Ratings: Crim Minds, Red Band and P.D. Tick Up; Nashville, black-ish, Arrow Dip

Chicago PD Ratings

CBS’ Criminal Minds this Wednesday drew 10.9 million total viewers and a 2.4 demo rating (per finals), ticking up 3 percent and a tenth week-to-week and delivering the night’s most watched program.

Opening the Eye’s line-up, Survivor (9.3 mil/2.3) dipped 3 and 8 percent (tying a series low), while come 10 pm Stalker (7.9 mil/1.7) shed a few eyeballs but was steady in the demo.


ABC | A Toy Story special (6.2 mil/1.8) and It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (6.2 mil/2.2) fell shy of Middle/Goldbergs numbers yet bested all but Survivor in the time slot. Modern Family (9.7 mil/3.4) dipped (but scored the night’s best demo rating), black-ish (7 mil/2.5) slipped 16 and 14 percent and Nashville (5.1 mil/1.3) was down 9 and 13 percent.

NBC | The Mysteries of Laura (8.7 mil/1.4) and Chicago PD (6.8 mil/1.6) ticked up a tenth, while SVU (7.2 mil/1.7) was flat.

FOX | Hell’s Kitchen (3.7 mil/1.2) fell 14 percent in the demo, while Red Band Society (3.2 mil/1.0) ticked up a tenth. (Fox notes that Red Band enjoyed its best Teen numbers since the premiere.)

THE CW | Arrow (2.3 mil/0.8) was down 18 and 20 percent from its premiere.

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  1. Ray says:

    Surprised Stalker held steady. It’s proven to be just another derivative CBS procedural.

  2. Sparky says:

    Damn Arrow dipped a lot more than I was expecting. Thought it would drop to 0.9 not .8. Ouch. Was that just the expected second week drop or people not happy with the final scene of the premiere?

    • tamara says:

      Or maybe it was all the “Olicity”

      • brenna says:

        Or maybe because it was promoted as a Laurel centric episode! Could be because Sara died. Or could be because they broke up Oliver and Felicity before they even began. Could be a lot of things. Sorry to see it though, I love this show!

      • Enri says:

        Really? What Olicity was there last night? To me it was the Laurel show last night…even though the episodes title is Sara

        • tamara says:

          The episode was NOT promoted as a laurel episode. Don’t even go there.

          Besides shows drop after the premier.

          • Enri says:

            I DID go there. I’m entitled to have my own opinion…thank you very much.

          • Rana Kercmar says:

            Not true. Wasnt the case for Arrow in S2. When it went from a 0.9 from its S2 premiere to a 1.1 for its 2nd episode. And yes it was promoted as a Laurel episode. CW pointed out in their synopsis that Laurel is at the center of the episode. We also had KC do majority of interviews this week. That usually means the person doing the interviews will have a significant role in the episode.

          • tamara says:

            Yep it was promoted as a Laurel episode and the ratings were a 1.0 in the adjustments. Thank you laurel and KC!!

          • wonderwall says:

            Actually the Mark Guggenheim said that it was very much a Laurel centric episode…

          • JC1 says:

            @tamara, not sure where you’re getting your information that it went up to 1.0 in the finals. According to TVbytheNumbers the final rating was 0.8.

          • aura says:

            Why do people act like everyone reads interviews? The promos is what majority of viewers see. The same promo which had Felicity’s voice over. The same episode that had promo pics of olicity. So try again with what was pimped!

          • Maria says:

            Yes it was. lmfao this is just her fans wanting to erase anything bad happening to Laurel/KC. She is what is wrong with the show. It’s obvious.

    • Christina says:

      You can count me as one of the viewers that bumped it to the DVR thanks to to that last scene.

  3. el03322 says:

    Last year, Arrow’s rating actually increased in week 2. This year the rating for episode 2 drops to one of the lowest numbers in the show’s history. And that’s after the shocking ending of last week’s episode. That show’s producers would be well served to get their priorities straight and stop treating this show like some kind of cheap Olicity fan fiction.

