Nashville Recap: The Race for Sadie

Nashville Season 3 Recap

Forget Rayna and Deacon: Nashville‘s new power couple is Rayna and Sadie.

They’ve got no angst. No trauma. No drunken arguments, throwing of rings or hate-banging of backup singers — just two fun ladies, acting sassy toward the paparazzi and singing a duet on stage in front of thousands of people.

Y’know, like my best girlfriends and I do on the average Friday night.

In fact, why not ditch all of the dudes in Music City — at least temporarily — so we can watch these two hot mamas be awesome and make music and have shiny hair. Hell, move Sadie and sad, sad Juliette into that huge house of Rayna’s and call it Sister Wives Without the Guy. Who’s with me?

Speaking of Juliette, what the hell happened to Glenn’s head? Eh, we’ll get to that in a few minutes. Read on for what happened in “I Feel Sorry for Me.”

NEW GIRL | Armed with the knowledge that Juliette’s pregnancy probably means she won’t put out an album anytime soon, Rayna starts pursuing Sadie Stone as a potential Highway 65 artist. Ray makes a strong case for her fledgling label, but Sadie’s also got an offer on the table from Edgehill, so she asks for some time to think about it. Rayna’s schedule is packed, so Sadie tags along as Rayna tries on a wedding dress she had shipped in from Paris. (Side note: I know you all hated the gown when you saw it in photos, but I didn’t think it was that bad in action. Log your second takes in the comments, fashion police!)

They’re having a ball until the paparazzi — the dreaded Nashville paparazzi! They must be the ones who get all of those embarrassing photos of Emmylou Harris I always see in the gossip rags — swarm Rayna’s car, forcing the ladies to hop in Sadie’s ride and take a wild cruise through the city. There’s laughing, there’s singing along to the radio; it’s basically the first two thirds of Thelma & Louise in miniature.

RAYNA AND SADIE DUET | But even after all this mutual girl-crushing, Sadie decides to go with Edgehill, thinking it will make her the next Rayna. So Ray shows up to Sadie’s show that night, plays the girl-power angle real hard and promises that Jeff Fordham only loves big hat country artists and he will forget about Sadie the moment he signs her. Guess what, Jeff? Sadie just merged onto Highway 65, and she’s not looking back! (Side note: I laughed out loud at the “I did not see that coming!” gesture Oliver Hudson did in the wings.)

Sadie and Rayna sing a victory duet  — Sadie’s “Gasoline and Matches,” which is a pretty catchy tune — to a very enthusiastic Ryman crowd. But later, Jeff makes it clear that he’s going to play dirty: He’s going to try to sign Maddie and Daphne to Edgehill by wining and dining Teddy. (Raise your hand if you are even minutely worried that this will happen. Yeah, me neither.)

STORK ALERT | Juliette lands the lead in the Patsy Cline movie (yay!) and finally confesses to Emily and Glenn that she’s pregnant (yay!), but is seriously deluding herself when she thinks that she can film the movie and finish her tour without anyone noticing her burgeoning baby bump (boo). Also, in what world would you be able to give up a baby for adoption, Juju, without anyone noticing?

The entire problem looks like it might be solved when Juliette begins to cramp and bleed, calling Rayna in a panic. (Side note: Aww. I loved that. If Glenn is, as he mentions in the episode, basically Juliette’s father, Rayna is definitely her mom.) But no, the doc says everything’s fine. Fetus: 1. Juliette’s mindset: 0. Juliette’s lipstick, however? 10.

Glenn is troubled by the whole situation and tries to talk her into telling Avery, but she digs in her heels. She snarks that he should be pleased, because her career will continue uninterrupted, and therefore so will his job. “I want you to be happy!” he says, which is so sad, but it’s actually Juliette who nearly ends me when she tears up and says, “It kills me to disappoint you.”

