

    Olivia and Fitz made a sex tape season 1. Remember during the campaign trail they put a recorder in Fitz hotel room. When the media got a hold of it Mellie said it was her and Fitz having sex, like father like daughter..

  11. Ram510 says:

    Isnit just me or did that heart to heart between Mellie and Karen seem like it was cut short?

  12. Coal says:

    This Fitz some of you seem to fawning over is a real immature, pathetic, possessive, self absorbed moron and before some smart alec tells me Jake is not better, I don’t care for him either.

    • Lovely says:

      Coal, I happen to agree with you. What was that “Am I a failure as a man” crap? Yes you’re a crappy husband, father, boyfriend and a so-so president between your alcohol binges and suicide attempts. If I were Liv I would have dumped Fitz a long time ago. What’s love got to do with it at this point.

      • RReg says:

        I honestly believe more and more people are beginning to care less and less about the Olivia Fitz romance. This is as a result of the on again off again nature of this story telling. The watershed moment, was when Fitz “earned her” yet they broke up. After that scene, there was never any where left to take this relationship. That scene should have been left for the grand finale before they rode off to Vermont and jam. Shonda trotting out a sex scene once per season (a la Vermont) is having less and less an impact and becoming more and more cheesy.
        At this stage, let them remain apart for the rest of the series without any romantic interaction. Another make up break up, would truly be the death knell…

      • cogilviesmith says:

        Exactly! He is simultaneously sanctimonious and pathetic, violent, obsessive, aggressive and manipulative. My eyes were rolling so far back in my head during his am I a failure didn’t you miss me diatribe I couldn’t see. And as for Liv deep breathing and being ‘tempted’ to fall back into his controlling arms? Spare me. They don’t have chemistry anymore, they have tension more in the vein of dread.

      • Kay says:

        I no longer believe Olivia loves Fitz. You don’t leave someone you love at a time like that, fly off into the sun and enjoy your break that much. I think she’s infatuated with him, very attracted to him and accustomed to being adored by him. He is overly dependent on her and needs to move on. They both do. However she really shouldn’t do it with Jake because Jake’s hospitalised her before, and he will do it again. Surely there are other men in DC.

    • anna says:

      agree about fitz. he’s an ahole. I hated what he said to mellie. people grieve differently, who does he think he is to critique her for mourning the way she is. she is not badgering him for the way he is grieving, I’m sure many wives would resent the husband who doesn’t grieve as much (i don’t agree with it but I’m sure it happens), and mellie has never said anything to him. just shows how classless the character of fitz is.

      • Lily says:

        The whole Olivia and Fitz conversation involving her leaving without any notice was cringe worthy. Mellie and Fitz both suck at being parents but Fitz pining for Olivia even after all of these when Mellie is heartbroken over loos of her first-born is pretty pathetic to me at least.

        • herman1959 says:

          Yes, something was off with that scene; they went from 0 to 60 mph in 5 seconds.

          • RReg says:

            It is one of those things that I mentioned that Shonda trots out once per season to keep OLITZ fans hoping. Do the same number of OLITZ fans really care about this any more with the same degree of hope? I’m a firm OLITZ fan and I have to say I don’t.

          • kit says:

            I suspect the scene was just written to create a clip for the pomro. Neither of their actions made any sense.

      • Kay says:

        Did you hate it equally in episode 1 when Mellie called him weak for trying to kill himself over the death of their child? THIS SAME CHILD? Because that DID happen? Honestly do some people watch this show with their eyes closed? Mellie implied she was better than him when she KNOWS has tried to kill herself in the past. She should know better that to mock that kind of despair, but she DID, and he just took it, and didn’t strike back. But NOW you’re mad? Okay.

    • Kay says:

      Do you care for anyone on the show? Because NONE of them are any better, except perhaps Abby, and if you’re watching just for her it must be quite dull for you.