    • Jess says:

      Somehow I doubt Olicity is the problem. From what I understand, it’s a popular pairing, and I can see why (though they need to watch the angst to avoid Felicity becoming Generic Superhero Love Interest Girl). For me, the Hong Kong storyline is nowhere near as intriguing as the past two seasons of flashbacks on the island. Plus, I fear that the showrunners’ need to focus on launching The Flash might lead to slightly weaker work on Arrow.

      • Vicki says:

        Agree on all points, Jess. But it’s the last one you make that I have been particularly worried about. I just don’t see how the showrunners would be able to produce both shows at the same peak level of performance. I’m hoping episode two was a blip in the ratings though, and three comes back stronger.

        • Jenny says:

          I too worry about the flash being too much a priority. Always happens… When private practice came around then scandal, Grey’s anatomy suffered in terms of material.

          Hope arrow is not being neglected and they can continue to deliver quality television. Honestly I think no one cares about Sara as much as the characters on arrow do.. Well that’s just me really. I was completely indifferent to it. Frankly the episode was just boring last night.

    • Sara says:

      Really? You don’t possibly think it was because people were upset that Sara, a fairly popular character, was killed? I’m so tired of all the shipping wars. Seriously, the show is about more than whoever Oliver ends up with.

    • Bobbee says:

      There are many, many, many who hate the Laurel character. Once it became clear she would be taking over the show, those of us who can’t stand her decided we were done with the show. Olicity is secondary, though I am not a fan of that either.

      • John NYC says:

        “she would be taking over the show”

        Is more a reflection of your obsession than anything shown in the actual show. It’s the Oliver show and always will be.

        But of course changing the channel or dvr track is always an option.

  4. Iakovos says:

    LAURA seems to have staying power. It is good network fare and really not bad. We prefer SURVIVOR in our household, but I DVR LAURA. ABC and FOX do not factor here.

    ABC does own me the rest of the evening. MODERN FAMILY still gets me laughing despite making Mitch and Cam a bit too cartoonish for my tastes. BLACK-ISH is a winner. Cannot help but love that Anderson-Ross chemistry! NASHVILLE is my drama. Love me some Connie Britton! And good music too!

    So tired of the CBS Wedesday procedurals. CRIMINAL MINDS and this new STALKER are just discomforting. I would have preferred more LAW & ORDER originals to SVU. Am tired and the players I enjoy are gone. Sorry, Mariska! CHICAGO PD is not a factor in my TV puzzle, maybe when it inevitably lands on cable in endless reruns.

    Curious about RED BAND SOCIETY. Maybe if it moves to another night I will sample it.

    • John NYC says:

      Laura’s staying power, a surprise to me, may be due to the Pilot not being the best the show could be: I was intending to drop it from my playlist after the pilot, didn’t and so sampled the second one and found it… tolerable. OTOH Stalker is gone despite my liking both leads a lot.

  5. Meg says:

    Pretty sure the drop in Arrow has nothing to due with Olicity a group of fans decided to protest watching the show due to Sara’s death.

  6. Eric says:

    Red Band needs to be moved, fast. Time slots would work, but networks would be better. I’m not even sure if I’m kidding.

  7. ‘Stalker” was VERY good! The reviews were bad but I like it VERY much. Of course that means it will be cancelled. “Arrow'” has a sexy star but it’s a dumb, dumb show.

  8. Jill says:

    Totally expected the Nashville dip. This Luke/Rayna storyline is a mess that no one is interested in watching.

  9. ted says:

    Out with Arrow. In with the Flash.
    Stephen Amell Can’t Act, the story is boring & formulatic.