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I GO OUT DRINKIN’ AFTER MIDNIGHT | Wait — there’s more Glenn/Juliette angst ahead. But first, we’ve got to deal with Alcoholic Avery, who ignores Gunnar’s efforts to help him, ruins Zoey’s going-on-tour party (actually, who are we kidding? That thing was doomed from the start) and then gets arrested for passing out in a stranger’s car. The only phone number Avery knows by heart is Juliette’s, but when she comes to bail him out, he pays her back by saying the most terrible things one ex can say to another.

“I can’t love you, and I can’t hate you, because it’s ruining my life,” he sobs. “I need to nothing you.” And then he walks away from her, saying, “I wish I’d never met you.” Oof. Also, I have a little note for the young gents on this show: Why, when your hearts are broken, do you eschew showers? Remember when Gunnar’s brother died and Gunny didn’t wash his hair for an entire sweeps period? Avery’s coming in a close, greasy second here. Boys, let me introduce you to the concept of crying in the shower. You get clean while your soul slowly leaks out of your eyes and slips down the drain! It’s a multitasker’s dream!

Anyway, Ju winds up at Glenn’s house in the middle of the night, where she cries into his shoulder and… wait a tick, WHERE IS GLENN’S HAIR? I feel like this scene could be really moving if I could focus on anything other than the fact that Ed Amatrudo performs without the hairpiece he normally wears AND NO MENTION IS MADE OF THAT FACT. Like, at all.

LEFT BEHIND | Deacon and Pam have a love-hate thing going on, which means that we have to see them snipe at each other before they do it on top of some truck stop washing machines. That spin-cycle lovin’ gets them ditched by the tour buses, so Deacon buys a motorcycle and they catch up. I’m not feeling Pam, though she has a lovely voice, but I suppose even dear Deacon needs a distraction every once in a while, no?

Now it’s your turn. We’re not even going to get into that Bluebird freak-out, Scarlett, because I just can’t with you right now. (And when I use Internet shorthand, young lady, you know I’m angry.) Did you miss Will and Layla’s Real Time Carnival of Sadness (working title)? Do you care that Jeff used to be a musician? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jill says:

    Best episode of this show all season. I love Deb Fordham episodes! Also no Luke!! Horary!! and I didn’t even remember Will or Layla until you mentioned them. Zoey can go off with them for all I care. Man are she and Gunnar boring. Loved Sadie and Rayna together. Laura Benanti is my new favorite woman on the show. The dress was ok I guess, but that Egyptian top thing was kind of weird. Though we all know there’s no way she’s making it down the aisle in that thing so it’s probably a moot point. As far as the non-showering dudes go, they should take a cue from Deacon and take care of their heartbreak on the washing machine. At least his clothing was getting clean while he was distracting himself from Rayna. By the way, I’m not into Pam at all, but Deacon making out with anyone on the washing machine gets a full 10 points on the hotness scale!

  2. MP says:

    The most shocking part of the episode was Glenn’s hair! Also, for a woman who almost lost her life in a car accident, Rayna was awfully non-plussed about Sadie racing through that stop sign.

    • joefromwb says:

      Totally agree! During that whole car chase I kept thinking that Rayna seemed way too carefree for someone who’d nearly died in a terrible car wreck less than 2 years before.
      And I loved the lack of hairpiece. (It was the middle of the night, after all. Glenn was dressed for bed.) But I have no recollection of what happened in that scene because I just kept thinking “Bald Glenn!”

      • Jill says:

        It’s actually supposed to be LESS than a year before in Nashville time since that was right after the CMAs, and the next CMAs on the show aren’t happening until this November! That was a case of the writers not really thinking that through.

    • Cy says:

      She didn’t even look like she had her seatbelt on. It was completely unbelievable–especially when they nearly collided with that truck!

      I never understood why Glenn wore that nasty toupee anyway!

  3. Jessica says:

    Thank you so much for addressing the hair issue! His rug is seriously 80s fab but I want to see them address the baldness. Surely Juliette will have something snarky to say about it. Loved their bonding moment though, hope they show more of that. Glenn, Bucky & Tandy are more my favorite than any of the main cast!

  4. Sam says:

    So over the summer my brother and I saw chip and clare in concert and clare was so bad and just fake and when we met her it was clear she wasn’t wanting to be there so I am just not into Scarlett anymore. Thank you for not recapping that whole story line, it’s so boring anyway!