  13. RReg says:

    Thanks for making clearer what I was trying to say.
    It makes no sense for Fitz to have a complete memory wipe of what Rowan told him earlier. I really wish Shonda would get her act together.
    Were those secret service men who took the envelope from Jake or were they B613 men?

  14. RReg says:

    This whole Jake killed president son is stupid. I might not like Jake, but there is no consistency to the plot by writing this and by having Fitz fly off the handle believing Jake did it. Gosh darn it, we already had Rowan telling Fitz last season that Mama Pope did it and he took care of her.

    • Lovely says:

      First off, Mama Pope is not dead. She’s still in that hole.

      One of the reasons Fitz believed this is because he was already jealous that Liv flew off with Jake for two months. So Rowan’s manipulation, along with his feelings for Liv, are clouding his judgement? I guess? Who knows… I’m sleepy…. good night .

    • ronnie says:

      Has everyone forgotten that this story line has just begun and we don’t have all the answers just yet? We know that Jake has not been interrogated yet and we also know that Fitz was told by Rowan that it was Mama Pope behind the death of his son. If that fact is ignored, then you can complain about plot holes. Next week’s episode should tie up some things, but the season is just starting. Also, best moments of the night, Fitz and Mellie’s argument and Olivia’s dressing down of the bribing parents.

      • RReg says:

        If as you claim Fitz was told by Rowan that Mama Pope was the one that killed his son. How is it then that being told Jake was the one who killed his son could make any sense and gain any traction? At a minimum, the following should have immediately occurred to Fitz:
        1. How is it that Rowan told me Mrs. Pope was the one who did it?
        2. Where did Rowan get the information to tell me Mrs. Pope did it?
        3. Something is not right here, I need to investigate and speak to the parties myself
        4. What was it that Tom wanted to tell me?
        5. Why did he (Fitz) not go into the room and face the murder of his son to look him in the eye and ask him, why he did it?
        6. To look Tom in the eye and ask him why would have been the first thing that should have been the normal reaction, I would think.

        • klynn1075 says:

          I agree with you and the reason is the Fitz Liv relationship. I am tired of it. Let it rest already. When Fitz heard where Tom was, that set off questions but instead of Fitz thinking Rowan was a liar, he was more than happy to believe that Jake did it. Why, because he is jealous. Hopefully, I am wrong and next week’s episode plays differently then I am expecting it to. But how much longer can Rowan keep getting away with all the bad crap he does. It is getting frustrating to watch.

          • RReg says:

            I read somewhere that Ms. Rhimes loves spy stories, hence the reason why we have this B613 bore.
            I am a staunch OLITZ fan and even I am getting tired of it as well. The reason that is at heart of this nonchalance, is that lack of genuineness that is evidenced by the continual make up break up. Why should anyone care about this? And her ploy of trotting out a scene between the two of them to whet my appetite, no longer has the effect it once did.

      • Cheyenne says:

        When those horrible parents tried to shake Fitz down, it would have been perfect if Olivia had called up Huck and told him “Bring your toolbox and get over here!”

    • herman1959 says:

      Exactly. I was going to tell you to let the Tom/Mama/Papa Pope thing go and focus on the bigger question: Why in the world would Jake kill Fitz’s son? Despite the fact that he is in competition with him for Liv, Jake has ALWAYS sacrificed himself to serve and protect the POTUS. I think there is a larger plan – stay tuned.

      • RReg says:

        I would like to believe there is a larger plan, but I do not see this being the case. There have been too many times when the writers have forgotten what they have written the previous episodes. Until I see otherwise, I will have continue to believe that this is another occasion when they have forgotten what they have written. I am not going to give them the benefit of the doubt. They’ll have to prove me wrong.