  10. Gordon Rick says:

    Arrow droped because people like me stopped watching when they killed a popular character (Sara played by Caity Lotz). The hand writing has been on the wall the EP’s wanted to kill her to give another character (Laurel) a story line to grow with. Fans have been vocal about not wanting Sara to die but the EP’s went and did it any way. Maybe when their ratings (along with ad revenue) tank they will realize they made a mistake.

    • Katherine215 says:

      I’m not overly fond of Laurel, but Sara was dreadful, imo. I’m not sorry she’s gone. For me, the show has focused waaay too much on Oliver’s love life over the course of its run.

      • Jenny says:

        I too didn’t care for Sara. The problem is I feel that they think ppl cared too much about her so this would have HUGE impact. Yeah maybe a few are a upset but I really think majority couldn’t care less about Sara.

    • Women & gay men watch to see the sexy star shirtless. He is VERY beautiful! He had a small but BIG role in HBO’s series “HUNG”.

  11. Bobbee says:

    Once they killed Sara and made it clear Laurel would be taking a starring role, I was done with Arrow. She can’t act and is hard to watch. Arrow shot itself in the chest with those 3 arrows and shoved itself off a building. So long once great show.

  12. Jenny says:

    I think people are most upset that Laurel is going to be the new canary.. I mean that’s what I hate, that she’ll have a bigger role… She just needs to go away fast.

  13. anne says:

    I think that Arrow fell because they killed Sara and a lot of people realized that Laurel is going to become Black Canary. And they promoted episode as Laurel centric. Enough said.

  14. Brigid says:

    I can’t believe that people stopped watching Arrow because Sara died, that’s hysterical. When did it become the Sara show? Why did you start watching it in season one since she was only in the pilot? I’m pretty sure that your hatred of Laurel and love for Sara has little to nothing to do with the ratings drop. Most shows lose viewers in the second week. You just don’t have that much power.

  15. Amber says:

    Arrow could have dropped for alot of reasons. Personally, I was not looking forward to this episode. After reading KC’s interviews, I just can’t with Laurel. Everything felt off when they focused on Laurel. I was tempted to turn it off. If the show becomes the Laurel story, I’m out. I’m here for Oliver, Team Arrow, Oliver/Felicity.

  16. LK says:

    DO NOT LIKE Nashville’s story line!

  17. Angela says:

    *Looks at the debates breaking out in the comment section*
    So…yeah, I’m just going to pop in and celebrate “Criminal Minds” having a good night ratings-wise. I liked last night’s episode, even if it only made my fear of flying that much stronger.
    *Grabs some popcorn and settles in to watch these debates continue*

  18. Lisa says:

    Why are they STILL trying to make Laurel happen? she’s not popular. Move on.

  19. dave says:

    Dear god are people stupid Nielsen viewers are chosen for a reason I doubt they would ‘protest’ that Sara is gone or because of laurel if anything it is just a regular second episode which goes down from its hyped premiere. Also the flash is way more fun so could have had an effect on arrow too.

  20. Maria says:

    We all know why Arrow dipped in Ratings. It had nothing to do with Olicity. It all had to do with Sara/Laurel.

  21. Briggs says:

    I’m hoping Arrow shows improvement next week. Malcolm Merlyn coming back should bring other people back, too. Thea’s plot shows a lot of promise, and I really want to see what’s going on with her and ‘Dad’. Not to mention what happens when she sees Roy again. And did I mention Malcolm? Yeah, I’m excited to see John Barrowman, again. it’s obvious, and that’s okay. Oh, and Felicity and Ray should be fun to watch develop, too. :) The chemistry is undeniable.

  22. MiaB says:

    I definitely expect Nashville numbers to be up next week, with the Juliette’s big reveal to Avery. If not, we’re in big trouble.

  23. Ally Oop says:

    I dropped Chicago PD cause all the crossover stuff last year made it confusing and annoying. I don’t watch Chicago Fire nor do I have any intention of ever doing so again. Gave the show a 2 episode chance back when it started but it didn’t keep me.