  5. Carla Krae says:

    Love seeing Jeff lose.
    How about that preview for next week?!

  6. seksiseuraa says:

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  7. Jay says:

    Jeff thinks that Teddy and Rayna never talk or something.

    I really really liked the addition of Sadie, almost makes up for Deacons stalker squeeze.

    Zoe needs to go on tour already, I miss seeing Will with Gunnar, I do not miss his wife or shagging his trainer storylines.

  8. DramaMomma says:

    OMG, Glenn’s hair! I find it distracting every time he is in a scene and even last night sat there and wondered what the hell was he thinking with it. Then the scene, he looks great bald. He needs to ditch it ASAP, but it looks like it is back next week. Ed and Hayden, they killed it in all their scenes together. Even the scene between Ed and Jonathan made my heartbreak .

  9. Sissy Sinclair says:

    The escape from the Nashville paparazzi (who knew?), in the ‘stang instantly reminded me of Princess Di, then my ol’ mama gene kicked in & I was thinkin’ Rayna, really, buckle your seatbelt & tell that whippersnapper to slow it down! Geez, did you forget about your almost deadly wreck? The wedding dress looked like something Elizabeth Taylor would have worn back in the day. It just wasn’t working for me. Rayna, fire your stylist honey!

  10. As someone who’s lived in Nashville for 8 years, I laughed at the paparazzi scene! I really thought Sadie was going to sell that picture of Rayna in her dress to the media.

    Zoe’s farewell party was a hot mess! I’m over Scarlett and wish she would have moved back home. Damn you Gunnar!

    I love Glenn and Juliette’s relationship. I’m very interested to see how this baby thing will play out.

    One last note, I think this season has been less over the top (minus the pap scene) and less like a soap opera. I hope they keep it up!

  11. Lexie says:

    Didn’t miss Luke at all this episode. I keep getting the feeling that he only wants to marry Rayna because it will boost his image. It reminds me of when Juiliette almost married that football christain kid (Remember that pointless storyline?) Rayna has never been about that kind of thing and it’s kind of annoying that they’re changing her so much for a man she has zero chemistry with.
    Loved the Juliette and Glenn scenes. He really is the only one in her life that she can fully trust. Zoey and Pam just annoy me and Scarlett….ugh. Next weeks episode looks great though!

    • Abby says:

      I think Rayna is almost forcing herself to get on board with these things she’s never been okay with to a) keep her label from tanking on a lack of publicity, and b) to convince herself she doesn’t need Deacon to be happy. The whole Luke debacle is that he is a shiny replacement for that hole in her heart, that so far hasn’t hurt her, but it’s all as superficial as the paparazzi, in my opinion…

  12. izzieb says:

    Glenn’s hair – he’s so sweet either way, I don’t care what they do to his hair. I’m so glad Juliette finally acknowledged that she needs him.

    Avery – get over it already. They’ve dragged his constant drinking story too long already. Scarlett – go away. Take Zoe with you. And for that matter, take Stalker Pam with you!

    Loved the song Deacon was working on and it broke my heart when SP came in and joined in – he was speak-singing his thoughts about Rayna – “but I love her, and I want her, and no, I need her” …. oh Deacon baby, you can sing that about me anytime! I just wish it hadn’t been Stalker Pam there with him, and then in the laundry room, and on the bike….come on Rayna already! I do like seeing Deacon become himself again, and finding some joy in life.

    I love reading these recaps, and also the comments from the other posters. Nice to know I’m not in this ride alone!! Agree on all points – the dress, the seatbelt, the dress photo, etc…

  13. FREDO says:

    Great episode, the Juliette and Glenn scenes were a high point for me and it felt very natural that he had the hair piece off since it was late at night, also liked the “gasoline and matches” song, i would listened to that on the radio anytime.
    Like it has been now for sometime Scarlett was sucking the air and energy off the show every time she was onscreen.