      • kay says:

        ‘Jake has ALWAYS sacrificed himself to serve and protect the POTUS.’ When?
        Have you watched the whole show?
        Jake’s initial appearance was him pretending to work for Fitz while double crossing Fitz for Rowan, sleeping with the women Fitz loved to get between them and taping it. After Fitz confessed to an affair he didn’t have to get Jake out of the whole and placed agents on Jake to protect him, Jake came around complaining that Fitz wouldn’t let him kill Olivia’s father.
        Then Fitz gave Jake the job of head of B613 after which Jake started sleeping with Olivia behind Fitz’s back while knowing she was seeing Fitz and then left town with her.
        Jake has NEVER served or protected Fitz. FITZ has saved Jake’s life repeatedly and provided him with employment yet Jake consistently betrays him.
        It makes sense for Fitz to suspect Jake, HIS OLD ARMY BUDDY, after all this.
        That said, we already know Jake didn’t perform this killing, Rowan did.
        It’s interesting to me how people see Jake as the show publicity presents him and seem unable to see his actual actions.

        • RReg says:

          Because viewers by and large only watch the show superficially. Hence the reason why writers can writer that a show box is fort knox and people believe.

          I don’t understand how people cannot see the brilliance of the Fitz character and how well crafted and how nuanced Tony Goldwyn’s performance has been.

          I don’t understand why they don’t see that many times he is the one who steps, makes the tough call to pull their butts out of the fire.

        • herman1959 says:

          Not only did I watch the entire episode, but I have seen every episode of Scandal, and most of them twice. As to your question of when Jake has sacrificed himself to protect and serve the POTUS (the Office, not the individual), I would answer:

          (1) Jake kept Operation Remington a secret for 20 plus years.
          (2) Jake went against Rowan and refused to bring Olivia to B316, then kept her safe per Fitz’s orders resulting in him being put into “the hole”.
          (3) Jake provided intel to locate US soldiers held hostage in Kashfar and, set up the Navy Seal team to rescue them which boosted Fitz’s rating with the public.
          (4) Jake killed 3 people to keep the knowledge that the VP killed her husband from the America people and protect the image of Fitz’s administration.
          (5)Jake worked with Fitz to rid B316 of Rowan and take over as Command despite the fact that this kept him tied to B316 when he wanted to get away.

          Does this mean that Jake should be with Olivia – NO.
          Does this mean that Jake is a hero – NO.
          Does this mean that Jake is better that Fitz -NO.
          Does this mean that I did watch the “whole show” – YES.

    • kit says:

      I suspect the whole thing is just written to cast Jake as the victim. The good man trying to find the killer against all odds. The only man who cares enough to investigate Harrison’s death…

      • Ola says:


        Shonda loves Scott. Jake is the hero on Scandal. He will be the innocent man. The messier, and Olivia is going to run into his arms and fall in love with him like crazy. The writers are so obvious in their quest to make Jake front and centre on Scandal.

  15. RReg says:


    Thank you.

  16. LoloCurray says:

    I like old Karen, can we have her back?

  17. Rachel says:

    A part of me dies every time they bring up B613… I don’t mind Rowan/Jake as characters but if Jake leaving means less B613, fine by me.

  18. Your mom says:

    Didn’t take Fitz long to start being a jerk again. Olivia really brings it out in him! What a healthy wonderful romance they have.

    • Coal says:

      Shhhh, saying such things on here will get you thrown in a hole.

      • Kay says:

        Well, if she ends up in the hole, perhaps someone will publicly disgrace themselves to get her out, like Fitz did for Jake after watching Jake, his friend of 20 years, have sex with the woman he loved behind his back and lie to him about it afterwards. Not that he ever got thanked for that.
        Or for saving Jake’s life when killers were tailing him, or for giving him the job of command. All Jake ever does is whine and stab him in the back. Fitz did, however get what he had coming to him for releasing Olivia’s mother and re-instating her father, in the form of one dead son.
        At the end of season 2, the man Fitz rescued and the woman who requested he risk impeachment to do it, left on a plane provided by the man Fitz re-instated who had just thanked him by murdering his child.
        Yet Fitz is still the bad guy.
        Mellie attempts suicide and people pity Mellie.
        Fitz attempts suicide and people pity Mellie, and Mellie mocks Fitz.
        Apparently adultery and petulance are worse crimes in modern society than child murder and intimate partner violence.
        Now a 14 year old having intercourse with 2 college aged boys while semi conscious is being handled as a ‘sexcapade’ and people are actually criticising Fitz for asking his 14 year old if she was raped.

        I really don’t understand it.

        • Nathalie says:

          Thank you Kay.
          I’m here for Fitz. It’s is a good guy.
          And the emmy goes to Tony Glodwyn

        • jJenner 1287 says:

          Kay i really thought i was the only one who saw these things i really believe that most of the fans just go by Jake’s looks and nothing else. I really hope they don’t choose a partner or husband by only those means in reality!! Regardless of how they write fitzs and olivia i will continue to remember the couple that brought me to this show. When i can’t take it any longer i will stop watching!

          • RReg says:


            You are not the only one. There are lots of us out there. The problem is many don’t voice their opinions. I am getting close to quitting Scandal as it seems to be running true to form – exactly as it has done for the past three seasons. I had decided to give the show this season to get its act together, but it seems to be using the same play book. I’m tired of the B613 plot. I have no interest in it. I also have no interest in seeing Jake front and center. I’m giving this show at most three more episodes to resolve this. If it doesn’t, I’ll be dropping Scandal.

        • RReg says:

          I don’t understand it either. It was appalling to have them use teenagers in this fashion. By the way, you have said it so very well. Do you mind if I were to use parts of this post elsewhere?

    • remnant0888 says:

      What a scumbag Fitz is. Keep it in your pants old man. And Liv’s lust is over the. Top

  19. #freejake I love Scott Foley as an actor, but I also love the character of Jake Ballard. That being said, this show is clearly going to without a doubt end in a Fitz/Olivia happy ending. I was expecting Jake to be dead in Olivia’s home or something. Scott Foley/Jake Ballard deserves better. Lol.

  20. Diane Stark says:

    I want to know why the hell Fitz got Rowan involved. Is it because he thought Rowan had sorted it previously by getting mama pope so he was just cleaning up the last few loose ends of how it was actually done? I get he’s jealous of Jake but is Rowan sending physic messages now to his agents or what?? How did Tom suddenly decide to throw Jake under the bus. Is Rowan some sort of secret mind bending agent??? Too much already. And we’re all back to hating Fitz, what a surprise

  21. Diane Stark says:

    I’ve just read the comments above. I’m gonna go out on a limb here & say that Fitz initially thought that mama pope had got to Tom. We know mama is a cold blooded murderer but she’s also canny enough to use ppl to help her get what she wants. It didn’t say she killed Jerry with her own 2 hands, just that she was responsible for killing him. But I am confused by Tom suddenly blaming Jake as soon as Rowan turned up, Tom knew Fitz was listening, if he really meant to tell the truth he could have just shouted it thro the glass. Rowan couldn’t possibly do worse to him than what was gonna happen to him anyway IMO & was it just quick thinking on Toms part to blame Jake cos he knew Rowan wanted him dead. Rowan assumed an awful lot before that interview if that’s the case. He knew Fitz would call him, he knew Fitz would be jealous of Jake & he apparently knew how to get Tom to blame Jake as well. As I said earlier, enough already! Too many chances to take, nobody’s that clever or lucky jimo 😄

    • RReg says:

      @ Diane Stark,
      Shonda’s holes…. Shonda’s holes…. Really watch Scandal and you will notice quite a few of them. I suspect Shonda believes she can write a pig is an elephant and viewers would believe that it is an elephant without questioning it.
      I’m afraid though your limb doesn’t quite work. If as you said she was only responsible for killing him not doing the actual job, this would still indicate that the person who was behind the act was apprehended and taken care of. (think of Bin Laden and 9/11). Rowan last season told Fitz that Mama Pope was responsible for killing his son. To suddenly claim it was Jake and for Fitz to believe it was Jake is a hole that the mighty Mississippi can flow through. Fitz’ next thought should have been, well how is it you Rowan told me it was Mama Pope and now suddenly it is Jake.
      Tom claiming it was Jake was also stupid! He had nothing to lose at this point. Whether he said Jake or Rowan he is still going to be executed. There is no purpose to say it was Jake. The only reason to do so is to create more melodrama and plot inconsistencies and holes. Shonda’s holes…. Shonda’s holes….