  14. Kristen says:

    Did anyone think that it is weird that Sadie took a picture of Rayna in her wedding dress? And her saying that she had the inside scoop on who designed the dress when talking about placing bets? I have a feeling that if Teddy signs those girls to Edgehill, Rayna will use the fact that Teddy is not Maddie’s father and that Deacon did not sign off on it. I somehow believe that is something that might happen. Teddy would be that stupid to do something like that! I can’t wait until next week when Juliette finally tells Avery about the baby! I just wish she would have told him face to face instead of text message.

    • the girl says:

      What you mentioned about Teddy not being Maddie’s father makes sense with regards to his ability to consent on a legal issue. However I don’t think Rayna would throw that in his face unless she felt she really REALLY needed to, if he was adamant about allowing the girls to sign a recording deal and she absolutely needed to put her foot down.

    • Abby says:

      Except that legally, Teddy’s name is on Maddie’s birth certificate so unless Rayna kicks off her own court case to change legal paternity to Deacon, Teddy has full license to act as Maddie’s full-fledged father in all legal matters like recording contracts.

      • Kristen says:

        I agree, unless Teddy signs the girls with Jeff, then Rayna will do ANYTHING to protect her girls!

        • Abby says:

          If Teddy is at any point stupid enough to sign his daughters to Edgehill (if he can) I can actually see Rayna retaliating with her own custody case regarding Maddie. Which Rayna wouldn’t want to do but it would probably be the only way she could null the contract once its signed and filed. Though even threatening Teddy with custody would hopefully cause Teddy to back down. Unless Jeff plays the ‘you could be governor’ card and Teddy bytes (cuz Teddy would…)

  15. MA says:

    I don’t think the dress got better. It should have stayed in Paris.

  16. Cookely says:

    That dress gives her old matron draggy bosoms.

  17. Cookely says:

    That dress gives Rayna ole matronly draggy bosoms.

  18. LoloCurray says:

    Totally Forgot about Luke, Will , and Layla the entire time.
    Not complaining though…

  19. Glenn's (lack of) Hair says:

    Apologies if someone already mentioned it, but I thought it made complete sense for Glenn’s lack of hair not to be mentioned. It was late at night and he was either in bed or getting ready for it. Perhaps even more importantly, given how close Glenn and Juliette are (i.e., he’s basically her father) and how long they’ve been together, it’s a safe bet that she’s known for quite a while that he wears a hairpiece. So, Glenn’s baldness would not be a surprise to Juliette, and her emotional state didn’t really lend itself to any wisecracks about it.

    • Abby says:

      I totally agree. I was surprised by the bald, but it made sense Juliette didn’t mention it because she’s probably seen a guy who is like her father without his toupee before. To me, her not mentioning it illustrated how close the two are.

  20. Abby says:

    I think it’s interesting they’re trying to illustrate that Jeff at least had a soul once, (musically) sort of, even though he lacks more brains than a legacy name at Harvard when it comes to running a business. His latest plan could not possibly end with him signing Maddie and Daphne against Rayna’s will (without breaking custodial parent laws), I totally agree. But it does beg the question that if they’re giving Jeff a bit of a back story, which often means redemption arcs, how will this end up benefitting him and keeping him from losing the job he’s holding onto by a string?

    I’m sure that the baby will bring Avery and Juliette back together eventually, but I hope by then he WANTS to be there and doesn’t just feel an obligation. His meltdown outside the jail last night was too much. Probably because I’ve already forgiven Juliette for what she did, and Avery is NO angel :)

    As for Sadie, I’m suspicious. She and Rayna were too much like besties so fast it can ONLY go bad. I foresee two possibilities already: either Sadie’s the one courting the Nashville paps (she had her phone open at the fitting, she wants to BE Rayna, and very nearly signed a deal with the devil in spite of their in stay friendship) or Sadie and Teddy are going to fall in love (I would definitely prefer the drama that would result from option 2!) But I just don’t think that Sadie and Rayna will have the smoothest ride.

    And I am LOVING the developing mom/daughter bond between Rayna and Juliette, which I was hoping for since s1 when Jolene died. And I’m also thrilled this ep was Luke-less. The inevitable demise of his relationship with Rayna can’t come soon enough, and as early as the end of last season I couldn’t care less what happened to him next!