      I so hate this B613 BS!

  22. Overthinking says:

    I agree that Scandal does have some storyline holes but to play the devils advocate in this storyline of who ordered the hit on the president’s son Fitz/Rowan/Tom/Jake/Mama Pope discussion;
    (1) I think part of the confusion is that we didn’t get to see what Fitz (actually who Fitz called – we assume it is Rowan) when there was questions about Tom goings. When Fitz made that call he looked as if he had an epiphany of some sort. Maybe if they had keyed us on Fitz’s call we would be a little clear on what’s what’s.
    (2) I think it is going to take more than 43 minutes (an episode) for this storyline to play itself out. We are only in episode 4 of 22. So they might drag this to another 2 probably 4 episodes.
    (3) Hey! If the 2 reasons don’t work ……….look to the title of the episode “the bleep” and just imagine that the writers were throwing the bleep on the wall to see what sticks and the episode last night is what stuck.


    • RReg says:

      Good points. I guess in my desire to be done with a spy plot arc….
      Didn’t Fitz tell Cyrus that he called Rowan? I’m almost certain that he did.
      If he didn’t call Rowan, why isn’t the FBI or secret service investigating this?
      I suspect this is the writers trying to get something to stick on the walls…. But to your point, let’s see what plays out over the next two episodes. I don’t think I can take a continuing spy plot arc.

      • Overthinking says:

        Yes Fitz did tell Cyrus that he called Rowan when they were watching Tom being interrogated by Rowan. Who did Fitz call when Cyrus and the guy looking into secret service left him after telling him that Tom wasn’t where he was supposed to be? Wish we knew who (assuming it was Rowan) and we know what he said. I suppose time will tell. Very smart though on writers part covering a recent news story headliner into the secret services without repeating the actual story headliner as some shows do.

  23. Ella J. Wade says:

    After reading the comments, glad to see there are others that agree the storyline is not ringing true. I want to love this show again, but so tired of Fitz. When does he run the country? Jake is the only one on the show who can figure out what’s really going on and they want to kill him? If that happens, I’m out. I thought Rowan’s character was a “guest” but he is always on the show?? I do not like his character and I think it is ridiculous that he gets away with murder and only Jake can figure it out, really? Who’s intelligence is being insulted?

  24. Margaret Conley says:

    Love this show. But hope it’s Jake and Olivia together

  25. herman1959 says:

    On a funny note – it was good to see Lauren still dealing with the crazies (poor girl) and that people know how to back out of a room when crazy Mellie arrives.

  26. kat says:

    Jake is smart and very crafty. He will figure out a way to get out of the mess he is in. However, Fritz doesn’t know the real Rowan, the lieing murder he real is. Olivia is in for a eye opener about her father and just how low down dirty he is. “What a guy”.

    • RReg says:

      Jake – figure out a way out of this mess… Oh, I hope not!

    • Kaysinger says:

      At least Jake is smarter than that wet dog Fitz character, he would not have amounted to much without Cyrus/Liv/Mellie.

      • RReg says:

        Jake smart? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Some of you are sure funny
        The wet dog Fitz is running America the most powerful and wealthiest country. What is Jake running besides his ass in a hole or to injections?
        The wet dog Fitz has the fate of Jake’s life in his hands and Jake is the smart one, right?


  27. Grey says:

    Thanks for the recap. I fell asleep.

  28. remnant0888 says:

    Can’t stand the Fitz/Liv thing. Grow up!

  29. Judy says:

    If Jake leaves the show, I will stop watching.

  30. Jenn says:

    Damn, you guys are good! Such great insight in the comments below. I’m still not clear on one thing: Why did Fitz turn to Rowan to interrogate Tom? Even if he and B613 are back in play, why would Fitz call him out for an interrogation that the Inspector General was in charge of?

    • Overthinking says:

      That’s the million $$$ question hence most of the discussion above. Hopefully they will fresh out the storyline and answer this question in the next 2 – 3 episodes.

    • RReg says:

      I think it has to do with the load of BS that Rowan sold Fitz last season. Rowan told Fitz that he cannot have the FBI or CIA or NSA go after Mama Pope because to do so would mean that all actions would have to be by the book and officially recorded. He Rowan and B613 don’t operate by the book. Actions can therefore be taken to give Fitz his vengeance and there would be no official record of it.

  31. Katie Jackman says:

    This episode had me holding my breath and then I realized that my heart was racing! Excellent writing and performance.

  32. Lucille says:

    Tired of the scenes with Liv and Fitz. Prefer Jake and Liv together. I agree that Fitz’s relationship with Liv is his way out of his marriage.
    I believe Jake really does love Liz.

  33. jJenner 1287 says:

    I do not condone adultery. However the relationship that developed between fitzs and olivia initially demonstrated the growth of real love and undeniable chemistry between the couple. There was no marriage but on paper! The whole scandal cast acted their socks off and this show became a hit. I have nothing against Scot Foley but since the jake ballard storyline has been introduced the whole cast have been re-written and dumbed down – there is no longer that tense special unspoken relationship between olivia and huck, cryus has lost moster status with the most fantastic lines and that real badass energy around him, the gladiators appear lost without direction or purpose and most of all (to me) fizs and olivia are unrecognisable! The only two people that have developed and benefitted from the character assassinations have been jake and mellie. They have become the centre of the show with every week they have great material and everyone else looks stupid and pathetic! Why could the writers not have been able to come up with plots that introduced jake and kept mellie on the show without destroying everyone else! I could do it and i am not a writer. I was a fitzs and olivia fan but finally after this week i give in “please put olivia and jake together as a firm couple and put fitzs back in love with mellie”! Then and only then will i not have to watch the writers constantly wrting fitzs as an idiot and everyone including olivia constantly belittling him and also finally olivia can return to being the star of the show as she is supposed to be. With jake being olivia’s partner he will not have to keep taking away the gladiators roles -especially ‘huck’s” to keep relevant and be the hero like the writers have made him thursday night. Well done Shonda you have managed to do what you have wanted “make Jake and mellie win”!!!

    • RReg says:

      I feel and agree with your disgust. Perhaps this season will be the season that puts the ship back on an even keel. It better be – and I am saying this from being a staunch OLITZ fan.

      • jJenner 1287 says:

        Here’s hoping RRegs but i doubt it with the amount of hate fitzs and olivia and fitzs are getting not to mention the free jake campaign going across social media! Still i will alway love the parts of the show i fell in love with in the early seasons.

        • RReg says:

          I’m not a part of social media and have no desire to be. If you are, you should start a stop the OLITZHATE campaign as well :-)

    • Overthinking says:

      @jJenner I agree with you regarding character assassination that have resulted into Mellie and Jake being the central characters of the show (UGH!). Having said that, the title of the show is Scandal and I suppose character assassination is a way to throw the title of the show on to viewers faces. As @RReg mentioned, they will probably turn the ship around now because like you mentioned there is an outcry to free Jake and hatred of Livvy and Fitz among the majority of the viewers. The writers will do the opposite of what the majority of the viewers want. How scandalous!!!

    • Ola says:

      Thank you. I agree with everything you say.

      Scandal ruined a love story that was Olitz, muted every other characters and turned the lead, Olivia, into a headless chicken just to advance Jake and Mellie. However, I like Mellie because she is compelling, she ran with the opportunity she was given.