  21. Abby says:

    As for the dress, I’m not entirely concerned about how it looks because if I (and numerous fans) have our way she won’t be getting married in it, anyway. Just some inconsequential fabric she’s wrapped in for a minute ;)

    • Jill says:

      Yeah, there’s no way that wedding is actually happening, right?! Hopefully that’s the last time we ever have to see that dress. I’d love for Luke never to return, but I’m sure this won’t resolve itself until the mid-season finale. So 5 or 6 more episodes to go with him…sigh.

      • Abby says:

        I wonder if I would like Luke if he wasn’t in the middle of Rayna and Deacon. So far, his only proven knock is being the third wheel in the wrong relationship. We haven’t seen him cheat, lie, steal…but at this point I’m so with you – let him off the show by December at latest (5 or 6 episodes sounds a lot easier to wait through than calling it two months!), unless he’s going to kick up with Sadie or something (but I’d rather see Sadie paired with Teddy…better drama!)

  22. neaorlean says:

    We saw the dress – the wedding isn’t happening. In TV shows, you only see the dress when the bride walks in the church, it’s the law. If we see the dress before that, that dress will either get destroyed and the bride will wear another (Beckett’s designer nightmare dress last season) or the wedding just isn’t happening.

  23. Kalia says:

    Worst episode.
    NO GOOD : too much Zoey – Stop patetic drunk Avery. Rayna and Sadie car chase so stupid and dangerous. Deacon and Pam motorcycle/washing machines.
    VERY GOOD juliette with Avery – Rayna and Sadie on stage – Deacon and Pam’s song .
    I missed Luke

    • Abbielynne says:

      Oh my gosh Kalia, how could you have missed Luke?
      I have gone from Finding him boring and totally lacking in chemistry, with Rayna, to avidly disliKing him.

      He’s a Jealous, controlling,fame and money whore.

      • Jill says:

        Totally agree. I found him boring and innocuous last season, but this season I actively can’t stand him. He’s just the worst. I feel like he’s the exact opposite of any characteristic I would find attractive in a man.

    • PTF says:

      You missed Luke?! It really does take all kinds…
      Last season I just though he was a boring prop (with shady tendancies) to come between Rayna and Deacon. He has no chemistry with Rayna at all. This season I think he’s a repulsive fakey manipulative fame-whore, who still seems all kinds of shady to me. And who still doesn’t have any chemistry with Rayna.
      I like Sadie. I didn’t like the dress or Rayna’s complete non-reaction to a crazy car chase less than a year after almost dying in a car wreck. Continuity!!!

  24. Kim, you have an infant, you’re sleep deprived, I’ll forgive you over the dress. LOL
    I really liked this ep. Debra Fordham knows how to write these characters. There was a couple of things I would’ve done differently: ie: the Thelma and Louise recreation… and Deacon’s “muse’. What the heck is up with her? Zoiks But the Juliette/Glenn scenes were so well written and acted, I could overlook that nonsense and just go with it. It felt like a great reprieve from the mess of the rest of the season. Maybe…. just maybe…. there’s hope?

  25. Nikita says:

    I really enjoyed the first two seasons of Nashville, but I am starting to lose my enthusiasm. I am sick of this version of Avery. Jonathan Jackson is a great actor, and I know he has the daytime Emmys to prove it, but I am almost starting to feel like he is over-acting. Avery and Juliette were my favorite couple–the dragging out of the pregnancy secret is getting ridiculous. It feels like a GH or Y&R. Too many secondary characters on this show at this point. Are they all necessary? I think Sadie is the new Tandy for Rayna. Not sure how it will pan out. And can we please get Rayna and Deacon together in the same scene? Ughh! It feels good to vent!

  26. Grace says:

    I might be the only one that likes Scarlett so I am glad that the writers didn’t make her “magically better”. It is good to see that there is a reason she hasn’t performed since her freak out incident. I think that Scarlett and Gunnar will become better friends when Zoey leaves. He can help her get back to the stage and she can help him with his ex girlfriend from his town/Zoey issues. Either way, I hope they continue making music together. Enjoyed this show a lot!