      • Kay says:

        I’m at the point now where I actually wish they would kill off Fitz rather than continue to drag the character and Olivia through the mud.
        They’re no longer even remotely recognisable as the people from season 1 and early season 2. As someone who watched the show regularly and rooted for them individually and together and no longer does any of those things, I can’t help but think that the best thing might be for the writers to at least have the integrity to kill off Fitz, put Olivia with Jake permanently if that’s what they believe in and at least have the courage of their convictions.
        That way, the show can go back to focusing on a DC fixer and hopefully they won’t feel the need to elevate Jake by having him treat Olivia with continual disrespect and having him do OPA’s job in finding Harrison’s killer.
        If I was on social media, I’d actually start a kill Fitz campaign at his point. If the writers feel he’s the devil and the worst, then kill him and be done with it.
        People like Jake now, so the ratings should be fine and it would free those who are still Olitz shippers to decide if they want to keep watching, without stringing them along by promising an outcome that becomes less likely and less potentially satisfying every week.
        The current approach is just creating a lot of unpleasant conflict between groups of viewers and ruining the viewing experience for a lot of people.

        • RReg says:


          Kudos. Brilliantly said! Can someone send this post to Shonda. Shonda needs to read this ASAP

        • jJenner 1287 says:

          Kay i agree with RRegs a brilliant summation of what is happening in Scandal. Please someone with a twitter account tweet Kay’s post to Shonda Rhimes!!

  34. Predronia jones says:

    First of all Fritz started this little relationship with Olivia and Jake. So I don’t think he should be mad st her and secondly when his son died he told Olivia that it time he had to be with his family so what is she to do. So if he is any kind person that want to good he needs to listen to Jake and look at the information that he brought to him. Because hr himself told Olivia that her father was a wrong and mean person.

    • Dani says:

      Good show this week. Love that everyone had a chance to shine. And of course the Olitz scenes were great. It’s just fascinating watching that type of chemistry on TV. I do agree with most that their scenes are more effective when we don’t get them as often.

      Only thing I still hate is the B613 stuff, Olivia and Jake and Cyrus and the male escort storylines.

    • Kay says:

      Fitz didn’t start the relationship. Jake started it under Rowan’s orders.

    • RReg says:

      1. Jake started the relationship with Liv under orders from Rowan.
      2. He has had two months to grieve. It’s time for Liv to get back on the Fitz stallion.
      3. True – Fitz should not get blinded by his anger that the love of his life ran off with another woman. He should review all of the evidence indeed.

      • Nathalie says:

        Olivia and Fitz, what a scene !!!!!!!
        Jack is young , smart and handsome. But Fitz it is The Man. Weak and strong and so sexy ! He is Olivia’s love .
        Tony Goldwyn it is such a great actor.

  35. RReg says:

    Funny that – the only time I can recall Mellie saving the day was when she
    Went on national TV and told the country that her husband was boinking another woman
    When she forged Fitz’ signature and Sally caught her and Fitz had to save her
    When she made those insulting remarks about women not realizing her mic was still on
    When she told the American public that she had miscarried.

  36. Asta says:

    Olivia is at the centre of Jake getting killed, which he will. If she hadn’t told Fitz that she was on the island with him, thing would have worked out differently. Jake just has no place in the show now. If Olivia wanted him a boyfriend then that would let him stay on the show. If he goes, I goes. I’m frigging sick of Fitz/Liv. Jake and Liv capitvated me. And boy that Quinn sure is horny isn’t she?

    • Dani says:

      Jake isn’t going anywhere for now. Not sure how anyone can think he’s going to get killed off. And not that I think he belongs on the show or anything. His presence is still awfully forced. But I know he’s needed to continue on with this unnecessary and pointless love triangle storyline.

    • Nathalie says:

      Fitz forever. Tony goldwyn ist the best actor in Scandal. He touches me even without a word.

  37. korinne says:

    olivia and jake!!!! they are good together. fitz is annoying already

  38. I think Jake has something up his sleeve. Don’t count him out yet.

  39. I wouldn’t count Jake out yet, he has something up his sleeve.