    • Abby says:

      I also like Scarlett and agree that her problems shouldn’t be easily fixed. The events of last season clearly, understandably traumatized her, and the only truly unfortunate thing is that I have a sinking suspicion Scarlett’s return to performing will be precipitated by the support of a boy. Scarlett’s one true knock is that everything that happens to her happens because of a boy. She moved to Nashville for Avery, got noticed in Nashville thanks to Gunnar’s desires to make it, not hers, got addicted to pills because of Liam…and will probably get back on stage with one of those three men by her side. I miss the stronger Scarlett who didn’t take crap from people in her life, but based on the backstory with her mother and the hints at her taking so much abuse, it was actually stronger Scarlett who was probably written wrong…

  27. Charlotte McCarthy says:

    Can Juliette please tell Avery she’s pregnant ASAP, it’s pissing me off that the show are taking so long to get there

  28. Texzilla says:

    The writers on this show are horrible. Scarlett with anxiety means no singing from the best voice on the show. Avery’s mess means no performing. Killed off Powers Booth. Teddy is now schizophrenic. Maddie is annoying and spoiled. Rayna is boring. That car chase paparazzi thing was the worst. Please cancel this show.

  29. Amy says:

    Fyi to site mods…I posted twice on this thread this week, didn’t take (nothing bad.)
    …testing this now.
    (posted on other threads on this site and it worked)

  30. Amy says:

    I loved this episode of Nashville. (Here’s how much I didn’t miss Will/Layla & Luke; they didn’t cross my mind until I read your blog.)
    It felt like the Nashville I’ve been wanting…less cheesy soap, more music biz (loved Rayna’s negotiating skills with Sadie, Jeff schmoozing Teddy, the music etc etc); smarter, more nuanced character & story development. I hope they keep going in this vein.
    I think Teddy’s about to go back to the bad side; man, he’s too easily manipulated.
    Re: “Jeff redemption”…they almost had me on that too, that’s how convincing OH is. But, he just played Teddy perfectly there, “bonding” about his “music-loving teens.” That said, it is interesting if Jeff really did have that background, through his “love of music” has just wound up as the “glorified salesman” and at some point has some kind of evolution from that. Because OH is good….it’d be great if Jeff showed more layers (but he’s such a good bad guy, and they need one.) Note to Teddy: Stay away from the ball caps…he looked 12, and like Opie!
    Re: Rayna/Sadie I agree,”too good/ too fast BFF’s”
    The car chase?…amazing that Rayna showed less PTSD in that scene than Scar does over her “stardom flashbacks!”
    “The dress”…still yuck. But, excellent point….of course…”We saw the dress!”…so one way or other, she will not be going down any aisle in it.
    Glenn <3 I think he needs a supporting actor Emmy.
    The bald head!…a brilliant, realistic surprise. The kind of "smart" thing Nashville impressed me with this week. It made sense being bedtime and that Juliette would know this about him; it was a perfect way to express the intimate dynamic of surrogate dad/daughter behind the scenes with them. And maybe they are testing and paving the way for him to eventually ditch it.
    Re: Deke/Pam…I did like their impromptu improv song. I don't hate her, yet…don't love her either & she may start to bug me. She's playin' Deke well for the moment.
    Of course, they aren't "end-game", so we'll see where this brings Deke…or maybe it's just "fun" distraction for now. Maybe the writers feel they "redeem his manhood" by giving him another girl each season, 'cuz he can't spend it all brooding & weeping over Rayna, or just being cool daddy to Maddie. At least this year they played to type with road-ready, chick singer, and "Rayna surrogate" vs. another doctor/lawyer. Both are too cliche'd for me, but it's what we have for Deke…for now..

  31. DJFL says:

    I don’t like Pam at all. She looks like a motorcycle mama. I can picture her riding on the back of a Harley as the “old lady” of some Hell’s Angel.

  32. That was an awesome recap!